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WWE Confidential: The Real Behind The Scenes Part 3
by Josh (

Situation: SmackDown would be Jackie's first match since winning Tough Enough
2 but would there be another first for Jackie that night?

Jackie Gayden made her first appearance in front of a live WWE crowd on
the last episode of Velocity where she accompanied fellow Tough Enough 2
Champion Linda out to face trainer, Ivory. Jackie sided with Ivory allowing
her trainer to beat Linda. Now Jackie was set to make her Smackdown wrestling
debut, teaming up with Ivory to take on Linda and Trish Stratus. However,
Jackie was nervous and expressed it to Ivory before the match as they got
ready together.

"Are you sure I look OK?" Jackie asked, looking herself over in the mirror
and adjusting her top.

"You look like a million bucks. The guys are really gonna like you, I
don't know about the girls though," Ivory responded as she laced up her
wrestling boots.

"There's so many people out there, what if I screw up? This is Smackdown,
what if I make a mistake? Oh gosh, Ivory, I'm a nervous wreck," Jackie

"Look, here in WWE whether you win or lose, as long as you're a hot diva,
you'll always have a fun night," Ivory said.

A road agent walked in the door and told them that they're up next.

"What'd you mean?" Jackie inquired.

"We'll talk about it later, just go out there and give it your best, ok?"
said Ivory as she began to walk out of the room.

"Ok, I'll try to stay positive," Jackie said as she followed Ivory out the

Jackie went out with Ivory and put in a good performance against Linda
and Trish during her short time in the ring. Trish won the match for her
team after hitting the Stratusfaction on Ivory. Jackie and Ivory returned
backstage to several positive remarks and comments about their match. The
two returned to their dressing room as they were done for the night.

"Good work out there, Jackie," Ivory said trying to lift Jackie's spirits.

"Thanks but I should've done better," Jackie said cutting herself down a

"Look, I told you that you'd have a fun night regardless of what happened
out there, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did. I still don't understand what you mean."

"See Jackie, that was your first match but its not the only first that
you're going to have tonight," Ivory explained.

"Huh? What're you talking about?" Jackie asked.

"You wait right here, I'll be back in a few minutes," Ivory said as she
exited the room.

Jackie fixed her hair in the mirror and wondered what this other first
Ivory was talking about. It also came into her mind that Ivory's words of
encouragement must be sincere as she said that only hot divas get to have fun
all the time. Minutes later, Jackie heard the door opened and turned around.

"Jackie, I want you to meet the Big Valbowski, Val Venis, or as he likes
to be known, Sean," Ivory said as the Big looked over Jackie.

"Its nice to meet you, Sean," Jackie said a little confused. Sean took her
hand and kissed it.

"The pleasure is all mine but soon I'll be giving you all the pleasure and
then some," Sean said with a grin, still looking over Jackie.

"I'm flattered but Ivory, what's going on?" Jackie asked.

"You had your first match and now you're going to have your first
experience with Sean and believe me, he's the best," Ivory answered.

"If you're saying what I think you're saying, the answer is no. I've got
a boyfriend, you know that Ivory!" Jackie said backing up a bit.

"Every woman that comes into this company that wants to be a diva has to
go through Sean. If you're up to his standards, you're set and whenever
you're down and need to have fun, he'll be there," Ivory explained.

"As for this boyfriend of yours. That's all he is, a boy. You need a man,
baby," Sean said taking a step close to Jackie. He then reached around and
grabbed two handfuls of Jackie's firm yet plump ass through her tight red
pants. Jackie looked over Sean for a moment, almost falling for him but then
shook her head and stepped back.

"No, I've got a boyfriend, I can't," Jackie said, almost trying to
convince herself.

"We already saw that he's not giving it to you right by hooking up with
that guy on Tough Enough. Sure he was a little step up but you need a man.
You need a man like me to make you into a diva," Sean said.

"Look Jackie, we have a rule here in WWE. Whatever goes on here, stays
here," Ivory chimed in. Jackie was still taking everything in and trying to
figure out what to do.

"Do you wanna be a diva?" Ivory asked.

"Yes, its all I want," Jackie answered.

"Then you have to learn to cut loose. You have to learn to let it all out.
That means you've got to let out that dirty part of you. Whatever is there,
it has to come out. You can be as raunchy, as horny, as wild as you want to
be. And once you can do that back here, then you'll have no problem letting
loose physically or creatively out there," Ivory explained.

"You're right, I get it now," Jackie said as her expression changed. She
walked towards Ivory.

"Ivory, you're a great trainer but I've always wanted to touch your
breasts," Jackie said, "so I will!" Jackie grabbed Ivory's breasts through
her shirt. Ivory grabbed a hold of Jackie's hands.

"You really do understand, good. But I've got plans of my own for tonight
and you will have more then enough fun with Sean," Ivory said.

"I think you're right again," Jackie said as she turned and looked over
Sean. Ivory used this moment to slip out of the room.

"Its just me and you, baby, now let's make you a diva," Sean said moving
in towards Jackie. Sean moved in to kiss Jackie but Jackie put one finger on
his lips. "I've seen you on TV and all but let's see whats under that shirt,"
she said. Sean eagerly pulled off his shirt. Jackie looked impressed by his
ripped physique. She kissed down his chest and rubbed his abs. "Now its your
turn," Sean said, "Let me see what you've got."

"Just sit down and I'll show you what I've got," Jackie said and Sean sat
down on the couch. "I've always fantasized about giving a man a lapdance, so
today is your lucky day," Jackie said. "Ooohhh Jackie, let it all out for
this lucky guy," Sean encouraged.

Jackie started dancing a bit, turned around and Sean rubbed that firm ass.
Jackie looked over her shoulder and could tell Sean was liking her butt.
Jackie began slowly pulling down her tight red plastic pants. She began to
expose her tanned ass and tiny black thong. Jackie swiveled her hips a bit
then bent forward, pulling down her pants down past her knees. She rested
her hands on Sean's knees then lowered her ass down onto his crotch. Sean
lightly rubbed his hands against Jackie's tanned buns. Jackie got up and
turned around. She bent forward, giving Sean a good look at her cleavage. She
pulled off her tight silver top letting her big round breasts free. Jackie
pushed her left breast up and licked her nipple seductively. She leaned
forward, and jiggled her breasts for Sean. She straddled his thigh and began
grinding back and forth, rubbing her breasts and moaning ever so softly.
Jackie stood up and slid her hand down her thong, rubbing her pussy. Jackie
pulled her hand out and her fingers were wet. She let Sean lick her wet pussy
juice off them. He stood up and now they kissed, as Jackie tasted her own
pussy juice which still coated Sean's tongue.

As the two got closer, Jackie could feel Sean's hard member pressing
through his pants. She kissed down his chest and stomach then pulled down his
pants. Sean's large rod sprung right out, almost hitting Jackie in the face.

"Wow," she commented.

"I told you baby, you need a real man," Sean said with confidence.

Jackie was obviously not used to a large man and any inhibitions that she
still had, left. Jackie grabbed Sean's cock in her hand and began licking the
head like it was a lollypop. Then she wrapped her thick, juicy lips around it
and eased more and more of it into her mouth.

"Ohhh ohhhh shit Jackie, those lips feel so nice," Sean moaned running his
fingers through Jackie's dirty blond hair.

Jackie began licking the shaft, lubricating it with her saliva. With it
nice and wet, Jackie pushed all of Sean's cock into her mouth, deep throating
it. She gagged a bit then pulled it out and smiled.

"Careful," Sean said.

Jackie just looked up and licked her lips. She sucked and licked his dick
some more, getting it wetter. Jackie tried again and this time lasted much
longer. She then returned to focusing on the head, licking and sucking. She
stroked it a bit then licked down his shaft, and sucked on his balls,
tonguing them while they were in her mouth. Jackie licked back up the shaft
then took it all in her mouth again, bobbing her head. She cupped his balls
with her hand, adding to the sensation.

"I'm ready," Sean commented.

"So am I," Jackie replied as she pulled his member from her mouth.

Jackie climbed on top of Sean and kissed him with her puffy lips.

"Turn around, baby, let me watch that fine ass as I fuck your young
pussy," Sean instructed.

Jackie turned around, lowering herself down onto Sean's hard rod. She
wiggled around, getting herself set.

"Ahhhh, ooooohhhh that feels," Jackie started but Sean cut her off.

"Like a man. A real man. That's what a fine young piece of ass like you
deserves, not some boy," Sean said.

"Ooohhh I like this," Jackie moaned.

Sean rested his hands on Jackie's hips and began pumping upwards into
Jackie's love tunnel. Jackie got into it, bucking her hips as Sean pumped
into her.

"Ahh god yesss! Unnhhhh fuuck me! Ohhh fuuck I like it! Ohhh fuuuck!"
Jackie moaned between heavy breaths.

"Oh shit you're so nice and tight, ohh fuck this is some good pussy," Sean

Sean slipped his cock from Jackie's pussy and rubbed it against her tight
pussy lips. He then pushed it back deep into Jackie's pussy and she began to
ride him. Her firm butt smacked against Sean's thighs as she rode him.

"Oh god, look at that ass, so juicy and firm," Sean commented.

He grabbed her hips and began pounding up as hard and fast as he could
while Jackie bounced. His cock slipped out from the intense pace which they
were fucking. Jackie turned around and lowered herself down onto his rod
again. She leaned forward, shoving her big breasts right in Sean's face. Sean
felt them up his hands then took her right breast and sucked on the nipple.
He bit it very gently then did the same to her left nipple. Jackie rested her
hands on his shoulders and began riding him really hard.

"Ohh yeeah Jackie let it all out, ohh fuck baby," Sean moaned.

"Unnnhhh fuuck! Ohhhh! Oooohhhhh my pussy! UNNNHHH FUCK YOUR COCK FEELS SO
GOOD! Mmmmmhhhh yeah!" Jackie moaned loudly.

Sean reached around and grabbed two handfulls of Jackie's juicy buns then
began pounding up at a fast tempo. He couldn't hold out any longer.

"Ohh fuck Jackie I'm gonna fucking cum!" Sean moaned.

Jackie quickly got off Sean and knelt down in front of him.

"Give it to me, let me feel your hot cum," Jackie demanded.

Sean released a big stream of cum that landed on Jackie breasts and then
a second load that splattered on her face. Jackie grabbed his cock in her
hand and licked the excess cum off it. She wiped the cum off her cheeks with
two fingers and licked it clean. Jackie then moved down to her breasts,
pushed them up and began to clean them off with her cum.

"How's that taste baby?" Sean asked, watching Jackie devour his load.

"Mmmmhhh so good, mmmhh I like it," Jackie commented but she was mainly
focused on licking off every last bit of cum.

Once she was clean, Jackie leaned over Sean and gave him a deep kiss.

"Wow, that was great," she said softly to him.

Jackie then walked across the room and bent over, picking up her thong.
Jackie stepped into her tiny black thong, starting to get dressed.

"Why are you getting dressed?" Sean inquired.

"What'd you mean, Sean? Aren't we finished?" Jackie responded.

"Done? Ohh .. You mean, you've never?" Sean started.

"Never what?" Jackie asked in a confused manner.

"Taken it in that sweet ass of yours," Sean replied.

"Ohhh! No, I've never done that," Jackie answered.

"Well then its time for another first," Sean said.

"I guess so. Break me in," Jackie told him.

"It'd be my pleasure and yours," Sean said with a chuckle.

"So what'd you want me to do first?" Jackie asked.

"Put those hot red pants back on," Sean instructed.

Jackie pulled on the ultra tight red plastic pants as per Sean's
instructions. Sean got a good look at Jackie's firm yet thick, plump ass
struggling to be contained by those tight pants. He rubbed his hands all
over that ass then backed off.

"Now pull those pants down real slow," Sean instructed.

Jackie slowly peeled down her pants, letting out more and more of her
tanned butt. She pulled the pants down to her knees then rubbed her ass while
Sean stared at it.

"That's an amazing fucking ass right there," he said.

"Thank you," Jackie responded.

"Look at that," Sean said as he felt Jackie's plump right bun in his hand.
He then squeezed her left bun.

"Bend over a little, stick that butt out for me," Sean instructed.

Jackie bent forward a bit, pushing out her thong filled ass. He stood
behind her and began rubbing his hands all over her tanned buns.

"Ohh fuck, I like this," he said.

He took his semi-hard member and began slapping it against Jackie's ass.
He then pulled her thong out and slid his cock in between it and her buns.
Jackie wiggled her hips, rubbing her ass against Sean's cock.

"Oh god I need to fuck this ass," Sean said.

He had to loosen it up a bit first before he could get his large member in
for a good fucking. Slowly he pulled Jackie's black thong down out of her
butt, letting it fall to the floor. He gave her buns a few kisses then spread
Jackie's buns apart with his hands. He began licking the rim of her asshole,
getting it nice and wet.

"Ooohh oooooohhh," Jackie moaned softly at this new sensation.

Sean licked his pinky finger and gently worked it into Jackie's asshole.
He held it there for a moment then pulled it out. He tongued her hole a
little more then wetted his index finger. Slowly he penetrated her tight
asshole with his index finger. A little more licking at he went for the

"Ahhh man! Holy .. ohhh damn!" Jackie moaned loudly and started to get
weak in the knees.

Sean could see Jackie's knees start to shake a little so he laid down on
the floor and pulled Jackie down. Jackie straddled his face with her ample
backside. Sean spread apart her cheeks again and buried his tongue in her
tight asshole. He continued to use his thumb to loosen Jackie's asshole and
get it ready for a fucking. After a few minutes of work, he slipped out from
underneath her.

"It's time," he said.

"Ohh good, your fingers felt so good in there, I can't wait for that big
cock of yours," Jackie said.

Jackie got on all fours, sticking her ass out in the air. Sean knelt down
behind her and began shaking his head. Jackie looked over her shoulder and
saw this.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"What a fucking ass and its all mine," he said.

"Enjoy," Jackie replied with a smile.

Sean rubbed his rod against Jackie's buns, bringing it to full attention.
Slowly he pushed the head of his cock into her asshole and then pulled out.
Again he pushed in, a little further this time and then pulled out. Jackie
was biting her thumb at a mixture of pain and pleasure. Finally, Sean pushed
his cock all the way in and held it there.

"Owww ooohhh fuuuuck! Owww .. ohh that's good. It hurts a bit but I like
it. Fuck me, fuck my ass," Jackie demanded.


Jackie jolted as Sean brought his hand hard down onto her right bun.

"You really want it Jackie?" He asked.

"Yes! Ohh give it to me!" Jackie answered.


Sean spanked her left bun harder.

"Do you really want it all?" He asked again.

"YES! I want it all! Take my ass, please!" Jackie almost begged.


Sean whacked Jackie's round ass with four hard spanks.

"Unh yeah! Spank my ass, do whatever you want, just fuck it! Please, Sean,
fuck my ass!" Jackie begged.

"That's what I like to hear when I'm behind such a nice ass," Sean said.

"So you're gonna fuck it?" Jackie asked softly.

"Fuck yeah!" Sean exclaimed.

Sean rested his hands on Jackie's buns and worked his cock back into her
asshole slowly. He began to increase the tempo as she loosened up a bit.

"Oohhh fuck you're so tight," Sean moaned.

"Just pound my ass, I can take it!" Jackie demanded.

Sean grabbed onto Jackie's hips and began to force his cock in. Jackie's
ass was so tight and it was so hard for him to pound it fast but he tried the
best he could to pick up the pace.

"Unnnnhhh ohhhh! AHHHH FUUUCK MY ASS! Ohhh yeah Sean! Ohh fuck it hard! In
and out! In and out! Ohhh that feels sooo good! FUUUCK I LOVE IT!" Jackie
moaned loudly.

"I'm trying, you're so fucking tight," Sean said.

"Let me try something, lay down," Jackie suggested.

Sean pulled out of Jackie's tight ass and laid down on the ground. Jackie
knelt down next to Sean and spat on his cock a few times. She then sucked on
it, coating it with saliva. Jackie squatted down with her ass facing Sean's
face. Jackie then eased her ass down onto Sean's waiting rod. Sean reached
forward and squeezed Jackie's buns.

"Fuck that's it, Jackie, that's good," Sean moaned.

Jackie began sliding her ass up and down, riding Sean's cock with her
asshole. She forced herself to go faster even though her asshole was so tight
and new to being fucked.

GOOD! FUUUCKING HELL!" Jackie moaned.

Sean's eyes were locked on Jackie's firm ass being broken in by his
member. It looked so good and felt even better.


"Oh fuck that ass looks good Jackie," Sean moaned.


"Faster Jackie, faster!" Sean encouraged.

"Unnhhh ohhhh this is soo good. Spank my ass, spank it! I'll go faster.
Unnhhh fuck I'll try!" Jackie moaned.


"Ohh yeah that ass is getting broken in good," Sean moaned.

"Nice and good. Can you fuck me from behind now?" Jackie asked.

"Mmmh yeah I think you're ready, baby," Sean responded.

Jackie stood up, rubbing her asshole in anticipation of more penetration.
Jackie leaned against the wall, sticking her butt out for Sean.

"Are you sure you can handle it standing up?" Sean asked.

"There's one way to find out," Jackie replied.

Sean got behind Jackie and pushed his cock deep into Jackie's asshole. His
hands wandered up Jackie's abs to her big breasts. He grabbed onto Jackie's
tits and pumped into her ass at the same time. He then brought his hands
around and grabbed onto Jackie's hips. Sean started pumping has hard as he
could into Jackie's ass. His balls smacked against her dripping wet pussy.

"AHHHHHHH! AHHHH! Fucking take it Jackie!" Sean moaned then gritted his
teeth, pounding that fine ass.

"Unh! Oh! Ahhh! Ahh! Fuck my ass! That's it! I can take it! UNNNHHH FUCK!
FUCK! OHHHH GOD! OHHH YEESSSS!" Jackie moaned between short deep breaths.

"Oh Jackie, I'm gonna blow!" Sean said, trying his hardest to hold out and
keep pounding her ass.

"Blow it on my ass!" Jackie moaned.

Sean gave her a few last thrusts then pulled out and released a huge load
of cum all over Jackie's firm buns. Sean jerked his cock a few more times,
letting all the cum drip out onto Jackie's tanned buns. He rubbed the cum all
around Jackie's ass with his shrinking member.

"Ohh shit Jackie that was good," Sean commented.

"Damn Ivory was right, this was the best night of my life," Jackie said
and she gave Sean a big kiss.


The ringing was coming from Jackie's bag. She went over and pulled out her
ringing cell phone.

"Hello?" Jackie answered.

"Jackie, it's me," the voice said.

"Who?" Jackie asked.

"Your boyfriend," he said.

"My what?" Jackie asked.

"Don't be stupid, its your boyfriend," he said again.

"Uh, I don't have a boyfriend," Jackie said and hung up the phone.

"Now ... Now you're a Diva," Sean said with a laugh then shared another
kiss with Jackie.

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