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Vince's Twisted Fantasies Part 1
by showtime1673 ( or

It was the smackdown before the Royal Rumble Vince McMahon was
backstage. The show had just ended and Vince was getting ready to leave
when Maria approached him. "Mr. McMahon, I have a question for you."
Vince turned around and saw Maria dressed in her purple and black
wrestling gear.

"What can I do for you, Maria?" Vince said looking annoyed that he was
being bothered.

"Well, I was wondering if I could have some time off?" She asked
looking sheepishly. Vince started to say something than stopped, and
smiled. "Where were you going to go?"

"I was gonna go to a fancy hotel and just relax for a while."

"Unfortunately no Maria, with us coming off the Christmas vacation and
Wrestlemania approaching, we kind of need an all hands on deck." His
answer disappointed Maria. She had her head pointed down. She sighed
and looked up and Vince and said: " Ok, I understand." She started to
walk to her looker room.

"Wait, Maria I have an idea. How about you take a vacation at my house
for a week?"

"Really. What about you family?"

"Don't worry about them, Linda will be out of town doing business until
No Way Out, Shane and Stephanie are working on raw so no one will be
there. We can give you a week you've been working really hard on
wrestling better, and a week seems doable. Just do not tell anybody
else about this, we wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea."

"Oh thank you Mr. McMahon" She ran up and hugged him. Vince hugged her
back and had a diabolical smirk on his face. Vince thought to himself
what a week it is going to be.

"Be at the Rumble Sunday night and my personal jet will take you
there." Maria nodded her head and ran to her looker room excitedly.

Two Days Later

After the Rumble Maria was waiting outside the arena when a big white
limousine pulled up. Maria looked surprised. The driver got out and
opened the door. "For you miss." Maria got up and looked around. "Me"
she asked the driver simply replied yes. She got in the limo and they
drove to the airport. Once at the airport the driver helped Maria into
the jet and she left to Stamford After a few hours she arrived in
Stamford and another driver tool her to McMahon mansion.

She arrived and the driver took her bags and went into the House. Maria
exited the car and was in awe at how big the house was. She started to
walk to the house and Mr. McMahon greeted her. "Hello Maria, welcome to
my humble home." Maria looked at him for a minute and finally responded
with " I thought everyone was going to be gone for the week?"

"Oh no, I said that my wife and children would be gone, I will be here
also relaxing and vacationing." Maria still looked confused and
slightly afraid of what was going on. "Why are we here alone?" Maria
asked. Vince told her that they were alone because if they were going
to vacation that they would need some privacy. She agreed and they
walked into the house together. Once inside Vince quickly locked the
door. "Now Maria your room is upstairs and if you need anything my room
is right here, he points to the biggest master bedroom Maria has ever
seen. She was about to go upstairs when Mr. McMahon grabs her arm and
says he has one more thing to say. "Maria I figure since I helped you
out by giving you a week's vacation for free in my big mansion that you
could do something for me in return." "Anything Mr. McMahon." " Perfect
because I have something that only you can help me with. I have
instructions for you on your bed and if you could read those and
tomorrow we will talk again. "Ok Mr. McMahon." Maria then went upstairs
and went to her room. Vince walked back to his room and laughed

Maria reached her room and entered and her curiosity got the best of
her. She quickly opened the box open her bed. She saw a piece of paper
on the top and then she saw a silk black kimono robe. On the bottom was
something wrapped in paper and had a note that she should not open it
until the morning after breakfast. She then closed it up and read the
paper. "Hello, Maria, if you are going to stay here then you must be
properly dressed. Because of house rules you are only allowed to wear a
robe to breakfast. Maria looked at the robe and shrugged "I sleep naked
anyway." She then got ready for bed and went to sleep.

The Next Morning

Maria got out of bed and was ready to go to breakfast. " I guess Mr.
McMahon likes robes." She got dressed in the robe and went to
breakfast. She walked down stairs and she saw Vince at the table. "Good
morning" Vince replied the same and asked if she wanted any breakfast.
"I guess some cereal or toast." Vince told her she should splurge
because she was on vacation, so he talked her into some eggs. After
small talk and breakfast Mr. McMahon told her that she should open the
box now and come down and he will explain. She went upstairs and opened
her gift. She came back downstairs and asked why there was a spa
treatment pass in her gift.

This is a gift for you, I scheduled you an all day spa treatment down
the road and it will be all day. Maria was overwhelmed and appreciated
her boss greatly for this. "There is one condition though, every time
there is a package on your bed you will do whatever is in it without
question." "I will." "Have fun." Maria then showered got dressed and
went to the spa. After a day of pampering Maria came home and went to
her room. There was a package on her bed. On the top was a note that
said open after dinner. She went downstairs and had some dinner. Vince
did not join her for dinner. She felt as though she needed to thank him
for her great day. She sauntered back upstairs to her room and opened
the package. In the box was a red cloak, white silk top, red silk
skirt, black corset belt, knee high black boots and a basket. There is
also a piece of paper which detailed the fact that she was to wear this
and come downstairs and knock on Vince's door at 8:00 pm and be in
character. It describes that her character is that of little red riding
hood and that she is to play as though she knows nothing of sex or
anything related to it. (Pretty much her early character in WWE) Maria
was shocked and surprised that this would be in the box. She however
decided that she gave her word and she would do it. She walked down in
her costume and knocked exactly at 8. She heard a voice faintly say
come in. Maria opened the door and walked in. She saw someone in the
bed and the covers pulled over there head. "Come here and show grandma
what you brought," the voice said through the covers. Maria walked to
the voice and put the basket on the nightstand. "I brought cookies
grandma." She showed the voice.

"Good child, could you sit with me I am very ill."

"Sure" she moved onto the bed and scooted next to her grandma. "Grandma
is you ok, your voice sounded very weird." Maria starts to poke around
and feels the big hands and big head. "My grandma what big hands and a
big head you have. " Maria was feeling awkward because she could not
see the person under the covers, then suddenly the person grabbed her.
It was Vince in a Wolf's mask. "Oh my god" Maria screamed as she was
held in her place. Vince responds "All the better to have fun with."

"What do you want with me?" Maria asked scared of what the answer might
be the answer.

"Why, I am going to teach you some very special and fun things." He
grabbed her and pulled her onto his sheet-covered lap. "Now lets take
this cape off." He slowly unties her cape and tosses it on the floor.
Maria is starting to look frightened. "It's ok baby, lets continue" he
slowly starts to unbutton her top and eventually it pops open showing
the best set of tits he has ever seen. "Very nice" he pulls the shirt
down and tosses it next to the cape.

"Why does my cape and shirt need to be off?"

"Because to have fun we need to be close and the clothes just get in
the way and we want to be unrestricted. Now why don't you hike up that
skirt for me." Maria slowly lifts her skirt up and shows her re
panties. "Very good, do you know why I wanted you to do that?" She
shook her head no. "Because now I can do this." He starts to rub her
pussy through her panties. `I promise this will make you feel very
good." He begins rubbing faster. Maria starts to breathe a little
heavy. "What is happening to me?"

"You are just becoming a lovely woman, now lets halt this for the
moment and have you pull down your panties." Maria slowly coming back
to reality, "but that would show my private parts."

"That is the idea, now less talking and more pulling." She grabs her
panties with her shaking hands and pulls them down her sexy legs.
"There now don't you feel better?" Maria shook her head no. "You don't,
well this will make you feel better." He starts to rub her pussy again.
After a few minutes of this he tells her to start doing it to herself.
She nodded and repeats what he was doing. He grabs her wet panties and
pulls them to his face and smells their sweet aroma. "Ash, that is so
good. Up looks like you are ready to cum."

"R-e-a-d-y to do what?" she says through pants.

"Cum or orgasm, it is when you feel the best after doing what you are
doing. Here sniff this" he puts her wet panties on her head and makes
her sniff her own panties."

"OOOOOOOHHHHH" Maria screams as she orgasms. Vince smiles as he takes
her skirt down her cum covered legs and put it with the rest. Maria now
completely naked except for her boots is lying on the bed exhausted
from her orgasm.

"I think it is time that you repay me the favor." Vince's says smiling
at Maria.

"But how?" She answers curiously.

"With this" he pulled the covers off and revealed himself completely
naked. She sees his cock for the first time and she gasps, "It's so
big, what is it?"

"It is what every male has and what he uses to please a special person.
Why don't you touch it?" He grabbed her arm and pulled it toward his
cock. She reluctantly let her hand go to his cock. He put her hand on
it and told her to move it up and down. "It gets bigger if you do
that." She watched it closely as she was jerking him off. His cock grew
and grew until it was fully erect at 12 inches. She was jerking him off
until he put his hand behind he head and pushed her head down. "Put it
in your mouth it tastes like candy." She slowly put her mouth on his

"Like this" she asks before putting it in her mouth. "Yeah, now suck on
it like a lollipop." Maria began sucking his cock. She started to bob
up and down. Vince couldn't believe that she was sucking his cock. He
thought she would only go for the Hand job. After several minutes of
this "Very good, now I want you to stand up." She stopped and stood up
Vince told her that he needed something. He grabbed the nightstand
drawer and opened it. He pulled out a condom and told her that this
would keep them both from having babies. He put open the condom and
gave her instructions. "Sit down on my cock." Maria sat down on his


"It will make you feel really good." He grabbed her and turned her
over. He slowly pushed his cock in and out of her. "This feels good
doesn't it?"

"Yeah, oh yeah' was all that came from Maria as she was starting to
build up again. He hastened the pace and was furiously fucking her now.

"Take that, yeah this is why I am called the Big Bad Wolf, he spat as
he slammed in and out of her."

"Oh god, oh god her I cum" Maria said as she squirts all over his cock
and the bed sheets. She keeps Cumming and Cumming. He has been fucking
her for several minutes now and she cant stop orgasaming. " Please
don't stop, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh goooooooooooddddddddddd. As she cums for
the fifth time.

"Ooohhhh god you are so tight" he says as he pulls out and turns her
over. "One more hole to get to." He pushes his cum covered cock into
her ass. Maria came so many times all she can do is nod. Vince then
slams into her again and again. Maria continues to come as she came for
the sixth time. "Do you want me to come in you, huh slut? Do ya, huh?"
Maria nods. "I can't hear you."


"Louder, Louder!"


"That's better. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Vince groans as her starts to cum in
the condom inside of Maria's ass. After many many spurts he pulls out.
Maria rolls back onto her back and looks at Vince. Vince stands up and
pulls Maria up by her shoulders. He presents her with the condom and
says "Swallow this." She looks scared again." She takes the condom and
turns it upside-down over her mouth and waits for the cum to drain out.
After it leaks out she hears Vince says, "Lick inside of it too." She
obediently licks the inside; it tasted like salt and a bitter apple.
She scrunched her face as she swallowed the entire thing. She then
threw it in the garbage.

"Get dressed and go to your room. There will be a package on your bed
tomorrow after breakfast, read it and follow its instructions>"

"Yes, Mr. McMahon." Maria dresses and leaves thinking to her what did I
just do and what have I gotten myself into.

End of Part 1

Part 2 coming soon.

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