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Vinnie's EXXXcellent Adventure
By Crank Case

Vincent Cochran's life was sweet. He'd been elevated from a lowly mailroom
runner to the Vice-president of Talent Relations for CSBN Entertainment based
entirely on the hilarity of his former last name. Yes, Mrs. Munkyhimper's
baby boy was doing well for himself. Now sitting in his corner office of the
CSBN Las Vegas headquarters, engaged in a conference call with Marcus Wade,
Matt Williams, and Paul Heyman on the direction of CSBN's pro wrestling
empire. Vince was only half paying attention. His presence wasn't really
required and he was reviewing that night's Thunder broadcast. On the wall of
video screens, Daffney had stripped Elizabeth naked and knocked her on all
fours. The goth-godess was now anally violating the screaming older woman
with a large strap-on.

Vince kicked back and propped his feet up on the mahogany desk. His
secretary Ms. Jones opened the door silently to bring him some papers. She'd
taken off her heels before stepping on the marble space of floor behind his
door and now tiptoed on her white-stockinged toes till she reached the
carpeted floor that took up most of Vince's office. Vince watched her ass
move under the tight black skirt she wore and his already half-hard cock
lengthened fully in his slacks. He flipped a pen at her head and she turned
around to see her boss unzipping his fly and motioning her over to him.

He put a finger to his lips and then pointed to the phone from which
sounds of Marcus and Paul arguing over who should win in the upcoming
all-female interfederation PPV could be heard. The statuesque black woman got
to her knees and unbuttoned her white blouse. She smiled and mouthed the
words, "Don't want to get any on the threads."

Vinnie smiled and stroked his now fully-engorged nine inch prick. After
placing her blouse on the desk and unzipping her skirt, Ms. Jones reached
around her back to unsnap the lacy white bra that encased her fabulous c cup
breasts. Now clad only in her lacy white thong panties, white stockings, and
garters, the Cat's former valet licked the head of her boss' cock.

She encircled the mushroom with her talented tongue and massaged his cum
filled nuts gently with her fingers. She inhaled three inches of his cock and
started a hard sucking motion that enflamed the veins of his engulfed cock.
She licked a drop of pre-cum from his piss slit and tickled the brown ring of
his asshole with her pinky finger. She then throated the rest of his cock and
wiggled her nose in his pubic hair. She hoovered his rod and licked all over
the thick shaft.

That was all Cochran could stand, with a grunt he flung his smiling
secretary over the desk and ripped off her panties. "You all right Vinnie?"
Marcus asked.

"Yeah," Vince replied as she shoved his throbbing rod into Ms.
Jones' wet pussy, "I just stubbed my toe."

Marcus suggested that Paul and Matt come to Vegas to further discuss this
and that they bring their finest women. Vince pounded the phone receiver down
on his fifth stroke and Ms. Jones was finally able to scream, "Oh yes big
daddy! Fuck me hard!" She humped her wide hips back at Vince and tugged on
her own nipples.

Vince slapped her toned ass as he rutted her, sweat and veins appearing
on his brow. Ms. Jones abilities were without reproach. She had total control
of her vaginal muscles and was gripping Vin-man's cock like a vice. It was
almost painful but at the same time pure ecstasy for both. Ms. Jones let out
and ear-piercing scream as she came hard. The panting, sweating black woman
slumped against the desk as she came down from her orgasm. Her juices ran
down her legs onto her white stockings as Vince continued to slam-fuck the
cooing secretary.

Vince finally unloaded in her snatch with a growl. He spent the next five
minutes panting and recovering while laying on top of his panting secretary
as their combined juices rolled down their legs. Vince flopped back into his
chair and idly mumbled, "Clean me off."

Ms. Jones dropped to her knees and licked their combined cum from her
boss' lap and legs. She then went to the side room with her clothes to shower
primp. Vince took five more minutes to recover before pulling on his pants
and checking on his secretary. She had three fingers in her slit as she ran
a bar of soap over her breasts and the water pounded down on her body.

Vince couldn't help but ogle her fabulous ass. "I'm going to see what
Wanda's doing, I'll probably be back in an hour." She only moaned in response
and he knew that if he got any calls in the next half hour, she wouldn't be
there to answer them.

Wanda Danvers was the head of security for CSBN's Las Vegas compound. She
was a buxom red head with an hourglass figure that was almost cartoonish. Her
natural breasts were huge, yet perky enough that the thirty three year old
woman never needed to wear a bra. Her waist was tiny, though chiseled, the
woman was stronger than most men. She sat in her office, set aside from the
security kiosk. It was a relatively small office. One wall was made up of
video screens, each one locked into a camera in the CSBN building. They were
connected to a main monitor on Wanda's desk, where she could key in on any
specific scene she wanted. the place was dark as usual, the only light being
the blue light radiating from the monitors. There was a weapons locker behind
Wanda's desk, over-stocked with methods of mass destruction.

Vince didn't bother to knock on her door and he was only remotely
surprised by what he saw when he entered. Wanda was sitting in her leather
computer chair. He pale blue security shirt was pushed above her pendulous
breasts, her navy slacks and red panties around her ankles. She was moaning
and tweaking both nipples while a foot long vibrator hummed away in her
gushing pussy. On her desk monitor there was a feed of Tygress and Chiquta
getting nasty in the gymnasium's unisex shower room.

"One of the reasons I love this company," Vinnie thought as he felt his
cock growing, "Random acts of spontaneous sex are common."

He inspected each of the screens on the far wall while Wanda came for
the fifth time that day. " want...sir?" the panting red-head

Vinnie turned around and said, "Nothing in particular, just going for a
stroll, wondered how we were doing on security?"

Wanda pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and licked her own juices off,
"The building's all locked up sir. We're tight as a drum."

"I'll just bet you are," Vince thought, "What a waste, THAT is a lesbian!
Fortunately she's also an exhibitionist."

Wanda stood up and pulled up her pants. "Don't let me stop you Wanda, go
ahead and have your fun. I just wanted to check you out and say hi. And don't
call me sir, we were friends a long time before I got promoted." Vinnie

"You're sweet Vinnie," she said as she dropped her pants and kissed him
lightly on the cheek, "Maybe if you come out for a drink with me and Jen
tonight we'll take you back to my place and get a little JVW sandwich goin'."

Vince smirked as he left, "Don't tease. See you later." He bumped into

Wanda's lover Jennifer Van Dyne, a short muscular woman with mousy brown
hair and bright green eyes, as he left the office. He leaned down to whisper,
"She's "anxiously" waiting on you."

Jen looked up and smiled as she started popping the buttons on her purple
dress, "Thanks Vince."

He stared at her ass as she disappeared into the dark room and thought,
"Whoowhee! All I'd need with them is three minutes...maybe even four!"

He decided to walk down to the cafeteria and get a bite to eat before
returning to his office. He entered the five star eating facility and was
pleasantly surprised at the piece of ass that was bending over to pick up a
dropped spoon. Stephanie McMahon, formerly chief bitch of the WWF, relegated
to the role of simple wrestler since its sale. "But what's she doing here?"
wondered as he ran a finger over her panty covered slit.

She jumped and said, "WHAT THE H...oh it's you Mr. Cochran." She was
uncomfortable, she used to have her father's protection from perverts and the
fans that wanted to see her in skimpy outfits. But she was on the active
roster when the WWF was sold and she had fallen under the all access contract
stipulation. Wade and Williams had granted her a little leeway, only making
her prance around in the skimpiest of bikinis instead of anything
pornographic. Cochran had been against that decision from the beginning,

"What are you doing here Stephanie?" he asked with a smirk while Stephanie
smoothed down her black leather skirt and set her tray on a nearby table.

"We did a show in New Mexico last week and one of the planes got stranded
by a winter storm." she said, "Tori, X-Pac, Al, Test, Taz, Raven, Jackie and
I were all stranded. Marcus and Matt thought it would be a good idea for Tori
and Jackie to drive to Vegas for a taping, they convinced me to come along.
They're down in the weight room right now."

"Oh," Vince said as heopenly ogled her body, "You're under the all access
contract right?"

"Y...yes," she stammered, "But Wade and Williams..."

"You getting this?" Vince asked one of the less-hidden security cameras.

Wanda focused and unfocused the camera in response.

Vince heard the whir as the camera made adjustments and then looked
lecherously at Stephanie, "Bend over Steph, I'll make ya famous."

Stephanie reared back in shock of the implications of Vince's statement.
She gasped and turned to run with Wade right after her. She ran into the
kitchen where Gorgeous George was fixing Marc Wade's lunch.

"Help!" Stephanie screamed at the buxom blonde in the chef's uniform.
George saw Vince shake his head "no" behind Steph and she pushed the
frightened brunette into a large cake. The front of Stephanie's body was
covered in white frosting.

"Look at that," Vince said as he ran a finger over her left breast and
stuck the frosting in his mouth, leaving a swath of black in the otherwise
white sea of frosting, "You'll have to take those clothes off Stephanie."

"P..please..." Stephanie said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Look," Vince said in faux-compassion, "This doesn't HAVE to be painful.
Just do everything George and I say and we promise we'll make you feel real

"It's best to not resist, honey," George said as she stroked Stephanie's
silky hair. She hadn't been allowed to come anywhere near a hot curler since
the Wade regime set in, as a result her hair actually looked GOOD. (Sorry,
just a pet peeve of mine.)

Stephanie tried to fight back the tears as she pulled her messy black top
over her head and dropped it in a sink. She then unzipped the back of her
skirt and let it drop to the floor. Next came her black satin bra, her big
perky jugs finally on camera for all to see. Her large brown nipples stood on
end from the cold of the kitchen. She sniffled again as she hooked her thumbs
under the waistband of her black satin panties and pushed them down her
thighs, revealing her big plump butt and close-shaven pubes.

"There, wasn't so hard was it?" Vince asked, "Look George, she's still got
some frosting on her, you better get it off."

"Wha...?" Stephanie asked as she eyed her naked and frostingless body.

Vince promptly took a glob of frosting from the cake and spread it all
over her left breast. Steph shuddered at the coldness of the chilled
frosting. George had stripped off her chef's outfit and green panties. He big
brown nipples stood on end and the smell of her sex filled the kitchen. She
grabbed a glob of frosting and covered Stephanie's stomach and thighs. Vince
covered her other breast and her ample asscheeks, going so far as to coat the
inside of her crack. Vince and George both covered Steph's crotch and pussy
with the creamy frosting. Stephanie gasped, she hated to admit it but she was
actually getting into this.

"Well boss, it looks as if there's no washcloth handy to get this gunk
off!" George said, playing her part to a T.

In mock shock (Mock shock? Good one Crank ol' boy!
continue...) In mock shock Vince exclaimed, "Well then whatever shall we

"Luckily," George said as she pulled Steph close and planting a firm hold
on her meaty buttocks, "Vanilla is my favorite flavor!" With that George
pulled Stephanie in close for a sloppy kiss that Steph returned after a
moments hesitation.

Vince cleared a metal table and George slowly back Stephanie over to it,
never breaking the kiss. She scooped Stephanie's thighs in her hands and sat
her on the table. She scooted the naked former-heiress back so they were both
on the table. With George on her hands and knees frenching Stephanie.

She then broke the kiss and moved down Stephanie's body. She tweaked
Steph's left nipple with her hand and sucked on her right. She licked all the
creamy frosting from Stephanie's right tit and lightly chewed on her nipple.
Stephanie gasped and felt her pussy start to heat up. She knew she wasn't a
lesbian, but she was definetly becoming bi! Stephanie moaned as George moved
from her right breast to her left. George was milking the big tits like a
baby and Steph loved it. Vince was slowly stroking his cock as he watched
Stephanie's face cloud over with joy and lust. He shoved his cock towards her
face and she opened her red lips slightly, too far gone in lust to care.

Vince slowly slipped his rod past her lips and into her hot mouth. George
was moving down Steph's stomach so Vince went to work on her tits. George had
licked all the frosting from Steph's stomach, paying special attention to her
belly button. She now hovered over Stephanie's frosting and cream covered

"You want me to lick you, baby?" George asked.

Stephanie grabbed the blonde's head with both hands in an effort to force
her into her cunt but George would have none of it. She deftly dodged Steph's
advance and started sucking on the brunette's toes. Steph whimpered around
Vince's cock. George worked her way up Stephanie's shapely legs till she
licked the last bit of frosting off her thighs. The only parts of Steph's
body still covered were her ass and crotch. George grabbed Steph's ass with
both hands and pulled the frosting covered cunt to her face.

The first lick of George's tongue sent Steph into convulsions. Each
progressive lick bringing her closer and closer to release. George licked all
the frosting from Steph's bush but stopped when she neared her slit. She
parted Stephanie's asscheeks and stuck her tongue into Stephanie's asshole.
Steph came for the first time and violently shook, her whole body spasmed as
she had the most incredible orgasm she'd ever experienced.

George licked most of the cream from Steph's asscrack and finally licked
her slit just as Steph managed to deep throat Vince. She came again on the
first lick of her clit and had a mini orgasm after each progressive lick. In
the end Stephanie left her crotch, the table, and George's face a slimy mess.

"!" she exclaimed, "That was great! I'll have to do that more

"It's not over yet Steph. George is all frosting and cum covered now and
I haven't gotten off yet." Vince explained.

Steph wasn't sure about letting Vince's nine incher inside her and she
DEFINETLY had doubts about licking her own cum from another woman, but if she
didn't comply Vince could make sure she fucked farm animals for the rest of
her career.

Steph crawled to George's now reclined body and kissed the smiling blonde
full on the mouth, tasting her own juices on George's tongue. She licked
George's face clean and moved to her neck, sucking on the supple flesh. She
then licked and sucked George's sensitive tits just as she had done to her,
bringing George off in a quiet orgasm right there. She licked all of the
frosting and cum from George's upper body but was hesitant when she came to
George's dripping slit. She didn't have time to protest however as Vince
grabbed her by the neck and shoved her face into George's cunt and
simultaneously shoving his throbbing prick into her asshole.

Steph screamed into George's cunt, which only served to turn both George
and Vince on.

George patted Steph's head and whispered, "Shh, shhh. It's all right baby,
just be a good fuckrag and take it." George held Steph's face down so Vince
could brace himself with his left hand and slap Stephanie's big ass hard with
his right. Steph's eyes poured tears as she looked pleadingly into George's
super aroused face. George said, "I'm not gonna help you, be a good bitch and
eat me and this'll be over quicker."

Steph weakly tried to lick the cumming blonde between sobs as Vince tore
her ass up. He soon deposited his seed into her anal cavity while bringing
his hand down for a final slap of Stephanie's jiggling red buttocks. He left
George and Steph lying on the table.

As he left George was saying gently, "Yeah that's ok...go on and cry...let
it out. In a minute we'll go up to Wade's office and he'll defile your every
orifice and you'll take in a gallon of his cum then I'll fuck you with a big
strap on. We'll make a tape and send it to your parents and brother. Sound

Stephanie could only sob hysterically as she realized she was now and
forever a walking cum depository.

In the weight room Jacqueline and Tori were working up quite a sweat. They
were both barely dressed in extremely short shorts and skimpy sports bras.
Vince took one look at them and stripped in the hallway. They had their backs
to him, so he snuuck up on Tori and hugged her. He shoved his erect cock into
her asscrack and massaged her covered breasts.

The ever-horny Jackie said, "If it ain't the gigalo himself! Looks like
we're gonna get some dick BEFORE the taping girl!"

Jackie whipped off her top, freeing those massive orbs and shoved her
shorts down her muscular legs. She now had her bald cunt, fabulous bubble
butt, and massive mammaries on display. Vince tugged Tori's top over her
head. Jackie moved up to engage the topless blonde in a deep kiss. She ran a
hand under Tori's shorts and violated the muscular woman with her fingers.
Vince tugged Tori's shorts and thong off and kissed each of her fabulous

They moved to a weight bench where Tori layed down and Jackie 69'd the
former DX groupie. Vince shoved his rod into Tori's oozing cunny. Jackie
sucked on Vince's cock and Tori's clit while Tori ate out Jackie's brown and
pink lovehole. They went like that for ten minutes before Vince came and they
switched positions. Jackie had cum twice and Tori four times when Vince
kicked it to Jackie doggie style while groping her fabulous tits and she ate
out Tori. When the fifnished fifteen minutes later the all showered together
and Vinnie fucked each of them again.

"This job is really challenging my stamina!" Vince thought as he left Tori
and Jackie making out in the locker room.

When he returned to his office he found Symphony sitting on his desk
naked watch Paisley fuck Major Gunns in an oil match. She had one hand in her
snatch and another holding two glasses of champagne. "Marcus says you did
good with Stephanie," Symphony said giving Vince a glass, "I'm yours for the

"I love this job!" Vince said.

They klinked glasses and Symphony got to her knees.


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