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Victora's Sweet Ass Part 1
by The Serge (

I had just started work in WWE as a New Wrestler on "WWE RAW". My profile
was really good, I was 6'6", 321 pounds of Muscle and BIG enough to kick
Kane's Big ASS! That's why Vince put me on RAW because he had a plan to
have me, Batista, Tyson and Kane fued which would be code named "Battle
of the Beasts". But was 9.30pm and RAW had just finished, I
had been in the Main Event of RAW due to it being me vs Tyson and the WWE
had put Victora as my ally when I was fighting Tyson, due to Trish being
with him. I had won the match thanks to the help of Victora who kicked
Trish's ass when Trish tried to interfer. But then after the match Tyson
attacked Victora and ran off with Trish when I came running with a steel
chair, so I ended up carrying Victora backstage in my arms and I couldn't
help but notice how lovely her Ass felt, how nice and chunky it was and I
had also notice this when she was wrestling, the way he ass jiggled when
she ran or hit the mat but obviously I didn't show this on camera.

Back to when RAW had ended. Most people had gone home now but there was
quite a few wrestlers still wondering around getting ready to leave and I
was on my way to my locker room where Victora was due to her being attacked
by Tyson she wanted to have her own locker room but there wasn't any spare
so she used mine. I came to the door of the locker room and I knocked on it,
there was no answer so I opened the door and went in. I couldn't see Victora
but I could hear the showers so i guessed she was in there, I grabbed my
stuff together and got my bag ready then just I went to grab my bag and
leave the showers stopped and Victora came walking out in a white towel and
my jar dropped...

Victora: OH! Dave I didn't hear you come in

Dave: Sorry, Victora I didn't mean to scare you

Victora: No probs Dave, and call me Vicky ok?

Dave: yeah sure, Vicky

Victora: There ya go that sounds much better

Dave: How are you after the attack by Tyson?

Victora: Oh I'm fine, it didn't hurt that much!

Dave: Good to hear.

She then started to dry her hair and she shook her head wildly while she
rubbed it with another towel then the white towel around he body feel down
and her lovely big breasts and ass was exposed for me to see....

Victora: Oh shit! Sorry Dave.

As bent over to pick up the towel I stared at her big, chunky ass I could
even see her pussy! Then she pulled it up...

Victora: Sorry Dave.

Dave: Oh no, the view was lovely.

Victora plushed a little then giggled...

Victora: Oh Dave...

Dave: What? It was!

Victora: Well I'm glad is was! Oh crap I left my shampoo in the shower...I'll
see you tomorrow at the house show Dave.

Dave: Yeah ok.

Victora went back into the showers and went to leave and now I had a very big
bulge in my pants from seeing Victora naked, my heart was beating and I had
hundreds of thoughts spinning around in my head about fucking her but...I
couldn't but...on the other hand she doesn't have a boy friend and she is
naked in the shower!!! I've thought to myself, "Fuck it! I am a man! And I
have Balls!" Then I threw my bag down, locked the door and stripped naked! My
7 inch dick sprung out and I was horny as hell! I wanted Victora and I was
going to have her, right here, right NOW!

Victora: Dave? Is that you?

I started to walk towards the showers and as I got to the entrance the
still Naked Victora bumped into me! She stopped and looked at my muscles,
then looked down and saw my big and hard cock! Her eyes wided and her jaw

Victora: Fucking hell! What a cock!

Dave: I know! And i intend to use it! ON YOU!

Victora: HUH?! What now?! Right here?

Dave: Oh Hell yeah!

Victora: mmmm....oh baby! Bring it on!

My jaw dropped in amazment! She actaully wanted me! Then a big smile came on
my face...

Dave: Your about to get the best fuck you've ever had!

Victora: Really? I don't think you will be able to handle me, BIG Boy!

Dave: Handle You? The other way round you mean baby!

Then I grabbed Victora and started to kiss her, our tongue's played with each
other in our mouthes as we moved down to the wet floor with me on top. Then I
started to lick and squeeze her breasts and she let out a soft moan as I
licked her nipples. I make my way down her stomach, kissing it along the way
then I come her shaven pussy, which is now soaking wet, and I start to lick
it with my tongue, I lick it all over and I play with her clit. Victora is
moaning mad with pleasure and her pussy gets more wet with every moan, I then
start to kiss the insides of her thighs and then back to her wet pussy I
continue to lick and kiss for about 10 minutes then...

Victora: I'm coming!

Dave: Mmm...please do!

Victora then came all over my mouth which I licked up and I licked all the
cum from her wet pussy...

Victora: mmm....that was amazing Dave but now its my turn!

Dave: Come and get some baby!

Victora then got me to lay on my back and she went to work on my still hard
cock. She began by licking the head of my cock, she twirled her tongue around
the tip and then took my whole cock into her mouth and down her throat. I
moaned with pleasure as she began moving up and down very, very fast! She
pressed against my stomach trying to get more speed, I grabbed her head to
try and slow her down but she was too much she just kept going and going,
faster and faster with every suck she did I came closer to coming then just
as I was about to blow my load she stopped...

Dave: What the Fuck? Why you stop?!

Victora: I want you to cum on my tits!

Dave: Fine by me!

I stood up and she got up to her knees and lent back so her breasts where
high in the air, then I started to jerk off a bit but she stopped me...

Victora: Let me do it babe.

She then grabbed my cock and start to jerk me off hard and fast, I had to
hold onto a shower rail to keep standing!

Dave: I'm coming babe!

Victora: YES! Cum all over my big tits!

Then I shot a bucket load of cum all over her tits, Victora then licked up
the cum off my dick and her tits and we took a shower together...

Now it was about 10.30 and we had just left the showers together...

Dave: Vicky babe, that was amazing! I am so glad I did what I did!

Victora: Oh its over yet Dave!

Dave: huh?!

Victora: Your coming back to my hotel with me!

Dave: mmmm..ok Which room is yours?

Victora: 6969.

Dave: ok I will see you there!

Victora and I then got dressed and we both left the arena in seperate limo's
not to cause any rumours about anything that happened...I then arrived at the
hotel and went to room "6969"...


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