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The following story is completely fictional and never could or will take
place. If you find drug abuse and violent, hardcore sex to be offensive, then
not only are you an extreme pussy, but you shouldn't read the following. If
you are not familiar with the wrestling federation WWE, then you might have
problems understanding some of the plot, but you should still read it. Have

WWE: From Rookies 2 Legends Part 1
by The Star

Monday, April 28

RAW Is War

...It was the night after Backlash, and the crowd was still buzzing with
excitement over what had transpired just 24 hours ago. I, along with my
friend Nick, had been lucky enough to attend the pay-per-view, and the
experience had been like no other. However, we weren't just normal fans
sitting in the audience. We had a more private and enjoyable view,
compliments of the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff and his personal
skybox. We had been brought up from the WWE's residential talent
developmental facility, Ohio Valley Wrestling, and were being pursued by
the 2 brands to sign exclusive contracts. We signed to join Raw, and would
be making our debut the next night. Little did anybody realize what exactly
we had in store for our 'first impression'...

* * *

...My name is Josh, (better known to my OVW fans as Violent J) and I stand
6`4", and weigh about 300lbs. I have medium length brown hair with a matching
goatee, and my eyes are hazel. Nick, (who is better known as The Chief)
stands taller at 6'6", but only weighs about 260lbs. He has short blond hair
with red streaks, a smaller goatee, and blue eyes. All our life we had
aspired to become pro-wrestlers, and Monday night our dream became reality as
we were scheduled to face Rodney Mack in his 2nd ever "white-boy challenge."
Basically what that meant is that we had to job in under 5 minutes, but we
had worked too hard and too long to get where we were, and we weren't goin''
out like that. As the moment grew nearer and nearer to match time, we sat in
our locker room smoking a blunt and discussing the plan for our rise to
greatness. I forgot to mention that we were on first.

"Dude, you know we're probably gonna' get fired for beating up on Rodney
tonight, but I really don't give a shit. All I care about is getting famous
so we get the bitches," said Nick while passing the blunt my way.

"Same here homie, just as long as everyone knows my name by the end of the
night." I replied, taking 1 last hit before putting the blunt out. As I
started lacing up my boots, a crew manager popped his head in the door.

"White boy challenge in 5 minutes, gentlemen."

"Alright man this is it. The big time. You ready for this shit or what?" I
asked Nick.

"Fuck yeah, I been waitin for this shit all my life. Let's rock this joint,
nigga!" And with that we walked out into the hallway, passing many different
superstars on our way to the entrance curtain. I almost felt like I was
walking in slow motion as we made our way closer to the front. Eric Bischoff
was waiting for us when we got there.

"I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys are made of out there tonight,
so don't let me down. It won't be pretty..." he trailed off, and with that
he was gone.

"Fuck him dude, don't let him get to you. This is the night we been waiting
for forever, man, don't let him mess it up for us," I encouraged Nick as our
music sounded through the building, bringing the crowd to their feet, making
them wonder what the hell was going on.

We stepped through the curtain as Tupac's "I Came To Bring The Pain" rang
through the speakers, and I was getting pumped up. I was wearing a pair of
black jeans and a St. Louis Rams Jersey, also sporting a pair of fingerless
gloves. Nick had the same gloves, but he was wearing black pants with pot
leaves going down the sides, and a matching green vest with a giant pot leaf
on the back. This was the moment I had been waiting for, perhaps for my whole
life, and I couldn't believe it was happening. Even though the crowd had
basically no idea who we were, it was still quite exhilarating to hear
thousands of people cheering for you. The basic premise of the match was
this: Rodney Mack was an incredibly racist black guy who whooped up on little
white guys and had to pin them in less than 5 minutes. But tonight it wasn't
going to happen like that.

Bischoff had informed us earlier that we were to get an impressive offensive
going only to be screwed by Teddy Long (Rodney Mack's manager), thus costing
us the victory and causing us to lose the match in under 5 minutes.

Nick and I stood waiting in the ring as Mack's music began to play. Teddy
made his way down to the ring aside Rodney shouting racist comments to crowd.
As Mack got into the ring, Long grabbed a microphone and began to shout to
the crowd.

"LET ME HOLLA ATCHA PLAYA," Came his stupid-ass catch phrase and he went on
with his tirade. "These stupid little cracker boys think they can beat Rodney
Mack, but they is just some stupid little white trash idiots!!!!" He shouted
at us. He started to go on, but all of a sudden Nick had a mic too and he
started shouting back at Teddy, which wasn't part of the story.

"You know what, Teddy, I think your a piece of trash, Negro-American cotton
picker who deserves nothing more than to do my housework." The crowd roared
in disbelief. Nick had just insulted Teddy Long and pretty much the entire
black race, but I knew he didn't care. If we were gonna' be the victims of
racism, then he was gonna' have the last word on the matter. Rodney Mack
immediately rushed towards Nick and floored him with a hard clothesline to
the chest, signaling the beginning of the contest as the bell rang. I grabbed
him by the shoulder and turned him to face me, but I was meet with an elbow
to the jaw, followed up by another clothesline. He stomped me repeatedly in
the back and side, picked me up by the head and whipped me off the ropes into
a powerslam. He went for the pin, but Nick broke it up with a leg drop to his

Together we picked him up and threw him into the turnbuckle, where I meet him
with a clothesline that knocked him to a sitting position. Nick and I then
took turns stomping a mudhole in him, each kick landing hard in the chest and
stomach, sending him slumping down to the bottom turnbuckle. I grabbed him by
the neck and lifted him into a belly-to-back suplex, and as I fell Nick gave
him a neckbreaker. He went for the pin but Mack kicked out with authority,
ducking a clothesline and nailing Nick in the jaw with a super kick, then
giving me one as well. He straddled my chest and started to pummel my face,
then rolled to my side and put me in his version of the cobra clutch, the
`Black Out.' He started to synch it in very tightly, nearly making me tap out
until Nick dropkicked him in the face to break up the hold. Nick stomped him
in the face, then lifted him up onto his shoulders in an F-5 and fell into a
Samoan drop as I gave him a swinging neckbreaker.

As we stood up on opposite sides of his prone body we slapped each other`s
hand, then fell into a double elbow drop, going for the pinfall and only
getting a 2 count. We picked Rodney Mack up and threw him off the ropes,
intending to do a double flapjack but instead were knocked to the mat by a
double clothesline. I stumbled up to my feet and walked into an overhead
belly-to-belly suplex, with Nick receiving the same treatment. By now at
least 3 minutes had passed, and Rodney was starting to get pissed off
because he thought he was supposed to win. He picked Nick up and hooked his
arms in a pedigree, then flipped him up and slammed him into a powerbomb,
holding him by the waist as he picked him up a second time and flipped him
onto his shoulder. He ran off the ropes and gave him the British Bulldog
powerslam finisher, but before he could get the 3 count I elbow dropped
him in the back, once again breaking up the count. At this point in time
Theodore Long had gotten into the ring and was trying to hit me with a
chair, but I stuck out my foot and kicked it back into his face as he ran
at me full speed.

Long went down clutching his face, and rolled out of the ring immediately.
I turned around and sidestepped Mack as he went for another clothesline,
directing him shoulder first into the steel post. As he stumbled back out,
I turned him around to face me as I grabbed him by his legs and lifted him
up into Nick's awaiting Stunner, completing our version of the 3-D. His
neck snapped back violently as he fell to the mat in a heap, lying there
motionless. Nick threw a hand over his chest, and the ref slapped the mat
for 3. We had beaten Rodney Mack in less than 5 minutes, defying our new
boss in the process, but we weren't even close to being done.

As the final bell began ringing, Nick kicked referee Earl Hebner in the balls
and gave him a Stunner, his neck snapping back violently as well upon impact.
We rolled his unconscious body out of the ring, and went ringside to grab a
pair of steel chairs. We rolled back into the ring and stood poised, waiting
until Rodney stumbled to his feet before slamming the steel against his head
in perfect unison, executing a picture perfect Con-chair-to. The impact
sounded throughout the entire arena, and the result of the move left both
chairs badly dented. As I picked him up off the mat and tied him in the
ropes, Nick grabbed a microphone from ring announcer Lilian Garcia and began
to speak.

"For all you people who don't have a Goddamn clue who we are, let me
introduce ourselves. My name is 'The Chief', and the man standing to my left
is my partner in crime, 'Violent J.' Together we are known as `High Time.' It
has been our lifelong dream to get where we are right now, and for all you
stupid assholes who thought we were gonna'' come out here and get whooped on
by some black racist can go suck a dick! Screw authority, because nobody
tells us what to do. We will get where we wanna' get by any means necessary,
and we promise that by tonight you will never forget who we are again!" He
slammed the microphone down, and immediately picked up his bent chair. He
shouted for me to do the same, and we stood poised on either side of Rodney
once again. We flipped off the crowd, then wound up and bashed his skull
again, the force of the shot knocking him loose from the ropes as he feel
into a bloody, crumpled heap. Nick then took his chair and unfolded it, and
together we picked up Mack's limp body and sat it in an upright position.

We rolled outside the ring and each grabbed a set of stairs, tossing them
inside with reckless abandon. The crowd began to grow wild with anticipation
as we set up on either side of him for a third time, stairs in hand. We ran
towards him at full speed, pounding steel off his head for a third time
consecutively, knocking him back in the chair and outside the ring headfirst.
Almost immediately, Eric Bischoff's music blared through the sound system,
and within seconds he emerged on stage, microphone in hand.

"What in God's name do you think you're doing out here? This is NOT what we
had planned, God Damn't, and you 2 bastards know it! Do you have any idea how
much trouble I'm gonna' be in for this? McMahon's gonna have my ass! You have
openly defied me in the public of this arena, and I WON'T stand for it! I
want to see you 2 in my office immediately. If you're not there in 10
minutes, you're fired!" He shouted at us as he exited through the curtain.

The crowd went wild as our music began playing through the PA again. As Nick
and I made our way to the back, I shouted some insults at the fans and so did
he, because after all, we didn't want these people to like us anyway...

* * *

...Cameras zoomed in on GM Eric Bischoff's face as he waited impatiently for
us to grace him with our presence, as we were about six or seven minutes late
for our `appointment.'

"Damn't, where are those asses!! I need them both right now. Go find them,
someone, NOW!!!!" He shouted at the camera crew and security...

..."Dude, this is some hella good weed!" I exclaimed while exhaling. Nick and
I, oblivious to what was going on around us, were lounging in our dressing
room watching some TV.

"I know dude, I got it from Rob Van Dam. He sold it to me like 45 minutes
ago, and he told me to tell him how it was. I'll let him know what you think.
I think he said he grew this shit or something."

Suddenly, there was loud knocking at our door and people shouting our names.
I got up and walked to the door and opened it, ready to knock someone the
fuck out.

"What the fuck do you want?!!!!" I shouted at Terri Runnels.

"Sorry Violent J, I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Bischoff is still
waiting for you guy..." she stopped suddenly and started sniffing the air
around her a bit. "Are you guys smoking pot in there?" She asked.

"Hell yeah. Now go away and tell Bischoff we'll be there in a minute," and
with that I slammed the door in her face. "Dude, I forgot about our meeting
with Bischoff. We gotta' go man," I said to Nick as he put out the joint we
were smoking. As we made our way closer to his office, Nick asked me what I
thought was going to happen. "I don't know man. Hopefully we don't get
fired." And with that we were at his office in no time. "Here goes nothin..."
I said, slowly closing the door behind us...

..."Well it's about time. Where in the hell have you 2 been? I called you in
here about 25 minutes ago, now what's your excuse?" He eyed us angrily, hands
on hips. The camera's immediately zoomed in on us, awaiting our response.

"Um...actually...I'm not real sure if we have any. All I can say is that we
were enjoying some extra-curricular activity that was provided by another one
of your talents." I stammered through my euphoric state.

"Yeah...(inhaling)...we kinda' lost track of...(inhaling)...the time." Nick
exclaimed, blowing smoke directly in Bischoff's face. "Wanna' hit this?" He
asked as Bischoff stared back, his expression growing more and more
unpleasant. I punched Nick in the shoulder and snatched the new joint from
his grasp.

"Dude...I told you we can't make this public! What will...(inhaling)...our
families think...(inhaling)...about this?" I exclaimed, exhaling smoke
directly in Bischoff's face. He gave me a blank stare as I took another hit.
"Wanna' hit this?" I asked him once again. He snatched the joint from my
hand and threw it across the room. At first our mouths dropped open in shock,
but before I could lose my temper Nick shrugged his shoulders, reached back
behind his ear, and pulled out a freshly rolled blunt. As he lit it and hit
it, Bischoff rolled his eyes and waved on the act.

"Alright, fine. Let's just get down to business. After seeing what I saw
from you 2 earlier, I must say that I am most impressed. Although you defied
my orders, and you know what they were, the crowd really seemed to take a
liking to you 2." He paused suddenly to listen with us at the crowd's vibrant
reaction, then continued on. "I know I originally hired you 2 to become
jobbers, but I think you guys deserve a shot at superstardom, because after
all, Eric Bischoff knows how to produce..."

"Could you get on with this please, we don't have all night." Nick cut him
off, blowing smoke in his face, again. This time Bischoff started to cough,
and as he did so we started laughing hysterically, the crowd joining in as

"(Cough)...OK...(Cough)...OK. Anyways, like I was trying to say before, I
know how to produce talent. Therefore, here tonight, I am giving you 2 the
opportunity to make a name for yourselves," an evil grin crawled across his
face, "against Goldberg!" He exclaimed, chuckling under his breath. "If you
guys can somehow beat Goldberg, I guess I'll really have no choice but to
give you a full-term, exclusive RAW contract. Do I make myself clear?" He
asked, waiting to judge our reaction. All we could do is stand there and nod
'yes'. "Good, now get the hell outta' my presence and get down to the ring.
You're on next!" And with that he slammed the door behind us, laughing
heartily as we left...

* * *

..."Ladies & gentlemen, the following contest is a special handicap match,
scheduled for 1 fall." Announced Lillian Garcia. Our music once again hit the
sound system, but unlike before, the lights were dimmed and replaced with a
haunting green glow that filled the entire arena. "Introducing first...once
again, Violent J & The Chief, High Time!" I walked up the steps and stepped
through the middle rope as Nick slid in from the floor. We walked to diagonal
corners and stood on the 2nd turnbuckle, raising our arms into the air. The
crowd's reaction was getting pretty heated, but it didn't compare to what
happened after our music stopped. The lights came back on as we stood in
anticipation for our second challenger of the night.

" And their opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia. Weighing in at 280lbs...
Goldberg!" The pyro shot out and flared from the entrance ramp as the enigma
known as Goldberg stepped out and started his pre-match stretching, the
deafening crowd chanting "Goldberg...Goldberg...Goldberg" as he made his way
to ringside. His match with The Rock only 24 hours ago seemed to take
everything he had right out of him, but through it all he continued to down
the aisle and to ringside. He slid into the ring and we immediately pounced
on him, giving him repeated clubbing blows to the neck and back. We got him
down to 1 knee, but he pushed back with such force that he knocked us down
hard on our backs. We immediately got back up and I was floored with a
clothesline as Nick took another superkick, then when I got back to my feet
I received the same move. I saw Nick stand up out of the corner of my eye,
then get lifted overhead and dropped into a hard powerslam. Goldberg
immediately jumped to his feet and trapped me in a pumphandle slam, throwing
me overhead and onto my face instead of utilizing the traditional move.
Goldberg jumped up again and this time shouted to the crowd, signaling that
the end of the match was already near.

Chants of "Goldberg...Goldberg...Goldberg" continued to rock the arena as he
crouched down in the corner, waiting so impatiently to give the spear. I had
rolled outside the ring after the last move and was recovering when I noticed
the unoccupied ring bell. I picked it up and rolled back inside, acting like
I was still laid out while concealing the weapon under my jersey. I looked
back up just in time to see Nick get decimated from Goldberg's first spear,
the force knocking him back on his head and flipping him over onto his
stomach, laying him out cold. Goldberg jumped up and signaled for the
Jackhammer, so I decided to make my next move and stood up, clutching my
stomach. Goldberg immediately noticed and rushed forward to spear me, but I
was 1 step ahead of him as I "accidentally" pulled the referee in my
direction, causing him to take the full impact of the move as Goldberg drove
him into the corner. I pulled the bell out from my jersey, and when he turned
around I swung with all my might and connected solidly with his forehead,
dropping him instantly.

By now Nick had slowly gotten to his feet, and after seeing Goldberg down it
surely raised his spirits as he began stomping away at him in no time, laying
each kick in with authority as Goldberg's body flopped around uncontrollably.
We both lifted Goldberg to his feet and placed him in the corner, the blood
flowing from his face at a rapid pace. I gave him a hard right hand to the
left side of his jaw, then back-fisted the right side as Nick gave him hard,
knife-edge chops to the chest and stomach. I pulled him to the middle of the
ring and planted him with an Evenflow DDT, the blood leaving an imprint of
his face in the mat. I kept my arm wrapped around his head as I swiveled my
hips to a standing position and DDT'd him again, climbing to my feet a 3rd
time as I lifted him up into a vertical suplex. Nick ran off the opposite
side ropes and clotheslined Goldberg right in the chest before I fell,
knocking the wind out of him before he ever hit the ground. After taunting
to the crowd I picked Goldberg's prone body up off the mat and lifted him
high into the air by his legs, slamming him down hard into Nick's awaiting
Stunner, laying him out for the count. We were about to go for the pin, when
all of a sudden...

..."CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA?" The crowd exploded as the flames shot up into
the air, and out came Booker T. He ran down the aisle and slid into the
ring, ducking a double clothesline and instead dropped us hard with a double
dropkick. We took turns charging at Booker, but each time he nailed us with a
right hand. He then Irish-whipped Nick off the ropes and gave him a standing
spin kick, turning his attention to me as I meet his Harlem Side Kick head
on. He then picked us both up and kneed us separately in the gut, making us
double over directly into each other as our heads touched. He signaled to the
crowd, ran off the ropes and nailed us with a double scissors kick, our faces
smashing hard against the mat and each other. I looked up out of the corner
of my eye and saw Goldberg standing over us, thanking Booker for his
assistance just as the ref was starting to stir.

I'm not sure why, but I chose that exact moment to stand up, and boy did I
pay for it. Goldberg flattened me with a spear, picked me up with 1 arm, and
slammed me down hard in a devastating Jackhammer. Nick got up only to suffer
the same fate, and within a matter of 3 seconds the match was over.

"Here is your winner...Goldberg!" The match was over just like that. We had
tried our best to beat the impossible challenge put before us, and we had
failed miserably. I lay there for the longest time not wanting my dream to
end. However, reality soon set back in as Bischoff's music started to play
again, and within minutes he was back on the stage, microphone in hand.

"Well, well, well. As if I didn't see this coming. Violent J, Chief, I gave
you guys a fair shot, just like I promised. However, for the 2nd time tonight
you've let me down. Therefore, I have no choice but to're fired!"
He kept it short and sweet, the crowd booing him along every second of the
way. We got up off the mat and the crowd immediately started to give us a
standing ovation, which is when we noticed Booker T. making his way up the
entrance ramp. If we were gonna' go out like that then we were gonna' go out
in style, which is why we wasted no time in attacking him from behind,
clubbing him hard in the back and kidneys until he went down to 1 knee.
Bischoff just stood there, speechless, as we continued laying in punches to
Booker's fallen body, then picked him up on our shoulders and carried him
back into the ring. I went outside and threw a chair into the ring, then
looked underneath the apron and grabbed a table. I slid it into the ring and
set it up, then kicked Booker in the face as he struggled to a vertical base.

Nick stood over his back and put him in the Steiner Recliner as I picked up
the chair, standing back to get a running start as I slammed the steel hard
across the bridge of his nose, Nick dropping him face first to the mat as I
did. The crowd's reaction grew more and more as they realized what was coming
next. I pointed to the table and they popped immensely, prompting chants of
"We want tables!" to rock the arena down to it's very foundation. Nick and I
started to circle our hands around our ears like Hollywood Hogan, stopping to
listen to their cheers as we posed. I picked Booker T. up off the ground and
to his feet, the blood flowing heavily from his surely broken nose, as Nick
climbed to the top rope. I shoved his head down and in-between my legs,
signaling to the crowd as I lifted him up over my head and held him in the
Razor's Edge. As I started to slam him down, Nick leapt from the turnbuckle
and landed across his throat in a leg drop, the impact from both simultaneous
maneuvers shattering the table into little fragments under his weight.

At this gesture Bischoff merely clapped, smiled, then walked to the back as
the show went off the air. We turned to look at him, then at the crowd, and
they were eating it all up. Even though we weren't supposed to like the fans,
at that moment we forgot everything and showed them that we cared what they
thought of us by clapping for them. All my life, I had always heard wrestlers
say that they do everything they do for the fans. As Nick and I walked
further and further towards the entrance, I couldn't help but let a tear roll
down my cheek. I had always wanted to experience this sensation for myself,
and now that it was ending I realized just how right they always were...

* * *

...RAW had just ended. Nick and I were sitting in our locker room, getting
chiefed as shit, as we began packing up our things.

"So Josh...where do we go from here?" Nick asked, taking a hit from his
blunt. He exhaled his smoke via ring form, trying his best to hide the fact
that he was very obviously disappointed.

"I honestly don't know man;" I paused to take a bong rip, exhaling my smoke
emphatically, letting the weed take it's effect before I spoke again. "...I
just don't know." I continued At that time there was a knock at the door.

"Gentlemen, Mr. Bischoff has requested to see you in his office immediately.
It's very urgent." Said the stagehand, closing the door behind him.

"God Damn't, what the fuck does that arrogant piece of shit want now?" I

"It doesn't really matter, man. Let's just go listen to what he has to say,
and we're gone." Nick said, lighting up another blunt. I cashed the bong bowl
and then dumped the water out on the floor, packing away my bong and all my
clothes, as did Nick, and we dragged our bags down the ominous hall until we
were at his door...

...This time there were no cameras and no crowd to watch us, which I guess I
was thankful for, because I had already suffered enough humiliation for 1
night. I steadily knocked on the door 3 times, then hear a voice telling us
to `come in.' I opened the door, then slammed it shut behind us, giving
Bischoff a look of pure hatred as we each took a seat in front of him.

"Ah, gentlemen, glad you could join me! For tonight is such a joyous night,
I wanted you to partake in it's glory with me," Bischoff said, gallantly. He
pulled out 3 Cuban cigars from his desk drawer and lit one it. He took a puff
off of it, and kicked his feet up on his desk. "Can I offer anyone else a
cigar?" He asked.

"Um, no thanks Eric. I've got a `Cuban' of my own right here." Nick
explained, toking from his blunt. He took a hit, and blew smoke in Bischoff's

"Listen, bitch, if the only reason you called us in here was to gloat, then
fuck this!!!" I exclaimed as I got out of my chair and headed towards the

"Hold on, Mister Goggin. I think you might be interested in what I have to
say," Bischoff paused, causing tension to rise. I turned around slowly and
walked back to my seat, grabbing the blunt from Nick's grasp as I hit it
and inhaled deep, exhaling emphatically as it's affect took over me. I was
finally calmed down.

"OK Bisch, you may continue." I replied, inhaling more smoke.

"Thank you. Now, as I was trying to say before, High Time is still very much
employed in the WWE." Nick did a double take.

"What the shit did you just say to me?? Am I mistaken. What???" Nick asked,
getting more and more excited by the minute.

"I told Booker to come out and interrupt your match, because come on, it's
Goldberg you were fighting. What are you gonna' do against Goldberg? Anyways,
yes, you 2 are still very much employed here on RAW. As a matter of fact, I
would venture to say that you two could be my next biggest prospects in the
WWE!!" Holy shit, we weren't fired!!! Oh Jesus H. Christ, I was relieved to
hear that our dream would not be over just yet. "And the best part is yet to
come. The following information is confidential and does not leave this room,
understood?" Said Bischoff, looking at each of us confidently. "I want you
two to go to SmackDown and keep playing along with the whole ` we got fired
by Bischoff, and we want a contract Ms. McMahon.' Then, I want you to
decimate all contenders on SmackDown." He said. "I want you to take out as
many of their guys as you can...showing no mercy in the process."

"Holy shit!!! Oh fuck dude. We're goin' to SmackDown!! Hell yeah dog!!!" I
yelled, slapping Nick a high-five.

"Oh, and there's, one more thing. And this is the most important thing of
all. I want you guys to somehow get video on Stephanie McMahon, committing
lude, heinous sex acts, preferably with the two of you at the same time.
I've had to compete with her since day 1, and if you guys can do this for
me I'll be the most powerful GM in the WWE. This should no doubt get the
McMahon's off my back...once and for all!" He exclaimed, starting to laugh
evilly. "When Vince sees what I have on his daughter, he'll have no choice
but to sign over everything to me!" He exclaimed, continuing to laugh almost
hysterically. When he had finished, he opened up a dresser drawer and pulled
out a pair of glasses, handing them to me.

" thanks?" I told him, confused. "I've already got my own..."

"No J...these are gonna' help you get tape on Stephanie. There's a secret
camera placed in the middle, right where the two lenses meet on the bridge
for your nose. I've had them made in your exact likeness, just like the ones
your wearing now. There's a switch on the right side that would go behind
your ear, making it basically impossible for anyone to suspect a thing." He
exclaimed, handing them to me. I folded them up in the protective case, then
placed it in my bag. He then excused us and calmly walked out of his office,
humming something along the way. Nick and I left the room as well, then made
our way to the parking lot.

"Alright man, it seems as though we have some business to attend to this
Thursday." I said, continuing to puff on my blunt. By now we were feeling
the total effects of smoking this demon weed.

"OK, but that's not until 3 days from now. What are you implying?" He asked,
stammering through his speech. "What do you want,
what's the word I'm looking for...uhh...DO! Yeah, that's it." He exclaimed,
puffing the blunt down to a roach. I grabbed it and put it out, then threw
it to the ground.

"Oh, oh, alright're too high. Gimme'...gimme' your keys." I
exclaimed, falling into the drivers seat of my black Cadillac Escalade.

"Josh...what are you talking about? This is your car. I don't have any keys
to your car. What are you, fuckin' retarded?" He exclaimed, slapping me
across the face, helping me to regain my composure.

"OW! You fucker! Thanks man, I needed that. Let's go get drunk now and
celebrate, dude." I exclaimed, honking the horn loudly. He got in on the
passenger side, and I sped down the road, looking for the first suitable
bar to accommodate our tastes...

* * *

Thursday, May 1st


...Our 3-day drinking binge came to a halt earlier in the evening, as
Nick and I sat in my car and hot-boxed it out with 2 simultaneous joints,
preparing ourselves for stage 1 of our glorious plan to take over the

"Dude, is this still the shit we got from RVD?" I asked, as I chiefed the
lovely doobie in my hand.

"Yeah man, I'm really impressed with this shit. Pass that to me so we can
hurry up and do this shit. I'm ready to beat some ass tonight!" Nick
exclaimed. I passed the joint to him and he hit it, then put it out. As we
got out of the car, I began to put on my gloves. We were about to go
interrupt the match in progress on SmackDown!.

"Dude, if my calculations are correct, Big Show should be fighting Rhyno
right now. If we hurry, we can get to the ring before the match is over
with," I said, shutting the car door behind me.

"Calculations?" Nick asked, confused.

"Never mind."

"Alright then, are you ready for this shit or what man?" Nick asked, holding
out his fist. I pounded it, and we began walking towards the front doors and
into the lobby...

..."Oh my God, Cole, look at the power of The Big Show!" Tazz exclaimed. Show
grabbed Rhyno by the throat and picked him up off the mat, then held him high
over his head, slamming him down with incredible ease from about 8 feet or so
in the air. Rhyno started to writhe in pain as Show slowly threw his arm into
the air, signaling for the Show Stopper. Show went to pick him up again but
this time Rhyno fought back, getting in some well placed shots to the gut
before getting back to his feet, kneeing Show in the stomach and doubling him
over. Rhyno ran back against the ropes with amazing velocity, running towards
Show with the speed of a locomotive as he bent his head down, leaping forward
with his signature move, the Gore. However, Show got his foot up in the nick
of time, kicking Rhyno right between the eyes and knocking him back down
instantly, laying him out cold. He should've gone for the pin, but instead he
clutched him by the throat and lifted him to a standing position.

We hit the ring as Big Show was lifting up Rhyno in his devastating
chokeslam, slamming him down angrily as he anticipated our attack. We both
slid into the ring, approaching from both sides of him. He lunged at Nick and
grabbed him hard by the throat, but I clipped him in the knee from behind. As
he fell to his knees, Nick kicked him in the face, and he fell to the ground
on his stomach. I picked him up and threw him off the ropes with Nick's help,
and as he bounced back I picked him up by his legs and brought him down into
Nick's awaiting Stunner. His neck snapped back violently and he lay
motionless on the mat, near the corner of the ring.

At that point our attentions turned to Rhyno, as I slid out of the ring and
grabbed a table from underneath it. I slid back in and set the table up in
the middle of the ring, and Nick picked up Rhyno on his shoulders, pausing to
draw a reaction from the already heated crowd. I just stood back and watched,
knowing Nick would come up with something original. As I slid back out to get
a chair, Nick tossed up Rhyno and executed a devastating death valley driver
through the table, laying him out unconscious on the mat as the table
splintered underneath their weight. When I slid back in, Nick picked up Big
Show and put him in the corner. As I got to my feet, I raised the chair to
the crowd and they began to stir.

I ran at Big Show and swung with all my might, connecting with the top of his
skull, the steel making a nauseating thud off of his flesh. He slumped to the
mat, and blood began to pour from his forehead as Nick began to stomp away at
his chest and side. Nick and I then drug his limp body into the middle of the
ring, and I wound up and slammed the chair off his body repeated times,
shades of Steve Austin at WrestleMania X7. The result of the assault left the
chair bent at a 90 degree angle, so I tossed it to the outside as it had
already served it's purpose. At that point I motioned for a microphone,
because after all, there was business to attend to. However, the fun was just

"First off, I just wanted to say that that, Big Show, was payback for what
your bitch ass did to Rey Mysterio at Backlash. You had it coming, one way
or another. However, that is not our only motive for this rather aggressive
interruption. As many of you may or may not know, depending whether or not
you saw RAW on Monday, we basically tore Rodney Mack a new asshole, then
were manhandled by Goldberg in promise of a RAW contract by 1 Eric Bischoff.
However, that didn't quite work out the way we would have hoped, and the
results left us without a job...temporarily anyways.

"That is why we are here tonight. Stephanie McMahon, as the GM of SmackDown!,
we would like to talk to you from a business point of view. Judging by our
actions Monday, and as of right now, we really think that it would be of your
best interest to negotiate some kind of deal with us. I'm almost positive
that you wouldn't want to pass an opportunity up like this, and at the same
time I'm fairly positive that you can't afford to lose any more talent at our
hands, as you can see here. We're willing to prove to you that we are worth
the trouble, and at any cost we will make SmackDown! the #1 brand in
sports-entertainment. Just give us a chance, and we will make your name
greater than your father. What do you have to say to that?" I asked, dropping
the mic to the mat. True, those were some pretty bold statements, this only
being our 4th day in the federation and all, but we both knew that no matter
what she put in our way, we would overcome. By now the paramedics had started
to pour from the backstage area, attending to the 2 fallen superstars who lay
at our feet. I spat at Big Show as he was being rolled onto a stretcher, and
at that time Stephanie McMahon's music hit the sound system as she strutted
to a stop at the head of the entrance ramp, wearing 1 of her oh so enticing
business suits as she placed a hand on her right hip and put the microphone
in her other hand to her lips.

"You two come in here, beat the crap out of 2 of my employees, send them to
the hospital, and expect me to even consider negotiating a deal with you
punks? Well, let's's obviously apparent that you know how to beat
ass, and you both are in very good Okay, here's the deal. I think
Bischoff, as stupid as he is, had the right idea when he made you 2 fight in
a handicap match. Therefore, I'm proposing the same here tonight, but I need
to think of a formidable opponent...," she trailed off, stroking her chin as
she began to think. As she paced back and forth, I started to notice her
curves. Now that I had been distracted, I started to think this wasn't going
to be as hard as I had previously thought, until I heard what she said next.
"...Brock Lesnar! Yes, it's perfect. You 2 will face him in tonight's main
event. If you win, then negotiations begin next week. Go get suited up,
gentlemen, you have a tough match to prepare for. Not only will it be a
handicap match, but it will be hardcore rules." As her music began to play,
Nick looked at me with the same look on his face as the feeling I felt in my
gut. We started walking up the entrance ramp, but then stopped...very


The cracking of the whip had everybody jumping instantly to their feet,
knowing full well what was coming next. The gold lights began to shine from
the entrance, and out she stepped. Sable stood on the stage, hands in the air
as the crowd began to deafen. A smile elicited from her lips as she began to
walk, swinging her hips sultrily as she ran her hands down to her waist,
slowly making her way down to ringside. She was wearing a full leather body
suit that cut off at the nipples, exposing her glorious cleavage once again
to the fans as she took a strand of hair between her fingers and started to
curl it around in a circle. Her hair was being worn down and straight, and
her lips were bright red, her teeth pearly white as she continued to walk
closer and closer towards us.

She stopped as we started to walk past her, grabbing me by the shoulder and
turning me around to face her. She licked her lips, winked, and then blew me
a kiss as she continued on down to ringside, slowly stepping through the 2nd
and 3rd ropes and into the ring, motioning for a microphone. I turned around
and looked at her directly in the face, mouthing the word `me?' as I pointed
towards myself, shockingly. She shook her `yes', then turned around as she
slapped her right ass cheek towards me. She winked again, then put the
microphone to her lips and began to speak, addressing Torrie Wilson about
her recent Playboy issue.

"Hey man, if anything good comes outta' tonight...anything at all...that was
it. She wants you dawg." Nick said, slapping his hand down onto my shoulder.
"You're growing up so fast..." He trailed off, starting to fake cry.

"Fuck you, you little bitch ass. If that trick Sable wants summa' this, then
she knows where to find me. I ain't sweatin' that shit. I got more important
things to worry about right, not dying." I replied, now standing
at the door to our locker room.

" goes nothin'." I said to myself, walking in as Nick closed the
door behind me...

* * *

..."Ladies and gentlemen!!! The following hardcore handicap match is
scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, The
Chief and Violent J, High Time!!!" The lights flickered then came up as a
green, haunting glow. The crowd went wild as we strutted through the curtain,
and we took our time walking to the ring. We were going to need some luck in
this match, big time, and I just hoped that we could pull it off. Nick went
to a corner and I to the other, and we got up on the second turnbuckle and
threw our arms up to the crowd, causing an uproar in the seats. They loved
us. Just then, our music stopped and Brock Lesnar's began playing.

"And introducing next...from Minneapolis, Minnesota...he is the WWE
Champion...Brock Lesnar!!!" The crowd went wild again in admiration for
this phenomenon as he ran down the aisle and jumped up onto the apron,
pyro shooting off from each corner post as he did so. He took no time in
climbing through the ropes and before we knew it, he charged at Nick with
a clothesline and knocked him down hard to the mat. I reached out and
caught him in the Rock Bottom, lifting him high into the air before
slamming him to the mat back and neck first, his body folding like an
accordion. We both began stomping him repeatedly, until it appeared that
he would stay down for a minute or two. Then we both slid outside on
opposite sides of the ring, Nick grabbing a table as I grabbed a chair. I
got back in the ring as he was getting up and waited patiently, stalking
Lesnar as he slowly made his way to his feet.

As he began to turn around I let him have it, the chair making a solid
connection with the side of his face and upper part of his shoulder, knocking
him down to one knee. I wound up for a second time and connected with a solid
shot to the top of the head, sending Brock reeling to mat on his back, blood
beginning to pour from his forehead. I began celebrating as I dropped the
chair, taunting to the crowd as Nick was doing the same. The crowd began
yelling and pointing to us, and at first I thought they were just cheering
and shit, but then I turned around and got hit in my face by Brock, as he had
somehow made it back to his feet and grabbed my chair. I looked up to see
Nick get clotheslined, and he went down hard to the mat on his back once
again. Lesnar picked him up and sent him off the ropes, catching him in a
devastating powerslam, causing Nick's head to bounce off the mat sickeningly.

I slowly made it to my feet, leaning against the turnbuckle for support as
Lesnar came over to me and began pummeling my face and doing shoulder thrusts
until I was knocked down onto my ass, sitting in the corner. He began kicking
me in the face repeatedly, hitting me in the teeth and nose, causing me to
start bleeding. He picked me up and kicked me in the stomach, pausing to let
the crowd know it was time for his finisher. He picked me up on his shoulders
quickly, holding me a split second before he tossed me into the air, whipped
me around still holding my head, and slammed me down hard on my stomach in a
powerful F-5. I was nearly unconscious as he fell down to his knees, and
hooked my right leg for the pin.


...CRACK!, Nick smashed Brock across the back with a kendo stick he had
acquired from underneath the ring. Brock stumbled up to his feet as Nick
swung a 2nd time, nailing him square in the ribs. Brock doubled over in
pain, but before Nick could capitalize he fell victim to a devastating
spine-buster, then stumbled up and into an overhead belly-to-belly suplex,
Brock dumping him viciously on his head and neck in the corner. He bent
down to pick up the weapon, but I stopped him short as I slammed a steel
chair hard across his back, sending him down to his hands and knees. I
then hit him again in the side, followed by another shot to the back as
Nick bounced off the opposite side ropes to get a running start, swinging
the kendo stick like a golf club and nailing Brock right in the side of
the face. Brock clutched his head in agony, the result of the move leaving
the kendo stick broken in half.

I went for the pin, but somehow he kicked out after 2, with such force that
he literally threw me off of him, standing up almost instantly as the blood
continued to pour from his face. We stood there in awe, watching as his face
started to twist and contort in anger, his breathing growing heavier by the
second. I dropped to my knees and started to beg off the attack as he started
walking slowly towards us, his eyes lighting up as his angry face turned into
a psychotic smile. Nick stupidly tried to punch him, but ended up getting
floored with another clothesline as I started to slink out of the ring. Brock
reached through the ropes and grabbed my hair, pulling me back up onto the
apron and flipping me back into the ring over the top rope, making me land
hard on my back across the same steel chair I had used on him just moments
ago. Brock then bent down and placed my body across his shoulders, standing
up so that I was now prone to another F-5. He twisted around and dropped me
hard on my face this time, connecting with his finisher for the 2nd time this
match and immediately going for the cover, hooking my leg as the referee took


John Cena appeared from seemingly nowhere, stomping Brock in the back of the
head to break up the cover, the match having been interrupted twice now in
our favor. Brock started climbing to his feet as Cena backed up, running off
the ropes and jumping forward, nailing Brock straight in the nose with the
chain wrapped around his arm, laying him out cold. He then picked up the
fallen Lesnar and hoisted him up onto his shoulders, holding him there for a
couple of seconds as he drew the crowd's reaction. He lifted him up into a
Death Valley Driver and threw Brock down hard on his back as he fell to his
knees, slamming Brock's body down hard in the F-U. He got to his feet and
motioned to us to finish him off, jumping through the ropes and walking
nonchalantly to the back while still facing the ring. I got to my feet first
and picked up Lesnar in a spine-buster, lifting him high into the air and
dropping him into Nick's awaiting Stunner, completing our version of the 3-D.
I flipped him over onto his back and hooked his right leg, covering him with
my back as Nick laid on his chest simultaneously.


"Here are your winners, High Time!" The announcer exclaimed. The referee
lifted our arms into the air, signaling us as victorious. We had beaten
Brock Lesnar, SmackDown's! Heavyweight champion, in so far the most grueling
contest of our short careers, making it look easy in the process due to
Cena`s interference. Although his role in the match hadn't been planned by
us, it was certainly welcomed, even though the only motivation for what he
did was due to him being beaten at Backlash by Brock. As I rolled out of the
ring through the bottom rope, I grabbed a towel that was sitting at ring side
and wiped the blood from my face as Stephanie's music started up again. She
appeared on the stage in minutes, microphone in hand.

"You know, I must say that you 2 are unlike any other tag team I've ever seen
in WWE history. What you've done here tonight proves that you have what it
takes to make this show great, which is why I've decided to take you guys up
on your offer. Next week, right here on SmackDown!, we will have your
official contract signing, and you will once again prove to me that you are
WWE material. All I have to say is, you better not let me down, or I'll make
sure to make the rest of your professional career a living hell. I'll see you
next week, High Time...welcome aboard." She exclaimed, smiling at us before
turning around to leave through the entrance.

"Oh, don't worry Stephanie. We won't let you down...or will we?" I exclaimed,
starting to laugh as I slapped Nick a high five. The show closed as we walked
to the back, being drowned in cheers with each step as we disappeared behind
the entrance curtain.

* * *

"Dawg, I gotta' piss real quick. Hold up." Nick said as we stepped out from
the locker room, smoke pouring out from the doorway and wafting freely into
the hallway, billowing throughout the arena. I pulled a joint from behind my
ear and lit it up, standing against the wall as I started to hit it.
Suddenly, from out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the form of a woman
walking towards me. I took my right hand and ran it through my hair, trying
to look cool and collected in the event she wanted to talk to me.

"Hi J." Sable said, her pace slowing down to a stop as she stood at chest
level to me.

"Hey, what's up Sable? I'm really glad that you're back with the company.
You probably hear this all the time, but when I was younger I had a thing
for you...even though now, I'm starting to think that I still do." I said,
looking down at her cleavage. She was still wearing her outfit from earlier,
the material barely stretching over her ominous curves as the outfit clung
to her like it was her skin. She flipped her hair back from off her face,
then smiled at me before placing a finger on my lips.

"Well thank you...`Big Daddy'." She responded, running her finger down my
chin and resting it against the logo on my light blue shirt. I gulped, then
exhaled kinda' hard as my breathing started to change. "What's the matter...
do you not like me?" She asked, staring up at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Oh's definitely not that. It's just that since I was about 15 or so,
I was always fascinated by so many different ways. This is just a
little intimidating for me, that's all." I responded, taking a hit from my
still burning joint.

"Well, don't think this will be the only time we're in each other's
company...'cause I'm really looking forward to working with you." She
responded, pressing herself up against me and putting her arms out to my
sides, I guess trying to block me in.

"What do you mean?" I asked, uneasily and confused. Sable took her tongue
and pointed it against my chin, licking up until her lips meet mine, sucking
eagerly on my tongue as she took my hands into hers. She broke the kiss,
then licked her way up to my ear. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your
fascination with ME? I'm not exactly the best looking guy, although I will
admit I do attract a certain amount of attention. But not someone as gorgeous
as you." I said, taking another hit from my joint.

"I think you know exactly what I want. I helped you guys get a job...and now
I want something in return. I see amazing `potential' you." She
whispered, then blew into my ear lightly, causing a shiver to run up and down
my spine.

"You...helped us...get a job? Please continue." I said, now starting to
worry. What if she knew what was going on? Was she here to start some shit?
I couldn't think straight, but at that moment it wasn't entirely my fault,
if ya' know what I mean.

"I `convinced' John Cena to interfere in your match tonight. The best part,
is that you don't have to do anything in return for him..." she stopped,
rubbing down my chest until her fingers met the bulge in my pants. "But I'm
not so easy to forget a favor. Just keep that in mind." She said, gently
squeezing my dick through my pants. I jumped back against the wall in
pleasure and seriously almost came in my pants, but luckily Sable started
to walk off, purring sexily as she turned the corner and out of my sight.

"WOW! OK then...that was awkward." I said to myself, wiping the collected
sweat from my brow as I took a deep breath, trying to regain my composure
once again. "Anyways, hurry up asshole, I'm tired!" I exclaimed, pounding
on the bathroom door. Nick emerged minutes later, joint in hand of course.
"What the fuck took you so long?"

"Sorry man, but sometimes ya' just gotta' do...what ya' gotta' do." He
replied, taking another hit from his joint.

"Whatever, can we go now? This whole Sable thing is kinda starting to make
me feel a little uncomfortable." I said, starting to walk towards the parking
lot entrance.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Nick asked, throwing his bag into the
trunk of my ride. He took another rip, then passed it to me as I tried so
desperately to explain myself.

"Well, ya' know...I just DON'T get it. Why would she help us? Why did she
even come back in the first place? AND, why would she be after me?" I asked
impatiently, flipping my keys out from my pocket as I plopped down inside my
car, starting it up as Nick got in on the other side.

"You don't think Bischoff's playing you? Are you implying this shit
is all a setup?" He started asking uneasily, the effects of the weed making
him out to be more paranoid than he actually is.

"Dawg, all I'm saying is that maybe Stephanie is in on this as well. I mean
think about it: Ever since we showed up, there's been no one who can stop us.
In the other sense, have you ever, in all your years as a fan, seen any ONE,
let alone TWO people, get pushed this quickly? It all seems just a little too
convenient, if you ask me." I said slyly, cocking my eyebrows.

"Good point, man, good point. But did you ever stop and think that none of
this is actually real?" He asked slowly, making sure to gauge my reaction.

"That's where you're wrong, Nick. This, all of this, is so real...but in a
way that we'll never truly understand...until were gone. Whatever happens in
this business transcends real life. It's almost like THIS is our life now...
and the only way back to the lives we once knew, is by crashing and burning
back into reality. Hard and without ever realizing it, because this is our
fate...and fate can fuck you over at any moment. When we hit rock bottom...
and were back to our old, conventional lives...that's when you'll know that
this is all real. Life is a game, but wrestling is life." I explained,
puffing on a freshly lit blunt.

"Wow...I never really thought about it like that before. It may be true that
life is out to screw you unless you make the best of it, but at least it's
official...we've got jobs again!" He exclaimed, pounding his fist onto mine.
I turned the keys into the ignition then backed out, zooming forward out of
the arena and down the street, off towards the hotel, and even more, a good
night's sleep...

* * *

Thursday, May 8th


...The cameras zoomed in on Stephanie's face as she read over the document in
her hands, making some last-minute adjustments as Nick and I sat before her,
in front of her desk. The door to her office was closed as this signing was
to be done privately, while the negotiations were displayed to the audience
via the titan-tron.

"Well Chief, Violent J, the moment has arrived. At first I wanted nothing to
do with you, but after seeing what you did on RAW and SmackDown! last week, I
just couldn't bring myself to pass on this deal. With my business etiquette,
I'm almost certain I can make you 2 the next bigger things, if you catch my
drift. I thought my greatest accomplishment as GM was signing Brock Lesnar
away from Eric Bischoff, but I just know that you 2 have way more to offer to
this company. I am personally honored and privileged as I present to you a
double contract, making you exclusive property of the SmackDown! roster!" She
exclaimed happily, laying the paper in front of us. Nick and I read over the
fine print, then looked up at her with a look of confusion, and disgust at
the same time. We both immediately slapped our pens down on the desk, and
crossed our arms at her. "What, what's wrong?" She asked, starting to grow
worried. It was then that we took the opportunity to commit phase 2 of our
ingenious plan.

"Well, Stephanie," I began, "the contract, and of course your offer are all
perfectly fine, but I'm assuming that you didn't get our list of demands?" I
asked, pausing for her reaction. I knew full well that I had never sent such
a list, but hey, you do what ya' gotta' do to get by.

"List, what list? I never received any list from you 2. Besides, who are you
to demand things from me, Stephanie McMahon? You either take it, or leave
it." She replied emphatically. Nick and I just looked at each other and
smiled. "I'm the one that's offering YOU the job. You 2 should be grateful
for something that good, 'cause I don't treat all up and comers like this.
I made an exception for you, and this is how you repay me?!"

"Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie. Settle down, before you do something
drastic. We're not aiming for personal gain, necessarily, but the things we
want will benefit the company more so in the long run. If we happen to bend a
few rules in the process, then so be it." I said, slapping Nick a high-five.
He instantaneously pulled out a blunt and lit it, taking a huge rip off of it
before blowing smoke in Stephanie's face. She just waved the act on and
smiled, evilly.

"Well gentlemen, I'm in no mood for further negotiation. I've offered you
everything that I can under my power, and nothing you to have to say will
change that!" She said angrily, slamming her fist down hard on her desk.

"Fine Stephanie, but I hope you realize just exactly what it is you're
trying to prove...for your sake. Just remember that actions speak louder
than words..." I trailed off as Nick and I walked out the door, and started
to slowly make our way down the hallway. Stephanie stuck her head out the
doorway after us and began to yell.

"Wait! Where are you going?! Fine! Have it your way! I don't need this, I'm
the General Manager of SmackDown! I make the rules, and what I say goes!
You`ll never work in this business AGAIN, as long as I live!" She bellowed
as we turned the corner, and headed towards the exit. It was then that I
looked up and noticed the sign that pointed towards the ring.

"Hey Nick, I got an idea." I exclaimed slyly, taking 1 last hit from the
blunt before flicking it to the ground. I pointed towards the sign, and he
shook his head in agreement. As we walked slowly towards the opposite
direction, I pulled out my gloves and began to put them on. What we did next
was, in a way, appalling...

* * *

..."Oh my Tazz, Matt Hardy has Eddie Guerrero in position for the Twist Of
Fate! If he connects, the match will be over!" Exclaimed Michael Cole as Matt
hooked Guerrero's head under his arm. He went to twist around, but Eddie
reversed the move into a belly-to-back suplex, slamming him down hard on his
back. He immediately got to his feet and pointed up towards the turnbuckle,
the crowd roaring in approval. Eddie climbed through the 1st and 2nd ropes
and started to slowly make his way to the top turnbuckle pad, holding onto
the ropes for leverage. He let go and stood up, slowly raising his arms to
his side before leaping high into the air, folding his arms and legs in
before stretching back out as he slammed his body chest first into Matt
Hardy's mid-section, Hardy's legs and arms flopping up upon impact. He
immediately hooked back his right leg and covered him as referee Mike Chioda
got into position, and started to make the count.


...the lights flickered to an uneasy state of darkness as the haunting green
glow escaped from the ceiling above. 2 large shadows formed at the entrance
ramp, making signs and gestures towards the crowd as they began to slowly
make their way down to the ringside area. After they gathered some things
from underneath the ring, they slowly slinked inside and waited as the color
returned to the arena. Those 2 people were me and Nick. I looked towards Tazz
and Michael Cole, and they sat there completely speechless. There was no
doubt they knew who we were, but it was also pretty obvious that they were
scared out of their minds. I then looked down at Eddie and Matt, who had
slowly backed themselves towards the opposite side ropes.

Nick held out his had and told them to `just bring it', like The Rock always
does. Eddie was reluctant, but the first to try and attack us as he dove at
us with an attempted double clothesline, bouncing back down to the canvas as
he smacked off our bodies helplessly. Matt tried next, standing in the middle
of the ring as he scolded us into persuasion, trying to make us leave.
Instead I kicked him in the balls, and Nick gave him a hard clothesline to
the chest before we started to stomp away at his prone body. We both picked
him up by the collar of his shirt and threw him back into the corner, then
Nick charged at him with a devastating clothesline, pushing him into me upon
impact as I executed a big boot, hitting him squarely in the face before he
crashed down to the mat. Eddie had gotten back to his feet and stood perched
on the top turnbuckle, diving at us with a cross body as we turned around to
face him.

We both caught him and threw him down on top of a chair I had brought inside,
the sound echoing throughout the arena as he lay limp on his stomach, Nick
putting the boots to his back and side as I went over to the corner and set
up a table in the middle of the ring. I pointed towards the crowd, then
towards Matt Hardy as I picked him up by his neck to a somewhat-vertical
base, thrusting his head down and in-between my legs as I stood with my back
facing the table. I flipped him up into a sitting position on my shoulders,
then spun around and slammed him through the wood with a devastating
jackknife powerbomb, the remnants of the table folding over onto his fallen
body in the corner. With Matt now out of the picture, Nick and I went for
Eddie Guerrero as he began stirring to his feet, running at us as he
delivered a double dropkick, bouncing back down to the mat once again
unluckily. I soccer kicked him in the face, then started stomping away at his
midsection as Nick grabbed another chair from outside the ring, standing
poised on his left side as I stood to his right with my own chair. When he
got to his feet we delivered a Con-chair-to with such vicious velocity that
the chairs dented upon impact, Guerrero dropping slowly to his knees before
falling forward face first into a pool of his own blood.

The crowd was relentless as I continued beating on the fallen Guerrero,
slamming my chair off his back again and again until finally the metal broke.
By now Hardy was back up, but not for long as Nick held the chair behind his
back and swung with all his might in a downward motion, nailing him in the
top of the head and sending him right back down instantly, laying him out
cold. Right then Hardy's music hit the sound system and out came Shannon
Moore and Crash Holly to his rescue, sliding in through the bottom rope and
running towards us with matching clotheslines. Nick and I countered with
matching big boots, knocking them down flat on their backs before starting
to stomp at their chests. Nick picked up Crash by his throat and propped
him up on the turnbuckle, stepping through the ropes to the apron before
repositioning him by the throat, picking him up by his back and launching
him hard to the outside and through Tazz and Michael Cole's table, the base
collapsing under his weight as the crowd began to deafen the action in the
ring. We then delivered our version of the 3-D to Shannon Moore, with Nick
standing on the apron as I threw Shannon into his awaiting Stunner, his
stomach bouncing hard off the ropes as the impact of the move sent him
tumbling hard to the outside onto the bare concrete. At that point in time,
Eddie Guerrero's music began throughout the arena, prompting Chavo Guerrero
to run down to the ring to help his uncle.

Nick stayed inside the ring as I went to get another chair, not realizing
until it was too late that Chavo had come prepared, bringing Nick down to
his knees instantly with a can of mace, spraying him directly in his eyes.
I grabbed a nearby water bottle that was sitting on the time keeper's table
before slinking into the ring, tossing the bottle towards Nick as I reared
back to hit Chavo with my chair. I swung hard but he ducked, the steel
bouncing off the top rope and coming back to nail me in the face, dazing me
long enough for him to hit me square in-between the eyes with the same can
of mace, knocking me back to the mat hard. As he pulled me to my feet to
inflict further punishment, he was suddenly halted by a chair shot to the
back from Nick, followed up another shot to the neck, and finally a Stunner
to keep him down as we stood feet-deep in all the carnage, the crowd roaring
in complete approval as I motioned for a microphone.

"See Stephanie, I told you that actions speak louder than words. What you
just saw was our response to the contract, and unless you give us a better
deal this will continue week in and week out until our demands are finally
met." I exclaimed, spitting down towards Chavo's face. In a matter of seconds
Stephanie's music as she stamped out to the foot of the stage, her face red
with anger as she began to speak. She was wearing a sleeveless purple tank
top with a black leather skirt, wearing her hair straight and flaunting her
huge tits, with her shoes matching her shirt.

"Fine! You 2 give me no other choice...but to give in to your demands." She
exclaimed as she took an angry pause to judge our reactions. "Anything you
want, just STOP beating on my talent!" She yelled back, crossing her arms in
anticipation. Nick and I talked it over for a few minutes before we decided
to answer.

"OK Steph, you're on. We have 2 simple demands, and 1 of them can't be
negotiated in front of the camera. But here tonight you can surely grant us
the 1st by giving us a match at Judgment Day...for the tag team titles!" I
exclaimed, slapping Nick a high-five. Stephanie stood staring at us for a
few seconds before she stopped, stroking her fingers across her chin for a
second before she stopped to consider.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold up just a minute!" The voice exclaimed, stepping out
through the entrance curtain. As the bag pipes started sounding, Roddy Piper
and Sean O'Haire stepped out onto the stage, standing side by side to Ms.
McMahon as the crowd's boos began to grow more and more by the second.
"Stephanie...what are you doing? You're just gonna' sit idly by, and let
these 2 punks run YOUR show? Who are you 2, anyways? Who, are, make
demands of Stephanie McMahon...when you've only been employed for 2 weeks?"
Piper stopped, standing with his hands on his hips as O'Haire pointed towards
and started to yell at us. At this point in time I grabbed the microphone,
standing with my right leg on the second rope with my left on the third,
bending over to rest my chest and elbows on the top rope before starting to

"Excuse me, old man? Did I just hear you go off on a tirade about our new
found success? It appears to me that maybe you're just jealous that in all
your years as an actual were never as big as we are now, in
only our second week as you so graciously pointed out. What do you have to
say to that?" I asked, staring directly towards him. His eyes widened in
anger as the crowd's chants off "Asshole...Asshole...Asshole" were hurled
towards him with no disregard whatsoever.

"ME, jealous? HA! I've eaten flavors of the month like you for breakfast my
entire career! I have nothing left to you 2 especially. You aren't
even in my league!" He snarled back. "I'm SO sick and tired of punks like
you, coming into MY business and immediately looking to get ahead without
paying your dues! I was a superstar in this company for well over 10 years,
and I did it by coming out night after night and getting my ass kicked,
without ever once complaining unless I couldn't walk the next day!"

"Blah, blah, blah! Is that so? Well `Hot Rod', why don't you put your money
where your mouth is...and prove us wrong. Make us pay our dues right now, in
front of all these people. Make us famous, Piper. If you and your little
slave boy there can beat us, not only will we give up our quest for the
titles...but we will kiss your bare ass!" I exclaimed, throwing the mic down
to the ground. Me and Nick stood poised, taunting them both to accept our
challenge and run down to the ring.

"That's not good enough! If you 2 wanna' pull out all the stops...why not put
it ALL on the line? If, and when, we win, not only will you have to kiss my
ass...but you will RETIRE! You will never show your face in another WWF ring
as long as I live!" He shouted back, the vein in his neck popping out
violently as he spoke, his face red with anger. Nick and I formed another
small huddle in the ring center before finally coming to a conclusion.

"Well Piper, we accept. Besides, even if we do lose...just how old are you
exactly? I'm sure we'd be back in the federation before ya' know it, gramps!"
I retorted.

"Bring your old, washed up, potato eatin', beer drinkin', leprechaun chasin',
skirt wearin', bitch ass down to this ring now, Piper, so we can get this
over with." Nick said coldly, extending his middle finger to further anger
the `rowdy' Scot. Why he had so much animosity towards us was unknown
exactly, but whatever the reason it didn't matter right then. He insulted us,
so we were gonna' make him back it up. Plain and simple. Piper dropped his
mic to the ground and the 2 immediately started to walk down the aisle,
throwing off his T-shirt as O'Haire did his vest before the 2 slid in through
the bottom rope.


Piper immediately rushed forward to try and tackle me to the ground, but I
caught him by the sides and dropped down to my knees, pounding away at his
back with my forearms repeatedly until he rolled over and onto me. He started
to throw continuous lefts and rights, but then I rolled over, returning the
favor until the 2 of us rolled outside the ring. As we continued to duke it
out on the floor, Nick had backed O'Haire into the nearby corner and was
stomping a mudhole into him, kicking down hard into the chest and abdomen of
his adversary. He picked O'Haire up by the neck forcefully then Irish-whipped
him off the ropes, connecting with a diving clothesline as he came from the
other side. Piper had me reeling with a couple of right hands to the jaw
outside, but as he attempted to run towards me I gave him a drop toe hold,
sending him face first into the steel steps. I grabbed him by the neck and
picked him up, hooking his kilt with my other hand and launching him
back/shoulder first into the steps again, his body bouncing off the cold
steel recklessly.

With Piper now temporarily down, I rolled back into the ring in time to catch
O'Haire from behind with a shot to the kidneys, doubling him over with a
forearm to the back before holding him in a Russian Leg Sweep, falling back
into the move as Nick ran forward with a big boot to Sean's face. While he
was down we put the boots to him, keeping him off balanced long enough to
execute a dueling People's elbow. I went for a pin, but the cover was broken
up as Piper once again pulled me to the outside, nailing me hard in the chest
with a knife edge chop, then another before Irish-whipping me back first into
the security barrier. He turned around for a split second and was floored by
a clothesline off the apron from Nick, who when he got up was immediately
leveled, along with the rest of us, by a suicide dive over the top rope from
Sean O'Haire. We continued to pummel each other as we laid on the ground,
continuing to our feet as Nick and I seemingly switched opponents. I hit Sean
with a short jab to the cheek, but when I turned to reach for a chair he cut
me off with a forearm to the neck, doubling me over long enough to execute a
low blow, and then throw me shoulder first into the announce table. He kicked
me twice in the side and then rolled back into the ring to double team Nick.

They gathered on both sides of him, grabbing and throwing him forcefully off
the ropes, Piper catching him in an atomic drop and holding him there for a
Sean O'Haire superkick directly to the face, sending him down hard. Nick
rolled into the corner in a sitting position, trying desperately to pull
himself up by the ropes as the 2 took turns laying in shots to his exposed
midsection, managing to sit comfortably on the middle turnbuckle pad before
starting to mount a comeback. He blocked a punch from Piper and gave him one
of his own, catching O'Haire off guard with a back elbow before chopping him
down to the mat, repeating the process on Piper as I finally rolled back
inside to assist him. O'Haire stumbled directly into a DDT by yours truly,
who then trapped Piper in a belly-to-back suplex, picking him up and dropping
him into Nick's neckbreaker without ever having left my feet. We both then
picked up Roddy and launched him over the top rope and to the outside, his
body smacking off the ring apron as he fell. As Sean got to his feet we were
waiting for him, Nick kicking him hard in the stomach and picking him up onto
his shoulder as I executed a DDT, making him land hard on his forehead.

As I turned to go for the pin Piper reemerged, low blowing Nick and slamming
a steel chair down across his spine. He then turned to hit me but I punched
him in the stomach, swinging his chair full force and connecting hard with
the top of his head, sending him down to 1 knee. I raised the chair over my
head to finish him off, but O'Haire grabbed it from behind, trying to pull it
from my grip. I twisted my body, while still holding the chair, to face him,
kicking him in the stomach and then using the chair to flip him over onto my
back, springing back forcefully and causing O'Haire's body to hit Piper's,
sending Piper down to the mat and O'Haire outside the ring. By now Nick was
up, and as I implored Piper to get to his feet the crowd was rocking
viciously behind us, knowing what was coming next. As he slowly stumbled to
his feet I spun him around by his head, basically throwing him up onto my
shoulder as Nick dropped down into the Stone Cold Stunner, Piper's neck
snapping back as his jaw bounced violently off Nick's shoulder, laying him
out cold. We both went for a simultaneous pinfall.


O'Haire broke up the pin at the very last second, coming off the top rope
with a splash that hit both of us in our backs. He picked me up off the
ground and kneed me in the gut, attempting to Irish-whip me but I reversed
it, going for a clothesline only to have him duck and catch me in a waist
lock, picking me up and twisting back into a belly to belly suplex. Nick
came from behind and attempted a standing full nelson slam, but Piper kneed
him in the back mid-move, then tapped him in the ribs as the 2 gave him a
double back suplex. They both turned to capitalize, but I interrupted them
by kicking Piper in the stomach, then side swiping O'Haire with a chair shot
to the side of the head, knocking him out instantly. Nick was back up, and
after he kicked O'Haire's lifeless body out of the ring, he turned around
and gave Roddy Piper a Stunner after I slammed the chair across his back,
knocking him out upon impact. Then, even though it wasn't necessary, I picked
Piper up and proudly displayed my own finishing maneuver, hooking him in a
pump handle drop and throwing him backwards into a DDT, slamming him down
sickeningly to the mat on his stomach as well. I immediately hooked back his
right leg as Nick placed a foot down firmly on his chest, raising his arm
high into the air, signaling victory.


Stephanie McMahon, who had been standing on the ramp watching the entire
time, immediately started clapping along with the fans, a smile gleaming
across her face as she began walking towards and up the steel steps. I
grabbed the 2nd rope and pulled up on it, holding down the bottom rope with
my foot and allowing her easy access into the ring, looking down her shirt
as she bent over to get it. Once inside she stood between Nick and I,
grabbing my right wrist and his left and hoisting them high into the air,
congratulating us on a job well done, all the time the crowd going wild all
around us. She then bent over and picked up the microphone that had been
dropped by yours truly before the match, raising it to her lips to address
our tag title situation.

"Chief, J, I thought it over during your match. Seeing as you 2 are so quick
to accept any challenge put before you, it has come to my attention that you
2 would make excellent candidates for the #1 Contendership. Therefore, I'm
making a match for next week between you 2, and Los Guerreros. The winners
will face Team Angle at Judgment Day for the titles. I have now spoken, so if
you'll excuse me...I've got work to do." She said, turning away from us and
walking out of the ring. We rested quietly in the ring for a few moments
before eventually making our way out of the arena as well, slapping
high-fives with the fans at ringside along the way...

* * *

"Dude, we are so bad!" I exclaimed, stepping out from our dressing room and
closing the door behind Nick. SmackDown! had just ended, as we were watching
the rest of the show from our locker room.

"That's the biggest understatement I've ever heard in my entire life! We're
the baddest men on the planet!" Nick agreed, pounding my fist.

"King Kong, ain't got shit...on us!" I exclaimed, raising my hands in the air
as though waiting for some kind of response. Nick pulled out a blunt from his
vest pocket and sparked it up, exhaling his first hit of smoke as we both
walked by an awaiting Sable. She was wearing one of her trademark outfits,
which of course showed off her tits perfectly. Her hair was combed back
straight, and she was eating a green lollipop.

"Hey, Josh...what's up?" She asked, putting the lollipop into her mouth and
sucking on it with a hard pop. She smiled, and started to twirl a couple
strands of her hair with her index finger.

"Not shit...wassup wit you, Sable?" I answered back, taking a fat blunt rip.
I slowly blew the smoke out around her face, causing her smile to widen. The
bitch had only been back for close to 2 months, and already she was being
brought back into the spotlight in a feud with Torrie Wilson. However, as I
had found out the week before, it seemed as though she had a hidden agenda
for her return as well. Something that, for reasons unbeknownst to, involved

"Nothing much...I was just meaning to talk to you about last week." She
replied softly.

"OK, what about it?"

"I hope you realize what that whole gesture was about...because I think you
might be drawing a little too much into the situation." She replied, again
sucking firmly on the lollipop.

"How so?"

" and my husband have recently separated, and I've just been so
lonely ever since. I'm a woman, with wants, and desires that need to be
satisfied...and I was wondering if you'd be willing to, help me out?" She
responded, running her finger up my chest and then grabbing the collar of
my shirt firmly.

"I see...but just like last week, you seem to be coming on to me, very
strongly may I add. Not that I mind at all, but as a result how am *I*
drawing too much into the situation if *you* are the one who's all over
*me*?" I asked, taking another hit from my blunt. I handed it towards her,
gesturing for her to hit it. She did, inhaled her smoke, and then grabbed
me by the face and blew her hit into my mouth, almost kissing me. I was
becoming quite excited, and I'm pretty sure she could tell, but then again
she had that power over people, so she was probably very used to it. Even
though this bitch was at least 15 years my senior, if not a couple more,
she was still VERY fine. I would have to be a complete fag NOT to take her
up on her offer. "I mean honestly Sable, we're all adults here. What is
your exact interest in me? I've only been employed here for about 2 weeks
now. I would hardly say that I'm qualified for anything that comes from

"Well, let's just say that I've heard some `things'...about a certain moniker
you've had since about, high school I think it was?" She asked, wrapping her
arms around my neck.

"Yes." I answered her lightly. "But how do you know about that?"

"I have my ways..." she giggled lightly, running her hand through my hair.
"And as a result, I've made it my personal mission to figure out why it is
exactly, that they call you `Big Daddy'," She paused, this time kissing me.
"But that's all. I don't love you...and I don't really know I guess
what you could say is that I need...a booty call." She whispered into my ear,
reaching around to pinch my ass. I was somewhat surprised by her nonchalant
attitude and her blatant...honesty, I guess you could say. Nevertheless, I
remained cool in this rather arousing situation, and told her my business.

"That's cool, that's cool...but I'm gonna' have to take a rain check right
now, `cause me and my associate to the left..."

"Wassup?" Nick gestured, bobbing his head towards her.

"...have a little business to attend to right now with Ms. McMahon. I'll
check ya' later though, you can bet that." I said, blowing another hit in
her face, making her bangs fly back to clear her face.

"I guess...but what makes you think you're worth the wait. I'm Sable, and I
can get any man I want any time I want. If I was you...I'd take it while you
still can." She said, looking down at her feet innocently as she bit down
into the lollipop, crushing it.

"You'll me, you will." I said, taking her arm and kissing the
top of her hand. She actually returned the favor, then Nick and I turned
and walked away slowly, moving further and further down the hall towards
Stephanie's office while conversing all the way.

"Dude, why the fuck did you turn her down? All she wants from you is sex...
nothing else! According to my calculations, if you carry the 6 and add a 5,
that's win fuckin' win, baby!" Nick exclaimed, somewhat perturbed by my
decision making.

"Dude...must you forget everything? We're here on business first, pleasure
second. And besides, like I said before, it ain't gonna' be on her fuckin'
time. It'll be on mine, nigga!" I exclaimed defensively, turning the last
corner and walking down the long corridor towards Stephanie`s office.
"Special delivery!" I exclaimed, pounding the door with my fist repeatedly
until it opened before me.

"Oh, it's you 2. Come in, come in..." she welcomed us, closing the door
behind her. Nick and I took the seats before her desk and awaited for her
to join us.

"So Stephanie, what'd you think of our rather forceful means of negotiation?"
I asked, kicking my feet up on her desk. Nick passed the blunt and I took a
huge, burning rip, awaiting her response.

"Well I must say, though I don't agree with your actions outside the ring,
you 2 are definitely WWE material. You're both full of ruthless aggression,
and while it may come out at the expense of my other talent, it's what fuels
this company down to it's very soul. I may have been somewhat angry before,
but after watching you take out 5 guys with no trouble, I'd say you've earned
the right to demand whatever you want of me, no matter what." She beamed
radiantly, smiling at us with her pearly white teeth. That was just what we
needed to hear in order to continue forward with our ingenious plan.

"Really? So what you're saying to me is that we impressed you so much, we
are in the position to demand virtually anything we desire, am I right?" Nick
asked, somewhat confused by how easy the situation had come about. The blunt
continued to burn and the smoke continued to encircle Stephanie's head as she
became somewhat distracted by what we were saying.

"Yes...that's exactly what I mean." She answered, deeply inhaling the smoke
floating aimlessly around her head into her nose, feeling the euphoric
sensation climb over her as she sat back in her chair and got more

"I'm sorry Stephanie, are we *distracting* your train of thought?" I asked,
taking a fat rip and exhaling all my smoke directly into her face. Stephanie
continued to inhale the smoke, the effect starting to show on the outside as
her eyes were slowly turning red. I took the blunt from my mouth and held it
upright, waving it back and forth under her nose. "Do you wanna' hit this
already?" I asked firmly.

"Thank God! I thought you'd never ask," She exclaimed, taking it in-between
her thumb and index finger as she put it to her mouth and started chiefing

"Damn, who'd a known that Stephanie McMahon smokes the ganja?" I asked,
surprisingly. We now knew her weakness. She exhaled emphatically, then
continued to chief the shit out of the blunt until she started on a
coughing fit, tears forming at her ducts and rolling down her cheeks from
the pressure on her lungs.

"Oh yeah...(cough)...I used to do it all the time...(cough)...back in high
school. The shit nowadays is just so much better...(inhaling)...than back
then. Besides...(exhaling)'s just been *too* long." She replied, handing
the blunt back in roach form. "I really, really appreciate that, guys, and
if there's anything I can do to pay you back, just name it."

"Anything, huh...," I trailed off, stroking my chin with my fingers,
pretending to think. Of course I already had what I wanted in mind, but
I had to break it to her slowly. " a matter of fact, there is
something you could help us out with." I said, slyly.

"What is it? Shoot." She replied, staring at me through glazed eyes.

"Actually, Nick and I were wondering if Judgment Day...we could
have a tag team title LADDER match in place of the Guerreros, seeing as they
are now temporarily out of commission." I suggested.

"If you do this for us, not only will we OFFICIALLY sign with SmackDown!, but
there's more in it for you where that came from." Nick said, pointing towards
the blunt roach. I motioned to him, and he opened up his vest pocket to
reveal 4 more freshly rolled blunts.

"How does that sound?" I asked, her eyes lighting up in excitement upon
locking eyes with the cigarellos. "We'll never run out...even though
sometimes that's an inconvenience, but anyways."

"But you guys...Los Guerreros aren't temporarily out of commission. They'll
be back next week. Did you already forget the match you have with them next
week?" She asked, this time blowing smoke in our faces.

"Actually...yes. I'm just speaking out of context, due to the fact that the
title match is ours already. We're gonna' send those fuckin' wetbacks BACK,
across the border." I exclaimed lightly.

"Oh...OK. You 2 are very shrewd negotiators...but I accept your wager. You`ve
got yourselves a match." She replied, almost immediately. She stood up to
shake our hands, and then opened the door so we could leave.

"Well...aren't you coming with?" Nick asked impatiently.

"You guys want me to come with you?" She asked uneasily.

"Well of course! Did we not just reach a big business agreement?" I asked

"Yeah...yeah, I guess we did. But why do you want me to come with you?" She
asked again. For a woman of such business expertise, not to mention her
family name, Stephanie wasn't too keen on the common sense aspect of life,
so I set her straight.

"You are our new employer, and you just gave us both jobs, as well as a shot
for the tag team titles in only our second week in the company. As a result,
we want you to come out and celebrate with us for a night on the town. We've
got the ride, we've got the time, we've got the cash...and most
importantly...we've got the stash." I exclaimed with a smile, proud of myself
that I had come up with something so clever.

"Dawg, what the fuck did you just say?" Nick asked, lighting up another

"Sorry man, it popped into my head just now."

"Well don't let it happen again...or I'll kill you." He said slowly. I
punched him in the arm and took the blunt from his grasp.

"Shut up. Anyways, what'd you say Steph?" I asked, staring her directly in
the eyes, waiting for her response.

"Well...I'm not really supposed to...and if my dad found out he'd
OK. Let's do it!" She exclaimed, sounding like a rebellious teenager rather
than a successful business woman, grabbing her leather coat on the way out.
She locked the door behind her, and we made our way to the parking lot area.
As she climbed in the back seat of the opened door, I looked up her short
skirt and caught a glimpse of her black thong.

"Dude, this is gonna' be too sweet." I remarked as Nick hopped in the
passenger seat. I walked around and got into the drivers seat, slamming the
door and starting up the Explorer as we zoomed out of the parking lot, and
down the street, off on a night that none of us would ever forget...

* * *

...A couple hours later we decided to call it a night, arriving back at the
hotel at around midnight or so after enjoying some dinner, and then a couple
of drinks. As Nick was helping Stephanie out of the vehicle I snuck around to
the trunk, opening it to find my `spy-cam' glasses. I put them on, flipped
the switch, and started off towards the lobby, telling Stephanie that we lost
our cards and couldn't get into our room. She used her power to get us
replacements, and we spent an hour or so smoking weed and drinking
screwdrivers, having already developed a heavy buzz from hours before. But
of course, the vodka wasn't rich enough for her tastes. Over time we got her
to accept it's taste, and by about 1:30 or so she was completely plastered,
her eyes bloodshot red. At that point in time, Nick and I figured that now
would be the perfect time to go for phase 3.

"So Stephanie, have you had a good night tonight? Wasn't this an awesome
idea?" Nick asked, barely able to formulate sentences. She sat up suddenly,
smile beaming, and looked us straight in the eyes before answering.

"Yeah...tonight was fuckin' AWESOME!" She exclaimed, throwing herself back
on the bed and kicking her legs repeatedly, giving us quite the view of under
her skirt. At that point in time I took off my glasses and set them on the
end table facing the bed, and more importantly towards Stephanie. For a woman
of such business expertise, she was acting quite childish, and I figured that
now her inner-slut was starting to come out. Therefore, we continued to poke
and prod.

"Yeah, and to think that if we hadn't caused so much shit tonight on
SmackDown!, we wouldn't have been signed, and we wouldn't be having so much
fun right now, ya' know?" I asked rhetorically. I took a blunt out from a
nearby dresser drawer, that was full of `em by the way, and lit it up, taking
in it's chocolaty scent and taste as the weed burned my throat calmly.

"Yeah, no shit. You guys are my 2 favorite employees...and I wanted to thank
you for giving me this night. I've been under a lot of pressure...and this is
just so great. I needed this so bad...just to unwind from all this pressure."
She remarked again, basically rambling.

"Ya' know something Stephanie, it's funny you should refer back to that
statement you made earlier, because like you we're always thinking ahead to
the next level. Giving us the tag title shot was going to the next level of
our business relationship...wouldn't you say?" I asked after exhaling,
dragging out the question to get her attention, and to let her know that I
was leading on to something else.

"Yeah...but what are you getting at?" She asked suspiciously, her tone more
serious as she jerked to a somewhat conscious state; almost defensively even.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa...just chill out before you cause a scene." Nick said,
jumping to his feet before Stephanie could even consider doing anything, just
in case she tried. She couldn't have escaped anyway, even if she had wanted
to at this point.

"Yes better listen to what he says. Just lay back, relax,
and...smoke this blunt," I exclaimed, handing it to her to ease her nerves.
She hit it, then sank back down to a more comfortable position. "Now then,
as I was saying before, we've achieved the next level of our business
relationship by you investing so much in us so early...and there is a risk
in that, I understand."

"Yeah, but you guys are so ruthless, so aggressive, so...amazing, really. The
way you defied Eric Bischoff's decision on the outcome of that match was so
risque...but you didn't care, because you knew the fans would take to you
like that," she gestured, snapping her fingers. "So I would definitely say
that my investment in you 2 is a very promising one, at the least. It's win,
win no matter what."

"That's good to know..." Nick said, taking a drink of his freshly poured

"Very. Anyways, in regards to that last question, I want to know what it
is exactly that you can offer us that's so appealing about performing on
SmackDown!. What do we get from you for `jumping ship', so to speak? Once
Bischoff sees how big were getting, he's gonna' try to snatch us out from
under you with a better deal...and from what I've heard, Bischoff doesn't
scoff on any counter deal. He goes all out...but then again, he only does
what he can...and that's only so much. So what can you offer us that would
`seal the deal?'" I asked, motioning quotation marks with my fingers as I

"Well it may be true that Bischoff always comes up with a good deal, but as
you two personally experienced yourselves, the man is clearly an asshole. He
is a power hungry piece of shit, and he'll mistreat and under use you. Do
you remember 3 Minute Warning?"

"Yeah...but aren't they still around?" Nick asked, kicking off his shoes
onto the green carpet.

"That's not what I mean. Do you remember how they used to just come in the
ring and haul ass, be it man or woman? They even got to me! Anyway, they were
unstoppable for awhile, but then they just kinda'...went away." She finished,
almost disgusted at the mention of their failed tenure on RAW.

"Are you implying that we could be the next 3 Minute Warning? I seriously
hope you're joking, otherwise I'm just gonna' have to slap the shit out of
you. Plain and simple." I said, the smile gone from my face as I stepped
forward and got into hers.

"Well, wonder they call you Violent J." She said, somewhat shocked
as a giggle escaped her lips.

"I'm just playin'...but seriously, what'd you got?" I quickly replied,
growing tired of her bullshit.

"You're making your point clear boys, and that's what I like," Said
Stephanie, smiling uncontrollably as the effects of the evenings
entertainment had finally taken over her completely. She was now under our
power. "Well, I *guarantee* High Time bigger matches and more competition on
SmackDown!. You'll face the likes of Edge, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker,
Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Big Show, and Mr. America, just to name a few. If
you guys beat the likes of those names, you`ll go down in history as legends.
You 2 could be the biggest thing to ever hit this business." She exclaimed

"Good point Steph, but if you ask me, I don't think it has to stop there.
Just think of the ratings we'll draw, the tickets and merchandising sales
we'll bring in...all because we've been given the gift of legendary status
at such a peak time in our lives."

"True that homes, but some of the names on that list didn't sound right to
me. Did you say Edge...Chris Benoit...and Mr. America?" Nick asked rudely,
sounding almost insulted at the mere mention of such horrible wrestler.

"Yes, but I think you're missing the point, Mr. Smith. If you beat those
people, even though it may not appear that big to you, it will bring in more
with each win. Like Josh was saying, all the things you'll be bringing in to
the SmackDown! brand will ultimately decide wrestling's fate. You're both
worth millions." She said, again in an excited sounding tone.

"That's what I thought. We'll be bringing in so much for you...but once
again, what do we get in return?" I asked again, staring her directly in the
face with stone cold eyes.

"Well, you'll be tag team can be..."

"50% owner?" Nick answered her trailing thought. "I'll fuck that Hogan up...
I'll cripple him."

"Um...OK, that's good. You 2 will take over as co-half-owners of SmackDown!,
and you'll be my henchmen...and I promise there is nothing bad that can come
of that." She agreed, shoving out her hand to `shake on it.' However, I
wasn't fully satisfied, though that was a nice addition by Nick at the last

"That is all very promising, but...we want more than just that." I told the
now focused business woman sitting in front of me.

"What exactly are you implying? What else is there?"

" you don't know. Let me put it in Laymen's terms for you: We want
you to be more of a `hands-on' General Manager, if ya' know what I mean?"

"We want a piece of that phat ass!" Nick chimed in, throwing back another
shot of vodka. 3 Other glasses were lined up on the table, as I guess he was
preparing for the `next level' to finally commence.

"What?," Stephanie shouted in disbelief. "No way...I`m not gonna' do that for
you 2! I'm not the slut I used to be, Josh." She said, firm on her decision.

"Well then...I guess that`s just too bad for you, because you already offered
us the tag title shot. You wouldn't want us to win the belts, and then leave,
would you?" I asked her.

"But, but I'm a professional now. I can't go back to my old ways...what would
everybody think?"

"Steph, Steph, Steph...who's gonna' know besides us 3. Do you see anybody
else in this room with us? Listen, all I'm saying is that, in order to truly
celebrate a new beginning in our lives, we need to do something drastic to
mark it in our minds forever. We're the only 3 in the room, we're really
fucked let's just have some fun. Go with the flow." I whispered.

"We will only jump ship if you give us the fuck of a lifetime, Steph. If
not...then I think we should be going..." Nick said, standing out of his
chair and motioning for me to follow him. Nick opened the door and began
to step out.

"Close the door Nick," Stephanie said uneasily. "I guess I really have no
choice...I've offered you so much, I'll do it." A tear began
to trickle down her beautiful face at that very moment. She had come a long
way since her days as Triple H's bitch, but the slut inside Stephanie was
still tucked away deep down inside, just waiting to be released.

"What did you say Stephanie? I didn`t quite hear you." I asked, teasing her
for my own amusement.

"Answer the man, bitch!" Nick exclaimed.

"I said, I will do what you want." She sobbed. Nick closed the door, locking
it behind him. Stephanie stood up from the bed and walked to the center of
the room.

"Well then, I think you should start out by takin' off them damn clothes."
I said impatiently, making sure she was in camera view before waving the act
on. Stephanie ran her hands back through her hair and guided it back behind
her ears as she began to undress, first pulling her purple top over her head,
revealing a black bra that hid maybe the nicest pair of boobs in the WWE. She
then twirled around back first towards us, reaching behind her back to first
unlatch her bra, dropping it to the ground before sliding her hands down to
the back of her skirt. She pulled the zipper down and started to slowly slide
it down as she bent over the front of the bed, once again showing us her
matching black thong. She turned around and pushed up her tits, jutting them
out for us to gaze at before grabbing the waist band of her panties and
pulling them slowly over her hips, letting them fall aimlessly to the floor
below, exposing her lightly shaved mound.

"That's very nice. I need some of that fuckin' ass though man, or I'm gonna'
lose it." I exclaimed, having been caught up in the moment, rubbing my hands
together in preparation.

"Sit on the bed." Nick told her as we walked closer towards her nude form.

"Alright don't mind if I call you Steph, do ya'?" I asked, making
sure to include all of us in the camera's view.

"No." She answered meekly.

"No...what?" I asked her sharply, staring her down into ultimate submission
as I motioned to the emblem displayed on my shirt.

"No...Big Daddy?" She said confused, but in agreement.

"Good, good. Now why don't you get started by giving us both a good hand job,
waitin' on you." I said, laughing from my sheer ignorance of the situation.
I unbuttoned my fly and pulled down my jeans, Nick doing the same as we
unveiled our hardening dicks to her face, gently slapping her in the cheeks
simultaneously. Upon revealing ourselves, I noticed that Nick's dick was
longer than mine by maybe an inch, but mine was thicker, standing at a very
decent 8 inches in it`s own right. Stephanie scooted her ass off the bed and
kneeled in front of us wearing only high heels, beginning to stroke our rock
hard cocks with her pretty, delicate hands, continuing to cry lightly. Nick
and I turned around so that we could sit down and be comfortable.

"Ohhh come on Stephanie, don't act so resentful. We're not that bad looking,
are we?" I asked as she continued to pump the cocks up and down with her

"Enough with the teasin' shit already too, ho. Suck our dicks already!" Nick
commanded, slapping her directly in the nose with his. Stephanie stuck out
her tongue and began licking his shaft up and down, making it wet with her
saliva before slipping the whole thing into her mouth in 1 swift motion.

"Holy shit dawg, this bitch is such a slut! Did you see that?!" Nick groaned
as she bobbed her head on it a couple times, taking it out of her mouth with
a huge pop. She then leaned forward and took my dick into her mouth,
breathing heavily through her nose as she slid my thick meat in and out
between her tight lips.

"Damn, at least we've got 1 thing to thank Hunter for...making daddy's little
girl into daddy's little bitch." I moaned. Stephanie switched and started to
bob her head up and down on Nick's member while continuing to stroke me.
After popping his dick out of her mouth a second time, she took both cocks
into her hands and put both heads into her mouth, running her tongue in
little figure 8's over and around them.

"Stephanie, look up at me and tell me you respect our" I said
firmly. She stopped what she was doing and put her head in her hands, sobbing
slightly harder.

"I...I respect...respect your cocks." She stammered through tears. I
immediately whacked her hard in the cheek with mine.

"No bitch, say it again with more feeling...and with my balls in your mouth."
I exclaimed while laughing, grabbing her by the back of the head and forcing
her head towards my nut sack. She ran her tongue along the sack and then
plopped 1 in her mouth, sucking on it hard. She repeated this process over to
the other nut, and then spoke.

"I rspct dis cock." She exclaimed, her mouth muffled by my balls.

"What was that...I think you have something in your mouth?" I said, teasing
her some more. I actually started to feel bad for her, but I became
distracted when I felt her tongue my asshole, then slide her tongue down my
choad and back to my balls. She plopped them in her mouth and rolled them
between her tongue.

"I respect this cock!" She exclaimed, popping my nuts out of her mouth with
a loud smack. Stephanie repeated this process on Nick as well, telling him
that she would, quote "die for this cock!", upon his orders. By now her
mascara was starting to run heavily and her eyes were swollen and puffy, her
cheeks stained with tried tears of regret and humiliation.

"Dude, this is the greatest fucking thing I`ve ever done!" Nick smiled
towards me.

"I know man, I know. But now it`s gonna` get even better, Steph, because I
want you to give me a good `ol BJ, while Nick sticks it in and crushes the
guts...sound good? Yeah it`s fine!" I exclaimed in a high squeaky voice,
imitating her response. Stephanie began to lick up and down my prick while
reluctantly wiggling her perfectly rounded ass in front of Nick. He lined
up behind her and slowly pushed his tool deep into her now wet, accepting
cunt, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing forward while still inside
her until he sat on her ass, his dick completely vertical.

"Yeah dude, it's the crowbar! Go ahead and pull a sidewall liver poke next,
K dude?" I exclaimed, laughing my ass off as Nick stuck his dick all the way
in her and started moving it left to right. Stephanie's screams were muffled
by her frantic sucking of my member as Nick began to thrust in and out of
the resilient business woman's cunt jack-hammer stylie, forcing her throat
down further on my dick with each of his thrusts. She continued to work on
my cock, licking it around the sides and over the head, shoving it back into
her throat and gripping it lightly with her teeth as she slid her lips back
and forth over me. Nick spread Stephanie's now eager legs with his feet as
she sucked me off, grabbing his cock and rearing back before slowly guiding
it back into the now widened hole.

"Fuck yeah!" Nick growled. Stephanie moaned in pleasure around my cock as
she fucked her ass back, getting as much of Nick's own member stuffed deeply
inside of her gushing quim as she could. I grabbed the back of her head and
held her mouth down all the way on my dick, then pulled back and shoved it
forward again, building a pace so I could start to fuck her face. She looked
up into my eyes as I felt her tongue form a sheath around my shaft, feeling
it stroke the long vein on the upper-side as I began to think she was
enjoying this.

"Dawg...I think she's gettin' into this shit." I managed through pleasurable

" too..." He trailed off, continuing to slam it to her. She moved
her ass around, grinding herself against Nick's crotch as her tongue and
mouth continued to work wonders on me, a smacking, slapping noise having
filled the hotel room with every well timed thrust. Stephanie's moans were
becoming more frequent, and then without warning she started to shake
violently, Nick and I both sensing that she was having an orgasm. After she
had finally finished cumming, she popped my dick out of her mouth and spoke.

"I...want fuck me now...Josh!" She exclaimed between pants, trying
to desperately regain her breathing. Nick pulled out of her with a slick
sounding pop, then walked around in front of her as I slid down to the floor,
lying on my back as Stephanie squatted over and down onto my cock, which was
standing at full attention.

"Ahhh...Ohhh fuck!" She yelled out loudly, impaling herself on my thick
prick. She sat there and started to swirl her hips around in a circle,
slightly raising her ass up before dropping it back down, riding my cock
wildly as her ass cheeks bounced around lewdly in my hands. The meaty,
sweat-fleshed slaps began sounding again, once again filling the room as
I reached up and grabbed her huge tits, using them to pull her down further
onto my already aching pole. Nick grinned at the sound of his employer in
her helpless situation, content to sit back and enjoy the sensation of
Stephanie's jerking him off along the base of his cock while she took the
upper half inside her mouth, tongue sliding and twisting over his shaft.
Her body was now on fire with sexual ecstasy, all the regret she had before
now gone without any hint of a repercussion as she started rocking back and
forth while pounding her ass back against my hips. Her fuck-hole was
clasping down on my meat like a vice, sucking back on it whenever she slid
up, trying to pull me with her it seemed.

Despite the obvious pleasure of this, it was too restrained and mechanical
for moi to enjoy it for long, so I reached back behind her and spread her
ass cheeks, gripping them with my fingers while raising my own ass off the
floor, pounding up into her rapidly with continuous, reckless abandon. My
lack of regard from her cries of half pleasure-half pain caused her to lean
as much forward as possible with the side of the bed blocking her, forcing
her to take more and more of Nick's cock into her mouth until finally she
had the entire length stuffed into her mouth and just firmly sucked on it.
Her cry of pleasure came out as little more than a gurgled squawk as I felt
her cunt rapidly clenching and unclenching around my girth, feeling her
body rock through it's 2nd orgasm as I continued making short, small little
thrusts inside her seeping snatch, trying my best to maintain my impending
explosion for the time being.

"Fuck, Steph...I need that ass." I exclaimed in pleasure. She finally
stopped plunging herself on my flesh-spear as her orgasm waved over her,
leaving her with a smile on her face.

"Stick it in my ass, Big Daddy. Nick, get down on the ground where he was
and take his place. I wanna feel both of these dicks inside me at the same
time." She said as I pulled out of her, bending over onto her hands and
knees as she arched her back, thrusting her ass out in my face. Nick slid
down off the bed and onto the ground, slapping her in the face with his
dick before repositioning himself on his back. Stephanie climbed onto his
body and raised her ass in the air, dropping her widened pussy down onto
Nick's cock for a second time. While he started to pound away, so did I,
rearing back and smacking her directly on the right ass cheek, watching the
skin ripple under my palm. I continued this 3 more times, making her rub
her ass back against my hand in anticipation while Nick fucked her at a
reasonable pace.

"Ohhh fuck, Nick...Josh, stick it in!" She winced in anticipation,
her thoughts and words jumbled by the sheer pleasure she was experiencing.
Stephanie leaned against the wall and lifted her legs in a squatting
position, bending all the way forward and shoving her ass high into the air
as I moved up behind her and slowly forced myself deep into her ass.
Stephanie was showing amazing flexibility as I began to slowly pump in and
out of her asshole, which was even tighter due to Nick's being in her vagina.
She began to move with us, thrusting back as I pushed forward, and pushing
forward when Nick pulled up. Stephanie threw her head back and moaned out of
lust and pain, but I was too busy watching her hole stretch wide around my
penetrating girth. Within a matter of seconds my whole cock had been gobbled
up by her ass, letting me now glide in and out of her with incredible ease
as I increased my rhythm rapidly.

She started growling and spitting out jibberish, then started shaking really
bad as she came for a 3rd time, both of her ends clenching up tightly as she
exploded. The sensation was too much for me to handle, and I started to cum,
shooting a river of man butter deep into her expanding bowels. I felt her
ass muscles contracting around and squeezing my dick for everything I was
worth. My eyes were rolled back into my head as I came and came, becoming
somewhat interrupted from my state of mind when I heard Nick yell out as
well. I pulled out of her and fell to the carpeted floor, my knees too weak
to support my weight as she continued to make short humping motions as she
rode Nick to the brink of orgasm. She collapsed on top of him and lie
unconscious, seemingly exhausted from the brutal pounding she had suffered
at our hands.

I got up and pulled out our drawer of blunts, putting my clothes into it as
well as I walked to the bathroom. I took a piss, got dressed, then grabbed
the drawer and closed the door behind me, seeing Nick getting dressed as
well, while Stephanie remained on the floor. I reached in and threw 4 blunts
on the bed, nodded my head towards Nick, then grabbed the glasses and reached
behind the right ear holder. I flipped off the switch, and the glowing lenses
returned to their state of clear glass. I gently placed them on my head, then
walked out into the warm night air, Nick closing the door behind me.

"Wanna' drive?" I asked, tossing him the keys.

"Hell yeah, man." He replied, slapping me high five. We got into our
respected seats and I handed him a blunt, lighting up 1 of my own as he put
the key into the ignition and turned it. The engine sounded, and he backed
out of the parking lot, speeding down the road with reckless abandon as we
headed off towards the site of the next show. We usually did this right after
every show, just so we could arrive early into town and have a couple days
off before going in to work. However, as I described for you just now, we
were sort of `busy'.

"Dawg," I said while inhaling. "we need to get some gas." I blew out my hit
and watched it dance across the windshield in the moonlight, the wafting
smoke swirling into a haze that started to creep over every inch of the
car's interior.

"True 'dat. I'll pull off at the next exit." He replied, taking in a hit
of his own. Neither of us had to say much else for the rest of the trip,
because we both felt on top of the world. Objective 1 had now officially
been completed, with the exception that we hadn't actually won the titles...

* * *

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