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Vince's Devils' Slaves Part 3
by MTL (

Trish hangs where she is doing her best not to think about the vibrator or
butt plug that are inside of her. She can't help but remember and think about
everything that has transpired thus far tonight.

First her and Ashley having to watch as their friend Mickie was spanked and
then forced to eat Candice's pussy and then watching Candice return the
favour as well as watching Candice fuck Mickie's pussy with a strap on dildo
and then fuck her up the ass with the same strap on and making Mickie submit
to her completely and not just for that night but for the rest of her life.

Then she had to watch Ashley go through the same thing only with Victoria
being the dominator instead of Candice. While Ashley was getting her pussy
finger fucked almost fisted by Victoria Candice was having Mickie eat her
pussy again and after the finger fucking which didn't make Ashley cum
Victoria made her eat her pussy at which point Torrie snuck up on her and dry
humped Trish's poor ass until she came, her cum flowing onto Trish's ass. If
that wasn't bad enough Torrie then started shoving dildo after dildo up
Trish's ass, forcing the helpless Canadian to cum over and over again from
the rough butt fucking as her friends were fucked first in their pussies and
then in their asses right in front of Trish's eyes. Poor Ashley was fucked so
hard she had no choice but to submit.

Never in her life had Trish seen women make other women do such obscene
things. She'd never seen people in general make other people do such obscene
things to one and other and what she couldn't believe was how her friends or
rather her former friends had submitted to Candice and Victoria. Trish had
been sure they where made of sterner stuff than that that was why she'd made
friends with them in the first place because they looked tough like they
could handle themselves. She thought they where like her. Evidently she had
been proven wrong.

Neither Mickie nor Ashley where like her because if they had been no matter
what Candice or Victoria did to them they wouldn't have submitted or
surrendered to either one of them. Seeing them leave the room the way they
had on all fours made Trish feel ashamed to call them her friends.

But what sickened and ashamed her the most was her own body and how she could
actually get turned on by seeing what she did.

Doing her best to focus on something different Trish once again looks around
the still well lit room doing her best to try and find something anything
that she can use to help her escape before Torrie and the others come back
however like before she see's nothing of use. Despite this Trish is more
determined than ever not to submit no matter what Torrie says or does Trish
Stratus is not going to become anybody's slave.

* * *

Trish hears the door to the basement open and watches as she see's 5 sets of
feet walk down the stairs one set at a time with Torrie leading the way
behind her Candice with Mickie next to her and behind her Victoria with
Ashley next to her. As soon as both Mickie and Ashley reach the floor they
immediately both get down on their hands and knees and crawl across the floor
next to Candice and Victoria.

Seeing her two former best friends crawl across the floor like a pair of dogs
reinforces her determination not to let Torrie turn her into what Mickie and
Ashley now are slaves to the their mistresses Candice and Victoria as well as
the trio as a whole.

Torrie walks right up to Trish and turns the vibrator down to the lowest
setting and then reaches around and does the same thing to the butt plug
before taking a step back and looking up into Trish's eyes.

Trish notices that Candice and Mickie Victoria and Ashley have stopped a
short distance behind Torrie.

"Now." Torrie says breaking the silence and causing Trish to turn her
attention from Candice, Mickie, Victoria and Ashley to her, "I'm going to
remove the ball gag from your mouth and after I have done that I am going to
ask you if your willing to submit to me and be my slave and if you are
willing I want you to say I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Torrie."

Torrie finishes with an ear to ear smile which makes Trish's blood boil with
rage before slowly she takes a step forward and removes the ball gag from
Trish's mouth. Once that is done Torrie takes a step back.

"Are you willing to submit to me Trish?" Torrie asks looking Trish dead in
the eye.

Trish wants to tell Torrie where to go however she decides not to do that
instead she simply remains silent feeling that silence is the best answer to
Torrie's question.

"I said are you willing to submit to me?" Torrie asks again the smile now
gone from her face as she keeps looking at Trish.

Trish smiles as she looks back at Torrie glad to see her defiance is having
an affect on Torrie.

Seeing Trish smile at her pisses Torrie off even more than the fact that she
has not submitted to her like she told Candice and Victoria she would.

"You know Trish." Torrie says doing her best to keep her cool, "Candice and
Victoria actually wanted to leave you up there for the rest of the night.
They wanted to go to bed however I told them that you would be willing to
submit to me after having seen your two best friends get turned into our
slaves, not to mention the fact that you have been up there for so long I bet
all your muscles are aching right now, especially the ones in your pussy and

Trish does her best to keep her face as emotionless as possible even though
knowing that she is making Torrie look bad in front of Candice and Victoria
makes her want to smile and even though her muscles are aching due to her
trying to break free of her bonds as well as the number of orgasms the
vibrator and butt plug have given her during the course of the night.

"I'm going to ask you one more time Trish and then I am going to leave you up
there and us 5 are going to go to bed." Torrie says looking at Trish with a
seriously pissed off look on her face, "However I am not just going to leave
you up there until the morning. I'm going to leave you up there for the next
24 hours."

Trish looks at Torrie and slowly her emotionless expression changes to one of
shock and disbelief.

Candice and Victoria both smile wondering if this idea of Torrie's will work
and get the mighty Canadian to submit to her.

"You..." Trish says swallowing hard and taking a deep breath, "You can't do

"I beg your pardon." Torrie says with a smile.

"I said you can't do that." Trish snaps.

"Oh I think you'll find that I can." Torrie says her smile widening, "You see
Trish the RAW Brand has the next two days off. We aren't going to be needed
again until Thursday when we have to do a house show. So if I wanted I could
leave you up there for the next 48 hours."

Trish turns her attention to Mickie and Ashley to see if they are really
going to stand by and let this happen to her and much to her horror the
expression on both of her former friends faces is totally blank and

"So..." Torrie says focusing her attention on Trish, "For the last time are
you willing to submit to me Trish Stratus?"

Trish continues to look at Mickie and Ashley desperate for some sign that her
old friends are still in there somewhere however Mickie and Ashley's
expressions don't change which causes Trish to turn her attention from them
to Torrie part of her for some reason wants to submit maybe it is just so
that she can get down from where she is however another part of her which is
stronger than the other part refuses to give in to the blonde American
although she knows what her refusal to submit means.

Torrie looks at Trish and is able to see from the look on both her face and
in her eyes that she is not going to submit.

"In that case Trish." Torrie says pissed off however comforting herself with
the thought that in 24 hours Trish will submit to her, "I hope you enjoy the
next 24 hours."

With that Torrie walks back up to her soon to be pet puts the ball gag back
in her mouth and turns both the vibrator and butt plug back on to full power
at the same time.

Torrie then turns to face Candice and Victoria.

"Let's go to bed." Torrie says looking at her two best friends who's
expressions slowly turn from happy or smiling to shocked, "What?"

"You're actually going to leave her up there for 24 hours?" Candice asks the
disbelief evident from the tone of her voice.

Torrie smiles.

"I'm a woman of my word. One way or another this Canadian bitch is going to
become my slave." Torrie says point to Trish behind her, "Just like Mickie
became your slave, and just like Ashley became your slave. Now shall we go to

With that Torrie heads towards the stairs.

Candice and Victoria watch their blonde haired friend go still shocked by her
actions as they look at one and other and slowly turn to look at Trish who
still has the defiant look in her eyes and on her face.

"Night Trish." Candice says as she and Mickie turn and head for the stairs.

"Had to do it the hard way didn't you." Victoria says shaking her head as she
and Ashley turn and follow the others to the stairs.

Once they reach the stairs Torrie allows Candice and Mickie to go first
followed by Victoria and Ashley and once the four have gone up Torrie turns
and looks back at Trish.

"Sweet dreams." Torrie says, "If you manage to get to sleep."

And with that Torrie turns and heads upstairs shutting the door behind her.

* * *

Once Torrie and the others have left the room Trish does her best to try and
think about something, anything she can to keep her mind off her present

Trish starts off by thinking about what Torrie said about her leaving her up
where she is for 24 hours with the vibrator and butt plug on full power.
Despite the seriousness she saw in Torrie's eyes she can't believe that the
Boise Idaho native would do that and although she does her best to make
herself believe that she can survive 24 hours with the vibrator and butt plug
inside of her for 24 hours deep down Trish knows she can't due to the fact
her two holes are already starting to get sore from all the attention they
have been getting from the two unwelcome items inside of her.

As Trish continues to try and focus her mind the image of both Ashley and
Mickie's face when Torrie had said that she would leave her up where she is
for 24 hours enters her head. Even now Trish can't believe how emotionless
both girls looked to her being hung up there having to go through 24 hours of
torture at the hands of the two devices that had already made her have more
orgasms than she could even count stunned her. It was like the Mickie and
Ashley she knew where gone and in their places where these two... robots that
was the best way she could describe them two mindless brain-dead zombies.

And Torrie actually thought that she was actually going to allow herself to
become one of them. Not so long as she had breath left in her body would she
ever become a brain-dead mindless zombie only interested in serving and
pleasuring Torrie Wilson.

As Trish thinks about her two former best friends being turned from what they
where into what they are now she can't help but get turned on at the memory
of seeing it which makes her sick.

* * *

Hours later Trish hears the door to the basement open and see's two pairs of
feet walk down the steps. The first set belongs to Mickie the other set
belongs to Torrie.

Trish watches as Torrie sits down on the bottom step and watches as Mickie
walks up to the chair reaches underneath and pulls out the 'goody bag' as the
Devils call it. Mickie reaches in and pulls out a dildo not as big as the one
Candice used on her in point of fact this one is about half the size of that
one which would make it about six inches in length.

Then Mickie puts the 'goody bag' back underneath the chair and get's closer
to Trish until she is directly in the blonde Canadian's line of sight. She
then get's down onto her hand and knee's turns around so that her ass is
facing Trish and licks two of her fingers on her right hand and moves it
around and slowly slides that finger into her ass hole.

Trish watches in shock, horror and disgust as Mickie continues to finger fuck
herself, adding another finger into her ass hole to seemingly stretch out her
back hole even more. After a few minutes Mickie stops finger fucking her ass
and instead uses the dildo to do it, Mickie moaning softly as she pushed the
head of the toy past her own tight anal ring and into her rectum, the rest of
the dildo easily following, Mickie having no problem in filling her ass up
with that toy.

Trish closes her eyes not wanting to see anymore of the sight before her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm you have no idea how good this feels Trish." Mickie moans, "Not
as good as having Mistress Candy's strap on in my ass but still pretty good."

Trish slowly opens her eyes and see's Mickie looking back at her. As if that
isn't bad enough she is also smiling at her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm I love having Mistress Candy's strap on in my ass. I just can't
get enough of it. I just can't get enough of my Mistress Candy's strap on,
and my Mistress Candy can't get enough of my ass. She spent most of last
night and this morning pounding my ass hole and I loved every minute of it.
She even told me to keep fingering my ass when ever I can so it's nice and
ready for her to use whenever she wants. Oh how I wish my Mistress Candy was
using my ass hole now. I wish she was pounding my ass hole right now with her
big strap on cock. But you know what, I know I am making my mistress happy
because she told me to do this and me doing this makes her happy which makes
me happy." Mickie continues on.

Trish looks at Mickie not wanting to or rather unable to believe this is the
same woman who not that long ago joined RAW and became her best friend who
she hung around with all the time.

Trish turns her attention from Mickie to Torrie who is still sitting on the
stairs with an ear to ear smile on her face.

As she looks at her Trish does her best to make herself believe that it isn't
Candice that made Mickie come down and do this but Torrie and that it is
Torrie that told her to say these things.

"My Mistress's pussy tastes like honey." Mickie says causing Trish to turn
her attention back to the brunette, "Mistress Torrie's tastes good as well."

This convinces Trish that Torrie is the cause of all of this, Mickie coming
down her and doing what she is doing as well as saying what she is saying.

"I could have spent all night in between Mistress Candy's and Mistress
Torrie's legs, both their pussies tasted so good. Mistress Candy's tasted the
best but Mistress Torrie's comes a close second. I would have loved licking
Mistress Torrie out some more, but since last night she's been saving herself
for you. Not my Mistress Candy though. Whenever I wasn't taking my mistress's
strap on inside me last night and this morning my face was buried firmly in
between Mistress Candy's thighs." Mickie continues on dreamily.

Trish closes her eyes not wanting to hear anymore.

"I also have a bit of a confession to make Trish." Mickie says.

Trish waits to hear the confession however after a few minutes of silence she
slowly opens her eyes and looks at Mickie.

"Remember when I said I loved you when we first met?" Mickie asks.

Slowly Trish nods her head as best she can.

"I didn't just mean as a friend." Mickie says with an ear to ear smile, "I
meant it literally."

Trish closes her eyes unable to believe what she is hearing doing her best to
try and convince herself one of the devils either Candice or Victoria or
Torrie made her say this and yet not being able to come up with a good enough
explanation as to why they would make Mickie say this and yet not being able
or willing to believe Mickie really means what she is saying.

"I really would have done anything for you. Literally, anything. And you know
if my Mistress hadn't found me and made me her's I think you and I would have
made a great couple." Mickie says.

Once again Trish closes her eyes and turns her head wanting to be physically
sick at the thought of her being with another woman especially one that used
to be her best friend.

"But luckily my Mistress found me and made me hers. Now I love her the way I
used to love you and now she is the one I will do anything for. She's the
only one I idolize." Mickie says.

At this point Mickie begins increasing the speed of her anal masturbation
until she is feverishly fucking her own ass with the dildo.

"Oh I love my Mistress Candy so much. She is my everything. I would do
anything for her. I would... I... oh God I'm going to cum...
oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh." Mickie moans loudly as she cums from talking about her
Mistress as well as fucking herself with the dildo.

Trish watches not wanting to and yet unable to turn away or close her eyes
for some reason.

Once she has come down from her orgasm Mickie pulls the dildo out of her ass
and turns around so that she is in a sitting position and first licks and
then sucks the dildo clean really making Trish want to be physically sick at
the sight and knowing where that dildo has just been.

Once the dildo is clean Mickie stands up and goes back over to the chair
bends down and puts the dildo back into the goodie bag once she has done that
she puts the bag back under the chair and without looking at Trish heads over
to Torrie who stands up and the two head up stairs not giving Trish a second

* * *

Even later Trish once again hears the door to the basement open and looks to
see two pairs of feet walk down the steps one set belongs to Torrie and the
other set belongs to Ashley.

This time Torrie stands at the bottom of the stairs and watches as Ashley
heads over to the chair bends down get's the goodie bag opens it and pulls
out a different size dildo to the one Mickie used she then puts the goodie
bag back underneath the chair however instead of getting on the floor Ashley
sits in the chair spreading her legs as far apart as she can.

Trish closes her eyes knowing what is about to happen she slowly opens them
and looks at Torrie who has the same ear to ear smile she had when Mickie was
fucking her own ass earlier.

Slowly Trish turns her attention from Torrie to Ashley who sucks on one of
her left hand fingers and then starts to play with her pussy.

Trish watches Ashley just as disgusted at what she is seeing as what she saw
Mickie do if not more so wishing Torrie would stop with the torture of making
her watch her two former friends pleasure themselves for their mistresses
pleasure and just try and break her already.

Once her pussy is wet enough Ashley slowly slides the dildo into her pussy,
moaning as it enters her and then fills her before she turns her attention
from what she is doing to Trish.

"Mmmmmmmmmm It feels so good having something back inside my pussy after
having the vibrator in there for so long and Mistress Victoria's strap on
felt even better than the vibrator once I got used to it." Ashley says, "She
kept using it on me when we left you. My Mistress Victoria fucked my pussy
and ass all night long and most of this morning. Mmmmmmmm, she fucks me so
good. I love being her little slave so much."

Trish turns her head hoping Ashley will get this over with quickly.

"I can't believe I actually thought I was better than her or Mistress Candy
and Torrie. I know you think the same Trish." Ashley says causing Trish to
look at her, "That'll change. You'll soon realise what me and Mickie

Trish wants to ask her what it is exacterly she has come to realise but can't
because of the ball gag.

"And what's that bitch?" Torrie asks.

Ashley turns around to look at Torrie.

"That we're not better than you Mistress Torrie, or Mistress Candice or
Mistress Victoria." Ashley says obediently.

Torrie smiles at Ashley as her eyes slowly move from Ashley to Trish who is
looking at Torrie with hatred once again on her face and in her eyes.

"Tell Trish what you just told me bitch." Torrie says completely at ease
despite the daggers Trish is staring at her with.

Ashley turns to look back at Trish.

"We're not better than them Trish." Ashley says meaning every word she says.

Trish just looks at her unable to believe this is the same person she took
under her wing not that long ago.

"We're below them." Ashley adds.

Trish shakes her head refusing to believe what Ashley has just said.

"Both me and Mickie are where we belong, at Mistress Candy and Mistress
Victoria's feet. And you'll soon be where you belong Trish." Ashley says
actually having the nerve to smile at her.

"And where is that bitch?" Torrie asks.

Ashley once again turns to look at Torrie.

"Face Trish when you say it." Torrie says.

Ashley does as she is told and turns back around to face Trish.

"Where does Trish belong?" Torrie asks looking at Trish who is looking at
Ashley begging her, mentally pleading with her not to say what she knows she
is about to say.

"At Mistress Torrie's feet." Ashley says still smiling the same ear to ear

Trish's heart almost breaks hearing those words knowing and finally accepting
that her two former best friends really have been completely broken by
Vince's Devils Candice and Victoria and as she slowly accepts this Trish
looks at Torrie who has the same ear to ear smile on her face that Ashley

Trish simply looks at Torrie determined not to let her break her no matter
what she says or does she will not let Torrie Wilson break her and make her
her very own slave.

Ashley soon cums from what she has said as well as the dildo it's self and
she does the same thing Mickie did earlier she cleans the dildo with her
mouth puts it back in the goodie bag and leaves the basement with Torrie
following close behind her.

Once they are both gone Trish passes out due to the mental emotional and
physical strain the past countless hours have put on her.

* * *

Trish awakens to the sound of the basement door opening.

She slowly lifts her head and moans in pain due to her pussy and ass now
feeling really sore due to the vibrator and butt plug having been in there
for so long and yet despite being unconscious Trish knows she has come God
knows how many more times since she lost consciousness.

Trish watches as 5 sets of feet walk down the stairs with Torrie once again
leading the way and Victoria and her slave and Candice and her slave
following close behind.

Victoria and Candice stand either side of the chair with their slaves next to
them while Torrie walks right up and stands in front of Trish with an ear to
ear smile on her face.

"Well Trish it's been 24 hours." Torrie says happily, "Are you ready to
submit to me yet?"

With that she takes a step forward and removes the ball gag from Trish's
mouth taking a step back once she has done it.

Trish remains silent despite feeling as weak as a new born baby her
determination is still intact.

Torrie however thinks that Trish is waiting for her to ask her the way she
did before.

"Are you willing to submit to me Trish Stratus?" Torrie asks looking Trish
dead in the eye.

Trish looks Torrie dead in the eye back and doesn't say a word.

"I said are you willing to submit to me?" Torrie asks again.

Trish still remains silent.

"Defiant to the last ah Trish." Torrie says tauntingly.

Trish just keeps looking Torrie with an emotionless look on her face.

"I am going to ask you one more time. If you don't submit to me then the pass
24 hours are going to be nothing compared to the next... 168 hours you spend
up there." Torrie says intentionally pausing to make Trish think she was
trying to think of a decent amount of time when she had already thought of

Trish works out what Torrie has just said and as she realises what Torrie is
referring too and what the 168 hours means she looks at the blonde American
bombshell in shock and disbelief.

"You'd never... you'd never be able to get away with it." Trish says doing
her best to sound as confident as possible.

"Oh yes we would Trish." Victoria says causing Trish to turn her attention to
her arch rival, "We've already got the perfect cover story."

"You... you really think anybody would believe you three?" Trish asks.

"Your right, nobody would believe us considering how much the three of us
hate you." Victoria says smiling.

"But they would believe Ashley and Mickie." Candice then joins in.

Trish turns and looks at Candice who smiles at her confidently.

Trish slowly turns and looks at Ashley and Mickie who once again have the
same blank, emotionless expressions on their faces.

"So what is the cover story?" Trish asks hoping she can find a hole in their
cover story.

Victoria turns and looks at Ashley.

"Slave." Victoria says.

Ashley immediately turns her head and looks at Victoria.

"Yes Mistress Victoria." Ashley says with a small rather hopeful looking
smile on her face.

"Remember that cover story we told you to memorize?" Victoria asks.

"Yes Mistress." Ashley says.

"Imagine Mr. McMahon has just asked you where Trish is. What are you going to
tell him?" Victoria then asks her.

"Well you see Mr. McMahon me and Mickie spent Tuesday with Trish then
yesterday morning Trish woke up feeling really ill. She called us up and we
went to her hotel room and she was constantly being sick. She couldn't keep
anything down no matter how hard she tried. No matter what she ate or drank
she kept bringing it back up. We told her to try and get some rest and that
we would check up on her this morning which we did and she was still as bad
as when we left her. We told her that it may be best she not come to the show
due to the fact that whatever she has might spread. She agreed with us and
decided to go back to Toronto. She said she would let us know when she got
there how she was feeling. Personally sir I think she might have that stomach
bug that has been going around and we might not see her for at least a week."
Ashley says.

Victoria turns her attention from Ashley to Trish.

"And if Mickie get's asked about your where abouts she will tell them the
exact same story." Candice says, "Would you like to hear her version?"

Trish swallows hard.

"Why would anybody believe them?" Trish says knowing that her argument as to
why anybody would believe Ashley or Mickie is weak and yet desperate to fight
no matter what.

Torrie laughs.

"Why would anybody believe them Trish?" Torrie says mockingly, "I think the
question should be why would anybody doubt them. I mean you have been hanging
around Ashley since you came back and Mickie has had her nose up your ass
since she joined RAW and there have been a few staff members and wrestlers
who have had to take time off because of a serious stomach bug that has been
going around. So I think it is safe to say our cover story is fool proof."

"And as a reward for telling whoever wants to know where you are that story I
think Ashley and Mickie will deserve a reward and I don't see any reason why
they can't play with you like Torrie did earlier, both together and
individually." Victoria says looking at Torrie for her permission which
Torrie gives with a nod of her head.

"And you don't have to worry about the batteries in the vibrator and butt
plug running out because we have plenty more." Candice adds.

"So." Torrie says causing Trish to turn her attention back to her, "I think
the only real question left Trish is are you going to submit to me? Or are
you going to spend the next week up there with both the butt plug and
vibrator on full power for the whole week?"

Trish thinks about her options and quickly comes to the conclusion that she
has no options unless she wants her pussy and ass sore beyond belief in the
next week and for Mickie and Ashley to use her the way Torrie did earlier she
has no choice but to submit to the Boise Idaho native.

"Very well then." Torrie says bringing Trish quickly out of her thoughts as
she see's Torrie take a step towards her and reach for the ball gag.

"No wait!" Trish snaps desperately.

Torrie stops and slowly lowers her hand.

"Yes Trish." Torrie says knowing that she has the Toronto Ontario native
right where she wants her.

Trish swallows hard and takes a deep breath as she closes her eyes.

"I... I submit." Trish says hating herself for saying each word as they leave
her mouth.

"And?" Torrie asks.

"And... I will be your slave... Mistress Torrie." Trish says having never
felt so humiliated or embarrassed as she does right now.

Torrie smiles an ear to ear smile.

"Open your eyes Trish." Torrie says arrogantly.

Trish slowly opens her eyes.

"Now say it all together and keep your eyes open and on me or else." Torrie
tells her determined to get exacterly what she wants from the Canadian.

Trish looks at Torrie doing her best to hide her anger and hate towards the
blonde for not accepting the fact that she has just said what she wanted her
to say and yet knowing she has to do what Torrie wants or else she is sure
she will spend the next week exacterly where she is.

Trish once again swallows hard and forces herself to repeat what she just
said all in one go.

"I submit and I will be your slave Mistress Torrie." Trish says.

Torrie's smile widens.

"Ashley. Mickie. Remove Trish's bonds as well as the vibrator and butt plug."
Torrie says turning and walking over to the chair.

Trish watches as Mickie takes out the vibrator from her pussy causing her to
moan in both pain and relief Ashley then removes the butt plug making Trish
groan again in both pain and relief as the two then work to release Trish
from her bond and Trish falls to the floor a sign of how weak she is.

"Now then slave." Torrie says causing Trish to look over at her sitting on
the chair, "Come here and lay yourself down across my lap."

Trish is tempted to try and make a run for it but she knows she doesn't have
the strength to run and even if she did try it she has no doubt either Mickie
and or Ashley or Victoria and or Candice either all together or two of them
or even one of them would be able to catch her due to how weak she is and so
she slowly get's up onto her hand and knee's and slowly crawls over to Torrie
remembering the time Mr. McMahon had her crawl around the ring like a dog. At
the time she didn't think she could be put through anything more humiliating
than that evidently she was wrong because her having to crawl over to Torrie
on all fours is much more humiliating an anything Mr. McMahon made her do.

Torrie watches as Trish approaches her slowly on all fours. Eventually she
reaches her and climbs up and lays herself across her lap.

"That's a good slave." Torrie says loving what she is doing and what she is
about to do to the once proud WWE Woman's champion, "Now I am going to give
you 50 lashes. And I want you to count them and I want you to say Thank you
Thank you Mistress Torrie. Understand slave?"

"Yes Mistress Torrie." Trish says hating the fact that she is forced to call
Torrie "Mistress Torrie" let alone the fact she now has to thank her for 50
lashes as she calls them.


"One thank you Mistress Torrie." Trish says gritting her teeth in pain.


"Two thank you Mistress Torrie." Trish says again biting down on her bottom
lip unable to believe how painful these first two are and wondering if it is
because she doesn't have the strength to mentally or physically try and
prepare herself or if Torrie really is hitting her as hard as it feels like
she is.


"Three thank you Mistress Torrie." Trish continues to count through gritted

Every blow that connects with her ass is incredibly painful, far more painful
than Trish would have ever thought possible given who is spanking her, but it
is exactly who is spanking her which makes the emotional pain Trish is
receiving far worse than any physical pain, which is quite impressive given
just how much her ass stings from each smack.

This is by far the most humiliating moment of Trish's life, even worse than
moments before when she was forced to crawl around like a dog for Torrie
Wilson, now it was even worse because she was getting spanked by Torrie
Wilson. Torrie Wilson! Torrie Wilson wasn't in her league and in a fair fight
she could kick her ass easily but here she was, bent over Torrie's knee
getting her ass spanked by this piece of eye candy.

What makes it even worse is that Torrie is clearly having the time of her
life, greedily groping Trish's ass between each strike, her hand shamelessly
squeezing, pinching and feeling the women's champion's ass up as if it is a
piece of meat.

It feels so degrading, but all Trish can do is lay there and take it.

While Trish lays there, hating every moment of her humiliating spanking
Torrie continues to beat Trish's ass, loving the sound of her hand connecting
with the former 3 time diva of the year's behind and hearing her thank her
for each one.

Torrie has been dreaming of spanking Trish's amazing ass since the first time
she had seen it and after years of fantasizing about giving that curvaceous
bubble butt a beating now she finally has the multi-time women's champion
bent over her knee, her yummy ass on display, taking the spanking Torrie's
always wanted to give her.

Not wanting to waste a single blow Torrie brings her hand down as hard as she
can each time on those meaty cheeks, licking her lips randomly as she watched
that rounded rear ripple ever so slightly on each strike, Torrie unable to
stop herself from running her hand all over that hot backside in between each
spank, her hand greedily sampling this delicious piece of ass.

Those big round cheeks were absolutely perfect, big but not to big, soft but
not too soft, bouncy but not to bouncy, Trish's ass is a thing of true
perfection. Torrie could have just happily spanked that ass all night long
but far to soon Torrie reaches her 50th strike, seemingly bringing the
spanking to a close.


"Fifty thank you Mistress Torrie."

After giving Trish her 50th lashing Torrie gently runs her hand over her
slave's now pink coloured butt cheeks.

"You did very well slave." Torrie says, squeezing Trish's ass.

"But you didn't give her enough." Victoria snaps causing Torrie to look up at

"Yeah Torrie." Candice adds, "Trish was the leader of this former trio

"It's because of her spotlight stealing ass that we did this." Victoria jumps

When Torrie hears the words 'spotlight stealing' she remembers back when she
was on Smackdown and Trish was Woman's champion defending her title on both
shows everybody considered Trish to be the No.1 diva and her No.2.

"You know what girls your right." Torrie says determined to get her own back
on the Canadian who is now laying across her lap, "50 lashes is nowhere near
enough and I think we need something a bit harder than my hand so I'll tell
you what. Why don't you get the goody bag from underneath the chair and see
what each of you can find in order for me to give this bitch a proper

Victoria get's down on her hands and knee's and pulls the goody bag from
under the chair and stands up with it and looks through the bag until she
finds what she wants Torrie to use on Trish's ass and pulls it out giving
Candice the bag. Candice rummages through the bag until she too finds
something worth Torrie using on Trish's ass once she has it she does the bag
up and drops it onto the floor next to the chair.

Torrie looks at the two items in both Victoria and Candice's hands.

"I think Vickie I will use your weapon of choice first." Torrie says taking
the wooden paddle from Victoria before turning her attention to Trish, "Now
then slave, I'm going to give you 50 more lashes and I want you to count
again only this time say 'thank you Mistress Victoria' since she was the one
who was nice enough to pick this hard wooden paddle for me to use on you."

Trish closes her eyes wanting to cry and yet her pride not allowing her too
due to how humiliated and degraded she feels and yet despite how she feels
her pride will not let her show any physical weakness.


"One thank you Mistress Victoria." Trish says really gritting her teeth now
to stop her screaming out in pain.


"Two thank you... Mistress Victoria." Trish says.

"Ah-ah-ah, say it all together." Torrie says tapping Trish's ass with the
paddle, "Let's start again."


"One thank you Mistress Victoria." Trish says certain that by the end of this
spanking she is going to end up crying because of the pain.

While being spanked by Torrie's hand had been more humiliating than it was
painful being beaten by the paddle was far more painful than it was
humiliating. It was still incredibly humiliating, but instead of her mind
being on her shame Trish couldn't stop thinking about anything but the agony
of that hard wooden paddle bouncing off her ass cheeks again, and again, and

Trish grit her teeth and closed her eyes tightly, trying in vain to block out
the pain and concentrate on just counting and thanking 'Mistress Victoria',
but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't ignore the pain.

At least when Torrie had spanked Trish with her bare hand she had taken time
to grope Trish's ass, which even though it had been incredibly humiliating
was at least soothing to the Canadian's beaten flesh. Occasionally Torrie
would stop the brutal beating to slide the paddle over Trish's sore backside
but it was only briefly and it was more threatening than soothing, Trish
knowing she's only moments away from another hard strike.

As the spanking continues Trish feels her eyes start to water and no matter
how hard she tries to stop it a single tear runs down her cheek from the
pain, bringing her even more humiliation to add to her pain as Torrie
officially makes her cry from the brutal butt bashing.

Torrie smiles wickedly to herself as she continues to spank Trish with the
paddle, loving the sound of the wood connecting to Trish's ass as well as the
moans and groans from Trish as she thanks Victoria for each of them.

Feeling she was too soft on Trish last time Torrie make sure this paddling is
anything but too soft, the proud member of the Devils tearing into the
woman's champion's ass mercilessly with her paddle.

Half way through Torrie turns her attention to Victoria who is watching her
as she spanks Trish with an ear to ear smile on her face. Candice has the
exact same look on her face which pleases Torrie as evidently she is
impressing her friends with her spanking skills.

Both herself and Candice love to spank ass, but Victoria is a butt beating
master and to impress her means a lot to Torrie who is filled with a sense of
pride as a result of the looks Victoria is giving her.

Inspired by the looks of her friends Torrie paddles Trish's butt even harder,
savagely slamming that poor behind with her weapon of ass destruction.


"Fifty thank you Mistress Victoria." Trish says with tears in her eyes and
yet for some reason not because of her pride she is unable to cry.

"You did very well." Torrie says running her hand over Trish's now bright red
ass loving the feel of the heat coming off of it, "It's alright slave... only
50 more to go, only this time I'll be using the riding crop Candice picked
out for me and you'll be saying 'thank you Mistress Candy after each count."

Trish simply hangs her head and waits for the first touch of the riding crop.

Torrie smiles at Trish's submission as she drops the paddle down next to the
bag of goodies and then takes the black riding crop from Candice. She then
slides the crop all over Trish's already thoroughly beaten ass, building up
anticipation before the first brutal strike.


"One thank you Mistress Candy." Trish says.

Trish uses all her will power to resist the urge to cry but the pain becomes
too much as Torrie begins whooping her ass like never before, that crop
tearing into Trish's soft skin to the point where it feels like it's drawing
blood, leaving Trish no choice but to cry.

Tears have been sliding down Trish's cheeks since the halfway point of the
paddling and once the cropping started the tears fell like a waterfall until
Trish is bawling pathetically over Torrie's knee, not that Torrie has any
sympathy for her. In fact as Trish begins to cry Torrie only begins
destroying Trish's ass harder, not pausing for even a second to rub the crop
over her ass like she had done with her hand and the crop, instead Torrie
just savagely beating Trish's butt black and blue, or more accurately a
swollen red.

This leaves Trish feeling completely humiliated as she endure is the most
painful beating of her life, no match or moment in her entire WWE career more
painful or humiliating than this.

It is by far the lowest point in Trish's life and she doesn't see how it can
possibly get any worse than this.

The impress look of her friends made Torrie feel proud, but to bring the six
times women's champion to hysterical tears made her feel like a goddess.

Trish had always been better than her in the ring, and perhaps now she is
better than anyone, or at least any other female, and yet she, Torrie Wilson,
has beaten this multi-time champion's ass to tears.

As she thought about all Trish had accomplished while she herself had
floundered in mediocrity Torrie became even more violent and even downright
vindictive, tearing into that ass which she had lusted after for so long like
she wants to damage it beyond recognition. The crop created beautiful lines
of pure dark red over the already beaten red skin of Trish's ass, Torrie
hoping at least one of those marks will be permanent to forever remind Trish
that she was now her slave.

With the spanking almost over Torrie considers suggesting since Trish is the
spot light stealing whore that caused them so much misery that she and her
fellow Devils should just continue beating Trish's ass for the rest of the
night to make sure they really teach her a lesson, tie her back up with the
vibrators back inside her pussy and ass and just leave her there until
tomorrow at which point they would begin the spanking all over again until
Torrie finally showed mercy to Trish by breaking her completely by fucking
her into submission. Part of Torrie wanted to do that, part of her wanted to
do that so bad, but she needed to fuck Trish so bad it hurt, and after
waiting for so long Torrie would not be denied.


"Fifty thank you Mistress Candy." Trish says her ass feeling as though it is
on fire.

"Now then my slave that wasn't so hard was it." Torrie says as she drops the
riding crop down next to the paddle and the goody bag.

Trish grits her teeth in a weird way loving Torrie due to her continually
giving her the strength to fight on in her own way.

"Now." Torrie says unable to see Trish's pissed off determined facial
expression returning, "I want you to lay down on the ground, facing the

With that she pushes Trish off of her lap and onto the floor on her stomach.

Trish looks up at Torrie and Torrie looks right back at her able to see the
look in her eyes and yet totally unconcerned due to her knowing that very
soon that determination and refusal to submit will be gone and she will have
herself a completely broken and subservient slave.

Trish continues to look at Torrie feeling tempted to get up and attack her
but knowing that if she does that Victoria and Candice will be on her just as
quickly as she jumps on Torrie and so she slowly rolls over onto her ass
moaning as her bright red and swollen ass comes into contact with the wooden

"Believe it or not slave." Torrie says causing Trish to look down at her,
"The carpet would feel a lot worse than the floor does."

As she speaks Torrie stands up and walks over to Trish. Once she reaches her
soon to be new slave she walks around until she is standing at Trish's head
facing her feet. Torrie then get's down onto her hands and knee's and moves
herself until her pussy is directly above Trish's face and Trish's pussy is
directly below her's.

"Now then my slave I want you to show your appreciation for the spanking I
just gave you by making me cum. And if you don't you will be spanked again.
Only this time it won't be 50 lashes it will be until I'm too tired to spank
you. Then Mistress Victoria will take over and then when she is too tired to
spank you Mistress Candy will take over and the spanking won't end until all
three of us are too tired to spank you anymore. Do you understand slave?"
Torrie asks loving the feeling of power she has over the WWE women's

"Yes Mistress Torrie." Trish says slowly wishing she could show her
appreciation another way and that is by kicking Torrie's ass but knowing she
doesn't stand a chance against all three of them at once.

After mentally stopping herself from attacking Torrie regardless of the odds
Trish opens her eyes and get's her first close up look at another woman's
pussy. Trish is so close to Torrie's cunt that she can actually smell her
sent and although she would like to convince herself otherwise the smell
doesn't disgust her.

Taking a deep breath Trish sticks out her tongue and gives Torrie's pussy a
slow, cautious lick again and although Trish would love to tell herself
different the taste of Torrie's pussy isn't disgusting and it doesn't taste
so bad. In fact, much to her horror, Trish finds it tastes kind of... good.

Knowing Torrie won't be satisfied with just one lick Trish slowly starts to
gently lap at Torrie's pussy, her tongue becoming more confident with each
lick as she relaxes into going down on another woman. As she relaxes into her
task and tastes more of Torrie's wet hole Trish finds she actually likes it,
which makes it easier. Torrie has no intention of making this easy on Trish

"That's a good slave, lick me just like that, lick your mistress's pussy just
like that, lick your mistress's pussy like a good little cunt lapper,
mmmmmmmm good girl, good little cunt lapper." Torrie moans, "Mmmmmmmm, you
make such a good little cunt lapper Trish. I knew that you would. I knew
you'd just love having your face buried between my thighs. All you needed was
a little... encouragement."

Trish closes her eyes, doing her best to block Torrie's words of
encouragement out and focus on her task at hand. As Trish continues to lick
Torrie's pussy she realises she isn't just licking Torrie's pussy because she
has to she is actually licking it because she likes it.

Doing her best to block this thought out Trish continues to lick Torrie's
pussy as best she can slowly starting to go faster as Torrie starts to moan
in response to what she is doing.

Part of Torrie still can't believe Candice's plan is actually succeeding but
here she is, kneeling over the face of the mighty Trish Stratus, the multi-
time women's champion submissively lapping away at Torrie's twat as she lays
on her freshly spanked ass, only moments away from submitting to Torrie
completely as both their friends watch.

Thinking of her friends Torrie looks over at them, expecting to see them
watching her with their new slaves in their arms. Her friends were watching
her alright, but their slaves were on their knees with their faces buried
between their mistress's legs.

Victoria looks a little guilty at being caught but Candice just smiles, grabs
Mickie by the hair and gently pushes her slave's face deeper into her hot
box, her slave taking this is a clear sign of encouragement to increase her
licking and sucking.

Torrie smiles back at Candice and then smiles at Victoria to let her know
she's more than ok with her sampling her slave's mouth while they watch,
before turning her attention back to Trish, deciding to let the women's
champion know just what their friends were doing.

"Oh, that's a good slave... that's my good slave." Torrie says closing her
eyes and letting herself get lost in the feeling of having Trish's tongue in
her pussy, "You make a good slave Trish, just like your friends. Do you want
to know where your friends are right now? They're in between my friends legs,
passionately eating them like good little slaves, just like we planned. Me
and my friends planned on making you and your friends our slaves and look at
the three of you now, licking our pussies like the pussy loving slaves we've
turned you into!"

Trish squeezes her eyes tightly shut and tries concentrating on her task, but
Torrie's pussy juice is the sweetest thing she has ever tasted and despite
herself Trish can't help moan after one particularly long lick.

"Sounds like I'm not the only one enjoying this." Torrie laughs, not letting
the moan go unnoticed or unpunished, "Well since you like licking my pussy so
much why don't we try and step up the fun a little, mm? Hell, your friends
are passionately slurping at my friends juicy boxs so I think it's about time
you followed their examples and that your lips wrapped around my pussy. Come
on bitch, suck me, suck my fucking pussy lips you muff diving whore! Get
deeper in my pussy. And stick your tongue inside me. I want to feel your
tongue inside my pussy. Stick it as deep inside me as you can you rug
munching slut! Do it oooooohhhhhhh!"

Torrie's commands end in a long moan as Trish pushes her tongue as deep as it
would go into her pussy before sliding it almost all the way out so she could
repeat the process, Trish obediently fucking Torrie with her tongue.

As she thrusts her tongue in and out of the other blonde Trish wraps her lips
tightly around Torrie's pussy, sucking on it gently as she tongue fucks her
fellow diva, sometimes even pausing in the thrusting to give an extra long

This clearly pleases Torrie who pushes herself down hard on Trish's face,
nearly smothering the women's champion with her wet cunt as she shamelessly

Trish just does her best to concentrate but again Torrie doesn't make it easy
for her.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, that's it Trish, just like that. Tongue fuck my pussy. Fuck my
pussy with your tongue. More, more, more, harder, yes that's it, slam me with
your tongue. Slam that pussy with your talented little tongue. Now slide it
around inside me. More. Slide it all around my pussy. Come on, up and down,
up and down, up and down, good now clockwise and anti-clockwise... good girl,
good little pussy loving slave! Mmmmmmmmmm, you're such a good little cunt
lapper Trish. I think either somebody is just a natural cunt lapper or this
isn't their first time licking pussy." Torrie says surprised by how well
Trish is doing and yet loving it at the same time.

Trish continues to try and ignore Torrie's comments even though they are
starting to get to her in a way she hates because she is actually starting to
like Torrie's words of encouragement due to this being her first time licking

Trying to ignore the disturbing feelings of pride welling up inside her Trish
concentrates on obeying Torrie's words while not really analysing them,
fucking her pussy when asked just as she slid her tongue up and down as well
as clockwise and anti-clockwise inside her when told to do so, her mouth
gluing itself even more tightly around Torrie's pussy hole to stop any of the
yummy liquid from escaping.

Slowly Trish get's into a good rhythm and then suddenly removes her tongue
from Torrie's pussy and uses it to seek out her clit which as soon as she
finds she sucks into her mouth causing Torrie to let out the loudest moan yet
which causes Trish to go back and forth between Torrie's pussy and clit.

"Oh that's it slave, eat me!" Torrie snaps loving what Trish is doing to her,
"Oh eat my pussy slave... oh my God just like that, good slave. Now fuck me
with that talented tongue of yours again. Slam fuck my pussy with your tongue
you muff munching dyke! Tongue fuck my pussy good. Fuck it as hard as you
can. Mmmmmmmm!"

Torrie cries out in pleasure, her words clearly starting to really have an
effect on Trish who doubles the speeds of her thrusts until her tongue
becomes like a jackhammer inside of Torrie's pussy. As she continues to
thrust her tongue in and out of Torrie's hole Trish can feel the juices start
to flow like a stream out of Torrie's pussy and into her mouth which she does
her best to swallow and the taste is even better now than when Trish first
stuck her tongue in Torrie's cunt.

Trish's mouth and tongue feel like pure heaven on and inside Torrie's pussy,
that mouth and tongue causing her so much pleasure that Torrie knows it's
only a matter of time before she cums. She holds herself off for as long as
she can, savouring the heavenly feelings of pleasure she is receiving from
the mighty multi-time women's champion Trish Stratus eating her pussy while
her eyes go back and forth between the beautiful woman she is straddling and
the sight of two other beautiful women on their knees with their faces
between the legs of her two best friends.

Ultimately Torrie focuses on Trish, the American blonde pressing her pussy
down firmly on the Canadian blonde's face, rubbing herself back and forth on
that cover model face, using it as a fuck pad.

This ever so slight increase in stimulation causes Torrie to go over the
edge, fireworks going off behind her eyes as she shudders in climax and cums
all over Trish's face, which she continues to fuck through her ecstasy.

When Torrie suddenly moans louder than before a rush of liquid enters Trish's
mouth which out does anything Trish has tasted up until this moment. It is
the sweetest most delicious thing she has ever tasted in her life and Trish
starts to greedily slurp away at Torrie's pussy ignoring or not caring that
it is Torrie's pussy she is getting this delicious thing from as she swallows
more and more trying to catch it all which she manages to do despite how fast
it is coming out of Torrie's twat.

Torrie eventually calms down and stops cumming as she feels Trish start to
clean her cunt of any left over juice which makes Torrie smile knowing that
although she may not have completely broken her yet she knows she is on the
way to becoming her slave forever.

"You did brilliantly my slave." Torrie says, "In fact, you did so well. I
think you deserve a reward."

With that Torrie leans forward, moving her body down so she and Trish are in
the 69 position, before she sticks her tongue out and gives Trish's pussy a
long soft lick.

Torrie's taste buds are practically set on fire the first time she glides her
tongue over Trish's pussy lips, the other blonde tasting even better than
Torrie imagined. Grinning happily Torrie starts gently licking Trish's pussy,
scooping up as much of that yummy cunt cream as possible as she begins
'rewarding' her slave.

Trish moans loudly and uncontrollably as she feels Torrie's tongue sliding
over her pussy. She continues to moan as Torrie slowly runs her tongue up and
down the women's champion's pussy lips, her soft flesh extra sensitive due to
the vibrator and all the orgasms she has had.

Torrie continues sliding her tongue over Trish's sensitive entrance, sliding
around them as well as up and down over them until finally Torrie pushes her
way into Trish's wet hole with one hard thrust which causes the blonde
Canadian to cry out loudly in pleasure. Trish's cries become even louder as
Torrie begins to tongue fuck her, Trish moaning and groaning louder and
louder and louder with each thrust of Torrie's tongue.

As with every other woman she has ever gone down on Trish's pussy juices
taste even better from the source, Torrie quickly wrapping her lips around
that pretty pink hole to ensure she gets to drink as much of the delicious
cunt cream as possible.

Torrie loves eating pussy. She had started in high school and by the time she
was a professional model she was also a professional pussy eater, as her many
conquests would confirm. Now her muff munching skills were second to none,
something Trish is definitely going to find out.

Wrapping her lips around Trish's pussy had the expected effect of increasing
Trish's stimulation which in turn gave Torrie more of the juices she was
beginning to crave. To add to this Torrie began sucking at Trish's pussy
lips, gently at first, but quickly increasing in speed and pressure until
Torrie is greedily sucking her fellow diva's cunt in between thrust of her
tongue, Torrie increasing the pace of the tongue fucking at the same pace she
increased the sucking so that her tongue and lips were working together to
bring her slave off.

Trish closes her eyes as she feels Torrie start to lick the inside of her
pussy clockwise and then anti-clockwise, twirling her tongue one way and then
the other, sometimes both ways on the same thrust of her tongue.

Within seconds Trish can feel herself on the brink of a climax however Torrie
is evidently intent on keeping her on the edge pushing her almost over it
more times than Trish can count but no matter how many times Torrie almost
pushes her over she always manages to stop her from cumming just when Trish
thinks she has hit the peak.

Trish can feel herself wanting to cum so badly it almost hurts and yet what
Torrie is doing to her despite being torturous because she wants to cum so
bad always feels amazing that although she wants to cum at the same time
Trish doesn't want Torrie to ever let her cum because if she does that means
Torrie's tongue will leave her pussy and she doesn't want Torrie's tongue to
ever leave her pussy.

Ironically just as Trish thinks this Torrie removes her tongue from Trish's
twat, much to the displeasure of both blondes. but Torrie has something to

"You wanna cum slave?" Torrie asks after turning her head around to look at

"Yes Mistress Torrie." Trish replies, nodding her head eagerly.

"Well then you've got to make me cum first." Torrie orders.

Before Torrie gets the chance to elaborate Trish buries her face back in
Torrie's pussy and begins eagerly licking and sucking her pussy for all she
is worth.

While Torrie had been going down on her she hadn't moved meaning her pussy
had been hovering over Trish's face the whole time meaning it is easy for
Trish to resume eating Torrie's pussy, the desperate to cum Canadian soon
pushing her tongue into her fellow blonde to try and get her off as fast as
she can.

Torrie moans happily as Trish begins to tongue fuck her cunt, her slave
establishing a quick pace right from the start and only getting quicker with
every passing second. Trish obviously wants to cum badly but Torrie is
determined to hold back and enjoy the 69 with her conquered foe, not
something that Trish's tongue is making easy.

To distract herself from the work of Trish's soft tongue Torrie dives back
into her fellow diva's twat, but instead of giving Trish the hard tongue
fucking she is no doubt craving Torrie just lightly slides her tongue over
Trish's pussy lips and clitoris, cruelly teasing the other blonde by giving
her a taste of the pleasure she so desperately wants.

This only motivates Trish to work harder, twirling her tongue around inside
Torrie, viciously attacking every sweet spot she had already found inside the
other WWE diva's pussy over, and over, and over again, pausing only to
swallow the pussy juices which flowed into her mouth and all over her face.

At this point Trish's face is completely drenched in her fellow diva's cunt
cream but the women's champion didn't care, nor did she care that her tongue
and lips ached from overuse or that her aching tongue and lips are
worshipping another woman's pussy, all Trish cares about now is cumming.

In her entire life Trish can't remember being this horny and desperate for
sexual satisfaction. That fact would have terrified her if she was able to
think clearly, but her desires were clouding her mind to the point where she
could barely form any type of coherent thought at all. The only thoughts
running through her mind which were close to her real self were the ones
convincing her she is only acting like a total pussy hungry slut because she
wants to cum, although those thoughts were hard to believe considering other
thoughts like how wonderfully good Torrie's pussy tasted and what would other
pussies taste like echoed throughout Trish's brain far louder than any half-
hearted thoughts of resistance.

Trying to ignore her thoughts, and more importantly get the climax she
desperately wants, Trish blocks out everything, even her own pleasure, to
focus purely on Torrie's cunt, the once proudly 100% straight women's
champion putting on a pussy pleasing performance which would have made any
pure lesbian proud.

Despite the extremely good head she is receiving from her slave Torrie is
able to control herself for an impressively long-time, but even with all her
experience Torrie is unable to keep herself from cumming forever and
eventually the pleasure becomes just too much and the sexy Devil cries out in
ecstasy as her orgasm finally hits.

Her body shaking in pleasure Torrie presses herself down hard onto Trish's
face, smothering her fellow WWE diva with her pussy, making sure the other
blonde can't escape from getting a face full of cum and cunt cream.

Unlike before the thought of escaping doesn't even enter Trish's mind as the
WWE women's champion is far too busy gobbling up Torrie's juices, her
reluctance momentarily completely forgotten as she eagerly swallows as much
cum as she can. Trish's inexperience results in quite a lot of Torrie's cum
escaping her mouth and covering her face, a fact which begins to slowly
disgust Trish again as her horniness begins to die down as Torrie's climax
comes to an end.

Before Trish gets the chance to hate herself too much however Torrie suddenly
buries her face in Trish's pussy and starts to tongue fuck her, sliding her
tongue in and out at an amazing speed, making Trish moan uncontrollably.

Her horniness returning to her with a vengeance Trish buries her face back
into Torrie's cunt, the two WWE divas becoming lost in each other's
pussies... or at least that's how it seems.

In truth Torrie is far less lost to her lust then Trish and is able to keep
Trish on the edge of an orgasm more than enough to get a third climax of her
own before she presses her face as deep into Trish's pussy as it can possibly
and starts to jack hammering her tongue into her as hard as she possibly can.

At this point Trish is helpless writhing and moaning until finally she
screams at the top of her voice the loudest scream she has ever had making
her body shake like it has never shaken before.

As Trish shakes beneath her Torrie greedily swallows Trish's cum, the
dominating blonde loving the sweet flavour of her fellow diva's orgasm which
is even better than she imagined it would be.

"Did you enjoy that slave?" Torrie asks after reluctantly pulling her face
from Trish's pussy.

It takes a few minutes for Trish to respond as she is trying to get over the
most amazing orgasm she has ever had, the deafening silence in the room
making her nervous.

"Yes Mistress Torrie." Trish says without thinking.

"Good." Torrie says as she turns her body around so she's facing Trish,
smiles at her and then captures her lips with her own.

Without hesitation Trish returns the kiss, the two blondes tasting themselves
on each other's lips for a few moments before Torrie breaks it, smiles and
says, "Wait here."

With that Torrie slowly get's up and walks over to the chair. She then bends
down, picks up the goody bag next to the chair and rummages around in it
before she finally pulls out a strap on which is just as big as both
Candice's and Victoria's.

"Come over here slave." Torrie says looking down at Trish who slowly get's up
onto her hands and knees and crawls over to Torrie.

Once Trish reaches Torrie she get's up onto her knee's.

"Put this on me." Torrie says smiling an ear to ear smile as Trish does as
she is told

As she is doing this Trish does her best trying to convince herself that the
only reason she is doing what Torrie tells her to do now is because she has
to however deep down just like when she ate Torrie's pussy she is doing it in
part because she wants too.

Once the strap on is correctly in place Trish looks up at Torrie and can tell
from the look in her eyes what she wants her to do.

"Now my slave let's see how good you are at giving a blow job." Torrie then

Trish does her best to ignore the challenging tone in Torrie's voice as she
takes the fake cock in her right hand and start to rub the shaft up and down
as she licks and kisses the head keeping her eyes locked with Torrie's as she
continues to worship the head with her lips and tongue as she continues to
stroke the shaft.

Torrie smiles down at Trish able to tell although she is doing her best to
hide it that she is starting to get into it.

After a few more minutes of licking, kissing and stroking the fake cock in
her hand Trish closes her eyes, opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes
the head of the cock into her mouth in one go.

"MMMMMM, this is defiantly not the first cock you've sucked is it slave."
Torrie says smiling an ear to ear smile at Trish.

Trish ignores Torrie and like before focuses on what she is doing. After she
takes the head into her mouth she manages to take the rest of it all the way
to the back of her throat with ease, proving what Torrie had just said to be
true in her own way, as she relaxes her throat muscles and begins to slide
the shaft down her throat until her lips reach the base of Torrie's fake girl

Although the thing in between her legs is fake Torrie can tell Trish is an
expert when it comes to sucking cock as she watches Trish bob her head up and
down on the fake cock, covering every single inch of it with her saliva.

Trish opens her eyes and looks up and catches Torrie's eyes and see's the ear
to ear smile on her face and it causes her to blush, closes her eyes and
concentrate on the task at hand.

Zoning out everything else around her Trish concentrates only on the strap on
cock, imagining its real and treating it as such, her lips sliding slowly up
and down the full length of it, the blonde skilfully taking the head down her
throat so she can get every single inch of it nice and wet.

Every time the last few inches slipped down her windpipe Trish would choke
and gag a little, the WWE women's champion unable to take all the monster
cock down her throat for long.

Like no doubt every diva on the roster Trish had sucked cock before, even a
few which were close to the size of this dildo but those extra inches really
cause a problem for her, and it is about to get seriously worse.

Without any warning Torrie began slowly pumping her hips, timing it perfectly
so she is sliding the cock into Trish's mouth as the women's champ is
lowering her lips and pulling back as Trish is doing the same thing,
essentially fucking Trish's mouth. This fucking continues to pick up speed
until Trish can no longer keep up and she spits out the dildo and clutches
her throat in a fit of choking and gagging.

"Ahhhh, what's the matter slave? To rough for you?" Torrie asks, lightly
smacking Trish in the face with her spit coated cock, "Well too fucking bad.
You're my slave now and that means I get to do whatever the fuck I want to
you. If that includes fucking your pretty face then you take it like the
bitch you are. So open up wide bitch so I can use your pretty mouth as a

Trish grits her teeth and stares angrily at Torrie which earns her yet more
slaps to the face with the wet dildo.

"Open your mouth slave or I'll give you another spanking!" Torrie threatens.

This threat has Trish cautiously opening her mouth and as soon as her lips
are parted wide enough Torrie presses her fake dick in between them and
pushes her way into Trish's mouth.

Trish opens her mouth a little more and than leaves it open, allowing Torrie
to saw her strap on in and out of her mouth, lightly fucking it at first, but
as she hits the back of Trish's throat and begins to force her way down it
Torrie increases the speed until she is roughly face fucking the women's

The rougher the face fucking becomes the harder it is for Trish to keep her
mouth open, the blonde Canadian gagging and choking as the fake balls of the
strap on bounce off her chin and its head rams deep into her throat.

Although she has already been thoroughly humiliated tonight Trish finds
herself ashamed of being forced to submit to this latest perversion. After
all her fellow diva, a diva who was beneath her, is using her mouth as a
cunt, fucking it with her fake cock and turning Trish, the WWE women's
champion, into a face pussy.

Just when Trish doesn't think it can't get any worse Torrie orders, "Ok
slave, now starts sucking my strap on as I fuck your mouth with it. Go back
to sucking my cock like the cock sucking pro you obviously are."

Trish narrowed her eyes but there is nothing she can do other than to comply,
the once proud women's champion sucking and slobbering on the fake cock as it
is thrust in and out of her mouth.

"Oh yes that's it Trish, suck my cock! Suck my cock just like that you cock
sucking whore! This is the real reason you get to keep stealing my spotlight
isn't it Trish? It isn't because the fans like you better or you're better in
the ring it's because you're busy sucking cock backstage to make sure you
keep getting all the opportunities which should be mine. Well no more bitch.
Now you're my slave and with you out of the way RAW will belong to me and my
friends. 'Vince's Devils' will own RAW like I'm owning your mouth!" Torrie
spat as she slams Trish's face with her cock.

Torrie is channelling her bitterness over Trish's success into the face fuck
to make it as hard and as brutal as possible but it is really hard for her to
stay mad at considering how much fun she is having dominating Trish in this

Ever since she met her Torrie has wanted to do this and so many other nasty
things to Trish, and to actually have Trish Stratus sucking on her strap on
cock while she pounded it in and out of her throat is incredibly hot.

Torrie is able to make it even hotter by continuing to call Trish dirty names
and occasionally pull her strap on out of her mouth so she can slap her with
it and rub it all over her face, covering Trish's model face with her own

As hot as it is fucking Trish's mouth Torrie wants to fuck Trish's pussy and
ass even more, and considering she has never really been much one for
patients it isn't long before Torrie finds herself pulling out of Trish's
mouth for the final time.

"Ok I think that's enough slave, now I want to try something else." Torrie
says, sitting down in the chair behind her and then looking at her slave,
"Stand up slave."

Trish slowly stands up feeling a lot stronger than she did when she was first
released from her bonds and yet not feeling totally like her old self in more
ways than one.

"Now I want you to come over here and climb up onto this while facing me."
Torrie tells her.

Trish briefly hesitates but then walks over to Torrie and slowly lifts
herself up and positions herself so that the entrance to her pussy is
hovering over the head of the dildo. Once she is in position Trish takes a
deep breath and then begins to slowly slide herself down onto the toy, the
blonde moaning as she pushes first the head of the fake cock inside herself
and then moaning even louder as she slides all the way down onto it.

"Looks like either all those hours with that vibrator in your pussy helped
you get nice and loosened up for me, or you're already loose from whoring out
this hot body of yours to get what you want." Torrie says with a laugh,
slapping Trish's big tits and rounded ass and then groping them roughly, "Now
slave I want you to start fucking yourself on my cock. Work it over with your
slut hole. I want to see you bouncing on my dick like the whore you are. Show
me what an eager, slutty little sex slave you're going to be for me."

Trish glares at Torrie, the strap on impaled blonde wanting to tell her
tormentor that she is physically drained and needs a few moments before she
starts fucking herself on that fake cock, however the glare quickly fades as
Trish acknowledges that it's useless to argue. So, too drained to fight,
Trish instead reluctantly does as she's told, gripping onto the chair for
some support as she starts slowly lifting herself up and then lowering
herself down onto the dildo, fucking herself on it for the amusement of
Torrie and the other Devils.

Suddenly remembering the others in the room Trish blushes red and looks over
at them.

The first thing that grabs Trish's attention is that Candice and Victoria
were now sitting in foldout chairs which they must've gotten from the side
and they were playing with Mickie and Ashley who were sitting on their laps.

On closer inspection Trish notices that Victoria is just rubbing the outside
of Ashley's pussy while Candice is jack-hammering her fingers in and out of
Mickie's pussy, roughly finger fucking her slave, clearly much to both of
their enjoyments considering how much their bodies were thrashing around. As
Trish looks up into their faces to see just how much they are enjoying it she
blushes again as she sees both their eyes locked on her, both enjoying what
they're seeing if Mickie's dreamy smile and Candice's wicked grin are
anything to go by. Trish blushes an even deeper shade of red as she looks
over to see the same dreamy smile on Ashley's face and an evil smirk on
Victoria's face.

The other looks were bad enough but there was just something about the way
Victoria was looking at her which made Trish think about all of her previous
accomplishments and think about how they feel like they were all for nothing
as she acted like a total whore bouncing up and down on a strap on dildo for
the enjoyment of a woman who is nothing but eye candy within the WWE and yet
she has agreed to submit to her and become her sex slave.

Unable to take the looks of the other Devils and her former friends Trish
turns away from them and, if for nothing but a lack of other things to look
at, finds herself turning to her new owner where she is horrified to see the
same evil smirk on Torrie's face that she saw on Victoria's.

Torrie has won. Torrie has reduced her to this, too acting like a total
whore, in front of other women no less, and that look just seemed to rub it
in, like Torrie is letting Trish know that yes she turned her, a 6 times WWE
women's champion, into her bitch and now all Trish can do is bounce on her
cock to try and please her.

Not wanting to see that look even for another moment Trish closes her eyes
and tries to block out everything except her own pleasure, focusing only on
fucking herself with the huge dildo, trying and failing to imagine she's
alone in her hotel room during a particularly lonely night and not bouncing
on a strap on for the enjoyment of her new mistress.

The fact that her eyes were closed meant that Trish misses her new mistress's
grin getting wider, Torrie loving the look of embarrassed submission on
Trish's face.

The whimpering and blushing were just adorable to Torrie, and even though the
helpless look in Trish's eyes had been fantastic to see when she closed her
eyes it became clear Trish was becoming overwhelmed by her feelings of
embarrassment, humiliation and submission which were not only better for
Torrie's plans of breaking Trish completely but also fucking hot.

Torrie still couldn't believe she is actually getting to do all this to the
mighty Trish Stratus but she has the best seat in the whole house to the
multi women's champ bouncing on her cock like a two dollar whore and she is
loving every minute of it.

While the look on Trish's face is still breathtaking Torrie finds her eyes
slowly being pulled away from that pretty mask of embarrassment, humiliation
and submission to Trish's huge tits which are bouncing up and down
hypnotically in time with the blonde Canadian's movements on Torrie's dildo.

Although Torrie had been reluctant to admit it in the past due to her not
wanting to insult the company she keeps, or worse give a woman she considered
a rival a public compliment, but Trish easily has one of the best racks
Torrie has ever seen, maybe even the best ever and the sight of those big
boobs bouncing up and down has Torrie literally salivating and licking her
lips. She just wants to grab one of those huge fun bags, bury her face
between them and suck the life out of them as Trish continues fucking her
strap on cock, but Torrie is concern that would distract Trish too much from
riding her cock. Besides, Victoria would probably think she is being too soft
on her if she did that, and Torrie would have plenty of time to suck on
Trish's big titties all she wanted soon enough.

Speaking of being too soft, Torrie isn't sure that allowing Trish to keep her
eyes closed without her permission is such a good way to build their new
dom/sub relationship, something Victoria is probably already thinking, and as
hot as it is that Trish had to close her eyes in shame Torrie thinks she'd
like to see Trish's eyes again... so...

"Eyes open bitch!" Torrie yells, slapping Trish in the face, "I want your
eyes open as I take you for the first time as my slave."

Trish opens her eyes quickly after the slap to glare at Torrie but her glare
quickly ends with another whimper as Trish is reminded of just what is
happening which brings another grin to Torrie's face.

Trying not to focus on that grin Trish continues to lift and drop herself
onto the dildo, really getting in to the slow and steady pace she has set for
herself until she is awoken from her focus again.

"Faster slave!" Torrie yells, this time slapping Trish's sore ass, "Ride my
big dick faster! I want you to ride it like the whore you are!"

Trish tries and fails to suppress a whimper as she is insulted and lightly
spanked, Torrie bringing her hand down again and again on Trish's big round
butt to make her bounce harder on her dick. It works, Trish slowly starting
to go faster, but not fast enough for Torrie's liking.

"Faster slave! Come on, you can go faster than that." Torrie yells again,
roughly beating Trish's already red ass, "Ride that big dick like you can't
get enough... and you can't can you? No, you can't get enough of that big
dick. You can't get enough of my big dick. Your a total cock whore for my
dick and you're going to show it by riding it as hard as you can you little

Whimpering under the attack on her aching backside Trish does her best to go
faster, using every ounce of whatever little strength she has left to slam
fuck herself on that big fake prick. Eventually Trish's whimpers melt into
moans as she finally reaches the speed which seems to satisfy Torrie, the
bitch no longer yelling abuse at her but still occasionally smacking her ass
and grinning wickedly at her.

As she starts really getting into the fucking tears of shame start streaming
down Trish's face, the humiliation of being made to love the sexual abuse
forced upon her becoming overwhelming, and yet the worst part is she wants to
cum so bad but isn't sure she has the energy to make it happen.

Trish can feel her orgasm starting to build as she continues to go up and
down, trying to impale herself on the dildo, however with each thrust Trish's
strength seems to drain from her body. Despite all of her gruelling matches,
and all those times she pushed herself hard at the gym, Trish can't ever
remember being this exhausted. She feels as if she's going to faint any
minute, but she doesn't want to until she gets to cum.

Suddenly an idea hits Trish, one she finds so humiliating she almost doesn't
do it, but she has already been humiliated beyond belief today so what's one
more debasement, especially if it means she could get what she so desperately
wants... what she so desperately needs.

"Mistress Torrie." Trish says biting her lip.

"Yes slave." Torrie says smiling at her.

"Could you... could you... could you please do the work?" Trish asks forcing
herself to ask Torrie.

"So you want me to fuck your pussy?" Torrie asks.

Trish nods her head.

"Beg for me to do it." Torrie says smiling from ear to ear.

Trish grits her teeth.

"Please Mistress Torrie... could you please fuck my pussy." Trish begs.

Torrie takes Trish's hips in her hands and lifts her up and slams her back
down on her fake cock, repeating the process, moving her hips back and
forward while at the same time lifting Trish up and down on her dildo, making
sure she is slamming her hips upwards at the same time she is forcing Trish
downwards so that her strap on is going as deep and as hard into Trish's twat
as possible.

As a result of this rapidly increased pace Trish begins crying out loudly in
pleasure, which causes Torrie to fuck Trish harder, which in turn makes Trish
crying out louder, which then makes Torrie fuck her harder, and so on and so
on until the two women were fucking so brutally their friends thought they
would break the steel chair they were sitting on, and be heard all across
town Trish is screaming so loudly.

Of course their friends were enjoying the show too much to even think about
stopping it, Trish looks too out of it to care, and there is no way in hell
Torrie is stopping, not when she's having so much fun.

Normally Torrie loves fucking other women like this, or in any other position
or way for that matter, but this is easily one of the hottest fucks of her
life as she has the mighty multiple time women's champion Trish Stratus
bouncing on her dick like a total whore, and make no mistake, that is exactly
how Trish is acting. In fact Torrie is sure whores have more self-respect an
Trish seemed to right now, the blonde Canadian doing everything she could to
help Torrie slam fuck her brains out.

There were only a few things that could make this better. One way would be if
Torrie could go back to smacking Trish's big bubble butt or those big
bouncing titties. Another would be if she could grab a double handful of
those big boobs and switch between squeezing, pinching, tweaking, licking and
sucking those delicious looking treats. Unfortunately any of those options
would mean Torrie would have to let go of Trish's waist, which would mean the
fucking would slow down and Torrie couldn't have that, even if it didn't slow
down by much, because Torrie is determined to do the only other thing she can
think of which would make this better, and to do that she has too get Trish
on the edge of an orgasm, ideally as soon as possible.

What Torrie didn't know is that not only is Trish on the edge of an orgasm
but she has been on the edge for quite sometime now.

Shortly after the hard fucking began Trish had felt her body racing towards
climax, but she held it off so she could enjoy more of the wonderful pussy
pounding she is receiving.

When the vibrator had been shoved in her pussy, and the butt plug had been
shoved up her ass, Trish had tried desperately to stop herself from cumming
so she wouldn't have to deal with the humiliation of being forced to cum
because of her three enemies, but the endless pleasure had been too much and
eventually she had submitted to it, allowing her body to the climax over and
over until it was painful.

The thought of cumming yet again is almost painful, Trish's tired pussy
aching from all the abuse it has gotten but the pleasure she is receiving is
far outweighing any discomfort she might have been feeling, and now she found
herself trying to prevent her climax like she had done when she first got
here, but this time Trish isn't doing it to try and keep a little of her
dignity, she's doing it so she can feel more heavenly pleasure.

It's not like she has much dignity left to keep anyway, in fact even as she
loses herself to the fucking a small part of Trish is still crying at her
humiliation, the WWE women's champion reduced to acting like a total whore by
a diva who couldn't lace her boots, and yet none of it truly matters to her,
nothing matters except the pleasure.

For a while it remains heavenly, but soon the build up begins taking its toll
on Trish. She fights it for as long as she can, even as it slowly becomes
agonising to hold off, until finally it is more painful not to cum than to
hold off, at which point Trish stops holding back and allows herself to
cum... or at least she tries too.

Just as Trish feels herself about to crash over the edge Torrie suddenly
starts slowing down both her own thrusts and Trish's thanks to the firm grip
she still has on Trish's waist.

Trish whimpers and tries to slam herself down harder on the fake dick, but
Torrie's grip on her waist seems vicelike and no matter how much she tries
Trish just can't break the grip and get the little added power she needs
behind those thrusts to make her cum.

Maybe if her body wasn't so weak from all the sexual activity Trish could
break Torrie's grip, or at least slap Torrie in the face to make her break
the grip, but as she looks into Torrie's eyes a humbled Trish can't seem to
do anything but whimper and beg, "Pl... please Mistress... make me cum..."

"You wanna cum bitch?" Torrie asks, "You wanna cum? Well then you're going to
have to beg to be my slave forever."

Even though she had seen it coming Trish still whimpers at Torrie's words,
not because she's not going to get to cum because she refuses to submit, but
because she needs to cum so badly now she can do nothing but submit. She had
before earlier, but this was different as like the other two divas before her
Trish is expected to submit not just for one fuck session before trying to
get away, but for life, and yet she can't stop herself from doing what Torrie

"I... I... I want to be your slave Mistress Torrie, I want to be your slave
forever." Trish whimpers softly.

"Not nearly good enough." Torrie growls, "Say it again, and this time mean

Trish swallows, closes her eyes and then says as firmly as she can, "I... I
want to be your slave Mistress Torrie, I want to be your slave forever."

"Still not good enough." Torrie says, "I want to hear you begging. I want to
hear you begging to be my slave. I want to hear you tell me you want to be my
slave, that you need to be my slave. I want you to tell me what deep down you
know to be the truth. I want you to tell me I've broken you and turned you
into a submissive little slut. I want you to tell me how you now long to be
owned by a dominating Mistress like me, how you want to be nothing but my
slave and serve me. I want you to tell me how much you want to spend the rest
of your days spreading your legs for me. I want you to tell me how much you
want me to own you, how much you want me to own every hole on your body and
use them all for my pleasure. I want you to look me in the eye, tell me I've
won, and now you want to be my slave forever. Tell me bitch or I swear I'll
fuck you all night and never let you cum!"

"No, no please, please don't do that Mistress Torrie, please, I need to cum
so bad, please just let me cum, I'll... I'll do anything... I'll..." Trish
closes her eyes and then opens them again as tears run down her cheeks like a
river, "I'll be your slave forever I swear."

"Then beg for it like I told you to do you stupid whore!" Torrie snaps,
surprising even her fellow Devils with her dominance.

"I... I... I want to be your slave Mistress Torrie, I want to be your slave
forever. I need to be your slave forever. I need it because... because you've
broken me and turned me into a submissive little slut who longs to be owned
by a dominating Mistress like you. I just want to be your slave and serve you
Mistress Torrie. I want to spend the rest of my days spreading my legs for
you. I want you to own me, I want you to own every hole on my body and use
them all for your pleasure. You... you win. I want to be your slave forever.
Now please, make me cum. I'll be your slave forever if you just make me cum."

Torrie grins widely at Trish's total submission, savours the moment, and then
gives the other blonde what she wants, Torrie pulling Trish down hard on to
her cock while at the same time hammering into Trish's pussy with all her

Trish cries out in pleasure and throws all her weight behind some thrusts of
her own which are perfectly in time with Torrie's, the fucking becoming
brutal as a result, both WWE divas becoming completely lost in it to the
point where they resembled animals in heat.

For a few wonderful moments Trish reaches a sexual high she's never been on
before, the women's champion feeling overwhelmed with the pure heaven of
having Torrie continuously pound into her over and over and over again, Trish
loving every minute of it, acting like a total slut for it and not caring who
saw, until finally she feels her whole body begin to shake and she screams
out loud as she cums like never before.

The powerful climax is quickly followed by another, and another, and another,
Trish being fucked into a happy vegetable state by Torrie who continues to
lift up and down like she is some sort of rag doll while constantly pounding
her pussy, the horny 'Devil' continuing her brutal assault on the other diva,
partly because she wants to give her new slave the best fucking of her life,
but mostly because she wants to cum herself.

After giving Trish half a dozen orgasms Torrie gets what she wants and while
her climax isn't as powerful as the ones Trish is experiencing it is still
powerful enough to force her to slow down her fucking and, seeing this as a
good opportunity to move on, Torrie uses the grip she still has one Trish's
waist to slowly bring the fucking to an end, both divas gasping for breath
and sweating like crazy as Trish finally came to rest on Torrie's lap.

"What are you?"

The question came after both blondes have finally stopped gasping, and
immediately Trish knows exactly what Torrie is asking and blushes furiously
because of it.

There is still part of her which wants to fight but she's too tired and
everything Torrie is doing to her just feels too good.

"I'm... I'm your slave." Trish answers softly.

Torrie grins widely and pulls Trish into a deep kiss, her new slave opening
her mouth to accept her invading tongue right away.

For almost a minute Torrie completely dominates Trish's mouth with her tongue
until she pulls away with a grin as the room fills with the sound of clapping
and cheering.

Looking over at her friends Torrie's grin grows wider as she sees Candice and
Victoria clapping and cheering, Mickie quickly joining in and then Ashley
doing the same.

"Oh my God that was awesome!" Candice exclaims.

"You totally showed that bitch who's boss." Victoria adds proudly.

"Oh you haven't seen anything yet... because I'm about to really show the
mighty Trish Stratus who's boss by fucking her up the ass." Torrie declares,
turning her attention from her friends, who happily cheer her at this news,
to her new slave who looks embarrassed and horrified, "What, you just said
you wanted me to own every one of your holes and use them for my pleasure,
didn't you?"

"Y... yes Mistress Torrie..." Trish mumbles.

"Well don't just sat there looking stupid, get up, turn around and present
your slave ass to me. Show me what I now fucking own." Torrie says.

Trish whimpers softly in response but does as she's told, slowly lifting
herself up and off the strap on cock and turning around so she is now facing
the watching divas while her ass is eyelevel with her mistress.

"Bend over." Torrie says after licking her lips hungrily at the sight before
her, "Bend over, grab onto your knees and stick your ass out so you're really
presenting that hot piece of slave ass."

This time Trish grits her teeth before obeying, sticking her ass directly in
Torrie's face before gasping as her ass receives a huge double smack.

There is a brief pause between when Trish sticks her ass in Torrie's face and
when Trish's ass gets double smacked as for a few seconds Torrie just stares
at the delicious looking round booty she has lusted after for so long, the
delicious looking round booty of Trish Stratus, the delicious looking round
booty of Trish Stratus which she now owns. As this fact sinks in Torrie
raises both hands as high as she can and brings them down hard on Trish's
vulnerable butt cheeks.

"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, this has to be the most delicious piece of slave ass
I've ever seen!" Torrie moans, giving Trish's ass another big double smack
before she begins lovingly groping it, "Such big, round, meaty cheeks, mmmmm,
and that tight looking hole between them, just begging to be fucked..."

Torrie then suddenly spreads Trish's cheeks wide, spits on her ass hole and
then quickly grabs onto Trish's waist with one hand while with the other she
grips firmly to her strap on dildo.

"Spread your ass cheeks for me Trish. Present your ass hole for your
Mistress, make sure you give her the best view possible of your back door
opening up for your Mistress's cock.

Trish blushes at the command but does as she's told, reaching back and
spreading her ass cheeks wide while staying bent over.

"Good, now lower your ass on my cock as slowly as you can. I want to savour
the sight of your obviously cock hungry ass swallowing the head of my strap
on dick before gobbling up the rest of it." Torrie says lustfully, her eyes
glued to her cock pressing up against Trish's ass hole.

Torrie's eyes remained locked on Trish's butt hole as it slowly opens, Trish
grimacing slightly as she slowly but firmly forces herself downwards, both
blondes letting out a little gasp, although one was from pain and the other
from pleasure, as Trish's back door opened up and allowed Torrie's strap on
to pass through it and into Trish's ass.

Once the head of the dick is up her ass Trish takes a few moments to get used
to the feeling before she lowers herself further down on the cock, grateful
for being allowed to go at her own pace so that she could minimise the pain.

Despite the size of the strap on it isn't long before Trish finds herself
sitting on Torrie's lap with every single inch of that dildo buried in her

"Wow, did you see how easily Trish took that cock up her ass?" Candice

"Oh yeah, she's a anal slut for sure." Victoria laughs.

For a few moments Torrie says nothing and just continues to stare at Trish's
ass, until finally she says, "Fuck yourself. Fuck that hot slave ass on my

Knowing this was coming Trish began lifting herself upwards, which she found
a little awkward in her current position so she let go of her butt cheeks to
try and get a better balance.

"No! Keep those ass cheeks spread. I want the best view possible of your ass
hole sliding up and down on my cock." Torrie says.

Trish grits her teeth a little but her hands quickly return to her butt
cheeks so she can spread them wide again for Torrie's enjoyment while she
slowly moves herself up and down, the humiliated women's champion slowly
moving herself upwards until only the head of the cock is still in her ass
and then just as slowly moves back down until every single inch of that
massive dildo is back inside her rectum, the blonde Canadian repeating this
process over and over as she is forced to sodomise herself on her new
mistress's big dick.

Back when she was a fitness model Trish had used her body all the time to get
what she wanted, which included her big bubble butt. It had been the losing
of her anal cherry which had gotten Trish her first front cover, and when she
got to the WWE her big ass, along with her big tits, continued to serve Trish
well until she started developing as a wrestler. It took awhile but Trish
managed to turn herself into a serious competitor who didn't need to secretly
use her body to get what she wanted, and now it had been years since she
needed to use her body or take it in the ass, and Trish could have been very
happy not doing either one of those things ever again. Sure on occasion she
had enjoyed fucking to get what she wanted because she got to fuck a hot guy
for a change or whoever she was with surprised her with a decent fucking but
most of the time she ended up letting some unattractive loser fuck her for a
quick couple of boring minutes. Anal was even worse as it was not just
unsatisfying but painful too, horribly so if the guy butt fucked her too
hard. Ass fucking hadn't even been enjoyable with a hot guy, the fact it only
lasted a few minutes being it's only plus... or at least, that's what it had
been like before.

Considering her previous experience with anal Trish had been horrified when
Vince's Devils had shoved a butt plug up her ass, and even more so when
Torrie started using various different dildos to ass fuck her, but then to
Trish's amazement Torrie violating her ass suddenly turned into the best sex
of her life. Sure there had been a vibrator in her pussy but there could be
no denying that the majority of the overwhelming pleasure had come from the
relentless anal assault, mainly because the orgasms Trish received as Torrie
gleefully sodomised her were vastly more powerful than the orgasms the
vibrator forced out of her on its own. Of course the vibrator hadn't been on
its own, there had been clamps on her nipples and a vibrating butt plug in
her ass which added to her stimulation, and because of this when Torrie had
originally fucked her up the ass Trish's butt hole had been loosened, relaxed
and stimulated like never before meaning that not only did Trish's ass relax
to its invasion in record time, but the pain was soon gone completely and was
replaced by pleasure Trish hadn't thought possible.

Since the butt plug had been removed Trish's ass had returned to normal so
taking Torrie's dildo had been just as painful as anal sex had always been,
except now Trish knew the pleasure that awaited her if this butt fucking
continued long enough. After all this cock would never go soft meaning that
it was inevitable her ass would be given up enough time to relax and
eventually become stimulated, and when that happened Trish would feel the
ecstasy she had felt last time Torrie fucked her in the ass. The thought of
it caused her to let out a little whimper which was a mixture of pain,
humiliation and longing, a whimper which didn't go unnoticed by her mistress.

"Awwww, what's the matter Trish? My cock too big for your slave ass?" Torrie
taunts, slapping Trish's ass when the other blonde only whimpers in response,
"Answer me bitch! What the hell are you whimpering about?"

There were many things Trish could have said to answer that question but she
is far too broken to complain and she doesn't want to admit she's looking
forward to the pleasure this anal violation might give her, which leaves her
with one option which isn't much better than the others but it's all she's

"I've... I've never taken a cock this big in my ass before Mistress Torrie.
It hurts." Trish admits.

"It hurts, awwww, poor baby, taking my cock up your ass hurts." Torrie mocks,
before slapping Trish's ass again, "Pathetic bitch! I must have got the
weakest bitch of this group of sluts because I swear Mickie and Ashley didn't
make as much fuss when Candice and Victoria took their asses. They took it up
their slutty asses and loved it like good little slaves, and yet here you
are, the six time WWE women's champion Trish Stratus, whining and crying like
a little bitch because... you... can't... take... my... big... fat... cock...
up... your... stupid... slave... ass!"

At the end of her last sentence Torrie pause between each word to deliver a
vicious smack to Trish's still sore backside, the tired and debased women's
champion crying out with each hit and then gently sobbing in pain and
humiliation as the brief spanking came to an end.

"Pathetic is definitely the right word." Victoria laughs.

"What do you think Mickie? What do you think of your precious idol Trish
Stratus now?" Candice asks her slave as she holds her in her arms.

"I think Mistress Victoria is right Mistress Candy, Trish is pathetic. I
can't believe I ever idolised her. But she isn't my idol anymore, you are
Mistress Candy, and you're a better idol than Trish ever was." Mickie says.

"Awwww." Candice coos, happily pulling Mickie into a deep kiss to reward her
for her words.

"You hear that Trish? Both my friends and yours seem to think your pathetic,
and their right aren't they? Aren't they?" Torrie says, smacking Trish's
beaten backside again.

"Yes. I'm... I'm pathetic." Trish whimpers, willing to say or do anything to
stop her aching ass from receiving any more punishment.

"Mm, well since you can at least admit it I'm going to reward you. Lift your
ass all the way off my cock and present your ass hole to me. Make sure you
keep your ass cheeks nice and spread so I can get some lube into your
pathetic ass hole." Torrie orders.

While her ass had begun slowly relaxing to it's violation Trish isn't about
to turn down some lubricant so she does as she's told, the head of Torrie's
strap on coming out of her butt hole with a soft popping sound as she pulls
her ass up so it's eye level with Torrie's face.

Trish waits for the feeling of soft gel being poured into and/or rubbed into
her ass hole which she can tell is gaping slightly, Trish expecting Torrie to
grab some lube from that bag of toys underneath the chair, but instead the
women's champion hears a sound and then feels some kind of liquid fall into
her open back hole. For a few seconds she wonders what it is, and then Trish
blushes as she realises Torrie has just spat into her gaping butt hole.

"There, now get your whore ass back on my cock, and if you're good maybe I'll
give you a little more." Torrie says with a wicked smile as she leans back
and holds her dildo steadily upwards for Trish to impale her ass on it again.

Torrie then watches as Trish does as she's told and slowly lowers herself
back down on the cock, the head passing through her only now starting to
close butt hole with not too much difficulty and the rest sliding in with
only a few gasps and whimpers from the women's champion before the ass
fucking resumes just as it had been before with Trish submissively riding
Torrie's strap on with her ass.

Not long after Trish has settled back into a rhythm Torrie orders the other
diva back off the cock so she can spit directly into her slave's ass hole
again, Torrie repeating this process over and over, in doing so lubing up
Trish's rectum and making sure her spit got shoved into the very deepest
depths of Trish's bowels as a result of the butt fucking, a perverted fact
which got Torrie really hot. Then again just about everything about the
situation got Torrie really hot.

Only a few moments ago Torrie didn't think it was possible for things to get
hotter as she had the mighty Trish Stratus bent over and presenting her big
beautiful bubble butt to Torrie, the WWE women's champion offering her ass to
her as something Torrie could use for her pleasure as a sign of her
submission. It had been so hot Torrie had just sat there for a few long
seconds completely lost in the moment before she had been able to come to her
senses and move on to a moment which was almost just as hot with Trish slowly
taking Torrie's big strap on up her butt and anally riding it, the whole time
making gasps, cries and whimpers which were music to Torrie's ears.

Torrie loves many different sexual positions but one of her favourites is
getting another woman to impale her own ass hole on Torrie's strap on cock.
Making another woman ride a dildo with her pussy was good too, and Torrie had
loved making Trish do that, but this was even hotter as she was making the
other woman not just fuck herself but fuck herself in the ass, and the fact
that she is doing this to the record breaking women's champion Trish Stratus
only makes it hotter.

Just when Torrie didn't think it could get any hotter she made Trish get up
while spreading her ass cheeks, revealing her once tight looking ass hole
could no longer close itself up properly after having Torrie's huge fake
prick stretching it out, leaving it with no choice but to take Torrie's
saliva inside when Torrie decided to give it a little lube before making
Trish returned to violating her ass on the huge poll strapped between her

The last time she had butt fucked Trish with all those dildos Torrie had been
too horny to do anything but viciously assault Trish's rectum, moved from toy
to toy savagely slamming Trish's shit pipe in her quest to completely destroy
Trish's helpless pooper. She hadn't really taken the time to savour the
moment and really enjoy what she was doing. Ok that isn't true, she had
enjoyed the hell out of last night, but this time she is in no rush and
spends a very long time watching lustfully has Trish's spread ass cheeks
slowly slide up and down on her cock, Torrie losing herself from the
beautiful sight of Trish's ass hole spread widely around the invading shaft
while enjoying every little sound Trish makes, the slow and gentle sodomy
going on, and on, and on, Torrie only pausing it so she could spit into
Trish's ass hole again, mostly for her own enjoyment at this point.

Torrie could have happily continued making Trish sodomise herself on her
strap on like this for hours, but just from a couple of glances it is clear
her friends and their slaves were eager for her to give Trish a harder ass
fucking, partly because they wanted to see it but also partly, and in
Candice's case mostly, because they wanted Trish's breaking in to be over
with so they could get down to some fucking themselves. As for Trish it
couldn't be clearer from the fact that her whimpers and cries of pain have
slowly turned into her moans and groans of pleasure that she wants a harder
ass fucking, perhaps more than anyone here, and Torrie is happy to give it to
her... after a little more humiliation that is.

"Mmmmmm, that looks so fucking hot." Torrie giggles after spitting into
Trish's stretched shit hole yet again, "Your ass hole looks so fucking hot
right now, mmmmmm, in fact go over there and show our friends. Show them how
pretty your little ass hole looks all stretched out and loose thanks to my
big fat cock."

Blushing at Torrie's words Trish then lets out a soft gasp in shock and pain
as the moment after she lets go of her ass cheeks to do as she's told Torrie
gives her a degrading slap on the ass to send her on her way.

Trish grit her teeth at this treatment, but it brings back a certain
awareness which she had lost and wouldn't have if it hadn't been for that
butt slap.

The biggest is Trish suddenly realises that for once none of Vince's Devils
are near her and there is nothing holding her down and stopping her from
running to the door. Sure she is tired from all the fucking but she's also on
a adrenaline rush thanks to being forced to violate her own ass hole on
Torrie's strap on and she could probably make it to the door without the
Devils catching her, and even if they caught her she could probably fight
them off long enough to get to the door. In fact Trish could probably kick
all their asses. After all she is the WWE women's champion. She could
certainly take out Torrie and Candice, and while Victoria would be more of a
challenge she had beaten her before and she could do it again. After what the
humiliation these three bitches had put her through Trish certainly had the
motivation to do it, and even if she didn't succeed she should try for fucks
stakes. Trish should kick their asses or die trying, anything to avoid any
more of this humiliation... and yet she didn't.

Instead of kicking ass Trish spread ass, obediently walking up to the four
watching women, turning around, bending over and spreading her ass cheeks
wide so they could see her destroyed back door.

"Mmmmm, that's so pretty." Candice says, staring lustfully at Trish's gaping
ass hole "Isn't that pretty Victoria?"

"It's alright." Victoria says, secretly thinking Candice and Torrie are right
but not wanting to even slightly complement her hated rival, even if she has
been turned into Torrie's slave.

"Alright! What are you talking about, Trish's ass hole is so much better than
alright. It's fucking hot. I mean look at it, it's all stretched out and
loose in testament to just how good a job Torrie has done totally owning
Trish's ass, that gaping butt hole just begging to be owned again, mmmmmm, it
makes me want to fuck Trish up the ass myself, or at least fuck Mickie up the
ass." Candice says excitedly.

"Like you need an excuse to fuck a bitch up the ass." Victoria says dryly.

"True, but that doesn't mean Trish's ass hole is any less hot. And it's not
just her ass hole either, I mean just look at her, the mighty women's
champion Trish Stratus bent over and spreading her ass cheeks like a good
little housebroken slave." Candice says.

"Housebroken, I practically have this bitch fully trained already." Torrie
says proudly.

"Oh really?" Victoria challenges.

"Really." Torrie answers.

"Well let's just test that theory out." Victoria says, before turning her
attention to Trish, "Who owns your ass hole bitch?"

There's a few long moments of silence as Trish is first a little unsure what
to say, than a little too embarrassed to say it, but ultimately forcing
herself to in case not doing so might lead to another spanking.

"M... Mistress Torrie..." Trish mumbles, and then adds slightly louder when
the silence continues, "Mistress Torrie owns my ass hole."

Victoria then turns to Ashley.

Ashley looks worried for a second and then stutters, "You... you own my ass
hole Mistress Victoria."

Victoria then turns to Mickie.

"Mistress Candy owns my ass hole." Mickie says proudly before turning to look
at Candice, "You own my ass hole Mistress Candy, and every other part of me."

"Looks like Candice is the one with a already fully trained slave." Torrie
laughs, "But I get your point Victoria, and don't worry, I'm going to be firm
with Trish and make sure she's well-trained, but for right now, I feel like
doing some serious butt pounding. So how about it, you guys want to see me
totally owning Trish's ass hole?"

"Fuck yeah!" Candice and Victoria say together.

"Pound that bitch's ass." Candice hoops.

"Destroy it." Victoria says.

"Oh, don't worry I will." Torrie says before turning her attention to her
slave, "Trish, stop spreading your ass cheeks a second and look at me."

Unsure of herself Trish did as she is told, slowly straightening up and
awkwardly looking into the eyes of the woman who had sexually dominated and
humiliated her.

Torrie looks into Trish's eyes and smiles, "I always wanted to say this right
to your face... get down on your hands and knees like the bitch you are Trish
so I can fuck you up the ass!"

Trish blushes and grits her teeth, but does as she's told, slowly turning
around and getting down onto all fours.

"Face the others. I want you to have to look our friends in the eye as you
take it in the ass for me like a bitch." Torrie says.

Again Trish blushes, grits her teeth, and does as she's told, which makes
Torrie smile as she kneels down behind her. Trish's ass hole is finally
starting to return to normal, the sight of it catching Torrie's attention for
a few seconds before she grabs hold of her strap on and presses the tip of it
to Trish's only just closing back door.

Just as she's about to penetrate Trish's pooper Torrie suddenly stops and
smiles as a wicked thought comes to her, "Mickie, Ashley, could you two come
over here for a minute?"

The two broken slaves look to their Mistresses for permission and both
Candice and Victoria give it by nodding their heads before then following
their slaves over to the two ready for butt fucking blondes.

"Mickie, Ashley, would you two spread Trish's ass cheeks for me?" Torrie

Both slaves know it's not a request and after seeing the smiling looks on
their own mistresses's faces they do as they're told, Mickie kneeling down on
the left and Ashley kneeling down on the right, each taking a ass cheek in
hand before spreading it as wide as they could.

Torrie smiles and presses her strap on firmly against Trish's butt hole,
"Now, I know you two look up to Trish, or at least used to, but whenever you
think of her from now on I want you to think of this... my... big... fat...
strap on... dick... sliding... deep... into... her... ass hole... in a sign
of her total... utter... and complete submission to me."

As Torrie is talking she began pushing forwards, the head of her cock forcing
its way past Trish's loosened anal ring on the first pause and then Torrie
adding an inch or two of dildo into Trish's rectum on every pause after that.
Once she is finished speaking she only has to give one more sharp thrust
before Trish has all 12 inches of cock back up her butt, Torrie turning her
attention from Trish's ass hole to Mickie and Ashley once it is done, smiling
as she sees them staring at Trish's shit hole stretched out around her strap

"So, what do you guys think of you're leader now? Is she still worthy to be
called your mentor?" Torrie asks.

"No, Mistress Candy is my mentor now. Trish is just pathetic." Mickie says.

"Yeah, she's pathetic, and a lousy leader." Ashley says, "She led us right
into being slaves... not that I don't love being your slave Mistress
Victoria, I swear I do, I'm just saying she sucks as a leader if this is
where she ends up."

Victoria frowns at her quickly making excuses slave before smiling, "I
definitely think Trish sucks and I think Torrie needs to show her that.
Seriously, enough stalling, ass fuck this bitch Torrie. Show her she's
nothing compared to us. Destroy her ass and show her who's boss."

"You want to see a ass fucking? Slaves, let go of Trish's cheeks. She's about
to get her ass destroyed." Torrie says, grabbing tightly onto Trish's waist
once the slaves have a go of her and pulling back so that all most or all of
her strap on is pulled out of Trish's ass before slamming back in with all
her might.

Trish cries out in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Torrie starts roughly
fucking her ass, Trish's rear passage feeling as though it's being split in
two because of this suddenly brutal sodomising the WWE women's champion is
now forced to endure.

It's a little surprising considering just how long Torrie had spent making
Trish stretch out her own shit hole on that massive strap on dick but the
suddenly very rough ass fucking causes Trish a lot of pain and discomfort at
first, her back passage just not used to taking this type of assault. It
continues to be painful for a while as Torrie somehow continues to increase
the pace until the sound of her thighs smacking off Trish's ass cheeks is
echoing throughout the room, at which point Torrie finally stops increasing
the pace of the pooper pounding, although Trish suspects that is only because
Torrie is now fucking her up the ass as hard as she can.

Ironically although her butt is being roughly abused like never before it
seems to get a chance to adjust, and the pain slowly goes away leaving Trish
with only the discomfort which quickly goes to, replaced by something else...
pure, mind numbing pleasure.

It's the pleasure Trish has been expecting given her previous anal fun with
Torrie but even though it didn't seem possible this is somehow even better
than before.

A 'big' part of that had to be the sheer size of the gigantic dildo banging
its way through Trish's bowels, something Trish could really appreciate now
her ass has loosened up, but as they say it's not the size it's how you use
it, and Torrie definitely knew how to use it. The other blonde is fucking
Trish better than any of her former lovers by far, which was true before when
Torrie had been fucking her pussy, but as good as Torrie had been sitting
down she is even better upright and fully in control. Sure, to the untrained
eye it looks like Torrie is just destroying Trish's ass hole, but in reality
she is moving her hips in angles to give Trish more stimulation and using
every inch of the toy to get as deep into Trish's back passage as it could
go, using the entire strap on to butt fuck Trish in a way which maximises her

Torrie had given Trish several ass fuckings nearly as good as this with the
various different dildos she had used the other day on her ass, but none of
those dildos can compare to the size of the monster ruining Trish's rectum
right now.

Another big difference, in fact the main difference to those butt fuckings to
this butt fucking is the humiliation factor.

Last time Torrie sodomised her the only comfort to Trish's dignity was that
nobody but Torrie was really focusing on her. Candice had been fucking
Mickie, Victoria had been fucking Ashley, even Torrie took a break from
focusing on Trish to get her pussy eaten by Mickie, but now was a very
different story.

Torrie is clearly focused only on giving Trish the butt fucking of a lifetime
while the other four women had returned to their places after watching Torrie
fill Trish's ass back up with strap on dick and were now watching intently.
They had been watching her all through the fucking of course, but while
before Trish could at least pretend they won't there she isn't even given the
option this time. In fact when she tried lowering her head and looking down
at the start of the hard pooper pounding Torrie had pulled Trish up by the
hair and ordered her to keep looking at their friends. Trish had done as she
was told and it somehow made being fucked up the ass by a woman she had
previously thought of as inferior even worse, although it's unlikely Trish
will ever be able to look down on Torrie after being so brutally butt fucked
by the other diva.

Looking up into her friend's eyes, or perhaps that's former friend's eyes,
Trish saw anger in Ashley's eyes, the diva search winner clearly blaming
Trish for there current predicament, while there is also a surprising amount
of lust in those eyes directed both at herself and Torrie which is surprising
to Trish as she thought Ashley had been totally straight before this
nightmare began.

On the other hand Trish had been wondering about Mickie's sexuality, although
she was still surprised how quickly her now former biggest fan embraced her
role as Candice's slave, Mickie staring at her and Torrie with lust mixed
perhaps with a little jealousy, although it isn't clear whether Mickie is
jealous of Torrie for getting to fuck Trish's ass or whether she's jealous of
Trish getting her ass fucked by Torrie. Candice, who is behind Mickie so she
can once again play with her slave, has a similar look on her face, although
Trish is pretty sure Candice is jealous of Torrie and wants to be the one
fucking the WWE women's champion in the ass.

As for Victoria, the smug grin she has got on her face has Trish on the verge
of tears as it clearly shows Victoria loves the fact that one of her greatest
ever rivals is now being fucked up the ass and turned into another woman's
slave, and not even another decent woman's wrestler at that but a playboy
cover model who Trish should be able to beat with ease, and yet instead of
kicking Torrie's butt Trish is getting her butt fucked by Torrie... her new

This is by far the most humiliating moment of Trish's entire life, a fact she
can't escape from even as the pleasure of the ass pounding becomes
overwhelming thanks to the looks of the other four women.

While this is the most humiliating moment of Trish's life it's one of the
greatest moments of Torrie's life, Torrie feeling as if she's in heaven as
she continues fucking the WWE women's champion up the ass.

Torrie has imagined this so many times, the six times women's champion Trish
Stratus on her hands and knees before her, Torrie slamming a huge strap on in
and out of that tight little hole in between Trish's butt cheeks, Torrie
anally fucking the diva who was arguably at the very tippy top of the food
chain in the women's division and turning her into her slave.

The reality is even better.

Like the other two members of Vince's Devils Torrie loves fucking ass and has
sodomised many, many women, but this is the best piece of ass Torrie has ever
had, and it isn't just because of who Trish is either as Trish's ass is
perfect. There's no other way Torrie can think to describe it. She's lusted
after Trish's delicious looking bubble butt from the first time she saw it,
salivating over those full round cheeks, and now she is actually ass fucking
her Torrie can't help think how unbelievably good Trish's big round booty
feel against her thighs as she continue smacking into them, the blonde
'Devil' adoring sound, and that little ass hole is so wonderfully tight she
didn't know better Torrie would have thought Trish had been a total anal

Unlike Trish who felt humiliated by the looks of the other four women
watching them Torrie loves the looks, especially the ones from Mickie and
Candice. Candice made it no secret she wanted to enslave either Mickie or
Trish and while it looks like she is very happy with her new slave it's clear
she'd still love the chance to fuck Trish, a chance Torrie wouldn't mind
giving her friend later but for now looking at Candice reminds Torrie that
she has bagged the biggest fish in this little experiment, and while Candice
is clearly a little jealous of her it's equally as clear Mickie wishes she
was the one on her hands and knees getting ass fucked right now. Whether
Mickie is wondering what it would be like to be ass fucked by Torrie or
whether she's hoping her mistress will do it or whether she's just a little
anal slut now who wants to be ass fucked by anyone who'll do it is unclear,
but Torrie is pretty sure if Mickie wants to be ass fucked Candice will
happily oblige, and regardless of how Mickie is feeling will be fucking her
ass soon enough.

In addition to that cute little couple Torrie finds Ashley's look of anger at
Trish adorable, and whenever Victoria pauses from grinning at Trish in sheer
joy of her rivals humiliation to look at her Torrie feels a huge grin cross
her own face as Victoria looks at her with pride.

Victoria is by far the toughest member of Vince's Devils. Torrie and Candice
have always looked up to her when it came to both wrestling and fucking as
Victoria is a total powerhouse in both, so the idea that she is making
Victoria proud with this butt fucking is really a big deal to Torrie.

Wanting to continue making her friends proud of her Torrie starts really
making a show of ass fucking Trish, slapping Trish's meaty ass cheeks and
pulling her hair roughly while grinning at her friends who cheer in

"Yeah! Ride her cowgirl." Candice cheers, "Make sure she knows who's in

Torrie giggles in response, grinning even wider when she sees the now moaning
women's champion begin gently pushing herself back against Torrie's thrusts
in what could only be an attempt to make the butt fucking even harder and
deeper. It seems to Torrie that Trish is starting to really get into the
pooper pounding fun, something Torrie is eager to both used to her advantage
and used to further humiliate the women's champion.

"Oh yeah, that's it Trish, give me that ass. Give me that hot piece of slave
ass. Bounce that slave ass back against me. Help me fuck that hot slave ass
of yours. Come on harder... harder... harder... harder... harder..." Torrie
says, slapping Trish's ass everytime she says harder, repeating that word
over and over again until Trish is jack-hammering her ass back against her,
causing Torrie to laugh, "Oh you love it don't you bitch. You love it up the
ass. You love my dick fucking you up your stupid slave ass don't you you
fucking whore? Tell me! I want you to tell me how much you love it up the ass
you stupid bitch."

"I do. I love it. I love your dick up my ass Mistress Torrie. It feels so
good. I love it. I love it up the ass!" Trish moans, partly because it's what
Torrie wants to hear but also because it's true, she is loving it up the ass
right now.

"I'm glad you love it Trish. I'm glad you love it up the ass, because you're
going to be getting it up the ass a lot from now on." Torrie says gleefully,
smacking Trish's ass yet again, "I've been dreaming of fucking this hot ass
for years and from now on I'm going to be fucking it every chance I get. I'm
going to fuck this ass so much you're going to forget what it's like to walk
around without having a gaping and stretched ass hole. Hell, you're going to
be lucky if your shit hole ever closes because I'll be fucking it so much.
And say goodbye to sitting down without pain. In fact you're going to want to
spend the rest of your life standing up rather than to have spent a single
second putting weight on the butt I'm going to be pounding morning, noon and
night. And when your butt hole is so lose and stretched out that it
constantly looks like a porn star's ass hole after a 500 men anal gang bang
I'm going to send you to a plastic surgeon fix your ass up so it's nice and
tight again just so I can destroy it again. And you know why I'm going to do
this? It's because I OWN YOUR ASS HOLE. Your ass hole is my property, just
like every other part of you, and I'm going to use and abuse it however I
want. This tight little ass hole is now a orifice for my pleasure, a fuck
hole for my big strap on cock. And you know it don't you Trish. You know I
own your ass hole, that I'm going to use it for my pleasure whenever I want
from now on and there's nothing you can do about it because you're now just
my anal loving sex slave. Isn't that right Trish? Answer me! Tell me what we
both know is true, tell me who owns your ass hole!"

"You do, you do Mistress Torrie. You own my ass hole." Trish moans.

"Good, now tell our friends. Tell them who owns your ass hole." Torrie

"Torrie Wilson owns my ass hole." Trish says, looking directly at the others,
"My Mistress Torrie Wilson owns my ass hole."

"Now tell them your ass hole belongs to Torrie Wilson... and Vince's Devils."
Torrie giggles.

"My ass hole belongs to Torrie Wilson and Vince's Devils." Trish parrots.

"Now tell them how much you love my cock in your ass... and how much you want
me to use it to make you cum." Torrie commands.

Up until now Trish's words have been sounding forced, and for good reason as
the women's champion feels humiliated for having to say such things but with
her body now aching to cum Trish forgets about trying to keep even a small
fragment of her dignity and begins shamelessly begging, "I love it, I love
your cock in my ass Mistress Torrie. I love it, love it, love it. I can't get
enough of it in my ass. It feels so good in my ass, please Mistress Torrie
fuck me in my ass and make me cum. I needs to cum so bad Mistress Torrie,
please make me cum. Make me cum from having your cock in my ass. Make me cum
from getting my ass fucked by your big cock. Please Mistress Torrie, fuck me
in the ass and make me cum."

"What do you think girls? Should I make Trish cum?" Torrie asks her friends.

"Fuck yeah, pound that bitch's butt and make her cum." Candice says.

"Yeah, show Trish she's now nothing but your slave by making her cum like a
bitch from getting fucked up the ass." Victoria agrees.

Smiling at her friend's encouragement Torrie tightens her grip on Trish's
waist and begins ass fucking her slave for all she's worth, slamming into her
shitter with such speed and force it surprises even herself.

For what feels like an eternity now Trish has been living in a total anal
paradise, her entire body tingling from the pleasure originating from her ass
hole. Before when Torrie had been butt fucking Trish with all those dildos
the pleasure had always reached a certain amount and then Torrie had made
Trish cum but this time the other blonde has skilfully brought Trish to the
edge of climax and then kept her there as she verbally humiliates her, making
Trish want to cum like never before, and when Torrie starts really going to
town on Trish's ass the women's champion does cum like never before.

Trish lets out a ear piercing scream as her eyes roll in the back of her head
and her body shakes as she experiences her first orgasm from anal stimulation
only, the climax somehow more powerful than any other she'd ever had. Before
she could even begin to comprehend it it was followed by another, another,
and another, the once mighty women's champion being reduced to a screaming
and shaking wreck as a series of powerful anal induced orgasms rock her body.

As Trish practically turns into a bucking bronco the rest of Vince's Devils
and their slaves are impressed that Torrie not only continues to hold on but
continues relentlessly pounding Trish's pooper with the determination no one
had ever seen from Torrie before. There's a good reason for this, Torrie
didn't want to just give Trish a few great orgasms, she wants to give her the
greatest climaxes of her life to end what is hopefully the greatest butt
fucking Trish has ever received so that whenever Trish thinks of Torrie or
sees her or even hears her name being mentioned Trish will think of this ass
pounding and the orgasms that followed it, forcing Trish to recognise Torrie
not just as someone who isn't as good at wrestling as she is but as the woman
who gave her the best anal sex of her life, if not the best sex of her life.
Torrie believes if she can do this Trish will find it hard if not impossible
to resist her and thus will accept her new role as Torrie's slave much

With this in mind Torrie pounds Trish's ass through orgasm, after orgasm,
after orgasm, both blondes losing count of their climaxes, although both
found it hard to count very high under the circumstances, or in fact anything
except thrusting back and forth, the two WWE divas working together to make
sure that huge dildo slams in and out of that once tight little ass hole as
hard and as fast as possible as the two women become completely lost in the
act of anal sex.

Eventually exhaustion took its toll, Trish being the first one to become
overwhelmed, having to use all her energy just to stay on all fours as Torrie
continues to fuck her ass, Torrie even managing to power through another
couple of climaxes for the both of them before she eventually has to come to
a stop, her dildo resting fully embedded inside Trish's rectum as both WWE
divas stay there for a few seconds panting and gasping, until the room fills
with the sound of applause.

"Wow Torrie, that was one hell of a butt fucking." Candice says.

"Awww, thanks Candy. What can I say, Trish's hot ass just really inspires the
butt fucker in me." Torrie giggles, smacking Trish's ass before her eyes lock
with Victoria, "How about you Victoria, what do you think?"

"I think... that was one damn fine ass pounding. Nice work Torrie, very
impressive." Victoria says.

Torrie beams proudly, the wide grin on her face slowly turning evil as a
wicked idea occurs to her, "You want to see impressive? Check this out,
Trish, present your slave ass to my friends. I want them to see just how well
I've fucked your ass."

At the end of her sentence Torrie quickly pulls her strap on out of Trish's
ass and gets up, allowing Trish to awkwardly get up, turn around, bend over
and spread her ass cheeks, the most notable part of this being that the
defeated blonde does it all without complaint... until they all get a look at
the gaping crater that used to be Trish's ass hole.

"Ladies, I give you the mighty WWE women's champion Trish Stratus... my
slave." Torrie says proudly as the other four divas stare in awe at Trish's
destroyed butt hole.

As she turns to get a good look at Trish's gaping ass hole Torrie finds
herself staring at it herself, that poor abused butt hole which had once been
so tight now stretch seemingly beyond repair, even wider than any previous
gapes Vince's Devils had seen before, the three dominating women and the two
broken slaves staring deep into Trish's opened wide back door, the deepest
part of Trish's bowels on display as the humiliated women's champion
obediently spreads her sore ass cheeks for her new mistress.

Finally coming out of her trance Torrie grins and turns to Victoria again,
"So Victoria, do you think I've done a good job of breaking Trish in? Is she
housebroken enough now?"

Victoria smiles, "Let's find out... Trish... who owns your whore ass?"

"Mistress Torrie. My Mistress Torrie owns my whore ass Mistress Victoria."
Trish replies immediately, before adding, "Mistress Torrie owns my ass
hole... I'm her slave. I'm Torrie Wilson's slave."

"Mm... I think she's just about housebroken enough." Victoria says with a
grin which is shared by her fellow Devils.

"Does that mean we can go upstairs now?" Candice asks excitedly, "Because
Mickie's in serious need of a butt fucking."

Torrie and Victoria roll their eyes as both know this translates to Candice
is in serious need of butt fucking Mickie.

"Just one more thing." Victoria says, "I know we officially start their
training tomorrow, but I say we do something now to mark the start of our
slaves training and the end of their breaking in."

"Mmmmm, what did you have in mind?" Torrie asks.

"Well, since Mickie and Ashley used to do nothing but kiss Trish's ass and
Trish always used to have her head up her own ass I think all three of them
should taste Trish's ass on your cock Torrie. Make sure they clean every drop
of Trish's ass juice off your cock as a sign of their submission to us."
Victoria says.

"Oh I think that's a great idea." Candice says excitedly.

"Me too." Torrie says, before looking at the enslaved divas, "Well, you heard
Mistress Victoria, all three of you get on your knees and suck my cock."

Immediately Mickie and Ashley fall to their knees, Mickie covering the base
with her mouth from the left side while Ashley takes the middle from the
right as Trish slowly let go of her ass cheeks, turns around and looks at the
other women.

There is a brief pause and then Trish falls to her knees and swallows the
head of Torrie's strap on, she and the other two now submissive divas noisily
sucking and slurping on the toy, each cleaning off Trish's ass juice with all
the enthusiasm they can muster.

As the three broken WWE divas give Torrie's strap on a long drawn out blow
job Torrie, Candice and Victoria watch with glee, happy with how their plan
has turned out and already looking forward to the rest of the night and the
training to come as they watch their slaves sucking on a ass flavoured dildo
as they kneel before Vince's Devils.

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