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WHSO (We Have Sexual Orgasms) Part 1
by JCP

One September Night in San Francisco, California a Local Radio Station called
WHSO was playing Music To Have Sex To (They were playing a rock tune with the
whailing guitar sounds). Nidia brought in one of the DJ's to her hotel room
the DJ's name was Riley, already shirtless, gets pushed down on the bed Nidia
undoes his pants and takes them all the way off and grabs a hold of his DICK
and started SUCKIN' on it. Lickin the balls and chewing on his belly button,
she continued to suck away on his cock for a good 5 minutes until Riley got
up and tore Nidia's top off, pulling the straps of her bra down and starts
licking her breasts and nibblin on her nipples. Sighin out a moan Nidia drew
her head to the ceiling saying, "Oh God it feels good."

Then Riley pulls down Nidia's daisy dukes along with her thong panties
and begind drilling his cock up Nidia's hard rocked ass. Riley is smackin'
Nidia's ass every opportunity he gets while fuckin it real hard.


Then he takes his dick out and starts lickin Nidia's ass cheeks, nibbling the
ass,smackin the ass. Then Riley pulls her off the all fours position onto her
knees and is fuckin her doggy-style from a standing position and Nidia is
grabbin her pussy and is rubbin her pussy all around.

"OOOOOOOOOOH YEAH UUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!" Nidia sighs out. Then Nidia turns around
her shorts and panties are off between her ankles, legs spread wide open
revealing her juicy pussy. Riley wasted no time in burying his face into her
clit, lickin the pussy, chewing the pussy, nibbling the pussy anything Riley
has done to Nidia's pussy he gets up for some air then takes his cock and
drills it into her wet pussy and as nailing it like a genetic jackhammer.
Riley for 10 minutes was pussy fucking Nidia viciously.

Nidia was cryin and screamin in pleasure "OH YEAH FUCK ME!" She has had an
orgasm But the sex is not finished. Nidia got back on top and starts ridin
Riley like a BUCKIN' BRONCO. Riley sat up and continues to kiss Nidia from
the neck down to her tits and her nipples, while Nidia is continuing on in
the Bronco Position and 20 minutes later Riley penetrates his sperm into
Nidia's already battered pussy and has another orgasm. Nidia would lick the
cum off Riley's cock.

Fade Out... there's more to come.

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