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Victory, Sweet Victoria
by TrishBelongsToMe

I had a backstage pass to RAW that day and as any fan would, I looked for the
divas. I spent an hour looking but I didn’t see a single one. I almost gave
up until I heard the faint sound of a drawer close. I followed the sound into
a locker. I was stupid! I didn’t read the name, or knock, I just let myself
in. There she was in all her glory, standing naked in front of me. She looked
like a red-sexy hot bitch. She had no idea how much my pants were tenting
just looking at her magnificent curves. Her personality fit her sexy body
perfectly. Victoria looked damn fine. All of a sudden, she spotted me out of
the corner of her eye.

“You stupid idiot! What’s a matter with you! What the hell were you
thinking... Wait. Never mind.”

She walked towards the door and locked it. She then looked at me with a
worried expression, it was kind of a cute look.

"Do you think I’m seductive?”

“What?” I said a little to fast. I covered it up by rephrasing, “What do you

“My trainer keeps saying that I have everything down except being sexy. He
said if I looked as good as I can fight, I would be the best diva in the WWE.
Would you mind helping me out, please?”

Damn was that sexy. She gave me the sexiest puppy dog look I’d ever get. And
she was begging! How could I not say yes. She gestured me to stand in front
of her. I stood in front of her gazing at her fabulous body. Oh yes, she was
still naked, that bitch didn’t even cover up while she was talking. Anyway,
from right there in front of her, she looked REALLY hot. If I wasn’t a little
nervous I would’ve had my pants off before she could say anything else. I
looked at her fabulous ass that glistened when the light hit it. It looked
so plump, and smooth. My hands couldn’t control themselves as they wrapped
around the plump cheeks. I rubbed her ass slowly, I was still taking in the
fact I was about to have sex with Victoria. Assuming she wasn’t going to beat
the hell out of me right now. I didn’t like her as much as I liked her sexy
body but the feeling wouldn’t go away. Whether she knew it or not, she had
me. I led one finger in between her ass cheeks and penetrated her asshole.
She was loving it.

“Umm... Oh yes baby that’s the spot…. Yes!

I’ve never seen her like this before, she was actually letting me take

“Oh yes... Ummmm baby, that feels good...” she managed to get out.

I was totally surprised when she shoved me against the wall and deep tongued
me. It was all in a flash. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it into the
corner. We were still in a tongue grapple as she undid my pants. When she got
them off, my dick lunged out from my boxers.

“Looks like someone is happy to see me!” she teased.

She bent down to her knees and pulled my boxers down. She held me huge dick
in her hand and started to jerk it off. I didn’t want that so I made what
would be my big mistake.

I said, “No bitch. Put it in your mouth.”

Let me tell you. That pissed her off. She quickly stood up and screamed at

“Listen! I am nobody’s bitch. You are my bitch! You understand me!” she
screamed at me.

“Yes.” I answered. I would’ve had more to say if she wasn’t grabbing my rock
hard dick.

“Get on your knees bitch!”

I quickly got on my knees and faced her. She seductively walked over to me
and positioned my head so that it was right under her pussy. My tongue darted
out to lick it but she slapped me hard.

“Did you not get it bitch! You do what I tell you to do and when I say it!”

I was still in pain from the slap when she turned around and spread open her
ass cheeks. She then walked backwards into me so that my tongue was way in
her ass. I licked the inside with a huge smile on my face. Maybe its weird,
but her ass tasted great. My tongue probed her gorgeous ass as she moaned.

"Umm...Baby that feels good!"

Her moaning was a real turn on. I listened to the moans while licking her ass
and I could’ve had an orgasm right then and there. After a while, she put her
ass out of my face and told me to lay down. As I did this, she got a pair of
hand cuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back. She looked at me devilishly as
she bent on her knees and crawled on the floor. She was like a cat moving
towards me. She eventually got near my dick and put her luscious lips around
them. I tried my hardest to hold any cum that was trying to leak out. She
licked up and down my dick like a Popsicle. And my dick was melting! Her
warm, wet tongue on my rock-hard dick almost made me cum. She licked the tip
of my dick with the tip of her tongue. How much I wanted this to last, so I
held the cum as long as I could. But, she took her lips off and wondered.

“Why aren’t you cumming? She was starting to get irritated as she crawled
closer to me. As her face almost reached mine, she dropped her hips down and
had my dick in her pussy.

“Oh damn!!” We both yelled at the same time.

I don’t think she meant to do that but she and I were enjoying it. She
reached my face and our tongues grappled. I grabbed her ass and pumped it up
and down along my dick. She was a pro. She was riding me like a mechanical
bull. She took every opportunity to help me get all my dick into her drenched
pussy. It helped that it was drenched because my dick slipped in further and
further with ease. It didn’t take to long until I was about to cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed after she already had cummed. I took her off
of me and went straight for her pussy. I tasted the sweet juices of Victoria.
It tasted so good that I licked her pussy clean. My tongue banged against
the walls of her hardcore vagina as she literally passed out. When she was
unconscious, I grabbed her head and forced it near my dick. I forced it
through her mouth and slipped it in deep. As I cummed deep in her throat, I
made sure to get some cum in my hand. After I finished cumming, I rubbed the
cum on my hand all over her face.

I laid her on the floor, and put my clothes on. I walked away smiling,
knowing that I have forever branded Victoria.

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