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Victoria Meets the New Guy
by Hydro Blaze

Our tale starts in the gym backstage, where we see the newest wrestler Carlos
Vega. He Stands at 6'5 and 300 pounds. Carlos is working out with dumbbells
when he notices Victoria walking in wearing tight spandex shorts that are
extremely short and a black tank top. Victoria walks past Carlos not noticing
his was there. She goes and stands in front of a mirror and watches herself

As Victoria is stretching Carlos couldn't help but look over at the beautiful
Victoria as she bent over showing off that sexy ass. As Carlos is watching
her Victoria looks into the mirror and notices Carlos staring at her, she
smiles and stands up and looks over to look at Carlos and begins to speak as
she starts running her hand up and down her tight stomach.

Victoria: Like what you see?

Carlos: You know I do.

Victoria: (laughs) So you're the new guy everyone's talking about.

Carlos: Yeah what's everyone been saying.

Victoria: Just that you're the future of this business.

Carlos: Well I'm glad that I'm getting good press but I'm no better then the
next guy.

Victoria: Oh well that's a shame I was looking forward to seeing the next
best thing, but since your not I'll just go.

Victoria begins to walk away when Carlos grabs her by the arm and pulls her
around and back her into a wall.

Carlos: One thing I hate is a tease.

Victoria: Really? Well how are you going to teach me a lesson. (Victoria
bites her lower lip)

Carlos runs his hand down Victoria's body feeling her soft skin. Carlos licks
his lips as he starts to rub her thigh. Victoria moans softly as she look up
into his eyes, she smiles as Carlos puts his hand inside of her spandex
shorts. Victoria moans hard as Carlos finds out she is not wearing any
panties. He moves his hand lower to feel her hairless pussy. He then pushes
his middle finger into her pussy and starts rubbing her clit as she grabs
onto him and pulls him close. As she moans into his ear Carlos uses his free
hand to pull her hair back so that the are face to face. Then he leans down
and kisses her hard shoving his tongue into her mouth. Victoria moans load
into his mouth as she pulls away and pushes Carlos back taking his hand and
finger out of her pussy. She grabs his hand and brings it to her lips and
sticks out her tongue and slowly starts licking her juices off his finger.

Once she is done Carlos is about to say something but gets his mouth covered
by Victoria's hand. She shakes her head no and then gets down on her knees
and unzips his blue jeans and sticks her hand in and pulls out his dick. She
gasps at the size of it for she had never seen anything like it. The length
of it was enough to amaze her but the icing on the cake for Victoria was the
thickness of it. She tried to wrap her hands around it but could not. She
held his dick tenderly with both hands stroking it making it get fully hard.

Once Carlos was full erected Victoria smiled and stuck out her tongue and
licked it like an ice cream cone licking all over his shaft down until she
reached his jeans and back to the head. She finally opened her mouth as wide
as she could and took his dick into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she
could and began sucking on it hard but soft letting Carlos enjoy her mouth.
As she was sucking his massive cock she pulled down his pants and threw them
to the side all without letting his dick escape her mouth. Carlos moaned and
grabbed the sides of her face and began face fucking her hard shoving his
dick deeper and deeper into her throat making her gag and spit up on his

Carlos pulled his dick out of her mouth and made her stand up. He grabbed
her and starting kissing her passionately as he ripped off he spandex shorts.
Victoria was to much in the mood to care about things like that. She just
pushed Carlos back turned around and bent over and spreading her cheeks to
show Carlos that beautiful shaven pussy and ass. Carlos got down and shoved
his face into her pussy licking that clit hard and fast. He then moved his
tongue up into her pussy shoving it as deep as he could. Victoria moaned
softly and starts furiously rubbing, pinching and pulling at her clit.

Carlos stands up quickly, aims his cock with her pussy hole and shoves his
entire dick into her tight wet pussy. Victoria screams hard as she pushes her
ass back into his cock. Carlos grips onto her hips and starts fucking her
hard pulling her back onto him with every thrust. Victoria is screaming and
playing with her clit as she looks up and notices a full body mirror. She
puts both hands on the floor for balance and watches Carlos fucking her pussy
hard. She can't help but smile as she yells "FUCK ME HARDER..."

Not one to be told twice, Carlos just lets lose on her fucking her pussy
harder and harder almost making her fall forward with each thrust into her
dripping pussy. Carlos opens her ass and spits on Victoria's asshole making
her scream. He then puts his finger on her asshole and rubs his spit around
her ass then eases into her ass feeling how tight it is. He slowly fucks her
ass with his finger as he shoves his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.
Victoria is screaming and moaning loudly. Carlos feels Victoria's pussy
getting tighter as she screams "IM CUMMING!"

Carlos feels her pussy and her tense up and then release. Her pussy gets
slicker and wetter Carlos starts tearing into her pussy fucking her hard and
fast. He feels himself getting closer and tells Victoria and she tells him
"Cum inside! I want to feel your hot cum deep in my pussy!"

With that Carlos begins to fuck her harder and harder feeling himself getting
closer and closer. Then she shoves his dick as deep as he can and starts
cumming deep inside her pussy as she has a second not as powerful orgasm
herself. Carlos pulls out and lays on the floor trying to catch his breath.
Victoria lays next to him breathing hard.

After several minuets Victoria gets up and looks down at Carlos with her
hands on her hips.

Victoria: How do you expect me to get out of here you ripped my shorts?

Carlos laughs as gets up and puts on his boxers and pants. He walks over to
him gym bag, which he just happened to bring in with him. He goes through it
and pulls out a towel. He hands it to Victoria, who ties it around her waist.
Without saying a word they both exit the gym with Carlos' hand under the
towel gripping onto her ass...

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