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WCW Valet Torrie Wilson
by TheGameIsOn

Her name was Torrie Wilson, one of the hottest fitness models and wrestling
divas in the business. Blond, statuesque, long legs, and a body to kill for.
In face, I'm probably sure at some point somebody probably has. Today her
objective is to find a job, because you see Eric Bischoff had released Torrie
and every other woman in the WCW. After her night of fun with Tylene and Leia
(see last story), Torrie knew it was time to hit the bricks and look for
work. This brought her to the home of one of the most influential women in
the WWF... Debra. You see Debra had just married the hottest commodity in
wrestling, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and if anyone can get Torrie in the door,
it would be her.

Torrie knocked on the door... no answer. She knocked again, this time louder,
again no answer. She tried the bell, still nothing. This was weird, Debra had
told Torrie to come over. Torrie decided to walk around to the back to see if
there was another door she could try. She approached the sliding glass doors
in the back, but the curtains were drawn, so Torrie couldn-t tell if anyone
was inside. To the left was a window, which Torrie noticed had an opening she
could see inside. She pressed her face to the glass and immediately realized
why Debra wasn't opening the door. Lying on the sofa was Debra, totally
naked, one hand playing with her tits, and the other working a vibrator over
her hairless mound. From what Torrie could see, there was a porno on the TV,
which pretty much explained Debra's ignorance of the doorbell. Torrie decided
to watch for a few minutes, and Debra pinched her huge nipples, tweaking them
to their full erectness. Debra had put the vibrator to her asshole, massaging
the entrance to her gorgeous round ass. She began to rub her clit with her
fingers, taking it between her thumb and forefinger, slightly twisting and
pulling on it, making Debra arch her back and moan.

Torrie had begun to rub her own pussy through her pants. Her own mound was
starting to drip from the voyeuristic experience she was having. Her tits
were staining to break free from the halter top she was wearing, nipples
quivering from their hardness. Torrie watched as Debra began to cum. She
could hardly hear her screams through the window, but could tell as she
bucked her hips, pushing her fingers deep into her cunt, while continuing to
massage her ass with the vibrator. Torrie herself was ready to cum, but at
this point, would rather have Debra's tongue making her cum instead of her
own hands. Torrie went back to the front door, giving Debra a moment, and
knocked again. This time, Debra answered the door, not bothering to put on
any clothes at all.

"Did you enjoy spying on me?" asked Debra. "You didn't think I didn't hear my
own doorbell did you? So, why should I tell Vince to hire you?" Debra said to

"Let me show you," Torrie replied. Torrie began to remove her clothes, first
taking off her halter top, removing her gorgeous breasts, nipples standing at
attention. Torrie rubbed her own breasts, squeezing them together, flicking
her tongue at them. Debra's hand dipped down between her legs as Torrie
stripped for her. Next Torrie removed her shoes, kicking them across the
room. Torrie than lowered her pants over her hips, turning with her back to
Debra as she lowered them, bending down so that her gorgeous ass was in
perfect view. Debra continued to rub her clit, getting more excited. Torrie
removed her pants, leaving only her thong, which she grabbed in one hand,
hiking it up so that it pulled tight against her pussy. She pulled it back
and forth, rubbing it against her mound.

Debra went to her knees and assisted Torrie in removing her panties. She
lowered them over her hips, and down her creamy thighs, until they were off.
Debra raised them to her face and inhaled the aroma of Torrie's pussy. She
than pulled Torrie to her, until her face was directly in front of Torrie's
twat. She began to lick at the neatly trimmed blond mound, lapping up the
juices that were already dripping from her. Torrie rubbed her own tits, as
Debra continued to suck on her clit, slowly inserting a finger into Torrie's
box. Torrie began to rock her hips, grinding her mound into Deb-s face, while
riding Deb's fingers, now two deep.

Torrie pushed Debra away. She laid down on the carpet and told Deb to get on
top of her, in a 69. Debra immediately lowered her cunt onto Torrie's face,
while simultaneously lowering her face to Torrie's. Torrie began to eat out
Debra, fucking her hole with her tongue. Torrie arched her head up even
further, so she could lick Deb-s asshole as well. This made Debra moan, she
loved having her asshole licked and massaged. Debra continued to suck on
Torrie, blowing on her clit, and taking it between her teeth and gently
nibbling on it. Torrie was about to cum.

"Oh god, suck my pussy. Faster, faster. Oh god, pull on my clit. That's it.
Right there. Keep it up. I'm cumming, I'm cummminnng. Ohhhhhh Yeaaaahh!!!"
Torrie screamed.

"Oh god, that was incredible. Your turn," said Torrie. Debra got off Torrie
and lay back. Torrie began to suck on her huge breasts, taking her tits in
her mouth, nibbling on them, swirling her tongue over the nipples, making
them throb with excitement. Debra pushed Torrie down to her box, but Torrie
had other ideas. She intertwined her legs with Debra-s, so their pussies
were touching each other. Torrie could feel the heat coming off Deb's box.
She began to grind her cunt into Deb-s while rubbing Deb-s clit. Debra began
to rock in perfect timing with Torrie, as she rubbed her own breasts, making
her tits even harder. Deb was ready to cum.

"Yeah baby, grind my pussy. Harder, harder. Oh yeah, that's it. Smack my
clit, make me scream. Ooooh yeah, harder. Aaaaah yeaaaahhh. Oh god yeah.
That's it. Grind my...aaaaahhhh yeahhh!!!" moaned Debra.

"Now that's what I call an interview" said Torrie, as both women lay
exhausted on the carpet. "Do you think you can recommend me to Vince?"

"You passed my interview, but I think Steve might want to ask you a few
questions later. You know he is the big cheese around the WWF." Debra said
with a devilish grin.

"You know, I don't think I'd mind that one bit, just as long as you're in on
the interview as well," Torrie replied as she once again started to rub Deb's

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