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FYI: For those who don't know, M.I.L.F. stands for Mom I'd Like to Fuck. Also
Gorgeous George's first name in Stephanie, just so people won't get confused
when I occasionally refer to her as that in the story.

W.O.W. M.I.L.F. Hunter Part 1
by Big Chief (

Shane Gunn had been a pro wrestler for close to two years and in recent
months was making a name for himself. He had won numerous titles across the
country and had become a top prospect for scouts from both NWA-TNA and WWE.
Currently he was in upstart promotion, The Championship Wrestling Alliance,
where he was feuding with Heavyweight Champion "Superstar" Carl Windham. At
the open of the promotion Windham, another talented indy star, appeared with
former WCW diva, Gorgeous George as his valet.

After a Tuesday night event, CWA owner Paul Stern called Shane into his
office. He told Shane that on the Sunday show he would beat going over
Windham to win the Heavyweight title. He then told the young star the end
of the match would see Gorgeous George turn on Windham and cost him the
title. Stern then shook Shane's hand after they talked a bit more about the

As Shane finished packing his bag in the locker room, Gorgeous George came
in to the room and walked up to him.

"Hey Shane."

"Oh, hey Stephanie, what's up?"

"Well all most everyone's gone and I wanted to know if you might be able to
give me a ride back to my place."

"Oh, sure. It'd be no problem and you're one of the few people around here
that I actually enjoy being around."

"Aw, that's so sweet ya big softy. I also thought that we could talk a bit
about your match with Carl on Sunday."

"Sunday? How did you already find out about that, I mean Paul just told me
about it like ten minutes ago."

"Well, actually I was the one who suggested the idea to him. I've been
watching you a lot lately and I'd just love to work with someone as talented
as you are. Plus, Carl and I don't really have that real good chemistry."

"Why thanks for the compliment. Well, there I'm all set, let's get you back

Shane then picked up his bag and led GG out to the parking lot to his car.
Being the gentleman that he was, Shane opened the passenger side door to let
her climb into the vehicle. This simple action got a big smile from the young
blond as she got into the car. After putting both his and her bags in the
trunk they took off for her apartment. When they finally pulled up to the
building GG asked, "So Shane, would you like to walk me to my door?"

"Sure, I wouldn't be a gentleman if I didn't now would I?" he asked with a
smirk, "I'll help you carry your bag if you like."

Once he grabbed her bag from the trunk, he followed her to the elevator to
get to the second floor of the building where her apartment was. Unlocking
the door, she again turned to him, "So would you like to come in for a few
minutes and relax a bit?"

Catching onto what she was doing with her slight flittering Shane decided to
go along with it, "Yeah sure. I could actually go for something to drink if
you don't mind."

He then followed her into the apartment, putting her large back down onto a
nearby chair.

"Thanks for carrying up my bag. Please make yourself at home. So what would
you like to drink?"

"A Coke would be good if you have it," he replied, sitting down in a large
armchair as she disappeared into the kitchen. Seconds later she returned with
a can of coke in her hand.

"So Steph, where is your son?"

"Oh, my mother is taking care of him for a few days," she replied, handing
him the can of soda and sitting down in the chair directly across from him.
As he opened it up she looked right at him.

"Now I actually wanted to tell you something else Shane. There was actually
another reason why I asked Paul if I could start managing you," when he heard
her say this Shane looked up at her, a bit intrigued, "Ever since you showed
up in the company I've kinda taken an `interest' in you," this now really got
his attention, as he wanted to see where she was going with it, "I mean
you're a real handsome guy and you have one of the best bodies I've seen in
a long time. Well what I'm trying to say is I've wanted you since I first met

"Are you kidding me Steph? I thought you had a boyfriend?"

"Not anymore, we broke up a few months ago. Shane I really want to be with
you. I need to be with you." He then quickly got to his feet with a big smile
on his face but before he could do anything else GG stopped him, "Hold on
Shane. I want nothing more then to be with you, but not tonight," he then sat
back down with a bit of a puzzled look on his face, "I want to be with you
this Sunday after the match. Consider it a celebration party."

"Geez Steph, you don't know how long I've thought about you too. And I've
gone this long, I think I can wait just a few more days." He then finished
his soda with one last gulp. "Well I think I better get going, or I might
jump you right here." He said standing up and laughing. GG stood up too,
giving him a peck on the cheek before he left to get back to his own
apartment. As he drove into the night he couldn't help but thing how great
Sunday was really going to be for him.

* * *

Shane waited behind the curtain as the ring announcer introduced him and
his music filled the small building. As he made his way to the ring he did
his classic taunting the fans, and going up to a woman in the front row
and flexing in front of her. He then got into the ring and waited for his

"And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by Gorgeous George, the
CWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Superstar, Carl Windham!" As Saliva's
"Superstar 2" filled the arena the crowd went crazy, cheering the champion
as he passed through the curtains. As the two came down the isle Shane had
his eyes locked on Gorgeous George. She was wearing a tight black sundress
that clung to her body like a second skin, a pair of black, high-heeled
leather knee high boots and her hair up in a ponytail. In the usual pre-match
ritual, GG took off Windham's vest, planted a kiss on his lips and removed
the title belt from his waist before retreating to the outside.

The math reached the twelve-minute mark as Windham knocked Shane to the
outside, right in front of GG. As Windham came to the outside, Shane grabbed
GG, using her as a human shield. As Windham stood, in a stalemate with Gunn,
Gorgeous George suddenly kicked him bellow the belt. As the crowed Ah'ed in
shocked Shane started laughing and GG turned around kissing him square on the
lips. Once they broke the kiss Shane picked up Windham and tossed him back
into the ring. Climbing back into the ring Shane once again picked up Windham
and delivered his finisher the Lock N' Load, a version of Matt Hardy's Side
Effect. With the champion out, Shane covered him and the ref made the three
count, making him the new CWA champion.

As the crowd started letting out boos and chants of `bullshit', GG grabbed
the championship and climbed into the ring. Shane then picked her up and put
her on his shoulder, walking around the ring and she held the belt over her
head. Angry, the fans started throwing cups of soda and other trash into the
ring to show their disapproval. Putting his new valet back down, Shane turned
around and let her put the belt around his waist. Once the gold was in place
he flipped the angry crowd off with both hands, enraging them even further.
The two stayed in the ring for a few more minutes, playing to the emotions of
the crowd, before leaving towards the back.

They walked through the back, arm and arm as Shane received praise from his
fellow wrestlers. He then passed by Windham, who came to the back first, and
the two shook hands, congratulating each other on their match. He and GG then
stopped at the entrance of the men's locker room.

"Ok Shane, before we do anything I think you should go take a shower. Once
you're done we can have some real fun." He just gave a smile and leaned
forwards, kissing her. As their tongues wrestled he grabbed onto her ass
with both hands, massaging it. Finally she broke the kiss and looked up at
him again, "Now get in there, and hurry up, champ." She then headed off,
with Shane watching her butt sway side to side. When she finally disappeared
from his view Shane went into the locker room. He first took off the
championship belt, putting it with his back, before stripping off his gear
and heading into the showers.

* * *

Shane made his way through the hallway with a towel wrapped around his
waist, having just finished his shower. Coming to the women's locker room,
he knocked and waited for an answer. Moments later the door opened and he
was greeted by a smiling GG.

"Come on in champ. All the other girls are gone so we have the whole locker
room to ourselves." He then stepped in and closed the door behind him. He
then turned around to look at the young beauty again.

"Shane, can I ask you a question?"

"Of course you can."

She then turned her back to him, which puzzled the new champion a bit.
Putting her hands on her hips, she pulled her dress up, just above her bare
ass. He just started at the tight, round sculpture in amazement. Looking over
her shoulder back at him, she had a big smile on her face, "Do you think I
have a nice ass?"

"I can honestly say that it's as close to perfection as anything could be."

"You really think so?" she asked with a sarcastic grin on her face. Without
a word Shane dropped to his knees behind her and began massaging the bare
flesh with his hands.

"Mmm, I guess you really do like my ass. God your hands are so strong."
Before she could finish her sentence, Shane pulled her cheeks open and drove
his tongue into her tight asshole. The sudden penetration sent shivers up her
spine, loving the feeling of his soft tongue. As Shane proceeded to deliver
an amazing rim job, GG pulled the sundress the rest of the way over her head
to expose her amazing nude form. With her chest bare, she began to pinch her
rock hard nipples, sending even more shivers up her spine.

"God Shane, your tongue feels so gooooodddd!" He then pulled his tongue from
her ass and moved it down a slight bit, jamming it into her tight pussy. Now
her fingers really started tweaking her nipples as Shane's tongue darted in
and out of her tight love hole. When he sensed that she was going to cum, he
pulled out his tongue and stood back up. Letting go of her nipples, GG turned
around to face him. It was now that he was able to see her entire nude form.
From her firm round chest with tiny hard nipples, down her flat stomach to
her tight pussy that had a tiny strip of hair just above the slit. He also
thought she looked so sexy, wearing only the black knee high boots.

"God Shane you are such a tease," she said with a grin, "but since you gave
me a taste, I think it's only right that I do the same," she then brought
her right hand to his towel and yanked it from his waist. The sight of his
semi-hard dick brought a big smile to her face as she dropped to her knees
right in front of him. Then without a word, her hand grasped the base of his
shaft as she took the head in her mouth.

"Uh, god Stephanie," he groaned as she began to take more of him into her
mouth, encasing his rigid cock in the warmth and wetness. Every second his
cock stayed in her mouth, it got harder, slowly but surely getting to its
full hardness. It only took about a minute of her oral assault before he
achieved his full hardness. With her hand still around the base, she took
her mouth fro his tool and gave the underside a few licks before standing
back up. Looking up at him, she smiled and put her hand back around his

"Well champ, it's time for you to get the spoils of being the top guy around

She then turned back around and bent forward, sticking her ass out at him.
With no hesitation he brought his cock to the entrance of her pussy and
began to slowly push forward. As he entered her amazingly tight pussy, he
was treated to the sound of a few whimpers of pleasure escaping her mouth.
Once his pelvis touched the skin of her ass, Shane stopped and savored the
amazing feeling of her tight wet love tunnel. Grabbing onto her butt with
both hands, he began to pull back out, causing her whimpers to return, "Oh
god Stephanie, you are so fucking tight babe." All she could muster was an
mmmm hmmmm as she held onto her legs, just above the boot line, loving the
feeling of being penetrated. It had been months since she had been with
anyone and now she was in paradise, being filled by a big cock like Shane's.

By now, Shane had a slow and smooth rhythm going, wanting this experience to
last as long as he could. As he worked himself in and out he again began to
message her soft tight butt, loving the feeling of it in his hands. With his
pace gradually picking up, Shane moved his hands from her butt and grabbed
onto her arms. When she felt his hands touch at her arms, she took her hands
from her legs and put them behind her, locking hands with him. This new
positioning of her body somehow managed to increase the pleasure she was

"Oh yeah Shane! Your cock feels so fucking good inside me! Yeeeeaaahhhhh!!!!!

Now Shane had worked his rhythm up and the sound of flesh smacking against
flesh filled the room. As the sweat started covering both of their bodies,
Shane and GG let out groans and grunts of pleasure. As George's moans
started to increase a bit, Shane pulled out of her and letting go of her
hands, positioned his cock in between her ass cheeks. He then moved himself
in between the two buns for a few moments before he pulled back and turned
her around to face him. Without a word exchanged between them, he tilted
his head down, motioning to the floor.

Quickly understanding what he wanted, GG laid down on the carpeted floor and
spread her legs open. Shane stood over her for a moment, admiring the sight
presented in front of him. He then got down on his knees and leaned forward,
slowly pushing himself back into her tight wet warmth. Once his entire length
wad again inside her, Shane looked down at the blonde, who was biting her lip
in pleasure. Leaning in, he began to kiss her as he started moving his hips
again. As they kissed she put her arms around his neck as her legs wrapped
themselves around his moving waist. Taking this as encouragement, Shane
picked up his speed, causing her to start moaning into his mouth. Finally she
broke their kiss, unable to contain herself.

"Oh god baby! Fill me with your big cock! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! It's so good!!!

Loving the sounds that came from her mouth, he firmly planted his hands on
either side of her head and began slamming into her as fast as he could. The
harder he slammed into her, the tighter her legs became around her waist. He
then moved his head down to her chest and began sucking on her hard nipples.

"Oh yah baby, suck on my tits! Your mouth feels so good on my nipples!! Keep
fucking me hard, baby, yeah! OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Shane brought his mouth from her nipples and told her to hold on. He then
rolled over, still inside her, so she was now on top of him. Moving her hands
from his neck to over his chest, she straightened her body, loving the new
position. Giving his nipples a quick tweak, GG gave him a lust filled smile
and began gyrating her hips. As she worked her body on top of his, Shane
brought his hands once again to her tight round ass. His right hand then
moved a bit and with his index finger began to rub her tight asshole. Once
she felt his finger, she picked up her speed. As her body really picked up
speed Shane pushed his finger into her asshole, surprised hot tight it really
was. With both of her holes now filled, George was so close to an amazing

Shane then raised his left hand up and brought it down to her ass with a loud
smack. This simple action finally drove her over the edge as her orgasm hit
her, and washed through her body, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! GOD SHANE I'M
UUUUUHHHHHH YYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" As her body quivered in pleasure
she continued to move her hips, wanting to make Shane cum as well.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!!!! Come on baby!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Come on baby, I want you to
cuuuuummmmmmm!!! I want that hot sticky jizzzz!!!!"

With the combination of her tight pussy moving on his shaft and her dirty
talk, he knew he was close to cumming. He then pulled his finger from her
ass and with both hands, gripped her ass, giving one strong thrust into her.

"Oh god Stephanie, I'm gonna cum!" Once she heard him, GG jumped off of his
cock, and knelt beside him, taking it into her mouth. With her right hand she
gripped onto the shaft, just as his first wad shot into her mouth. As each
shot came from his cock into her mouth, she swallowed each one like a pro,
mot wanting to loose one single drop. As his last stream shot out, he pushed
his cock down her throat, shooting it straight down her throat. Once she
realized it was his final shot, she firmly gripped the shaft and slowly
pulled he head up, sucking the whole time. When she got just the head left,
she stopped a second and then pulled him out, making a slight popping sound.

As Shane laid there, exhausted, breathing heavily, GG laid down next to him
smiling. He then looked over at her and returned the smile.

"Wow Stephanie, that was absolutely amazing."

"You weren't bad yourself, champ," she said with a giggle, "but I think we
might want to get going before they lock us in the building," the two then
got to heir feet and grabbed some towels to wipe themselves clean of sweat
and other liquids. As Shane cleaned himself up, he had no idea of the fun
he would experience in the coming months.

To be continued...

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