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You Need To Read These Part First:
Stephanie Insults The Wrong Fans

Vince And Linda Meets Stephanie's New Friends
by Angela (

The next day in Greenwich, a limo pulls into the long driveway of the McMahon
Mansion. The driver gets out and hurries to the back of the limo to open the
door and out steps Stephanie McMahon and her two new best friends Mick
Richards and Taylor Flagley.

Mick looks at the mansion and whistles, "Shit this place is fucking huge."

Stephanie smiles, "I told you so..."

Taylor stands there quietly just looking at the mansion in front of her
wrapping her arms around herself.

Stephanie looks at her, "Is something wrong Taylor? You seemed so excited to
'meet' my dad on the way here..."

"I... umm no everything's fine really " she says hoping they buy that story.

Mick smiles a bit, "Taylor's just nervous..."

Stephanie smiles and takes Taylor's hand, "Don't worry... my Dad will simply
love you..."

"I guess I am kind of nervous I mean it's like a celebrity crush thing maybe
after I actually meet him I will calm down... I doubt it but you never know."

Stephanie smiles, "That's cute... but you have nothing to worry about..."

Mick looks at Taylor, "Hey, just be yourself..."

Stephanie smiles, "That's good advice, just take a deep breath and relax..."

"Okay I think we better do his now before I totally loose it" she replies
giggling as they walk up to the door of the house and Stephanie opens it with
her key and they all walk inside.

"Mom... dad?"

Linda is the first to hear Stephanie for she was in the den. She comes out of
the room and smiles when she sees Stephanie, "Stephanie my dear... why this
is an unexpected surprise."

Vince, who was in his office, comes to the main entrance hall. "Stephanie
what are you doing home? Who's running the house shows?"

Stephanie smiles, "Paul is..."

Vince gets a relived look on his face, "I see..."

Linda notices Mick and Taylor, "Stephanie are you going to introduce us to
your friends?"

Stephanie smiles at her mother turning to look at Mick and Taylor "Mom this
is Mick and Taylor."

"Hello" Linda said watching the two.

"Hello Mrs. McMahon" Taylor replied politely.

"Hello Taylor" Vince McMahon replied smiling at her.

"Hello Mr. McMahon. sir" Taylor replied nervously and Stephanie felt jealousy
move through her when she saw her father take Taylor's hand kissing it

"It's a pleasure the meet both of you," Linda smiles as she looks at Mick and
Taylor, who both nod respectfully in return.

Vince looks at Stephanie, "Where did you meet them?"

"Right after Taboo Tuesday... they are truly two of the best fans the WWE
has," Stephanie replies.

"Really, well Taylor is certainly a stunning fan," Vince replies as he looks
at her, making Taylor blush a bit. Stephanie watched the exchange knowing how
Taylor seemed with her aggressive.... even bossy but now with her father
Taylor seemed almost shy and giddy "Can I get you a drink Taylor" Vince asked
as he heads to the kitchen, Taylor follows close behind him.

"Just some water please, Mr. McMahon."

"Please call me Vince."

"Okay. Thank you" she replied as he goes to the fridge to get her some water.

Stephanie follows Vince and Taylor to the kitchen but stays out of sight to
watch them interact. Vince hands Taylor a glass of water, "So, how long have
you been a fan of the WWE?" Vince's eyes wander her body a bit.

"Seems like forever sometimes... I remember all my friends kept telling me I
needed to start liking a real sport and I would argue back that it was a real

"Who's your favorite wrestler?" Vince asks while moving his hand to push some
hair behind her ear.

"You" she whispered and Vince takes the glass, sets it down on the counter
before cupping her face and kissing her deeply, slipping his tongue into her

Taylor wraps her arms around his neck and slides her tongue against his while
pressing her body against him. From the doorway, Stephanie watches them with
a jealous look in her eyes as Vince moves his hands from Taylor's face down
to her hips.

Taylor moves to slide her hands inside his shirt moving to kiss his neck
"Vince... I... I want you" she whispers. Vince picks her up in his arms and
carries her up into the master bedroom and before laying her on the bed. He
moves next to her and takes off her top off. Vince then gently cups both her
breasts making Taylor moan softly "Please" she whispered.

"Anything for a fan..." Vince replies as he takes off her bra before taking
one of her breasts into his mouth. As he sucks on it gently, Stephanie pushes
the door to the bedroom open to watch them. Stephanie has a lustful look on
her face as she leans against the doorway to rub her own pussy through her
skirt. Vince moves one hand to Taylor's jeans and slowly unbuttons the fly.

"I have had a secret crush on you for so long..." Taylor helps him out of the
shirt moving to kiss his chest unzipping his pants and pushing his pants and
boxers down rolling over so she is on top and she slowly moves next to him
taking his cock in her hand followed by stroking it up and down.

"I see you have some lustful aggression..." Vince says with a smile as Taylor
has to use both of her hands to stroke Vince's genetic jackhammer. Stephanie
bites her lip and her eyes go wide as she sees her dad's cock.

"Oh wow... no wonder mom puts up with all his affairs..." Stephanie unbuttons
her blouse as she starts to feel hot.

Taylor moves to unhook her bra tossing it off the bed slipping out of her
jeans and panties moving to straddle him "Would you like to see what else I
have Vince?"

"Mmm... show me baby" he said sliding his hands up her back Taylor smiled
easing his cock deep inside of her.

"Oh yeah baby... your just as big as I thought you would be."

Stephanie cups one of her own breasts as she slides a hand into her skirt and
panties to finger her own pussy, "Fuck her daddy..." Stephanie moans. Vince
doesn't hear her but he does place his hands on Taylor's hips to move her up
and down on his cock. Vince sits up a bit and takes one of Taylor's breasts
into her mouth to suck hard on her nipple.

"Ohh Vince...suck my breast baby that feels so good" Taylor cried pushing her
hands through his hair Taylor whimpers feeling Vince gently bite her nipple
before releasing it to kiss the area between her breasts.

"Ohhh..." Stephanie lets out a moan that is loud enough for Vince to hear
her. Vince looks to the door and sees his daughter watching him fuck her

"Stephanie... I..." Vince starts to explain, but Stephanie just smiles at

"Fuck her Daddy... show her what you can do..." Stephanie walks over to the
bed, strips off her clothes and then lays on the bed next to Vince to watch
Taylor ride her father.

Taylor starts to ride him moaning softly when he presses against the inside
of her pussy making sure he's watching she slides a hand down to rub the top
part of her pussy while licking her lips.

Stephanie sits up and moves behind Taylor. She reaches around and squeezes
both of Taylor's breasts as she whispers in her ear, "You're fucking my
daddy... that's my dad's cock in your slutty cunt..."

Vince closes his eyes as he thrusts up into Taylor, not believing his
daughter is encouraging both him and Taylor to continue.

Whimpering softly Taylor moves to pull Stephanie close for a kiss crying out
when Vince thrusts upward "Yes Vince I want it baby Iím gonna ride you so

"Come on dad she'll be a nice little slutty whore for you... she will spread
her legs anytime you ask her right Taylor?" Stephanie asks almost smirking.

"Yes.... Vince please" Taylor cries out.

Vince suddenly rolls over and is now on top. He starts fucking Taylor hard
and fast as he looks at Stephanie, "Make the slut eat your pussy..."

Stephanie moves next to Taylor spreading her pussy lips open "You heard him
slut" Stephanie says just as Taylor's tongue moves in her pussy licking all
over hard sucking hard on her spot sliding a finger inside moving it with
her tongue.

"That it... like my daughter's pussy slut..." Vince grunts as gives Taylor
a sharp thrust. Stephanie reaches down and cups Taylor's breasts. Taylor
whimpers a bit as she licks every inch inside of Stephanie's cunt. Vince
looks at his daughter, "You like this slut don't you? You're friend is such
a whore... she's like a McMahon woman..." Vince says, giving Stephanie his
approval of Taylor as her friend.

Taylor pulled Stephanie closer licking harder hearing her whimper softly.
Taylor looked up smiling at Stephanie "I know all about that sound don't I
Steph?" she asked rubbing her pussy with two fingers.

"Yes...please Taylor fuck me with your tongue baby."

Vince pulls his cock out of Taylor and turns her over so she has an easier
time of licking Stephanie's pussy. Vince pulls up her hips and pushes his
fat cock into her asshole. Taylor lifts her head to protest but Stephanie
holds her head down on her pussy, "Tongue fuck me..." Stephanie orders as
her father begins to slam fuck Taylor's ass. Taylor slams her tongue deep
inside of Stephanie's pussy pushing it in and out over and over while she
moves with Vince feeling her orgasm coming closer with every thrust.

"You're ass is fucking perfect..." Vince grunts as he drills her rear end.
Taylor laps her tongue inside of Stephanie as Vince gives her an incredibly
hard thrust that sends her over the edge. Even though Stephanie's pussy
muffles her moans, Vince can hear them clearly.

Taylor moves to hold Stephanie's hips licking and sucking her until she
screamed out cumming hard her hands almost ripping the bed sheets off the
bed "So damn good Taylor....." she says smiling at her as Taylor kisses the
outside of her pussy.

Vince pulls out of Taylor, "Since you two... are friends... you can share..."
Vince says as he strokes his cock.

Taylor turns around to Vince, "I don't want to share..." She grabs his cock
and strokes is as hard and fast as she can. Stephanie glares at Taylor, with
jealously burning in her eyes as Vince starts to cum.

"Oh that's it Vince..."Taylor says taking him in her mouth and licking up and
down taking every drop of his cum watching him lay back on the bed exhausted.
Taylor kisses him softly moving to gather her clothes

Stephanie looks at Taylor as she gets off the bed, "That was kinda mean of
you Taylor..."

"I.... I'm sorry Steph it's just this was my first time with Vince..."

"So... you're not going to make a habit out of it then?" Stephanie asks.

"I... hadn't really thought about that" Taylor looks at Vince wantonly.

Stephanie looks down, "And here I am thinking you'd me..."

Taylor moves to take Stephanie's hand pulling her out into the hall "What's
going on Steph talk to me."

You used me to get to my dad... I'm ok with you fucking him... it's just
that... he wanted us to share... and you just pushed me out of mind and took
it all for yourself."

"I'm sorry I got carried away..."

Stephanie sighs, "No... I'm sorry... I got jealous... you were excited..."

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea?" Taylor asks.

"It is a good idea... my dad had a blast... and so did you... and I did to...
up till I got jealous..." Stephanie smiles a little.

"I'll make it up to you" Taylor says with a smile while starting to head to
the living room once again" But first though I need to find Mick" She soon
passes an open door and finds him in a bedroom on the bed with Linda McMahon
on her hands and knees begging him to put it in her.

Mick kneels behind Linda, "Come on Linda... I know you want it..." Mick
presses the head of his cock against Linda's pussy to tease her.

"Yes Mick I do want it I'm so wet" She replies trying to reach down and
spread her pussy open wider.

Mick slowly pushes his cock into her pussy, "Mmm Linda you're pussy is so
tight... tell me... who's got a bigger dick... Vince or me?" Mick asks as he
finally pushes his cock all the way into her.

"Oh you baby definitely you" Linda cries out whimpering as he fills her. Mick
begins to thrust hard and fast inside of her Linda's moaning turning him on.

"Ohh yeah Linda... you love this... you love having a younger man... a friend
of your daughter's fuck your pussy..." Mick grunts as he pulls Linda back
against him. Linda can only whimper as she feels her pussy being drilled by
Mick and then suddenly he's pinching her nipples twisting one then the other
so hard it sent her off into an orgasms that was extremely explosive.

"Ohhhhh ohhh god..." Linda moans as her body lurches back and forth.

Mick pulls out of her pussy and turns Linda over. He moves next to and
presses his cock against her mouth, "Oh Linda... suck my dick again... you
give great head... just like Stephanie..." Mick says as he smiles down at
her. Linda licks him slowly easing him back into her mouth moving him in
and out while her hand moves to stroke his balls playing with them slowly
while she begins to suck him harder.

"Ohhh Mrs. McMahon..." Mick closes his eyes and moans happily. Taylor has
gotten tired of watching her friend have his way with Linda and decides to
join the fun. Taylor strips off her own clothes and then moves to the bed.
She spreads Linda's legs apart and lowers her mouth onto her pussy, sliding
her tongue inside of her.

Linda gasps softly whimpering when she feels Taylor's tongue move inside of
her "Taylor?" Linda asks watching her.

"It's okay Mrs. McMahon relax and enjoy it" Mick says rubbing his hand over
the nipple of her breast.

"No... I... Mmm...." she whispers trying to move her hips with Taylor's

Taylor moves her hands around Linda's legs and moves them so they are bent a
bit. Taylor moves her tongue all over her pussy as Linda moans get louder and
louder. Mick pushes his cock back into her mouth as Vince and Stephanie both
come into the bedroom to see what's making Linda moan.

Stephanie looks at Vince, "Looks like Mom loves my new friends..."

Vince smiles at Stephanie "I'm kind of partial to that Ms. Taylor myself..."

Stephanie turned sharply to face her father and suddenly the idea of sharing
Mick and Taylor kind of lost it's appeal "Well we probably wont be here a lot
I mean Taylor and I like to shop so we will be at the mall and stuff."

Vince appeared thoughtful for a moment before replying "Oh she'll be spending
a lot of time here if I have anything to say about it."

Stephanie folds her arms, "Well... she's going to be... my new assistant...
and Mick to... and they'll be on the road with me a lot..." On the bed Linda
has just climaxed again and Taylor is happily licking up her juices. Linda
tightens her lips around Mick's cock and soon he cums in her mouth and Linda
swallows it all like a pro.

"Stephanie Marie...let me remind you of something I do still run this company
and if there going to work for you well lets just say technically they will
still work for me."

Stephanie pouts, "But Daddy... they are my friends..."

Linda looks at Stephanie and Vince and sighs, "Vince... let Stephanie have
her friends... I'm sure she'll bring them over..."

"Fine Stephanie but just remember you better take very good care of them" he
says glancing at Taylor and smiling before walking from the room. Taylor
moves to go after him grabbing his arm as he walks out into the hall "Do you
need something?" he asks and she moves to press her hands against his chest
kissing him thoroughly.

Taylor breaks the kiss and smiles up at him, "I think you know what I
need..." She slides her hands over his chest.

Pressing her up against the wall he smiles at her moving to kiss her neck "I
think I am just the one to accommodate you too" he replied moving to suck on
her breast drawing the nipple deep into his mouth, while one finger slips
into her still wet pussy rubbing slowly until she is crying out his name and
he moves inside of her and begins thrusting into her tight heat which sends
him over the edge. Taylor smiles moving to grab a piece of paper and a pen
from the hall table writing something on it.

"This is my personal line... the only other person who has it is my mother
and I would much rather you use it then her okay?" Taylor kisses the paper
before placing it in his hand and walking off.

Back in the bedroom, Linda has just left to have a word with Vince, leaving
Mick and Stephanie alone. Mick looks at her, "Steph... you're not mad at me
and Taylor are you?"

"Why would I be mad at you guys?" she asks sitting down next him.

"Because of what's going on with your mom and dad?" Stephanie smiles at him.

"Mick I brought you over here for them remember?"

"Yeah" he said softly moving to kiss her.

Stephanie kisses him back sliding his tongue into her mouth as he moves a
hand onto her hip. Stephanie breaks the kiss and smiles, "You know... my
brother Shane's wife is pretty sexy..."

Taylor walks into the room leaning against the wall, quietly listening to
their conversation.

Mick smiles, "Oh I've seen her on the old Livewire show... she was hot...
her name's Marissa right?"

Stephanie smiles, "That's right..." Taylor moves to the other room to gather
up their stuff after all it looked like Steph and Mick didn't need her to
talk about how sexy Marissa McMahon was.

Linda walks into the room Taylor is now in and smiles, "Taylor... may I have
a word with you?"

"Sure Mrs. McMahon...what can I do for you?" she asks sitting down on the bed
and watching the older woman.

Linda smiles at her, "Taylor... I want you and Mick to understand that you're
both welcome to stay here at any time... It's not everyday Stephanie brings
home her friends."

"Thank you Mrs. McMahon...your a very kind woman" Taylor looks down.

"Is something wrong?" she asks sitting down next to Taylor.

"No... I guess I've just got a lot on my mind."

"Vince will do that to a person" Linda replies laughing which causes Taylor
to smile but it's halfhearted "Taylor... please talk to me I would like to
help you."

"Well... I'm... kinda... feel guilty.. I mean.. Stephanie brought me and Mick
here... and I've been going... gaga... for Vince..."

"Taylor.....I am going to ask you something and I want you to be completely
honest with me okay?"

"Okay" she replied softly.

"Are you in love with Vince... you know the major type of love?"

Taylor bites her lower lip, "I... I think so... I mean I've always had a
crush on him... he's so handsome..." Taylor sighs, "I'm sorry Linda I mean
I must have a death wish to sit here and tell you this to your face."

Linda laughs softly "I asked you to be completely honest Taylor so I can't
say anything."

"If you want me to leave I will..."

Linda placed her finger against Taylor's lips "Stop... I said your welcome
here anytime."

"That was before I admitted how I felt about your husband" she replies
glancing up to see Stephanie standing in the doorway.

Stephanie folds her arms, "And what about me Taylor?"

Taylor looks at her, "I... I have a crush on you too... not as much as Mick
does... but... I... I really like you... and Linda... the entire McMahon

"You haven't even met Shane yet" Stephanie points out.

"True but I know I will like him" Taylor replies.

"Is that what you do Taylor... go around sleeping with married men?"

Stephanie..." Linda said sharply noticing the look on Taylor's face.

"I... I have to go" she said racing from the room.

"What was that all about Stephanie?" Linda demanded and Stephanie ran her
hand through her hair.

"I brought her here for one time... and now."

"And now?" Linda asks.

"This wasn't supposed to happen" Stephanie said "She wasn't supposed to fall
in love with you guys."

Linda sighs, "Stephanie... I had a rather interesting talk with Mick...
before he and I had sex... he and Taylor want to be McMahon's... and Taylor
desperately wants to be one of us... so you see... she's loved us... long
before you brought her here."

"I'm gonna go talk to her" Stephanie says before she goes walking into the
other room where Taylor is. Stephanie lays her hand on Taylor's shoulder.

"Don't touch me" Taylor said jerking her shoulder forward out of Stephanie's

"Mom told me... about what you want."

"Well don't worry I'm leaving Stephanie... you would rather be with Mick
anyway so I'll leave so you two can get together and live happily ever

Stephanie sighs, "Taylor... I don't want you to leave... I didn't know what
you wanted... Mick told my mom and then she told me... you want to be one of
us don't you?"

"The only way that's going to happen is if Vince adopts us and I don't think
that's a good idea" she replies before Stephanie reaches out spinning her
around and gasping softly when she saw Taylor had been crying she moves to
wipe her tears away placing the finger against her lips for a moment.

"Taylor... that's a wonderful idea..." Stephanie smiles softly as she takes
hold of Taylor's hands, "Let's make you and Mick official McMahons..."

"Steph..... I am in love with Vince... It's just.... it's better if i stop
this matter how much I want it" she said walking past her.

Stephanie quickly moves in front of her, and puts her hands on Taylor's
shoulders. "You're not going anywhere..."

"Stephanie please..."

"No.... you want something... so take it..." Stephanie says, "My mother wants
you here... My dad wants you here... and I want you here..." At the doorway,
Vince, Mick and Linda are watching Stephanie and Taylor.

"That's not exactly the brightest idea Steph have the man I'm in love with
adopt me..."

"So then you can just live here..."

"You're not going to give up are you?"

"Not when it's something I know you want."

Taylor looks down slowly "I... I do want it" she whispers softly.

"Then it's settled..." Vince walks into the room and places a hand on both
Stephanie and Taylor's shoulders as he looks at Taylor, "You're going to
stay here..."

"I guess I am" she replies as the front door opens and Shane McMahon walks
into the house.

"Hey pops.... what's going on?" he asks glancing at Taylor and Mick before
turning to his father.

Vince smiles, "Oh the usual business Shane... just welcoming Stephanie's
friends to their new home."

Shane looks at Mick and Taylor again, and he really takes a long look at
Taylor and smiles, "Well... I'm sure I can welcome her pretty well, what's
your name?"

Taylor smiles a little, "T-Taylor..."

-To Be Continued in Shane And Marissa Welcomes Mick And Taylor-

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