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Victoria's Text Messaging
by Spiderguy

John Cena, Adam 'Edge' Copeland and I were sitting in the bar sharing a few
beers and some tall tales, when all at once, all of our cell phones rang. I
opened mine and saw I had a text message.

I retrieved it, and when I read it, I was surprised. It was simple, and a bit

It read: "God saw U hungry & created McDonald's. He Saw u thirsty and created
Bud Light. God saw U without a good-looking friend and created my sexy ass!"

I glanced toward the other side of the room, and saw Candice Michelle, Melina
Perez, Lillian Garcia and Lisa "Victoria" Varon sitting and laughing. I saw
that Lisa had her cell phone in her hand and was looking at it.

She looked up and saw me and smiled and licked her bottom lip in a suggestive
manner and tipping her head, held her cell phone up to show me. I smiled and
nodded slightly and held my phone up.

I then heard Adam saw, "If I wasn't married...."

John laughed and said, "Well, I'm not married, but I do have a girl friend,
and I don't want to get into trouble."

I smiled and said, "Well guys, I am NOT married, and I do NOT have a girl
friend, at least right now, I think I will offer to buy Lisa a drink and see
what happens."

I was about to get up, but instead had a thought. I flipped my phone open,
got the text message back, and hit 'reply'.

I quickly typed in, 'May I buy you a drink - Bud Light?'

I hit send, and glanced over at her, and in a couple seconds she smiled as
she read my message and I saw her typing something else in.

My phone buzzed, and when I retrieved the message, she had typed, 'Only if we
can go to McDonalds, and ...'

I couldn't help but laugh and closed my phone and told Adam and John I would
see them later. I then moved to the bar, and when I got the barkeeps
attention, I told him I wanted to have two Bud Lights.

As he set them on the counter in front of me and I was putting some money
down I felt a hand on my back. When I turned and looked, Lisa was standing
next to me and smiling. "Ummm, Bud Light, my favorite beer."

I picked a bottle up and handed it to her and grinned and said, "Mine too."

I felt her drop her hand down till she had it pressed against my butt and
with a sultry whisper, "Why don't we go find a dark booth and enjoy the beer,
then on to McDonalds?"

She tipped her head slightly and turned away and as I grabbed my beer, I was
behind her and couldn't help but let my eyes drop and rest on her ass in her
skin tight jeans. As she led me to a booth across the other side of the bar,
I couldn't help but notice that she was letting her ass move from side to
side very suggestively.

We got to a booth and she slid in and then patted the seat next to her, and I
was not stupid enough to not sit next to her.

As I slide in, she was leaning back in the corner and looking at me with a
slight smile and half closed eyes. I took a sip of my beer, and she slowly
raised the bottle to her mouth and I watched a little stunned as she sucked
half the neck into her mouth and tip the bottle up. She held it there for a
few seconds and I watched as she swallowed three times and then slowly tipped
the bottle back down again.

I could feel myself getting aroused and then I felt as she moved her leg and
I felt it rest on top of my legs.

She leaned toward me and with her face just inches from mine, softly
whispered. "Do you know how long it has taken me to get my nerve up enough to
send you that message?"

I couldn't help but smile and I swallowed and said, "Ah, no... I don't... to
tell you the truth... I er, that is... I have been trying to... ah... find a
way to ask you... to ask you out."

She looked at me for a few seconds without saying anything, then suddenly she
reached up, and taking my head in her hands, pulled me toward her and pressed
her mouth against mine.

As I took her by the shoulders, I felt her open her mouth slightly and press
her tongue into my mouth.

We held the kiss for a few seconds, letting our tongues rub against each
others, and I felt the post she had in her tongue. Finally needing a breath,
I pulled back slightly and looked at her.

She was sitting with half opened eyes, and her mouth open slightly. Then she
sighed slightly as she smiled and said, "Ummm, now if your kissing is any
kind of indication, I really would like to proceed to the next step."

I had my hands on her waist and began to slowly move them up and down, and
softly asked, "Which step? McDonalds..."

I watched her tongue slide across her lower lip, and with a husky whisper
said, "Why don't we skip that one for now... I do have a hotel room all by my

I took a deep breath, held it for a couple seconds and then let it out with a
long sigh. "Ah, Lisa, tell me something first. Everyone knows that you are
the biggest practical joker in WWE... Now you wouldn't be playing one on
me... would you?"

She didn't say anything right away, then she leaned back and a smile came to
her lips and she softly said, "I will admit that I like a good practical joke
every so often, but right now...?" With that she slowly shook her head, then
slowly leaned back toward me again and with a deep husky whisper said, "in
case you have never noticed it, I only pull practical jokes on the other
girls, not the men."

I smiled and softly asked, "Where did you say your room was?"

I saw the twinkle in her eyes and she put her hand in my chest and shoved a
little and said, "Let's get out of here and I'll take you to it."

We stood and she took my hand and put it around her waist and then put her
arm around mine and we walked out of the lounge, across the lobby to the

I reached out and pressed the 'UP' button and as we waited, she leaned her
head against my shoulder. As soon as the elevator arrived and the doors
opened, we stepped in and she reached out and pressed the number 5 button.

As soon as the doors closed and the elevator started up, she moved in front
of me, pressed against me until I was back against the back of the elevator,
took my face in her hands and pressed her mouth against mine. As our mouths
opened and our tongues rubbed against each other's, I slipped my arms around

We held the kiss until the elevator stopped and as the doors slid open, she
pulled back, took hold of my hand and pulled me out of the elevator.

She lead me down the hall till we got to room 510, and she quickly slid her
card in the reader and I heard the soft click as the door unlocked.

She pulled me inside and shoved the door shut, then she was against me again
and this time I felt as she lifted her leg and hooked it around my waist and
her heel was pressing against my butt.

As we were kissing I felt her hands move and begin to unfasten the front of
my shirt and she then pushed it off my shoulders.

As soon as my shirt dropped to the floor she pulled back slightly, and I saw
something in her expression which I had never seen before... desire!

She leaned over and I felt the tip of her tongue brush across my pec and then
she nipped it slightly with her teeth.

Then raising her head, she said with a husky whisper, "You don't know how
long I have been wanting you."

With that she took my hand and pulled me over to the bed and down onto it
with her.

We embraced again and before long we were rolling on the bed, then I felt her
hands at my belt, unfastening it.

As I lifted slightly to pull my pants off, she sat up and grabbed the bottom
of her top and quickly pulled it off over her head. I caught a quick glimpse
of her bright red bra, before she reached in back and unfastened it and when
it fell away from her chest she gave it a toss and I saw her firm round

I managed to shove my pants down as I was kicking my shoes off and then
hooked my shorts and started shoving them down and as I was, Lisa was shoving
her jeans down and kicking her legs to get them off.

I finally grabbed my socks and pulled them off and saw she was wearing
matching red panties, but she hooked her thumbs in the top and shoved them
down, and I saw a small patch of black hair on her lower belly shaved in the
shape of a heart.

As we finally got our clothes off, she grabbed me and pulled me against her
as she was on her back and I felt as she spread her legs and wrapped them
around my waist.

I was kissing her and I had my hands rubbing up and down her sides and could
feel the firmness of her breasts pressed against my chest.

After a few seconds, she managed to roll me on my back and was on top of me.
Then she lifted slightly, shifted a little and lowered herself enough so her
right breast was pressing against my mouth.

I had my hands on her waist and opened my mouth and began sucking on her
breast as my tongue swirled around her nipple.

I had my eyes closed, but could feel her squirming slightly and heard her

I was sucking and gently biting her nipple for a few minutes and by her
squirming and moaning, I felt she was enjoying the sensation.

Then suddenly she lifted and her breast left my mouth and I felt her shift
down and then I looked at her and she had a sexy grin and slowly leaned down
and I felt her tongue on my chest.

She swirled her tongue around my chest and I let my head lay on the pillow
and closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Then I could feel as she was
moving down my body, and when I felt her tongue swirl around my lower belly,
I couldn't help but groan.

I could feel my aroused cock twitching and I thought it was bouncing up and
down and hitting her breast, but then suddenly I felt her tongue drag along
the length of it, and I groaned deeply.

Without warning, I felt her kiss the head of my cock, then suddenly I felt
her slip her mouth over it. She took the head and sucked for a short time,
then slowly, ever so slowly, sucked my entire cock into her mouth.

I felt the head of my cock enter her throat and a second later felt her nose
press against my groin.

She was deep throating me!

She held me for a few seconds and I could hear her making noises, then she
began moving her head back up again. When she got to the head, she ran her
tongue across it and the sensation caused me to shudder, then she bobbed her
head a few times as I couldn't stop myself from groaning, and then to my
disappointment, I felt as she let my cock slip out of her mouth.

I felt her moving back up my body again and I managed to open my eyes and I
could see an expression of lust on her face. As she pushed herself up, she
was sitting on top of me straddling my hips. I felt her as she lifted herself
up slightly, then she took my cock in her fingers and squeezed it a couple of

Then I felt her position my cock at her opening and I watched her bite her
lower lip as she managed to get the head of my cock between her lips, and she
lowered herself down and my cock slid inside her.

She put her hands on my chest and began to slowly move up and down on my
cock. After a short time I managed to lift my hands and put them on her
breasts and I began to rub and squeeze them. I thought I could feel something
in her left nipple, but couldn't see it.

It wasn't long before we were both into the frantic motions of fucking and
she let her head hang down and I heard her grunting.

Suddenly, she stiffened and I saw her mouth open and her eyes as she stared
at me, but I could also see that she was almost out of control.

Then her entire body shuddered, she shoved herself down on me and held
herself tight against me and she lifted her head and let out a long moan. I
felt her lips quivering around my cock and from her actions I could tell that
she was having a climax.

I continued to try and pump myself inside her, but she wasn't able to do
anything, then she seemed to come down and as she did, she seemed to go limp
on top of me. I could feel the moisture coating my groin from her climax and
she let her head lay on my shoulder, but seemed too weak to do anything.

I hadn't climaxed yet, so putting my arms around her, I managed to roll with
her until she was on her back and I was on top of her.

I began pumping in and out of her and I could see that her face was covered
with sweat, and her hair was plastered down on her forehead. She tried to
move with me, but I could tell that she was too weak to.

I leaned down and pressed my mouth against hers and she managed to wrap her
arms around my neck as our tongues rubbed each other and I rose up slightly,
managed to reach down and hook my arms under her legs and lift them up and
press them down against her chest.

Her mouth was open and she was gasping and her hands were shaking as she had
them pressed against my chest.

I knew I was still a little ways from climaxing, and I could hear the wet,
sloppy noise from her pussy.

She was looking at me with half open eyes, and it took her a couple trys but
she finally managed to whisper, "Roll me... on my stomach. Do my ass. Fuck my

I pushed myself up and as I got off her, she managed to roll over onto her
front, and shifted her legs, pulling them up slightly, and her ass rose up.

I was on my knees and shoved her legs further apart and slid up closer to
her. She was a bit too low, so I took hold of her waist and pulled her up a
little more.

She had her head and shoulders resting on the bed and her head was twisted to
the side and I could see she had her eyes closed, and was licking her lips.

She managed to get her hands up and grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart
slightly, opening up her ass to me.

I leaned forward and as the head of my cock hit her leg, she groaned and I
wrapped my fingers around my cock feeling the wetness of it. Putting my hand
on her ass, I moved and positioned myself until I was able to press the head
of my cock against the rosebud of her ass.

With my thumb, I managed to get the head of my cock to slip past her
sphincter and inside her.

She stiffened and groaned deeply as I eased myself forward, sliding all my
cock into her ass.

I took hold of her by the waist and didn't move for a few seconds, letting
her get used to the feeling of my cock.

When she seemed to relax slightly, and I felt her sphincter loosen slightly,
I began moving back and forth, fucking her ass.

As I did, she arched her back like a cat and moved her hands and clenched the
sheets with both hands.

I soon was in a steady motion, and she was trying to thrust herself back
against me and managed to lift her head slightly, and was moaning and crying

I reached down and grabbed her by the hair and pulled slightly and it lifted
her head up till she had her head tipped back and I heard her gasp and grunt
some more.

She managed to get her hands under her and somehow push herself up till she
was on her hands and knees and was able to move a little better.

I still held her tightly by the hair, then I felt her fingers as she began
playing with my balls.

It wasn't long before she was almost erratic in her motions and grunting and
crying out pretty good, and I could hear the loud slapping sound each time I
jammed myself into her.

Finally, I felt the feeling deep in my groin and then as I climaxed, I shoved
myself deep inside her and held myself there and as I did, she let out a
short cry and both of began to shake and shudder.

When I finished, I let go of her hair and her head dropped down, and then she
seemed to go limp and slowly collapse on the bed on her stomach, and I head
the suction sound as my cock pulled out of her ass.

She groaned slightly as it did and she just lay on her stomach without
moving. I was too weak to do nothing more than allow myself to lower down on
the bed beside her on my back.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to relax, but I was breathing heavily from
the exertion and tried to convince myself to relax. After a few seconds, I
felt the bed move and then I felt as Lisa put her arm across my chest and
moved closer and laid her head on my shoulder.

Just before I drifted off to sleep, she moved slightly and I felt her kiss me
lightly on the side of my neck, sigh and whisper, "Ummm, I can't remember
ever having sex this good."

I woke up and could hear Lisa snoring loudly next to me. I reached up and
rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands and pushed myself up on my elbows,
yawned and then looked at her. She was on her back with her mouth open
slightly and was snoring so loud that I was surprised that the windows
weren't rattling.

I turned my head and looked at my wrist watch laying on the night stand, and
had to pick it up and blink a couple times before I was able to see it was a
little after 8.

I twisted my neck slightly and managed to sit up and swing my legs off the
bed. I yawned again and managed to push myself up and to my feet and made my
way to the bathroom where I had to take a leak.

When I went back in the room, Lisa hadn't moved and was still snoring loudly.
I sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and looked down at her, and had
to smile slightly as I remembered last night. Damn, I thought to myself, she
was one hell of a wildcat in bed.

I reached down and took hold of her shoulder and shook her and then had to
shake her again before she began to wake up. She blinked her eyes a few
times, then she saw me, and first frowned and blinked a couple times, then
she smiled and twisted till she was on her side and curled so she was looking
at me. Softly she said, "Ummm, last night was great. We need to do this

Then she twisted again and pushed herself up to a sitting position, moved her
legs till they were crossed in front of her and she leaned forward slightly
and grinned at me.

I then noticed that her left nipple was pierced with a post and that she had
a butterfly tattoo on top of her right breast and a heart tattoo on top of
her left.

She had her eyes half closed and almost seemed to purr as she softly said,
"I'm glad I finally got my nerve up to send you that text message last

I raised an eyebrow and asked, "Just me?"

She nodded slightly and said, "Yeah, I've been wanting to get with you for
the past few months, but it took until last night until I had just enough to

I bit my lower lip and said, "Ah, Lisa, John and Adam also got the same
message from you."

I watched as she frowned and she tipped her head and asked, "What do you
mean, John and Adam... you were the only one I sent it to?"

I sighed and said, "Maybe you better check your phone, because I am pretty
sure John and Adam got it too, especially from the comments they made."

She had a surprised expression on her face, and then twisted and looked
around and saw her jeans on the floor and leaned over and grabbed them. She
pulled her cell phone out of a pocket and flipped it open. She played with it
a few seconds, then got a shocked expression on her face and put her hand to
her mouth, and softly muttered, "Oh my God!" She then collapsed back on the
bed and pressed her hands against her face.

She started shaking, and I thought she was crying, but I realized that she
was laughing. Pushing herself up, she looked at me with a smile and said,
"Damn, do I feel like a fool. I only meant to send that text message to you,
but I seemed to hit the wrong button and accidentally sent it to everyone in
my phone book."

Then she covered her eyes and mumbled, "I am never going to live this down."

I crawled back in bed on my stomach, leaned over her and kissed her on the
cheek, and softly said, "You can always claim it was one of your practical
jokes you know."

She blinked a few times, looked at me, smiled and said, "That is a great

She rolled onto her stomach, and supporting herself on her elbows' began
composing a new text message.

While she was doing that, I began kissing her across the back, then up the
back of her neck and she tipped her head slightly to make it easier for me. I
then worked my way down her back and to her ass cheeks, and as I began going
down the back of her left leg, she spread her legs slightly.

By the time I got down her left leg and back up her right leg, her back and
to her neck again, she was laying down, having finished and sent her text

As I was kissing the side of her neck, she rolled and I pressed my mouth
against hers and we started playing tongue tag again and I felt her arms go
around my neck.

Before long we were going at it hot and heavy again and we were in the spoon
position and I was reaching around playing with her breasts as I was pumping
my cock in and out of her.

By the time we were finished, we just lay holding onto each other and I
managed to drift off to sleep again.

Suddenly I woke up, and I found I was on my back, but I could feel her mouth
engulfing my cock, and I lifted my head and saw her bobbing her head up and
down between my legs.

I managed to reach down and put my hand on the back of her head and she
managed to twist enough so she could look at me and I saw her wink at me.
Then she slid her hand up across my chest and managed to shove two fingers in
my mouth.

I sucked on her fingers and I watched her close her eyes and her cheeks were
concaved as she sucked hard. She was sucking so hard it felt like she was
trying to suck my cum out before I could climax.

It didn't take long before I could feel my climax building and I managed to
mumble around her fingers trying to warn her, but all she did was moan
slightly and moved her head more. Finally I couldn't help it, but I climaxed
into her mouth. As soon as I started, she stopped moving and I could feel her

When my climax wound down, she sucked hard a couple times, moved her head up
and down a few times and then I felt my cock leave her mouth and she began
licking it.

As her tongue drug across the head of my cock, which was now super-sensitive,
I couldn't help but moan and shudder and I twisted slightly.

Then I felt her move on top of me, and kissing me lightly across the body,
she slid up until her face was in mine and she was smiling. With our faces
just inches apart, she whispered, "You not only taste good, but that was one
large load I just swallowed."

Then she took my head in her hands and pressed her mouth against mine.

I managed to lift my arms and slip them around her and my hands settled on
her ass and I squeezed slightly.

We held the kiss for the longest time, then she moved her head and pressed
her cheek against mine, and I head her whisper, "As much as I hate to, we
better get up. By the time we get cleaned up and dressed, then grab a bite to
eat, we need to be at the arena for the shows tonight."

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