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Vince's Devils' Slaves Part 2
by MTL (

Once the three Devils and their new slave have left the room Trish looks over
at Ashley who looks back at her.

Although she doesn't want to believe it Trish can tell that Ashley has
already given up due to the look in her eyes.

Ashley see's the look of shock and disbelief in Trish's eyes. Evidently she
can tell that she has given up. The fact that her best friend can see it
causes Ashley to look away out of shame. She doesn't want to admit that she
has given up but taking into consideration the fact that they have spent God
knows how long hanging around being forced to have orgasm after orgasm and
then having to watch as their friend Mickie get turned into Candice
Michelle's bitch or slave or whatever you want to call her, basically being
forced to watch somebody as strong as Mickie which Ashley won't deny Mickie
is, or was, despite her personal reservations about how close Mickie and
Trish where getting, she can't deny Mickie was a strong willed woman, to see
her go from being that strong willed woman to kneeling and doing what
somebody like Candice Michelle tells her to do is incredibly spirit crushing.
So spirit crushing in fact that Ashley can't help but wonder how Trish hasn't
already broken as well.

Trish watches Ashley turn her head and slowly Trish turns her focus from
Ashley to the stairs leading up to where the three Devils and her former best
friend now their slave Mickie is. As Trish thinks about what she has just
seen Candice do to Mickie as well as the thought of being either Victoria's
or Torrie's slave Trish does her best to convince herself that she will not
break like Mickie did and Ashley apparently has. She reminds herself of who
she is mentally telling herself that she is Trish Stratus a multi-time
Woman's champion 3 time Diva Of The Year as well as Diva Of The Decade and
she is not going to go from being all those things to simply being either
Victoria or Torrie Wilson's slave.

* * *

Ashley and Trish both hear the door at the top of the stairs open and hear
and then see four sets of feet walk down the stairs. Leading the way is
Victoria followed by Torrie followed by Candice with Mickie by her side. As
soon as she reaches the bottom of the stairs Mickie get's down onto all fours
and walks along side Candice like a dog.

Trish turns her head in disgust at seeing her friend act the way she is

Ashley simply watches swallowing hard due to her knowing sooner or later her
fate is going to be the same as Mickie's, crawling around on all fours like a
dog for either Victoria or Torrie's pleasure and the worst part about that is
that she will enjoy it due to them having broken her just like they have
Mickie. Ashley hangs her head doing her best to try and convince herself that
she will not submit to either Torrie or Victoria no matter what they do to
her however it doesn't work.

Vince's Devils as they have called themselves stop near to the chair in which
Candice spanked Mickie and then had her pleasure her.

Torrie and Victoria both look at Trish and Ashley who are both looking at the

Victoria smiles as she turns her attention over to Candice who simply nods
her head to show Victoria that she knows what she wants her to do.

"Slave." Candice says looking down at Mickie who is right next to her on her
hands and knee's.

Mickie looks up at hearing her Mistress Candy call her by her new name.

"I want you to go over and turn Trish and Ashley's butt plugs and vibrators
down to low. Understood?" Candice asks doing her best to sound authoritive.
Although she is sure she doesn't need to due to the look on Mickie's face and
in her eyes, however she doesn't want to appear weak in front of Torrie or

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says with a nod of her head as she says it.

Candice nods her head back and then points in the direction of Trish and
Ashley telling Mickie to go and do her task without saying a word.

Mickie immediately does as she is told, she crawling over to Trish first only
realising that she is still on her hands and knee's when she reaches the
Canadian Bombshell she turns and looks back at Candice.

Candice does her best not to smile knowing what Mickie wants or rather is
asking her without Mickie having to say a word.

"You can stand up." Candice says loving the fact that she is able to order
Mickie around and that Mickie is actually doing what she tells her.

Mickie stands up, turning her attention back to Trish, or rather turning her
attention to the vibrator which is inside Trish's soaking wet pussy. Mickie
obediently does as she is told turning the vibrator down to the lowest
setting. After that she goes around to Trish's backside and turns the butt
plug down to the lowest setting. As she does this Mickie can't help but
remember how before tonight she would have given anything to be this close to
her former role model or idol's private parts however now she is no longer
interested in Trish's private parts nor does she consider Trish her role
model or idol anymore. Now the only person Mickie considers to be role model
or idol material is her Mistress Candy.

With her mistress in mind Mickie quickly goes over to Ashley and does the
same thing, first turning the vibrator in her equally wet, if not wetter,
pussy down to the lowest setting and then doing the same thing to the butt
plug in her ass.

Once she has finished her task Mickie turns her attention back to Candice.

"Good girl." Candice says smiling at Mickie, "Now come back over here."

Mickie starts to walk back over towards Candice.

"Ah-ah-ah." Candice says putting her hand up in a stopping motion.

Mickie stops wondering what she has done wrong and suddenly realises.

"Hands and knees." Candice says confirming Mickie's gut feeling.

Immediately Mickie get's back down on her hands and knees.

"Good girl now come over here." Candice says able to see the looks Victoria
and Torrie are giving one and other out of the corner of her eye.

Mickie crawls back over to Candice with her head down until she reaches
Candice's feet.

"I think your slave might need another spanking." Torrie says looking at
Mickie and then turning her attention to Candice.

Candice looks back at Torrie.

"No, she knows she's done wrong." Candice tells her blonde haired friend
while looking down at Mickie, "If she does it again then I will spank her."

Mickie although wanting to look up at her mistress keeps her head down and
does her best to hide the smile that is wanting to break free at the thought
of getting spanked by her mistress.

"Who's turn is it?" Candice then asks turning the focus from Mickie to one of
the other two.

Victoria looks over at Candice and then looks at Torrie.

"If you don't mind Torrie I'd like to go next." Victoria says with a smile.

Torrie is tempted to argue with her due to the fact she knows who Victoria is
going to pick as her slave and wants that particular slave for herself
however she does her best to resist the urge to argue with her due to the
fact she knows in the ring or out of the ring she is no match for the former
Woman's champion.

"Alright Vickie." Torrie says swallowing hard.

Victoria's smile widens as she turns her attention back to Trish and Ashley,
already knowing which of the two she wants as her own personal slave. However
she is sure Candice and Torrie also know which of the two girls she is going
after and so she decides to play a little game with them just to see if she
is right in her belief as far as who her two friends think she wants.

So after a few minutes of simply looking between Trish and Ashley pretending
to try and figure out which of the two blondes she wants Victoria slowly
walks up to Trish who is still looking down at the floor.

"Look at me Trish." Victoria says.

Trish ignores Victoria's request refusing to submit to her long time rival.

"I said look at me!" Victoria snaps as she pushes the vibrator further in,
causing Trish to moan around the ball gag and lift her head and look at
Victoria with burning hatred and anger in her eyes.

Victoria simply smiles feeling the exact same way about Trish that Trish does
about her.

"I know you would love for me to make you my slave, but you know what... I'm
not going to do that because you're not good enough or should I say you're
not worthy enough to be my slave." Victoria says, knowing how much what she
is saying must be pissing Trish off.

Trish just looks at Victoria wishing the ball gag wasn't in her mouth so she
could spit into the arrogant brunette's face.

"I'll let Torrie have the pleasure of breaking you and making you her slave."
Victoria finishes off by saying as she turns and walks over to Ashley.

Trish watches Victoria go. Deep down there is a part of her that wishes her
long time rival had picked her only so that she could show her just how
'unworthy' or rather worthy she really is and how much better of a slave she
would be compared to Ashley.

In an attempt to clear these thoughts from her mind Trish's focus turns from
Victoria over to Torrie who is looking right at her with an ear to ear smile
evidently this was the result Torrie had hoped for.

As Trish thinks about and imagines being Torrie Wilson's slave she can't help
but want to be sick due to the fact that the Boise Idaho native isn't in her
league which means she would be a slave to somebody who is below her this
thought makes Trish even more determined not to submit now that she knows
what the alternative is.

Victoria reaches Ashley and stands in front of the blonde.

Ashley looks down at Victoria knowing what is coming.

"Now listen to me very carefully bitch." Victoria says intent on making sure
her slave knows her place right from the start, "I'm going to remove your
ball gag from your mouth. After I have done that if you are willing to be my
slave I want you to say I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Victoria.
If you refuse... well I am sure I don't need to tell you what the alternative

Ashley swallows hard knowing she has a choice to make and she has to make it
quick as she see's Victoria reach up for the ball gag.

Victoria takes a hold of the ball gag and pulls it out of Ashley's mouth and
waits for Ashley to say the words she wants to hear.

Ashley thinks quickly about her options knowing that she doesn't really have
any options due to the fact she knows she can't go through another round of
being hung up where she is with the vibrator and butt plug on full power
closing her eyes and swallowing hard Ashley opens her mouth.

"I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Victoria." Ashley says.

"Open your eyes." Victoria snaps.

Ashley is tempted to resist however despite the desire to resist she slowly
opens her eyes and looks into Victoria's.

"Now say it again and this time keep your eyes open so I can see weather your
serious or not." Victoria tells her.

Ashley gives Trish a brief glance mainly to remind her of what the
alternative is after looking over at Trish who is looking back at her the
look in her eyes is a mix of knowing what she is about to do while at the
same time she looks as though she is trying to convince her not to give up
however it is too late Ashley knows when she is beaten and so she slowly
turns her attention back to the woman standing in front of her.

"I submit." Ashley says again this time keeping her eyes locked with
Victoria's, "And I will be your slave Mistress Victoria."

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile.

"Mickie." Victoria says looking up at Ashley, "Come over here and remove my
new slave's nipples clamps."

after a few moments of waiting Victoria turns around and see's Mickie still
kneeling next to Candice who is looking at Victoria rather pissed off.

"Mickie is my slave. I tell her what to do." Candice says looking at

Victoria looks at Candice rather surprised by what she has just said however
she slowly smiles.

"Your right Candice I am sorry." Victoria says, "Would you mind asking your
slave to do what I have just said?"

Candice looks down at Mickie who looks up at her and Candice tells Mickie to
do what Victoria wanted her to do which Mickie does without question or

While Mickie is taking the nipple clamps off of Ashley's breasts Victoria
walks over and sits down on the chair which Candice used earlier.

"Now tell her to remove the toys from my slave's ass and pussy." Victoria
says watching Mickie while talking to Candice, in her own way showing Candice
that although Mickie is her's this would be a lot easier if Mickie had simply
done as she wanted in the first place instead of Victoria having to go
through Candice in order to get what she wants done.

Candice however immediately realises this.

"Slave." Candice says causing Mickie to turn her head and look over at her,
"From now on you will also take orders from both Mistress Victoria and
Mistress Torrie. Understood?"

Candice does not like being proven wrong which is exacterly what Victoria has
done. Victoria has proven that Candice's idea was the wrong idea and the
wrong way to go about things.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says with another nod of her head.

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile loving it when she get's her own way.

"Remove the toys from my slave's ass and pussy then untie her and then return
to your Mistress's side." Victoria says to Mickie who nods her head.

"Yes Mistress Victoria." Mickie says making Victoria smile even more due to
her looking forward to hearing those three words soon come out of the mouth
of her new slave.

Mickie obediently removes the toys from Ashley's front and back holes and
then once they are removed she unties Ashley.

Ashley once released falls to the floor due to how much strength she lost due
to the orgasms the vibrator and butt plug made her have.

Mickie unemotionally returns to her mistress's side and watches as Ashley
slowly get's on to her knee's and looks up and over at Victoria.

Victoria's smile slowly fades as she looks back at Ashley on her hands and

"Now then slave." Victoria says, "I want you to prove your submission to me
by crawling over here on your hands and knee's and bending over my knee so
that I can give you a spanking."

Ashley looks at Victoria and slowly get's onto all fours and makes her way
over to her new mistress knowing that there is no going back now. Once Ashley
reaches Victoria she climbs up and lays herself down across Victoria's lap on
her stomach and awaits her first ever spanking.

Victoria to begin with runs her hand all over Ashley's ass loving the feel of
it underneath her hand.

Just as Ashley is starting to enjoy the feel of Victoria's hand on her butt
she suddenly cries out as she feels her new mistress's hand come down hard on
her backside.

Victoria smiles as she hears her new slave moan in pain and continues to
smack her slave's ass with her hand again and again, loving the sounds that
Ashley is making with each connection of her hand to her ass.

Comparing the spanking Ashley is now receiving to having the vibrator and
butt plug on full power is like night and day so much so she now is starting
to wish she had refused to submit to Victoria and stayed up with the vibrator
and butt plug in her on full power.

Despite all the screaming she is doing Ashley knows she is helpless. Trish
can't help her because she is tied up and Mickie only does what Candice or
Victoria or Torrie tell her to do and nobody else knows she is there which
means nobody is going to come and save her. All of these facts causes Ashley
to stop screaming and simply lay across Victoria's lap and take her spanking.

Victoria smiles as she notices Ashley has stopped screaming the latest winner
of the annual WWE Diva Search is now only moaning and groaning in response to
her spanking.

All of a sudden Victoria finds a new reason to give Ashley a spanking and the
reason she is giving Ashley the spanking now is due to her winning the 2005
Diva Search competition. Not only did Ashley manage to win herself a WWE
contract, something it took Victoria a long time to EARN, but also Ashley won
$250,000 along with the WWE contract.

"So little Miss Diva Search winner." Victoria snaps with real venom in her
voice as she starts to get a little rougher, "Just because you won some silly
little competition you think you're better than the rest of us who have had
to bust our asses to get into the WWE do you?"

Ashley doesn't say anything partly due to the fact she is surprised by this
turn of events due to her having thought that despite some of the divas
resenting her when she first joined the company that that was all water under
the bridge now and that she had or was slowly starting to earn their respect.

"Answer me!" Victoria snaps hitting Ashley's ass extra hard causing Ashley to
cry out.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Ashley almost automatically says.

"Do you think you're just as good as the rest of us just because you won a
competition?" Victoria snaps.

"No Mistress." Ashley says knowing that that is what Victoria wants to hear.

"Oh I think you do bitch... and yet I also think you knew deep down that you
really aren't as good as me and my friends. I mean as soon as you are in the
company you run to somebody for protection. And who do you run too? Another
bitch who thinks she is better than the rest of us." Victoria says looking up
at Trish who looks down at Victoria both with nothing but pure hatred in
their eyes, "But she will soon learn just like your going to that she isn't
better than us three."

With that Victoria turns her attention back down to Ashley and starts to
roughly beat Ashley's ass not caring which cheek she hits so long as her hand
makes contact with Ashley's ass.

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Ashley's ass turn from
it's normal colour to pink to red and the fact that her ass is changing
colour fuels Victoria to hit Ashley's ass harder until Ashley's ass is
swollen and bruised.

Ashley grits her teeth doing her best not to cry out despite how hard
Victoria is hitting her. Each smack get's harder and harder and after each
crack Ashley can feel the burning that the smack leaves behind. Soon despite
how hard she tries not to cry out the pain and the power behind the hits
forces Ashley to cry out in real pain wishing she knew what would make
Victoria stop and yet knowing that there is nothing she can say that will
make Victoria stop. So Ashley simply lays where she is doing taking the
beating and hoping that it will end soon not just because it hurts but also
because of something much more humiliating.

Feeling as though she has given Ashley enough of a spanking for the time
being Victoria stops and once again runs her hand over Ashley's beaten red
and swollen ass admiring her work as she stops simply running her hand over
Ashley's ass and starts to rub it however she soon stops that and slips her
hand farther down Ashley's ass cheeks and starts to feel her pussy.

Ashley closes her eyes knowing that there is no way to stop or hide what
Victoria has no doubt just found running in between her legs and down her
actual legs and the reason she is wet down there which is just as humiliating
if not more than the fact that Victoria has found her wetness is because
Ashley is starting to get turned on by the spanking.

"What a slut you are." Victoria says with an ear to ear smile on her face,
"You enjoyed that didn't you Ashley?"

Ashley keeps quiet mentally wanting to admit it and yet there is still apart
of her that refuses to submit.

"Yes Mistress Victoria." Ashley says knowing that if she doesn't answer her
Victoria will no doubt make her pay for it.

"Do you want more?" Victoria then asks her.

Ashley is tempted to say no due to her not being sure her ass could take
another pounding and yet deep down there is a small part of her that wants
Victoria to keep spanking her just as hard as she was before.

"Yes. Please Mistress." Ashley says deciding to give in to her desires.

"Why should I?" Victoria then asks after a brief silence.

"Because I deserve it." Ashley says rather surprised by Victoria's question.

"And why do you deserve it?" Victoria asks with a smirk wondering what reason
Ashley will give her for getting another spanking.

"For thinking that I'm better than you Mistress." Ashley says deciding to use
what Victoria said against her.

Victoria smiles.

"So you admit it then? You did think you where better than me and Torrie and
Candice?" Victoria asks.

"Yes Mistress I did." Ashley says willing to say anything just to have
Victoria beat her ass some more.

"But you realise your not now?" Victoria asks intentionally drawing out the
second ass whooping.

"No Mistress." Ashley says.

"We'll see. At any rate I think you have earned another spanking." Victoria
says as she starts to once again beat Ashley's ass with her bare hand causing
Ashley to writhe and squirm and moan in both pain and pleasure.

Ashley cries out in pain but just as much, if not more so, in pleasure,
wanting more of Victoria's hand on her ass loving the pain she is feeling
because it is in a strange way unlike any pain she has ever felt before.
Every blow causes Ashley pain but also sends jolts of pleasure running
through her body, particularly her ass and pussy.

Victoria continues her ruthless beating of Ashley's already bright red and
swollen ass, loving how vicious she is being, and loving the fact that Ashley
is being able to take it. Victoria doubts either Mickie or Trish would be
able to take this kind of an ass beating, especially Mickie considering how
gentle Candice was being with her. The fact that she has finally found
somebody who can take her vicious ass beatings turns Victoria on more than
the fact that she is turning one of Trish's closest friends into her own
personal bitch. She continues to pound away Victoria watching in delight as
Ashley's butt turns even redder and becomes more swollen looking which just
turns her on and makes her spank Ashley's ass even more viciously, wanting to
see just how red she can make it as well as how swollen.

Finally Victoria stops, having had enough of beating Ashley's ass besides her
hand is starting to hurt because of how vicious she beat her. Once again
Victoria starts to run her hand over Ashley's swollen butt cheeks able to
feel the heat that she has caused and loving it just knowing that she is the
cause of that heat.

Ashley breaths a heavy sigh of relief that Victoria has finally stopped
despite how much she loved the spanking she doubts her ass could have taken
much more. After a few minutes of having Victoria run her hand over her ass
Ashley feels Victoria's fingers find their way back to her pussy again which
is even wetter than the last time Victoria touched it or felt it.

Despite knowing that she should resist Victoria's playing with her body
Ashley can't help but raise her ass to meet Victoria's fingers and hand,
pushing herself upwards trying to impale herself on Victoria's fingers not
caring that not only would it be Victoria giving her the pleasure but that
her doing this is a sign of submission or at the very least something
Victoria could either see as an act of submission or take advantage of.

Victoria see's and feels Ashley lift her ass in response to her moving her
fingers down to her pussy and knows that she has the diva search winner right
where she wants her. Although Victoria is tempted to tease and torture her
new slave her desire to finger fuck Ashley is too much of a temptation to

So she places one of her fingers at the entrance to Ashley's cunt and slowly
slides it in. Ashley responds by thrusting herself back onto Victoria's

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile as she slowly removes her finger from
Ashley's pussy and then pushes it back in along with a second finger, and
then a third, and then a fourth, until she has all of her fingers inside of
Ashley's dripping wet cunt and as soon as she does she immediately starts to
finger fuck Ashley for all she is worth while at the same time using her
thumb to stimulate Ashley's clit.

As Victoria rubs Ashley's clit furiously while pounding the bitch's pussy
with her four fingers the dominating brunette considers trying to stuff her
thumb into Ashley's pussy as well, perhaps even the rest of her hand so she
can fist the little skank. However from the tightness around her fingers
Victoria knows her new slave isn't stretched out enough for such a thing. No
matter, there will be plenty of time to fist the whore when she was done
breaking her in, for now Victoria is more than happy to just enjoy the
feeling of Ashley wriggling around on her lap.

Even though part of her is screaming at herself to stop Ashley can't help but
thrust herself back against those wonderfully invading fingers, Ashley's
horniness overriding any sense of shame she has.

Then again maybe it isn't what Victoria is doing that is turning her on maybe
it is the fact that she has always loved being fingered and almost every male
lover she has ever had has fingered her plenty but none of them can compare
to the skills Victoria is displaying.

It isn't just the roughness of the pace, but Victoria seems to easily slide
her fingers around and twirl them inside her at just the right spots to drive
her crazy while that thumb expertly manipulates her pleasure button.

Within seconds of the start of this skilled fingering Ashley completely
surrenders her body to Victoria, happy to let the other woman do whatever she
wants to her as long as it means she continues to give her this type of
wonderful pleasure.

Seeing the submission in Ashley's body language as Victoria continues to
finger fuck the blonde Candice turns her attention from the show her friend
is putting on to Torrie able to see that Torrie is getting just as turned on
as she is.

"Hey Torrie." Candice whispers so as not to distract Victoria from what she
is doing.

Torrie turns and looks at Candice.

"Would you like to use my slave to help get yourself off?" Candice asks with
an ear to ear smile.

Torrie looks at Candice smiling an ear to ear smile back as she turns her
attention to Candice's slave who is looking back at her with an almost
hopeful looking smile on her face.

"That's nice of you Candice." Torrie whispers back really tempted to take
Candice up on her offer, "However I am going to wait until it's time for my
new pet to get me off."

Torrie then turns and looks up at Trish who looks back at Torrie with almost
the same hatred in her eyes as when she looked at Victoria earlier.

Candice shrugs her shoulders.

"Well if you're not going to use my slave." Candice says, "I sure am."

With that she turns and looks down at Mickie who is now looking at her with
the same hopeful smile she had when she looked at Torrie only now her smile
is even bigger at the thought of getting to please her actual mistress.

"Slave." Candice says pointing in front of her which Mickie immediately
understands and moves until she is kneeling in front of her, "You know what
to do slave. So get to work."

Mickie's smile turns into an ear to ear grin.

"Yes Mistress Candy." Mickie says and with that she positions herself so that
she is looking directly at Candice's pussy and moves as close to it as she
can get before sticking her tongue out and into her mistress's pussy and
starts to eat her mistress out.

At that moment Victoria looks over and see's Candice using her slave Mickie
to pleasure her which causes her to smile however as she continues to watch
her friend getting pleasured by her slave Victoria's smile slowly turns into
a frown due to her having spent long enough on trying to get Ashley to cum
and thus far having no success despite how hard deep and fast she is moving
her fingers in and out of her slave's cunt or how much stimulation she is
giving her clit.

Victoria decides if Ashley doesn't want to cum she won't and pulls her
fingers out of Ashley's pussy and pushes Ashley onto the floor.

Ashley is shocked and surprised by this sudden turn of event due to her
getting so close to cumming she was practically on the very edge of her
orgasm when Victoria removed her fingers.

Ashley looks up at Victoria to see what is wrong.

Victoria looks down at Ashley.

"I gave you more than enough time to cum bitch. An since you didn't or
couldn't I think it's time you made me cum. Lay down on your back." Victoria
says staring a hole right through Ashley.

Ashley feels tempted to tell Victoria how close she was however the look on
her face and the tone of her voice makes Ashley think twice about it and
instead she does as she is told she lays down on her back and stays there
waiting to see what Victoria is going to have her do next.

After a few minutes of waiting Ashley looks down and see's that Victoria
hasn't moved from her spot she is still sat in the chair looking back at her
only now she is smiling why Ashley isn't sure but in a weird way she is glad
she is.

All of a sudden Victoria stands up and makes her way over to Ashley once she
reaches Ashley's feet Victoria takes her top off to reveal that she isn't
wearing a bra underneath it. She then takes off her shorts again to reveal
that she isn't wearing any underwear underneath. Once Victoria is complete
nude just like Mickie, Candice, Trish and Ashley she then puts one foot on
one side of Ashley's leg and the other foot on the other side of Ashley's
other leg and then walks up to where Ashley's head is and stands over her
looking down at her.

Ashley now knowing what is going to happen next and does her best to prepare
for it as she see's Victoria slowly get down onto her knees with her pussy a
short distance away from her face.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Victoria snaps after a minute of waiting.

Ashley swallows hard and slowly sticks her tongue as far out as she can get
it and runs it up and down Victoria's outer pussy lips.

Victoria smiles as she feels Ashley's tongue come into contact with her
pussy. Ashley soon follows her first lick up with a second lick and then a
third and a fourth. Much to Victoria's surprise it doesn't take Ashley long
to get into a rhythm which makes the former WWE Woman's champion think that
maybe this isn't the first pussy Ashley has licked. Weather it is or not
doesn't matter as Victoria comforts herself with the thought that from now on
unless Torrie or Candice want to use her slave Victoria's pussy will be the
only pussy Ashley will be getting from now on.

Ashley focuses on her task at hand having forgotten how good pussy tastes due
to her not having had any for a while, however despite how long it has been
she hasn't forgotten how to eat pussy. Although Ashley wants to take her time
if only to remember and enjoy the taste of pussy again given Victoria's
inpatients for her to cum a few minutes ago she is sure Victoria doesn't want
to wait for an orgasm. So Ashley does her best to put everything she has into
eating Victoria's pussy and is soon rewarded by the taste of Victoria's pussy
juice which starts to pour out of her and into Ashley's mouth.

As soon as Ashley tastes Victoria's pussy juice she changes her tactic going
from lapping at Victoria's cunt to tongue fucking it for all she is worth not
caring if she get's a bit rough due to the fact it is obvious from the way
Victoria was spanked her and finger fucked her Victoria likes it either a
little or a lot rough. While she continues to tongue fuck Victoria's pussy
Ashley also does her best to lick her pussy's lips and clit in between the
tongue fucking willing to do anything to make Victoria cum.

Victoria starts to moan with pleasure as she feels Ashley increase the power
behind her thrusts which causes Victoria to smile evidently she chose the
right bitch to be hers as she feels Ashley wrap her lips tightly around her
pussy evidently trying to stop any of her juices from escaping her mouth.

Closing her eyes Victoria allows herself to enjoy the feeling of having
Ashley's tongue and mouth on and inside of her pussy as Ashley start to
greedily suck her while her tongue touches every part of her that it can.

Victoria's moans and groans slowly get louder as she starts to move her body
back and forth in response to Ashley's actions.

"Ooooohhhhh that's it my slave eat my pussy." Victoria says encouragingly,
"Mmmmmmmmmm yeah that's it... my slave likes eating my pussy doesn't she...
she certainly seems to... my good little slave."

Despite herself hearing Victoria say those words turns Ashley on more and
makes her more determined to make her have an orgasm. Victoria's verbal
encouragement soon turns back into moans and groans but it is enough for
Ashley to do whatever she can to make sure Victoria's pussy get's the best
tongue fucking it's ever had.

The moans and groans coming out of Victoria's mouth are even louder than the
moans and groans which have been falling out of Candice's mouth for quite a
while now, although a big part of that is because Candice is deliberately
trying to stay quiet.

After all this is supposed to be Victoria's moment in the spotlight, and
Candice doesn't want to steal her friend spotlight.

It is difficult not to though because Mickie is doing such a good job of
eating Candice's pussy, the eager little slave is hungrily licking, sucking
and slurping at Candice's cunt in an attempt to get her mistress off.

Making it even better is the fact that Mickie is looking up at Candice with
big puppy dog eyes that tell her she will do anything to please her mistress,
which in turn makes Candice smile, ruffle Mickie's hair and gently push her
slave's face deeper into her cunt.

Torrie watches her two friends getting their pussies eaten, unable to hide
the jealousy on her face.

Candice had generously offered her slave to Torrie but Torrie really wants to
save her energy for... Trish. Now there's an idea.

Trish felt sick to her stomach watching her friends munching carpet like it
is their favourite meal and yet she can't look away, her body once again is
betraying her as she feels another climax beginning to build inside her.

Even with the vibrators on low the fact that her body was on a constant
sexual high causes Trish to be very vulnerable to new climaxes and as a
result just a little more stimulation will send her over the edge which, as
much as it distresses her, includes watching her friends being sexually
abused. She has cum half a dozen times while watching Candice turn Mickie
into her slave and she has already cum twice from watching Ashley get spanked
and fingered, and now with both her friends faces buried in pussy Trish can
feel herself getting ready to cum again.

She is trying to fight it but she just can't, her is body once again racing
towards climax as she watches the lesbian sex in front of her, Trish is so
engrossed with it and her feelings that she doesn't notice Torrie sneaking up
behind her until the other blonde presses her body into her back, reaches
round and squeezes her breasts before playing with her clamped nipples,
causing Trish to moan in a mixture of anger, frustration and pleasure.

"Hey Trish, enjoying the show?" Torrie whispers huskily in Trish's ear before
licking up the side of the other blonde's neck, "Are you? Are you enjoying
watching my friends turn your friends into their slaves? Are you enjoying
watching Victoria sitting on Ashley's face? How about Mickie on her knees
with her face buried in between Candice's legs? You are, I can tell. I can
also tell you're feeling left out, but don't worry Trish, that's going to be
you soon enough. Soon I'm going to have your face buried in my pussy, happily
licking and sucking me to climax. Do you feel that Trish? That's my wet pussy
pressing up against your ass. It's wet because I am thinking about you eating
me till I cum. Hold on a second, let me just pull down my pants... there we
are, you feel that? That's my naked pussy against your naked ass. That's my
bare pussy which I'm now rubbing into your hot ass, mmmmmmmm, that feels so
good, your ass feels so good against my pussy, mmmmmmmm, but not as good as
your mouth and tongue will feel on it, or my tits for that matter. Can you
feel my tits Trish? Can you feel them rubbing against your back? You're going
to be licking and sucking those soon enough bitch, and I'm going to play with
yours too. Mmmmmmmm, you've got such delicious looking big tits, I just know
I'm going to be playing with these for a long time. Your pussy and ass too.
Mmmmmmmm, especially your ass. Especially this hot fucking ass which I love
rubbing my pussy against. Mmmmmmmm, I'm going to love stuffing this ass with
my dildo collection, stretching out your back door until its a gaping mess.
Oh God, I can't wait to bury my strap on inside your ass Trish, I'm going to
ass fuck you so hard, I'm going to ass fuck you so hard you're never going to
be able to sit down again for as long as you fucking live!"

Torrie continues to moan sexual threats into Trish's ear as she began humping
Trish's ass like she is fucking it, grinding her pussy into that soft flesh,
Torrie's eyes firmly shut as she imagines pounding Trish's ass with her strap

Trish whimpers and tries to close her eyes and block out Torrie's threats but
it's no use, no matter how hard she tries Trish can't stop Torrie's words and
actions getting to her or stop herself from watching her two friends
willingly engage in perverted lesbian sex.

As Torrie continues to play with her soon-to-be slave Ashley continues her
assault, her tongue going in and out in and out in and out with each thrust
in she tries to get it to go further than before as well as go faster as
well. As Ashley continues to do her job she realises that Victoria has
changed her bodies movements instead of going back and forth she is going up
and down which again tells Ashley she is doing a good job.

Victoria continues to moan and they get louder and louder as she feels her
orgasm building as she feels Ashley stop tongue fucking her and concentrates
on her clit going from licking it one minute to tongue fucking it the next.
However Ashley soon stops tongue fucking it and focuses souly on just licking
it and she doesn't just lick it one way she alters the way she does it going
from licking it up and down to licking it down and up left to right and right
to left.

"Oh that's it you little muff diving slut! That's it my little muff diving
slut! Eat my pussy just like that you rug munching little whore! Get used to
having your face in my pussy, because you're going to be spending a lot of
time right where you are now! Mmmmmmm, such a good little bitch! Such a good
little cunt lapping bitch!" Victoria moans through gritted teeth, before she
suddenly yells at the top of her voice, "Oh, I'm about to cum bitch! OH FUCK

As she yells Victoria grabs the back of Ashley's head for support as her
orgasm hits her and it is so powerful it actually makes her entire body shake
which makes Victoria smile as she rides the waves of pleasure due to none of
her previous conquest having managed to make her have such a powerful orgasm
or have a orgasm powerful enough it makes her shake which to her is just
another sign that she picked the right bitch to be her slave.

Ashley meanwhile is busy trying to get as much of Victoria's cum in her mouth
as possible, not wanting to miss any of the new delicious juice which is
gushing out of Victoria's cunt and into her mouth. The greedy blonde
continues to gobble up as much of Victoria's cream as she can while Victoria
continues to ride the waves of her orgasm. Once Victoria is finished cumming
Ashley focuses on cleaning Victoria's pussy completely of any and all
remaining cum until she can't find any and so she simply lays there and waits
for Victoria to make the next move.

After she has come down from her orgasm and Ashley has finished cleaning her
pussy of any and all remaining juice and she has gotten her body back under
control Victoria slowly stands up and walks over to the chair. Kneeling down
and taking the goody bag out from underneath it she reaches in and pulls out
one of the two remaining strap on dildos. Once she has the strap on of her
choice in her hand Victoria puts the goody bag back under the chair and turns
around to face Ashley who is still laying on her back looking down at her.

"Get up onto your hands and knees." Victoria snaps at her.

Ashley slowly rolls over onto her hands and knees.

"Now come over here." Victoria snaps again loving how Ashley is doing
everything she is told without question or argument.

Ashley crawls on all fours over to Victoria and stops right in front of her.

"Good. Now strap this on me." Victoria says offering Ashley the strap on.

Ashley slowly takes the strap on and positions it on the floor so that
Victoria can step into it which she does and then pulls it up and straps it
up around Victoria's midsection.

"Now." Victoria says watching Ashley like a hawk, "I want you to suck on this
and get it nice and wet for me."

Ashley slowly parts her lips and takes the head of Victoria's dildo into her
mouth and starts to gently suck on it as she takes a hold of the base with
one of her hands and closes her eyes.

"Eyes open." Victoria snaps causing Ashley to open her eyes and look up at
her, "That's good bitch, now suck my cock. Suck my cock you cock sucking
bitch! Take it deep into your whore mouth!"

As Victoria continues to 'encourage' her Ashley begins taking more and more
of the fake cock in her mouth, obediently sucking and slobbering on it, the
blow job becoming more wet and sloppy with every bob of the blonde's head.

Ashley very quickly is sucking Victoria's strap on like a pro and it is
obvious that she has a talent for giving head as well as being used to taking
large cocks into her mouth due to how easily Victoria's cock slides to the
back of her throat and down to the point where Ashley's lips are actually
touching her hand which is wrapped around the base.

Victoria smiles an ear to ear smile as she looks down at her slave very
impressed at how good of a job she is doing due to her normally having to
either force her other conquests to take more or it takes them forever to get
anywhere near where Ashley is.

After a few more minutes of Ashley sucking on Victoria's dildo up to where
her mouth meets her hand Ashley removes her hand from the base of the dildo
and actually lowers her mouth all the way down until she is deep throating
all 12 inches of the dildo. This shocks and impresses Victoria even more as
she watches Ashley continue her relentless oral assault on her dildo,
slobbering all over it, getting it ready for her pussy and ass unbeknown to

Part of Victoria is a little disappointed that she won't get to train
Ashley's mouth to take big cocks in it as she adores making another woman
deep throat for the first time, listening to them gag and choke on her cock
as she forces it down their gullets. However another part of Victoria was
pleased she had a slave who could clearly give great head to both a pussy and
a cock, two things Victoria will spend a lot of time shoving in Ashley's
mouth and because of the beautiful sight of her new slave on her knees and
bobbing her head on her cock Victoria is in no mood to complain.

Despite how easy she is making it look Ashley is struggling with her gag
reflex a little, especially with the whole 12 inches is buried deep within
her throat, but Ashley is just about able to control herself.

As she passionately blows Victoria's strap on cock Ashley finds herself
extremely grateful for her vast experience in sucking cock.

Ashley had been using her mouth to get what she wanted for years. Her blow
job skills had bagged her modelling gigs, free tatoos, free plastic surgery,
free travel, the diva search competition and the $250,000 that came with it.
Of course none of those cocks she had suck previously could compare to the
monster strapped around Victoria's waist right now, but enough of them had
been big enough for her to need to learn how to deep throat, a skill she was
so, so grateful for right now as she takes the giant cock down her gullet.

Only on very rare occasions does Ashley whore out her pussy or ass to get
what she wanted, but none of those cocks had come close to Victoria's monster
either and as she continues to suck the big dildo Ashley becomes more and
more excited with the idea of having this huge dick pounding away at her
holes. It's this thought far more than Victoria's words which encourage
Ashley to completely devote herself to sucking that strap on cock, the diva
search winner soon giving it the most passionate blow job of her life.

The sight of that passionate blow job combined with the incredible feeling of
her slave's mouth on her cunt is enough to push Candice over the edge and,
covering her mouth with her hand to muffle her scream, she cums in Mickie's

Hungry for her mistress's cum Mickie happily swallows Candice's cream before
cleaning out her cunt, Mickie sliding her tongue as deep into the other woman
as possible to make sure she gets every drop of her delicious juice.

Candice smiles dreamily as her slave swallows her offering, her eyes drifting
from Victoria receiving a blow job from Ashley to Torrie and Trish. When
Candice sees what her friend is up to she smiles again, pushing Mickie's face
away from her pussy and silently beckons her to follow her.

A few moments before Candice comes from watching the blow job Torrie came,
although since she had her eyes closed it was mostly because she was
envisioning herself stuffing Trish's big round ass with a strap on dick. The
other reason was that she was humping her incredibly horny pussy against
Trish's soft bubble butt, and after banging her clit against it with such
horny thoughts in her mind for so long it was inevitable that she was going
to cum, and when she did her cum leaked out all over Trish's ass, joining her
pussy juice.

As she came down from her climax Torrie gently rubs her pussy against Trish's
cream covered ass and kisses her neck affectionately.

"Mmmmmmmm, your ass is so hot I didn't even need to fuck it with a strap on
to make me cum... but I still can't wait to shove a nice big dildo up your
ass." Torrie then smiled widely, "In fact, why should I wait?"

With that Torrie untangles herself from Trish, sneaks over to the bag of
goodies and drags it over to were Trish is still tied up and helpless.
Placing the bag behind her soon-to-be slave Torrie rummages through the bag,
trying to decide which toy to use. Her strap on dildo is calling out to her,
but Torrie wants to save strap on ass fucking Trish until she has broken her
or is moments away from doing so. However while ruling out the strap on all
the other dildos seem like they would be a perfect fit for Trish's pooper and
Torrie is really struggling to choose which will be the lucky toy to get
shoved up Trish's ass.

Finally Torrie just closes her eyes and randomly picks out a toy, one which
once she opens her eyes she realises will be perfect.

It is then Torrie stands up and sees Candice staring at her, Mickie on all
fours by her side.

For a moment Torrie is worried Candice will rat her out to Victoria for
wanting to abuse one of Trish's holes when Trish has not yet been tamed and
it is Victoria's turn, but Candice just grins mischievously, a clear sign
that she is more than ok with what Torrie is doing.

After returning the smile Torrie walks round to Trish's front and sticks a 8
inch dildo in her face, stroking her face with the toy gently but

"You see this Trish? This is going up your hot ass. And you're going to love
it. I can tell just by looking at you you're a total anal whore who just
can't get enough of it up her hot ass. Well don't worry Trish, when you're my
slave you're going to get all the ass fucking an anal whore like you could
ever want. And right now, I'm going to give you just a little taste of the
ass fucking you're going to be constantly receiving as my slave." Torrie
says, before giving the dildo a nice long lick up it's side and then taking
it's head into her mouth and giving it a nice long suck.

After giving the toy a quick blow job Torrie walks around and kneels behind
the blonde Canadian, hungrily licking her lips as she comes face-to-face with
that big beautiful butt which is just begging to be fucked.

Trish whimpers into her gag again as she feels the butt plug being removed,
her ass cheeks being spread apart and the dildo being placed at her slightly
loosened back entrance.

Forcing herself to relax Trish prepares herself for the anal penetration but
instead Torrie decides to torment her by rubbing the tip of the dildo up and
down her ass crack.

Her torture becomes worse as Candice stands in front of her.

"Fetch my strap on slave and strap it on me." Candice clearly orders her
kneeling pet.

Mickie's eyes light up and she eagerly crawls to the goodie bag, picks out
Candice's strap on and takes it back to her in her mouth. She then holds it
out, allowing her mistress to step into it before pulling it up and firmly
attaching it around her mistress's waist.

"Good girl Mickie." Candice praises, before she presses her strap on against
her slave's mouth, "Now suck it for me."

Without a moment's hesitation Mickie greedily swallows the head of Candice's
strap on and begins bobbing her head on the toy, taking more and more of it
with each bob until she is deep throating it, the whole time looking up at
her mistress with total devotion in her eyes.

Candice smiles down at her eager little cock sucker and strokes her hair
affectionately, loving the power trip she feels from having this skilled
female wrestler sucking on her strap on cock in total submission to her.

Despite herself Trish can't help but become lost in the sight of her two best
friends passionately sucking the strap on cocks of her enemies. It was a
sight which should disgust her, just like all the other things she has been
forced to watch since awaking, but like all those other things it is a
disturbing turn on and so distracting Trish doesn't even notice when Torrie
firmly press the dildo against her ass hole.

However Trish certainly notices when Torrie suddenly slams the dildo
forwards, forcing Trish's butt hole to open so the head of the toy can enter
her back passage.

Trish screams, but more from shock than from pain as the butt plug has
loosened her ass up enough so it isn't entirely painful. It isn't entirely
painful as the rest of the dildo slowly enters her back door either. In fact
because of all the anal stimulation forced upon her it is possibly the most
pleasurable anal invasion Trish has ever received and no matter how hard she
tries she just can't stop herself from moaning.

"I knew it!" Torrie laughs as she begins to gently move the dildo in and out
of Trish's rectum, "I knew you were a total anal whore who just can't get
enough of it up her hot ass!"

Trish whimpers at this in between the moans she just can't control as the ass
fucking gets underway.

"Oh yeah, a total anal whore!" Torrie says as she begins really going to town
on Trish's ass.

Meanwhile Victoria was so engrossed in watching her slave suck her cock she
hasn't even noticed her friends have started to seriously abuse the other two
bitches, not that she would really cared if she had noticed, the sight before
her is just too good. However as good as it is there is another part of
Ashley's body she wants to get her dildo inside of.

"Alright that's enough." Victoria finally says.

Ashley looks back up at Victoria and slowly removes the fake cock from her

"Get back onto your back." Victoria tells her.

Ashley does as she is told knowing where the now well lubricated dildo is
going and actually looking forward to it.

Once Ashley is in the position Victoria wants her to be in she walks over and
get's down onto her knee's.

"Spread your legs." Victoria says looking Ashley in the eye able to tell she
wants this as much as Victoria does.

Ashley spreads her legs and Victoria moves as close to Ashley's pussy as she
can get. Once she is in place she takes the strap on in hand and presses the
tip of it against Ashley's pussy, causing Ashley to moan in response.

"Is my bitch feeling horny?" Victoria asks smiling at Ashley.

"Yes." Ashley says nodding her head.

"Does she want me to fuck her with my strap on?" Victoria then asks.

"Yes." Ashley says again in response.

"Ok then." Victoria says deciding to see how badly Ashley wants to be fucked,
"Take a hold of the dildo."

Ashley does as she is told reaching down and taking a hold of Victoria's fake

"Now guide it into you. Guide my cock into your pussy." Victoria says with an
ear to ear smile on her face as Ashley does what she is told and presses the
dildo against her pussy lips.

Slowly the dildo begins to slide into Ashley causing her to gasp loudly as
her pussy takes the head of Victoria's fake cock into her.

"That's a good little bitch." Victoria says smiling as she watches Ashley,
"Now let go of it."

Ashley does and slowly Victoria starts to slide the dildo in and out of
Ashley's pussy.

Ashley closes her eyes loving the feel of having Victoria's dildo inside of
her while Victoria watches Ashley's pussy slowly take her massive dick inch
by inch inside of her, stretching her out like never before, until she has
the whole 12 inches inside of her.

"Very good." Victoria says as she takes a hold of Ashley's waist and starts
to once again slowly fuck Ashley.

Victoria wants to give Ashley a really good and hard pussy pounding just like
she gave her a really good and hard spanking however she holds herself back
intentionally because not only does she want to give Ashley that she wants
Ashley to want it want it so bad she will do exacterly what Mickie did and
that is pledge herself to her.

So, using skills she has picked up from fucking many, many women, Victoria
slowly stretches out Ashley's pussy, establishing a gentle and yet steady
rhythm which she knows from experience she can keep up for hours, all night
if she has too.

Ashley does her best to enjoy the slow and gentle fucking she is receiving
from Victoria although she is surprised Victoria is being so slow and gentle
considering the way she has treated her thus far. Although she is enjoying it
Ashley is sure Victoria is up to something and although she herself is
enjoying it deep down this isn't the kind of fucking Ashley is used to or
wants. What Ashley really wants is for Victoria to fuck her hard and fast and
deep just like she finger fucked her and spanked her earlier. Ashley realises
that that is what Victoria is waiting for.

Victoria wants Ashley to beg her to fuck her hard in one last show of

Despite part of her wanting to give in and submit to Victoria there is
another part of her that wants to see how long Victoria can last fucking her
this way, wondering if maybe this is one area where she can be the dominant
one and Victoria can be her bitch.

Unfortunately the more time passes the hornier and more desperate Ashley
herself becomes. However despite how horny she is getting she still refuses
to submit and decides to make Victoria go faster a different way. So Ashley
start to respond physically by moving herself up and down on Victoria's fake
cock slowly getting faster and faster and faster.

Victoria see's what Ashley is doing and smiles as she stops fucking Ashley's
pussy completely and simply leaves her fake cock inside of Ashley's body.

Surprised by Victoria stopping Ashley stops moving up and down on Victoria's
dildo and looks up at her.

"So you want me to fuck you?" Victoria asks.

"Yes." Ashley says with a nod of her head.

"Yes what?" Victoria asks.

"Yes Mistress Victoria. I want you to fuck me." Ashley says knowing if she
doesn't get what she wants soon she is going to go mad.

"What do I get if I fuck you?" Victoria asks.

"Anything." Ashley says already knowing what Victoria wants from her however
she is getting to the point where she is willing to give her it if it means
she get's what she wants in return.

"Anything?" Victoria asks her.

"Anything." Ashley says again.

"Will you be my slave?" Victoria asks.

Ashley looks at Victoria having known that that was coming.

"Yes." Ashley says willingly.

"How long for?" Victoria asks.

"As long as you want me." Ashley says.

"Forever?" Victoria asks.

"Forever." Ashley says.

"Then say it." Victoria demands, "Beg to be my slave forever."

Ashley is so tempted to do what Victoria wants the words are practically on
the tip of her tongue and yet there is something holding her back something
deep down stopping her from saying the words she knows Victoria wants to

"Still need a bit more convincing?" Victoria asks.

After a few seconds of waiting for a response Victoria starts to once again
fuck Ashley's pussy with her dildo starting off slow and gentle to begin with
until she get's into a steady pace and once she does she starts to fuck
Ashley harder and faster until she is pounding Ashley's pussy with every
ounce of strength, determined to have Ashley say the word she wants to hear.

Victoria has broken thousands of little sluts over the years and turned them
all into her whimpering little slaves and Ashley will be no different. She
will submit just like the rest of them and then Victoria will use and abuse
Ashley as she see's fit until, like the rest of them, she becomes bored with
her at which point she will toss her aside like the piece of trash she is.

However Victoria has been looking for a permanent submissive slut that she
can have her way with night after night while on the road and given Ashley's
convenience as a fellow WWE diva it would be unlikely she would get rid of
her any time soon. In fact Victoria can imagine keeping the little slut
around for a very long time, perhaps for the rest of her WWE career.

Before that though Victoria knows she needs to break every single last ounce
of willpower in Ashley's body, and from the look in the blonde's eyes she is
only moments away from doing it which is more than enough motivation for the
far more dominant woman to somehow increase the power of her pussy pounding,
making Ashley moan, groan and writhe beneath her.

As Victoria starts to really pound into her whatever is or was holding Ashley
back disappears and she is now completely willing to give in to Victoria as
she wraps her legs around her and holds onto her tightly as she continues to
slam into her.

Even after everything that has happened so far tonight, and everything she
knew about the other woman previously, Ashley can't believe just how dominant
Victoria is.

The way she is pounding into her is almost superhuman, by far faster and
harder than any man who's ever fucked her. No man Ashley has ever been with
could even compare to this display of power and dominance. It makes her feel
so weak and submissive... like a total bitch... like a slave.

Suddenly Ashley finds herself wanting to become Victoria's slave more badly
than she's ever wanted anything before in her life but she is honestly not
sure if she can actually bring herself to cross the line and submit to this
dominant woman. She wants too, but she is afraid of what will happen to her
if she does. So Ashley just lays on her back moaning, groaning and writhing
as she is ploughed harder and faster than ever before, with a bigger cock
than ever before, the whole time staring up into the eyes of this dominant
woman with wonder and amazement.

A few feet away Mickie is also laying on her back staring up at the woman
pounding into her, only her eyes are filled with love and total devotion for
her wonderful mistress.

In her broken and now very submissive mind Mickie wonders how she got so
lucky to get such a wonderful mistress like her Mistress Candy.

They have only been together a few hours but Mickie already knows Mistress
Candy was the greatest mistress a girl can hope for, and in turn she is going
to try and be the type of slave a mistress like Mistress Candy deserves.

Mickie is willing to do what ever her Mistress Candy wants to keep her happy,
no matter what it is. Of course when it's wrapping her 'pretty legs' as her
Mistress Candy calls them around her waist so she can give her a nice hard
fucking it isn't exactly hard to obey her commands.

Candice loves the way Mickie is looking at her. The look Mickie is giving her
is one of complete and total submission, reconfirming that this skilled
wrestling diva was now in fact her willing slave who will do absolutely
anything for her. It is a look which deserves to be rewarded, and Candice
knows just how to do it.

Even though she regrets nothing about breaking Mickie, especially not fucking
her up the ass, Candice is a little regretful she didn't get to make Mickie
cum from fucking her pussy. Luckily this is something Candice is quick able
to rectify as she increases her speed into her slave, pounding Mickie's pussy
savagely until the other woman is coming on her fake cock.

As Mickie starts to cum the look gets even better and Candice watches with
glee as her slave cums for her, which only encourages Candice to fuck Mickie

Mickie opens her mouth to scream but Candice captures her slave's lips with
her own so they don't disturb Victoria or take away from her spotlight as
Candice continues to enjoy her new little pet, now especially as she gets to
enjoy her mouth as well as her pussy.

Thanks to Candice's quick thinking Victoria doesn't hear Mickie's screams of
pleasure, and thanks to the ball gag firmly stuffed in her mouth Victoria
doesn't hear Trish's screams of pleasure either as she cums yet again.

Trish has no idea how many orgasms she's has had or how many dildos have been
shoved up her ass but she doesn't care. The pleasure is to heavenly exquisite
for her to care about her friends being turned into slaves before her eyes or
the fact that the woman behind her drilling her ass hole is intent on making
her submit and be her slave, all Trish cares about is the orgasmic pleasure.

At first Trish had tried to fight it but as the first dildo moved through her
bowels her heightened state of arousal caused her back passage to become a
tunnel of pure pleasure burning away at her insides with every heavenly
thrust. She came in record time over and over again until Torrie pulled out
and replaced that dildo with a bigger dildo which only made Trish cum harder.

For who knows how long now Torrie has been stuffing dildo after dildo up
Trish's ass and Trish has loved every second of it, the pleasure turning her
into exactly what Torrie called her, a total anal whore.

Behind the yet again orgasming anal whore Torrie almost literally drooling as
Trish's ass hole clenches down again and again on her dildo as she forces it
in and out of the other blonde's butt, Torrie licks her lips as Trish's meaty
ass cheeks jiggle hypnotically as she ass fucks the bitch to another orgasm.

Despite what she is doing Torrie just can't get enough of Trish's hot ass and
has made it her mission to use every single toy in the goodie bag on this
juicy piece of ass before Victoria is done making Ashley her slave.

She wouldn't have thought such a thing was possible a few minutes ago but
from the way Trish is multi-orgasming so easily from each dildo it suddenly
seems like an easy achievement.

This of course confirms Torrie's suspicions. Trish is a total anal whore who
just can't get enough of it up her ass, which was a good thing because Torrie
loves Trish's whore ass and just can't get enough of fucking her up it.

As Torrie switches the dildo which she has just used to fuck Trish up her ass
with a nice new one Victoria continues to slam her strap on dildo into
Ashley's pussy with the type of speed and roughness that would make her two
friends jealous if they were paying attention to her like they are supposed
to be.

Ashley is still very much paying attention though of course and as Victoria
continues to pound into her Ashley can feel her first orgasm approaching
until all of a sudden she screams at the top of her voice. Almost as soon as
her first orgasm is over Ashley feels another one hit her and it hits harder
causing her body to shake violently and this seems to make the following
orgasms come faster than the last. After one orgasm another one hits then
another and then another and then another until Ashley is nothing more than a
quivering mess.

Victoria seeing Ashley in the state that she is in slows her pussy pounding
until she comes to a complete stop and simply watches Ashley lay there her
body just getting over her latest orgasm.

"Imagine having your pussy fucked like that every day." Victoria says knowing
she has Ashley right where she wants her for sure now.

Ashley takes a deep breath and swallows hard.

"P-Please M-mistress Victoria." Ashley says needing to take another deep
breath, "Please l-let me be your slave... f-forever."

Victoria smiles a triumphant smile as she looks down at Ashley.

"If you really want to be my slave forever. Put your legs on my shoulders so
I can give your ass a pounding." Victoria says.

Ashley doesn't know where she finds the strength to do as Victoria wants but
some how manages to get both of her legs up on her new mistress's shoulders.

"That's a good slave." Victoria says as she removes her fake cock from
Ashley's pussy and immediately positions it at the entrance to her ass.

After taking a few seconds to savour the moment before she takes her new
slave's ass Victoria presses forward watching as Ashley's butt hole slowly
stretches around her dildo until her hole swallows the head of her strap on.

Deciding now to take her time now that Ashley has completely submitted to her
Victoria leaves the tip of her fake cock buried inside Ashley's ass hole for
a few long minutes.

After a while she slowly starts to push her way further inside of Ashley's
back passage, moving very carefully giving Ashley plenty of time to relax
with each additional inch she slides into her ass, although from the feel of
her ass this isn't the first time Ashley has had something big inside of her
backside. None the less the main reason Victoria is going slower this time is
because she was very close to cumming herself while she was fucking Ashley's
pussy and she knows that it won't take her too long to get to the edge again
so she is doing her best to take as long as possible in fucking Ashley's ass
until she has the whole 12 inches of dildo inside of her new slave.

Ashley looks at Victoria her eyes not breaking contact with her new mistress
able to imagine what her ass fucking is going to feel like and knowing that
if it is anything like the pussy pounding she just received she is going to
enjoy her new life as Victoria's slave.

Slowly Ashley feels Victoria begin to move the 12 inch cock in and out of her
back door, butt fucking her gently to begin with, however slowly picking up
speed much to Ashley's pleasure and delight.

Victoria continues to pick up speed with every thrust until she is fucking
Ashley just as hard and as fast and going just as deep as when she was
fucking her pussy. To Victoria's delight despite her ass being half tight and
half loose Ashley's ass is responding to her fucking by gripping onto the
shaft of her dildo and driving the smaller head of the dildo which is inside
the strap back against her in essence making Victoria not only fuck Ashley
but also fuck herself.

All of a sudden Victoria feels the dildo inside of her start to move faster
and she looks down to see Ashley is moving her hips in response to her

"That's a very good slave." Victoria says as the two settle into the same
fucking rhythm as each other, "Give me that ass! Give me your hot slave ass!"

"Oh yes Mistress Victoria take my slave ass! It's yours! It belongs to you."
Ashley says, feeling another orgasm building within her, "Oh God Mistress
Victoria harder please. Fuck my ass harder! Fuck it as hard as you can! Take
it! Take my ass! It's yours! It's all yours! Please pound it! Pound my
worthless slave ass! Fuck it harder! Please Mistress! It feels so good! Oh my
God! Tear my worthless slave ass apart!"

Ashley moans as Victoria starts to savagely thrust into her and Ashley just
as savagely thrusts her ass down, impaling her ass on her mistress's dildo.

"Are you sure you want it harder slave?" Victoria asks not wanting to ruin
Ashley's ass on the first night.

"Yes!" Ashley begs, "Fuck me Mistress! Fuck my ass! Fuck it as hard as you

Victoria decides to give her slave exacterly what she wants and so she takes
a firm hold of Ashley's hips and starts to give her new slave the hardest
butt fucking she can and the only response Ashley gives is cries of pleasure
and moans begging Victoria to fuck her even harder which is something she is
only too happy to do and does.

Part of Victoria is still worried about ruining Ashley's ass on the first
night as there is nothing Victoria likes more than stretching out a slut's
ass hole for months and making it nice and loose so it's easy to fuck. It
would be a real shame if Victoria didn't get that pleasure, but her new slave
is acting like a total ass slut and is driving Victoria wild.

Soon Victoria just can't control herself.

Deciding she will have Ashley go through anal reconstructive surgery later
Victoria sets out to ruin Ashley's ass, pounding that tight little pooper
with every ounce of her impressive strength, tearing that little ass hole up.

As skilled as Victoria is when it comes to ass stretching she was even more
skilled when it comes to ass pounding, and the dominating brunette is only
too happy to show off her skills and strength again as she destroys Ashley's
ass hole.

Ashley wouldn't be surprised if she needs anal reconstructive surgery later
as Victoria pounds her ass so hard but she doesn't care. In fact she welcomes
the surgery if it means her ass can be pounded like this.

Despite taking it up the butt many, many times Ashley isn't a big fan of anal
sex, or at least she wasn't been in the past but unlike all the other times
she had taken a ass fucking to blackmail her boyfriend into doing something
she wanted or advancing her career this is different. Unlike all those other
times the anal sex is not just ok or bearable it's amazing, giving Ashley
pleasure she never thought was possible before.

It actually helps that her legs are on Victoria's shoulders and she is being
bent in half like a pretzel as it makes her feel so dominated and controlled.
This combined with the way Victoria is looking at her makes Ashley feel she
made the right decision in submitting to this obviously superior woman.

Ashley just hopes Victoria takes pleasure from her ass hole as she destroys

A few feet away both Trish and Mickie are also getting their ass holes
destroyed by dildos, in Mickie's case the strap on dildo which was firmly
around the waist of her mistress while Trish was still tied into place
getting her ass brutalised by a hand-held dildo.

Trish's ass hole has become a passage of pure pleasure several dildos ago and
it only seems to be getting better with every new toy Torrie lovingly stuffs
up Trish's rear.

When Torrie first started switching the dildos around Trish had groaned in
frustration every time a toy was removed from her ass, but now she just moans
in pleasure as no sooner has a nice large dildo been pulled from her back
door than another one is already making it's way up her shit pipe.

What is bothering Trish is the constant change in size of the dildos, Torrie
is randomly using toys which are either longer or shorter or thinner or wider
than their predecessors, constantly making Trish's bowels adjust to a new
size and shape. Some of the dildos even bend in odd ways or are covered in
little bumps to make it feel extra weird inside her ass hole. Of course the
best ones vibrate but they are too few and far between.

Ultimately though Trish has started to love not knowing what her ass is about
to receive every time a dildo is removed from her back passage and replaced
with a fresh one, and no matter what Torrie shoves up her ass at least one
thing is always guaranteed, it always makes Trish cum.

While Torrie is butt fucking Trish to another easy orgasm Mickie is craving
an orgasm of her own, but is happy to stay on all fours as long as it takes
like a good little slave while her Mistress Candy takes her pleasure from her
ass hole.

After making Mickie cum multiples from the pussy fucking Candice had ordered
Mickie to bend over and spread her ass cheeks again, something Mickie had
been eager to do and knew what it most likely meant and was right, it meant
Candice's big strap on right up her butt.

Candice had been slow and gentle at first when it came to both penetrating
Mickie's pooper and fucking it, but she had soon picked up speed and is now
lovingly sodomising her slave, the sound of her hips loudly smacking off
Mickie's meaty butt cheeks echoing throughout the room.

Mickie is surprised they aren't disturbing Mistress Victoria but she doesn't
really care, all she cares about is the pleasure coming from her ass hole and
the joy that her mistress is using her for her pleasure, just the way it
should be.

Candice has ass fucked Mickie to near orgasm after near orgasm only to deny
her at the last second, and although Mickie wishes her mistress would make
her cum as long as her ass hole is pleasing her Mistress Candy that's all
that matters.

If she had known what was going through Mickie's head Candice would have been
very proud of her slave, but as it is she is far too distracted by the
beautiful sight of her slave's stretched out shit hole to worry about what
Mickie is thinking.

Candice has always loved abusing ass holes. She just has always thought they
looked so beautiful being stretched out by nice a thick dildo and Mickie's
ass hole is clearly made to be stretched out.

Just from staring at that pretty little hole as she fucks it Candice knows
she's going to love seriously getting to know Mickie's ass hole and the two
of them are going to become very, very good friends. She bet Mickie's ass
hole would even crave her by the time she was done house breaking her new
little slave.

With this in mind Candice is in no hurry to make Mickie cum, choosing instead
to take as much time enjoying this sweet little ass hole as possible, while
making sure to give it the most brutal pounding she can in between letting
Mickie down from her high just so she can get the full enjoyment out of this
juicy piece of ass.

Torrie is also getting the full enjoyment possible out of the juicy piece of
ass she is fucking, or at least she's getting the most enjoyment she can from
the type of dildo she is using to pound Trish's back hole.

Unfortunately as much enjoyment as she is getting it is all psychological as
Trish is the one getting the physical pleasure.

All Torrie has to do is strap on her dildo and she will get all the pleasure
she needs to make herself cum, but she is still determined to save that for
breaking in Trish properly.

What Torrie needs is something else...

"Hey Candice," Torrie says, getting her friend's attention, "Mind if I take
you up on that offer to use your slave's mouth?"

"Sure, no problem." Candice says with a grin before turning her attention to
her slave, "Mickie, crawl over to Torrie and make her cum with your sweet
little mouth. Do not let an inch of my dildo fall out of your ass or you will
be punished!"

Very slowly Mickie obeys the command, Candice slowly moving with her, helping
her to ensure not a single inch of dildo is removed from her ass as they
crawl round to behind Trish were Mickie buries her face in between Torrie's
legs and begins eating her pussy like a starving woman.

Torrie has already kicked off her pants and panties and has also been
fingering herself with her free hand for ages now so when Mickie's mouth
latches onto her pussy it doesn't take long to send Torrie over the edge.

Holding off for as long as she can Torrie buries her free hand in Mickie's
hair so she can push that pretty face deeper into her pussy and that tongue
deeper inside her cunt, Torrie is amazed at how quickly Mickie seems to find
all the sweet spots inside her and viciously attack them with her tongue.

Clearly either Mickie has previous pussy eating experience before becoming
Candice's slave or she is a natural cunt lapper who has become addicted to
pussy after tasting Candice's juicy hole. Either way Torrie is definitely
benefiting, although the fact she has been passionately abusing Trish's ass
for so long makes it easier. Still, after only a few seconds of Mickie's
tongue Torrie knows she's going to have to borrow Mickie from Candice at some
point, or at least have this little muff loving dyke teach Trish a thing or
two about going down on a girl.

From the very first taste of Torrie on her lips Mickie is hooked, happily
using every trick she has picked up to please this yummy pussy in front of

Mickie eagerly thrusts her tongue in and out of Torrie's cunt in a rough
fucking motion in between passionate sucks and slurps at her pussy lips,
crying with joy into Torrie's yummy honey hole as Candice begins sawing her
strap on through her shit shoot again, resuming the wonderful butt fucking.

Soon a steady rhythm is established, with Mickie sandwiched between Torrie
and Candice like the piece of meat she is to them, her ass hole getting
thoroughly used by her horny mistress as she greedily eats the woman who is
lovingly fucking Trish's ass.

Before she cums Torrie starts drilling Trish's ass hole even harder with the
latest dildo, meaning both of them cum virtually at the same time, with
Mickie cumming soon after thanks to the delicious taste of Torrie's cum which
she happily swallows and the fact Candice decides to reward her slave for
making her friend cum by destroying her slave's horny ass hole, Candice's own
clit being stimulated so much she cums too from the rough ass pounding, the
process soon repeating over and over, and over again.

While the audience of four all take turns in cumming Victoria and Ashley
brutally pound against one and other until they both explode at the same
time, both still able to keep up the pace that they are going at before their
orgasms hit only this time Ashley isn't the only one to have one orgasm hit
after another as Victoria feels the same thing.

The last orgasm is so strong it almost completely saps all of the strength
out of Victoria and forces her to fall forward almost on top of Ashley
however Victoria manages to let go of Ashley's waist and put her hands out to
stop herself from falling onto her slave.

Once the orgasm ends Victoria slows down as Ashley also get's over her last
orgasm until Victoria eventually stops completely and slowly pulls her fake
cock out of Ashley's well fucked ass.

Pushing Ashley's legs back Victoria smiles as she sees the giant gaping
crater where Ashley's ass hole used to be, the thoroughly destroyed hole a
testament to Victoria's new dominance over this slut.

Deciding she wants another show of her dominance Victoria slowly stands and
points to her cock.

"Clean it bitch!" Victoria orders in a no-nonsense tone, "Clean it with your
whore mouth!"

Without a moment's hesitation Ashley quickly gets up onto her weak and shaky
knees and swallows the cock, the newly enslaved diva quickly bobbing her head
up and down on the first few inches before deep throating the rest of the
shaft, cleaning every ounce of her own ass juice from the toy.

As she grins proudly at the sight of her conquest Victoria suddenly notices
the loud moans and cries coming from across the room.

They are so loud she can only assume she had zoned out while fucking Ashley
but now she is out of the zone Victoria turns to see her friends in a chain
of fucking, Candice drilling Mickie's ass hole from behind with her strap on
while Mickie's head is in between Torrie's legs licking her pussy and Torrie
is using a dildo to ass fuck a squirming Trish.

Victoria rolls her eyes and smiles. She should have known her friends would
have been too horny to wait. On some level she had, and she wasn't really mad
at them, after all Mickie and Trish were too really hot pieces of ass, but
that didn't mean she wasn't going to call them out on it.

"And just what do you two think you're doing?" Victoria shouts.

Both Candice and Torrie stop in their tracks, their dildos deep in their
slave's and soon to be slave's ass holes.

"Oh God Vicky I'm sorry." Candice says, pulling out of Mickie's butt hole,
leaving it nice and gaping.

"I'm sorry too." Torrie says, pulling her dildo from Trish's ass, also
leaving it nice and gaping.

The two other devils then see Ashley sucking her own ass juice off Victoria's
dildo and both quickly begin to clap, causing Victoria to roll her eyes

"Well... I guess it's your turn Torrie." Victoria says looking at the blonde
bombshell with a smile.

Torrie looks back at Victoria.

"Let's go upstairs for a little while first. I think we could all do with a
rest. Besides..." Torrie says smacking Trish's well fucked ass, "Trish isn't
going anywhere."

This causes both Victoria and Candice to laugh as Torrie reinserts Trish's
original butt plug up her now sufficiently closed enough back hole.

Once the butt plug is firmly in place Torrie, Candice and Mickie untangle
themselves and move away from Trish, Mickie crawling away after being ordered
to do so of course.

Victoria then removes the dildo from around her waist and dumps her strap on
in the goodie bag before turning her attention to her new slave.

"Slave." Victoria says causing Ashley to turn her head and look at her, "Turn
the vibrator and butt plug in Trish's pussy and ass back up to full power."

Ashley slowly get's up onto all fours instinctively due to her remembering
Mickie making the mistake earlier of standing up and walking about and
although Candice had been lenient despite not having that much strength
Ashley is sure Victoria would not be so lenient. Once Ashley reaches Trish
she turns and looks back at her new mistress.

"You can stand." Victoria says smiling at the now completely broken and
submissive former WWE Diva Search winner as she get's to her feet and does as
she is told turning the vibrator on to full power first and then going round
to Trish's ass hole and turning the butt plug back on to full power as well.

Out of the corner of her eye Victoria see's Torrie walk up and stand in front
of Trish who looks down at her.

"See you soon Trish." Torrie says looking up at Trish with an ear to ear

Trish looks down at Torrie wanting to look angry and yet taking into
consideration what she has seen thus far tonight her two friends both of whom
she thought to be very strong willed individuals get broken she can't help
but feel a little nervous and wonder how much longer she will be able to
resist giving up.

Torrie slowly turns around and heads towards the stairs, Candice and Victoria
following her with their slaves Mickie and Ashley crawling along beside them
on all fours.

Once they reach the stairs Mickie and Ashley get up onto their feet and all 5
sets of feet make their way up stairs leaving Trish alone in the basement
with nothing but her thoughts for company.

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