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Victoria's Dominance: From The Ring To The Bedroom
by Revolution

For many weeks, Steven Richards has done everything in his power to impress
Victoria. He helps her win matches, he fights people on her behalf, he
carries her bags, he drives her car, he cooks for her, etc. Victoria gives
him small rewards like biting his ear which keeps Steven under her spell.

It was another night and another victory for the Women's Champion, Victoria.
However, on this night she owed part of her victory to Steven Richards.
Steven had helped Victoria retain her Women's Title against Trish Stratus.
Victoria decided to give Steven a little reward. When she was finished in the
shower, she let Steven towel off her beautiful body. Victoria got dressed and
then made Steven carry her bags out to the car. Steven drove them back to the
hotel and carried Victoria's bags up to her room.

"Victoria, have I proven myself yet? Am I worthy of you?" Steven asked.

Victoria slammed the door shut and grabbed Steven by his shirt. She pushed
him down onto the bed and started to undo his jeans. Steven looked on in
great anticipation as Victoria pulled off his pants. He sprang to attention
and Victoria brushed her long black hair and licked her lips. She lowered her
mouth towards his rod but then stopped.

"Do you want me to suck your dick, Steven?" Victoria asked.

"Yes I've been waiting so long," Steven replied.

"You haven't earned it yet," Victoria snapped back. She quickly pulled off
her clothes and was standing in the nude before Steven. Her body was sculpted
to perfection. Just the right amount of muscle combined with her big breasts
and firm ass to complete the package. Victoria grabbed Steven's arm and
yanked him to his feet. Victoria then lay down on the bed, stroking her
pussy. She had a small strip of black hair leading to her love canal.

"Earn that blowjob, Steven, by eating me out," Victoria stated.

"I can do that," Steven replied.

Steven buried his head between Victoria's thighs and began licking her clit.
Victoria cooed very softly as Steven tried to pleasure her. He kept licking
and using his fingers but he noticed she wasn't getting very wet at all.
Steven kept working at her but soon Victoria squeezed his head with her
powerful thighs. She grabbed the back of his head and shoved it into her

"That's not good enough, Steven! If you want to breathe, you do it better!"
Victoria commanded.

Victoria let go of Steven's head but kept her grip on him with her muscular
thighs. Steven licked and licked, trying to find the right spot that would
send Victoria over the top. Finally he felt her body shiver. Steven kept
going at that spot with his fingers and his tongue. "That's the spot, that's
the spot, ohhh yeah, that's the fucking spot!" Victoria moaned. Her body
continued to quiver and her thighs loosened around Steven's head. Victoria's
pussy started to go from moist to warm and wet. Steven lapped up her sweet
juice with his tongue, feeling so proud of himself. At least for the moment,
he had weakened this tough woman that he desired so much.

"Come here," Victoria said, waving Steven up with her finger. Steven crawled
up her body and went to kiss Victoria. Victoria caressed his face and began
licking his tongue. "Can I have that blowjob now?" Steven asked. Victoria
pushed Steven back and smacked him hard across the face. Steven held his jaw
in pain. "You just remember who's in control here," Victoria stated. Steven
had a small smile on his face, he enjoyed being dominated by Victoria.

Victoria told Steven to get dressed and go get a bucket of ice. Steven put on
his boxers and rushed out. It didn't take him long to return with a bucket of
ice. Victoria dumped some of the ice out and filled the rest of the bucket
with water. Victoria put the bucket on a chair and made Steven stand over it
then squat down so his nuts were in the ice cold water. Steven flinched but
Victoria clenched her fist, warning Steven not to move. Victoria got down on
her knees and began sucking on Steven's cock. It took everything Steven had
in him not to move as he knew if he did, it would be over. The combination of
his nuts being frozen in the ice cold water and his cock being heated up in
Victoria's mouth was too much of an intense sensation.

"Ahhhhhhhh fuck fuck FUCK! Oh my god!" Steven kept repeating.

Soon, Victoria removed Steven's nuts from the ice cold water. She held his
cock halfway in her mouth and wrapped her lips tight around it. With both
hands she began rubbing his balls, warming them up. In just a few moments,
his rod was squirting out cum. Steven's knees began to shake as the warming
of his nuts, emptied them of cum.

"Holy shit!" Steven exclaimed as Victoria removed her mouth from his shaft.
She hadn't swallowed the cum, instead she held it all in her mouth. "Wow,
that was something else!" He said. Victoria locked eyes with Steven then spat
his cum in his face. "What the fuck?" Steven said, his face dripping with

"Now you know what it's like to have your face covered in cum," Victoria
said. Victoria then grabbed his head and began licking the cum off of
Steven's face. She would lick, swallow and repeat until all the jizz was
off of Steven's face. Steven felt degraded and dirty ... and he loved it!

"We need to get you hard again, you've definitely earn the right to fuck me,"
Victoria said. Victoria began nibbling on Steven's ear and digging her nails
into his spine. Steven rubbed his hands all over Victoria's incredibly toned
and tanned physique. Victoria began slapping Steven's cock around and it
wasn't too long before it was hard again and he was ready to go. Victoria
laid down on her back and spread her legs out.

"Give it to me, Steven, and it better be good," Victoria said.

Steven shuddered as he entered Victoria's juicy pussy. His dreams had come
true. Steven began pumping into Victoria at a good pace. It was a good thing
she had sucked him dry moments before or else he wouldn't truly have been
able to enjoy her pussy. Steven closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling
of fucking Victoria.

"I said it better be good! THIS ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH, STEVEN!" Victoria yelled.
She wrapped her thighs around his torso and squeezed him tightly. Those
muscular thighs were just so powerful, there was nothing Steven could do.
They squeezed him like a vice. Victoria grabbed the back of Steven's neck
and stared him in the eye.

"HARDER! STEVEN! HARDER! Fuck my pussy hard! COME ON! HARDER! NOW!" Victoria

"I'm trying, I'm trying," Stevie apologized.

"Shut up and just fuck me hard! Fuck me, Steven, FUCK ME! Come on, Steven,
come on you little bitch!" Victoria shouted in his face.

The combination of fear with being degraded by Victoria really got Steven
going again. He started pounding her slick pussy as hard as he could. His
balls began to ache from slapping so hard against her asshole. "That's it,
nice and hard like that, ahh fuck, that's the way!" Victoria moaned. Her
grip began to loosen as Steven gave it to her how she wanted. Victoria's
loud demands turned to loud screams of pleasure as Steven just hammered
his cock into her. Victoria grabbed Steven's hair tightly, almost pulling
it from the roots.

"Goddamnit pound that pussy!" Victoria screamed.

Steven let out some groans as he jackhammered Victoria. The sweat poured
down his body, as this was the most intense workout he could ever have.
Soon Steven just gave out and collapsed on top of Victoria, gasping for
air. Victoria pulled his head up and smiled looking at the exhausted
Steven. She then reached over and grabbed the bucket of ice water then
dumped it over his head. Steven jumped up cursing from the cold!

"We're not done yet, my little bitch, bend me over," Victoria laughed.

He grabbed Victoria's slender waist and flipped her over onto her knees.
Victoria looked back at him, her black hair all messed up over face. She
growled telling Steven to fuck her like an animal. Steven smacked himself
in the face a few times, gathering all the energy he had left. He grabbed
Victoria's hips and inserted himself back into her pussy. Steven started
slamming into Victoria but the response he got wasn't what he imagined.

"STOP! STOP! STOP! You fucking moron! I said fuck me like an animal!"
Victoria shouted.

"That's what I'm doing..." The clueless Steven replied.

"FUCK MY ASS, you idiot!" Victoria demanded.

"Don't you want me to lube it up first?" Steven asked.

"You're not THAT big! Just give it to me raw. Do what I say, Steven, shut
up and fuck my ass," Victoria said.

Just like he shuddered when he first entered Victoria's pussy, Steven
shuddered more when he pushed his throbbing unit into her asshole. Her
asshole clamped down on his cock, much tighter then her pussy. Steven
grabbed onto Victoria's arms for support as he began forcefully pumping
his tool into her butt. Victoria's tanned backside loosened up rapidly,
allowing her slave to give her a good banging. Victoria grinded her ass
around, adding to the pleasure. She stared back at Steven with a sneer
on her sexy face, loving every second of it. Victoria commanded that
Steven start spanking her ass. Steven obliged her command and began
slapping his hand against her firm buttocks. "Harder!" Victoria demanded.
Steven tried but his hardest just couldn't silence Victoria.

That was when Victoria got up and shoved Steven off the bed. He fell to the
ground and look scared. Victoria picked him up and turned him around and
started smacking the heck out of Steven's backside. "This is how I want it!"
Victoria shouted.

"I'm sorry, I was doing it as hard as I could," Steven whimpered.

"You're such a wuss," Victoria replied. She looked at the ground and saw
Steven's pants. She pulled out his leather belt and whipped him hard across
the ass. Steven yelped out in pain. "Use this since you're such a bitch,"
Victoria said handing Steven the belt.

She resumed her position on the bed, on her knees. Steven was sore but he
loved the pain. He loved the way she just whipped him around like he was a
piece of shit. Steven re-entered that TIGHT ass and pounded away. Victoria
looked back and demanded that he whip her butt with the belt. Steven reached
back and CRACKED that belt against Victoria's ass leaving a red mark.

"Oohohohohhhh that's better," Victoria cooed as a shiver went up her spine.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Steven gave her three HARD lashings on the ass that
echooed through the room.

"Mmmh! DAMN STEVEN! That's how I like it! Whip my ass! I want more!" Victoria

CRACK! CRACK! The lashings continued for a couple minutes as Victoria's
tanned ass turned a mixture of red and purple. She loved the pain combined
with Steven fucking her asshole. She went through multiple orgasms as her
cum and juices ran down her thighs. Victoria began to sense that Steven
thought he was in control now the way he was whipping her booty so she had
to show him just who was boss.

"Holy fuck Victoria! I'm about ready to cum," Steven informed her.

"Go ahead, Steven, I know you want to shoot that cum on my butt," Victoria
said. She got no objections from Steven as he pulled out and aimed at her
gaping asshole. Steven shots were all over the place, some filling up her
asshole and others landing on the rest of Victoria's backside. Steven huffed
and puffed, so tired and so satisfied.

"Steven, would you like to fuck my tits?" Victoria asked.

"I'd do anything," Steven replied.

"What you're going to do is this, Steven. You're going to lick all of that
cum OUT and OFF of my ass but don't swallow it," Victoria said, laughing to

"I don't know about that," Steven said.

"DO IT NOW!" Victoria shouted.

Steven couldn't help but give into her. He bent down and started licking all
of his own cum off of her ass and holding it in his mouth. It felt so wrong,
even worse then when Victoria spat it in his face. He just kept thinking
about running his cock between her breasts. Steven licked it all up and
Victoria inspected. She looked deeply into Steven's eyes and could see the
fear. She loved it. Victoria opened his mouth and sucked out all of the cum
then swallowed it down her throat. She went back into his mouth, licking all
around, making sure she hadn't left any cum inside.

"How did you like that?" Victoria asked.

"You can do no wrong," Steven responded.

"You've been so good, Steven, I'm gonna let you go wild for a few minutes,
you earned it," Victoria said.

Steven was uneasy and unsure of whether she really meant it. Victoria let
her guard down and showed Steven through her expression that he could have
these few minutes. Steven started rubbing his flacid tool against Victoria's
strong, powerful thighs. Those thighs that had controlled him. He started
getting a little harder. He then wrapped his arms around her and grabbed two
deep handfuls of her ass. At the same time, he rubbed his dick up against
Victoria's sculpted abs. Steven picked up Victoria and laid her down on the
bed. He climbed up her beautiful body and began sucking on her nipples. After
feeling her large breasts in his hands, Steven was fully erect. He straddled
Victoria's chest and began sliding his cock between her tits. She pushed her
tits tight together against the sides of his dick as he ploughed through
those mountains.

Victoria enjoyed watching Steven fuck her tits with excitement. So she was
a little surprised when he stopped. Steven climbed up and was right at
Victoria's face with his crotch. He leaned forward and pushed his dick down
into Victoria's mouth. He began humping, driving his cock deep into her
throat. Victoria struggled to breath through her nose as Steven deep throated
her as much as he could. Steven loved feeling his cock touch the back of her
throat. Victoria's mouth filled up with warm saliva, making it feel even
better for Steven. Just short of climaxing, Steven removed himself from her
mouth. He turned around with his ass facing Victoria and he passed her the
belt. Steven leaned forward on all fours. "WHIP ME!" He yelled.

Victoria began whipping Steven as hard as he could. Steven let out screams of
pain but insisted she keep on whipping. At the same time, Steven's crotch was
positioned just above Victoria's rack. As she whipped him, he jerked himself.
Soon the cum began squirting out down onto Victoria's tits. Victoria stopped
the whipping as she felt the last bit of cum drip down onto her chest.

"I've taught you well," Victoria said.

"I look forward to more lessons," Steven said.

"Then you know what to do," Victoria replied looking at Steven then looking
down at her cum covered breasts.

The End?

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