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Vince's Devils' Slaves Part 1
by MTL (

Reigning WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus slowly comes too lifting her head
and slowly opening her eyes to find herself looking down at a wooden floor.

Still feeling very disoriented for some unknown reason she blinks a couple of
times just to make sure she is fully awake. After a few more blinks she
accepts that she is fully awake although still very disoriented she makes an
effort to move but for some reason her body specifically her legs and arms
won't respond, or rather she can't move them.

Trish looks down to find her legs spread as far apart as they can be and that
they are chained to the wooden floor she tries to free herself from the
chains by trying to wriggle out of them but it is no good her legs are
chained in place good and tight.

Suddenly full consciousness rushes back to Trish as she realises her clothes
are gone and she's completely naked and looking up she finds her hands are
chained together and being suspended above her head by another chain.

She does her best to wriggle her hands free from the chains but just like her
feet they are chained in place good and tight.

As the disorientation wears off more and more Trish takes a look at her
surroundings and discovers that the room she is in although well lit is
practically empty of anything significant. There is certainly nothing to tell
her where she is or how she got here.

At the far end of the room there is a set of stairs leading up. Trish decides
to try and call out for help and so she starts to cry out for help but the
only noises she makes are muffled ones as she realises she has a ball gag or
something similar in her mouth stopping her from crying out for help.

All of a sudden Trish hears some muffled noises coming from the left of her.
She turns her head and see's her good friend Mickie James in exacterly the
same predicament as she is in hand chained above her head legs chained and
spread apart with a ball gag in her mouth and she too is completely nude. A
bit further down Trish can also see Ashley Massaro, her other good friend, in
the same predicament as her and Mickie.

Trish wants to know if the other two are alright but with the ball gag in her
mouth she can't ask them so she looks both of her two friends over. Apart
from the obvious they don't seem to be hurt and she herself doesn't appear to
have suffered any physical injuries.

All of a sudden all three girls hear something which sounds like a door being
opened which causes them all to look across the room as they see three sets
of feet start to come down the stairs one set after the other the owners of
the feet continue walking until they are standing a short distance in front
of each of the three naked and chained divas.

Trish, Mickie and Ashley all stare in shock horror and disbelief at their
three apparent captors Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria.

None of the 6 women say a word they simply stare at one and other. Once Trish
and Mickie and Ashley have gotten over the shock they stare at the three
divas who have done this too them with nothing but pure anger in their eyes
while Torrie, Candice and Victoria stare at Trish, Mickie and Ashley with
nothing but confidence.

"So, you've all finally woken up." Victoria says finally breaking the silence
as she looks up and down the row at each diva in turn, "That's good we where
worried we'd used too much Chloroform on the rags."

"Still, you three could have put up a bit more of a fight we didn't expect it
to be this easy." Torrie says also looking up and down the row at the three
divas with an ear to ear smile on her face.

"But then again Torrie these three weren't exacterly a challenge in the ring
so why should we expect them to be a challenge in any other way, shape or
form?" Candice says also with an ear to ear smile on her face.

This pisses Trish off and she tries to attack Candice but due to her being
chained up the way she is all she does is wriggle about which causes Candice
to laugh.

"Save your strength Trish." Victoria says causing Trish to turn her attention
from Candice to her long time rival, "Believe me your going to need it."

Victoria's tone of voice scares Trish however she does her best to hide her
fear as she slowly starts to remember how she and her two best friends ended
up wherever they are.

They had just left her locker room after having gotten showered and changed
from their wrestling attire back into the clothes they all had worn to the
arena and where on their way to her rental car carrying their wrestling
attire in their gym bags when somebody came up behind her and the last thing
she remembers is having something put over her nose and mouth and smelling
something disgusting the next thing she knew she was here.

"Well, I guess I should be a good hostess and welcome you to my home or at
least the basement of my home. I guess I should also tell you why you're
here." Victoria says causing Trish to come out of her thoughts, "You see we
where getting tired of fighting you three and wanted this rivalry to end. We
where going to go to Mr McMahon and ask him to trade us to Smackdown or
something, but then Candice here came up with a better way for us to end the
feud between us. In fact not only will it end the feud but it will improve
our sex lives and our lives in general."

Victoria finishes off before turning to look at Candice.

"Candice, would you like to take over?" Victoria asks with a smile.

"Thanks Vickie." Candice says turning her attention from Victoria to the
three helpless divas in front of her, "We're going to turn you three into our
sex slaves!"

Candice pauses so she and her friends can enjoy the horrified looks on their
enemies faces before she continues.

"That's right, each one of us is going to turn one of you in to our own
personal sex slave." Candice says excitedly.

"But before we can do that we have to break your spirits." Torrie then says.

"Which we will do in a little while. First I think we should each get a
chance to sample the merchandise don't you ladies?" Victoria asks looking at
her two best friends who look back at her with ear to ear grins.

"It will certainly help us to pick which one we want as our slave." Torrie
points out.

"What do you think Candice?" Victoria asks already knowing the answer but
wanting to hear her verbally agree.

"I agree with Torrie." She says smiling.

"In that case let us sample the merchandise." Victoria says turning her
attention back to the three chained up divas.

With that Trish, Mickie and Ashley all watch in horror as their three captors
walk right up to them and start to paw at their bodies touching them up with
Torrie touching Ashley up, Candice touching Mickie up, and Victoria touching
Trish up.

Trish, Mickie and Ashley do their best to try and stop their captors from
doing what they are doing to them by trying to wriggle away from their
exploring hands, but it is no good, they can barely move far enough away and
their three captors obviously know this due to their ear to ear smiles as
they continue to run their hands up and down their bodies not bothering to
hold them in place.

"Switch." Victoria suddenly says and with that Torrie moves on to Mickie,
Candice moves on to Trish, and Victoria goes down to Ashley.

As they start to do the same thing again both Mickie and Trish continue to
struggle however Ashley has given up trying to struggle due to the fact she
knows it is pointless she can't go anywhere so she simply allows her captors
to do what they want hoping that they will get it over with as quickly as
they can.

"Switch." Victoria says again and once again the three divas switch places
with Torrie now touching up Trish, Victoria touching up Mickie, and Candice
touching up Ashley.

At this point Mickie has also given up struggling she is now doing the same
thing that Ashley is doing, letting her captors do what they want to her and
hoping they get it over with quick.

Trish however is still doing her best to fight back or stop Torrie from
touching her not because she doesn't like it, which she doesn't, but due to
the fact that despite her best efforts not to Trish can't help but start to
feel herself getting a little turned on by all the pawing that Candice,
Victoria and now Torrie are doing to her. So much so in fact she can start to
feel her pussy getting wet, something she hopes she can hide from her captor
and captors. Her hopes are quickly dashed as she feels one of Torrie's hands
suddenly touch her pussy lips and she turns her head and looks at Torrie able
to see her ear to ear grin turn into an ear to ear smile at her discovery.

"Hey girls I think somebody is actually starting to like this." Torrie calls
out looking directly into Trish's eyes.

Trish turns her head away in shame wishing she wasn't tied up so she could do
some serious bodily harm to Candice, Victoria and Torrie.

"I think this one is as well." Victoria says causing Trish to turn her head
and see Victoria with her hand on Mickie's pussy.

"So is this one." Candice then calls out.

Trish looks at Mickie and see's the same embarrassment and humiliated look in
her eyes as she is sure Mickie can see in her's.

"I guess we where right about these three." Torrie says causing Trish to turn
and look at her, "They really are a bunch of sluts."

Trish struggles against her bonds doing her best to try and break free of
them so that she can wring Torrie's scrawny neck for what she has just said.

"I think that confirms it." Candice say with a laugh.

"Candice, would you be good enough to get the clamps?" Victoria asks causing
Trish to turn and look at Victoria who is looking back at her with an evil
smile on her face.

"My pleasure Vickie." Candice says causing Trish to look over at Candice who
also has a rather evil smile on her face as she turns and heads for the

"Actually Candice." Victoria says causing Candice to stop turn and look at
her, "Bring the whole goodie bag down here, that will save us from having to
go back and forth."

Candice just smiles as she turns and disappears upstairs.

After a few minutes Candice returns with a black bag of some kind in her

She walks up to Victoria as Torrie walks up and the three form a circle which
makes it hard for Trish or Mickie or Ashley to see what they are doing. They
can just make out the bag being opened and each one of them reach in and take
something out of it and then the bag being closed and dropped onto the floor.

"Ready?" They hear Victoria ask as she looks at Candice and Torrie who both
give her a nod.

With that they break apart and Candice goes back over to Ashley while Torrie
walks back up to Trish and Victoria walks up to Mickie.

Trish, Mickie and Ashley look on in shock as all three of them can now see
what it is the three girls got out of the bag as each of them are now holding
a set of nipple clamps in their hands.

"We have to make their nipples as hard as possible first." Victoria says.

With that she grabs both of Mickie's breasts and starts to rub and squeeze
them hard. Candice does the same to Ashley's and Trish looks down and the
moment she does she regrets it as she almost immediately see's and then feels
Torrie's hands on her breasts, working over both the breasts and the nipples
which are already hard, however with Torrie doing what she is doing it
doesn't take long for her nipples to become even harder, almost to the point
where they become painful.

"Mine's ready." Torrie says flicking Trish's nipples to see how hard they are
and seeing Trish wince in pain as she does so.

"Mine too." Candice says.

"So is mine." Victoria adds, "Alright girls apply the clamps."

Trish watches as Torrie applies one clamp to her left nipple. Due to how hard
her nipple is and the pressure the clamp applies to it Trish has to grit her
teeth to stop her moaning in both pain and pleasure, not wanting to give
Torrie or either of the others the pleasure of knowing she is getting turned
on or in pain by what they are doing.

Torrie smiles despite Trish's best efforts she can tell simply by the look in
her eyes that the clamp hurts her a little but she can also see a hint of
pleasure in those eyes as well as she applies the second nipple clamp to
Trish's right nipple. This time all three girls Mickie, Ashley and Trish moan
almost in unison as the second clamp is applied.

"Slut." Torrie says giving both clamps a flick of her finger, loving what she
is doing to the mighty Canadian beauty.

"Alright girls now we have to get their holes ready, starting with the one in
between their legs." Victoria says looking at Mickie's pussy and then looking
up at Mickie who shakes her head from side to side evidently trying to either
tell her or ask her not to do what she knows she is about to do.

Victoria ignores Mickie's pathetic attempt of getting her to stop as she
sucks one of her fingers making it as wet as possible and once it is wet
enough she proceeds to force it into Mickie's wet but still tight pussy,
causing Mickie to moan despite her best efforts not to. And with that
Victoria proceeds to finger fuck the newest RAW diva wanting her to be as wet
as possible for what she has planned.

While she continues to finger fuck Mickie Victoria looks over at Torrie who
is finger fucking Trish and evidently both girls are enjoying it even though
Trish is looking up at the ceiling and her eyes are closed Victoria is sure
that deep down her long time enemy is loving what the former two time playboy
cover girl is doing to her. As Victoria turns her attention from Torrie and
Trish over to Candice and Ashley and is surprised to find that Ashley is
actually watching Candice as she finger fucks her Candice seems to focused on
her task as she is busy watching what she is doing.

Victoria continues to watch Candice and Ashley a little while longer before
she turns her attention back to Mickie who isn't looking anywhere she has her
eyes closed which makes Victoria smile due to the fact she is sure that just
like Trish Mickie is enjoying this just as much as her role model is maybe
even a little bit more because she can see Mickie doing her best not to moan
which to Victoria is proof that Mickie is defiantly enjoying this.

"Alright girls I think they are wet enough." Victoria says as she removes her
finger from Mickie's cunt able to hear a slight moan or groan escape from
Mickie's lips as she does so.

With that Victoria turns and walks back over to the bag which she picks up
and is joined by both Candice and Torrie.

Ashley watches not able to see very much due to the three girls once again
huddling together in a circle however it is obvious they are taking something
else out of the mysterious black bag and once they have they let the bag fall
to the floor and then break apart with Candice once again making her way over
to her only now Ashley can see what it is that the three girls got out of the
black bag because Candice is carrying one and when she see's it it causes
Ashley's eyes to bulge in shock.

Candice see's the expression on Ashley's face as she stops directly in front
of her and simply smiles.

"Insert the vibrator." Candice hears Victoria call out and Candice slowly
pushes the vibrator into Ashley's wet pussy and as she does so she see's
Ashley tense up which makes her smile even more as she pushes the vibrator
all the way inside of the latest WWE Diva Search winner's cunt.

"Strap them up." Candice hears Victoria say and with that she proceeds to
strap the vibrator into place, making sure the straps are nice and tight so
that it will stay in position.

"Turn the vibrator on full." Victoria says.

Candice once again does as she is told due to Victoria having experience with
this stuff and both her and Torrie being novices.

Ashley closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she shivers slightly as she
feels the vibrator start to vibrate inside of her wet pussy she slowly opens
her eyes and looks down at Candice who is looking up at her. Ashley doesn't
know weather she wants to kill Candice or love her for doing what she just

Candice simply smiles at Ashley able to tell that it isn't going to take much
for her to break and become one of their slaves. She slowly turns her
attention to Mickie who is looking down at Victoria but has her eyes closed.
She then looks over at Trish who looks as though she is looking at the far
wall but Candice can tell that she also has her eyes closed. Evidently they
are both going to be a little bit tougher for them to break but she knows
that eventually all three of them will become their willing slaves, no matter
how long it takes.

"Ready for the final stage?" Candice hears Victoria say which causes her to
turn her attention from Trish to Victoria who is looking at her.

Candice nods her head pretty sure that as far as Ashley is concerned this
will be the thing that breaks her for sure.

Candice watches as Victoria turns and looks over at Torrie who also nods her
head and with that all three of them walk back over to the bag and each take
out the last of the three items they need for this part of their plan before
going back to their individual positions.

Ashley looks down and see's that Candice has a vibrating butt plug in her
hands and the moment she see's it she immediately knows where it is going to
go and as much as she would love to try and struggle to stop Candice from
putting it there she knows she can't mainly because any movement she makes
will cause the vibrator to move inside of her and so all she can do is watch
as Candice walks around behind her and feels her touch her naked backside
with her free hand.

"We have to get them wet before we can put these in." Ashley hears Victoria

With that she feels a wet finger of Candice's start to run up and down the
crack of her ass. Slowly and gently Candice start to apply pressure until she
is running her wet finger up and down her actual ass hole. After a few
minutes of simply running her finger up and down the outside of her ass hole
Ashley feel's Candice remove her finger for a minute but then feels it again
only this time she isn't running it up and down the crack of her ass or even
against her ass hole Candice is gently pushing her finger into her ass which
causes Ashley to jolt forward and causes the vibrator to go a little bit
deeper inside of her.

Candice smiles as Ashley reacts to her finger entering her back passage,
however it doesn't stop her pushing her finger in more until her whole finger
is inside Ashley's ass hole right up to the knuckle. Ashley's ass is tight
but not that tight which tells Candice that Ashley has evidently had a lot of
action in her ass which makes her smile as she starts to finger fuck Ashley's
ass getting it wet with her spit.

"Mines ready." Candice says once she is satisfied that Ashley's ass is
suitably lubricated.

"As is mine." Torrie says.

"In that case insert the butt plugs. Once you have the plugs inside their ass
holes turn them on to full." Victoria says.

Candice removes her finger from Ashley's ass hole and proceeds to gently but
firmly push the vibrating butt plug into her ass and once it is in she turns
it on to full causing Ashley to shiver again slightly.

This one is defiantly not going to take a lot of work, Candice mentally
thinks to herself as she slowly walks back around to the front of Ashley and
looks up and smiles due to Ashley having her eyes closed evidently doing her
best not to let Candice see how much she is enjoying this, either that or she
is trying to deny how much she is enjoying this.

Candice then looks over at Victoria and Torrie who are both now standing back
in front of Trish and Mickie with smiles on their faces evidently admiring
their work as much as Candice is admiring her's.

Torrie then looks over at Candice who looks back and then both girls turn
their attention to Victoria who looks back at them both before looking up at
Mickie, giving her face a slap causing Mickie to open her eyes. Torrie does
the same thing to Trish and Candice does the same thing to Ashley, causing
both girls to open their eyes and look down at their captors and torturers.

"We're going to leave you like this for a while." Victoria says looking at
Mickie but then turning her attention to Trish and then Ashley.

"But we'll be back later." Candice then says.

"To see if any of you want to submit to us." Torrie adds.

"Keep in mind that if you refuse we'll just leave you up there longer."
Victoria then says.

With that Victoria, Candice and Torrie all turn and head for the stairs. They
stop once they reach the stairs and turn back and look at Trish, Mickie and

"Have fun." They all say in unison.

And with that they head up the stairs one by one leaving Trish, Mickie and
Ashley alone down in the basement tied up naked and gagged with a vibrating
butt plug and vibrator both on full power inside their asses and pussies.

As soon as Victoria, Candice and Torrie have left the room Trish immediately
starts to struggle again against her chains. Both Mickie and Ashley watch her
and then Mickie starts to struggle against her chains as well not because she
is trying to get free but simply because Trish is doing it.

Ashley simply watches the two of them as they struggle sure that they know
how pointless it is due to all three of them having already tried to escape
from their restraints and all three of them having already failed. Even if
they didn't know if she could she would tell them how useless their
struggling is however with the ball gag in her mouth she can't so she simply
watches them. After a long time Mickie finally gives up however Trish being
the stubborn woman that she is continues a bit longer before she too
ultimately gives up too exhausted to continue in what is a battle she knows
she can't win.


Trish, Mickie and Ashley are all exhausted. Trish and Mickie are exhausted
partly due to their attempts to escape from their shackles but also due to
the countless orgasms the butt plugs and vibrators have given them. Ashley is
simply exhausted because of the orgasms.

Not only have the trio lost count of how many orgasms they have had they also
have no idea how long they have been down in Victoria's basement for it feels
like hours. Each of them are wondering when their captors are going to come

Trish Mickie and Ashley all lift their heads as they hear a door open and see
three sets of feet once again make their way down into the basement and once
all three of them are in the basement they walk up and stand in a line
opposite them.

Whatever they have been doing it is obvious they have changed their clothes
due to Candice now wearing a pink top with no bra underneath pink shorts and
white shoes while Victoria is wearing a red top black wrist bands and gloves
black shorts and boots and Torrie is wearing a lime green top trunks and

"Let's turn the plugs and vibrators down to low." Victoria says looking at
Trish Mickie and Ashley in turn able to see that they are all exhausted and
yet curious to find out if any of them are willing to submit to them yet.

Candice and Torrie don't say a word they simply walk up to one of the three
captives and first turn down the speed of the vibrator and then turn down the
speed of the butt plug before stepping back and smiling at the relived
expressions on Mickie's and Ashley's faces. Trish is doing her best to keep
her facial expression emotionless, although she too deep down is grateful
that the speed of the plug and vibrator has been turned down.

"Now, we need to decide which one of us get's to go first at picking their
slave... and since it was Candice who came up with this brilliant plan I
think she deserves to pick her slave first." Victoria says, looking at
Candice with a smile and Candice smiles back as she turns her attention from
Victoria to the three potential slaves on display, "What do you think

Torrie nods her head having wanted to go first herself due to her having
already selected which diva she wants as her slave and yet willing to let
Candice go first due to the fact she is sure she won't choose her slave.

"In that case Candice." Victoria says turning her attention from Torrie to
Candice, "You may pick your slave."

Candice smiles at Victoria as she turns her attention back to the three girls
on display for her to choose from.

After a few minutes of looking each one of them up and down Candice walks up
to Ashley, grins at her before sliding her hands all over her body. Candice
spends a lot of time particularly on Ashley's boobs and butt, examining them
as if she was judging a contest before moving to Trish and then Mickie to do
the exact same thing.

Much to the annoyance of her teammates Candice spends a long time greedily
groping the bound divas, the whole time trying to look thoughtful instead of
happy as she has her way with three other WWE divas. If her teammates ask
Candice will say that she is trying to decide who to pick as her slave and
she wants to be absolutely sure about her choice, but that would be just an
excuse. In truth Candice would be happy with any of the three choices, but
she knows which two she wants the most and she wants to make sure they are as
hot as possible for when she finally makes her pick.

After a few minutes of groping each one of them Candice stands in front of
Trish Stratus and smiles at her widely.

Realising Candice is picking her Trish looks down at Candice, unable to
believe that she actually thinks she is going to submit to her of all people.

"I'm going to remove the ball gag from your mouth. After I have done that I
am going to ask you if your willing to submit to me and be my slave and if
you are willing I want you to say I submit and I will be your slave Mistress
Candy." Candice says looking Trish right in the eye and Trish looks right
back at Candice, "If you refuse it means staying up there with the vibrator
and butt plug until either Torrie or Victoria are ready to come down and have
their go."

With that Candice takes a step forward reaches up and removes the ball gag
from Trish's mouth.

"Are you willing to submit to me?" Candice asks.

Trish doesn't say a word she simply stares at Candice knowing what her
refusal means and yet unwilling to submit to somebody as beneath her as
Candice is.

Candice looks over at Victoria and Torrie. Victoria's face has no expression
on it while Torrie is actually smiling. While Candice isn't sure why Torrie
is smiling she does her best to ignore her friends smile and focus on the
task at hand.

"I guess that's a no." Candice says turning her attention back to Trish and
with that she places the ball gag back into Trish's mouth and moves on down
the line to Mickie James.

Trish watches as Candice moves on to Mickie a tad stunned at how unfazed she
was by her refusal to submit to her.

Candice although tempted figures there is no need to repeat herself and so
she simply takes a step forward and removes the ball gag from Mickie's mouth.

"Are you willing to submit to me?" Candice asks looking Mickie dead in the
eye just like she did Trish.

Mickie looks Candice dead in the eye seriously thinking about her options,
either submit to Candice and be her slave or spend god knows how long hung up
with the vibrator and butt plug once again on full power forcing her to have
even more orgasms.

Although Mickie is worried as to what type of things Candice will have her do
or do to her she can't help but feel that whatever Candice does to her it
will be better than staying where she is and being forced to have more
orgasms due to the fact she isn't sure if she can handle that.

Having made up her mind Mickie goes to speak however before she can utter a
word Candice interrupts her.

"I guess that's another no." Candice says and with that she goes to put the
ball gag back in Mickie's mouth.

"Wait!" Mickie snaps grabbing everybody's attention.

Candice looks at Mickie who turns her attention from Candice to Trish and can
tell by the look in Trish's eye that she doesn't want her to submit however
Mickie's mind is made up.

"I submit." Mickie says swallowing hard as she turns her attention from Trish
back to Candice, "And I will be your slave... Mistress Candy."

Mickie feels really nervous about what her new mistress is going to make her
do and hoping that she has made the right decision by submitting rather than
staying where she is and going through god knows how many more hours of
orgasms at the hands of the vibrator and butt plug.

Candice smiles an ear to ear smile happy that at least one of the two top RAW
babyfaces, heck one of the two top RAW divas, has submitted to her.

"Girls would you kindly release my new slave from her bonds and remove the
vibrator and butt plug please. I'll be right back." Candice says turning and
heading for the stairs.

Mickie watches her go wondering where Candice is going and what she is going
to do while Victoria and Torrie turn off and remove the vibrator and then
turn off and remove the butt plug forcing Mickie to breath a heavy sigh of

Once both of those two things are removed from her body Victoria and Torrie
then proceed to unlock the chains holding her legs apart enabling Mickie to
stand on her own two feet although due to how long she has been in the
position she was her legs are a little shaky at first. Finally Mickie is
completely freed from her bonds as Victoria and Torrie release her arms and
hands from their chains.

Mickie suddenly hears footsteps on the stairs which causes her to turn and
look in the direction of the stairs and sees Candice walking back down the
stairs carrying a wooden chair.

Candice carries the chair and places it down in front of where Mickie was
hanging up with Trish and Ashley on either side once she reaches her spot she
puts the chair down and sits down in the chair.

"Come over here Mickie." Candice says patting one of her knee's as a sign
that she wants Mickie to sit on her knee.

Victoria and Torrie both smile as they stand either side of Mickie and watch

Mickie rather reluctantly walks over to Candice and slowly sits down onto her

Candice looks up into Mickie's eyes with an ear to ear smile on her face as
she slowly turns her attention from Mickie down to the two clamps that are
still on Mickie's breasts and nipples.

"Would you like me to take these off?" Candice asks turning her attention
from the clamps back up to Mickie.

Mickie slowly nods her head still wondering what Candice has in store for her
and not sure weather she should trust this 'nice girl' act that Candice is
putting on for her right now.

"I can't hear you." Candice says her smile disappearing from her face.

"Yes please." Mickie says.

"Please what?" Candice asks.

"Please remove the clamps." Mickie says.

"Mistress..." Candice begins.

"Mistress Candy." Mickie says quickly finishing off Candice's sentence for

"You should punish her for that." Victoria says with a smug smile.

Candice looks over at Victoria and Torrie who both have smug smirks on their
faces as they watch the show Candice and Mickie are putting on for them.

"Is she right Mickie?" Candice asks, "Should I punish you?"

Mickie shakes her head.

"No Mistress Candy please don't." Mickie says with genuine fear in her voice
even though there is a small part of her that for some reason actually feels
as though she should be punished.

"I'm sorry I didn't say what you wanted me to. I'll do whatever you want from
now on." Mickie adds, not sure why she wants Candice to punish her however
doing her best not to think about the reasons why and focusing on trying to
get Candice not to do it.

Candice smiles as she slowly moves forward and kisses Mickie right on the

Mickie is shocked and surprised at first however what shocks her even more is
how quickly she get's into the actual kiss and starts to return it.

After a few minutes Candice runs her tongue across the middle of Mickie's
mouth where her upper lip and bottom lip meet causing Mickie to open her
mouth just enough for Candice to slide her tongue in and turn the kiss into a
French kiss. Mickie is once again shocked however again she quickly get's
over her shock and starts to return the kiss and even starts to enjoy kissing
Candice back.

Candice smiles as she continues the kiss with Mickie having thought that
Ashley would be the easiest of the trio to break. Then again Candice was sure
if she had asked Ashley to be her slave the blonde would have been just as
easy, if not more easy to break than Mickie. Not that Mickie is completely
broken, at least not yet, as she is still reluctant, but even though Mickie
is reluctant Candice is sure that it won't take long for that reluctance to
disappear and for Mickie to become 100% hers.

With this thought in mind and her intention now to remove any reluctant
thoughts or feelings Mickie might be having and to make RAW's newest diva
100% hers Candice breaks the kiss making both girls gasp for air.

"Did you enjoy that?" Candice asks as she slowly get's her breath back.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says partly saying it because she feels she has
to and yet also partly saying it because it is the truth although she has
never kissed a girl before Mickie can't help but like it and deep down she
wants to do it again.

Candice once again turns her attention to the clamps that are still on
Mickie's body.

"Would you like me to take those off?" Candice asks.

"Yes please Mistress Candy." Mickie says smiling a small slightly nervous
smile at Candice.

Candice smiles back as she slowly removes one of the nipple clamps once she
has removed it she lets it fall to the floor not bothering to put it back in
the black bag which is underneath her seat. She then removes the other nipple

"Thank you Mistress Candy." Mickie says without a second thought, shocking
both herself and Candice a little.

Candice quickly get's over her shock and immediately takes Mickie's right
breast into her mouth deciding to reward Mickie for her show of appreciation.

Mickie grits her teeth as she feels Candice take her right breast into her
mouth and start to gently suck on it due to the fact that although having
Candice suck on her breast and nipple does feel nice due to the nipple clamp
being on there for so long it also hurts a bit however the pain slowly
disappears and is replaced by nothing but pleasure as Mickie starts to enjoy
Candice's attention to her breast.

Candice moves over to the other breast sucking on that just as firm but as
gentle as she did the first breast again Mickie feels a slight discomfort to
begin with however that quickly disappears and is replaced by pleasure.

"Come on Candice your taking forever." Torrie says causing Candice to release
Mickie's breast from her mouth and look over at the Boise Idaho native.

Victoria also turns and looks at Torrie rather shocked by her out burst.

Candice is a little pissed off that Torrie has interrupted her fun however
she does her best to get over her anger and slowly smiles.

"Come on Torrie you know I'm a naughty little devil... at least that's what
the Internet fans call me... and our group." Candice says.

Torrie's impatient looking expression slowly turns into a smile.

"Your right." Torrie says as she suddenly get's an idea, "Hey maybe that
should be our official group name."

"What?" Victoria asks looking at Torrie curiously.

"Vince's Devils." Torrie says proudly.

Victoria chuckles softly, causing both Candice and Torrie to look at her.

"It's a cute name but Vince would never go for it." Victoria says.

"Why not?" Candice asks also liking the name and not seeing any reason why Mr
McMahon wouldn't go for it.

Victoria looks at Candice a tad shocked.

"Well for one it's an obvious rip on Charlie's Angels right?" Victoria asks
looking between Torrie and Candice.

"Right." Torrie says.

"Well... did you ever see Charlie?" Victoria asks them.

Torrie and Candice slowly turn and look at one and other before bursting into
a fit of giggles themselves as they realise what Victoria is getting at.

"You're right it would never work... Vince is too much of a spotlight hog."
Torrie says.

Victoria and Candice both nod in agreement.

Victoria suddenly notices Mickie looking at Candice with a rather shocking
expression on her face.

"I think your slave is waiting for you to continue using her Mistress Candy."
Victoria says causing Candice to turn her attention back to Mickie and see
the same expression on Mickie's face that Victoria saw a sort of almost
desperate need to be used type of look.

Candice decides to see just how submissive Mickie is willing to be to her.

"Are you willing to prove that you have totally submitted to me?" Candice
asks her doing her best not to smile but to look serious and stern something
she finds very hard to do even at the best of times.

Mickie takes a deep breath and swallows hard still feeling nervous however
the more time that passes her nervousness fades and her desire to be
dominated or to submit to Candice grows.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says, wondering how Candice will have her prove

"Stand up." Candice says.

Mickie does as she is told.

"Now lay across my lap." Candice tells her.

Mickie immediately knows what is coming as does Victoria and Torrie who both
smile ear to ear smiles in eager anticipation of seeing RAW's newest diva be
put in her place finally at the hands of their friend and her new mistress
Candice Michelle.

Trish watches as Mickie slowly positions herself face down across Candice's
lap unable to believe that her best friend has and is submitting to the newly
named or nicknamed Vince's Devil's. Seeing Mickie submit like she is makes
Trish more determined not to submit to Victoria or Torrie especially not
Torrie due to her being just like Candice below her.

Candice smiles as she looks down at Mickie's well rounded backside and she
runs her hand over both cheeks gently, loving the feel of them underneath her

Mickie does her best not to let Candice's gentle caress fool her due to the
fact she is sure that any minute now Candice will start to give her a really
hard spanking and she does her best to mentally and physically prepare
herself for what she is sure about to come. Again despite being a little bit
afraid Mickie can't help but also be turned on and want to get spanked by
Candice and as things go on Mickie's desire to have Candice do whatever she
wants to her outweighs her fear and nervousness.

Suddenly Mickie feels Candice remove her hand from her ass and is sure that
the spanking is about to begin and so she does her best to really mentally
and physically prepare herself. However much to Mickie's surprise the first
hit from Candice's hand to her ass isn't hard at all in fact it is very
gentle and almost playful as is the second one and the third and the fourth
and the fifth. With each strike that Candice gives her Mickie can't help but
slowly start to relax and enjoy the 'spanking'.

Victoria watches as Candice 'plays' with her slave's ass turning to look at
Torrie who slowly turns and looks back at her with the same disapproving look
on her face.

Victoria slowly turns back around to face Candice.

"Candice what the hell are you doing?" Victoria finally asks or rather snaps
having grown tired of watching the show.

Candice looks up at Victoria rather surprised by her friend's sudden

"Giving Mickie a spanking." Candice says matter of factly.

"You call that a spanking?" Victoria asks, "I call it petting."

Candice smiles at her friend able to imagine the kind of ass whooping she
would give Mickie had she submitted to her due to her having a serious grudge
against all three of their soon to be slaves especially Trish.

"Well Mickie has been a good girl." Candice says looking down at Mickie's ass
as she continues to 'spank' it.

"She hasn't done anything to earn a really hard spanking yet." Candice adds,
doing her best to convince Victoria that if Mickie did do something wrong she
would give her the hard spanking Victoria is looking for her to give.

"She hasn't done anything to earn a really hard spanking?" Torrie says in

"What about getting in our way? I think she deserves a really hard spanking
for associating herself with Ashley and Trish." Victoria says, turning her
attention back to Torrie, "Don't you?"

Torrie turns her head and looks at Victoria nodding her head in agreement as
she turns to look back at Candice.

Candice looks at her two best friends able to tell that they are not going to
let up on this until she starts laying into Mickie hard and so Candice starts
to spank Mickie a little harder in an attempt to please her two best friends.

"That's better." Victoria says with a smile.

Candice does her best to ignore Victoria's praise, not liking the fact that
she has to hurt Mickie due to the fact that she doesn't really have anything
against her or Ashley or even Trish for that matter. Just like the only
reason Mickie is getting a hard spanking is due to her association with Trish
and Ashley the only reason Candice has a problem with Trish, Ashley and
Mickie is due to her association with Victoria and Torrie.

Of course Candice does actually like giving a spanking, it's just she prefers
the light, gentle type of spanking she had given Mickie moments ago. Torrie
and especially Victoria loves beating an ass until it is bright red and would
find any excuse to do so, but Candice thought that was counter-productive to
slave training. When a slave had been good like Mickie had been she should be
treated well. If she misbehaved, then you spanked her really hard, showing
the slave her behaviour was unacceptable. This gave slaves the proper
motivation they needed. Finding any excuse to brutally bruise their butts
just undermined spanking as a punishment and the mistress/slave relationship
as a whole.

Despite her worries the hard spanking is unnecessary and her hesitance to
hurt her new slave Candice finds some fun in the hard spanking... a lot of
fun actually.

While Candice doesn't enjoy causing pain to the extent that her teammates do
she does like to cause a little bit of pain on occasion, and Mickie has a
butt that was made to be spanked. It's so round and fleshy... not fat but big
enough so that when she hits it Mickie's ass cheeks rippled a little for
about a second or two, as if someone has just thrown a stone into water. It's
kind of hypnotic, and hot. Also her meaty cheeks where making a lot of noise
when Candice had only been spanking them lightly and the harder and harder
she spanked Mickie the louder and louder the smacking sound became. And
Candice couldn't deny, Mickie's butt cheeks do look quite cute in pink, which
is the colour those fleshy cheeks are turning as the hard spanking continues.

Mickie does her best to stop herself from crying out in pain as Candice's
strikes slowly start to get harder and harder. With her personal pride on the
line Mickie is able to avoid the urge to cry and focuses her attention on
anger to help her get through the spanking.

Although all of her anger should be focused on Candice who she should hate
for what she is doing Mickie knows or is sure the only reason Candice is
doing this is because Victoria and Torrie goaded her into doing it. So
Mickie's anger and hate is almost totally directed at Victoria and Torrie, an
easy thing to do when she can see them smirking at her humiliation out of the
corner of her eye.

Part of Mickie desperately wants to fight back but she is far too exhausted
from her countless orgasms, and another much bigger part of Mickie feels
angry towards herself for submitting so quickly and despite how painful the
spanking is Mickie can't help but feel like she deserves it for not only
submitting so quickly but not having energy to do anything to save herself or
her friends from being enslaved by these 'Devils'.

Despite herself Mickie can't help but actually start to like what Candice is
doing to her having partly wanted Candice to really lay into her when she was
giving her the gentle spanking. Mickie doesn't understand why she feels this
way, but she tries to not dwell on it and instead focus on the hate she has
for both herself and the two 'Devils' smirking at her however the hard
spanking saps what little of her strength is left, leaving her just lying
were she is, waiting for the spanking to end and yet despite the pain not
minding its continuation.

Candice continues to spank Mickie doing her best to hit her hard enough that
when her hand comes into contact with her ass it makes a really loud sound
but not so hard that it really hurts her however the moment she see's
Mickie's ass start to turn a bright shade of red Candice quickly stops.

"Ok that's enough, get on your knees Mickie." Candice says doing her best to
sound as dominant and authoritive as possible while hoping that hard spanking
she just gave Mickie is enough to satisfy her friends.

Victoria and Torrie have pretty satisfied grins on their faces and they don't
protest as the spanking ends, Mickie slowly gets off of Candice's lap and
onto her knees facing Candice who looks down at her.

Candice bends forward looking into Mickie's eyes partly for some sign as to
weather or not she is hurt as well as to show Mickie that she is sorry if she
has hurt her.

Mickie looks into Candice's eyes and although she finds it hard to believe
she is sure she can see sympathy or something similar to it in her eyes
however she does her best to ignore it.

"Kiss me." Candice says.

Mickie is shocked by this as she looks into Candice's eyes and can now see

A little hesitant about kissing a girl despite the fact that she responded
when Candice kissed her earlier Mickie slowly moves forward and kisses
Candice closing her eyes as she does it.

Candice smiles as she too closes her eyes, although she is sure it isn't for
the same reason Mickie closed hers, due to the reason Candice closed her eyes
is simply so she can enjoy the kiss while she is sure the reason Mickie
closed her eyes is to help her block out the fact that she is either kissing
her or that she is kissing another woman or both.

Mickie continues to kiss Candice and slowly just like before she starts to
enjoy the kiss deciding to do what Candice did to her early only do it
differently and so she runs her tongue across Candice's upper lip in one
direction and then runs her tongue across her bottom lip in the opposite

Candice smiles as she feels Mickie run her tongue across her upper and bottom
lip knowing what she wants and is more than happy to give it to her as she
opens her mouth and allows Mickie's tongue to slide in and the two tongues
meet just like they did before and start to gently battle each other.

Although Candice could stay like this for hours she knows her two best
friends and fellow 'Devils' are watching and so rather reluctantly she breaks
the kiss causing Mickie to moan as she does so.

Once the kiss is broken Candice takes her top off and lets it fall to the
floor beside the chair.

As Mickie looks at Candice's very impressive looking breasts she can't help
but lick her lips knowing what Candice wants her to do and much to her
surprise she finds herself wanting to do it.

Candice see's the desire and the want in Mickie's eyes a clear sign to her
that she is slowly breaking down the newest diva.

"Suck on my breasts Mickie." Candice says.

With that Mickie, doing her best to show reluctance, moves forward and takes
Candice's left breast into her mouth and begins to suck on it, focusing her
attention on Candice's nipple wanting to make it as hard as she can, although
not so hard it causes her pain, just hard enough to cause Candice pleasure.

Candice moans with pleasure at both the feel of having Mickie's mouth on her
breast as well as the feel of Mickie sucking on her breast and nipple making
it hard in her mouth. To show that Mickie is doing good Candice holds the
back of Mickie's head against her breast.

"That's it Mickie suck on my breasts." She says softly.

Mickie does as she is told loving the feel of Candice's hand on the back of
her head as well as the feel of her breast and nipple in her mouth.

"Now the other one." Candice tells her.

Mickie slowly removes the breast she has in her mouth and moves over to the
other breast taking that into her mouth and sucks on it just as firmly as the
first one slowly making that nipple just as hard as the first one.

"Mmmmm, that's it, that's a good girl." Candice says loving the feel of
Mickie's mouth on her body and looking forward to having Mickie's mouth on
another part of her body.

"That's enough Mickie." Candice says gently but firmly pulling Mickie's head
away from her breast.

Mickie rather reluctantly release Candice's breast from her mouth and returns
to her kneeling position in front of her.

"Move back a minute Mickie." Candice tells her.

Mickie staying on her knee's does as she is told and watches as Candice get's
to her feet and removes her shorts showing that she isn't wearing any
underwear underneath them. Once her shorts are removed Candice sits back down
only with her legs spread apart so that Mickie can see her well shaven pussy.

Mickie stares at Candice's pussy knowing what is coming next however she
slowly moves her focus from Candice's pussy to her eyes waiting to be told to
do it.

Candice looks down at Mickie with an ear to ear smile on her face.

"Eat my pussy Mickie." Candice says, getting a thrill out of telling somebody
higher up on the wrestling food chain than herself to do that.

Mickie slowly turns her attention back to Candice's pussy moving forward
until she get's as close as she physically can get to Candice's pussy. Once
she does that Mickie moves her face as close as she can get to it able to
smell Candice's scent which actually turns Mickie on much to her surprise.

Mickie takes another deep breath, doing her best to ignore any feelings of
doubt and nervousness, and sticks her tongue out and gives Candice's pussy a
long, slow lick.

For a few seconds Mickie stops and leans back slightly, trying to analyse the
flavour she has just tasted.

She had been preparing for the worst, but that hadn't been the worst... in
fact it had been kind of... good.

Curious to see if the previous taste was a fluke or not Mickie leans forward
again, sticks out her tongue and gives Candice's cunt another long, slow
lick, and then another, and then another, and then another.

Soon Mickie's tongue has develops a rhythm to licking Candice's pussy, much
to her surprise finding that she actually likes the taste and is soon lapping
away at her mistress's delicious pussy.

After a few more minutes of lapping at it Mickie stops and instead starts to
run her tongue up and down the outer lips of Candice's pussy, enjoying the
soft moans that are coming from Candice, as she then slowly start to push her
tongue into Candice's pussy. As she does so Mickie closes her eyes as she
feels Candice's juices start to ooze out of her.

Candice also has her eyes closed enjoying the feelings that Mickie is causing
her to experience as she feels her new slave close her mouth around her
pussy, evidently not wanting any of her juice to escape. Once her lips are
securely fastened to Candice's pussy Mickie starts to drink from her gently
at first slowly getting more greedy as time goes on.

Ashley along with Victoria, Torrie and Trish is watching as her tag team
partner is busy eating Candice's pussy and from the looks of things she is
either enjoying it or doing her best to just get the task over with due to
Ashley able to see that Mickie has her eyes closed. Candice also has her eyes
closed however there is no denying from the look on her face she is enjoying
what Mickie is doing to her.

Slowly Ashley turns her attention from Mickie to Trish who looks utterly
disgusted with what she is seeing which causes Ashley to smile due to the
fact she doubts Mickie and Trish are going to be quite as close as they where
before tonight. Ashley then slowly moves her focus from Trish to Torrie and
Victoria and is stunned to find that Torrie is looking right at her.

Torrie smiles at Ashley in a way that makes Ashley nervous and forces her to
quickly turn her attention back to what Mickie is doing due to her having
just got a bad feeling as to what Torrie was thinking when she smiled at her.

Mickie's fears, uncertainties as well as her nervousness and doubt have gone
and they have been replaced by a burning desire for Candice to cum inside of
her mouth. With this intention in mind Mickie starts to explore as far inside
of Candice's pussy as she can get her tongue feeling a hand on the back of
her head, not forcing her further into Candice's pussy but simply holding her
in place as if she needs to as well as giving her encouragement as Mickie
feels Candice begin to run her fingers through her hair.

With this show of encouragement Mickie starts to speed up her licking, moving
her tongue in every direction not caring where her tongue touches simply
focusing on making her mistress cum.

"Mickie use your tongue on my clit and use your fingers on my cunt." Candice
says wanting to feel Mickie's fingers inside of her.

A little reluctant Mickie does as she is told, removing her tongue from
Candice's cunt and replacing it with one and then two of her fingers, which
causes Candice to moan in pleasure.

Candice's moans make Mickie happy and, still lost in this new burning
sensation to please her mistress, Mickie starts thrusting her fingers in and
out of Candice's cunt as hard and as fast as she can, finger fucking her
mistress like a good little slave.

While she finger fucks her mistress Mickie focuses her tongue on Candice's
clit causing her to let out a louder moan than when Mickie first slid her
fingers inside of her.

Soon Mickie is going back and forth between Candice's pussy and her clit with
both her tongue and fingers, either finger fucking her mistress's pussy as
hard as she can or licking Candice's cunt while using her fingers to play
with her clit.

This causes Candice to smile due to the pleasure she is receiving from what
Mickie is doing and due to Mickie having decided to do this on her own
without any encouragement or instruction.

It seems to Candice like Mickie is taking to being her slave like a duck to
water, the tough little firecracker who had quickly earned a reputation of
being one of the best wrestling divas in the WWE kneeling before her and
passionately pleasuring her pussy like a good little slave that is desperate
to please it's mistress.

While Candice would have been happy to enslave any of the divas she and her
friends had kidnapped she is ecstatic for the chance to be able to turn this
skilled wrestling diva into her little pet, and she can't wait to start
training her after she has housebroken her. Not that it seems Mickie is going
to need much training from the skilled little rug munching performance she is
giving right now.

Candice is brought out of her thoughts when Mickie suddenly stops finger
fucking her pussy, removes her fingers and replaces them with her tongue,
only this time Mickie doesn't simply lick Candice's pussy instead she slides
it as deep into the other diva's wet and willing pussy as it will go.

Without a second of hesitation Mickie starts to fuck Candice's cunt with her
tongue, gently at first however getting faster and faster and faster with
each and every thrust.

In no time at all Mickie is pounding Candice's pussy with her tongue, Mickie
feeling for some reason like she almost physically needs to make Candice cum
for reasons she can't even begin to understand or analyse but reasons which
burn inside her like a fire. The hand gripping tightly to the back of her
head lets Mickie know she's doing exactly what she needs to do, as does the
moans of pleasure falling from Candice's mouth.

Mickie suddenly hears Candice let out the loudest moan she has ever heard,
and soon after Candice has let out this moan Mickie get's the first taste of
the most delicious thing she has ever tasted Candice's cum and the moment she
tastes it she becomes addicted and wants more.

Meanwhile Candice is riding the waves of her orgasm able to hear Mickie's
noisy slurps as she continues to eat her pussy. As Candice continues to ride
the waves of her orgasm she starts to almost instinctively thrust her hips
into Mickie's mouth. For Victoria, Torrie, Trish and Ashley it looks as
though Candice is actually face fucking Mickie, not that Mickie cares what
she looks like or what it looks as though is happening to her the only thing
she is interested in is swallowing every drop of Candice's come she can get
into her mouth.

Finally Candice calms down and her cum stops flowing, Candice still enjoying
the feeling of Mickie's tongue inside her for a long time and finding great
satisfaction in watching her new little pet hungrily suck at her pussy until
there is no more cum, only for Mickie to continue to suck.

Pussy juice replaces Candice's cum and if her pussy wasn't so tender after
that powerful orgasm and if she wasn't so eager to move onto other things
Candice would have happily allowed Mickie to spend hours or even the rest of
the night in between her thighs, but Candice has things to do.

"Oh Mickie, that was so good, but I think that's enough of you eating my
pussy... for now." Candice says, gently pushing Mickie's face away from her

With Candice's encouragement Mickie slowly and rather reluctantly moves her
face away from Candice's pussy looking up at Candice who looks down at Mickie
and smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Mickie lick her lips evidently
making sure that no cum escapes her tongue.

Candice slowly turns her attention from Mickie over to Torrie and Victoria
and simply gives them a look and with that both Torrie and Victoria nod their
head and leave the basement returning minutes later both carrying either a
carpet or a rug which they unfold on the floor next to where Mickie is

"Thanks girls." Candice says looking at both Victoria and Torrie with a

The girls simply walk back to where they where standing before they got the
rug from upstairs.

"Mickie." Candice says causing Mickie to turn her attention from the rug
which is now laying on the floor next to her to Candice, "I want you to lay
down on the rug looking up at the ceiling for me."

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says doing as she is told while wondering what
is going on now.

Candice watches as Mickie get's to her feet and walks over to the rug once
she is on it she lays down on her back and looks over at her mistress.

Candice smiles as she stands up and walks over and stands at Mickie's feet,
looking her slave up and down loving the look of Mickie's body from her eyes
nose and mouth down to her breasts all the way down to in between her legs
which is now Candice's main focus as she get's down onto her knees and crawls
up Mickie's body until she is directly above Mickie's pussy.

"Open up your legs for me Mickie." Candice says watching as Mickie does as
she is told and spreads her legs as wide as she can.

Mickie swallows hard unable to believe how much she wants this how much she
wants Candice to eat her pussy just like she ate hers a few moments ago.

After staring down at her pussy for a long time Candice lifts her head and
looks up at Mickie and smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches her blow on
her pussy causing Mickie to shiver with pleasure as she feels Candice's
breath on her cunt.

Suddenly Candice stops blowing on Mickie's pussy and practically dives down
and into Mickie's pussy, sticking her tongue as far into Mickie's cunt as she
can get it on the first strike.

Mickie cries out with shock and pleasure at the feel of another woman's
tongue inside of her as Candice starts to lick the inside of Mickie's pussy,
evidently not intent on torturing her for which Mickie is really grateful due
to how turned on she is she doesn't think she can handle anymore torture no
matter how pleasurable it maybe.

Just as Mickie starts to feel like it can't get any better she cries out even
louder than before due to Candice gluing her lips to Mickie's pussy and
starting to gently suck at her pussy lips for the first time. Much to
Mickie's surprise it doesn't take long for Candice to get into a rhythm of
switching between sucking her pussy lips and thrusting her searching tongue
in and out of her in a way which drives Mickie wild.

Using skills she has obtained from years of practice Candice expertly works
over her slave's pussy, intent on two very important goals.

The first is to get as much pussy cream from Mickie as possible. Candice is a
total pussy loving rug muncher who craves the taste of girl juice. Even
travelling with two other women wasn't enough to satisfy her, Candice finds
herself seducing women all the time so she can get a taste of their creamy
liquid. And Mickie is one delicious little treat and Candice can already
imagine herself snacking on this yummy little thing in between her slave's
legs a lot, especially with the quality cream she is very successfully
sucking from it.

Candice's second goal is to pleasure Mickie, to show her what could happen if
she is a good little slave for her. As much as Candice believes in the
importance of spanking slaves when they are bad she is a huge believer in
rewarding slaves for being good, and Mickie has been a good little slave and
submitted to her so Mickie deserves pleasure.

The submission is not entirely complete but Candice is less worried about
that right now and more focused on getting as much yummy cream from Mickie as
she can while giving her the most pleasurable pussy pleasing possible.

From the juices flowing into her mouth and the moans flowing out of Mickie's
mouth Candice can tell she is achieving both her goals, but there is one
little thing missing...

Candice removes her mouth from Mickie's pussy which immediately causes Mickie
to worry that there is something wrong as she looks down and see's Candice
looking up at her.

"Mickie can you do something for me?" Candice asks looking at Mickie with a
smirk able to see the disappointment in her slave's eyes.

"What?" Mickie asks.

"Wrap your beautiful legs around my head?" Candice asks.

Mickie smiles and does as she is asked.

"Good girl." Candice says as she returns to Mickie's cunt.

Mickie's legs are wrapped around Candice's head rather loosely at first but
as Candice goes back to what she is doing only this time with more intensity
and determination than before Mickie slowly starts to tighten her grip around
Candice's head.

Candice smiles into Mickie's pussy and increases the speed of her oral
assault as she feels Mickie's soft inner thighs tighten around her head. Now
things are perfect.

When she was going down on other women there was nothing Candice loved more
than to feel a nice soft pair of thighs wrapped around her head, squeezing
down on her with fluctuating amounts of force as she pleasured that other
woman with her mouth and tongue.

This wasn't so Candice could find out whether or not she was doing a good job
or not, the other woman's moans, groans and flowing pussy cream did that, and
Mickie is no exception, but there is just something about feeling a woman's
thighs wrapped around her head that Candice loves.

It is something Mickie is going to have to get used to if she is going to be
Candice's slave, and Candice has a feeling this is one thing Mickie really
won't mind doing for her.

Candice is right, Mickie really doesn't mind doing this. In fact she would
eagerly wrap her legs around Candice if it means she gets to feel
extraordinary pleasure like this.

What Candice is doing to her pussy amazes Mickie, this other woman easily
giving her one of if not the best fuckings of her life with ease using just
her tongue. Well, not just her tongue, her mouth is working wonders as well,
but still Candice is pleasuring her effortlessly and Mickie would happily
wrap her thighs around Candice's head to feel this type of pleasure again.
Mickie would do just about anything to feel this way again.

As if what Candice is doing to her pussy isn't enough Mickie feels Candice's
hands snake their way up the sides of her body until they reach her breasts
which she immediately grabs on to and starts to tweak the nipples hard.
Unlike before due to the break Candice has given Mickie's nipples from the
nipple clamps Candice's tweaks don't hurt in point of fact they are very
pleasurable tweaks.

With Candice's hands and mouth working Mickie's upper and lower body over it
all becomes too much for Mickie who explodes with a roar of pleasure that
could easily rival Candice's earlier scream.

Mickie's orgasm is so intense that instead of causing her to go stiff like
she normally does when she has a powerful orgasm she practically goes totally
numb, Mickie just laying there as Candice greedily and noisily sucks the cum
from her cunt.

Candice has been hoping her new slave's cum would taste as good as her
regular pussy juice and from the very first moment that sweet flavour touches
her lips she is pleased to see her hopes have been answered as Mickie's cum
is delicious. Pleased with her finding Candice swallows every drop of
Mickie's cum, making sure to get every little remaining bit of it with her
tongue and lips.

Once Mickie's orgasm subsides she slowly unlocks her legs from around
Candice's head and watches as Candice slowly moves away from her pussy
licking her lips as she does so.

Candice looks at Mickie able to tell from the look on her face and in her
eyes that she is so close to snapping to surrendering to her completely all
she needs is that little push and Mickie will be her's for as long as she
wants her.

Candice kneels at Mickie's feet, watching Mickie like a hawk before she turns
her attention to the chair or rather the bag of goodies underneath the chair.
She pulls out the bag, opens it and then pulls the item she wants out from
within the bag before doing the bag back up and putting it back under the
chair out of the way.

Mickie looks at Candice or rather the object in Candice's hands having never
seen anything like it before.

Candice looks down at the object in her hands as well admiring it and
wondering what it is going to feel like to have it on as well as have it
inside Mickie's pussy and then inside of her ass hole.

Deciding to stop wondering and find out Candice lifts her head and looks at
Mickie who she can tell from the expression on her face is shocked by what
she see's.

"I take it you've never seen one of these before have you Mickie?" Candice
asks with a smile.

"No Mistress Candy." Mickie says shaking her head.

The fact that Mickie is now calling her Mistress Candy and not even realising
it makes Candice smile even more.

"Well." Candice says as she get's to her feet, "Let me show you how it

With that Candice proceeds to put the 12 inches long strap on dildo on
herself taking Mickie through how to do it step by step for the next time she
decides to use one of these on her.

"And there you have it." Candice says once the strap on dildo is securely in

Mickie sits up to get a better look at the thing now positioned practically
in between Candice's legs which makes Candice giggle to herself due to Mickie
being in almost the perfect position for what she intends on having Mickie do

"Come closer Mickie so you can get a better look at it." Candice says
deciding to lure Mickie to her before she tells her what she wants her to do.
Mickie feels almost hypnotised by the thing between Candice's legs as she
moves from a sitting position to kneeling in front of Candice, inspecting the
dildo with her eyes.

Candice allows Mickie to look at her fake cock before deciding she has been
patient enough, it's time Mickie gets back to pleasing her.

"Have you ever given a blow job Mickie?" Candice asks causing Mickie to turn
her attention from the strap on up to her.

Mickie is surprised by Candice's question.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says keeping her eyes locked with Candice's.

"Good." Candice says smiling down at her, holding out the fake cock and
offering it to her new slave, "I want you to suck this."

Mickie is a little hesitant to do what Candice wants her to do having sucked
real cocks before but not sure she could suck this fake cock in front of her,
partly due to the fact it is a lot bigger than the cocks she has sucked in
the past, but also because she knows it will feel weird due to it not being a
real cock as crazy as that sounds.

"Come on Mickie." Mickie hears Candice say causing her to look up at her.

Candice looks down at Mickie able to see the hesitation a lot more clearly
now than at any time before.

"You did say you would submit to me and be my slave." Candice reminds her,
"Don't make me have to give you a hard spanking."

Candice does not really want to spank Mickie hard but will if she's forced
too. She hopes that the threat will work to get Mickie to do what she wants
and much to Candice's relief it does as Mickie takes her fake cock in one
hand and takes the head of it into her mouth and starts to gently but firmly
suck on it just like she did Candice's breasts earlier.

Candice smiles as she watches Mickie continue to suck her fake cock, her
slave slowly getting into it more with each passing second as evidenced by
Mickie going lower on the cock with every bob of her head until she has over
half of the large dick in her mouth.

For their first time together Candice would have been happily satisfied with
that but Mickie seems determined to do more, lowering her lips until she
feels the shaft not only hitting the back of her throat but beginning to
slide down it.

Mickie has never deep throated such a big cock before, because she hasn't
even seen such a big cock before, but she feels oddly compelled to take as
much of it as possible, if nothing else than to prepare it for were she has
no doubt it will go next.

So even though it makes her gag Mickie forces herself lower on the cock, the
giant head of the thing slowly making its way down her windpipe as she
continues to move her head up and down on it until to the amazement of
everyone in the room her lips touch the base, announcing she has managed to
stuff the entire 12 inch strap on down her throat.

After a few minutes Mickie pulls back until only the tip was in her mouth so
she can get some much needed air into her lungs before going all the way back
down, Mickie repeats this process a few times before switching tactics.
Instead of going all the way down every time Mickie starts bobbing her head
downwards for random lengths, sometimes going down all the way, sometimes
only halfway, sometimes a third of the way, and sometimes just down a few
inches, constantly keeping Candice and everyone else guessing how much cock
she will take next.

As Mickie becomes lost in the blow job Candice becomes enthralled with
watching her, unable to believe just what a fantastic cock sucker she has

Candice's cock may be fake but the enjoyment she is getting from watching
Mickie suck her cock is very real as the skilled wrestler happily submits to
this act of pleasing her new mistress.

It is such an amazing thrill for Candice to have one of the best female
wrestlers in the WWE on her knees and worshipping her strap on cock. It makes
her feel amazingly powerful and sexy.

Mickie looks sexy too, and beautiful where she is, and as Candice's amazement
of Mickie's deep throating skills turns to pure lust Candice feels compelled
to encourage her new obedient little slave.

"That's it Mickie, suck that cock." Candice says, encouraging her slave who
looks up at her and see's her smiling down at her, "That's it, you're doing
great. Keep sucking my cock Mickie, suck my cock just like that. I can't
believe how much you're taking. I can't believe how much cock you're taking
down your throat. You're so good at this, and you look so sexy doing it. Sexy
and beautiful. My sexy and beautiful little cock sucking slave!"

Torrie watches as Mickie sucks Candice's cock unable to believe how quickly
Mickie is taking to her new role as Candice's slave.

After a few minutes of watching Candice get her fake cock sucked by Mickie
Torrie turns her attention to Trish and Ashley who seem transfixed by the
sight of their best friend sucking Candice's strap on dildo.

As Torrie continues to watch them she can't help but wonder which one of them
will be next to submit and weather it will be Victoria or herself who get's
the pleasure of having one of them show their submission the same way that
Mickie is now showing her submission to Candice.

Torrie then turns her attention over to her good friend Victoria who is
watching the blow job with evident interest and as Torrie watches the former
multi-time woman's champion she can't help but wonder weather if she goes
next will she choose the person that she wants as a slave or the other
potential slave?

Victoria feels a set of eyes on her and turns to see Torrie watching her.

"What's wrong?" Victoria whispers just loud enough for the two of them to

Torrie shakes her head.

"Nothing just thinking." Torrie says not wanting Victoria to know what she is
thinking about.

"Thinking about what?" Victoria once again whispers.

Torrie decides to tell Victoria what she is thinking about.

"I'm just wondering which of the two sluts that are left your going to pick
when it is your turn." Torrie says wondering what Victoria's answer is going
to be and weather or not she will tell her which one of the two she is going
to choose.

Victoria turns her attention to Trish who is now looking down at her
evidently she heard what Torrie had just said and from the look on her face
she is also curious to see weather she is going to be Victoria's choice or
not. Victoria slowly looks over at Ashley who's focus is souly on what is
happening between Candice and Mickie.

Victoria slowly turns her attention back to Torrie and smiles.

"You'll have to wait and see won't you." Victoria says turning her attention
to Trish, "Both of you will."

This causes Torrie to turn and look up at Trish who looks down at Torrie and
then quickly returns her attention to Mickie and Candice as does Torrie and

"Ok Mickie I think that's wet enough." Candice says as she removes her fake
cock from Mickie's mouth and smiles as she see's the dildo now coated from
head to base in her slave's saliva.

Mickie looks at the fake cock which is now covered in her saliva which causes
her to smile due to that telling her she did a good job as she turns her
attention to Candice.

"Lay down on your back again Mickie." Candice says looking at her slave who
does as she is told without question.

Once she is laying on her back Mickie looks down and see's Candice stroking
the fake cock which actually turns Mickie on more than the fact that she
knows or is sure she knows what is about to happen

"Are you ready for me to fuck your pussy Mickie?" Candice asks.

Mickie swallows hard unable to believe what has happened to her thus far
tonight as well as what is about to happen to her however she nods her head
in response to Candice's question.

"What?" Candice asks evidently wanting Mickie to verbally answer her.

"Yes Mistress Candy... I'm ready for you to fuck my pussy." Mickie says
unable to believe how easy her calling Candice Mistress Candy has become as

Candice nods her head to show Mickie that that was the right answer and with
that she positions the strap on so that the tip is aiming at the entrance to
Mickie's cunt and then pushes her fake cock into Mickie's pussy, causing
Mickie to moan through gritted teeth as the head of the shaft enters her. For
some reason Mickie is evidently trying to stop her moans from being too loud.

Maybe she doesn't want to admit how much she is enjoying being my slave
Candice thinks to herself. Looks like we'll have to make her. And with that
Candice starts to slide the dildo into her slave.

Although she is sure Mickie is not a virgin Candice can't believe how tight
Mickie's pussy is. Either she hasn't seen a lot of action or the guys she's
been with have been weenies in size compared to her fake cock. Whatever the
reason for Mickie's tightness Candice likes it because it gives her a thrill
knowing that although this isn't Mickie's first time it is their first time
together and during this first time she is stretching Mickie out more than
anyone else before.

With each inch that Candice slides inside of her Mickie can feel herself
getting closer and closer to orgasm and yet when she feels the base of
Candice's fake cock up against her pussy much to Mickie's surprise she
doesn't come having been sure she would even though she is surprised she has
managed to get the whole thing inside of her due to it defiantly feeling a
lot bigger than any of her previous boyfriends which actually turns her on in
a weird way knowing that Candice is bigger than her ex-boyfriends.

Mickie looks down and see's her body is now almost joined with Candice's, the
12 inch fake cock now completely inside her. She turns her attention from
their almost joined bodies up at Candice who looks down at Mickie and slowly
starts to remove the dildo from her and once it is all the way out she again
slowly and gently pushes it back in.

Much to Mickie's surprise again Candice quickly finds a rhythm, slowly
fucking her as the two stare into one and other's eyes.

As she stares into Candice's eyes Mickie thinks about everything that has
happened since she verbally submitted to Candice earlier and realises that
nothing that has happened to her has happened the way she expected it too.

She was sure Candice would be mean and rough and violent, making her pay for
all the nasty things she had done to her even though as Mickie thinks about
it she realises she and Candice hardly know one and other same goes for her
and Victoria and Torrie for that matter. The only reason she has been feuding
with 'Vince's Devil's' is because of her relationship/friendship with Trish
and Ashley.

Despite this Mickie is sure that if she had surrendered to either Torrie or
Victoria they wouldn't have been as nice or as gentle as Candice has been to
her due to what they said earlier when Candice was spanking her.

As she thinks about it more Mickie realises that everything Candice has done
to her has been nice and gentle, almost loving in a weird way, and as she
thinks about this Mickie can't help but wonder what it would be like to
really be Candice's slave permanently.

Mickie can imagine it being exacterly like this although she doubts Candice
would ever hurt her or be rough or violent with her unless like Candice said
she did something wrong. Maybe then Candice would get a bit rougher with her,
and as Mickie thinks about this she can't help but get a little turned on at
the thought of Candice being rough with her, which makes her start to want to
really submit to Candice properly not just verbally but totally in every way

"If you want me to go faster Mickie..." Candice says bringing Mickie out of
her thoughts and back to the present as she blinks and see's that Candice has
stopped fucking her with the fake cock and is now looking down at her.

"You have to tell me." Candice says having a gut feeling that Mickie had
slipped into her own little world due to the slightly glazed over look in her

Mickie looks at Candice knowing what she means by what she has just said and
yet feeling a tad nervous and yet excited wanting to tell Candice to go

"Fuck me Mistress Candy." Mickie says, "Please fuck me faster."

Candice smiles knowing that she hasn't gotten Mickie's full submission, at
least not yet, but she is getting closer to it and that along with what she
is doing to her soon to be total slave turns her on.

Slowly Candice removes the strap on from Mickie's pussy until only the head
is inside of her. After a few seconds of making Mickie wait Candice slams the
dildo back inside her hard but not so hard that it hurts her.

Mickie cries out in pleasure now knowing for sure that she has the full fake
cock inside of her and loving it as Candice starts to fuck her with it making
her grab the rug either side of her having never been fucked like this

Seeing Mickie grab the rug either side of her causes Candice to press on
faster and go deeper while maintaining the force of her thrusts.

Candice didn't have as much experience as Victoria, or even Torrie, when it
came to using strap on dildos, but ever since she had first started using
them a little over six months ago she had worked tirelessly to improve her
skills, and from the blissful look in Mickie's face and the cries of pleasure
falling from her mouth Candice's skills are evidently more than good enough.

The cries of pleasure from Mickie's mouth are also enough to encourage
Candice to really show off those skills she had practiced so hard to learn,
Candice slamming into her slave with increasing speed and intensity, Candice
pounding Mickie's pussy harder in her attempt to encourage Mickie to totally

"I want more." Candice suddenly hears Mickie say, causing her to look into
her eyes as Mickie looks back at her, "Please Mistress Candy give me more."

Candice smiles a rather wicked smile at Mickie deciding that she isn't going
to wait for Mickie to totally submit to her willingly she is going to make
Mickie totally submit to her and so with this in mind she removes the dildo
from Mickie's pussy and looks at Mickie doing her best to once again look as
serious as possible.

"If you want more Mickie turn over and get on all fours." Candice says in a
tone that lets Mickie know she isn't asking.

Mickie looks at Candice shocked by her tone of voice as well as the look on
her face and in her eye having never seen Candice this serious all night and
feeling a tad worried that maybe now Candice is going to do everything Mickie
imagined her doing earlier, however Mickie does as she is told, rolling over
onto her stomach and then getting up onto all fours turning her head around
to look back at Candice.

"Face forward!" Candice snaps causing Mickie to immediately snap her head
back around.

Torrie and Victoria both smile ear to ear smiles knowing exacterly what is
coming while Trish and Ashley both look on worried as to what Candice is
about to do to Mickie due to her entire demeanour having changed in an

"Reach back and pull your butt cheeks apart." Candice says doing her best to
maintain her dominant and controlling voice not used to being like this and
yet feeling the need to be like this if she is going to get Mickie to totally
submit to her.

She watches as Mickie does as she is told reaching back and spreading her ass

Mickie wait's a few minutes after she has spread her ass cheeks apart to see
what Candice does when suddenly she hears a strange noise and feels something
wet on her ass hole and realises Candice has just spat on her butt hole but
instead of being disgusted Mickie finds it a bit of a turn on as she feels
Candice start to rub her finger into the spit or rather rub the spit into her
ass hole evidently trying to get her butt hole ready for her fake cock.

Even though she has been expecting this was coming Mickie is a little worried
by this due to the fact that while she has taken it up the butt before she
has never taken anything so big up her butt as the monster strapped around
Candice's waist. However Mickie is in no position to argue so she just tries
to relax and prepare herself to take a 12 inch dildo up her butt.

After Candice rubs her spit into Mickie's ass hole she spits onto her finger
and presses her finger back to Mickie's butt hole, this time slowly forcing
her way in so she can use her spit covered finger to lube up the inside of
Mickie's ass.

To make extra sure her slave's ass is nice and lubricated Candice takes her
time fingering Mickie's butt, gently twisting her finger around inside her
bitch's bowels as she slides in and out of her slave, Candice then spits on a
second finger so she can shove that up Mickie's butt as well for a little
extra shit shoot stretching.

Once she is happy that Mickie's ass is lubricated enough Candice positions
her fake cock at the entrance to Mickie's butt hole and slowly presses it
against Mickie's ass hole.

Mickie feels the fake cock slowly start to get pressed into her ass hole and
feels it start to stretch her hole like nothing has ever stretched her before
until Mickie is able to feel the head of the cock force its way inside her
bowels, causing her to cry out in pain slightly. Despite the size of the
strap on thanks to Candice's fingering of her ass, and that butt plug which
had been in her rear for hours, the fake cock enters Mickie's back passage
with a surprising lack of pain, the pain still enough to make Mickie cry out
but it's not as painful as she imagined it would be.

The noticeable but dull feeling of pain fluctuates slightly as Candice slowly
but firmly slides more and more of the fake cock up Mickie's butt, Mickie
softly mewing or whimpering with the addition of every bowel stretching inch.
As they reached the halfway point things became more uncomfortable, Mickie's
shit passage being forced to stretch like it has never been forced to stretch
before, Mickie struggling a little to take it but still spreading her butt
cheeks like a good little slave as her mistress slowly stuffs her ass with
strap on dildo.

Just as Mickie starts to think her shit pipe can't possibly stretch any more
she feels Candice's thighs pressing against her spread ass cheeks, announcing
that she has the whole 12 inches up her butt.

Mickie waits, wanting to feel Candice's fake cock do the same thing it did to
her pussy, only this time she wants Candice to do it until she cums, however
Candice doesn't move. Although she wants to look back and see what Candice is
doing Mickie does her best not to do that and simply waits.

"Let go of your butt cheeks Mickie." Candice orders finally.

Mickie wordlessly obeys, her arms dropping loosely by her sides as she
remains in that position, waiting for Candice to start the butt fucking.

The wait seems endless, Candice doing nothing for a long time before she
finally begins moving her hips side to side, and then up and down and then in
a circular motion, Mickie groaning and moaning each time as every movement
causes the dildo to move around inside her bowels.

"You said you wanted more Mickie... I'll give it to you..." Candice says
playfully after a while, continuing to move her dildo around inside Mickie's
ass, "But first there is something I want from you."

"What?" Mickie asks, swallowing hard.

Suddenly Candice stops her movements and becomes deadly serious.

"I want you to surrender to me totally. I want you to tell me that you want
to be my slave forever. I want you to beg to be my slave forever." Candice

Mickie closes her eyes thinking about it. She also thinks about everything
she has gone through tonight and how it has all made her feel.

Candice waits patiently however Mickie doesn't say anything.

"Can't make up your mind?" Candice asks, "Well maybe this will help."

With that Candice takes a firm grip of Mickie's hips and slowly pulls the
strap on out almost all the way before she slams the dildo back inside with
all her might and proceeds to slowly but forcefully fuck Mickie's ass,
waiting to hear Mickie's decision as she continues her slow and steady pace.

Candice had been surprised just how tight Mickie's pussy had been but her ass
hole was even tighter, which didn't surprise Candice as much because if
Mickie hadn't been seeing a lot of action or simply had been fucking mediocre
size guys as she expected earlier then it made sense that Mickie's back door
would be nice and tight, just like her front door.

Neither of those doors were going to stay that way for long, or at least not
as much, as Candice plans on doing some serious pussy and ass stretching,
loosening up her slave to make it easier for her to take the large collection
of dildos Candice plans on using on her.

As of late Candice has been really into dildo fucking and she has assembled a
large collection of toys, all of which are sooner or later going to be
inserted into all of Mickie's holes.

From the moans falling from Mickie's mouth Candice can tell her new slave
certainly wouldn't mind what she has planned for her, but first Mickie has to
submit and truly, willingly become her slave forever. Candice craves to hear
those words of total submission falling from Mickie's mouth, but the wait to
slam fuck this hot piece of ass is becoming unbearable.

With every gentle thrust into Mickie's ass Candice's desire to pound Mickie's
pooper increases, Candice desperately wanting to go faster but refusing to
allow herself until Mickie surrenders to her totally and says what she wants
to hear.

Mickie closes her eyes unable to believe how good Candice's ass fucking
feels. She has never felt anything so wonderful. It is by far the best sex of
Mickie's life, not that it's up against much competition. In fact this is the
best sex of her life from the pussy eating. The ass fucking, that was
something that was nearly out of this world in terms of pleasure. And Mickie
wants more. She desperately wants more. Mickie desperately wants Candice to
go faster, deeper and harder so bad, and yet she knows what she has to do in
order for that, and Mickie still isn't sure weather she can do what Candice
wants her to do.

If she is honest with herself there is nothing more in the world Mickie wants
to do right now than to submit, and not just because of the overwhelming
pleasure she is now receiving which could so easily lead her to an amazing
orgasm if slightly increased, but the fact that in her head she can imagine
life as Candice's slave and it seems... wonderful.

After fighting so long to get to the top of the wrestling world and finally
making it as a RAW diva totally surrendering to another woman seems blissful.
The fact that Candice is an eye candy diva who she could easily beat in the
ring only seems to be more of a turn on for Mickie... but while all this
seems blissful it also seems so humiliating. Totally submitting to someone
like Candice would destroy any lingering amount of dignity and self-respect
Mickie had and turn her into a shell of a woman... a total bitch slave.

And yet... she wants it.

"You want me to fuck your ass harder Mickie?" Candice says, breaking Mickie
from her thoughts, "Then say what I want to hear you say and I will fuck your
ass harder. I'll go as hard and as fast and as deep as you want me to Mickie.
By the time I'm done with your ass you'll feel as though you where an anal
virgin before I got a hold of you. Not just tonight but every time I fuck you
up the ass."

After hearing Candice say this something inside of Mickie snaps as she looks
back at Candice who looks at her.

"I surrender to you totally Mistress Candy. I want to be your slave forever.
Please let me be your slave forever Mistress Candy." Mickie says in pure
submission, totally submitting to her new mistress.

Candice smiles the biggest smile of the night.

"Consider yourself exacterly that Mickie." Candice says.

With that Candice pulls the dildo almost completely out of Mickie's ass hole
and then slams it back in, this time using every ounce of strength she
possesses to bury every single inch inside her now totally subservient
slave's bowels. Candice continues to do this, going harder and faster and
deeper with each stroke, hearing Mickie moan as she does so, moan like the
slave she is, moan like the slave Candice has turned her into.

Mickie can't help but moan as her Mistress fucks her ass the way she promised
harder, deeper and faster. Even her imagination hadn't done justice to just
how hard, deep and fast this butt fucking is, Mickie's Mistress Candy making
all those stupid boys she had been with look like complete amateurs with this
skilled ass pounding.

Her new mistress was so right, she feels like she was a total anal virgin
before her Mistress Candy got her hands on her and showed her what ass
fucking is really all about. In fact as far as Mickie is now concerned she
was a total anal virgin before her Mistress Candy got her hands on her,
because those previous butt fuckings were nothing compared to this. They
weren't even butt fuckings, they were butt stretchings, loosening Mickie's
butt up so when her Mistress Candy claimed Mickie as hers Mickie would be
able to take the real butt fuckings her Mistress Candy could give her.

In the back of her mind Mickie knows that Victoria and Torrie as well as
Trish and Ashley are watching her get brutally fucked up the butt by Candice,
and she knows she should be ashamed of that, but she doesn't care. Actually,
the fact that people are watching turns her on even more.

Turning her head round to look at her friends Mickie sees Trish and Ashley
staring at her with looks of disgust on their faces. Well, Trish had a
disgusted look on her face, Ashley had more of a look of amazement, but
Mickie still didn't care what they thought as she was no longer ashamed of
being dominated by her Mistress Candy and being her slave.

Again turning her head Mickie sees Victoria and Torrie cheering her Mistress
Candy, their words faint and distant in Mickie's heightened state of arousal,
but those words she couldn't make out encourages her Mistress Candy to pound
her ass even harder, deeper and faster so Mickie welcomes them.

Suddenly Mickie has a thought. These women are witness to her submission to
her Mistress Candy. They know of her complete and total devotion to her, and
that makes Mickie happy. She wants them to know of her submission. She wants
the whole world to know. Mickie wants her Mistress Candy to bend her over in
the middle of the ring during RAW and fuck her up the ass just like this,
showing the whole world Mickie James is now the happy little slave of Candice
Michelle and will do anything she wants.

The thought of this sends Mickie's horniness into overdrive and despite how
great her mistress is fucking her tight ass hole it isn't enough for Mickie
in that moment so she lifts herself up from her face down position so she's
on her hands and knees before she starts thrusting herself backwards,
impaling her horny ass on her mistress's fake cock wanting to get all the
pleasure she can as well as show her mistress what a good slave she can and
is going to be for her.

As Candice continues to pound into Mickie's backside she smiles as she see's
Mickie start to respond by forcing herself back on her fake cock. There's
something Candice finds so endearing about her slave's total anal lust,
probably something to do with the fact that it is a lust they share, making
Mickie even more the perfect slave in Candice's mind.

Mickie's round little bubble butt is perfect in Candice's opinion. Those soft
butt cheeks feel so good against her thighs, and they make such a wonderfully
loud smacking sound with every thrust, and yet at the same time they're not
too flabby or anything, just round and soft. And that ass hole, so
wonderfully tight and a joy to stretch out.

From this one butt fucking Candice can tell she will be finding any excuse to
bend Mickie over. In fact she won't even bother with excuses. From now on
when ever she's in the mood to pound some ass all Candice is going to do is
snap her fingers and Mickie is going to bend over and spread her butt cheeks
like a good little slave. Candice will make sure of that, not that she thinks
training Mickie to do so is going to be any problem considering the way she's
responding to the anal fucking.

Candice absolutely loves the moans and cries coming from Mickie as well as
how she is responding to the ass fucking she is giving her. Candice's friends
and fellow Devils, not so much.

Faintly Candice can hear both Victoria and Torrie tell her to punish Mickie
for starting to fuck herself on her cock without permission.

Candice certainly doesn't think Mickie deserves to be punished, but is not in
the mood to argue with her fellow Devils and knows they won't shut up until
she punishes Mickie so Candice starts smacking Mickie's ass as she fucks it,
causing Victoria and Torrie to cheer in approval. Luckily it doesn't seem to
matter when the 'punishment' remains playful, perhaps because Candice makes a
great show of it, posing happily to her friends as she spanks and fucks her
new slave's ass.

Even though she was in no mood to spank her slave Candice finds herself
really getting into it, the light, playful spanking adding to her
overwhelming feeling of total dominance.

Candice knows she isn't all that in the ring and Mickie could easily kick her
ass... but Mickie wasn't kicking her ass right now, she was too busy taking
Candice's 12 inch strap on dildo up her ass.

Turning this skilled female wrestler clearly above her in the diva pecking
order into her little slave who loves taking it up the ass is an incredible
thrill for Candice which is easily going to make her cum soon, but Candice is
determined to make her new slave cum first to put the explanation point on
Mickie's submission to her.

Luckily Candice didn't going to have to wait long.

As the ass fucking continues the pleasure becomes almost too much for Mickie
as she feels herself on the very edge of what she is sure will be the most
powerful orgasm of her life, at least that is the way it feels, and she has
an idea just how to send herself and her new mistress over the edge.

"Fuck me Mistress Candy!" Mickie says looking back at Candice with a smile on
her face, "Fuck me harder deeper faster!"

Mickie moans as she continues to shamelessly now throw herself back against
her mistress's thrusts repeating the words harder deeper faster.

Candice just smiles knowing that no matter how good Trish and Ashley are
going to be when they get broken by either Torrie or Victoria she knows she
made the right choice in picking Mickie to be her slave as she does her best
to give her what she wants fucking her harder, deeper and faster.

"Oh my god Mistress Candy!" Mickie suddenly says, "I'm going to... oh my god
I'm going to cum!"

And with that Mickie screams hysterically and Candice watches as Mickie's
body starts to shake and shiver. Seeing this and feeling Mickie's orgasm take
a hold of her is too much for Candice to bear as she too screams almost as
loud as Mickie and explodes along with her slave.

Despite both of them now being in the throws of the most powerful orgasm of
the night, if not of their lives, neither Mickie nor Candice miss a beat and
continue to fuck, Candice impaling her clit on the little nub inside the
strap on while Mickie is impaling her pooper on the huge fake cock, both
women looking like they're working together to destroy Mickie's ass hole when
in reality they are both savouring a mind blowing orgasm, which eventually
leads to another, and another and another. The two women are absolutely
relentless until exhaustion forces them to both slowly stop fucking until the
dildo is just all the way inside of Mickie's ass and both Mickie and Candice
are doing their best to get their breath back.

Torrie and Victoria applaud Candice as she get's enough strength to slowly
pull her fake cock out of her slave's ass hole. Once she has pulled it out
with a little popping sound Candice slowly starts to undo the straps. After
she takes it off Candice lazily sucks the toy clean, loving the taste of her
new slave's ass hole on the cock.

Candice smiles widely around the cock in her mouth as she looks down to see
Mickie still obediently on her hands and knees. Her smile widens as she
focuses on Mickie's ass hole gaping obscenely, that little hole which had
seemed so tight now totally stretched out and properly broken in... just like
Mickie herself.

Once she has gotten every little bit of Mickie's ass juice Candice puts the
dildo down underneath the chair and into the goodie bag before turning and
looking at Torrie and Victoria.

"Congratulations Candice." Victoria says once she and Torrie have stopped
clapping, "Looks like you just got yourself a slave for life."

Candice turns her attention to Mickie who is now facing her on her hands and
knee's looking at her with an ear to ear smile.

Candice smiles back at her having a feeling that her and Mickie are going to
get along great from now on.

"Do you think your slave can cook?" Torrie asks causing Candice to turn and
look at Torrie, "I don't know about you but watching all that made me hungry
and horny."

Candice turns her attention to Victoria who smiles.

"Well Candice can your slave cook?" Victoria asks.

Candice looks at Victoria with a smirk and slowly turns her attention to
Mickie who is still on her hands and knee's looking at her like an obedient
little puppy looks at it's master waiting for it to give it an instruction.

"Well slave can you cook?" Candice asks deciding that from now on she should
refer to Mickie as slave just to make sure she knows her place.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says with a nod of her head.

"Great." Torrie says, "Then let's head upstairs and get something to eat."

"Hold on a minute Torrie. I have one last thing Candice's slave can do before
we go upstairs." Victoria says walking over to Candice and whispering in her

As Candice hears Victoria's suggestion she can't help but smile as once
Victoria has finished telling her her idea she turns and looks at Mickie.

"Your willing to do anything I tell you, right slave?" Candice asks already
knowing the answer but wanting to hear it anyway.

"Yes Mistress Candy anything you tell me." Mickie says without a seconds

"In that case I want you to go over to Trish and Ashley and turn their butt
plugs and vibrators back up to full power." Candice tells her.

Mickie only thinks about this for a split second before she stands up and
walks over to Ashley first and turns her butt plug and vibrator back to full
power, causing Ashley to shiver at the sudden increase of speed. She then
walks over to Trish not bothering to look her former role model in the eye as
she simply reaches up and turns her vibrator up to full power first and then
walks around and does the same thing to her butt plug before walking back
over and standing a short distance in front of Candice.

"Good girl." Candice says causing Mickie to smile, "Now come up stairs with

With that Candice turns and heads towards the stairs along with Torrie and
Victoria and with Mickie following close behind them. None of them look back
to see Ashley and Trish who are all watching in shock, horror and disbelief
as Mickie follows Candice and the others upstairs, leaving them alone in the

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