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WCW: Back In Black 4
By Wonder Mike

Russo and Bischoff told Kimberly to head to the ring and wait for them,
they called for Torrie Wilson, the blonde bombshell came running.

Spice and Daffney where still naked in the office, Spice had the camera
running, Russo told Torie to remove her top, she had been watching backstage
and she was ready.

Torrie told them she wanted Booker T and Stevie Ray, they where do for a
huge push, it would be cool to come to the ring with either one, Stevie
would get huge heat, if she came to ring with him and Booker would be over.
It was better than being the head cheerleader.

Torrie removed her bikini top and exposed her perfectly shaped tits,
Booker and Stevie where already aroused, they had been waiting for a shot
at her ever since she showed up and WCW.

Daffney stepped in between the brothers and Torrie, she decided that she
wanted the first crack at the Barbie doll, Big Swoll said he was ready to go
again too.

Daffney dropped to her knees and slipped her hand up Torrie's short
skirt, Torie wasn't wearing any panties, Dafney began to rub her clit,
Torrie spread her legs and squatted down.

Daffney grabbed her by the hair and yanked back, she jammed her tongue
down Torrie's throat, they began to lick each others tongues.

Daffney was soon fucking Torrie's mouth with her tongue, Torrie sucked
it like a small cock, Daffney jammed two fingers into her cunt, Torrie

Daffney worked her fingers in and out of Torrie's tight snatch, it was
tighter than Dafney could have ever imaged, she jammed her fingers in as
far as they would go.

Spice was behind Daffney getting a close up, she shoved four fingers
into Daffney's cunt. Daffney began to rock back and forth on Spice's finger.

Spice began to twist and turn her fingers inside of Daffney, Daffney
slammed her cunt back harder on the fingers, Spice slowly worked her entire
hand inside of Daffney.

Daffney worked a third finger into Torrie's pussy, it was a struggle but
she worked them all the way to the knuckles, Tori began to rock back on
Daffney's fingers.

Booker stood in front of Torrie with his 12 inch cock poking her in the
jaw, Stevie yanked her by the hair and popped her mouth open, Booker shoved
his entire cock down her throat.

Torrie started to choke on the cock, Daffney jammed a fourth finger
inside of her, Tori screamed Booker began to fuck her throat.

Booker rammed his cock all they way in and pulled it all the way out of
Torrie's mouth, Stevie yanked her head forward and backwards forcing her to
take his brothers cock.

Daffney was cumming all over Spice's arm, Spice had buried most of it
into Daffney's cunt, Dafney was slamming back onto Spice trying to get more,
but it was no use, she had bottomed out, she needed it bad now.

Stevie Ray pulled Torie away from the group, he threw her on the ground
and bent her over, Booker bounced, he grabbed her around the throat and
rammed his cock into her virgin ass.

Torrie screamed and fell face first to the ground, there was no being
gentle, he rammed all twelve inches up her ass on the first stroke, he then
lifted her back to her hands and knees.

Booker started to ram his cock in and out of the tight ass, he was so
strong nothing would have stopped his cock, Stevie Ray whipped out his 14
inch cock and jammed it into her mouth. Torrie began to suck his cock to
stop screaming.

Daffney was sucking her thumb, she need some cock too, but Booker and
Stevie where busy, Spice spun her arm back and forth inside of her, but it
wasn't' enough, Daffney knew what she needed.

Booker rammed his cock as hard as he could into Torrie's ass, he knocked
her forward with each thrust, it was forcing Stevie's cock deep down her
throat, she had ten inches of his fat cock down her throat.

Stevie lifted Torie into the air, he began to slid her up and down on
his cock Torrie flung her arms wildly, there was nothing for her to hold on
to. Booker held her with one arm as he waved to the Spice cam.

Daffney pulled away from Spice, she threw her to the ground and grabbed
her leg. Daffney screamed and stuffed Spice's foot into her mouth, she began
to suck up and down on it.

Daffney worked the entire foot into her mouth, she pulled it out, then
spat on it, she then jammed it into her cunt.

That was exactly what Daffney needed, Spice's foot filled her up, Spice
began slowly working her foot in and out of her until it reached the heel.
Daffney was screaming with each stroke.

Booker laid on his back, Torrie was on top of him, she started to slowly
raise up and down, Booker grabbed her by the waist and helped her, she went
up and down a little faster with each stroke.

Torrie was able to get her feet on the ground, she was then able to slam
her ass all the way down on his cock, she took the entire 12 inches then
wiggled her ass on his cock, she then rose until only the tip was still in.
She than slammed back down.

Booker spun Torrie around on his cock, Russo screamed, "Spinarooni,
Spinarooni," he had to laugh, Booker laughed and he spun her around again.

Booker spun Torrie around and around on his cock, Torrie began to laugh
uncontrollably, she started to spin herself around until she got dizzy.

Daffney was holding Spice by the ankle, Spice had a good close up of
her face, Daffney rammed the foot in and out of her pussy, she was cumming
with each stroke.

Daffney screamed, and came some more, she couldn't top cumming, Spice
reached down and started to rub Dafney's clit, that was all Daffney could
take, she fell over unconscious with Spice's foot lodged in her cunt.

Torrie slammed up and down on Booker's cock, Stevie Ray had his cock
rammed down her throat, but he was ready to be fucked, he pulled his cock
out of her mouth, then he laid on top of her.

The brothers made an Oreo cookie out of Torrie as Stevie rammed his cock
into her cunt, Torrie thrusted up to take the entire fourteen inches, she
was fucking them both.

Torrie bounced up and down between the brothers, she slid up onto Stevie,
then slammed down on Booker, the two than went to work in earnest.

Booker and Stevie began to thrust in unison, it looked like they where
going to crush her, they slammed harder and harder into her. Torrie didn't
scream though.

Russo wanted to hear her, he demanded to brothers fuck her, they slammed
even harder into her, she let out a couple of grunts, but that was all.
Stevie was getting angry.

Stevie yanked his cock out of her cunt, he then shoved it into her ass
alongside his brother, that got a rise out of her.

Torrie screamed at the top of her lungs, she had well over two feet of
cock jammed in her ass. She wrapped her arms around Stevie and went limp. He
began to ram it too her.

Stevie's weight made it easy to get both cocks into her ass, Torrie was
forced down onto Booker. Gravity worked Stevie's cock into her ass.

The brothers worked simultaneously into her ass, Torrie went limp, the
cum squirted out of Torie's cunt and splattered the Spice cam, Spice licked
the lens clean.

The brothers where both ready to cum, Booker grabbed Torrie by the hair
and lifted her head up, he laid his cock on her tongue and began to jerk it.

Booker deposited his load on her tongue, he tilted her head back until
she swallowed, Stevie then placed his cock on her head, he wrapped her hair
around his cock and jerked it.

Stevie shot his load into her long blonde hair, it dripped down her
forehead and face, Spice scooped some up with her fingers and stuck them
into Daffney's mouth.

It was five minutes until the end of the show, Kimberly Page was in the
ring waiting, Russo and Bischoff went to greet her, it looked like they
where going to over time.

Kimberly straddled the ring ropes, she was wearing a bikini top with
tight black leather pants, she shook her ass as the boss's reached the ring.

Kimberly greeted Russo and Bischoff, Russo made the signal for her
opponent, to the ring came Screaming Norman Smiley, Ralpus, and a huge Black
Mastiff, the dog was Ralpus's he called him Chris.

Russo told Kimberly she had to screw two of them if she wanted her job
back. The choice was her's.

She was sorry that she had walked out, Scott Steiner had insulted people
before but when he started on her, it was too much for her too take, she
realized the mistake she made though.

It was an easy choice for Kimberly she would not screw a disgusting
animal, she grabbed the mike and yelled "Just say no to crack," she pointed
at Smiley and Chris.

Kimberly bent over and rubbed her hands over her ass, she slid her pants
down until they were around her ankles, Norman removed her bikini top.

Kimberly' s nipples where poking straight out, she had the second biggest
nipples in the company next to Spice, she pulled a tit up to her mouth and
began sucking her own nipple.

Chris placed his paws on her shoulders, he was taller than her when he
was on top feet, she looked down and saw a nine inch cock poking at her leg.

Norman dropped down behind her and took a lick at her snatch from behind,
Kimberly dropped to all fours, she had a perfectly round ass, the best
anybody in the arena had ever seen, the entire audience where on their feet.

Norman and Chris switched places, Chris jammed his six inch tongue all
the way into Kimberly's sweet snatch, she moaned loudly, she began to wiggle
her ass as Chris began to lap away.

Norman Smiley whipped out a fifteen inch cock, a loud gasp came over the
arena, it was almost the size of Kimberly's arm, he began to slap her across
the face with his cock.

Chris buried his nose into her cunt, Kimberly was cumming on it, she
rocked back trying to take it deeper, she was starting to cry tears of joy.

Norman lifted her chin up, he jammed his cock into her mouth, it barely
fit but she opened wide to take it, Norman grabbed her by the hair and jammed
his cock down her throat.

Norman Smiley thrusted his hips back and forth as he fucked her face,
Kimberly was screaming as Chris had his tongue stuffed deeper inside of her,
as she screamed Norman jammed his cock deeper.

Norman and Chris switched places, Norman stood behind her slapped her on
the ass and rammed his cock into her cunt, she yelped and was knocked forward
by the force.

Kimberly lunged forward, her mouth going around Chris's cock, she didn't
want to suck the dogs cock, but it was in her mouth, she started to pull
away, but Chris put his teeth on her shoulders, Kimberly wrapped her lips
around his cock.

Kimberly swallowed the doggy cock whole, she took the entire nine inches
down her throat, Norman, slowly managed to work his entire fifteen inches
into her tight snatch, he grabbed her by the hair and leaned back.

Norman gave her the big wiggle, he slapped her ass back and forth as he
began to pump away in earnest, Kimberly was screaming as he rammed his cock
in deeper.

Chris was fucking her face now, he was pumping away madly, the crowd was
cheering him on, Kimberly couldn't stop cumming, and Chris knew it.

Chris wanted some of her cunt, Smiley rocked back putting Kimberly on
top, he then spun her around so she was facing him, he began to slam his
cock up into her.

Kimberly wrapped her arms around him, Smiley was lifting her into the
air with his thrust, Chris mounted her from behind, he jammed his cock into
her cunt.

There was nothing gentle about the huge dog, he thrust wildly into her
pussy, Norman wouldn't be outdone by a dog, he thrust even harder.

Smiley was lifting them both into the air, Chris pumped even harder, it
was a human, doggy contest, Kimberly was screaming loudly, Norman soon
joined her.

Norman was screaming even louder than Kimberly was, he was going to cum,
but so was Chris. Ralphus pulled the snarling Chris away from Kimberly, he
sat him down in front of her.

Chris jammed his cock into her mouth, Kimberly tried to pull away but he
growled wildly, Kimberly closed her mouth and sat still, he pumped away.

Chris dumped his load directly into her mouth, she had no choice but
to catch it all in her mouth, Smiley pushed her off his cock and spun her
around, he rammed his cock down her throat.

Norman shot his giant load into her mouth, it came spilling out the
corners of her mouth, it was mixed with Chris's cum, Kimberly stood up, her
knees where weak, Ralphus held her up.

The audience gave her a standing ovation, Spice, Dafney, Chae, Hancock
all came out and took a bow, it was the greatest Nitro ever.


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