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WCW Training Part 1: Madusa Teaches Her Way
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG)

It was late July 2000 and I, JT Jordan, was in my third month of training at
the WCW Powerplant just outside of Atlanta, GA. A lot of people had faded out
of the plant by that point since it was a grueling process that took a toll
on you mentally and physically. I was in my mid 20's and was an impressive
6'3" and 230 pounds of natural muscle. I was an athlete all throughout my
life, but could never crack the pro ranks in any sport, so I decided to
dedicate myself to wrestling. The WCW Powerplant by this point was still
doing good business although it wasn't like it was in years prior when they
had to turn people away due to there being so much interest.

The plant wasn't a glamorous place, but it was a big place that had four
rings and trainers that demanded the best out of their performers. Three of
the rings were dedicated to the men that were there. There were 12 men being
trained by a guy named Sarge with myself being the one with the longest
tenure. Usually by the fourth month they call you up to the WCW roster, so I
was getting there.

About three weeks before some women came into the camp because the booker at
the time, Vince Russo, wanted to put some women's matches out there. There
were four women there being trained by Madusa. Of course the women got a lot
of attention because obviously they were gorgeous. A couple of them were on
TV at the time, most notably Midajah O'Hearn, Tylene "Major Gunns" Buck, who
was training to wrestle and also Stacy "Miss Hancock" Keibler. My favorite
woman there was definitely Madusa, though.

She was in her late 30s and even though her best days in the business as a
competitor were behind her, she had a great body with massive tits, a fine
ass and really strong legs. She was also married, though, so I never really
thought about doing anything. Plus, as a lowly trainee there I didn't feel
it was my place to do anything with any of the women. The only sort of
relationship I had with her was every once in a while if we locked eyes
she'd smile at me. That was really it. It was harmless.

It was a hot Friday night in July, about 8:30pm or so, like two hours after
practice. Earlier in the day I got a call from Russo asking me to go to a
WCW non-televised event in Birmingham on Sunday to wrestle in what would
basically be my tryout match. If it went well, I could be starting as early
as Monday on TV on Nitro. Everybody at the camp knew about it and was
congratulating me, which was cool. I knew it didn't mean I was in officially,
but it gave me a chance and that's all I was after. He also said that he
wanted me to be paired up with a valet, but that it would be my choice. I
told him that's fine and I'd figure something out by Sunday.

I realized I left my wallet back at the plant and I obviously needed it. So
I headed back there by taxi since I couldn't afford a car at the time. When
I got there, I thought nobody was there. I knocked on the door for a minute
or so and got no answer. Then just as I was about to leave again, the door
opened and it was Madusa.

"JT, hey, what are you doing back here at this time?"

I was shocked she even knew my name since I never even had a conversation
with her.

"Oh, I think I forgot my wallet in the dressing room." I told her. "I was one
of the last ones to leave and I think when I went to pack my bag I left my
wallet somewhere in there."

I looked her up and down while realizing I'd never seen her dressed like
that. She had on a skirt and heels along with a purple blouse and earrings
on. Usually I only see her in her wrestling gear, but this was a welcome
change. I could tell she was noticing me on too because I was wearing a
black silk shirt along with some slacks.

"Ha," she said smiling. "The old wallet line huh?" I walked in, heading
toward the dressing room. Behind me, I heard her lock the front door again.

"If you don't mind my asking, what do you mean the old wallet line?"

"You know, guy sees a girl, is too afraid to really talk to her and makes
some line up about why he went somewhere."

"I don't mean to be rude but you're way off." I told her.

I walked into the room, saw my wallet sitting there on the floor under the
bench and picked it up. I walked out and noticed her standing by one of the
rings. I held up the wallet to let her see it, then put it in my back pocket
and I was about to say something, but she spoke up first.

"Guess you were telling the truth. I'm just so used to men lying to me."

Uh oh, I thought, a chick complaining to me about guys. I don't want to hear

"Well, I got my wallet. Think I'll be going now." I said.

"Wait JT, could you stay a bit? I need somebody to talk to. Please?" She
asked, almost begging.

I looked at my watch, pretending I had something better to do even though I

"Sure, Madusa, I can stay for a bit."

"Good." She smiled at me. Then she sat on the edge of the ring, her back
against the ropes and her logs crossed in front of me. She looked real good.
"Sit with me." She slapped the mat beside her as I sat next to her.

"I'm sorry for bothering you JT, but I just need some advice."

"Okay, what's the problem, career…or personal life?" I said, acting as if I
was some sort of shrink.

"My husband, he's an asshole. He lives in Tampa, plays for the Bucs in the
NFL, and he's on the practice squad. Can't even make the real team. I know
he's cheating on me and I even caught him a few weeks ago. He said he did
it because he thought I was sleeping with a wrestler. I was not. Then he
starts calling me a bitch and a liar, all this shit."

"You don't deserve that. I'm sorry to hear that." I was honest about that.
No man should talk to a woman like that.

"Then," she continued, "WCW brings fucking Russo back and he sends me down
here to train these girls. Between you and me, these chicks are never going
to make good wrestlers. They don't have a passion for it the way I do. You
have to want it. You can't just go in the ring and all of a sudden be a star
in there. Three fucking weeks I've been here, I've been calling to go back
on TV to get on Nitro or Thunder, but no, they don't have anything for me,
they say."

She crossed her legs again, this time her right leg over her left and her
shoe was touching mine since I was on her left.

"I'm probably not supposed to tell you this, but after you talked with Russo
I asked him if I could be your valet in kind of a mentor/student type of
deal...with benefits."

"Really? That's awesome because I wasn't sure about the valet thing." I asked
as I was genuinely shocked by this.

"I wouldn't lie to you, just like you wouldn't about that wallet, right?"

"Right," I said, not knowing what she meant.

"You know, JT, I've been very impressed by you since I've been down here. You
really have a good grasp on what you want to do in that ring. Great timing,
great psychology, terrific pacing. But most important, you've got a great
look. You're gorgeous. And with me on your side, you could make it big."

"Thank you. I don't know what to say." I was starting to blush a bit as she
moved closer towards me.

"You know, since we're all about honesty here, can I ask you a question?"

"Go ahead." I told her.

"You ever been with a woman that's ten years older than you?"

"No," I said rather quickly.

"Have you ever had sex in the ring?"


"Ever dreamt about it?"

"Oh yeah."

"Sounds like there's a lot I can teach you, huh."

"You know me. I'm a willing student."

I couldn't help it anymore, so I started to rub her shoulder with my hand.
She looked down at my hand, then at my face and lunged at me with a deep,
passionate kiss on the lips. It was a short one, then we stopped for a
second and then we locked lips more passionately again. I wanted more, but
she pushed off.

"Mmmmm, you are a good student, but I want you to get in that ring with me
and show me all of what you've got." She ordered. I went to kiss her again,
but she blocked me. "Get in that corner and undress down to your boxers or
briefs. Meet me in the center."

I climbed into the ring, then walked to the opposite corner. I unbuckled my
pants and slid them off. Then I took off my shirt. On the opposite side, she
took off her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse so it was open, allowing me to
see a lot of her amazing breasts. She walked toward the center of the ring
and I did the same so we were face to face again. My cock was fully erect in
my boxers and I know she noticed. She kissed me slowly, then broke it off.

"You want to fuck me, JT?"

"Like you wouldn't believe."

"Just promise me something. Let me be your valet."

"Really?" I asked. "What kind of credentials do you have?"

"These," she said as she ripped off her blouse.

"Nice, very nice, but I'm gonna need you to prove yourself to me even more."
I said with a big smile.

"You like my big tits, JT?" She said while I nodded. "Good, because I think
they're going to like you. They want you to fuck 'em, JT. But first, there's
something I need to do."

She grabbed the outside of my boxers, taking a handful of my cock and balls
in her hand. With my boxers still on as well as her purple bra and purple
thong, she rubbed her ass up against my cock, teasing me. Then she started
to rub my chest with her hands, kissing it all the way down until she reached
the top of my boxers. She slowly pulled them off while almost getting hit in
the head with my enlarged cock.

With my boxers off, she went down on her knees in front of me and starting
rubbing my cock, getting it all hard.

"Oh yeah baby, suck me off. I'm all yours!" I urged her.

She stopped down there to say: "So impatient. Why don't you get back in that
corner over there and I'll show you what I can do for you when you get called
up to the big time."

I marched my way back to the turnbuckle pad while she crawled over to me
with a smirk on her pretty face. With my ass pressed up against the middle
turnbuckle, she shoved my dick in her mouth. She rubbed my balls, she
rubbed my up my shaft and she took me all in her mouth. Her tongue was all
over while her head was bobbing up and down. I rested my hands on the top
turnbuckle ropes as she really sucked me hard. It wasn't like a blowjob I
felt before. She really got into me. She now had both of her hands on the
bottom ropes as I urged her on.

"Come on you fucking slut. I want more!"

The more I urged her on, the faster and harder she sucked me. She was bobbing
up and down on my cock, rubbing my balls with one of her hands and holding on
tight with the other. It was a great blowjob, I could tell she had done a lot
of them before and I was very appreciative of that.

"Oh yeah, that's how I like it! Now get ready bitch, I'm gonna cum."

She kept sucking and sucking until I patted her head to know it was coming.
Then she positioned herself right on my dick, used her right hand to cup my
cock and she took it all in her mouth in one swift motion. She swallowed
some, but she also spit some outside of the ring. Then she stood up face to
face with me. I held her tits and kissed them as she unclipped her bra. She
stepped back from me a bit and took off her thong. She tossed it outside of
the ring.

"You want to see some fucking credentials, asshole?" She was so aggressive,
I loved it. "Get your dick inside me and I'll show you what I got."

She took my hand, then urged me to sit on my ass facing the ropes. She stood
over top of me, her clit right in my face. I licked it slowly as she moaned.

"Not yet, baby. I want to give you the ride of your life first."

She slunked down in front of me, then I put my cock into her.

"Hold the ropes," she instructed me, "and I'll hold you."

I leaned forward with each of my hands on the middle rope as she straddled
me, her legs at my side and my face right in her tits. I had been in similar
positions, but never with ropes there to allow me to give her even more
pressure on her body. She let out some soft moans at first while my cock got
hard inside of her.

"So you know, I've had a vasectomy, so we're safe." I confessed to her.

"I can't get pregnant anyway. Now shut up and fuck me!"



We both smiled, obviously enjoying our pretend mocking of one another. Things
picked up as she started to kiss me a bit. I could tell she wanted me to fuck
her hard, so I held onto those ropes as tight as I could and I rammed by cock
hard inside of her. She moved all over my dick, up and down, side to side,
every way you can possibly imagine.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm! GIVE IT TO ME!"

I had never had a woman ride me this good before. I was so deep inside of her
I could feel her entire body with my dick. She was yelling a lot.


We switched positions a bit now as she slid over to her back with me still
inside of her. I was on top of her while she stuck her legs straight up in
the air. I took my dick out of her for a second, then rammed it back into
her hard. I was really pushing down on her while she kept moaning and

I decided to warn her while breathing heavily, "Here...I...Come!"

As she reached her maximum orgasm point, I shot out a huge load right into
her pussy.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She blurted out. "That was unbelievable. Fucking

We each let our bodies relax a bit as we lay side by side on the mat. We
made out a bit, rolling all over the mat as we kissed so aggressively. With
my hands, I cupped her breasts and lay on my back with her tits right on my

"You like my tits, big boy?" She asked while I rubbed them all over.

"They're fucking great," I told her.

"Take me with you on the road and they're all yours!"

"Can I take 'em for a test drive now?" I asked as she winked at me.

She crawled down my body, her tits rubbing up against my chest, then down my
stomach and right there near my cock. I leaned up using my hands to support
me as she started licking my dick again. Then she positioned herself down my
body so her tits were right around my dick. She rubbed me, keeping me hard,
while I leaned my body up towards her. She jammed my dick in between her
tits, then rocked back and forth.

"Uh huh baby, just like that."

"Just stay hard, JT. Stay fucking hard!"

I did as she continued to move her jugs up and down on my cock. She was
moaning softly as she rocked on my cock with her tits. Every few seconds
she'd bob her head down and take a lick of my dick too. Then she started
to suck me off again rather quickly. Then it stopped and I was confused.
She met me face to face.

"I want you inside me again. Follow me."

She got up as I sat there confused. She walked over to one of the turnbuckles
and stood against it with her back. She motioned me to come over, so I walked

"I need to lock up here soon, so we need to finish off," she told me. "I want
you to fuck me hard. Harder than ever."

"You bitch," I said with a twinkle in my eye. "I wanted your tits.

"And you'll have them later. Plus, when we get back to my place, I got a
treat for you."

"Oh yeah," I asked, "what's that?"

She turned around, bending down and placing her hands on the middle ropes.

"Fuck my pussy and I'll tell you."

Not one to disappoint, I went in right after her. I bent my head down around
her clit and started to lick her as she moaned.

"That feels so good, but give me your dick you son of a bitch!" She yelled.

I teased her some more, sticking two of my fingers inside of me. She moaned
some more. Then I put my hands on the inside of her legs and rammed my very
hard cock into her wet pussy.


She was under me a bit, so I was really deep inside of her getting great
position inside her pussy. She kept on yelling out loud as I picked up the

"You take me with you on the road, we can do this every fucking day.
Godddddddddddddddddd! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

"Really?" I asked while breathing heavily. "Is that a promise?"

"Noooooooooooo" she said while moaning. "That's a guaran-fucking-tee!

With that confirmation given, I really picked up the pace. I kept on rocking
back and forth on her as she moved her hips all the while. I could feel how
wet she was and I knew I was about to cum again. Wanting to please her some
more, I took my cock out and dropped down to my knees around her pussy as she
continued to hold the ropes.

"I told you I wanted your...ohhhhhhhhhhh" She couldn't finish the sentence
as my tongue entered her pussy. She was really wet now, as she thrusted her
hips forward, giving them to me. My mouth was mauling her clit like a lion
feasting on its prey. I kept tonguing her, licking her and sucking her dry.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm. This ain't so bad. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I then took my head out of her pussy and kissed her on the lips passionately.
As good as the intercourse was, I liked kissing her a lot too. We made out
for almost thirty seconds straight when I took my mouth out of hers.

"Bend down lower and I'll give you the ultimate satisfaction."

As I made my way to her backside again, she reached down for the bottom
ropes, spread her legs apart and I rammed my dick into her pussy again. Like
I thought, I could feel myself even deeper inside of her. I knew she knew it
too judging from her screams.

"Un...Un...Unbelievable," she yelled out while trying to catch her breath.

I was so deep inside of her, my hands rubbing her body and even grabbing her
hair a little bit. She seemed to like the hair grab.

"Pull on it more, baby. More!"

With my right hand I had a handful of her hair as I continued to thrust my
cock inside of her. She took her hands off the ropes, then walked into the
corner turnbuckle while standing upright. She tilted her head back a bit
and I, being taller than her, stuck my tongue deep down her throat again
as she tried to moan, but it was muffled by my mouth. With our bodies
rocking and our mouths thrashing together, I was about ready to climax. She
took her tongue out of my mouth and finally let out a big yell.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Soooooooooooooo fucking good!"

Finally, I started to cum into her pussy as she exhaled, let out a deep
breath and relaxed her body. She turned around and we made out some more.
I didn't want to stop, but I knew we had to.

"So, do I got the job?" She asked.

"Hell yeah," I told her.

"Good. Just so you know, I'm a very thankful person and when we get back to
my place a little later I'll show you just how thankful I am. You got anymore
left in you?"

"Baby, we're just getting started," I said with a smile.

Soon after, we got dressed, hopped in her car and were off to her condo.
_ _ _

In part two of WCW Training, Madusa gives JT a treat he never expected.

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