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WCW: Back In Black 2
By Wonder Mike (

Russo had made the call, most of the wrestlers didn't know what was going
on, they knew Nitro was about to start and Russo and Bischoff where nowhere
to be found, Steve Ray knew what was going on though.

Stevie came running into the office, he was mad at Big T for not calling
him, Booker T came in the office right behind his brother.

Stevie yelled "Where are the white women?" Booker laughed and slapped him,
Daffney came into the office a couple of seconds later. Russo had summoned

Spice stood up and grabbed her camera, she asked Vince why he had called
Daffney, when the crowd was chanting for Hancock, Russo explained that she
didn't know anything about booking, you couldn't send out Hancock during the
opening minutes of the show, you had to save her for the six o clock hour.

Daffney had no idea what was going on, she was surprised to see a naked
Spice in the office, she knew the Nitro Girls walked around backstage naked,
but that was for the main event wrestlers not for Stevie Ray, Bobby Walker
and Booker T.

Russo told Daffney what was going on, she had to be a team player and put
out for the minorities, Daffney said "No way!" She didn't do black guys.
Stevie Ray told her they could do this the hard way, then she would be hurt
and then fired, or they could do this the easy way and get a push. Then he
said "Strip bitch."

Daffney slid her tights down, they where tight, so Walker stood behind
her and yanked, Spice instructed her to turn around and bend over, Daffney
had the ass of a black girl, it was perfectly round, a little larger than
Spice's. Spice was jealous.

Nitro went live as Spice zoomed in for a close-up with the Spice cam.
Tony, Mark and Scott couldn't believe what was on there monitors, Daffney
reached between her legs and spread her pussy as wide open as she could, she
was thinking this could be fun, and her cunt was dripping wet already.

Spice stood behind her and rammed four fingers into Daffney's cunt, they
both squealed as Daffney rocked back onto her hand. Spice started to pump it
in and out of her. Daffney reached between her legs and grabbed Spice by the

Daffney began to fuck herself with Spice's hand. Spice loved doing that.
Daffney rammed it in as deep as she could get it. Spice began to twist and
turn her hand, Daffney slammed her cunt back onto the hand inside of her.

Booker ripped her shirt open, Daffney laughed and did her Hogan
impersonation and pulled it off. She had the perfect size tits, they fit
perfectly inside of Booker's mouth, he tried to swallow one whole.

Booker started to lightly bite on Daffney's nipple, she started to coo,
and pinch the other one. Stevie Ray reached between her legs and started to
rub her clit, Daffney bit her lip so she wouldn't scream.

Booker yanked out his twelve inch cock, it was like a steel rod. Daffney
leaned over and grabbed it with both hands, she started to stroke it, then
she opened her mouth as wide as she could and stuffed his cock down her

Eric had left the office, he had went to see who else was apart of the
lawsuit. He got on the head phones and called Terry Taylor. Taylor told him
who had sue'd and started to call them all. He also started making calls to
the females, he made them all the same off offer they had made Daffney. They
could do this the hard way or they easy way.

Stevie Ray was standing next to his brother, he was glad they where done
with their feud, he hoped they could team up again soon, even if they had to
make Big T a part of the team. He whipped out his cock and started poking
Daffney in the face with it.

Daffney looked up at Stevie Ray. It was now even more apparent that he
was the big brother his cock was only about an inch longer than Booker's but
it was almost twice as thick. Daffney began to drool over the thought of
being penetrated by it.

Stevie started to slide his cock into her mouth alongside of his brother.
Daffney opened her mouth wider trying to get both cocks into her mouth at
the same time. She managed to get the tip of both of them in. The brothers
started to push their cocks in and out.

Daffney's jaws started to ache and she wanted to be fucked. Booker asked
her if she could take both cocks in another hole. She told him she couldn't,
but she would take one up the ass and one in the cunt. Stevie laid on his
back and yelled "Ride my big black cock." Dafney screamed and straddled him.

The Artist was in the ring, he had started his match with Corporal Cajun,
they had stopped and where watching the Turner tron with the rest of the
audience. They couldn't believe what was happening. They asked the ref what
was going on, and could they get involved. Little Natch told the Artist he
could go to the back and get in line. Cajun was out of luck.

Daffney slammed her cunt down on Stevie Ray's cock, she bounced up and
down screaming with each stroke. Booker stood over his brother and shoved
his entire twelve inches down her throat. Daffney had no choice but to take
it all.

Booker T grabbed her by the pony tail and started to fuck her face. He
rammed his cock all the way down her throat with each stroke. She never
stopped jumping up and down on Stevie's fat cock.

Stevie grabbed her by the hips and started to lift her up and down, Spice
zoomed in for a close up of her cunt. You could see it being stretched by
Stevie's fat cock. Spice put her arm next to his cock. It was thicker than
her arm. She was amazed.

Stevie lifted Daffney into the air, he started to thrust his cock upwards
into her. Booker pulled his cock out of her mouth so he could hear her
scream, and she did it as good as anybody. Her screaming only made Stevie
fuck her harder. Daffney looked into the Spice cam and screamed "Fuck me in
the ass."

Stevie wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her down so they where
chest to chest. He took short quick thrusts into her cunt. Booker was
standing behind them now. He pointed his cock and slipped it into her cunt
alongside his brother.

Daffney was really screaming now, then she suddenly stopped and went limp,
the brothers started slamming their cocks into her cunt. Daffney managed to
wrap her arms around Stevie Ray and held on for dear life. The two brothers
slammed her cunt harder and harder with each stroke.

Daffney's cunt became looser and wetter as they rammed in and out. It was
getting easier for them to pummel her. Dafney was enjoying it more and more.
The harder they fucked her cunt the wider her smile got. Spice zoomed in for
a close up of her face and then went back to her cunt.

Eric and Vince looked outside the office. There was a long line waiting
their turn. Eric knew he had better get another woman in the office quickly.
Dafney wouldn't be able to take on anymore.

Mike Jones came bursting into the office. He said that nobody had been
screwed over worse in the business then he had and now he wanted to do the
screwing. He stood in front of Daffney and whipped out his seven inch cock.
He held her mouth open and stuffed his cock down her throat.

The two brothers worked her cunt in unison now while Dafney's head bobbed
up and down on Jones cock. He started to fuck her face trying to match the
strokes Stevie Ray and Booker were taking. They where ramming her cunt harder
then he could fuck her face though.

Daffney was working on her 8th orgasm when everything started to go dark.
Mike Jones shot a load all over her face. It awoke her. Spice handed the
camera to Jone's then she leaned over and licked the cream off of Daffney's
face. The brothers where ready to unload now.

They pulled their cocks out of Daffney's cunt. She fell to the floor as
they aimed and covered her face with their seed. Spice leaned over and
stuffed four fingers into Daffney's cunt. There was plenty of room to spare.
She then licked all the cream off her face again.

Spice got a mouth full of cum and held her mouth open. She scooped it onto
her tongue and stuck it out so Jones could get a close up of it. She then
leaned over and spit the cum into Daffney's mouth. Spice grabbed the cam and
zoomed in for a close up of Daffney' swallowing it.

Liz came into the office, she knew this was the chance to get her job
back. They where just halfway through the first hour of Nitro. Liz knew that
if she was dirty she could once again become the queen of wrestling. Vince
called next, The Cat came through the door yelling "I'm the greatest!" Mike
Jones said he wanted a piece of Liz too. Big Swoll said he wanted some also.

The Cat demanded that he get the first piece of Liz. He grabbed her by
the hair and forced her to her knees, he pulled out his eight inches and
shoved it past her lips. Liz wasn't that good a cock sucker, but she was
willing to learn. The Cat pulled her head back and forth on his cock. Liz
just wrapped her lips around it and let the Cat do all the work.

The Cat pumped his cock deep down Liz's throat. It was a slow process,
but he managed to get it all down her throat. She started to gag, then he
pulled it out. As soon as she caught her breath, he started to work his cock
down her throat again.

Spice came over to the couple and ripped open Liz's shirt. Her round
plump breast spilled out. Spice began to suck her tits causing her nipples
to expand. Spice then began to rub between her legs. The juices where
already dripping down her legs.

Cat decided to make Liz do some work. He laid on his back and ordered Liz
to ride him. She hiked up her skirt and sat on his cock she began to slowly
ride up and down. The Cat screamed "Now that's the greatest." Liz started to
bounce up and down a little faster.

Liz began to ride the cock harder with each stroke. This was something
she was experienced at. She locked hands with the Cat's so she could pump
her pussy down onto him. Spice stood behind her and slipped two fingers into
her ass.

Spice worked her fingers as deep as she could into Liz's tight ass. She
started to twist and turn her fingers. Then she added a third one. Liz
squealed and started to fuck the Cat even harder. She was going to wear him

The Cat started to thrust up into Liz's cunt. She began to squeal like a
young school girl. This excited the Cat. He started to thrust up faster. He
began to slap Liz on her plump ass. She started to jump up and down on his
black cock. He wasn't going to last long. He yelled for Liz to suck his cock.

Liz jumped off his cock. The Cat jumped up and shoved his cock down her
throat. He quickly shot a load directly into her mouth. He jerked her head
back as she started to spit out the punk. Spice zoomed in for a close up and
then licked up the spilled cum from the floor.

Mike Jones was ready for his turn. He stood behind Liz and bent her over
and rammed his cock into her ass. Liz screamed as her ass was violated
without warning. Jones grabbed her by the hair and yanked back. He started
pumping his cock like a piston into her. She was screaming with each stroke.

Russo looked at the clock. It was fifteen minutes to nine and he knew Raw
was going to be starting soon, but he couldn't imagine anybody turning away
from this. He knew this was his opportunity to catch up in the ratings since
Raw was moving to a smaller network.

Liz began to rock back onto Mike's cock. She was getting into it now. She
had only been fucked up the ass once before and it had hurt. It felt good
this time. She loved the black cock up her ass. She started to pant, "Fuck
my ass with your big black cock." Jones pumped it in as hard as he could.

Liz still demanded to be fucked harder, so she pushed her ass back as
hard as she could onto Jones. He wrapped her hair around his wrist and
yanked. Liz screamed for him to pull it harder. That was all it took for
Jone's to shoot his load.

Spice ran over and yanked the cock out of Liz's ass and stuck it in her
mouth and licked it clean. He shot his load directly down her throat and
Spice swallowed it all in one gulp. She smiled and waved to her fans
watching on the Spice Cam.

Swoll had already taken Jones' place. He screamed "I'm the biggest man in
the business!" He pulled out a fifteen inch cock. It was even fatter than
big T's he rammed it into Liz's sore ass.

Liz had looked back and seen the size of Swoll. She screamed "No!" as he
penetrated her. He only stuffed a third of it into her, but it was too much
for her. She tried to pull away but Swoll was too strong. He pulled her back
burying half his cock into her ass.

Liz was pleading with him, but it was no use, Swoll gave another mighty
thrust and rammed his entire cock into her ass. Liz went limp, but Swoll
held her up with one arm. He started to slide her back and forth on his
cock. Tears welled up in Liz's eyes.

Spice laid underneath Liz and began to lick her cunt as Swoll fucked her
ass. Spice wanted a piece of him too. This made Swoll really ram his cock to
her. Spice's tongue started a flood of orgasms in Liz. The juices where
flowing like a waterfall out of her cunt.

Swoll then stood up with Liz impaled on his cock. He slid her up and down
on it. Liz hung limply like a rag doll going up and down like an oil derrick.
Swoll then laid on his back with Liz on top of him. Liz planed her feet and
tried to get her balance. She was too weak to move.

She didn't have to do too much though, Swoll began to lift her up and
down on his cock. Spice leaned over and stuffed four fingers in Liz's cunt.
Liz was still too weak to react. Spice began to pump her fingers deeper and
deeper into her cunt. Swoll started to thrust up into her ass.

Each thrust Swoll took lifted Liz into the air. Spice shoved her whole
hand into her cunt and rammed it up as deep as she could. Everytime Swoll
thrusted upwards, he lifted Liz off of Spice's hand. As she came down
Spice's arm was buried halfway to the wrist into her cunt.

Liz was screaming and cumming every couple of seconds now. She was going
to pass out it was 3 minutes to nine now, Raw was about to start. Miss
Hancock walked into the office. She knew exactly why she was there.

Miss Hancock let her hair down and went over to Liz and Swoll. She yanked
the cock out of Liz's ass. Liz fell to the floor unconscious. Hancock stuffed
ten inches of cock down her throat as the clock struck nine. Eric called for
the commercial break and knew he had the audience hooked.

The End

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