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WWE Confidential: The Real Behind The Scenes Part 1
by Josh (

Situation: What really went on during the filming of Trish Stratus' 'Cribs'

WWE was planning out the first edition of its brand new television
program, 'Confidential'. One of the writers came up with the idea to do
their own version of Cribs each week with WWE superstars. Since they were
in Ontario for RAW that week, they decided that the first Cribs segment
would be on the Women's Champion Trish Stratus. The best thing about the
Cribs type segment for WWE was the fact it was relatively cheap to produce
as it just needed one camera man to go get the footage from Trish's house
then the producers would edit it to their liking. Trish was notified of
the taping so she could get her house ready for when the camera man

The taping...

Trish welcomed the camera man, Ron, into her home. "So how are we going
to do this?" Trish asked.

"Just take me on a tour of your house and describe each of the rooms,
pretty simple," Ron explained.

Trish was wearing a pair of tight dark blue jeans which were lightly
brushed in the front. She was also wearing a button up leopard print shirt
that with the top and bottom couple buttons open showing some clevage and
naval. Trish took Ron on the tour through her house showing off her kitchen,
a media room, a work room, a personal gym, and another TV type room.
Upstairs, Trish opened up two big doors...

"And this is my bedroom," Trish said as they entered the big bedroom.
Trish walked over to a big bed with white sheets and black pillows. "And this
is where I .... sleep!" Trish said with a laugh. Ron laughed as well. "What?
What'd you think I was going to say?" Trish asked.

"Oh, you know," he said.

Trish walked over behind Ron and whispered in his ear, "Why don't you turn
that camera off and I'll give you the real behind the scenes of what goes on

Ron quickly turned off the camera and put it down. Ron was in his early
30's and a decent looking guy in fairly good shape. Being around all the
workout freak wrestlers must have rubbed off on him.

Trish stepped up real close to Ron and started to unbutton his shirt.
"This is where I like to take a man and use him for my own pleasure. You see
I don't have time for a boyfriend but I have needs, needs that I need to
satisfy. And I've yet to have a man that's had a problem with that," she said

"Is this a dream?" Ron wondered out loud.

"Does this..." Trish started as she took Ron's hand and moved it around
onto her spectacular ass, "...feel like a dream?" Trish asked.

"It must be, I've never felt anything so good," he replied.

"This is as real as it gets," she said.

Trish pulled Ron toward her by his shirt collar and kissed him deeply. Ron
moved his other hand around to her ass, grabbing two handfuls of butt. Trish
broke the liplock to pull Ron's shirt over his head then resumed the kissing.
Trish moved her hands down and began to undo his belt and fly. Ron began to
unbutton Trish's shirt at the same time. They broke the liplock again and
Trish pulled off her shirt. Ron kissed down her neck then unclamped her bra,
letting it fall to the floor. He felt her large breasts in his hands and
suckled on her nipples. Soon he moved down her flat stomach and undid her
tight blue jeans. Ron turned Trish around and began to peel down the tight
denim, slowly revealing Trish's round muscular ass. He kissed her buns as he
pulled the jeans all the way down. Trish stepped out of her jeans and was now
completely nude except for a pink thong. Trish now continued to undress Ron,
pulling down his jeans then his boxers. "This will do," Trish commented
looking at Ron's semi-hard rod. He was average size, about six inches or so.

Trish held his rod in her hand, rubbing it and getting it hard. "Lie down
on the bed," Trish directed.

Ron followed her directions, laying down on the bed. Trish crawled on top
of him, straddling his face then leaning forward in a 69 position.

"Is this good?" She asked.

"Great," Ron answered before pulling Trish's thong to the side and going
to down on her pussy.

Trish was equally focused on Ron's dick. This mutually oral pleasure
continued for a few minutes with each of them getting a good taste of the
other and getting the other ready for the real deal. "I'm ready for it, I'm
ready for you to shove this nice hard cock deep into my pussy," Trish said.

Trish laid down on her near the edge of the bed. Ron stood on his feet and
pulled Trish to the edge and pulled her pink thong off completely. Slowly he
worked his cock deep into Trish's pussy. "Hunh ohh yeeah that's it, stick it
in there," Trish moaned.

Ron held onto Trish's thighs as he began pumping into the women dubbed
'Babe Of The Year'. "Oooohhhh yeeah fuck my pussy good! Yeeahh! In and out!
YEEEAH! AHHH FUCK I NEED IT!" Trish moaned and talked dirty making it even

"Oh fuck yeah Trish! Oh my god! Oh your pussy feels so good!" Ron moaned.
He started to pick up the tempo, pounding Trish harder.

"UNNHHHH OHHHHH! OHHH! Ahhhh fuuck yeeah! Fuck me hard! Ohhh that's it!
Fuck that pussy!" Trish moaned and fondled her bouncing breasts.

Ron reached forward and held onto Trish's mid section for more leverage as
he pounded her.

They soon switched positions with Ron laying down and Trish climbing on
top. Trish straddled him, lowering herself down onto his hard member. Ron
held her midsection as Trish began to bounce up and down. As Trish got going,
he moved his hands up and groped her amazing breasts.

"Mmmmhhh ohhhh fuuuck! Fuuuck your cock feels so good! Ohhh fuuck yeah!"
Trish moaned in between panting breaths.

The sound of her butt smacking against his thighs echooed through the big
room. Ron moved his hands down her back and grabbed a hold of those glorious
round cheeks, holding on as Trish rode him.

"Ohhh shiit Trish! Ohhh fuuck you're so hot!" He moaned.

"Unnhhh god! Ohh fuck are you gonna cum baby? I wanna make you cum!" Trish

"Ohhh fuuck I'm about to cum! Where do you want?" He asked.

"On my face, cum on my face!" Trish demanded. She grinded back and forth
on him a few times then got off and knelt down on the floor. "Cum on me,
shoot it all over my face!" Trish said.

Ron stood in front of her and with a few strokes, cum sprayed from his
cock all over Trish's gorgeous face. Some in her mouth, on her cheek and
drippling down her chin.

"Yeah, so this is what I do in my bed room," Trish said with a laugh, her
face still covered in cum. Ron laughed as he tried to catch his breath. "Well
I'll go clean up and we'll continue this tour. Sound good? Ok great." Trish
said as she grabbed her clothes and headed into her bath room to clean up.

Awhile later, Trish emerged looking like nothing had ever happened. They
continued the tour through the house and wrapped up in her hot tub area. Ron
suggested that they get a little bit of footage with Trish in the hot tub.
Trish agreed that would make for a good closing to the segment and headed off
to change into a bikini.

Trish returned in a dark blue and white thong bikini. Trish sat in the hot
tub, said a closing line and "That's a wrap," says Ron.

Trish stepped out of the hot tub and toweled off. "Did we forget
anything?" Trish asked.

Ron looked up to see Trish bent over, looking back at him. "Uh, um, I
don't think so," Ron said trying not to stare at her butt.

"Are you sure?" Trish asked again and started to rub her ass.

"Do you think we forgot something?" He asked.

"Oh I think you forgot the best part," she said.

"Silly me, how could I forget that?" Ron said.

"Hurry up, we don't have all day, get over here," Trish said standing up
from her bent over position.

Ron put down the camera and quickly disrobed at Trish's request. He
dropped down to his knees and buried his face between Trish's cheeks,
tonguing away at her asshole.

"Excuse me," Trish said. "This is about me, not you."

Trish grabbed Ron's cock and slipped it between her thong, rubbing it
against her toned butt. She continued this until she felt he was ready to
give it to her. Trish slipped out of her thong and bent over the bench.

"I know this is gonna be quick but try and hold out for awhile, ok?" Trish
asked, sensing that the pleasure of her ass would be too much for Ron.

Ron slowly pushed his way into Trish's asshole. "I'll ugh ahh try but oh
shit this feels sooo good," Ron groaned as he slowly began pumping.

"Ooohhh yeeah give it to me ... ahhh mmmmhhhh fuck my nice little ass,
ooohh like that, yeeah," Trish moaned in encouragement.

Ron stopped rubbing her buns and grabbed onto Trish's slender hips as he
began pumping faster.

yeeeeah! Pound my ass! Pound it!" Trish moaned louder and louder.

Ron gritted his teeth, trying to hold out for as long as he could.

"Fuck Trish, you were right, this is too much!" He conceded.

"Just a little more, ohhh more, more!" said Trish.

Ron slowed down, giving her a few more thrusts before pulling out and
unloading all over her ass. "Ohh shiiit! Fuck yeah!" He moaned as he painted
her ass white.

"Mmmmhhh that feels nice, that hot cum on my ass," Trish said softly.

Ron rubbed the cum around Trish's butt with his cock a little.

"Now that's a wrap, you better get going," Trish told Ron.

"Go on, its been fun but I told you I was just gonna use you," she

"Anytime, anytime," Ron muttered as he got dressed, grabbed the camera and
left Trish in her sauna...

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