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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are under
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WCW: Back In Black
By Wonder Mike (

Sonny Ono finally decided to settle his lawsuit, the only reason he
sued World championship wrestling for racial discrimination was that Eric
Bischoff had but him up to it, since Eric was back, there was no reason to
sue, Sonny would settle soon. Hardwork Bobby Walker was another story.

Bobby was really pissed at the company, he believed that the reason he
wasn't a star was because he was black, he thought the company should be
made to pay.

Bobby, Eric and Vince Russo sat down with Bobby, they promised that he
would get the chance to shine, Bobby thought they meant shoes, Vince
explained that they couldn't just put him in the main event, he would have
to work his way up the card, they guaranteed him the moon within three

Bobby thought that was fine, but what about now, he deserved something
right now, and you wouldn't insult him with cash.

Eric explained that the company had lost $60 million dollars, they
couldn't afford a huge payoff at this time, was there anything else they
could do for him.

Vince reminded them that they had a Nitro going on live in an hour, they
had last minute preparations to make, they didn't have time to bargain now,
they told Bobby he had to make a decision now.

The only thing Bobby Walker wanted was cash, Nitro girl Chae walked into
the office she also had a bone to pick with Eric and Vince.

Chae was pissed that, Paisley, Miss Hancock, Spice and Tygress had all
gotten on camera rolls, Kevin Nash was her boyfriend, he had lots of stroke
and she thought she was the prettiest of the Nitro girls, she wanted to be
on camera.

Eric looked at Bobby, then at Chae, he had a plan to satisfy them both,
he whispered to Vince, he grinned, Eric then told Chae if she satisfied
Bobby, he would let her Valet for Nash, he asked Bobby if that would
satisfy him. Bobby said "It will be a start."

Chae undid her halter top exposing her breasts, they where almost
perfect, her huge nipples where perfect, Chae grabbed her left breast and
brought it up to her mouth, she began to suck her nipple.

Her nipple grew even larger, she used her fingers to tweak her other
nipple, Bobby began to drool, he wanted Chae badly, he stuffed his hands
down his pants, Eric nodded at pointed at Bobby, Chae dropped to her knees
and crawled over to him.

Hardwork started to pull down his trunks, Chae beat him to it, she
reached in and pulled out a rock hard 10 inch cock, Chae started to stroke
it, she then spit on it to get it wet, Bobby grabbed her by the hair and
tilted her head back, he stuffed his cock down her throat.

Chae began to suck for her job, she gave him a wet blowjob, her spittle
running down her chin and down Bobby's cock, Bobby yanked her hair harder,
Chae wrapped her lips around his cock as tight as she could.

Bobby began to fuck her face, Chae slipped out of her shorts and began
to rub her pussy, it was dripping wet, Bobby jammed his entire cock down
her throat, he held it until she started to gag, then he pulled it out.

Chae caught her breathe, then Bobby jammed his cock down her throat
again, once again he held it until the spit started to run down her throat,
he pulled it out and slapped her across the face with his cock, he then
yelled "Turn around, bitch."

Chae spun around and dropped to all fours, she loved getting it doggy
style, the juices where dripping from her cunt and down her legs, Bobby
yanked her head back and rammed his cock all the way up her ass.

Chae screamed as her ass was penetrated, she hadn't expected that, Bobby
started to pump it in and out, she bit her lip, she didn't want to give
that, that, well, he knew what he was, the satisfaction of knowing is cock
was so big it hurt, it was starting to feel good though.

Chae started to rock back on his cock, it felt damn good now, way better
than Nash, she was going to have to go black more often now. She slammed
back so hard she knocked Bobby over backward, she was now on top of him.

Chae spread her legs as far apart as she could, she started to bounce
up and down on the ten inch cock jammed into her ass, Bobby grabbed her by
the waist and started lifting her up and down Chae started to scream.

Vince thought, this is a great way to start of Nitro, Vince and Eric
knew they needed something big to catch the WWF, this scene could be it,
they grabbed the phone and told Spice to get to the office with the Spice

Chae was cumming hard, she was jumping up and down on Walker's cock, he
was pumping up into her ass, they both where screaming like girls now, Eric
knew that was way he had never gotten over, he was cumming.

Spice wasn't there yet, Vince screamed for him to hold out, but it was
too late, Chae jumped off his cock spun around and shoved it into her mouth
just in time to catch the first spurt, Bobby grabbed her by the hair and
tilted her head back, he pumped his seed down her throat, Spice walked in
just in time to watch her swallow it.

Spice aimed the camera, Chae let some cum drip down he throat, Spice
loved this, she had been secretly filming the girls in the locker room for
her own personal collection, now the boss's where saying it was all right,
maybe it wasn't so bad only doing the Internet show.

Bobby finished unloading into Chae, he pushed her aside, he told Vince
and Eric that he was satisfied for now, but there where a lot of other
wrestler's who where involved in the lawsuit, he thought he could convince
them to settle too. He called Big T and Ice train into the office.

Chae got dressed and walked out as Big T and Ice train walked in, they
saw Spice with the camera, Russo, and Eric. Bobby told them about the plan
to settle, T and Ice said they agreed to the settlement, as long as they
got to run things, Bobby didn't care. Ice looked at Spice and told her to

Spice was dripping wet already, she was the horniest of the girls in
WCW and she had been planning to run the gauntlet of men and then the woman,
she hadn't figured out a way to do it without people thinking she was a
slut, this was her chance.

She pulled off her Nitro girl shorts, Vince grabbed the camera and
pointed it at her, Nitro was going to start in 30 minutes and the arena was
almost full, Eric called the director and told him to put the feed from the
Spice cam on the Turner tron, he would give the audience a thrill for
coming to the show.

Spice spun around and ripped her shirt off right down the middle, her
nipples where bigger than her breast, and they where excellent. She ordered
Big T to come over and suck a nipple, she then called Ice to suck the other

Ice Train and Big T where the two biggest men in W C W, they dwarfed the
tiny Spice, Vince couldn't even see her in the picture, but it was OK. Spice
shoved a hand down Ice's pants, then she shoved the other one down Big T's,
she gasped at what she found.

The two big blacks each had cocks that where at least fifteen inches,
her mouth started to water, she had never felt anything like them, they
where like two steel rods. The two men whipped them out and started
slapping her across the face with them.

Spice opened her mouth as wide as she could, Ice stuffed his cock into
her mouth. It was like trying to suck an arm, Ice had never met a girl who
could fit his cock into her mouth, Spice was able to do it. She wrapped her
lips around his cock and started to bob her head up and down. Ice started
to moan.

T stood behind Spice, he stuffed two fingers into her cunt, she started
to ride them, T started to wiggle them from side to side as she rode them,
she stuffed eight inches of cock down her throat. Ice and big T decided to
switch places, T shoved his fat cock into her mouth.

Ice train rammed three fingers into her cunt, Spice squealed and smiled,
she reached between her legs and wrapped both hands around his wrist, she
jammed his fingers all the way into her cunt, she wanted to be fucked hard
right now. Ice laid on the floor and ordered Spice to ride him.

Spice straddled his fat cock, she slowly lowered herself onto it, she
was scared that it was too big, but she was determined to take it. It would
be her mission in life to be impaled by these big black cocks.

Spice got the tip of the monster inside of her, she started to wiggle
her cunt from side to side, she had to go slowly, Ice reached up and grabbed
her around the waist and slammed her down on his cock, Spice screamed at the
top of her lungs.

She was seeing stars, she had no idea there could be so much pain and
pleasure at the same time she put her hands on his massive legs to brace
herself. T grabbed her around the waist and started to lift her up and

T lifted the small girl slowly at first, then Ice grabbed her underneath
the legs and started lifting her faster and faster.

The two wrestlers started slamming Spice up and down faster and harder
with each stroke, her head was spinning, she was cumming with each stroke,
she was like a blur going up and down on the giant cock, she was passing
out and coming to with each stroke.

Ice spun her around on his cock, she was no facing him, she was too weak
to ride him, and his cock was too fat for her to move anyway, Ice began to
thrust up into her, Spice bit her lip, but she didn't scream, Ice rammed his
tongue down her throat, she began to suck on it.

T stuffed three fingers into her ass, she couldn't help but scream now
Ice was lifting her into the air with each stroke he took, Spice didn't
know how much more she could take, but she needed to have more. Vince
zoomed in for a close up of her smiling face.

The arena was in shock, they knew WCW was planning something big, but
they never expected this, the silence was deafening, but everyone was on
their feet, nobody took their eyes off the Turner tron.

T pulled his fingers out of her ass, he stuffed the tip of his fifteen
inch cock into her ass, Ice thrusted lifting Spice onto T's cock, the
entire fifteen inches disappeared into her ass. The crowd erupted in a

T and Ice thrusted in unison, Spice laid limply on top of Ice, the two
men rammed her harder and harder, the crowd started a rhythmic clapping, T
and Ice rammed their cocks into her two hole as hard as they could, Spice
was barely conscious, she did manage to wink and smile at the camera.

Hardwork was ready for seconds, after all, they owed him big time, he
stood over Spice and pried her mouth open, he stuffed his cock down her
throat, she looked him in the eye and closed her mouth around it, Walker
grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her face.

Walker pumped into her mouth as Ice and T ravaged her cunt and ass, she
couldn't cum anymore if she wanted to, Walker pumped a load into her mouth,
she was too tired to swallow, it splattered down her chin, the audience
gave her a standing ovation.

T and Ice pulled out of Spice, she fell to the ground, the two men stood
over her and started to jerk their cocks, they could hear the crowd now.
The shot their seed all over Spice's face, she was too weak to move, they
covered her from her forehead to her neck, Spice raised her head and waved
to the Spice cam the cum dripping down her face.

T screamed "Who's next." The crowd started to chant "Hancock, Hancock."
Russo picked up the phone to make the call, they where going live in five


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