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WCW: Back In Black 3
By Wonder Mike (

Swoll thrust his giant cock down Hancock's throat. She opened her mouth
wide. Swoll begen to thrust in and out and he shot a load, which bounced off
her teeth and dripped down her chin. He grabbed Liz by the hair and pulled
her underneath Hancock. The cum dripped off of Hancock and all over Liz's
face. Spice happily licked her face clean.

Spice then threw Hancock to the floor and hiked her short skirt up over
her waist. Spice then ripped Hancock's panties right down the middle and
rammed two fingers into her blonde bush. Hancock held Spice by the hair,
gently caressing it.

Spice worked her fingers in and out of Hancock. Hancock spread her long
legs. Spice began to lick up and down her legs. She started at her feet and
worked her way up.

Spice reached the promised land and then she worked her way back down.
Hancock was mad. She demanded that Spice eat her. Spice worked her way back
up from her feet. This time she shoved her tongue deep into Hancock's cunt.

Hancock screamed and pulled Spice's face deep into her cunt. Spice rammed
a third finger into Hancock's cunt. She couldn't believe how much room there
was inside the skinny blonde. Spice rammed her fingers in past the knuckles.

* * *

Pat Patterson called Vince McMahon. Patterson had been watching Nitro and
he couldn't believe what they where doing. Vince didn't believe it either.
He finished the fifteen minute promo he always did to start Raw and ran to
the back.

It was true, Spice was fingering fucking Miss Hancock on national
television. Vince made the call to the USA network and told them, he had to
fight fire with Fire. USA didn't care as long as Vince promoted their shows
while they did it. They had to milk wrestling for as long as they could.

* * *

Hancock brought her knees up and planted her feet. She looked like she
was getting ready to give birth. It was just Spice with four fingers ramming
in and out of her cunt though there was still plenty of room.

Spice worked two fingers into her ass. Now there was a tight spot.
Hancock started to squirm as Spice penetrated her virgin ass. Spice rammed
the two fingers as deep as she could. It lifted Hancock off the floor.

Spice told her "Don't think about your ass being violated," she then
rammed her entire hand past the wrist into her. There was still plenty of
room. Spice rammed her arm deep into her as Hancock screamed.

Russo and Bischoff looked at the line forming outside. They decided to
make them wait. He would give them a payoff during the main event. Eric made
another call to get the next victim. He decided that this was still a
wrestling program so they should have a match.

Spice was twisting and turning her arm inside of Hancock. Hancock was
balancing herself on her feet and hands. Her ass was two feet off the ground
as Spice rammed a third finger into her ass. Hancock didn't even feel it.

Spice had rammed her arm to the elbow inside of Hancock. Hancock was
thrusting her hips back and forth on her arm. She wiggled her hips from side
to side doing her dance routine. Spice would spin her arm as far as she could
and then let it snap back. Her arm was covered with Hancock juice.

Liz was on her feet. She could see inside of Hancock's cunt even with
Spice's arm rammed deep inside. It was amazing that such a skinny girl had
such a deep cunt. Liz knew what would fill her up though. She took off her
shoes and sat on the floor. She pointed her feet up and told Hancock to ride
her foot.

Spice yanked her arm out of Hancock. Hancock could barely stand, so
Spice helped her over to Liz. Swoll lifted Hancock up and placed her over
Liz's right foot. He lowered her on the foot and it sank deeply inside of

Hancock just moaned. Swoll began to lift her up and down on the foot
while Hancock spread her legs as wide as she could. Swoll slammed her all
the way down to the heal of Liz's foot. She was pulling at her own long
blonde hair.

Spice grabbed Liz's left foot. She rubbed it between her legs back and
forth. She then zoomed in with the Spice Cam as she sat down on the foot.
Spice screamed. She slowly lowered herself until the entire foot was buried
into her cunt.

Spice began to bounce up and down on the foot. Hancock looked over and
saw her. She started to bounce up and down on the foot buried inside of her.
Hardwork Bobby Walker came over to Spice and started lifting her up and

Spice and Hancock where being slammed violently up and down on Liz's feet
screaming in unison. It was a contest to see who could fuck the best. They
where both jumping up and down on their respective feet.

Hancock did the splits on Liz's foot. Eric and Vince leapt to their feet
in approval. Swoll lifted Hancock up. Hancock did the splits once again
burying the foot all the way to the heel into her cunt. Spice was angry now.
She wouldn't let Hancock show her up.

Spice spread her legs and also did the splits on Liz's foot. Hardwork
lifted her back to her feet. Spice quickly dropped back down and she started
to grind her cunt back and forth on the foot. Now Hancock was getting angry.

Hancock did the splits again and she started wiggling around. She was
doing the Hancock dance with the foot buried inside of her. Liz grabbed hold
of her along with big Swoll. They started to slam her up and down on Liz's
foot while Hancock was still trying to wiggle on it.

Spice leaned over and started to rub Hancock's pussy. Both the girls
where squealing. Spice was making Hancock come all over Liz's foot and knew
Hancock wouldn't last much longer. Spice hopped to her feet and started
jumping up and down on Liz.

Swoll and Walker slammed the girls as hard as they could. Spice and
Hancock where cumming all over Liz's feet. They couldn't take much more. The
eyes in both their heads had rolled back. Eric knew they would both pass out
before they stopped. He needed them. There was still over an hour and a half
left of show. He ordered Swoll and Walker to remove them from Liz. It was
time to go to commercial so they could get ready for the next segment.

Medusa and Mona came into the office next. Eric reminded them that it was
a wrestling program. He ordered them to the ring. They would have an evening
gown match. The woman who was stripped naked would be fucked by the Filthy
Animals. The winner would get the Cat and the returning Hardbody Harrison.

The girls didn't think it was much of a choice. They got changed into
evening gowns and headed to the ring. They figured the loser would be buried
and the winner would get a huge push as the #1 wrestling female in the world.

Medusa and Mona reached the ring. Medusa was reluctant. This was Mona's
big break. She charged across the ring and speared Medusa knocking her flat
on her ass. She then ripped her top off. Medusa laid on the mat in her bra
and skirt.

Medusa had never been so embarrassed before and tried to cover up. Mona
grabbed her by the bottom lip and then she ripped off her bra. Medusa laid
face first on the mat trying to cover up. Mona rolled her over so the
audience could see.

Medusa's huge breast where exposed to an arena full of horny wrestling
fans as they flopped around. Mona grabbed her by a nipple and pinched.
Medusa howled. That as a dirty trick. She reared back and hit Mona right
between the legs.

* * *

Raw had come to a complete stand still. All the wrestlers where in the
back watching Nitro. Nobody wanted to go the ring and wrestle. McMahon was
busy on the phone trying to counter act this programing. He had no idea
nothing was going on and they where airing a test pattern.

* * *

Medusa rolled over and wrapped her legs around Mona. She rolled over so
she was on top of Mona and then went to work on Mona's top. Mona would have
nothing to do with that though. She grabbed Medusa by the hair and rolled
them back over.

Medusa reached up and ripped off Mona's top along with her bra. Mona was
topless also, but she didn't care. She as determined to win. Medusa reached
up and grabbed Mona by the nipples. She was mad now and she was going to
hurt Mona.

Mona screamed as Medusa twisted her nipples. Medusa rolled them back
over. She was in complete control and she ordered Mona to pull off her skirt
as she twisted her nipples again. Mona had no choice but to do what she
said. She pulled off her skirt with tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

Medusa let go of her nipples just long enough to shove her hand into
Mona's panties and ripped them off. Medusa had wone. Mona would have to do
those disgusting Filthy Animals. She would get Hardbody and The Cat. At
least The Cat had real stroke and Hardbody was in shape. Medusa left Mona
laying in the ring and started to head to the back for her reward?

The Cat and Harrison where already on the runway. They wanted to do it
right in the middle of the ring. Medusa didn't want to do it in front of
all the people, but she was already topless and there where two eight inch
cocks poking at her.

Mona snuck up behind Medusa and forced her to her knees. Cat stuffed his
cock into Madusa's mouth while Harrison grabbed her by the hair and yanked
back and screamed, "I'm the greatest." The Cat corrected him. He was the
greatest. Harrison stood next to him and stuffed his cock into Medusa's
mouth alongside of The Cat's.

Medusa took both cocks down her throat easily. Both men had her by the
hair as they worked her head up and down on the two cocks until she took
both of them all the way in. Mona stood in he ring laughing. She had lost,
but this was funny.

Medusa reached around both men and grabbed them each by the ass. She
pulled them closer trying to get more cock down her throat. She already had
them both all the way to the balls though. She needed more. Harrison needed
to be fucked though. He was the first man screwed by Bischoff and the self
proclaimed toughest man in the world.

Harrison laid on the mat and demanded that Medusa ride him. Medusa
squatted over him and started to stuff his cock into her cunt. Harrison
redirected it and rammed it into her ass. Medusa squealed as he thrusted
upwards and before she knew what hit her. She tried to get up but Mona held
her until Hardbody rammed his cock all the way in.

Medusa accepted the cock and leaned back into Harrison. He began to
thrust up into her. She brought her knees up so he could get it all the way
in. The Cat and Mona grabbed her by the arms and began to lift her up and
down as the fans began chanting her name.

The crowd encouraged the couple while Harrison began to thrust upwards
into her harder. He pulled her knees up even closer into her body so her cunt
was exposed. The Cat laid on top of her and worked his cock into her ass
alongside of Harrison's. Medusa was screaming now.

Medusa was as tough as they come, but this was too much even for her.
She had too fat cocks buried into her ass. The two men began to work her
over. The Cat rammed downward forcing her down onto Harrison. The Cat's
weight forced both cocks all the way into her.

Mona was jumping up and down laughing. She thought that bitch was getting
what she deserved and laid across The Cat using her weight to force the cocks
even deeper. Harrison was able to thrust up lifting all three of them into
the air. He was ready to cum though.

Harrison managed to slip from underneath the trio. He leaned over Medusa
just in time to spray her face with his seed. His aim was terrible and it
splattered her hair and chin. He was still the greatest though.

The Cat grabbed Medusa by the ankle and brought them back behind her head.
He rammed his cock into her ass like a jack hammer. Medusa thrusted her legs
up into him. The Cat was ready to spray her now. He jumped up and yelled for
her to stick out her tongue. He laid his cock on her tongue and shot his load
directly into her mouth.

Medusa wouldn't swallow though. She let it drip out of her mouth to the
mat. Mona grabbed her by the hair and rubbed her face in it and made Medusa
lick it up and swallow it. Mona then jumped up and looked around. She guessed
it was her turn next.

Mona saw the new ass to kiss, the hip hop Infernal The Disco Inferno.
He was alone though. He had a microphone and introduced her to the Filthy
Animals. He brought out two Doberman pinchers. Mona couldn't believe what
she was seeing. They wouldn't make her to this would they? Not on national

Disco said, yes they would. Mona tried to run from the ring, but Medusa
tripped her. Mona fell flat on her face. Disco released the hounds. They
where Vince and Shane. They belonged to Bischoff and he had been bringing
them for protection, since the wrestlers had been getting out of control.

Vince bounced on Mona. He had his paws on her shoulders pinning her down.
Mona started to get up, but Vince growled. Mona knew she better not move.
Disco climbed into the ring and had a can of Alpo in his hand.

Medusa took the dog food from Disco. She smeared some on Mona's cunt.
Shane began sniffing away at her cunt and he began to lick away. Mona began
to moan. She didn't want to enjoy it, but Shane was very good. Vince lowered
his head and began to lick away also.

Both huge dogs had their tongues deep inside of Mona. She had cum already.
Her legs where sliding wider apart and Vince managed to get his nose inside
of her blonde cunt. Mona tried to get up again, but Vince placed his teeth
on her cunt. Mona froze. They began to lap away again.

Both dogs had their noses in Mona's cunt now. She was cumming like crazy.
Her juices where driving them crazy now that her juices where dripping down
her legs. Both dogs where completely aroused. They each had eight inch

Shane dropped back and climbed on her back. He jammed his cock into her
cunt. Mona tried to crawl away, but he wrapped his teeth on her ear. Mona
froze again as Shane rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Mona couldn't
believe how good it felt.

It was dirty and there where seven thousand people watching her. She
involuntary rocked back as Shane rammed his knot into her.

Mona screamed as the softball size knot entered her cunt. She was locked
onto Shane. Shane was pumping away wildly, as the crowd started chanting
"Puppies!" Mona rocked back and forth onto the dog. Shane shot a load deep
into her cunt.

The knot subsided. Mona pulled away as the cum came dripping out of her
cunt. It was a mixture of her own juices and doggy cum. Mona looked back
just in time to see Vince ram his eight inch cock into her pussy.

Mona fell face first to the floor. Vince had no trouble forcing his knot
into her wide open cunt. Mona had never felt anything as large as the dogs
inside of her. Vince rammed his cock in and out of her. Mona began to scream.

Mona was cumming with each stroke he took. She managed to get back up
on her hands and knees. She began rocking back and forth matching Vince's
thrusts. Vince quickly shot a load deep into her cunt and pulled out.

Mona stood up and let the cum drip down her legs. She stuck two fingers
into her cunt and scooped out some cum and licked her fingers clean. The
crowd chanted one more time. She jammed her fingers in again and took another

* * *

Kimberly Page entered the office of Russo next, she decided she was ready
to come back. Vince had a group who where ready to welcome her back.


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