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WCW Monday Nitro! Reborn Part 1
by Mako V (

TNA and WWE have folded during the winter of 2004. The lack of good story
lines and some other pathetic sports entertainment happenings had completely
killed that type of wrestling. Most wrestlers found a new walk of life, some
going to other federations.

Jump 2 years later. It's now 2005. A board of directors has enough capital
to start up another sports entertainment fed. They decide to use the old WCW
moniker. The only catch is that they have a different idea. Their flagship
show will be aired on the Playboy channel.

Former top WWE diva, Trish Stratus has been selected to head the operation.
The very first day of business she went through a roster list and hand picked
people she wanted to be in this new promotion. Workers include the obvious
picks from the old federations. But to some surprise she also picked several
workers from indy scenes all over the world. Trish's plans for her WCW were

With money to back her, Trish has been given free reign to sign whomever she
wants and to run whatever angle she wants. The blonde woman's only worry is
to be successful.

WCW Monday Nitro! - February 7th, 2005

The arenas lights were dark. A soft wind blew through the arena, circulating
air and smoke. That small detail was on Trish's mind as she stood behind the
entrance way. She took several deep breaths. There hadn't been any commentary
yet. She was the first to go out on television. She psyched herself up when
the first lyrics to her entrance music hit. The arena lighting up in various
blues and purples as she walked out into the mass of cheering fans. The crowd
was hot. They hadn't been able to see wrestling on this scale for sometime

The young woman's body was shivering because of her excitement. She slid
under the bottom rope and posed for each side of the ring that the fans were
on. Her hip hugging black leather pants loosened up to overlap her black
boots, a black leather top completed the outfit.. The music faded out and
Trish was left to smile in the middle of the ring. Her hands wrapped about a
microphone and she began speaking. "Thank you all so much for supporting us.
We really couldn't of asked for better fans that support us through the thick
and the thin." Cheers arouse from that and Trish continued. "As WCW's new
manager. I'm going to make sure that you aren't given the same old thing that
bored you in the pass. This WCW is going to keep you tuning in week in and
week out for years to come."

The lights of the arena darkened once more, Slow guitar riffs flew through
the air before the softness was cut with a sharp electric guitar note. Trish
and the crowd immediately shot their attention to the entrance way. A single
man walked out onto the entrance way that night. He was clad in a leather
jacket, his jean shorts were torn and ripped from heavy amounts of abuse. He
had a flannel shirt wrapped about his waist.The word "Nevermore" emblazoned
across the chest of his shirt. The man gave Trish a confident glance before
he sauntered his way down the isle way. He slowly advanced around the
ringside area until he also grasped a microphone.

"What do you plan to accomplish, Trish Stratus? The path you're walking will
undoubtebly lead you to ruin. Being the fan lap dog is a disgrace. You do
nothing more then minor tricks to satisfy their over inflated entertainment
budget. You've given your life and your soul to these mindless slaves. They
never loved you Trish....they never will. There will come a time when you are
forced to make a life altering decision. Should you decide to not go with the
popular vote, you will shunned and disgraced."

The man sitting in the corner of the ring was having an obvious effect on
Trish. She'd never heard this point of view before and never so well thought
out. The leather jacket wearer continued.

"I've been an outcast for my entire life. I thought.....I thought like you.
To be accepted was my highest goal. I let the devastation effect me. But I
grew tired of trying to live up to their expectations. They wanted me to be
a hard core icon. I gave them that. They wanted me to push shopping carts
full of ludicrous weaponry down to the ring. I gave them that. I gave them
my body! and look at me now. They never accepted me! They took from me until
I was left a worthless shell of what I once was. I saw the error in my
judgement. ......I beg you, Do not allow yourself to make the same mistakes
that I have."

The crowd had been jeering the man since he first spoke. Random shouts about
how he should shut up and such could be heard emitting from the crowd. Trish
stood still in the middle of the ring, her eyes locked upon those of the
thought provoking man. Many thoughts filled her head as she digested what the
man was telling her. She fought with the idea in her head, not listening to
the jeers of the fans.

"You're struggling" The man smirked a bit, a quick laugh leaving his lips.
"You're struggling with the idea of leaving them behind. Your thoughts are
filled with worry about where you will go, what will you do. Who will care
about you?"

Trish looked around her, her view was full of fans booing, jeering and
otherwise hating the man in front of her. Her eyes eventually lead her back
to the hated man. "What about me? What about Raven?" He threw the mic down
and held his arms out to the questioning woman. Trish's thoughts were filled
with a jumbled mess of ideas. When she would look forward she would see the
only calm person. His ideas and thoughts a comfort to her. She then would
look out at all the fans, the constant of negative energy filled her soul,
making her dread what was now seen as in inevitability. The beautiful fan
favorite went to Raven. Allowing herself to be enveloped in his arms. Raven
comforted her while telling her several things. He then picked up his mic
while Trish lay in his arm.

"Welcome to my family" Raven's words marked the breaking of his music once
more. He slid out of the ring with the confused blonde that was Trish
Stratus. There was almost silence in the crowd when she disappeared with him
behind the curtain. The television screen faded to black.

* * *

The commercial break ended and the show opened with a close up shot of a
hazel eyed beauty. Those eyes looked down and then up into her partners. A
small smile cracked her moist lips. Fiery red hair outlined her cute face
and draped down over the skin of her tattooed shoulder. Her soft hands
reached out for the clasp on her lovers green cargo pants. The talented
diva took little time when she worked her lovers pants apart and pushed
them down. With that accomplished the erection before sprung into view and
slid across the silky skin of her breasts. The woman began to slowly stroke
the member before her. Her hands jerked away at the love tool. The recording
camera finally panned back to reveal the owner, Jeff Hardy.

Jeff had been ready for his upcoming match. His girlfriend, the woman that
at this moment was taking his head into the warmth that was her mouth, didn't
want to let him go before wishing him luck. A tight, black see through shirt
melted to the muscles of the thrill seeker's torso. The same material covered
his forearms and most of his hands. His fingers ran through his lover's red
mane and came to a rest on the back of her head. "I don't have much time,
Lita" Jeff knew that his statement was going to fall on deaf ears. His hand
gently stroked the hair out of her face.

Lita gave him no reply. Her eyes softly closed as her palm wrapped about the
base of his member. Her lips parted as she went down on him, only to come to
meet once more a moment later when she would pull away. Again and again she
would repeat this, letting his manhood feel the wonderful wetness of her
tongue sliding across the sensitive skin. Each time she pushed further until
the point where she had to stretch her jaw and wrinkle her brow as the meat
filled her mouth beyond compacity and stated to push at her throat. Her hand
holds him steady as her sucking grew more lustful. She gasped for air as the
red hair on her head bounced each time she would take his shivering cock into
her mouth. A deep breath was taken before the girl let his aching cock push
into the warmth and tightness of her throat. The loving woman closed her eyes
as she elicited a groan from deep inside Jeff's body. Lita pulled away from
him after several seconds, gasping to catch the breath that had left her.

The young man leant down and pressed his perspired forehead against that of
his love. Softly, Jeff pressed his lips to the ruby red ones of Lita. The two
lovers allowing themselves to be lost in the tender show of affection. Jeff's
tongue explored her supple lips and mouth eagerly while his arms guided her
body to a laying position. Lita'a gorgeous body lay on display for the first
time. Every inch of her was sculpted. Her firm, round breasts were capped
with tiny pink nipples that immediately turned red from the pinch of a
massaging hand. The naked Lita let a subtle moan leave her throat when Jeff
left her lips. He licked her throat and soft shoulders before he allowed his
lips to wrap about that sensitive nipple. His moist tongue eagerly attacked
at the same flesh he so hungrily sucked upon.

Jeff's assault didn't end there. Lita's taut stomach was the bridge for his
tongue to reach her red haired bush of trimmed pubic hair. Lita could only
let out another moan when Jeff licked away at the surface of her wet clit
then plunged his tongue deeply into the warmth of her pussy. The beautiful
grappler's limber thighs wrapped around the Hardy boy's head as his tongue
shot deeply into her vagina. Jeff's eagerness showed in his cunnilingus, his
tongue flicking her clit several times. Lita's body could only tense and
thrust against Jeff's face as she released her honey into her lover's sucking
mouth. Satisfied that he'd repaid her for the pleasure she'd given him
earlier, Jeff kissed her wet clit and took his position between Lita's spread

The young man's hands lifted The red haired vixen by her shapely rear. The
girl moaned in lustful ectasy as the wrestler rubbed his bloated rod against
the warmth of her pussy. A firm push brought them both the pleasure they'd
been seeking. Lita's round breast bounced back and forth as she thrust back
against Jeff's thrusting cock. Her arms rest back on her elbows as her lips
met those of her lover once again. Jeff's hand squeezed the firm flesh of
Lita's rear as his other idly massaged the soft mounds of her chest. All the
while thrusting deeply into the pink flesh that tightly wrapped around his
member. Both lovers enjoyed the few moments of being one. With a sudden
erratic thrust and a grunt, Jeff pulled out of his lover's snatch and
released his load onto her taut tummy. A stray shot of white cum landed
across the cleavage of her rising and falling breasts. The sweat covered
girl panted for air in order to recover from the intense love making. She
smiled when Jeff leant down to lovingly kiss her once more. "Good luck,
Jeff" was all Lita had to say to him as she held him in her arms. Eventually
helping him clean up and getting him ready for his match.

* * *

Jeff's victorious match had been unimportant in the grand scheme of things.
After his showboating and crowd pleasing Jeff returned to the backstage area.
The match had thrilled him, he hadn't lost a step in the two years since his
WWE career.

"Hey Jeff!"

Jeff immediately recognized the sound as his brother, Matt Hardy. Matt wore
a standard gym outfit and carried a duffel bag. "Hey Matt," The blonde Hardy

"Congratulations on your win, man. I can already see the Hardy Boys
dominating all competition in the next couple of weeks." Matt had a smirk on
his face, he really was this confident. Jeff shook his head with an equally
broad smirk. "But hey," Matt pointed back over his shoulder. "I'm going to
go get dressed and check on Lita. I'll talk you later, Jeff."

Matt walked away. Jeff stood and watched Matt go as the camera faded.

* * *

Outside the arena the orange light of the sun was hidden over the edge of
the skyline. The luke warm summer time air was pleasant as night time rapidly
approached. A black limo slowly pulled into the parking garage and when the
door opened the crowd went wild when the Nature Boy Ric Flair himself stepped
out. He wore a pair of dark black sunglasses that complemented the fine grey
suit he wore. "Woo!" Ric yelled out loudly. Four people followed suit and
stepped out of the limo. Each as equally as beautiful as the last.

The most imposing would have to be the soft brown haired woman, Takako Inoue.
In Japan she'd been known for her fierce fighting skills and graceful photo
books. A complete deadly package of fighting ability and womanly charm.

Another woman followed Takako, The 5'5" Chikako Shiratori. She wore a red
bandana wrapped about her dark brown hair.A pair of worn jeans covering
her legs and overlapping a pair of black boots. Her red shirt clung to her
athletic body. Chikako was by far the most free spirited of the bunch.

Michiko Omukai was the 3rd woman to leave the limo. Her brown hair accented
with streaks of faint red. Her hands were already wrapped with tape, her
outfit consisted of athletic training clothing. The girl from Japan was by
far the most adept and wanting to prove herself out of the group. Her body
was strong and it showed, her toned body accentuated by her natural skin
color to make another beautiful fighter.

The fourth to exit from the limo was the raven haired beauty Gail Kim who
had obviously developed a prima donna attitude. Her very stance let off the
confidence she had in her beauty and ability.

The four women walked on either side of the Nature Boy. Ric himself had a
large grin on his face as they made their way through the arena and directly
to the squared circle. The women stood behind Ric as he spoke.

"Woo!! W! C! W!! Woo!!" The crowd responded with a chorous of woos. The
normal crowd reaction Mr. Flair expected. "Who thought there could be a WCW
without the Nature Boy? When I heard the rumors that Ms. Stratus wanted a
heavy emphasis on the women's division in this version of WCW I set out to
help her." The blonde haired legend glanced to either of his sides. "This
is where my lovely ladies come into play. Each of them hand picked by yours
truly to come into WCW and show thier championship skills. Ladies and
gentlemen, I want to introduce you to my latest Horsemen." The crowd was
confused by this announcement. In the past the 4 Horsemen were an elite group
of male wrestlers that dominated everywhere they went. "Each of these ladies
has the tools necessary to carry on the Horsemen name. Takako with her killer
instinct, Chikako's competitiveness, Michiko's raw thirst and Gail's proven
record. I promise you that this group will be held in the same esteem as
previous formations of the Horsemen. WCW fans, welcome the new mistresses of
the company. Woo!"

The crowd is cheering, having bought into Ric's hype about his new Horsemen.
Weather or not the four can deliver has yet to be seen.

"Michiko has volunteered to be the first to demonstrate her ability. So
ladies in the back, Every single one of you has the chance to go down in
history as the first to fall to the new Horsemen!" The challenge was
answered quickly when music interrupted the legends speech. A former
NWA-TNA star in Trinity walked out to the entrance way. Ric smiled, this
would be a good test for his hand picked members.

"Have fun, Michiko." Ric said with a smirk on his face. Michiko got pats on
the back from her fellow stable members before they leave her in the ring
with her adversary.

Michiko narrowed her eyes at her opponent, studying her. The skilled fighter
already knew how this was going to end. The bell rang loudly to begin the
match up. The two combatants circled one another before locking up. Trinity
swung around behind Michiko and threw her into the ropes. That was the only
move that Trinity would be in control of for the entire match. Michiko took
control when Trinity went for a back body drop. The loud clap of leather boot
against face shot through the arena, assaulting the ears of fans and those at
home a like. A loud "ouh!" emitting from the crowd's collective voice.

Trinity's head snapped back. The only thing that kept her from falling
were the ring ropes. A moment later she would've wanted to go down. Michiko
didn't stop, a strong kick to Trinity's midsection brought another loud
clap. Trinity's body rose off the ground from the force of the kick. The
unsuspecting grappler didn't have time to respond to the attack before
receiving several stiff forearms to the face. Trinity was thrown into the
ropes and knocked the mat when Michiko jumped into the air to deliver a kick
to the side of her head. Michiko backed off for a moment, wondering if this
american woman knew she was outclassed. The foreign fighter had quickly grown
tired of her weak adversary and she allowed the woman just enough time to get
to her knees. One fierce Shining Wizard connected with Trinity's jaw and sent
her onto the mat. Michiko did little else but lay on top of her for an easy
three count.

The crowd was in awe, perhaps the Nature Boy's claim was true. Perhaps this
new breed of women horsemen were going to be a force to be feared. The entire
group entered the ring and stood around the fallen american star. Each of the
women looked to Ric for approval, when they received it Trinity was put
through hell.

Takako, the member that would come to be known as the most fierce member,
lifted the fallen woman to her feet and held her out defenseless against the
other members of the Horsemen. Michiko took the first shot, once again her
boots created a loud slap when her foot connected with Trinity's midriff.
Gail follows the kick with one of her own. The two ladies exchanging turns
as they kick her over and over from either side. Chikako stood with Ric,
content to watch the action in front of her. When the two ladies had their
fill of beating on their opponent, Takako lifted her by her torso and german
suplexed her, dropping her on her neck. Trinity lay on the mat in obvious

All four of the women stand around the fallen and dazed, Trinity. The woman
only has a chance to cringe when the women around her tear away at her
wrestling gear. Michiko ripped her leather top away and threw it out into the
crowd. The topless Trinity could do nothing to defend herself when Takako and
Gail lifted her off the mat to tear away her black bottom. The garment
quickly following the top into the hands of the crowd.

The four women begin to kick at the naked body on the mat. Beating her for
several seconds before they raised their hands in celebration. Ric only had
a grin on his face as he walked up to his ladies. Trinity grabbed onto his
knee to to try and pull herself up. "Maybe next time, bitch." Ric laughed
before smacking her across the face and sending her to mat. "Wooo!" The
crowd was booing the brutal treatment of Trinity as the 4 beautiful women
raises their hands in victory on either side of Ric. International Woman,
Gail Kim's former theme, rang through speakers in the arena. The new Horsemen
leaving with their mentor. A naked, beaten Trinity lay in the center of the
ring as the show left for break once more.

* * *

Matt Hardy was shown talking to Lita in the back. "I'm so glad that we're
going to have another chance to wrestle in front of a large crowd." He said
as the camera panned back to show Lita recieve a kiss on the cheek from Matt.
"I hear there's going to be several divisions that each have a title. It will
be the most fun we've ever had."

Lita smiled at Matt and agreed. "There's going to be plenty of competition
for both of us, Matt. I'm looking forward to it as much as you are." She
started to help Matt with his things as the crowd came to realize that Lita
had cheated on Matt with his own brother.

* * *

The Horsemen were shown leaving the arena. Trinity was shown being put onto
a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance when the Horsemen were pulling away
in their limo. They accomplished their task of introducing themselves and
showing their strength. With that done Ric and the four asian women left to
enjoy a night on the town.

Back in the ring the music of Raven was emitting through every ones ears once
more. Raven walked out much like before. This time however he was accompanied
by the beautiful Trish. The pair made it to the ring and Raven took his spot
in the corner once more. Trish handed him a microphone. "My entire existence
has been based on uncertain futures filled with heartbreak and misery.
Challenges that would stretch my psyche' to the very limit of sanity...
Uncertain futures that after tonight will no longer exist." He looked up at
the luscious blonde standing in the middle of the ring. "In the void of my
existence a single candle's warmth caused me an in supposable need for
warmth. This candle flame was bright, it attracted thousands because of it's
love for sharing it's warmth. As I drew closer I could see the candle
struggling to stay lit even as it's brightness illuminated the darkness of
thousands more. As I drew closer to the source of the warmth I offered the
candle the palms of my hands. I offered the flame shelter from the millions
that were leeching it's warmth. The candle agreed and as I took it into my
hands I immediately had to begin shielding it from the prying masses looking
for their fix of false existence. Free from the savage masses the flame
burned like a star. It no longer had to warm any it didn't see fit. The flame
knew that I would protect it and it's light warmed me like never before. The
flame appeared to be happy with it's existence. But like any human I feared
the flame might one day attract many and would lose it's interest in
providing me warmth. I required positive reinforcement of the claim that it
wanted to warm the decrepit landscape of my soul. And so I asked the flame to
forget what it once was, that it rekindle itself on top of a new candle. The
flame has yet to give me an answer. I'm going to offer the flame a chance to
jump to a new candle wick right now." Raven finished his soliloquy and turned
his gaze to the entrance way.

Trish's eyes had been locked on those of Raven as he spoke. When he turned
his gaze away she also looked up. To her surprise there were five people
walking towards the ring. She recognized a few of them. The first was Kidman.
But he'd changed immensely since the last time she'd seen him. He had long
greasy hair, baggy shorts and a grey ankh T-shirt-shirt draped over his
chest. To his left was Victoria. She appeared to be as crazy as she was when
she first broke into the WWE. The 3rd man she recognized was Kane. A leather
black and red mask covered his face. His long black hair covered the rest of
his head. Kane was carrying a large gothic crucifix over his shoulders on the
way to the ring.

The two others she didn't know. One had white paint covering his face with
black paint around his eyes. Black lipstick completed the effect The entire
package was framed by waist length dark red and brown hair. The slender man
wore a black GI of Chinese decent. The look in his eyes gave Trish the
feeling that the man was insane. She would later learn this fellows name was
Scoria. He had been a talented high flyer in AAA before coming to WCW to join
the Raven's Flock.

Even smaller then Scoria was the girl to his right. The pale girl with black
hair wore a very Raven inspired outfit. She wore a black bandana around her
forehead. Her hair stuck out and fell over the edges. Her black bra was
barely covered by the buttoned down white top she wore. On top of that sat a
black leather jacket. A black skirt hung down to just above her knees. Her
legs covered with black pantyhose and black boots finished the look. Her name
was Ana Mosity.

The group of five entered the ring. Scoria and Kidman aided Kane in pulling
the crucifix over the ropes. The three men set the cross down in the middle
of the ring. Adorned on the ends of the cross are two leather wrist straps.
Raven spoke once more. "Shake off your ashes and burn brightly atop the new
wick." Trish was confused at his statement but understood what he meant when
Scoria and Kidman came to either side of her. The duo helped the blonde
disrobe quicker then she doing on her own. Her leather top and pants were
ripped off in moments., forcefully pulled off in seconds. The leather outfit
lay in a heap at the feet of the nearly naked Trish Stratus. She stood with
her arms hiding her breasts, her leather boots and pair of panties the only
thing left on her body. The members of the Flock move to different corners.
Kidman leaned back into Victoria in one corner while Scoria and Ana Mosity
were in another. Kane stood in a corner by himself. His arms crossed over
his chest.

The duo that disrobed the blonde beauty led her to the crucifix. Instructing
her to lay down and spread her arms out. With a moments hesitation she did so
and the two young men tightly wrapped the leather straps around either list.
Her restrained arms could move little less then an inch away from the cross.
She lay exposed in this position, unable to hide her succulent breasts.

"My apologies for doubting the sincerity of your decision. I was overcome by
my petty human jealousies. You've proven to me that you are ready to forget
those that leeched your warmth from you and give your warmth to me." Raven
crawled from the corner to the feet of the bound blonde. "So it is written,
so it shall come to pass. Quote the Raven. Nevermore." The leader of the cult
like group threw the mic to the side and crawled to Trish's side. Raven's
fingers reached out for the panty covered crotch to rub circles through the
silken material. Raven's hand slid underneath the edge of her panties and
began to rub the pink flesh directly. His soft fingering causing his new
lover to squirm in her bonds. Raven moved and held her legs together as he
pulled her panties away and off. He tossed the soiled garment to the side.

Raven removed his leather jacket and also tossed it to the side. He stood up
on his knees and unbuttoned his shorts. A moment later he wrapped his hand
around his increasing erection, his jeans now at his ankles. He lifted Trish
up by her waist and began to tease her clit with his bloated cock head. He
positioned himself so Trish's leather boot clad legs wrapped about his waist.
With a firm push the blood filled member entered into the silky folds of the
Canadian sex icon. Both man and woman let out a moan from deep inside their
throats. The thrusting man gritted his teeth at the amazing feeling of
thrusting his member into the goddess like woman beneath him.

Trish's back arched as pleasure shot through every inch of her body. She'd
never been fucked like anything remotely close to this before and it was
driving her mad with pleasure. The walls of her pussy spread for the fat
cock that pushed into her. The blonde's leather boot clad legs were loosely
wrapped about the waist of her lover. Trish's breast bounce back and forth
from the force of the lovemaking. Trish moans out loudly, there's much not
else she can do bound up like this. She completely gives into the ectasy of
the sexual pleasure. Her hips shudder and her pussy contracts around the
invading member. She moaned out like a whore each time Raven's cock pushed
up into the orgasmic bliss that was her body.

Raven's leant over his lover and thrusts into her several more times until
he pulled out of her well fucked sex. He straddled her chest and began to
jerk his cock rapidly. His new lover opened her mouth in response, moaning
and licking at the bloated cock head until Raven closed his eyes and moaned
out, shots of white semen landing across her beautiful face.. Cum splashes
lay on one of her closed eyes and her nose, the sticky goo soaked her soft
lips and the silky skin of her cheeks. A few stray shots on her shoulders
and neck.. Raven pulled away from his restrained lover and watched as the
crucifix into the air. Raven dressed himself while it raised and took his
classic stance with a crucified Trish Stratus above him. The WCW trademark
information comes up on the bottom of the screen as the show fades out with
a final shot of Trish's cum covered face.

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