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WCW'S Extreme Takeover
By All State (

ECW was no more. Its beloved owner, Paul Heyman, had tragically died in
a car crash. The remaining talent had then been split between the WWF, WCW,
and various two-bit independent organizations. Francine, Dawn Marie, Jazz,
and the recently signed Gorgeous George had all signed with WCW because they
were desperate for money and their questionable behaivior had kept the WWF
from signing them. We now will go to the girls first Nitro, live from

Tammy Sytch was having a bad day, her pussy boyfriend Chris Candido had
failed to satisfy her and she was trying to avoid all the ECW women because
of the fact that they used to rape her after almost every show. She was
very relieved after she got to her locker room and locked the door behind

"Thank God, I made it before those psycho sluts got a hold of me," she

"What's that Tammy?" replied Francine who had been waiting for her in the

"How the fuck did you get in here?" asked Tammy.

"I had Jazz kick the security guards ass, now we can have some more fun
just like old times. Doesn't that sound nice, cunt?" Francine said while
walking towards her. Quickly, Tammy unlocked her door only to come face to
face with Dawn Marie.

Dawn Marie and Francine grabbed Tammy and forced her down onto the cold,
hard ground. "Now its time to eat me like a good slut, bitch!" said
Francine as she removed her skimpy bottom and sat down on Tammys face.
Tammy was utterly disgusted as she felt Francine's juices running down her
chin. She timidly began to lick her when Francine grabbed her hair and
forced her face deeper into her pussy. "I said eat me good whore!" she

Meanwhile, Dawn Marie was forcing Tammy's skirt up and removing her
panties. She began to work her fingers in and out and when she heard Tammy
begin to moan around Francine's wet cooch, she thrust half her hand in.
Tammy immediately screamed, but it was muffled by the sex covering her face.
Dawn now started thrusting harder and harder until she had fit both her
entire hand and half her wrist into Tammy while she fingered herself with
her other hand. The hot breath of Tammy's yells drove Francine over the
edge and she came all over her face.

* * *

Ms. Hancock and Torrie Wilson were terrified, they had been working a
mixed tag match with Kidman and David Flair when those newly signed ECW
wrestlers, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, and Mikey Whipwreck had come out
with Gorgeous George and Jazz. The men had proceeded to beat the shit out
of David and Billy while the women had tore their clothes off and then
stripped themselves to deafening applause from the audience.

"Finally I'll get my revenge for these bitches," thought George. "All I
do is one solo porno scene for my boyfriend and they shun me." George then
walks over to a frightened Torrie Wilson and bends down to whisper in her
ear, "I heard the things you girls said about me after I left. I may have
done one scene, but you are about to participate in some lesbian loving in
front of the 7,000+ people here and the millions watching at home. That's
right, this is a live Nitro, BITCH!" George said as she pulled Torrie by
the hair into her wet pussy. Torrie had dabbled in a bit of lesbo sex
before, it had even helped to get her this job, but to do it in front of
all these people was a revolting thought.

Knowing that she had no choice, she went at it with a frenzy, licking
and sucking like there was no tomorrow. "This hot little slut seems pretty
excited. Tommy, why dont you come in here and help me out." Tommy stepped
through the ropes and walked over to the back of Torrie. "Give these slut
some anal action," said George. Tommy unzipped his jeans to reveal his
7-inch cock. He found it surprisingly easy to force it up her ass.

"Wow, I guess she really is a slut. I didnt even hardly have to force
this up her ass," Dreamer exclaimed just as Torrie screamed out in orgasm
and fell limp.

"You're not done yet slut, I'm not even close too cumming. Get back to
work!" George said with another pull of her hair.

* * *

Meanwhile, back in Tammy Sytch's locker room the girls are both walking
over to a black bag that Francine had carried in with her. "I'll bet you
remember this slut," she said while pulling a ten-inch strap-on dildo out of
the bag. Tammy remembered it all right, that was the same one that they had
banged her with in the old days. But no matter how much they used it, Tammy
never was quite able to get adjusted to it. The dildo had a little knob
that stimulated the users clitoris when they thrusted in and out. While
Francine began to position herself behind Tammy, Dawn pulled her two
favorite vibrators out.

Francine began to force it up into Tammys ass at the same time that Dawn
forced the first vibrator into Tammys pussy. "Just let this be over with,"
Tammy thought to herself around the same time that Dawn forced the second
vibrator in right beside the other one and grabbed Tammy by the hair to
burrow her face deep into her pussy. This would continue for the next ten
minutes until both Francine and Dawn came at the same time.

"We'll see ya tomorrow, you fuckin slut," Dawn said as she and Francine
exited the lockerroom, leaving the vibrators still running in Tammys now
very wet pussy.

* * *

Around the same time, Jazz, Justin Credible, and Mikey Whipwreck were
all working over Ms. Hancock. Jazz was forcing her to lick her asshole
while Mikey had his modest 6-inch dick buried in her pussy. Justin was
still trying to force all eight inches of his cock meat into her ass
because, unlike Torrie, Ms. Hancock had the tightest ass that Justin had
ever fucked. "Jesus this bitch is tight," Justin yelled as he finally
managed to force it all in.

Around the same time as this same time Francine and Dawn Marie walked
down the aisle. Francine was carrying the large black bag and Dawn was
leading a hooded figure. As soon as Gorgeous George saw this, she went
over to the announce area where Tony Schiavonne, Bobby Heenan, and Mike
Tenay were all beating off, and grabbed a microphone. "Randy, would you
please come out here, I've got a surprise for you!" she said.

Randy Savage's music hit and he walked down the aisle, very interested.
He and George had broke up a few months before and he wondered what she
wanted. "What is it, George?" he asked.

"Remember when you used to complain about how your ex-wife Elizabeth
never put out enough for you?" she said into the microphone.

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

George pulled back the hood to reveal a worried Elizabeth. "You can
have her to do as you please if you take me back," she said.

"All right, George I'll take you back and I'm sorry," Savage said as he
moved towards George and Elizabeth.

"Great, now get on your knees and suck my boyfriend's dick, you old
prude!" George said. George then went into the black bag Francine had
brought to the ring and got a 11-inch strap on dildo that was even bigger
than her boyfriends own 10-inch shaft. George then went behind Elizabeth
and started to fuck her doggy style. "God, this bitch is tight, didnt
you too ever have sex, Randy?" she inquired.

"Once or twice." he said as he fucked the unwilling Elizabeth's mouth.

After about half an hour all the men were thoroughly sated and retired
to the back. This left the women and the bag of dildos and vibrators. All
of the former ECW women then took it to the extreme, using strap-ons and
vibrators for another half hour on the WCW women that all of them hated.

Bill Johnson, head of WCW security, sprinted into Eric Bischoff's office
where he was watching all the action on a monitor while Kimberly sucked his
cock. "Um, sir, dont you want us to stop these women?" he asked feeling
uncomfortable to be watching Kim bob up and down on Eric's cock.

"Fuck no, and why dont you come over here and get a piece of this
top-quality ass, you work too hard. From now on, this is going to be a fun
place to work. From now on WCW is going to take it to the EXTREME!!" he
yelled as he pulled out his cock and sprayed cum all over Kimberly's face.


If you enjoyed this story I would love some response you can e-mail me at I would also like to thank Dr. Blasphemy for his help in
writing this story.

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