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This Story contains a flashback to 1997 after Vince Mcmahon screwed Bret Hart
out of the WWF title. Bret Hart goes to WCW and you know the rest.

WCW Abducts Stephanie Mcmahon
by Sexxy Boy

"Eric Bischoff!" Yells an angered Smackdown! General Manager Stephanie
Mcmahon, "Week after week you make every attempt possible to screw my

"Steph," The Raw GM says, "I will make a deal with you. If you do not let me
have Brock Lesnar back on Raw, then I will not hummiliate you."

"What the hell do you mean!"

"I want an answer by Royal Rumble or the world will find out exactly what
I'm talknig about!" Eric Bischoff then leaves the Smackdown! arena.

* * *

At the Royal Rumble, Stephanie Mcmahon is waiting in the ring. Micheal Cole
approaches Stephanie and asks if she is going to give into Bischoff's

"There is no chance in hell that Brock is going to go back to Raw!" Stephanie
yells into the microphone. Then, Bischoff is shown on the Titan Tron.

"Since you don't want to cooperate, I'll just show the world how much of a
slut you were back in the days. Roll the footage!

~ ~ ~

On the tape, the ending of the 1997 Survivor's Series is played and Shawn
Micheals has Bret "The Hitman" Hart in the sharpshooter. The bell rings and
Shawn Micheals is the champ. The footage is then set on a backstage arena
at Monday Nitro. Bret Hart is walking from his personnal locker room to the
lounge where all the WCW wrestlers hang out. Lex Luger, DDP, Buff Bagwell,
Syxx, Eddie Guerrero, and the Giant all greet him. The Bret says that he has
an announment and that they should come to his locker room.

Bret and the six superstars enter the Hitman's locker room to find a naked
Stephanie Mcmahon laying on the floor. "She's all yours guys," Bret says,
"Vince thinks he can screw me, well his daughter will be the one screwed!"

"Let me go!" Yells a young Stephanie. Bret slaps her then puts her in the
sharpshooter. The stars all pull down their pants to reveal their cocks.

"Do what you're known backstage in the WWF for and SUCK IT!" Buff Bagwell
puts his cock in the mouth of Steph and she sucks it up while jerking off
Syxx and Eddie.

"Whoo!" yells an excited Buff, "Elizabeth could never suck like this. DDP
then puts his 8'1/2 inch cock straight up Stephanie's ass.

"Kimberly's ass ain't half a big as this! She must of been giving it up all
the time backstage in the WWF. Buff cums in her mouth and Steph takes Eddie
into her mouth and deep throats him.

"Yeah, she used to make pornos all the time backstage. I'll let you all see
the tape where she let's Sycho Sid ass fuck her while she's sucking off that
faggot Rocky Mayavia and jerking off Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown!" This gets
Steph real hyped up and she sucks faster as DDP cums on her back. Eddie then
cums down her throat. Stephanie then spread her legs wide open. The Giant
picks Steph up and lays her down on top of him so he gets to fuck her vagina
while Lex Luger puts his 7 1/2 inch cock deep into her ass. She grab's Syxx's
cock and sucks him off while being double penetrated. After he cums down her
throat, Steph squeals out loud. "WCWoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

The Giant and Luger take their cocks out of the young McMahon and all six
superstars along with Bret Hart surround her. She grabs each cock and sucks
them. Then they all jerk off, letting cum splatter all over her breast and
her face. "I see why WCW is the best federation!" Stephanie says.

~ ~ ~

Back in the WWE ring, Eric Bishcoff asks if she was still going to keep

"Hell yeah, cause I want Paul Heyman to remind me of the fucking his boys
gave me in ECW!"

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