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WHSO (We Have Sexual Orgasms) Part 2
by JCP

Just minutes after Riley and Nidia are done having SEX, Dawn Marie takes
another WHSO DJ named Scott into the room and locks the door behind her. She
pushes Scott against the door and undoes his tie and ripped his shirt off.
Then Dawn Marie would lick and kiss and nibble on the man's chest then she
takes her hands and presses them on Scotty Boy's chest that she just licked
on and just rubs him all over. Scotty then pulls the straps down from Dawn
Marie's dress (the one she wore when Al Wilson proposed to her) and buries
his face into DM's cleavage, then goes behind the back and undoes her bra
and continues burying his face in her firm breasts.

Dawn pulls his head up for air and asks him to help her take off her dress
(kinda tight) Scott was quick to oblige he goes down on his knees and pulls
the dress right down to her ankles,then Dawn got a pair of handcuffs and
cuffed Scotty's hand behind his back, shoves him to the chair, unbuttons and
unzips his pants and takes them all the way off along with his boxers. Then
she takes her thong panties off and sat on his lap swiveling her tight as
tight can be ass all over his cock,then she gets up and tells Scott to get
up and lay on the bed and he did what she said.

Dawn got on top and started riding Scotty's dick like a BUCKIN' BRONCO she
was shakin the ass from side to side up and down and all around while she is
on top of Scotty,then gets up and gets the key to the cuffs and uncuffs him
and then gets beck on top of Scott in a different position (his dick shooting
straight up into Dawn's ASS while on top) Dawn rocks around Scotty around
swiveling her body all over Scotty Boy.

After 5 minutes of that Scotty gets Dawn in the doggystyle position and
starts fuckin her firm ass rapidly, viciously and brutally. Dawn is SCREAMING
from the top of her lungs while gettin it up the ASS. 10 minutes later Dawn
turns around and get a dick in the pussy and again Scotty is viciously and
brutally was bangin the pussy and again Dawn SCREAMIN from the top of her

After all of that a BIG load of cum is penetrated in Dawn Marie's lucious
lips and into her mouth as she gulps it down and licks the remains of the
cum off of Scotty's dick and now Dawn Marie has an orgasm after the sex she
has had.


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