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WWE After Dark Episode 1
by cracra

Becky Lynch knocked confidently on the door to Stephanie McMahon's office. The Irish Diva no longer feared being summoned by the WWE top brass, her career had gone from strength to strength in the last year, with opportunity upon opportunity headed her way. Becky couldn't quite believe her luck, though there was nothing lucky about how she'd got there, two years of ceaseless hard work and, if rumours were to believed, it was all about to pay off spectacularly with a place on the card at the biggest Wrestlemania of all time. She'd convinced herself that this was the subject of her meeting with the formidable Executive Vice President, and practically flew through the door
the second she heard the voice invite her in from the other side.

"Top o' the morning, Becky, how are you?" Stephanie smiled with a questionable attempt at an Irish accent. At least this light-hearted greeting was a sign that only good things were on the agenda for their discussion.

"I'm great, thanks," the flame-haired beauty replied with a flash of her infectious smile.

"I guess you're wondering why I invited you in here..." Stephanie began, leaning forward impassively onto her desk.

"I know why I hope you invited me in here," Becky replied with a nervous laugh as she began to shake with anticipation.

"The Mania match? Yep, that's all go. You vs Sasha vs Charlotte for the title, it's gonna be a real landmark moment for the division," Stephanie proclaimed proudly and Becky practically jumped out of her seat with an adorable clap of her hands and squeal of delight.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, I won't let you down, we'll do women's wrestling proud, we'll..." the younger women babbled excitedly.

"...But that's not why I called this meeting," Stephanie went on, cutting off the Lass Kicker in full flow.

"No?" Becky questioned, her smile disappearing and her brow furrowing in wonder.

"This is about another exciting new opportunity that will be opening up to the women of the WWE shortly," Stephanie stated, clearly very proud to be delivering this news.

"What is it? Are we getting our own Network show?" Becky asked, her giddiness returning.

"Not exactly... You see, the Divas division has come a long way, today's female talent aren't just bimbos who look good in lingerie, they're smart, athletic, charismatic, they've got it all... but that doesn't mean they're not still some of the hottest and most desired women on the planet. That doesn't mean there aren't millions of people out there who would pay good money to see what you girls are really made of. In fact, in this PG era I'd say the demand for a little more... mature content featuring our Divas has never been greater," Stephanie explained as Becky's eyes widened in shock. Surely it couldn't be what it sounded like?

"You don't mean..." she began to ask, Stephanie nodded smugly.

"This is the plan; I've assigned each Diva a partner and together they'll perform a short, pornographic scene. Whoever performs best will be assigned the lead roles in WWE's first ever adult feature film. That's not all, you'll be given a substantial pay increase, a guaranteed contract for the next five years, and plenty of television time to help us promote our new brand. I've wanted to do this ever since I got involved in the business, I wanted to make sure it's done right. I'll be directing and scripting each film personally; it's a man-free zone. This isn't just cheap smut, it's about showing off the beauty, the versatility and the sexual power of our Divas, and I think we've finally got the right roster of talent to do that vision justice."

"Wow... wow, wow, wow, wow. That was pretty much the last thing I expected when I came in here," Becky murmured in astonishment.

"You've been involved in some pretty racy stuff in the past, though, right? Posing in a tiny bra with those titties all oiled up. Pressing up against a wall while a camera zooms in on your thong... I've done my research Becky, you're a natural temptress. That's why you'll be the first. If you want to do it, that is," Stephanie stated, with a look that suggested that it was in Becky's best interests to comply.

"Too fecking right I want to do it. When I was doing those shoots back in the day, I got plenty of offers to go to the next level, but I always said no in case it hurt my chances of getting to WWE. But now it turns out Stephanie fecking McMahon wants to direct me in a porno... sign me up!" Becky exclaimed enthusiastically.

"That's exactly what I was hoping you'd say," Stephanie smiled, offering her hand which Becky gladly shook. Suddenly Becky's eyes lit up in realisation.

"But wait... who's my partner?" she asked. Unexpectedly Stephanie jumped to her feet and affected another accent, this time a broad New York drawl.

"Her name is Carmella, and she is the Princess of Staten Island and the most fabulous Diva in N... X... T!"

"Huh, should be interesting. And what will we be... doing, exactly?" Becky enquired.

"I've got a few different scenarios lined up, just report to the Performance Center Friday 9AM and we'll take it from there," Stephanie announced.

"Sure thing, Boss Lady. Looking forward to it. WWE After Dark, who'd have thought it," Becky chortled to herself as she made her way out of the room.

"I bet she looks fucking amazing naked," Stephanie sighed as she intently watched the younger woman leave.

Carmella was alive with excitement. The self-proclaimed 'hottest chick in the ring' loved the spotlight, and loved grabbing it in as many different ways as possible. She'd been a cheerleader, an NBA dancer, a model, a professional wrestler, and now she could add porn star to her resume. She wasn't intimidated by the idea of being nude on camera, or indeed any act she may be asked to perform. Her confidence in her sex appeal, acting ability and endurance was absolute, and she was delighted to have a gorgeous, sultry, machine of a woman like Becky to work with. They may be the first to try, but Carmella was already pretty confident they could blow any of their competition out of the water.

Both women were stood in one of the Performance Center rings in their workout gear. The plot was pretty simple; Carmella had requested some extra training from Becky, but it would soon transpire that the sassy, flirty New Yorker wanted a lot more from the fiery Irishwoman than a few new holds. Stephanie stood up from her director's chair by ringside with her hands on her hips.

"OK, ladies, are we ready to make history? WWE After Dark Episode 1... action!"


"Right, so, I'm an open book, what do you wanna learn?" Becky stated as the two women stood across from each other in the squared circle, each wearing form-fitting yoga pants and sports bras, exposing their toned abdominal regions.

"Duh, how to kick Lass," Carmella fired back, leaning aloofly on the ropes and inspecting her fingernails.

"Well, that covers a pretty broad range of techniques..." Becky began hesitantly.

"Hey, if you're an open book, maybe we should start with a spinebuster, get it?" Carmella grinned with a mischievous wink.

"Oi, I do the puns round here," Becky chuckled with a playful slap to her friend's wrist.

"Looks like you do the buns around here too. You're serving up some serious cake these days," Carmella added sleazily as the camera caught a close glimpse of Becky's plump behind jiggling beneath her spandex as she warmed up.

"That's another pun! I'm warning you, missy..." Becky threatened jokingly.

"...but thanks for the compliment," she added, visibly blushing somewhat.

"TV really doesn't do that body justice, girl, you're jacked and stacked," Carmella went on, looking Becky hungrily up and down, as the camera focused on Becky's face growing redder and redder.

"Look, are we gonna do some wrestling or are you just gonna ogle me all afternoon?" Becky blustered, desperate to change the subject.

"That entirely depends on what you want to do with me..." Carmella taunted slinking sexily across the ring towards the larger woman and pressing her arms against Becky's chest as she looked up at her with lustful determination and Becky sheepishly tried to avoid eye contact.

"...One way or the other, I look forward to you throwing me around, to you bending me into every conceivable position your wicked mind can think up. But whether that's in the name of business or pleasure is up to you."

"That's lovely to hear, Carmella, but I think you might have got the wrong idea about me..." Becky replied, gently removing Carmella's delicate hands from her middle, where they had begun to slowly caress her bare stomach.

"If you think you're immune to what I've got then you're the one who's confused," Carmella countered, prodding Becky in her middle before performing her signature moonwalk backwards across the ring.

"I am... after all... the Princess of Staten Island..." she began smugly, sensually gliding her hands across her own middle before slipping them behind her back to unhook her bra and let her C-cup breasts, which looked very generous indeed on her petite frame, bounce free. She gave Becky a few seconds before twirling around with her back to the Lass Kicker.

"...And the most fabulous Diva in N... X... T..." Carmella's performance went on as she slid her pants further and further down her tone tanned legs as each letter of the brand that had made her famous exited her mouth. All that stood between an astonished Miss Lynch and a comprehensive view of everything her would-be pupil had to offer was the tiniest of thongs (leopard-print, naturally).

"Bada-bing..." Carmella yanked the thong down as fast as she could and the camera zoomed slowly onto her perfectly rounded rear as she slowly brought it upwards, its entrance briefly fully visible.

"...Hottest chick in the ring. How you doin', Becky?" the damp patch that had emerged around the crotch of Becky's pants, and the zoned-out, turned-on-beyond-words look in her beautiful hazel eyes answered Carmella's question decisively.

"Oh, that good, huh?" Carmella grinned victoriously, sauntering back over to where Becky was rooted to the spot.

"That was so fecking sexy," Becky breathed, grabbing Carmella at her slim waist.

"I knew you'd like it, honey," Carmella smiled and met the Lass Kicker with a deep lustful kiss, working Becky's own bra free and hooking her thumbs under the waistline of her yoga pants to expose the top of her red-lingerie-clad backside to the camera.

"So, what are you gonna do to me?" Carmella asked breathily as she broke the kiss.

"How about..." Becky pondered as she removed all the clothing from her lower body, giving the camera a good sight of her neatly trimmed and already thoroughly damp pussy.


"Sounds good to... ahhh..." Carmella was taken over by elation as Becky lifted her up onto the turnbuckle and began sucking away on her ample bosom, the camera focusing on the Delty Diva's long tongue lapping around Carmella's perky pink nipples and the New Yorker's luscious red lips part in a contented sigh.

Becky then dropped to her knees, her plump, pale rear end's ample curve on full display.

"That's it, moan for me, Princess," Becky encouraged as she began kissing her way down Carmella's immaculately toned stomach while continuing to manipulate her breasts with her hands. The roles had now reversed; Becky was now the confident one and Carmella was totally at her mercy.

"There's no way this is your first time doing any of this..." Carmella sighed in admiration.

"...why did you play dumb?"

"Because I wanted you to earn it. I wanted to see that sultry, sexy Staten Island swagger..." Becky explained.

"...and then I wanted to take it away and make you beg. Beg for me, Princess, beg!"

"Please, Becky, please..." Carmella groaned obligingly.

"...please lick this Lass like I know you can."

Becky squeezed Carmella's perfect little cakes as lightly as she could, kneading the soft flesh as her face pressed right up against the fully-waxed entrance of the fabulous pussy of the former Los Angeles Laker girl. The forward lean this required allowed the camera to get a good view of Becky's underside, at the rock-hard nipples on her perky little tits, at the juices now seeping from her snug front entrance as she revelled in this moment.

After a little teasing around the walls with her tongue, that had Carmella kicking her feet in anticipation, Becky plunged right in, finding Carmella's sizeable clit nestling at the centre of her pelvis and sucking and releasing, gripping onto the rope with one hand so she could finger her own saturated snatch as she did so.

"God, no one does it this good... not Enzo... not Cass... not even Bayley... this pussy's yours whenever you want it, Bex... geez... fuck!" Carmella squealed as sweat coated her brow and she gripped ever more tightly to the ring ropes.

All of a sudden Becky moaned deeply into Carmella's loins and the camera caught the cum as it dribbled from the Irishwoman's pussy onto the ring mat. Becky removed herself from between Carmella's thighs, shut her eyes and gave the deepest, most glorious sigh.

"That was fecking delicious, Princess. They don't have pussy like that back home, let me tell ya," she breathed enthusiastically.

"Oh... you're done?" Carmella murmured in disappointment.

"Yep, but that doesn't mean you have to be. You've seen what happens when the Lass Kicker becomes the Lass Licker, now turn around and you'll see what happens when you take the 'L' off the front," Becky smiled knowingly.

"Take the L off the... what do you... oh...." Carmella furrowed her brow and pondered this latest attempt at a pun before widening her eyes in realisation.

"That's right, turn around and let me taste that tight little arse," Becky instructed enthusiastically as Carmella happily obliged.

Carmella's ass wasn't the biggest, nor did it have the plumpness or density of Becky's own booty, but damn if it wasn't the cutest, roundest little rump Becky had set eyes on, and the hole within it was almost unfathomably tight.

Becky prised the cheeks fully apart, both for the benefit of the viewers and for her own access to the tiny little entrance. After kissing the inner walls of each of Carmella's cheeks, she dove between them, punching deeper and deeper into the New Yorker's bowels with her tongue and savouring the wild, primal taste of unfiltered asshole. Carmella helped herself along with delicate fingering of her own snatch and soon she was letting out a moan that echoed around the walls of the gym.

"And to think, we could've spent this time doing armbar transitions," Becky laughed as the two naked beauties fell back exhausted but ecstatic onto the mat.

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