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W.O.W. M.I.L.F. Hunter Part 2
by Big Chief (

Shane Gunn had been the reigning Championship Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight
Champion for a little more then a month. Along with his reign came a very
sexually based relationship with his valet, Gorgeous George. Many of their
encounters occurred in the locker rooms after CWA shows. One night Shane
successfully defended his title, and just as he and George passed through
the curtains, one of the trainers approached them, "Hey Shane, Paul wanted
me to tell you that he wants to see you in his office."

"Ok, thanks for the heads up Jeff." As the trainer walked off Shane turned
to George. "Hey Steph, take the belt back to the locker room and I'll be
there in a bit," The two kissed and Shane headed off to meet with the boss.

Knocking on the door, Shane heard someone tell him to come it. As he entered
the room he saw his boss, sitting behind a folding table. Stern then had the
champion sit in a chair in front of the table.

"Well Shane, I had you come down here because I have something big to tell
you. Next Sunday when we're in Florida, you're dropping the title to Low-Ki
in the triple threat match."

"You're making me drop the belt after only a month? You've got to be kidding
me. You know damn well I've been putting butts in those seats. This is
bullshit Paul!"

"Hey, Shane, calm down. Before you start tearing apart the room, there's
something I want to show you," he then opened his briefcase and pulled out
a five page document and placed it on the table in front of Shane. "This is
why we're having you drop the belt Shane." He then grabbed the papers and
gave them a quick look through.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yup, it's a WWE development contract. I got it by Fed-Ex this afternoon.
The scouts were real impressed with when they were hear last week.
Congratulations buddy."

"I just can't believe this. I've been waiting for a moment like this for
my entire career." After the two of them read through the entire contract,
Shane signed it, putting him another step closer to his life long dream.
When he returned to the locker room he told GG about the great news. The
two "celebrated" in their own special way, knowing it would probably be
one of their last times they'd get to spend together.

* * *

It had been five months since Shane had signed his WWE development contract
and had become part of the Ohio Valley Wrestling roster. During this time he
had two reigns as of the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions with his partner
Nova. After he and Nova successfully defended their titles they were informed
that they were going to be used in a dark match before Smackdown against the
Basham Brothers. Shane knew that they would be doing the J.O.B. to the
`brothers', but it was still on a WWE card.

* * *

As Shane entered the arena, he still couldn't believe it. He had wrestled all
over the continent, but never in front of the amount of fans that would be at
this show. Walking through the halls Shane was noticing lots of big names
like Kurt Angle and The Undertaker, guys who were at the level he hoped to
one day get to. When he entered the locker room he was greet by Arn Anderson
and Vince McMahon himself.

"Here he is Vince. This is Shane."

"Ah, Shane, it's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard a lot of good things
about you," said Vince as he extended his hand.

"It's an honor to meet you Mr. McMahon," he replied, returning the handshake,
"and thank you for giving me this opportunity."

"Well from what I've been hearing you're quite an impressive young man in
the ring and I knew I would have to see what you're all about for myself.
And please, call me Vince."

"Well thank you again, Vince."

"Well I've got to go, but I wanted to make sure I met you before your match."

As Vince left the room, Arn followed, giving Shane a pat on the back, "Break
a leg out there kid."

"Thanks Arn."

After Vince and Arn left the room, Shane dropped his bag on a nearby bench.
Once he got his gear on, he put a t-shirt on and left to find Nova. Passing
through the halls he got to meet some more stars, getting to chat with some
of them. He just hoped that the people he was talking with would soon become
co-workers of his, as he planned to really impress Vince tonight. Finally he
found Nova getting some coffee at the catering table. He told Shane they
should go find the Bashams so they could go over their match for the night.
As they walked off, Nova gave him a few tips about how to deal with
performing in front of such a large crowd, as he had wrestled in many dark

* * *

Shane was about to deliver the Lock N' Load to Danny Basham when Doug jumped
him from behind, stopping the move. Moments earlier Doug ran Nova, shoulder
first into the ring steps, taking him out of the match. Doug then set Shane
up for a Russian Leg Sweep and Danny clotheslined him, executing the Ball and
Gag. Doug then pinned him and Shane finished his first official WWE match. As
the Bashams celebrated with Shaniqua, Shane rolled out of the ring, holding
the back of his neck. Once the Bashams finally left into the back, Shane and
Nova got to their feet and made their way to the back. As they passed through
the curtains, Vince was waiting with a smile.

"Good job out there guys. And Shane, it looks like what I've been hearing
about you was true. Go get some rest now guys." The two then gave each other
congratulating smiles.

"Hey Shane, I've got to go to the trainers room. I really banged up my
shoulder and I'm going to get iced down."

"Ok, I'll talk with you later." Walking back toward the locker room, a WWE
crewman came up to him and gave him a towel. After thanking him, Shane
dropped the towel over his head and began drying the sweat off. When he
pulled the towel off his face he was startled when he saw WWE diva Sable
standing in front of him.

"Oh did I scare you. I'm sorry, I've just been hearing about you and I wanted
to meet you for myself. I'm Rena," she said, putting her hand out to him.

"Oh I know who you are, it's a pleasure to meet you Rena," he then took her
tiny hand and leaning forward, gave a kiss to the backside.

"Well, I heard you were an amazing wrestler, but I didn't know you were such
a gentleman." She then looked around the hall and gave him a smile.

"You know what, now that I've got a chance to see you up close and personnel,
I think I want to get to know you a little better. After you're done cooling
down, why don't you stop by my dressing room."

"Um, yeah sure. I'll see you then I guess," he replied with a bit of surprise
in his voice. She then gave him another smile and walked off. As she walked
away Shane couldn't help but notice how her ass swayed from side to side in
her tight leather pants. Finally she walked out of sight, breaking his
trance. As he continued back to the locker rooms he couldn't help but think
about what Sable had said to him. If he didn't know any better he could have
sworn she was hitting on him. He then realized if she in fact was hitting on
him, he'd find out soon enough. It was about then when he arrived at the
locker room door.

Walking into the room, Shane walked to his bag and started removing his ring
gear. After putting the gear in his pack he put on a pair of break away warm
up pants and a t-shirt. He then slipped on a pair of sneakers and left the
room again, to go find Sable. Reaching the end of the hall he noticed a door
with the words "FEMALE DRESSING ROOM" across it. Assuming Sable was inside he
pushed the door open and walked in, and was greeted with an amazing sight.
There on a chair was Sable, topless, her leather pants around her ankles and
the fingers of her right hand darting in and out of her pussy. He noticed her
here were shut tight and assumed she didn't hear him, so he quietly shut the
door behind him. Leaning against the wall, Shane crossed his arms and watched
the wonderful show in front of him. After about a minute she pulled her hand
away and with her eyes still shut, started to speak.

"It's nice to see that you decided to accept my offer Shane."

"H-how did you know I was here?" he asked, a bit puzzled.

"Why I heard you come in silly," she said opening her eyes, looking right at
him, "I just thought I'd give you a little show for your arrival."

"Well if I do say so myself, that was one hell of a show."

"If you liked the viewing, then you are just going to love the audience
participation." She said with a sexy grin on her face.

Catching onto what she was implying, Shane walked over to the sitting blonde.
Bending forward, he touched his lips to hers in a sensual kiss. Their tongues
wrestled with each other for a few moments before he broke the kiss. He then
knelt down in front of her and stared right into her wet pussy. He loved how
she was completely shaved except for a tiny landing strip of blonde hair,
just above the slit. Before going any further he pulled the black pants from
her ankles, allowing her legs to be more mobile. Once the pants were gone he
spread her legs further and moved his face forward. When his nose rested an
inch from her hole, he took a sniff and loved the scent. He then pulled his
face back and put his right index and middle fingers against the opening of
her slit. Pushing the digits against the skin, he spread them, spreading the
lips a bit.

"Such a beautiful site. I bet it tastes so sweet."

"Well there's only one way for you to find out."

He then buried his tongue deep into her pussy. The second his tongue touched
her skin, he could taste the sweetness of her folds. With his tongue now
inside her, Shane removed his hand from the lips. With both hands free, he
lifted her legs up off the floor, keeping them spread. As he held her legs
up, he darted his tongue in and out, while every second or two, sucking on
the outer folds.

"Mmmm yeah baby! Fuck my tight pussy with your tongue! Oh god it feels so
good!" she moaned, looking down at him, while pinching her rock hard nipples.
As Shane worked her love tunnel, he kept his eyes locked to hers, loving the
look of extacy that was across her face. Just then he felt her clamp onto his
tongue and realized she was about to cum. It was then that he pulled his
tongue from its warm spot and lowered her legs back to the floor.

"Oh you are such a tease," she said looking at him, "now why don't you stand
up honey," As Shane got back to his feet, Sable wad delighted to see the
large tent in the front of his pants. Grabbing the sides of his break away
pants, she yanked them right off, exposing his little monster to the room.
"Mmmmm I knew your wrestling skills weren't the only special thing about

With that she wrapped her right hand around the base of his shaft and took
his head into her mouth. Her left hand then made its way to his balls,
massaging them around gently. All Shane could do was let out a low groan as
his hands rested on her blond locks. She now began to slowly consume inch
after inch of his shaft, making sure to go slow, as to tease the young star
a bit.

"God Sable your mouth just feels incredible," he managed to blurt out as he
was just lost in the shear pleasure of the moment. She met this compliment
by engulfing the rest of his member, which just sent a bolt of electricity
straight up his spine. Relaxing her throat, Sable kept him buried down her
airway for a few moments, as she fondled his balls. When she started to feel
her gag reflex start to kick in she pulled her head back, leaving a trail of
saliva on his shaft. As she did this Shane had his eyes clenched tigh, with
his head slightly tilted back. With her mouth now removed from his dick, she
brought her right hand to the head, gripping it. She then slowly pulled the
hand down, causing an amazing sensation. Once her hand reached the bottom,
he felt the grip loosen and both hands pull away from his body.

Looking down, he saw she was now kneeling next to the chair, patting the
metal seat with her hand. "Why don't you take a load off your feet baby,"
getting her drift, he pulled off his t-shirt and threw it to the ground. As
he sat onto the cold steel he kicked his sneakers off. Sitting back, his
cock now shot up from his lap, just waiting for what was to come. Getting
to her feet she turned her back to him and began to sit down. As the tip of
his cock started to push at the outer lips of her pussy, she paused.

"Put your hands on my hips baby," Once Shane obeyed her, she dropped down,
impaling herself on the entire length of his cock.

"Oh god it feels so good! Oh your big hard cock feels so fucking good inside
me!" She then started bouncing up and down, making a loud smacking of skin
to skin. With her hands planted firmly on her knees, Sable dropped down on
Shane's lap, and with his entire length in her, she began moving her hips,
gyrating on top of him.

"Oh yeah Sable! Work my cocking your wet pussy babe!" She just replied with
some moans and grunts, as she continued to gyrate her hips. She then felt
like her orgasm was about to approach, but didn't want the fun to end yet.
She quickly stood up, moving her crotch from Shane's. Directing a smile
towards the young star, she laid down on the floor and spread her legs. Then
with her finger, she motioned for him to join her. Not being one to be told
twice, Shane hopped off the hair and on to his knees in between the older
blonde's legs. As he leaned in, she grabbed hold of his little guy, to guide
it back into her hole.

With his hands planted to the floor on either side of her head, he slowly
pushed himself in, getting low whimpers from her. As he did this, Sable put
her hands around his neck and looked up at him with a lust filled smile. When
his pelvis finally touched hers, he stopped and was greeted with a passionate
kiss on the lips. Their kiss went on for close to a minute and during it, she
wrapped her tone legs around his waist. When they broke their lip lock she
gave him the go ahead.

"Well what are you waiting for baby? It's time for you to go to town."

And with that he began to move his hips, not caring to go slow, like a piston
in a car engine. Every time he retracted from her, she would tighten her legs
around his waist and pull him right back in. With his "little Gunn" busy at
work, Shane dropped his head to her massive chest and began sucking and
gently nibbling her nipples. The small room was now filled with sounds of
sucking, skin smacking together and sucking. In other words: the sounds of

"Oh yeah baby! Your cock is so fucking good! Yeah, go faster baby! FASTER!

It was at this point that he could feel her body start to shake, and knew
that only one possible thing could be about to happen.


Despite her body violently rocking around on the floor, Shane continued
slamming into her, wanting to make her cum real hard, and wanting to achieve
his own release. It did not take long however, as her pussy squeezed onto his
cock like a sexual vice.

"OH GOD SABLE I'M GONNA CUM!" Hearing this she squeezed her legs as tight as

Not being in a position to argue he gave one final thrust and began shooting
stream after stream into her spasming pussy. He filled her up with what
seemed to him like gallons of jizz and after about 30 seconds he shot his
final stream into her. Now exhausted he collapsed on to her, and then rolled
over, laying next to her, as her orgasm subsided.

The two laid there for a few minutes with out saying a single word to each
other. Finally Sable spoke up, braking the silence.

"Mmmm that was so fucking amazing Shane. I have a feeling you'll go far in
this business. Oh and don't worry, I've had my tubes tied so you won't have
to worry about any little Shanes."

"Well that's a relief," he replied laughing, "and you were amazing yourself.
I mean all I can say is wow."

"Well I live to please," she said as she got to her feet, "now how bought
you join me in the showers so we can clean each other up."

Not saying anything, he too got to his feet and followed her into the
showers. All he could think was that he found yet another reason to wish
for a WWE contract.

To Be Contined...

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