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From Rookies 2 Legends Part 2
by The Star

Thursday, May 15th - SmackDown!

...SmackDown! opened up with clips from our vicious attacks on Show and
Rhyno, Brock Lesnar, Matt Hardy, Los Guerreros, Shannon Moore, Crash Holly,
Piper and O’Haire, basically highlighting our tenure as of that night.
Although we hadn’t been around that long, we sure had caused a lot of damage,
not to mention what we did to Rodney Mack, who by the way hasn’t been seen
since. After the pyro and the theme song had finally ended, Stephanie
McMahon’s music hit and out she walked, hand on hip, a smile spread across
her face as she hastily made her way down to ringside, wearing a pair of
skimpy black shorts and an orange tank-top, her hair pulled back into a
ponytail. She stepped in through the bottom rope and taunted towards the
crowd, gauging cheers from her loyal followers before motioning towards the
ring announcer for a microphone. She walked to the middle of the ring and
stood poised, ready to address the fans about the night’s show.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Now as you all may know, about 2 weeks
ago I went out on a limb and signed the 2 most destructive, vile, and
heartless men the federation has ever seen in it’s entire history. What these
2 have done over as many weeks in the business is, in a way, disgusting!
Never before have I seen such blatant disregard for the rules, and for the
feelings and conditions of my fellow employees. I realize that they have
established quite a following due to their lack of care and discipline...but
sadly, a GM can only sit back and watch so much before she begins to feel
threatened herself. Therefore, at this time I’d like to call out Violent J
and The Chief...better known to you all as High Time!” She announced, holding
out her arm to gesture towards the entry way, the fans literally jumping out
of their seats as the lights began to slowly flicker into darkness, being
replaced by the same familiar, yet haunting glow of green as it slowly inched
itself across the entire arena. Tupac Shakur’s “I Came To Bring The Pain”
started up, and as the beat began to play Nick and I walked slowly through
the curtain, standing at the top of the ramp as fireworks shot off behind us
in 5 directions, forming a giant pot leaf as we taunted towards the crowd.
Seconds later we were walking down the aisle side by side, occasionally
giving out high-fives to those around the ringside area before slowly
slinking inside the ring. I threw my hand into the air like Kevin Nash, and
the green light disappeared as more pyro shot out from the corner posts,
eliciting a surprised response from us both. I walked to the side ropes and
waved for a microphone, snatching it from Josh Matthews in disgust before
standing in front of Stephanie, awaiting what she had to say.

“Give my comments to the ring crew for all that effort into our entrance.
Seriously, the corner posts were a nice addition. But anyways, you wanted to
see us?” I asked, holding out my arms at my sides. Stephanie smiled then
winked, I guess thanking us for what had transpired after the show last week,
then raised the mic to her mouth to speak.

“Actually...yes. I want to discuss your actions over recent weeks...starting
with last Thursday.” She said, motioning towards the titan-tron. The footage
was displayed again, showing the highlights of our attack, then ending with
us standing there amongst the fallen bodies.

“K...what about it?” Nick asked, reaching into his vest pocket for a blunt.

“Dude! Not in the ARENA!” I exclaimed, slapping his hand. He pushed me, so I
pushed him back, Stephanie stepping between us before anything could come of
the situation.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Settle down and listen to me! Don’t’re
friends.” She exclaimed, placing either of her hands on our chests, gently
pushing us back.

“Yes, Ms. McMahon...” I said, looking down at my feet like I was in trouble,
basically mocking her authority.

“Anyways, in regards to last week, I’m basically scared for my OWN well
being, as well as my talent. Therefore, I’d like to propose a deal between
the 3 of us that will make working together a whole lot better...not to
mention safer.” She quickly added. I stepped forward as did Nick, gently
backing her into the nearby corner, staring into her eyes with no emotion
present whatsoever. She looked back into our faces with pure fear, her
knees beginning to tremble slightly as she started to sit back against the
2nd turnbuckle pad, cowering in anticipation of what we were gonna’ do to

“Well...go on.” I said, reaching my hand out towards her, nodding my head
to her and motioning to take it. She grabbed my hand somewhat firmly, and
as I pulled her out of the corner she kicked me swiftly in the balls,
sending me down to my knees instantly. The crowd immediately erupted into

“Whoa! Stephanie...chill out! We were just joking...we weren’t gonna do
anything to you. Why would we wanna hurt you?” Nick asked as she stood
there holding her ground, just waiting for someone else to try and touch

“Yeah...ohhh God...sorry about that...mmmm. Didn’t mean to...ow, shit...
tartle you or whatever.” I said, holding myself firmly while writhing on
the ground in pain. Nick reached his arm out and I grabbed it, pulling
myself to my feet and sitting back against the turnbuckle, gently cradling
my balls as they were in extreme pain. “Thanks, though...ahhh...for the
kick in the balls...hmmm...’cause I sure enjoyed that...” I trailed off,
dropping the mic in the process.

“I’m very sorry about that, J, but I‘m NOT joking. Getting back to my
proposition, to personally guarantee that you will not lay a hand on me,
I am officially making you 2 co-Gm’s of SmackDown!, giving you 25%
ownership of the brand. The only rule is that no matter will
not physically hurt me. And...the only person you will have to answer to
is me. Now are we understood?” She asked, holding out her hand. Nick
immediately shook her hand, but of course, as you all may have expected,
I was a bit hesitant.

“Does this also include you not kicking my balls? If so...then I’m in.” I
said, having finally caught my breath long enough to form whole sentences
at a time. She diligently shook her head in agreement, so I shook her hand,
the crowd shocked by the deal that had just aspired before them.

“Good, because tonight you 2 will start out by proving yourselves to me
against Los Guerreros, as I announced last a street fight!” She
exclaimed proudly, causing the crowd to cheer vibrantly.

“Uh...Stephanie, I’m not sure Josh is gonna’ be able to compete tonight...
if ya’ know what I mean.” Nick implied, nodding his head down towards my
crotch. Stephanie merely smiled, then whipped her head back in laughter
before answering him.

“No Nick...I don’t know what you mean. Either you BOTH will compete here
tonight...or you’ll BOTH be I make myself clear?” She asked,
her voice suddenly changing into a serious tone. Nick and I both nodded
in agreement, and she smiled. “ you’re both excused.” She said,
waving us both out of the ring. We walked slowly to the back, staring at
her face on the titan-tron in bitter resentment. Had she just played us?
For her sake...I hoped not...

* * *

...God damn’t man...I’m starting to swell!” I exclaimed angrily, still in
pain from the toe-pointed kick in the crotch I had suffered only 30 minutes
ago. I had to limp backstage with Nick’s help, plopping down on the couch
and immediately checking out my ‘packaged goods.’ “That fuckin’ bitch!”

“Dude, put that shit away!” Nick exclaimed, jutting his hand out towards me
and looking away in disgust.

“Dawg, fuck you! I just got kicked so hard in my nuts that I thought they
traveled up my stomach! Thank God though that they’re ONLY swollen...” I
trailed off, trying gently to comfort my throbbing genitalia.

“Whatever dawg...I’ll go get you some ice.” Nick said, turning to open the
door. He was cut short when suddenly the door popped open, and in walked
Sable, wearing a black satin robe that barely went past her thighs, which
were complemented in themselves by a pair of black high-heels. Her legs
were well oiled as they shined in the light, her hair doing the same as
the flowing strands fell down to her shoulders, her lips coated by a thin
layer of ruby red lipstick. She stepped in past Nick, waving towards him
as he turned to walk out the door and down the hall.

“Hey are you feeling?” She asked compassionately, walking over to
me and brushing her hand gently against my cheek. I had tried desperately
to hide ‘myself’ upon her emergence into the room, but the pain was too
great to work at a fast pace, so I sat there, completely exposed, which
would only make the tension between us greater.

“Well...I’ve felt better, as you can possibly imagine. How are you?” I
asked, feeling myself start to blush in her presence. I saw, and almost
felt her eyes traveling down my upper body before they stopped at my
swollen crotch. I was slowly starting to get an erection, which didn’t
help my case any when she lifted her leg up and set it between mine, only
inches away from my ball sack.

“Well...I’ve been better myself...which is why I’m here. After I saw what
Stephanie did to you out there, I immediately started to worry about,
well...your reputation.” She said, lowering her face down into mine, staring
deep into my eyes. She ran her hand up her oiled leg before gently grabbing
me by the chin, lifting my head up and back against the couch.

“Well, thanks for the concern, Sable, but I’ll be fine.” I reassured her.

“I can only hope so...because I want you to be at 100% for this Sunday.” She
said, starting to untie the knot in her robe.

“Why...what’s this Sunday? I already know about my match, if that’s what
you’re talking about. Those fuckin‘ wetbacks don‘t have a chance against
us.” I said, slightly confused. She just looked at me and smiled, a light
giggle escaping her lips.

“Oh should really cut back on the drugs. Have you forgotten about
us already?” She asked, starting to tenderly rub my thigh. “This Sunday,
Torrie Wilson and I are going to have a Bikini contest...did you know
that?” She asked, sexily.

“I do know, and I’ll be sure to check that out...but what does that have to
do with us?” I asked, still confused by the flesh that was rapidly being
displayed to me. Suddenly she moved her leg from in-between mine and placed
it at my side, doing so with the other leg as well until she was sitting on
my lap. I gulped hard as she started running her hand through my hair, gently
kissing me on the cheek before starting to lick the inside of my ear. I felt
my dick harden to a full erection, then cried out in pain.

“Ahhh shit!” I exclaimed, causing her to immediately stand back up before me.
She opened up her robe and slowly shimmied it to the ground around her feet,
standing there in a black lacy thong and matching bra, jutting out her chest
and bending her stomach as she placed her hands on her hips, staring at me in
a content fashion as I eyes her body from curve to curve, starting to twitch
in my seat from the uncomfortable feeling of my pants against my privates.

“Do you like?” She asked, starting to rub her hands up her stomach and
grabbing her breasts. I shook my head in eager agreement, my eyes somewhat
glazed over from the sensation I was feeling at that very moment. She quickly
turned around and walked towards the door, shaking her hips sexily from side
to side as I checked out her ass. I flipped the switch on my glasses, hearing
the slight humming noise as she took a key from out of her right cup and
locked the door, throwing it at me as she started to slowly crawl back over,
giving me an awesome view of her glorious cleavage as she did so. She finally
stopped between my legs, licking her way up my right leg before placing her
hands on my knees, her eyes staring up into mine as I began to feel the
temperature rising tremendously.

“Good...because at the pay-per-view, I’ll be wearing even less.” She
whispered, wrapping her hand firmly around my now enflamed cock before
starting to stroke it. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, the
sensation in itself was almost too much to bear. The tension between us
was escalating by the minute, and I began to wonder if I could even
handle Sable. Obviously that didn’t matter to her...she was in heat. She
couldn’t get enough of my cock.

“Ohh Sable...” I exclaimed lightly, throwing my head back against the wall,
trying desperately to draw the attention away from my throbbing cock. All
the pain had disappeared and was instead replaced by pleasure. However,
before anything could come of the situation there was a knock at the door,
immediately knocking me out of my ‘trance’ as Sable stood up, closing and
tying up her robe, trying desperately to fix herself up for whoever was
about to come in. I pulled up my pants and stuffed my uncomfortable cock
back inside the fly, taking the key and unlocking the door. Stephanie
McMahon stood before me, her tits jutting out as they were obviously
uncovered by a bra.

“Oh...hey, Stephanie. What’s...up?” I said exhaustingly, still out of breath
from the incredible feeling that Sable had given me. I stepped aside to let
her into the room, exposing Sable to her view. She stood there, arms crossed,
with a sneer on her face towards the younger McMahon child.

“Hi J...Sable,” she said, sneering towards Sable as she mentioned her. “I
just came by to see how you were doing. I can’t apologize enough for what I you mind?” She asked Sable, now stepping into the room.

“Sorry Stephanie...I was just showing Josh here a possible selection for my
bikini this Sunday. I’ll see you later...and you, too, Big Daddy.” She
implied, winking as she turned and walked out the door, closing it behind

“Yeah, and from what I’m looked as though you were rather
enjoying yourself, huh?” She asked, nodding her head down to my dick. It was
once again standing at full attention, nearly ripping out through the fabric
of my jeans at the mere sight of Stephanie’s tits.

“Yeah, about that. It’s a temporary side effect...from your rather harsh
treatment of me earlier.” I rambled out, starting to blush before her. She
rolled her eyes towards, then started walking to me.

“Uh huh. Seriously J...stay away from Sable. She’s nothing but bad news...
always has been, always will be.” She said.

“Really? Well she didn’t seem to be bad news a minute or so ago...” I trailed
off, now smiling towards her. Her eyebrows immediately raised into suspicion,
walking up to and now standing nose to neck with me.

“No, I‘m not kidding. Ever since she’s first been a part of this company,
she’s done any and everything to get whatever she wants. She’s only out for
personal gain...and you’re nothing more than a prop to her.” She said,
looking me directly in the eyes.

“Yeah, well...if a woman like Sable wants to use me to get to the top...then
you can call me Kleenex from now on. Quite honestly, I couldn’t care less if
she never talks to me again after Judgment Day...” I trailed off, realizing
what it was I had just revealed to her.

“Is that so? Well, I just hope you know exactly what you’re doing...because
I want you 2 here for the long haul. If Sable’s after what I think she is...
your careers could be in major jeopardy.” She explained. “By the way, how are
your balls?” She added quickly.

“Well, they have been better. But that’s besides the point. I wanna’ know why
it is that you care about us so much all of a sudden? What did we ever do for

“You gave me one of the best nights of my life...and I mean that. I’ll never
forget it.” She answered, leaning in to kiss me on the cheek. I was caught
off guard momentarily, which gave her the opportunity to lean in and kiss me
again on the lips. I began to give in to her kiss, slipping my tongue into
her mouth as she did the same, grabbing her by the hips as she grabbed my
shoulders, gently pushing me over towards the couch. All of a sudden I
stopped and pulled away, sitting there confused as she started grabbing at
my pants.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold up. What *are* you doing? I’m not lookin’ for a
relationship need to settle down before business goes bad...know
what I’m sayin’?” I asked, standing and fixing myself up.

“But act like I’m trying to lure you into something. All I want is
to thank you.”

“Yeah, well...I’m not exactly sure if I can trust you Stephanie. What’s to
stop me from thinking this is all just part of some plan? How do I know that
you’re not just using this as a distraction in order to get at...Nick?!” I
exclaimed, immediately rushing out into the hallway and directly into the
path of an oncoming stagehand before I could get any motion going.

“Violent J?” He asked, out of breath from running.

“Yeah...why?” I asked suspiciously.

“You’re friend...The being attacked by the Guerreros right now.
Follow me!” He exclaimed, turning around to run back down the hall. I tossed
my blunt to the side and immediately chased after him, Stephanie McMahon in
tow. When we arrived he was lying under a broken table, face down and
bleeding. There was a blunt burning nearby his head along with a now melting
bag of ice, with the words “We Lie, Cheat, and Steal” written across the wall
in dark letters. It also said “Viva La’ Raza” across the back of his vest
in red letters. I leaned down to get a better look at the writing, but then
quickly realized it wasn’t spray paint, but rather it was his own blood.

“Son of a fuckin’ bitch! Those fuckin’ burrito bangers are gonna’ PAY!” I
exclaimed through clenched teeth, pounding my fist against the wall. I then
noticed out of the corner of my eye that Sable was walking towards me...and
thoughts began to quickly surface inside my head.

“Josh...are you alright? I heard some commotion from down the hall in my
dressing room, and I came by to make sure it wasn’t anyone hurting you. Oh
my God!” She exclaimed, putting her hands over her mouth in shock, quickly
falling to her knees beside Nick. “Is he gonna’ be alright?” She exclaimed
as paramedics encircled Nick’s fallen body from around the corner.

“I don’t know about Nick...but I’m pretty fuckin’ sure I know what’s going
on around here with you 2.” I said, pointing at both Stephanie and Sable.

“What do you mean?” Stephanie asked, stepping closer to me.

“I used to think you were BOTH on my side...I actually thought I could get
along with you 2. I’ve come to realize, however, that incorporating business
with personal life isn’t the best idea, especially in pro-wrestling.”

“What are you getting at?” Sable asked, seemingly angry as she crossed her
arms over her chest, tapping her foot impatiently.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is that...I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.
Stephanie told me about you, Sable, and how you have no disregard for the
feelings of others if it means getting what you want. To be honest, I
wouldn’t put that past you for a second...not that I would mind or anything,
but it’s for my own well being. And Stephanie...I used to trust you, too.
But after what happened back there...I just don’t know. As a matter of fact,
I’ll never know if that was intentional or not...due to your reputation. You
seem to get attached to your clients pretty easily...and that‘s not always a
good thing.”

“Where are you going with this?” Asked Stephanie.

“Nevermind that, what’s going on between you 2? Did she take advantage of
you, J?”

“Like it’s any of your concern.” Stephanie remarked, getting right in Sable’s

“Yeah, see...and then there’s this tension between you that I just don’t
understand. You 2 can go ahead and work this out among yourselves,” I said,
grabbing a blunt from behind my ear and lighting it up. I took a phat hit
and inhaled, blowing my smoke out under the lights that hung from the
ceiling. “Meanwhile, I’ve got a match that YOU so graciously put me in. The
crazy part about it is...I don’t have a PARTNER!” I exclaimed, pointing at
Stephanie. Sable tried to nuzzle up against my arm, but I gently pushed her

“I’ll be your...‘partner.’” Sable hinted. “Good luck out there...BD.” And
with that she turned and walked away, blowing me a kiss before turning the
corner and out of my sight.

“Steph, I just hope...for your sake...that everything goes our way...” I
trailed off as I headed towards the entrance...

* * *

“Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is scheduled for 1 fall...and is
a street fight for the #1 Contendership to the WWE Tag Team Championship!”
The crowd roared as Eddie and Chavo’s music started, blaring base throughout
the arena as a green Cadillac low-rider came bouncing through the entrance.
“Introducing 1st...from El Paso, Texas...weighing in at a combined weight of
400lbs., Eddie and Chavo, Los Guerreros!” The car stopped at the end of the
entrance ramp, and out they both came, jumping up onto the apron and into
the ring simultaneously. They climbed opposite turnbuckles and extended
their arms toward the crowd, dropping back down to the canvas and preparing
for yours truly...minus Nick.

“And the opponent...from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 300lbs., 1 half
of High Time...Violent J!” I stepped slowly through the curtain, wearing my
usual ring attire. I took 1 last drag off my blunt before flicking it to the
concrete, blowing out my smoke under the black light that glowed from the top
of the entrance as I held my arms out at my sides. I started walking down the
aisle as my music pounded throughout the arena, jumping up onto the apron and
stepping through the ropes and into the ring. I raised my arm into the air as
my pyro shot off in all 4 corners, slouching down into the turnbuckle and
waiting for the match to begin. The lights slowly flickered back on and the
bell rang shortly after that, signaling the beginning of the match as I stood
my ground in the middle of the ring.


Stupidly, Chavo decided to run at me...and into a right hook to the jaw. As
he fell to the mat Eddie ran at me as well, receiving a jumping clothesline
for his troubles. As Chavo was getting to his feet I grabbed him by the arm
and Irish-whipped him off the right side ropes, picking him up by his legs
and slamming him down with a spine-buster; his head bouncing off the mat
viciously upon impact. I straddled his chest and proceeded to beat the shit
out of him, losing my focus after receiving a dropkick straight to the face,
complements of Eddie. Once down, they repeatedly stomped at my chest and
ribs, eventually trapping me against the bottom turnbuckle. Eddie pushed his
foot against my throat, grabbing the ropes for leverage as Chavo slid to the
outside and pushed my arms back against the pole, trying to choke me out.

After releasing his hold on my throat, Eddie slapped me in the face. He
grabbed my hair with his left hand and punched me hard with his right,
hitting me once again in the jaw. I pulled forward as hard as I could,
sending Chavo’s face against the pole as he released his hold on my arms,
giving me just enough time to give Eddie a low blow. I grabbed his chin
and forced his head up, slamming my hand as hard as I could against his
chest in a knife-edge chop, followed by a right hand to the face which
sent him down to 1 knee. I turned around just in time to see Chavo leap
off the top rope, so I dropped to my back and he instead hit Eddie, both
bodies rolling uncontrollably to the outside of the ring. I followed in
pursuit, grabbing Chavo by the head and throwing him shoulder first into
the black security barrier.

Eddie tried to attack me from behind but I met him with an elbow to the
mouth, followed by a jab to the stomach before hip tossing him into the
nearby steel steps. I lined up and ran towards Chavo as he sat against the
barrier, burying my foot deep against his sternum with a soccer kick. I
then pulled him to his feet by his hair and picked him up onto my shoulders,
throwing him up into my hands quickly before launching him back first
against the steel pole; his body bouncing to the ground with a sickening
thud. I turned around to find Eddie, but was met with a downward swinging
chair shot to the face, knocking me down to the lightly padded floor. I
felt the itch of a gash on my forehead, and sure enough the warm feeling
of blood began to slowly ooze down my face, never mind the fact that Eddie
was now pummeling me, opening up the cut further. He scooped some blood
from my face and wiped it on his chest, shouting out Spanish gibberish to
the crowd.

He tried to capitalize on my situation, but I punched him in the face,
picking myself up to 1 knee as I blocked another 1 of his blows, and gave
him 1 of my own. He tried once more, but I grabbed him by the wrist and
twirled around into a short armed clothesline, the force knocking him up
and over the announce table as I laid on top of it. I took off my Rams
jersey and wiped the excess blood from my face and eyes before tossing it
onto Chavo as he struggled to his feet. I grabbed him in a headlock and
tossed him into the ring, grabbing Eddie’s chair as I followed him inside.
I stood poised with chair in hand, slamming it down hard across his back
as he got to his hands and knees, tossing the chair down aimlessly to the
mat, signaling to the crowd for ‘The Violator.’ I picked him up and hooked
him in a pumphandle slam, lifting him up and flipping him backwards into a
DDT directly on the chair, knocking him out instantly. I immediately
hooked back his leg, went for the cover, and the win.


Eddie came crashing down on top of my back with a high impact frog splash,
breaking up the count as I rolled off of Chavo, clutching my ribs in pain
as I struggled to regain my breath. He quickly grabbed another chair and
tossed it back inside, sliding through the bottom rope and into a dropkick
from me right to the face. I grabbed the ropes nearest to me and began to
pull myself up, meeting Eddie halfway and Irish-whipping him into the far
corner, connecting with a hard clothesline to the chest against the
turnbuckle. He stumbled out and I kicked him in the stomach, clutching his
head under my arm and dropping him down on his forehead in an Evenflow DDT,
the crowd roaring in anticipation of a near victory as I rolled over onto
my back and laid an arm over his chest to officially make the cover.


Chavo’s feet connected hard with my nose, breaking up yet another pin
attempt just in the knick of time. He gave me repeated chops to the chest
as I struggled to my feet once again, grabbing his foot as he attempted
to kick me. He went for an enziguri, but I ducked, and as soon as he landed
back on his opposite foot I picked him up into a high belly-to-back suplex,
then slammed him down as hard as I could with my other hand in a devastating
chokeslam. The momentum sent me back against the turnbuckle, so I waited
impatiently for Eddie to get up so I could floor him with a clothesline from
hell. As he turned to face me I ran full speed...head first into another
chair shot, sending me stumbling back down to 1 knee. I waited for his next
strike, but was instead meet with a more unexpected blow to my upper back,
courtesy of Chavo, sending me forward onto my hands and knees. I’m not
exactly sure who hit me, but seconds later I felt another shot to my lower
back, dropping me down to the mat in unimaginable pain.

They rolled me over on top of a chair, and then placed the other one on my
chest, Chavo holding my arms out at my sides as Eddie slowly climbed to the
top turnbuckle, signaling for the Frog Splash. However, just as he was going
to execute the move, the lights went out and the arena stood in complete
darkness. Everyone stood in awe for what seemed like an eternity before they
flickered back on to a bright green that surrounded only the ring. Standing
there in the middle of the ring was none other than The Chief, taped ribs and
all. He waved the lights back on then ran at Chavo, dropping him with a hard
clothesline to the neck. He then ran against the ropes, crotching Eddie
Guerrero on the top turnbuckle before tossing him down in an overhead slam
directly to the canvas.

Chavo stood up and ran into a big boot from Nick, followed by a clothesline,
and then finally a back body drop. Eddie tried to intervene, but received a
spin wheel kick for his troubles, followed by another big boot, and then out
of nowhere a Stunner, the force of the move sending him tumbling back and
outside the ring, unconscious on the floor. As I struggled to my feet once
again Nick had thrown Chavo in my direction, so I decided to let him have it
and floored him with a spear...a little something I picked up from Goldberg.
Nick grabbed Chavo and picked him up forcefully in a full nelson, using the
leverage of his arms to bend Chavo’s head forward. I picked up a dented chair
and held it above my head, winding back and cracking the steel over his head
with such velocity that it actually broke upon impact, knocking Chavo out
undoubtedly. We could have gone for the win right then and there...but I
wasn’t quite done with Guerrero the Sr.

I rolled outside the ring and motioned for Nick to follow, trapping Eddie
against the barrier as he tried so desperately to get away. I kicked him in
the chin, then slapped him across the face as Nick toe-kicked him in the
chest, knocking the wind out of him. I picked him up by his head and led him
over to the announce table, slamming him face first against it. Nick walked
around to the other side and motioned to the crowd what was coming next. I
lifted Eddie up by his legs in a spine-buster, throwing him up and into
Nick’s awaiting Stunner, his midsection taking the full brunt of the attack
as it smacked the Spanish announce table, laying him out cold as it imploded
underneath him. I looked in the ring to see that not only was Chavo still
laid out, but he was now bleeding pretty heavily. So I, being the opportunist
that I am, decided to roll back inside, hook the right leg and cover Chavo
for the inevitable victory.



“Here are your winners, and the #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team
Championship, High Time!” I slinked beneath the bottom rope and dropped to
the floor, crawling on my hands and knees towards Tazz and Michael Cole’s
table to help pull myself to a vertical position. My back was killing me,
and I was bleeding pretty heavily, but for the most part I was OK; just a
little sore.

“Hey man...lemme’ get that water.” I said to Cole as I wiped the hair from
my face. He handed me his water bottle and I dumped it over my head, bending
down to grab my Rams jersey so I could once again wipe the built up blood
from my face and eyes. I walked over to where Nick and Eddie still lay,
Guerrero unconscious on his stomach while Nick sat up against the barrier,
clutching his ribs in obvious pain. I held out my hand and pulled him up to
his feet as he grabbed it, both of us taunting towards the crowd as they
cheered uncontrollably. We would now go on to Judgment Day in a match for
the Tag Team titles...not only our 1st PPV appearance, but 1 the people will
never forget. However, none of this would come without *some* controversy...
not to mention 1 particular incident that was out of anyone’s hands,
especially mine...

* * *

...“Oh shit, my ribs...” Exclaimed Nick as we stepped through the curtain.
He clutched his sides again, and then fell down to 1 knee.

“Jesus Christ, dude...what’d they do to you?” I asked.

“I was blindsided...a baseball bat...tables...” He trailed off, falling
completely to the floor. A stagehand happened to walk by, so I quickly
gained it’s attention.

“Get an ambulance, bitch! Can’t ya’ see there’s a man down here?” I
exclaimed, pointing down at the ground. Minutes later the EMT’s were on the
scene, and Nick was eventually taken away in a stretcher. He refused medical
assistance numerous times, but he couldn’t even stand up straight, let alone
walk. Before he was actually put inside the ambulance, I managed to get a
word in before he left.

“Dawg...just in case.” I said, pulling out a steel cigarette holder from the
right knee pocket on the front of my pants. I opened it and pulled out 4
blunts, showing them to him before sliding them back inside the container and
concealing it in 1 of his vest pockets. “Peace out.”

“What...are you gonna’ do?” He asked, giving me a high-five.

“Not sure. I’ll probably just go out and shit...I’ll come see you if you

“I’m good. I’ll be out on can *guarantee* that, nigga’.”

“Cool, cool. I guess I’ll see ya’ then.”

“Peace.” He said, before the EMT’s came and took him away. They slammed the
doors, and off the ambulance went, blaring sirens and all. I walked out of
the parking lot area and towards the backstage area, needing to get my cut
fixed up badly. After getting about 20 stitches, I made my way to the
bathroom to clean up any excess blood, eventually finding my locker room
and my gym bag. I pulled out a bottle of Vicaden and popped 2 of them,
gathering my shit before starting to make my way to the parking lot area. I
jumped into my Escalade and peeled out, accelerating at about 60mph before
disappearing down a winding road to the right, off towards the last town we
would arrive in before the PPV...

* * *

...I spent the next 2 days just thinking; thinking about my life, my career,
and everything that had aspired in the time of my employment; beginning to
feel the pressures of stardom come to quickly. Friday I basically spent the
entire day drinking, which in all reality didn’t seem to help my cause one
bit. All it did was make me think even harder; deeper. I started to feel
depressed even, so I turned to the only person who I KNEW could make me feel
better: Mary Jane. We had a long talk deep into the early hours of the
morning, if you will, and come Saturday afternoon I was starting to feel
like my old self again. There was a house show starting at around 5:30
downtown, and since I didn’t have anything better to do I decided to enjoy
a day of wrestling before the event on Sunday, in which I would be competing.

I arrived in downtown Memphis just as the show was starting. I parked my car
in the garage, then proceeded to make my way into the arena. As I started
walking to the backstage area, I was apprehended by a security guard.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa...where do you think you’re going?” He asked, grabbing me
by the shoulder and pushing me back.

“Excuse me?” I said in disbelief. “You don’t know who I am?”

“Get the fuck outta’ here...wrestlers and personnel only.” He answered,
crossing his arms against his chest.

“But...I *am* a wrestler.” I responded, stepping aside to try and once again
make my way to the locker rooms. However, he again grabbed me and this time
threw me up against the wall.

“Oh really? And who might you be?” He asked sarcastically, pressing his
forearm firmly against my collar bone. I grabbed him by the shoulder, then
stepped behind him and locked on a hammerlock. As he struggled to get free
I pushed him face first against the wall, then when he turned around I threw
a right cross that knocked him down and out, stepping over his body before
turning around to answer.

“Violent J, bitch. And don’t you forget it.” I said, opening the door and
stepping into the hallway before closing it behind me...

* * *

...The house show was mediocre, as expected, but nonetheless I enjoyed
myself. Torrie Wilson had competed in a bikini contest against Dawn Marie
and Nidia, sporting a red thong bikini that blew the other 2 bitches right
out of the water. Immediately after she left the ring my mind couldn’t stop
swimming. I couldn’t even concentrate on the rest of the matches, so I began
to sense that something was seriously wrong with me. The more I thought the
harder my head started to pound, and soon I ‘blamed’ it on the fact that I
needed some fresh air. I got up and left the arena, walking towards the
garage in order to ‘prescribe’ myself some treatment.

However, as I was heading to my car the weirdest thing happened. I looked
out of the corner of my eye and saw Torrie Wilson once again, bag hanging
off her shoulder, wearing a very short, very tight, silver sequin dress.
After seeing her in the ring that attire caught my attention immediately,
not to mention the situation I was beginning to visualize in my head. I
walked over to her very casually, looking to start a conversation with a
newly made friend as I reached inside my glove box and lit up another blunt.

“Hey Torrie...what’s up?”

“Oh, nothing J...just waiting here for my limo. It’s late.”

“Yeah, I kinda’ figured that. That was a, out there...I guess
you could say? You looked hot. Is that what you’re gonna’ be wearing at
Judgment Day?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Thanks, but no. This Sunday, I’ll be wearing even less.” She said slyly
before starting to giggle. I felt a tingling sensation in my pants, and at
that moment I began to feel ill.

“Well, I doubt you’ll be looking any better than you already do right now.
What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“Oh, nothin’. I’m just going out...lookin’ for a good time in-between a
hectic schedule, you know. Thanks for the complement, though. What brings
*you* around here? You’re not scheduled to wrestle, are you?”

“No, no...just looking for something to do since they took Nick to the
hospital. I’m bored...can’t wait until Sunday.” I said, taking another rip
from my blunt.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I saw him being taken away in the ambulance.
What happened?”

“Well, before our match Thursday night he got attacked backstage by the
Guerreros. From what I’ve gathered out of the situation, they hit him with a
baseball bat and did something through a table. He seemed pretty banged up,
though. I don’t know what’s going on.” I answered. “Honestly, I’m feeling a
little down...and doubtful.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” She answered, gently rubbing my shoulder. Upon
contact the sweat started to form at my forehead and drip towards my brow.

“But Anyways. Hey...I know this sounds kinda’ forward and everything, and
I’ll understand if you say no...but uh, do you maybe wanna’ hang out with me
tonight? You know...for the company?” I asked, gauging her reaction.

“Sure, why not? I don’t really wanna’ go out alone anyways. Let’s do it.”
She said cheerily, a smile having spread across her face. I lead her to my
Escalade and opened the passenger door, taking her hand and guiding her
easily inside, shutting the door as she got situated. As I started to walk
around to the driver’s side door I took a blunt rip so big that I earled,
choking myself so bad that tears began forming at my eyes. As my vision
came back into view I started seeing something in my mind; like a picture.
I tried to focus on it more, but it was very blurry...all I could make out
was a man and a woman...the woman struggling to breath while the man looked
on and laughed...was she on her knees? Then the voices started in.

As I regained my composure, I Thought I heard someone say ‘rape her.’ I
looked around, thinking it was someone I knew making a joke because I had
Torrie in my car, but there was nobody there. I took out my keys and opened
the door, when I heard it again. ‘Rape her...rape *her*’ It continued,
stopping only when I sat down and started the engine.”

“Rape her?” I said under my breath, clutching my pulsating temples. “What
the fuck is wrong with me?”

“Josh...are you, OK? Do you need me to call an ambulance?” She asked, pulling
out her cell phone.

“No, no...I’m fine. I just have a bit of a headache, that’s all. So, where
to?” I asked, beginning to back out of my parking space.

“Well, I am kinda’ hungry.”

“Me too. Good call.” I said, reaching out for a high-five. She slapped my
hand and we shared a good laugh...little did I realize what was to come out
of this seemingly harmless situation as I put the car into gear and sped off
out the parking lot and down the nearby road...

* * *

...After enjoying some dinner, we of course, went out drinking. Who’d a
known that Torrie Wilson was a light-weight? After about 2 strawberry
daiquiris she was plastered. When I say plastered, I mean
hanging-all-over-me-’cause-I-can’t-walk drunk, which only made my job
easier. Not to mention my dick harder...which in turn caused the visions
in my head to become more and more clear. Maybe that was the 5 Rum and
Coke’s I had...or the weed...or possibly the 2 Vicaden I had popped
earlier. Maybe all 3...I’m not sure. Anyways, as Torrie and I neared
closer and closer our hotel, her sliding in the seat next to me trying
to stay alert, I knew what I had to do. The voices were telling me to
rape this Playboy cover-girl...and I was more than happy to oblige.

I actually had to pick her up and carry her into the hotel, after gathering
my shit and putting on my special glasses of course, walking through the
lobby and taking the elevator up to the 4th floor. I walked down the corridor
until I reached room 20, swiping my card key through the handle and opening
the door, gently setting Ms. Wilson down on my bed and closing the door
behind me.

“Hey...where am I? Josh...this isn’t my room.” She said, sitting up as I
sparked up another blunt. I took a hit and blew it in her face, Torrie
sniffing the air around her before starting to cough from the thick haze
that surrounded her face. “Mmmm...that smells good.” She exclaimed.

“Damn straight...(inhaling)...tastes good, too.” I exhaled another hit, and
began to feel a warm sensation come over my whole body. “Wanna hit?” I asked,
holding out the blunt towards her. She was hesitant at 1st, but she grabbed
it and took 2 phat rips off of it before passing it back.

“Oh shit...(cough) (cough)...” She trailed off, going on a coughing fit. I
handed her my drink, another R&C, and she guzzled about half of it at a time.
At that point I knew she was mine for the taking. I stepped back to admire
what I was about to partake in, noticing her blond hair was styled in a
bun-type thing, her eyes were red and squinted, her pink lips were full and
ever so juicy, and her gloriously tanned, muscular skin went extremely well
with the attire she was, or should I say wasn’t wearing. I myself had changed
from my ring attire into a pair of blue mesh Adidas shorts, and a matching
colored ‘Big Daddy’ T-shirt. As you probably figured out, the thought of what
was about to concur was keeping me very hard...something I’m sure that she
could’ve noticed even in the state of mind she was in.

“I think I should be getting back to my room...” She mentioned again,
trailing off after catching glimpse of my protruding penis, sticking out and
forming a valiant tent in my shorts.

“Yeah...or not.” I answered her.

“What do you mean?” She asked, nervously. I walked closer towards her and
placed my hand gently on her shoulder, sliding my left index finger up her
throat and under her chin, gently pushing her head up towards my eyes.

“Well, to be honest...I’m horny. I want you to please me it
willingly or forcefully, that’s up to you. Either way, I’m finally getting
something I WANT tonight...and it just so happens, to be you.” I said,
smiling sarcastically before regaining my composure. I took my card key and
put it in my pocket, walking towards the door itself and locking it with a
simple flick of the wrist, locking Torrie inside...possibly for good.

“But...but why? Please don’t do anything you won’t regret later.” She begged,
tears beginning to form at the corners of her eyes.

“Aw...come on, please stay Torrie. I’m really lonely...I just need someone to
‘hang’ with.” I exclaimed, thrusting my crotch forward. “Hungry? Why Wait?”
Torrie continued to just stare at me in absolute fear, backing herself up
against the wall as I started to inch forward towards the bed.


“Is this about money, Torrie, because money is no option. How much to you
want: $50, $100, $500, $1000? Whatever you need...I can give you.”

“But...but I...I’m engaged. I’m engaged to Peter...” She started, trailing
off as those same tears began rolling down her cheeks. Normally, I would’ve
started feeling REALLY bad at this point, but quite honestly I didn’t give a
fuck how she felt. I had been double-crossed tonight by someone that I wasn’t
sure of, my partner was injured thanks to some fuckin’ mexicans, and not to
mention the condition I myself was in. The way Stephanie reacted to last week
really made me feel bad, ya know...about the video blackmail we were gonna’
pull and all. I was beginning to feel used, and I had no idea what was going
to become of my career. The drugs and the alcohol that were in my body made
me snap, so to speak, and tonight I was getting what I so rightfully
deserved, according to my over-loaded brain.

“Listen Torrie, I know you’re engaged. WHY it is to Kidman, or ‘Peter’ as you
so graciously pointed out, I’m not sure, but let me tell you something...he
doesn’t deserve you. You’re absolutely beautiful...and in 3 years your career
has advanced more than his has, and more than it ever will. You deserve so
much better...and I think that I can give it to you. Besides, once he
realizes that your only important parts have been ravaged by a man with a
dick NOT resembling a 4 year old boy, he‘s not gonna‘ want anything to do
with you anymore.” I declared boldly.

“How DARE you!” She exclaimed, stepping towards me and slapping me hard in
the right cheek. I grabbed my face in shock, then reached forward and grabbed
her wrist, throwing her up against the wall and trapping her underneath my

“ really, REALLY, don’t wanna’ piss me off right now. I’m trying
to be nice...I am using every ounce of self-restraint that I have to be
nice...but I WILL hit you if I have to. Sure, when you looked at me the first
time, you would’ve never thought that I would be capable of something like
this, right? Well...normally you’d be right...except tonight is no ordinary
night for you or me. No, no Torrie, because tonight I am going to get what I matter if it is by FORCE,” I exclaimed, tightening my grip around
her wrists, causing her to squirm underneath me and cry out at the same time.
“Or, if it is by...cooperation.” I said, letting her go, standing back and
awaiting her response. I pulled out $500 and waved it in front of her face,
which she weakly accepted as her head dropped down in total shame.
“Excellent. Good choice. Now, if you’ll make your way over to the bed, we
can get started.”

“OK...” She answered, placing the money down on a nearby dresser. She walked
over to the middle of the room and stood at the edge of the bed, awaiting my

“OK Torrie...go ahead and take off your clothes.” I said, gesturing with my
hands. She flipped her hair back behind her ears then reached behind her
back, reaching the zipper with her fingers and slowly pulling it down. She
pulled the straps down off her arms and dropped the dress in a crumpled heap
at her feet.

“Nice...very nice.” I exclaimed, my eyes focused in on her breasts. They
were big and firm, her nipples erect and pointing out like erasers. “Are
you cold...or are you starting to get into this?”

“I’m...cold.” She answered, again looking down at the floor.

“Alright Torrie...go ahead and bend over the bed so I can check out that
ass.” I ordered. Torrie bent over the bed wearing a white g-string, pushing
her ass out and squeezing her legs together in order to give me a view of
it’s full roundedness. I walked up behind her and squeezed her right ass
cheek hard, feeling it’s firmness against the palm of my hand. As I kneaded
the flesh in-between my fingers she arched her back, putting herself more
at ease than before. This didn’t last long, as without warning I grabbed her
arms and folded them behind her back, quickly latching on a pair of handcuffs
to her wrists and now leaving her defenseless. I then grabbed her by the
hair and pulled her head up, stabbing her softly in the neck with my
still-concealed cock. It was then that I noticed the gloss on her lips; all
sparkly and glittery n’ shit. It’s almost like she got dressed up JUST for

“Please...don’t hurt me...” She begged. I immediately started to chuckle,
running my hand up the side of her neck to feel her pulse. Her heart was
beating rapidly, as she was obviously afraid, and I was getting off on it.
I helped her turn back to face me, resting her back and arms against the
edge of the bed as she rested somewhat comfortably on her knees before me,
my crotch brushing against her nose and mouth as I gently stroked my hands
through her hair.

“Torrie, I’m not gonna’ hurt you...too badly, anyway. I don’t wanna’ get in
trouble for any of this...I’m just a little under the influence right now
and I have no control over myself. It’s nothing personal...and I GUARANTEE
nothing of the sort will EVER happen again, after tonight of course. We
never have to talk, look, or even acknowledge each other’s presence on this
Earth ever again after this...just please cooperate with me.”

“OK...please...just be gentle...” She begged. Her eyeliner and shit was all
messed up from the tears, but she still looked sexy as hell. I thrust my
crotch hard against her face, signaling to start.

“Well...go ahead.”

“But...I can’ hands...”

“Use your teeth, bitch!” I exclaimed impatiently. Torrie lowered her head
forward, using her teeth to grasp the waistband of my shorts and gently tug
down until they fell at my ankles, doing the same with my boxers. Her eyes
opened wide in shock as my cock bobbed up and smacked her directly under the
nose upon revelation. “Ya like that? I bet ol’ Billy boy ain’t gotta’ dick
like this.” I exclaimed, waving it in her face. “Ain’t that right, Torrie?”
She didn’t answer, so I swung my dick like a baseball bat, nailing her first
in the left cheek.

“Well...” WHACK! I nailed her right in the left cheek, swinging my dick like
a baseball bat directly at her face. She didn’t respond, so I swung and hit
her in the right eye this time, then hauled off and dick smacked her directly
across the bridge of the nose. “ANSWER ME!” I yelled impatiently. Again she
didn’t respond, so I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled back about 8
inches, taking careful aim as I lunged forward and stabbed her directly in
the throat with my dick head. She immediately fell backwards and began
sputtering desperately for air, gagging and coughing horribly.

“Yes...(cough) (cough)...Yes, you’re much bigger...” She trailed
off before starting to gag again.

“Listen, bitch, If you puke on the bed I seriously will hurt you. You know
I have to sleep there...among other things. Now get up and put this schlong
in your mouth, cunt-whore. NOW!!!!” I shouted impatiently. Cautiously, she
began inching towards my cock, getting closer by the second. “I SAID NOW!!!”
I shouted again, grabbing her by the hair and shoving her head towards my
dick. Finally she was mouth level with it, and as she opened her jaw wider
and wider she began to slowly inch her mouth forward on my gigantic rod,
managing to only take in about the 1st 3 inches or so. This was definitely
not working for me, as you may imagine...especially after what I had received
at the hands of the boss’s daughter. I decided it was time for me to take
further control of this already horrid ordeal.

“Get ready for this shit, bitch!!!” I said, as I grabbed her by the base of
the head and plunged deep into her esophagus, making it impossible for her to
breathe and increasing my pleasure ten fold. I began rapidly pummeling her
mouth with my meat, and the resounding noise, a proverbial flesh-whapping if
you will, sounded across the room as my ball sack bounced of her chin wildly
while I choke fucked the shit out of her. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you...” I
said between moans. Gargling, choking, and quite-honestly if you ask me, near
death, Torrie Wilson was a sight to see. Her mascara was completely washed
down her face and spit was coming out of the sides of her mouth. Her face was
just beginning to turn purple before I finally pulled out, leaving her
gasping and sputtering for dear life.

“Listen, slave! I am going to cum soon and I want you to swallow it all. If
you don’t, I will SMACK YOU IN THE MOUTH!!!! Now get on it and start sucking
again!!!!” I shouted forcefully. She just lay on the ground, gagging and
choking like I had hurt her or something. “Did you not hear me bitch???? I
said start giving me pleasure, orally, or I will end you!!!” I shouted, this
time louder.

“But...but I don’t swallow nut...I can’t stand the taste.” She managed to
choke out in between repeated gasps for air.

“I’m sorry? What did you just say to me? I think I heard you talk. I said
suck, not talk. Are you really that stupid, cunt? I choose to believe that
you aren’t, and I don’t give a shit what you like the taste of!! If I tell
to drink my piss, you do it!! You do whatever I say!!! Is that clear?” I
asked her. She did not respond. SMACK!!! I let her have it with the old
backhand to the mouth and I damn near knocked the bitch stupid. She lay
dazed on the ground for a minute, her eyes still open as she was trying to
regain her sense of self-awareness. She didn’t have time, as I was quick to
once again grab her by the hair, pull her back up to her knees and place my
dick on her scalp, dangling my balls against her nose and now semi-bloody
lips, as she was now beginning to bleed slightly out of the corner of her


“Torrie...why are you making things so DIFFICULT!” I shouted, slamming my
fist down hard on the end table. “Just do what I tell you...and you get to
leave with the most important thing intact...your life. It sure as hell
won’t be your dignity or self-respect, I can tell you that much. Now suck
my balls!” I exclaimed, somewhat perturbed. She stuck out her tongue and
flicked my right nut, then swirled over to the other, using her lips to
begin sucking on them. She was still hesitant, but beginning to truly
understand the severity of the situation she was in. I grabbed my dick and
pushed it all the way up against my stomach, squatting my legs slightly so
I could tea-bag my balls in and out of her red, glistening lips. I would
stop every so often and hold them there, grabbing her by the back of the
head and pushing forward until I had reached a satisfied point.

“ it’s time for you to suck me off until I cum down your throat.
The sooner you get this done, the sooner you can leave. I’m not a bad
guy Torrie...I’m just a little twisted.” I said gently, whapping my dick
lightly at her closed lips. She opened her mouth and popped the crown
inside, slowly dragging her lips over it before thrusting her mouth down
slightly further, dragging her lips back again over 2 inches of my shaft
before again thrusting her head slightly forward. After several valiant
tries, she still only managed to get about half of my dick down her throat
at a time, and that was a chore in itself. As her head bobbing started to
speed up, cheeks puffed out and lips tightly puckered, a loud and rather
embarrassing slurping sound came from deep in her throat that sent shivers
up and down my spine. Almost like a reaction, my hand once again found the
back of her head and instinctively pushed forward, holding her there as
the throbbing sensation in my cock shaft grew more and more as the seconds
flew by. A smile slowly crept across my face as I began to realize that I
enjoyed watching and hearing her struggle for air while trying so
desperately to please me at the same time, the feel and sight of her hot
mouth and sexy lips moving over my slick cock shaft was absolutely
incredible; a sight that I imagine few men have ever seen.

I felt the tip of my dick touch the back of her throat, the vibrations from
the contractions of her throat muscles brushing against the veins of my
shaft. She swallowed hard to keep from gagging but only managed to enhance
my pleasure even more, the feeling of her teeth accidentally scratching at
my flesh finally pushing me over the edge as I roared out in pleasure, the
friction of her mouth on my girth becoming too much for me to handle.

“Oh shittt...I’m gonna’ cum bitch, and you better swallow the shit...Ohh
fuck!” I exclaimed, pulling out of her mouth and beginning to jack off in
front of her face. I grabbed the bun in her hair and pulled down, forcing
her head back and her mouth open. As I pumped my hand furiously around my
dick I instructed her to slowly flick and swirl her tongue into and around
my piss-hole, using her hand to squeeze and palm my balls at the same time.
I was in bliss now as my balls tightened and I felt my orgasm rising, the
blood pumping in my ears and completely flooding my vision as I lost myself
in pleasure, throwing my head back lightly as I simply exploded. I replaced
my cock back in-between her open lips as rope, after rope, after thick rope
of my unborn children flooded into her mouth and down her throat, forcing
me to clasp onto the sides of her head for support as all the muscle in my
body tightened up at once. Once I had completely emptied myself I pulled
out, wiping the excess jizz onto her forehead and cheeks before forcing her
to suck on the head some more. My body was tingling with goose bumps, hair
standing on end as Torrie eventually milked me clean.

“Ohhhh...FUCK!” I exclaimed, smiling brightly as I took my dick in hand.
Surprisingly, it was still very erect; almost to the point of causing me
pain. Obviously, my brain was telling my body that I wasn’t quite done with
Torrie. “That...that was, very good. Very good indeed...for someone on an
amateur level such as yourself. Maybe it’s the look in your eyes that does
it for me...maybe the tightness of your throat, I don’t know exactly. All
I know, is that now we move on to stage 2.”

“But I thought you said...”

“I don’t give a fuck what I said before, BITCH! All I know is that you better
stand up right NOW before I!” I exclaimed, grabbing her by
the arm and hauling her to her feet. She trembled in fear as I slowly circled
her, my eyes traveling up and down every inch of her gloriously nude body.
“That’s it. Mmmm, mmmm, sure are beautiful, ya know that? God...I
can’t believe this is happening, to me.” I said, stopping and standing behind
her. I rubbed my hands up her arms and rested them on her shoulders, feeling
the goose bumps as she continued to shake beneath me. I hunched over and
grabbed onto her breasts, all the fight and resistance having been beaten out
of her both mentally and physically, and began to squeeze the warm, firm
flesh between my fingers, as I had done with her ass cheeks previously. I
noticed her nipples were hard as they poked into my palms, so I tweaked and
rubbed them in-between my fingers as well, trying to once again gain her

“Do you like this, Torrie? Does it feel good...does it make your pussy all
wet and moist?” I asked, whispering lightly into her ear. She said nothing
as I licked her earlobe, then kissed her cheek and continued down her neck,
sucking somewhat firmly on the tasty flesh of her throat as I continued to
massage her sensitive, yet oh so large tits. I could hear her breathing grow
heavier through her nose, but she kept her mouth closed and said nothing. My
dick was pressed up against her hands, and the touch was keeping me harder
than ever, so I decided to take this another step further. I kept kissing
across her neck as I stepped around in front of her, sliding my hands down
her sides until they rested at her hips, curling under the waistband of her
very skimpy panties. I broke the kiss suddenly and startled her, locking my
eyes with hers and staring into them deep; showing no emotion.

“Am I making you feel good, Torrie? Do you” I asked. “I’m sorry
about before...really. I...I don’t know what happened. I’ve never acted like
that before...honestly. I promise I’ll be more can trust me.” I
said, running my fingers gently through her hair. She weakly shook her head
yes, then basically gave herself to me. I guided her around to a doggy-style
position at the foot of the bed, again grabbing the waist band of her
g-string and tugging them down gently until they fell to the floor. She lay
with her head to the right side, completely flat out on her stomach, her
arms still bound behind her by the steel cuffs and with her back arched. Her
ass was jutted out and sticking straight in the air, her sexy legs spread
apart and rubbing against mine as I took my position behind her. I took my
dick in hand and slapped it between both ass cheeks, signaling to her what
was coming next.

“’re too big. Don’t hurt me...” She said under her breath. I
took my finger and slightly grazed it across her enflamed lips, feeling that
she was very wet. “Apparently Torrie likes it rough, something I’m sure
Kidman doesn’t know...yet. I’m pretty sure he’ll experience it soon, though,
after I get done with her...”, I said to myself, lining up behind the Playboy
bunny and poking my dick head at the entrance to her cunt. I spread her ass
cheeks to expose the open hole, then guided my hard on slightly inside. The
feeling was so compact, but the pressure felt unbelievable as I slowly slid
another couple inches inside her, gently building up a pace before
immediately bottoming out as deep as possible, resting my balls comfortably
against her cheeks.

“Ohhhhhhh,” She screamed out loudly, burying her face into the mattress in
obvious pain. “Oh my God...too big...” she continued before trailing off,
plummeting her head back down to the mattress. I reached forward and grabbed
onto her shoulders, pulling out so just my head was stuck before rearing back
and slamming forward again, another cry escaping her unexpected lips. She was
so tight, I almost couldn’t believe it. How could Kidman not have turned this
thing out by now? I couldn’t have cared less as I started to speed up my
massive thrusts, basically throwing myself into her quivering cunt as my grip
tightened around her shoulders. I pushed her forward while continuing to fuck
her, the friction from my cock slamming down into her velvet lining becoming
greater with each gyration of my hips.

“Yeah...oh tight...Hmmm, ya’ like that dick bitch!?” I exclaimed,
grabbing her by the hair and lifting her head off the mattress, turning it to
the right so she could look back at me. Her mouth was opened in a mixture of
shock, and pleasure from what I sensed. “Answer ME!” I exclaimed before
pulling out of her with a loud, slick pop.

“Y...yes, I love it.” She answered meekly. “Ahhhhhhhh,” She screamed out
unexpectedly as I dove back in, grabbing her this time by the neck as I again
started to pound her vagina. “Oh God...oh God...oh God,” She muffled out
between tears. “Please’re gonna’ tear me apart...please...” While
continuing to ‘rock the boat’ to the sounds of displeasure, I slapped her in
the back of the head then grabbed onto the cuffs and pulled back on her arms,
arching her back and pushing her down even more on my tool as her head
immediately flew back up. It was then that I heard a slight ripping noise.
“Shiiiitttttttt!” She exclaimed in terror.

“Oh God...wait...a minute.” I said, slowing down to a complete stop. “Shit...
what the fuck happened?” I asked, grabbing a hand-full of ass. I spread them
as far as they would go, then found her now widened, slightly bloody hole. In
only about 5 minutes I had managed to rip her up like saran wrap, her hole no
longer vice like as I took my dick in hand and continued to stab at her
loosened womb.

“What...what do you mean?” She asked shockingly, her face contorting in pain
as she again looked back at me.

“You’re’s not satisfying me anymore. I, I think I ripped it.”

“ did. You‘re too big...please let me go and I promise I won‘t say a

“Did I say you could TALK?!” I roared out, slapping her across the left side
of the face. As soon as her head hit the mattress I grabbed her neck and
pushed down, trying to suffocate her. “Where the fuck did that come from,
anyways? You know, or at least you should by know, that you’re not leaving
tonight until I SAY SO! She wriggled and thrashed around as I rubbed her
face around, slowly depleting her air supply. Only when I saw fit did I pull
her up for air. “Mother FUCKER! If you’re shit’s loose, how am I supposed to
nut? You’re not LEAVING until I nut!” I yelled out, grabbing her by the chin
and forcing her up completely onto the bed. Her body heaved back and forth
as she filled her lungs with air, staring into my eyes, once again in fear
for her life.

“I’m sorry...don’t kill me...I’m so sorry. How...can I make it...up to you?”
She managed between gasps.

“ you honestly think *I* would kill *you*? My career, not to
mention the rest of my life is at stake here. But...if you’re offering...go
ahead and rotate that ass back around towards me. I’ve got a little something
in mind.” I said, slapping my hand down on her right ass cheek.

“What...what are you going to do?” She asked nervously. I opened the dresser
drawer and pulled out a tube of lubricant, squeezing a tiny bit onto my

“I think you’re smart enough to figure that one out.” I answered, spreading
her ass cheeks once again and sliding my finger slightly up her puckered

“Oh God...Ow...please, anything but this...oooh.”

“Sorry bitch, but what I say goes. And I say that in order for you to escape
this situation with your life, you will take my dick up your ass until I cum.
Is that understood?” I asked, grasping her by the chin and raising her head
up towards my face. She said nothing, but shook her head ‘yes’ immediately.
I snaked my fingers around her throat and held her in place as I took my dick
and began to poke at her puckered anus, nearly fitting just the head inside
before she started to wince and moan in pain.

“Oh’re tearing me open...No...” She tried to beg, but I would have
none of it. More tears rolled down Torrie’s face, forming somewhat of a
puddle under where her head lay. I knew that she wanted so desperately to say
or do something that would save her at the last minute, “But that wasn’t
possible” I told myself. She opened her mouth to say something, then merely
grunted in agony as I fully penetrated her pink anus. Her ass was picture
perfect and rock hard, clamping down on my dick so tightly that I just had to
let out a moan. With each thrust she tried desperately to push her ass back
in order to speed things up, but I grabbed her around the throat with my
hands and forced her down, holding her there as she continued to squeal
underneath me.

“Nah, bitch, I’ll nut when I’m damn good and ready!” I exclaimed, shoving
myself in as deep as humanly possible, causing her to yell out involuntarily.

“OOooohhhh, stop, I’m sorrrrryyyyy, ungh,” Torrie moaned. I could feel the
glands in her throat as my grip became tighter, pushing up even deeper until
I felt what I believed to be her colon. “Uuuunnnggghhh” She screamed out
helplessly, the life she once had beginning to slowly flash before her eyes.
Meanwhile I showed her no mercy whatsoever, pounding away while watching her
slowly suffocate to death underneath me. I stopped very suddenly but left my
dick inside, slowly rocking back and forth.

“Stop...please...” She said in a raspy voice; this her last desperate attempt
to keep her life before death came swooping over. But I couldn’t hear her; I
didn’t want to hear her. My vision was starting to turn red, and I could feel
my impending explosion boiling in my ball sack. I continued to thrust harder
and faster, feeling the blood slowly start to trickle from out of her ass.
Then, without an ounce of warning, I lost it and started to blow my load into
the limp body of Torrie Wilson. I continued to hump her as I came and came
and came, falling to the floor as all the energy was seemingly being sucked
from out of me.

I lay there for a significant period of time, waiting for my eyes to roll
back into place from the back of my head. I immediately reached for a blunt,
sparked it, and took a hit, savoring its familiar taste before exhaling up
into the ceiling. I stood up from the floor and cleaned myself up in the
bathroom, putting on my clothes after taking a long awaited piss. Upon
walking back into the room I noticed her body was still in the same position;
ass jutted out in the air and on her knees, head lying stiff on the mattress
to the right side, arms still handcuffed behind her back. I walked over to
her and placed my fingers against her collar bone and throat area, quickly
noticing that she still had a pulse, thank God. She would be fine in a couple
of hours. I tried so hard not to kill her, but I thought I had done the deed
for sure. Anyway, it didn’t really matter; I had just committed rape...and I
felt DAMN good about it.

I pulled out my infamous dresser drawer of blunts, setting it down before
quickly gathering up all the rest of my shit. I took the key to her handcuffs
and unlocked them, putting them inside my drawer. I took her body and laid it
back first on the bed, pulling the blanket up over her still nude form. I
then folded her clothes across the back of a chair, and called her cell phone
to leave a message for her when she got up.

“Hey’s me. Thanks for the great evening; you’re a really fun
person. If you tell ANYBODY...I WILL kill you.” Click. I then picked up my
drawer and walked out of the room as though nothing had ever happened,
tossing the money I had promised her on the nearby end table...

* * *

Sunday, May 18th - Judgment Day

...I had no idea what time it was, but I had been sleeping for quite some
time. After wiping the crust from my eyes, I glanced over at the digital
clock on the night stand to the right of me, quickly noticing that it was
just half past noon...and that I had no idea where I was. After stretching
out my arms while yawning, I somewhat rolled out from underneath the
comforter and sat on the edge of my bed.

“Where the fuck am I?” I asked myself, opening the dresser drawer of the
night stand and grabbing a blunt, quickly lighting it before inhaling my
first hit of smoke, savoring it’s piney taste before swishing it around
in my mouth and exhaling it into smoke rings. I stood up from the bed and
walked into the bathroom ready to take a piss, but before I could even
take 2 steps my cell phone rang from out of nowhere, making my pounding
headache even worse.

“Hello?” I said in an angry voice, just waiting for the other person to
talk before I went off on them. “Who the fuck is this?”

“Josh, this is Bischoff. What is your problem?” His annoying high-pitched
voice only intensified my migraine.

“I had a little too much fun last night...let‘s just leave it at that.” I
replied slowly. “Where the fuck am I?” I once again asked, this time out

“You, my friend, are in the corporate suite. Complements of yours truly,
just to let you know.”

“And, how did this all commence?” I asked, my head pounding with utter

“Nevermind that, J, you need to get moving because you have an appointment
with Stephanie at 1:30 today.” He announced.

“And *when* did I make this alleged ‘appointment’?” I asked, more confused
and now perturbed.

“You didn’t, I did. You have to meet her at the GE Center in Downtown,
Nashville, to let her know that there has been a change in tonight’s
program.” He said, snickering lightly.

“What the fuck you talkin’ ‘bout, Bischoff?” I asked.

“Well, let’s just say a little birdie told me that Team Angle is unable to
compete tonight...perhaps permanently. Now get the fuck down there and use
your newly acquired positions to declare yourselves the new champions, via
forfeit.” He answered, angrily.

“Wait a minute. How is that?” I was majorly confused now, and my state of
mind from the excessive drinking the night before wasn’t helping my brain
process regular thought.

“Well, I kinda’.. sort of.. sent The Dudley Boyz to...give them a pre-match
‘warm up’.” He replied.

“Why? You don’t trust us or something?” I asked, somewhat offended. “You
don’t think we can win the belts on our you?”

“No,’s not that at ALL. I just wanted to, up your hand so to speak.
As your residing GM, I do everything in my power to accommodate YOU. Besides,
this gives you the perfect opportunity to get more tape of Stephanie. Nothing
special; perhaps a quick hummer or something, I don’t know. Just make it look
spontaneous. I want it to be better than your first tape...if that’s even
possible.” He instructed.

“OK, ‘director’.” I replied sarcastically.

“All I’m saying is that if this wrestling thing doesn’t work out, you could
always be a pornstar. Where do you hide it all?” He asked.

“I seriously hope you didn’t just make a reference to my penis size.” I said,
disturbingly. “Anyways, I’ll be there on time...just gotta’ get ready n’

“Good. Report back immediately after the meeting. I’ll see you guys later.”
He said before hanging up.

“Man, my dick sure is being overworked as of late. It kinda makes me miss the
good ol’ days. Nah, what am I saying? I fuck the wrestling bitches
awesome is that?” I exclaimed into the mirror, stepping into the bathroom to
get ready for my spur-of-the-moment appointment...

* * *

...I arrived at the Gaylord Entertainment Center around 1:20, of course
completely blowed out of my mind. I nearly tripped inside the revolving glass
door before tumbling to the floor in front of the main lobby. As I made my
way towards the locker room area I took my spy glasses from their holder and
flipped the switch, putting them on before placing my other pair into the
case, and then back into my pocket. I passed through the halls quickly and
aimlessly, taking my time until I finally reached the office door of the west
wing. I looked and it said ‘Stephanie McMahon: General Manager’. I then
looked down at my watch; 1:29 PM.

“Just in time.” I said, impatiently knocking on the door.

“Ah, yes...I’ve been expecting you, J. Come in, come in.” She gestured,
closing the door behind me as I walked into her office. “Go ahead and take
a seat there in front of my desk.” I walked over to her desk and sat in the
only chair there, waiting for her to sit down as well so business could
start. “I’m glad you’re on was you evening?” She asked, trying
to spark up a conversation.

“ was different. And yours...” I asked.

“Very hectic...could’ve used some of your performance enhancer, if ya’ know
what I mean.” She said, staring at the blunt that was burning in my hand.

“Oh...I thought you were talking about something *else*.” I responded.

“That would’ve been nice, too. Anyways, I just found out about this meeting
this morning. What’s so urgent that you needed to see me several hours in
advance?” She asked, slamming her hands down on her desk. I did a double take
after that last comment she made, so I didn’t answer her right away.

“Well, has come to my attention that Team Angle is unable to
compete tonight in our match. It seems that they have been the victims of a
‘setup’, if you will.” I began to explain.

“Yes, that has come to my attention as well. Team Angle won’t be able to
compete again for a long time...if ever again. I can only hope that you and
your partner had nothing to do with this?” She asked.

“Oh no, I just found out about it this morning. Nick called me to say that
they had been brought into the same hospital that he is currently occupying.

“OK...and your point is?”

“Well, as 1 representative of the 25% Co-GM’s of SmackDown!, I am using my
powers to make my first official decision: Although Team Angle may not be
able to compete, the Tag Team Championship WILL be defended here tonight...
by High Time! We are the new champions via forfeit.” I exclaimed, standing
up from my seat.

“And what makes you think that you’re even capable of making a decision like
this?” She asked, folding her hands underneath her chin.

“Because...we won your match last week against the Guerreros, and it was for
the #1 Contendership. It’s not our faults if the opponents get injured before
a match. The people come to these events looking to see a damn good show, and
God Damn’t, tonight WILL deliver. These people are expecting a Tag Team title
match tonight, and with God as my witness there will BE a match for those
very titles!” I exclaimed, slamming my fist down on the table in front of
Stephanie. She said nothing but continued to stare into my eyes, eventually
hopping to her feet and walking around towards me.

“Wow...I like the way you negotiate. You’ll get your title match tonight...
but the opponents will be of my choosing.” She said, grabbing me by the chin
and tilting my head back. She grabbed the blunt from my hand and took a
couple of hits, exhaling her smoke directly into my face as I tried to inhale
it with my nose. “Now get those pants off, so we can make this deal
'official’.” She said lightly, reaching for my fly.

“I take it this is for last Thursday, when you nearly made it impossible for
me to ever have children again, right?” I asked, awaiting her response.

“No, not really...I just can’t get enough dick nowadays. What can I say...
you’ve unleashed the beast within me. Now speaking of which...” She said,
unbuttoning my jeans and pulling down the zipper with her teeth.

“I’m a little gentle.” I instructed, lowering my pants and boxers
before sitting back in my chair. Stephanie immediately dropped to her knees
in-between my legs and went to work, lowering her head to my balls. She took
1 into her mouth and sucked on it gently, knowing she had to be sensitive due
to my condition. She plopped it out and repeated with the other one, gently
licking around them in circles before placing her tongue between them and
licking straight up my shaft. She started slapping my cock against her
tongue, licking around the head tightly with her tongue as she continued to
stroke it around in a circular motion.

"You like that, baby? Mmmm, ‘cause I know I do," She sighed, plopping the
head into her mouth and sucking on it firmly, dragging her lips across it in
a loud smack as she pulled it out, taking more and more of my cock deep into
her throat with every head thrust forward. She deep throated me and opened
her lips, continuing to thrash her tongue against my sack as she pushed her
mouth forward into my pubic hair. I threw my head back in ecstasy, grabbing
the back of her head and guiding her up and down on my cock with increasing
force, almost literally bouncing her skull like a basketball. She grabbed my
balls with her right hand and stroked them furiously as she fucked my dick
with her mouth, taking her other hand and slipping it underneath my ass,
pushing me up to my feet and burying my tool as deep down her throat as
possible. Once I was standing, she spread my butt cheeks with her hands and
slipped her right index finger into the tightness off my asshole, making me
jolt forward in both pleasure and unexpectedness.

“Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit! I’m gonna’ much!” I yelled out as she
continued to deep throat my fiery man stick. She kept my dick wedged down her
throat as she continued humping her face against my crotch, grabbing me by
the ass cheeks and pulling me in even deeper until I completely lost it and
started cumming down her throat. She stroked my balls with her hand as I
emptied myself into her orifice, finally pulling back as a string of spit and
cum connected her chin to my dick. “Ohhh...Ohhh Jesus Christ! Hmmm...God Damn
Steph, you’re the best GM a guy could ever ask for...” I exclaimed as she
licked up the excess jizz from my dick head and her chin. She stood up and
situated herself as though nothing had happened.

“The deal is done. I wish you the best of luck in your match
if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some preparation left to do before the show.
Thanks for the ‘refreshments’, though.” She said, pinching my ass before
opening the door for me. I thanked her for the great blowjob, then shut the
door behind me and headed towards the bathroom, replacing my spy glasses
with my real glasses before stepping up to the urinal and taking a gigantic

* * *

...The time had slowly arrived. It was now about 7:20; Judgment Day had
already started up with the FBI and John Cena defeating Spanky, Rhyno, and
Chris Benoit. The 2nd match of the night was between La Resistance and
Scott Steiner/Test. Needless to say Stacy Keibler was the only participant
I was watching out there, which really says something about how much
respect I have for those 4 guys. Anyways, time was slowly winding down to
our match, and Nick was nowhere to be seen. I paced impatiently in the
locker room, blunt in hand, just waiting for something to happen that would
totally ruin my career. Then, just as I was opening the door to head down
to the entrance I ran into, you guessed it, ‘The Chief’ himself...Nick

“Dawg, where the fuck have you been? Our match is up NEXT!” I exclaimed,
tossing him a blunt. “Light up man...I have a feeling this is gonna’ be a
long night for the both of us.” I said, also tossing him a lighter.

“Sorry man, I had to get ready n’ shit...I just didn’t have an idea of the
time.” He said, taking a hit. That didn’t sound like anything he would ever
say, so I began to feel a little suspicious. “Besides, I didn’t even get out
of there until around 4:00. I had to catch up on my drinking, ya know?”

“Yeah man...I know. I’m just sorry that you had to miss out on last night.”
I said, smiling. “And this morning, for that matter.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” He asked, suspicious in his own right.

“Gentlemen, you’re on in 10.” A stagehand said after opening our door,
disappearing just as quickly as he had appeared. Nick and I both walked out
the doorway and into the hallway, walking down the corridor to the entrance,
talking the entire length.

“Last night, Nick, I have no idea what happened to me. I snapped dawg, plain
and simple. I had weed in my system, Vicaden, and like 7 Rum & Cokes...I was
gone. Anyways, I started to hear voices...and I eventually raped Torrie
Wilson. The only recollection of the night is in the confines of my spy
glasses. I think there might be something wrong with me.” I confessed, his
mouth open in shock the entire time.

“Holy shit did this without ME?” He asked, I guess not surprised
in the least.

“Hell yeah...and it was great. I beat her, I humiliated her...I even tore her
cunt and ass holes. Billy Kidman is gonna’ be just a tad upset once he finds
out what happened...but there won’t be shit he can do about it. But the great
thing is...she won’t tell anybody. I paid her off, and I of course threatened
to finish the job next time. Oh yeah, I forgot, I almost killed her, too.”

“Holy shit, dawg!” Nick said uneasily. “What did you do this morning that can
even compare to that?”

“Oh, I got more tape on Stephanie. She gave me head, no big deal.” I answered

“Well that’s great. By the way...just who ARE we fighting tonight?” Nick
asked impatiently, changing the subject out of nowhere.

“So you got the call from Bitchoff, too?”

“Yeah, he said something about a meeting with you and Stephanie this

“Oh yeah. Eric sent the Dudleyz to beat Team Angle nearly to death. Because
of this, I used my power, our *powers*, to officially recognize us as the
new tag champions. Therefore, due to the fact that Team Angle is unable to
wrestle us, Stephanie has also recognized us as champions, and tonight we
will be defending the titles instead.” I announced, slapping him a high-five.

“So, Eric didn’t think we could win on our own?” He asked, offended.

“No, no, he said that he did it to help us out, seeing as he has to
’accommodate’ us, or some shit like that. I gotta admit, I‘m a little high.”
I said.

“You’re high? I haven’t gotten high in like 2 days, man. I’m fuckin ripped
and I been drinkin all day!!” He exclaimed.

“Wait a minute. I left you a copious amount of pot, I think it was like 4
blunts or something around there, and you haven’t gotten high in two days?
That just doesn’t make any sense, man. None at all.”

“Well, considering I have the nickname ‘The Chief’ for a reason, and I was
highly depressed because I couldn’t leave the hospital, I just went ahead
and smoked all 4 back to back. I got so high I nearly puked.” He replied.

“Damn man, your crazy. Not to mention stupid, but anyways Eric basically
made it a little easier for us to become champs, being as Team Angle had no
chance against us in the first place. So it doesn’t really matter, because
no matter what...tonight, at Judgment Day...High Time will leave as WWE Tag
Team Champions,” I said, doing my best Triple H impression, adding little
‘uhhs’ after every word.

“That was a nice Triple H...oh, hey Triple H.” Nick said as I wheeled around
to find Hunter standing behind me, glaring angrily with his beady little

“Are you making fun of the Game?” He asked taking a step towards me.

“Actually, that wasn’t my best effort, let me do a better one. I am the
Gameuhhh...I am overpaiduhhh...I have a really small dickuhhh, and my wife
is a a matter of fact me and Nick fucked her in the assuhhh...”
I didn’t have time to finish as Hunter threw a right cross that just about
broke my jaw, knocking me down hard to the concrete. Nick was on him in a
second, throwing hard rights and lefts to his head and chest. As Hunter
started to go down, Randy Orton came out of nowhere and bull-rushed Nick,
sending him down almost right next to me. As I slowly got to my feet, Triple
H low blowed me and I dropped down to my knees, then Orton stepped up in
front of me wielding a steel chair. With one mighty swing, he laid me out
with a crushing shot to my forehead, cutting my head open horribly. All I
could see was blood.

Nick wasn’t faring to well either, as Randy Orton beat him senseless with the
same chair that was smeared with my blood. But they weren’t done yet.

“HHH, pick up Chief and hold him against the wall.” Randy said as he brought
the chair up to swing again. HHH did as he was told and Nick was pretty much
out on his feet. Out of nowhere, Nick began to mount an offense, swiftly
kicking HHH in the balls. Randy attempted to hit him with the chair, but Nick
kicked him in the stomach and clotheslined the shit out of him, knocking him
against the wall behind him. He crumpled to the ground and lay there
motionless, then Nick came over to me and knelt down.

“Dude, are you alright?” He asked skeptically. All I could gargle out through
the blood was a meek “Watch out” as I saw HHH coming up on Nick from behind,
but it was too late. With one thrust, HHH hit Nick in the back of the head,
knocking him out instantly. As I lay there, nearly unconscious and still
bleeding profusely, Triple H stepped over me holding his deadly weapon.

“Don’t try to play The Game. It’s one you can’t win.” He said and turned
around to leave...

* * *

...We both lie there for several minutes, unconscious and left for dead,
blood flowing steadily down my face as it covered Nick’s neck. I managed to
stand up by using the wall for leverage, taking off my Ram’s jersey so I
could wipe the blood flow from my eyes and face. Nick struggled to a sitting
position, breathing heavily and clutching his ribs, making it appear as
though he had re-aggravated his rib injury. I grabbed his hand and helped
pull him up, leaning him back against the wall so he could maintain his
balance. I took my jersey and dabbed at the back of his head, making sure
to put enough pressure on it so the blood would stop flowing. Just then
Test, Scott Steiner, and Stacy Keibler all stepped through the curtain,
coming upon the carnage for the 1st time as their match was just now coming
to an end.

“Oh my God!” Stacy exclaimed, rushing over to where we sat. “What happened
to you guys?”

“ big deal. HHH and Randy Orton just sneak attacked’s all
good.” Nick said nonchalantly. “But anyways, how are YOU doing?” He asked,
taking her hand into his and kissing it lightly. Just then Test stepped
forward and intervened, grabbing Stacy hastily by the arm and pulling her
to his side, erasing the smile completely off her beautiful face.

“Um...excuse me? What the fuck are you doing, ‘Chief’?” He asked
aggressively, pushing him back hard into the wall. Nick said nothing and
immediately threw a punch, catching Test directly in the jaw and knocking
him down to his knees.

“You want some too, bitch?” Nick asked Scott, stepping towards him
defensively. Steiner said nothing and immediately grabbed Stacy Keibler and
took off down the hall, looking at Nick the entire way until she turned
around the left side corner. Test got to his feet and tried to attack us
from behind, but Nick caught him off guard with another shot to the forehead,
knocking him out cold. “God Damn!” He exclaimed, shaking his wrist in slight
pain. “I think I broke my fuckin’ hand, man.” He exclaimed again cursing

“Come on man...were on, like, now.” I said, pointing towards the entrance.
Our music had already started playing as we both stepped through the black

...“ Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled to be a ladder
match! Introducing first...from St. Louis, Missouri...weighing in at a total
combined weight of 560lbs., Violent J & The Chief...High Time!” Our music
had already been playing for sometime now, but we finally emerged from the
back, torn up from our previous assault. The blood was still pouring heavily
out of my head, and I was beginning to feel woozy. Nick, on the other hand,
was barely able to walk. He was favoring his ribs heavily, and he was
stumbling around like he was drunk.

“Dude, Nick, I think you have a concussion man!!” And it was true. He was
still bleeding heavily from HHH’s shot with the sledgehammer and his skin was
deathly white. He looked like he was about to pass out. He began to fall into
me, and I carried him the rest of the way to the ring hanging on my shoulder.
I didn’t see how this was going to be possible. The match was pretty much
going to be handicapped, and I didn’t even know who the opponents were. Just
as I pushed Nick into the ring, Stephanie McMahon’s music blared from the PA
and The Billion Dollar Princess herself entered through the curtains with mic
in hand.

“Everybody listen up! Tonight, you were expecting to see a ladder match
between High Time and Team Angle for the WWE Tag Team Championship. However,
due to situations that are beyond my control, Charlie Haas and Shelton
Benjamin won’t be able to compete tonight. Therefore, I have officially
stripped them of the titles...and will award them to the winners of the
following match. Now, seeing as there are no opponents for High Time tonight,
I took it upon myself to pick a very interesting and very deserving duo.
Ladies and Gentleman, the opponents for High Time are... The Undertaker and
Nathan Jones!!!” The crowd jumped to their feet as The Undertaker’s music
hit, and I nearly shit my pants.

Nathan Jones came out of the curtain first and rushed the ring, sliding in
gracefully. I turned to make sure Nick was up and ready to fight, but Jones
blindsided me with a powerful diving clothesline that sent me crashing down
on the mat. As he picked me up, I could see ‘Taker climbing in the ring and
take aim on Nick, signaling the official beginning of the match.


He walked over to him and picked him up, throwing him into the corner by his
shoulder. He began pummeling him in the chest and face area with rights and
left, hitting him with amazing fury. Nick began to fall to the ground, but
‘Taker grabbed him and hoisted him up onto his shoulders, getting him into
the tombstone position. Somehow Nick managed to wriggle out of his grasp and
land behind him, punching him in the back of the head with such force that
both men fell with the impact. Meanwhile, Nathan Jones and I were slugging
it out in the opposite corner, each punch he threw at me I did my best to
come back with something even harder. He eventually tired of this and grabbed
me hard by the throat, rearing back while holding the top rope and throwing
me outside the ring, making me do a stomach first back-flip onto the apron
and to the outside of the ring.

He of course came after me and capitalized on my condition by throwing me
shoulder first into the steel steps, knocking them loose from their
foundation as the sound echoed loudly throughout. Nick had managed to stand
on his own accord and was attempting to mount an offense against a reeling
Undertaker before Jones jumped at Nick and smashed him hard against the
corner, going after his injured ribs. I rolled inside with a newly acquired
chair from ring announcer Lilian Garcia, and was just about to use it before
Undertaker threw out his right leg in my direction, knocking the chair back
into my own face and dropping me down to the mat. I didn’t even give the
pain time to kick in before staggering back to my feet and directly into a
clothesline from Jones, leaving me down just long enough for The Undertaker
to bounce against the ropes and drop a leg onto my chest from about 4 feet
in the air, knocking the wind right out of me. I did regain my senses quick
enough to see that Jones was dropping down on me in a splash, so I rolled
out of the way and gave ’Taker a low blow as he bent down to pick me up. I
threw a right hand that hit him in the left eye, then threw my elbow back at
Jones instinctively and hit him directly in the chin, twirling around and
slamming my arm across his chest as hard as I could into a powerful
clothesline that nearly knocked him off his feet.

I picked Nathan Jones up and draped him across my shoulders, using all of my
strength to throw him up and over onto his back in a version of John Cena’s
F-U. Upon standing up I walked directly into ’Taker’s awaiting hand as it
clamped down onto my throat, seemingly squeezing the life right out of me. I
closed my eyes and awaited the end result...but it never came as Nick had
somehow managed to grab the steel chair, winding back with all the strength
he had left and cracking it against his lower back and kidneys. I fell to the
mat as ‘Taker went down to his knees, writhing in pain before falling victim
to another equally as painful shot, this one to the shoulder blades knocking
him down onto his stomach. Nick spiked the chair down to the mat and yelled
out towards the crowd before quickly falling down to his own knees, clutching
his ribs with his left arm while trying to hold his right hand steady. I went
over to check on him as Nathan Jones crawled up to his hands and knees,
cutting him off with a baseball slide to the face before he could attempt
anything further.

I hoisted Nick to his feet and propped him up in the corner, gently slapping
him around and trying to revive him. I picked up Nathan Jones and whipped him
into the ropes, rushing forward and slamming my arm once again across his
chest in another clothesline, using the force of the move to grab him by the
neck and throw him over the top rope to the outside floor. I slinked to the
outside and immediately went after the ladder, running at Jones head on and
smashing the ladder against his chest and abdomen, knocking him back against
the steps and once again to the floor. As I stepped towards the ring apron
and attempted to slide the ladder into the ring, Undertaker ran and slid into
the side of the ladder, smashing into my face and busting my nose. Blood
started to pour out as I fell to the floor, clutching my face in agony. Good
god I had never felt a pain identical to this in my entire life, and that was
saying something.

‘Taker slid to the outside to capitalize on his offense, and Nathan Jones
started to get up as well. I slowly made my way to my feet, using the
announce table to hold my balance. As soon as I got up, Jones hit me with
a left, then a right, and I fell back against the table, sending a throbbing
pain throughout my whole upper body. As Jones attempted to pick me up, I
threw up my left hand in his face, knocking him backwards into the
Undertaker. I began sending punches in both their directions, doing what I
could to keep them off of me, and so far, I was succeeding. I saw something
out of the corner of my eye, and looked to my right. Nick was up on the
turnbuckle, waiting for the perfect moment to leap.

As Nick took that leap off of the top rope, I moved out of the way. He hit
them both with an amazing Front flip senton bomb, knocking them painfully to
the floor. This was complete mayhem, and Nick was most likely unconscious
from the impact. I slowly slid into the ring, hoping to be able to climb the
ladder to grab the belts. Unfortunately, Nathan Jones had other plans.
Somehow he had made his way to his feet, sliding into the ring with the
ladder. I made my way to my feet, bending over to get the chair from
previously. As I turned around with the chair, Jones swung the ladder at me,
smacking it into my ribs, sending me reeling to the canvas. He made his way
over to me and began stomping the holy crap out of me, stopping momentarily
to catch his breath, then continuing with the onslaught of my rib and torso
area. Finally, he stopped kicking me and picked me up. He irish whipped me
of the ropes, and I ducked his clothesline, coming back off the ropes with
intense speed and lifting my leg of the ground and shoving into his jaw,
connecting with an almost perfect big boot, knocking him down with a
deafening thud, shaking the entire ring to it’s very core. I fell to the
mat, clutching my stomach and stomping my feet against the mat in intense
pain. My ribs were fucking killing me, and I felt blood in my mouth,
insinuating possible internal injuries.

Once again, Nick amazed not only me, but the entire crowd, which came to
their feet in a final culmination of what High Time had been waiting for.
As he slid in the ring, I could feel the heat of adrenaline once again
surge through my veins, and I knew what was coming. I threw my hands into
the air, signaling for our finishing move. Nick picked up Jones, and sent
him reeling into the ropes. On his trip back, Nick picked him up by the
legs and dropped into my awaiting DDT, utilizing a deadly variation of
our variation of the Dudley Death Drop. His body flopped around for a bit,
then stopped, which scared me a bit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to
think on this subject, as Undertaker slid into the ring, pre-empting our
near victory. Immediately, Nick began stomping him, kicking him repeatedly
in the head, cutting him over his left eye. ‘Taker’s blood began to spill
onto the apron, and this only excited me more. I picked him up and lifted
him onto my shoulders, slamming him down into a Death Valley Driver, laying
him out instantaneously. Nick picked up the ladder, and set it up. He
ascended the ladder, and I went up the other side, not wanting to miss out
on the history. When we got to the top, I saw Nick glance down at The
Undertaker laying, unconscious, below, almost 18 feet below.

“Nick, don’t, man. I mean it.” I said. I already knew what was coming, and
I really wanted to talk him out of it, but I knew how stubborn he was.

“Dude, look at him. He’s just laying there, and this is a once in a lifetime
opportunity. I can’t pass this up.” He said as he looked into my eyes, and
I knew he had to.

“C’mon man, we can end this right now and go get high,” I said in a final
defense, but I knew it was useless.

“This is the stuff that real highs are made of...” He signaled to the crowd,
and leapt of the top of the ladder, swinging his body in mid air, landing in
a booming frog splash, which shook the ring once again, almost making me lose
my balance. Amazingly, I stayed up there, and looked out to the thousands of
fans. ... “ B-V-J...B-V-J...B-V-J..” The crowd came to their feet once again,
chanting my name. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment, and I
paused for a second to bask in the fan appreciation, throwing my arms out to
the side. As I reached up to grab the belts, I felt the tears rush to my
eyes, but held them back while I pulled the belts down, signifying the end
of our struggle to the top, our achievement of our life-long dreams. Our
music sounded over the PA and I fell backwards of the ladder, to tired to
hold myself up, blacking out from the impact.


“Ladies and Gentleman, the winners of this match, and NEW WWE Tag Team
Champions, HIGH TIME!!!!” Screamed Lilian Garcia, and the last thing I heard
was the deafening roar of the crowd as darkness surrounded me...


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