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Victora's Sweet Ass Part 2
by The Serge (

I had just got to the hotel room "6969" and I knocked the door, then Victora
said "Come in Dave its open" so I opened the door and walked in and then I
stopped in shock. For there on the King Size bed lay the hottest woman in
wrestling wearing the sexiest black lingiere you would ever see! My cock went
hard straight away!

Victora: Hey Dave! Like what you see?

Dave: Oh Fuck yeah!

Victora: Then come and get me!

I just stood there still in shock...

Victora: What are you waiting for! Come and get me!

Dave: Fuck! Girl you don't have to tell me twice!

Then I stripped naked and jumped on the bed, crawled over to Victora and
started to kiss her, as we kissed I squeezed her ass and her breasts, then
I started to rub her pussy with one hand and she started to rub my cock with
one of her hands...

Dave: How do you like it Vicky? Hard and Rough or Soft and Gentle?


Dave: I was hopeing you would say that!

Then I ripped off her bra and started to lick her hard nipples, I started to
suck and squeeze them, Victora moaned as i did this so I also started to rub
her pussy again and this made her very wet! I then ripped off her thong and
everything else execpt the black stockings as they made her look hot as FUCK!

Victora: I want you Dave! I need your cock in me! Please! I beg you! I
haven't been fucked for so long! Please! Fuck me hard and fuck me rough!

Dave: Yes Miss!

I then picked her up by her hips and rammed my cock straight into her pussy!
I started pounding her wet pussy hard and fast just like she said too! I held
her up firmly with my strength as I continued my pounding assault on her
pussy! She screamed in pleasure as my cock went deep inside her pussy! Then
suddenly She sat up and pushed my head into her tits forcing me to lick them,
I was force backwards and had to sit on the bed. Now she was in control, she
moved her hips with speed as she road my cock like a pro, I was in pleasure
heaven and Victora wasn't stopping!

Victora: Oh Dave I'm coming! I'm coming!

Then Victora grabbed hold on me and I grabbed her as she came hard! I felt
her hot juices on my cock, they were hot and felt so nice on my cock. She
then lay back on the bed....

Victora: God Dave that was wonderful! We'll have to that again!

Dave: Again?! What the Fuck? I haven't finished yet!

Victora: Didn't you cum?

Dave: Hell now baby! And I now feel like fucking some ass!

Victora: mmmmm...but I don't know if I can...

Dave: Oh you can and you will!

Victora: Wait no! Dave! Wow!

I then grabbed her and turned her on her back and stuck my finger in her ass
and started finger fucking her!

Victora: Oh Dave! I want more!

Dave: You got it!

Then I removed my fingers and stuck my cock straight up her ASS! I started to
fuck it hard and fast! Her tight asshole felt nice around my cock! And she
was lovely it!


I continued to fuck it hard! And I stuck the hole of my cock up her ass! I
fucked it and fucked it! My hips slapped against her ass cheek, I fucked her
ass so hard my balls were even slapping against her still wet pussy!

Victora: Yes! DAVE! Fuck me more! MORE!

Dave: Your ass is so wonderful Vicky!

Victora: And your cock feels so wonderful inside it!

Then I picked her up and turn on my back, so she was on top then she took
over and started to ride my ride! Her ass cheeks jiggled every down movenment
she made on my cock, we bouncing up and down on the bed and Victora just kept
riding my cock!

Dave: I'm going to cum babe!

Victora: mmmm....cum in my ass!

Then I grabbed her hips as I came right up her ass! She also came too as we
both let out a huge moan of please when we both climaxed! She got off my cock
and lay down on the bed next to me...

Victora: Oh Dave, that was really fucking amazing! How did you learn to fuck
like that?

Dave: It just comes naturally baby!


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