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grey archive, t-s-s-a and c-s-s-a if I get good feedback Kane and The
Hurricane celebrate after Raw with Terri, obviously.

WWE: Hurri-Kane And Terri
by Ryan Man

Kane and The Hurricane left the arena after winning the tag titles on Raw;
"Wasn't that great? Kane and The Hurricane hitting the double chokeslam on
those dastardly Un-Americans."

Kane let out a small grin, he liked having the tag title again, he liked
kissing Terri even more. They got to the parking lot and arrived at the
Hurri-cycle, "C'mon Kane, to the Hurri-cave!"

"Uh, Greg-"


"Hurricane there is no way in Hell that I'm riding in the sidecar of that
thing. We'll take my truck." Kane pointed to a large red 4x4.

"Fine, but next time we take the Hurri-cycle."

"Right, whatever you say--"

"Uh, guys." The two men turned to face the soft voice and were pleased to
see the sexy diva standing there.

"Yeah, Terri?" Kane said licking his lips.

Terri smiled and gave a sultry smile, "I know you boys were going to
celebrate, would you mind one more," she stepped forward and cupped the two
men's growing erections, "to come?"

Kane and the Hurricane looked at each other..........

(The hurri-symbol flashes over the screen, batman-style)

The door to Kane's hotel room swung open and Terri sauntered in still cupping
the two men by the crotches. She turned around and leapt on Kane, wrapping
her legs around his waist. Their lips locked and their tongues melded in a
sensual kiss. Hurricane stood there agape and began stripping his own
clothing off, except his mask of course, letting his 8-inch erection bob in
the air. Terri dropped down and turned around; stroking Hurricane's mighty

Kane decided to take a moment to remove his own outfit, also leaving his
mask on. His own 10 inch cock hung, only partially erect. Terri and Hurricane
moved on to the bed and Terri had begun to suck his hurri-member. Kane moved
behind Terri untying the back of her shirt, the flimsy piece of cloth fell
and her plump tits, completely bra-less, sprang free. He undid the front of
her shorts and peeled them off her sweet little hips, discovering she had
gone commando; she shifted slightly to let him pull them all the way off. Her
cunt lips were shaved with a small thatch of hair just above.

He leaned his face in, getting a whiff of her cunt-juices. Glad he had gotten
a new mask her flicked his tongue out to tease her pussy lips; she kept her
lips shaven with a small groomed patch just above. He curled his tongue and
cupped her clit with it, quickly moving his tongue about sending shivers up
her spine.

Hurricane was feeling the affects of Kane's ministrations on his end as
Terri's tongue flicked and massaged more in concert with the Big Red
Machine's. One of her hands went around to cup his testicles. Hurricane's
leg twitched as he was lost in the feeling of her warm soft mouth. Her
tongue flicked quickly along his hard rod. Terri began to moan as Kane
continued his tongue lashing, her moans sent vibrations along the thick
cock in her mouth. She sensed Hurricane twitch and knew he was close to
coming; she clamped her mouth tight and swallowed as the super hero shot
his hurri-cum down her throat, "Yeah," he groaned, "Take it Citizen Slut!"

Kane laughed and stood up, he was ready for a little action. He rubbed the
head of his cock against her pussy lips. Terri moaned in pleasure, "Stop
teasing me, I want it NOW!" she said screaming.

Kane pulled back slightly and shoved it all the way in; causing Terri to cry
out. The feel of her tight cunt was like sheer heaven to Kane. He pulled
almost all the way out and shoved in again; filling her with his huge cock.
Terri was in sheer bliss, as Kane was pummelling her she could feel and
orgasm approach. He moved his hands up her body and pulled her body up, he
pulled her tightly and lowered his face onto her plump tits. Sucking and
biting at her hard nipples as she bounced up and down on his erection. He
moved his hands down to her firm ass and massaged her butt cheeks; snaking a
finger up her anal passage.

"Oh fuck! Fuck me you big red machine, fuck my tight cunt, I'm you're slut!"

Kane laughed, "You love it, you love my cock don't you?"

"Yes I love it, harder, harder; you big dicked stud!" Her lips and legs
trembled and her pussy tightened as her orgasm hit with the force of an
earthquake. Kane felt her tighten and tried his best to hold out; his
thrusting had sped up and he was almost ready to cum. "I'm gonna come!"
he screamed and shot his load up her tight channel moaning.

Terri was almost worn out when she looked to Hurricane to see his cock was
stiff again, she smiled; she sat up and said, "Where do you want to put it,
big boy?"

Hurricane smiled, "Stand back, there's a Hurricane Cumming through!"

He turned her around and bent her over, he rubbed his dick against her slick
cunt, lubricating it. He pulled away, "What are you doin...." she trailed
away as she felt him push against her tight anus. He pushed the head in
slowly, allowing her tight asshole to get accustomed to the large intruder.
He pushed all the way in and relished the feel of her tight hole. She smiled
and let out a yell of pleasure. He began to speed up and moved a hand around
to her large tits and began to fondle them, tweaking and tugging at her erect
little nipples. He thrusted as hard and as fast as he could. He felt her anus
contract and pulse working his cock, he had to hold back. As he pushed his
dick in and out of her backdoor she felt another orgasm overcome her. She
screamed as she shuddered in orgasm, "Oh fuck, oh yeah, c'mon Hurricane, fuck
my ass, fuck it!."

"You like that Citizen Bitch?" he cried, shooting his jizz up her tight hole.
Her anus contracted as she came herself and they both collapsed.

As the three of them lay there in the afterglow, Terri smiled, "You boys
ready for more?"

Kane laughed, "We'll celebrate all night long."

The End

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