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W.O.W. M.I.L.F. Hunter Part 3
by Big Chief (

Shane Gunn had been having an amazing month. After his WWE dark match
debut at a Smackdown taping, he "hooked up" with the company's first
playmate, Sable. That night was their only night together, but every
time they passed each other in the halls, they gave each other enticing
looks. As for his wrestling career, since that match, he'd become a
regular dark match performer for both RAW and Smackdown. He would hear
from some of the backstage personnel that the higher ups were very
impressed with him and were possibly going to give him a match on TV.

Those rumors quickly came true when Shane entered the arena, and was stopped
by Jim Ross.

"Shane, I'm glad I ran into you. I've got some good news for you from Vince.
You're going to be wrestling Dreamer in the second match for Heat tonight."

"Really?! Wow, I can't believe this. I can't believe I'm being put in a
televised match. Thanks you for this chance."

"Well we think your ready for this match and just make sure you don't let us

"Oh, of course not. I will make sure that I bring my A game tonight."

With that the two shook hands and Shane walked off to the building's
locker rooms. After dumping his bag off in the locker room, he headed off
to catering to get something to eat. Once he got his meal he sat down at
one of the tables in the almost empty cafeteria. When he was halfway through
the meal, he heard someone pull up a chair to his table. Looking up he saw
his opponent for the night, Tommy Dreamer.

"Hey Shane, mind if I sit here?"

"Oh, hey Tommy. Yeah sure, it's all yours."

"So it looks like we're working together tonight. I'm guessing it's your
first time on TV huh?"

"Well first time on national TV. I was on quite regular on the local channels
when I was down in OVW. So do you want to go over our moves for tonight?"

"Tell yea what, let's wait till 5:30-6:00. You want to make sure you have
that stuff fresh in your head when you get into the ring.

The two continued to talk through the meal and after about 20 minutes they
finished, and Shane threw his trash out and left to return to the locker
room. As he left the cafeteria, he didn't see the tiny blonde in front of
him, and he walked into her, knocking the papers she had from her hands.

"Oh, geez, I'm sorry I didn't see you there, are you all right?"

"Oh I'm fine. It was partially my fault for standing in front of the doorway.
By the way, I'm Terri." Replied the tiny blonde, extending her right hand.
Shane took her tiny hand and happily shook it.

"Oh, I know full well who you are. I've been a fan of yours for years," he
said with a smile, "I'm Shane."

"Ah you're that new rookie everyone's been talking about. It's nice to meet

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Oh here let me get those for you," he said,
looking at the papers Terri had dropped when they collided.

"Oh that's okay, I can get them. But thanks for the offer," she replied,
smiling before bending over to retrieve her papers. As she did this, her
skirt began to ride up a bit and Shane could see the bottom of her almost
perfect ass, barely encased in a black thong. He admired the sight before
him, until she started to stand back, making sure she didn't catch him
looking. When she was once again facing him, Shane decided to make his

"Hey I was wondering, um, would you like to maybe get something to drink or
maybe a bite to eat after the show?"

Once he asked the question, a big smile came across her face.

"Well I have to say you're making this easier for me. After hearing all about
you I was planning on asking you the same thing. I'll tell you what, I don't
have anything to do for RAW, so I'll see if I can leave early and we can go
get a drink."

"That's great. Well I guess I'll see you after the Heat tapings. Should we
meet somewhere?"

"Don't worry cutie, I'll find you." And with that she got onto her tiptoes
and gave him a peck on the cheek, "I'll catch you later," and with that she
walked off down the hall. Shane stood in his spot for a moment, with a smile
before gaining back his senses and continuing back to the locker room.

* * *

Tommy Dreamer cringed as Shane Gunn drove him back first into the mat with
a thunderous powerbomb. Instead of going for the cover, Gunn went to the
corner, grabbed Dreamer's Singapore cane and waited for the Innovator of
Violence to get to his feet. As Dreamer got to his feet, Shane stood behind
him, waiting to crack him in the head with the bamboo wood. As Tommy turned
around, Shane saw his opening and swung for the fences. Seeing it just in
time, Dreamer ducked, kicked Gunn in the gut and DDT'd him to the mat. He
then fell down on the prone rookie. 1-2-3! "The winner of the match, Tommy

As Tommy celebrated in the ring, Shane held onto his head and rolled out of
the ring to the floor. A few moments after Dreamer walked up the ramp to the
back, Shane got to his feet and slowly followed suite. Once he passed through
the curtains, he was greeted by the man who just beat him.

"Hey you did a great job out there kid," he said, patting him on the back.

"Thanks a lot Tommy. I really wanted to make it a good match," the two men
continued talking as they made their way to the locker room. Shane then
decided to take a shower, in order to get ready for his date with Terri.
Getting done in about five minutes, he wrapped a towel around his waist and
walked back into the locker room, where he found Terri standing. Startled by
her unexpected presence in the room, Shane jumped a bit,

"Holy crap Terri, you scared the shit out of me. What are you doing in the
men's locker room?"

"Well I just found out I've got the rest of the night free and wanted to see
if you were ready."

"Well just give me a few minutes and I'll be set. Speaking of which, could I
get a bit of privacy?"

"Sure, no problem. I'll be waiting outside." Before she left, Terri's eyes
quickly shot down to Shane's crotch, and a little smile curled across her
face. Once she left the room, Shane pulled off the towel and got dressed.
Now donning a pair of jeans, Stone Cold F@CK FEAR! T-shirt, hooded sweatshirt
and a pair of black boots, Shane left the locker room to leave with Terri. As
the two headed to the back entrance of the arena, they got a chance to chat a
bit more. Once they were outside they had to stop a few times as Terri signed
autographs and took some pictures with the fans. Finally they came to a black
limo, where the driver stood, holding the back door open.

"Well go ahead Shane, climb in. I took the liberty of renting it for our
date." Surprised, he climbed into the car, followed by the tiny blonde.
Once they were both inside, the driver closed the door and after a slight
hesitation, the car took off. As the vehicle started its journey, Terri
had to smile at Shane's reaction.

"I'm guessing by that look on your face, that this is your first time in a
stretch limo?"

"Yeah, I just can't believe how roomy it is in here. This is just amazing.
I don't know how I could show my appreciation to you for this."

"Don't worry about it. I'll think of some way you can make it up to me."

* * *

The bartender came up to Shane and Terri with their drinks in hand.

"Here you go, one vodka with fruit juice for the gentleman and a jack and
water for the lady." They thanked him as he set the drinks down and walked

"Now Shane, I wanted to go out with you because there was something I wanted
to tell you, and I wanted it to be a bit more to ourselves."

"What is it?" he asked, taking a sip of his drink.

"Well I'm pretty good friends with Sable and she was telling me a pretty
good story." When she said this, Shane started to get worried. Had Sable told
Terri about their little encounter after his match at the Smackdown tapings?

"Really? What kinda story was it?" he asked, now extremely nervous.

"Well it involved her and an encounter she had with what she called a
'stud'." When he didn't respond she smiled, "oh come on Shane, we both know
who she was talking about. That's the reason I invited you for this date. I
wanted to experience that same stud." He now looked over towards her with
his eyebrow raised.

"You mean you, and me, together?"

"Wow you catch on pretty quick," she said with a giggle. Once they finished
their drinks Shane paid the bartender and he and Terri left the club. In
the parking lot the limo was waiting, with the driver again holding the
door open for them. The couple climbed into the back and once the door shut,
Terri jumped on top of Shane and started passionately kissing him. He quickly
caught on as his hands planted onto her skirt-incased butt. Running her hands
through his spiked black hair, Terri wrestled her tongue with his. Finally
she broke the kiss and looked at him with a smile.

"Well Shane tonight is going to be a night of firsts for you. Your first time
on TV, your first time inside a limo, and the first time you'll have sex in
one too."

"You mean we're going to do it right here?"

"Oh yeah. Don't worry, I actually know the driver so he'll drive around for
as long as we need. So just sit back and relax."

She then got off of his lap and knelt on the floor in front of him. She then
began to undo his pants. Getting the hint, he quickly pulled his t-shirt and
sweatshirt and tossed them across the car. He then heard Terri say `lift' so
he pulled his butt off of the seat and she quickly yanked on his pants,
pulling them to his ankles. With his dick now exposed, Terri's smile grew
even more, "Wow, babe, Sable wasn't lying when she said you were a `big
star'." He just smiled down at her, after hearing how Sable thought about his
"little gunn." Terri then pulled her belly shirt over her head to expose her
bare chest.

"Well I can see you're a bit star yourself," she smiled at his compliment
as she wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft. She held his rigid tool up
straight and started licking it up and down like a lollipop. Moving her
hand up to where his shaft met the head, Terri lowered her head and took
his left ball into her mouth, gently sucking. She did this for a few
moments, before switching to the other.

"Oh god Terri, that feels so damn good." She then went back to licking on
the shaft. When she finally got him as hard as a rock, she let go of his rod
and laid down on the limo's floor.

"Why don't you come down here and put that nice hard cock in between these
two beauties." She said, rubbing her massive chest. Shane then pulled his
pants from his ankles along with his boots and tossed them aside. He then
moved over Terri and lowered his dick in between her breast, with his knees
resting on either side of her body. She then pushed her round orbs together,
squishing Shane's cock in between. Loving the warm soft feeling of her flesh,
he started moving his cock back and forth, fucking her tits. Every time his
head popped up from her cleavage, Terri would flick her tongue against it,
before it quickly disappeared.

As Shane's dick glided in between her chest, Terri rolled her nipples in
between her index fingers and thumbs.

"Mmmmm, Shane, stop, stop!" he quickly stopped what he was doing, thinking
he might have done something wrong.

"What, what's wrong?"

"I need you in me. I need that hard cock in my pussy." He got off of her tiny
body, ready to obey her request. He knelt in between her legs and hiked up
her skirt and quickly pulled down her panties, tossing them with the pile of
clothes in the corner of the car. He then positioned himself closer towards
her body and began to slowly push himself into her bald pussy. As he pushed
in she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and squeezed. Getting what
she wanted, Shane slammed his entire length into her tiny body.


Now planting his hands on either side of her head, he slowly pulled out of
her wet pussy.

"No don't do it slow! I want you to slam my pussy with your big hard cock!"
He smiled down at her and quickly started pumping in and out, sending waves
of pleasure through both of their bodies. Biting down on her lower lip, Terri
grabbed onto his head and pulled him down and started passionately kissing
him as she kept moaning into his lips. Shane broke the kiss and moved his
mouth to her massive chest. While still quickly thrusting into her, he took
her right nipple into his mouth and started gently nibbling and sucking on
the little bud. Loving this added sensation, Terri ran her fingers through
his short hair as she clenched her eyes closed.

"Oh god Shane! MMMMMMMMMMM It's so gggggggoooooodddddd!!!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssss!" Shane then removed his mouth from her right nipple
and moved to the left, giving it the same treatment. This went on for a few
minutes until he removed his mouth and pulled himself out of her. Without
saying anything Terri opened her eyes, saw Shane kneeling up and got onto
her knees too, once again embracing in a passionate kiss. When they broke
their embrace Shane moved her towards one of the leather seats and pushed
her forwards so her ass was sticking right out. Shane then moved behind her
and started to again push himself into her tight wet pussy. As each inch
entered her tiny frame, she let out small, high-pitched moans of pleasure.
Once he was completely inside her, he stopped and brought his hand across
her tight ass.


"Mmmmmm yeah! I love having my ass spanked!"

Hearing this Shane quickly started moving in and out of her. After a few
moments he brought his hand to her butt again.


"Oh yeah spank my tight ass baby! Make it red! Spank my ass while you fuck my
pussy! Ooooohhhhh!"

He kept up the pace and once her round butt was beat red, he stopped with
the spanking. Then Terri started moaning another desire she wanted Shane to
fufill, "Mmmmmm Shane! Oh yeah, I want that big cock in my ass! I want to
feel that monster fill my tight butthole! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! FUCK MY ASS BABY!"
Having yet to not listen to her demands, Shane pulled out of her pussy, and
with his cock covered in her sticky juices, began pushing it into her
asshole. As he pushed into her backdoor, he couldn't believe how tight she
really was. After a bit of work he finally got inside and slowly started
moving in and out, so her tiny hole could adjust to his size.

"Oh go yeah! Oh your cock feels so good in my tight asshole! Mmmmmmmm! Oh
yeah baby, fuck my ass!" With his hands now holding onto her hips, Shane
began moving into her, loving the tightness of her ass around his cock. As
Shane did this, she reached her right hand underneath her and started
rubbing her pussy. Not long after her fingers touched her slit her orgasm
hit her and her pussy and ass both clamped down.

and as her ass squeezed onto his cock, Shane knew he'd blow any second.

"Oh god Terri, I'm gonna cum baby!"

"Cum on my ass! I want to feel that hot sticky jizz all over my ass!" He
then quickly pulled out of her ass, putting his cock on her right cheek as
the first bit of cum started to ooze out. The first bit dropped onto the
red skin of her ass, but the second shot had more velocity, landing in the
center of her back. As he covered her butt with his goo, Terri's orgasm
began to subside and she rested her head onto the set. She then put her
hand onto her sore butt and began rubbing the sum into her skin. When Shane
shot his last bit, he plopped down onto the limo's floor. With her butt
now shinny with cum and red from the spanking, Terri turned around and sat
on the floor facing Shane.

"Oh my god Shane, you are so amazing. I guess Sable wasn't lying about you.
I just hope you do become the next big star and that they put you on RAW, so
we can do this a lot more."

"Well you're not to bad yourself. I've never been with a woman who is as much
into ass play as you."

"Hey, my way of thinking is, if it feels good then I'm into it," she replied
with a smile. She then picked up the phone near the seat they were next to,
"Tony, you can drive back to the hotel now." Hanging up the phone she turned
her attention back to Shane, "You might want to get your clothes back on.
It's still early so maybe we can go back to my hotel room and have some more

Shane quickly started putting his clothes back on as he thought about what
could be to come. When he looked back at Terri, he was surprised to see she
already was dressed again. A few minutes later the limo came to a stop and
the door opened. Terri exited first and as she did Shane noticed she didn't
put her panties back on, which brought a smile yet again to his face.

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