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WWE Confidential: The Real Behind The Scenes Part 2
by Josh (

Situation: What happened when Debra confronted Eddie Guerrero about his
attacks on her husband?

After having a bottle smashed over his head by Eddie Guerrero at a bar on
RAW, Steve Austin and Debra returned to the arena so Steve could receive much
needed medical attention. Both were furious as they were just trying to have
a good time and Eddie ruined it.

"You know what, Steve? That was completely uncalled for. I think I'm gonna
go find that jerk and give him a piece of my mind!" Debra said.

"Don't get yourself all worked up, I'll handle that rat bastard soon
enough," Steve said.

"I ... I'm gonna go get some air and cool off," Debra said.

"Good idea, I'm sure I'll be here awhile gettin' stitched up," Steve

Debra stormed out of the room but she wasn't going to get some fresh air.
She was going to do what she wanted, give Eddie Guerrero a piece of her mind.
A stage hand directed Debra to Eddie's locker room. Debra stormed right in
the door where Eddie was packing up his gear.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Huh? HOW DARE YOU? How dare you do
something like that? You're a coward!" Debra went off on Eddie but Eddie just
smirked and looked Debra over. Debra was still in her tight leather pants and
low cut 'Stone Cold' leather top with her puppies all pushed up.

"What? What're you smirking at?" Debra asked, upset that Eddie wasn't
taking her seriously.

"You, mommy, you lookin' good mamacita. You lookin' real hot," Eddie said
with his thick accent.

Debra was really at a loss for words at this point. Eddie started to
circle Debra. He gave her butt a little pinch through the tight leather.
"Nice tight ass," he commented. Debra turned and scowled at him, growing
angrier. Eddie shook his head, still smirking and now staring at her famous
puppies. "Nice ... nice puppies," he commented. "What're you so tense for?"
He asked, moving behind her. "Let Latino Heat give you a massage," he said
as he placed his hands on her shoulders. Debra pulled back and slapped Eddie
hard across the face.

"Don't put your hands on me!" She yelled at him.

Eddie rubbed his jaw and smiled again. "Damn Debra, you're really HOT,
just like I like it," he said.

All Debra's anger seemed to be doing was turning Eddie on. "Look, you
jerk, all I want is for you to stop attacking my husband," Debra explained.

"Ok, I'll stop," he replied.

"You will? Just like that? You'll stop?" Debra asked.

"You're the only one that could make me stop kicking his ass," he said.

"Oh really?"

"You're not gonna ask how you can make me stop?"

"How can I make you stop, Eddie?"

"Give into your desire for me, mommy, and show me just how amazing Debra
really is. We've all dreamed about how magnificant you must be, you show me
and I'll stay away from your husband. Deal?"

Debra wasn't sure how to respond...

"Come on, you know you want to," he said moving in closer to Debra and
running his fingers through her blond hair.

"You want this?" Debra asked as she began sliding her hand down Eddie's

"Oh I want it," he responded.

"Yeah," Debra started then grabbed his balls and squeezed them tight, "Are
you sure you really want this?"

"Ahhh ahhh owwww, ohhh please, I want it real bad, ahhh," he answered in a
mixture of pain and pleasure.

"You thought I was just a sweet blond southern girl, didn't ya?" Debra
asked still applying pressure to his nuts. Eddie just winced in pain. "Well
I'm more then you can fucking handle! I'll give it to you, you son of a
bitch, I'll give it to you like you've never had it before!" Debra said
forcefully then shoved Eddie down onto the couch.

"Ohh yeah baby come on! Teach me a fucking lesson! Give me what I can't
handle!" He said from the couch, rubbing his sore nuts. This aggressiveness,
this feistiness was turning them both on. Debra straddled Eddie and shoved
her cleavage right in his face, smothering him.

"You like how these big puppies feel? Go ahead, stick your tongue between
them!" Debra commanded. Eddie stuck his tongue between Debra's pushed
together mounds. Debra pulled back and he just smiled, licking his chops.
Debra then started grinding against his crotch. "I bet you want me fucking
you like this? Is it getting you hard?" Debra asked.

"Ooh yeah Debra, ohh fuck I can't wait!" He exclaimed.

Debra leaned in close to Eddie, "You're gonna fucking get it, asshole, yes
you are!" She smacked him hard across the face. Debra got off of him and
turned around. Eddie *SMACKED* Debra's leather covered butt hard.

"Come on mamacita, show me the goods!" He demanded of Debra.

Debra reared back and slapped Eddie hard across the face again. He spun
Debra around and smacked her ass again. Debra turned around, seething but
then gave in and started passionately kissing Eddie. He began to feel Debra
up as she shoved her tongue down his throat in a deep kiss. It was on. There
was no more pretending, they wanted each other and it was on. Debra stepped
back and started to undress but Eddie stopped her.

"Let me, baby, let me take you all in," he said standing up. "Oh man, you
are one of the hottest babes in the world," he said looking her over. "Fuck,
you have great legs but your tits," he commented and squeezed Debra's big
right breast, "You don't understand, they're so full and great."

He jiggled her breasts a bit. He then moved up staring Debra in the face,
"You've got very sexy lips," he commented and Debra licked them seductively.
He shifted down to Debra's exposed stomach. "Mmmh you've got great skin. A
nice flat stomach, not too much definition," He rubbed Debra's abs. "Oh man
but the puppies, the puppies are the best," He was drawn back up to her jugs.
He began to unbutton Debra's leather vest then she slipped it off leaving a
lacy black bra. "Wow, oh wow," he commented squeezing Debra's puppies
together more. "Oh god look at these puppies, oh shit." He stepped back
looking Debra over again. "Oh fuck, let me see those sexy lean legs," he
asked. Debra pulled off her tight black leather pants. She now stood before
Eddie in a black lace bra and matching thong panties. "Oh fuck yeah, look at
those legs," he said, bending down and rubbing Debra's legs from her legs up
to her thighs.

Eddie then moved behind Debra and gave her tanned butt a little smack.
Then another and groped her left bun in his hand. "Oohh yeah that's a good
tight ass." Debra bent over sticking out her butt. "Oooh shit you've got the
nicest legs Debra, with a such a nice ass on top, oooh yeah look at that,"
he commented. Debra stood back up and gave Eddie a kiss. He moved down to
her breasts and pulled down the front of her bra, letting her breasts over
flow out of them. He sucked on Debra's nipples making them nice and hard.
"Mmmhh I love the puppies but I also love your sexy ass," he said, turning
Debra around. Debra bent over slightly, sticking out her tight round butt.
Eddie rubbed his hands all over her tanned buns. He pulled Debra's black
thong panties to the side and buried his face in her pussy. He licked and
tongued Debra's tasty pussy, making it wetter and wetter.

"Mmmhhh yeeah lick it, ooohh you're making me so wet, ohhh fuck you lick
my pussy so good, ahhhh yess," Debra softly moaned. He didn't even look up,
he just kept going to work on Debra's pussy, her juices running down his
chin. "Oh god Eddie, oh oh ohhhhh fuck I want your cock," Debra moaned.

Debra dropped down to her knees in front of him and took his rod in her
small hands. She rubbed it around with both hands then toyed with him,
licking the tip, down the shaft and then playing with his balls. Debra then
attacked his cock, sucking on the head and stroking the shaft at the same
time. Eddie ran his hands through Debra's hair and groaned in pleasure at
Debra's great technique. Debra pulled Eddie's dick out of her mouth for a
moment and rubbed around her hard nipple, teasing him then went right back
to what she was doing before.

"Ah fuck Debra, I wanna fuck you so bad!" He exclaimed.

"Mmmhhh then fuck me, let's see what you've got big shot," Debra said
removing Eddie's rod from her mouth.

"Oh I got the heat, baby, but lets see if you can handle it," he said,
grabbing Debra and bending her over. Eddie slid his cock deep into Debra's
wet pussy and began pumping away.

"Stop! STOP!" Debra yelled and Eddie stopped.

"What's the matter baby?" He asked.

"You got it all wrong," Debra started, "Where I come from the pussy's for
lickin' and the ass is for fuckin'!"

"Oh then your sexy ass is all mine," He said and brought his hand down
onto Debra's butt with a loud *SMACK*. He switched orifices and ploughed into
Debra's asshole with the same roughness which he was giving her pussy. "Ohh
god that's the spot! Unnhhh fuck that's it! Ahhhh ahhh ahhh!" Debra moaned as
her ass was being nailed.


Eddie gave Debra's buns a hard spanking. "I knew you wanted it!"


"Fucking take my cock all up in your ass!"


"Oohhhh ooooh keep FUCKING MY ASS! Ohhhh yesss baby! Ohhh god yes! Unnhh
unnhh unnnhhh shiiit!" Debra moaned as Eddie kept slamming into her ass from

"Ohh ohh ohhh fuuuck!" Eddie exclaimed as he pulled out and squirted a big
stream of cum onto Debra's tight butt. Another stream followed then a few
more drops of cum dribbled out onto Debra's ass. Debra rubbed the cum around
and rubbed her asshole after a good hard fucking.

After a couple minutes of resting, Debra smacked Eddie hard across the
face. "Ouch, what was that for?" He asked, rubbing his cheek. She smacked him
again. "What's your deal, Debra?" He asked.

"Get hard you piece of shit, we're not done yet!" Debra shouted at him.

"We're not?" He asked.

"You can't have me and not fuck the puppies!" Debra explained.

"PUPPIES! Yeah I'll fuck those beauties," He answered.

"Then get hard," she demanded.

"Let me hold them." Eddie grabbed two overflowing handfuls of Debra's big
breasts in his hands. He immediately began to spring to attention.

"There we go," Debra said. Debra laid down, rubbing her breasts, waiting
for them to be fucked. Eddie straddled her chest and pushed his cock between
Debra's puppies. Debra held them tight together as Eddie began to pump in and
out. "How's that feel?" She asked.

"Oh fuck ... soo good," was all he could manage as he fucked those famous

"Ohh yeeah keep fucking them until you cum all over them," Debra

"Ahh .. ahhh ... ahhh shit Debra!" Eddie moaned as he pulled out from
between the puppies and shot a big load of cum all over them. "FUCK! OH!
YEAH!" He screamed as rubbed his sore dick against Debra's cum covered
breasts and nipples.

"Mmmmhhh mmmhh," Debra moaned as she pushed her breasts up and licked some
cum off her nipples.

"So why'd you come here again?" Eddie asked. "Oh shit ... Steve?" Debra
said, "STEVE! NO!" she shouted as she looked over to the door and saw her
husband standing the doorway. Eddie laughed as Steve stormed off sending
Debra into a frantic state.

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