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WWE Confidential: The Real Behind The Scenes Part 4
by Josh (

Ever since Dawn Marie joined World Wrestling Entertainment a few weeks
ago, she had been trying to woo the job as Vince McMahon's assistant away
from Stacy Keibler. Dawn Marie found a copy of the schedule for the night's
Smackdown show and saw that Stacy was slotted to take some photos for an
upcoming WWE Magazine. This was Dawn's chance to get in and schmooze with
the boss. Dawn Marie checked herself in the mirror. She had on a beige
mini-skirt and a little black shirt that was unbuttoned showing lots of
cleavage and just a hint of her pink bra. Dawn Marie headed off for Mr.
McMahon's office.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Yes? Come in," Mr. McMahon was heard from inside.

Dawn Marie opened the door and walked in. Vince was talking on his cell
phone but quickly hung up as he saw Dawn Marie walk into the room.

"Dawn Marie. What a pleasure," he said.

"Thank you, Mr. McMahon," Dawn replied.

"Vince, call me Vince," he insisted.

"Ok Vince. I just wanted to know if there's anything you need? More
coffee? Phone calls to be made? Papers to be mailed?" Dawn inquired.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to make a play for
my assistant's job," Vince said with a smile.

"I think I'd make a great personal assistant. All I want is a chance,"
Dawn said.

"Well you certainly have the look," Vince said, starting to look Dawn
Marie over.

All of a sudden, Stacy Keibler entered the room and Vince quickly backed

"What is going on here?" Stacy asked.

"I was just telling Dawn Marie that the position of my assistant is filled
by an overly qualified leggy blond," Vince said back pedalling.

"Yes it is. You can go now Dawn," Stacy said with a smirk.

Dawn Marie huffed and stormed out of the room. Her play for the
assistant's job had been foiled again by that damn Stacy Keibler. Right away,
Dawn Marie started to brainstorm to come up with a new approach to get at
Stacy Keibler. The light bulb literally flashed over her head when she saw
Test down at the end of the hall. Dawn remembered hearing rumors of a
relationship between Stacy and Test before she came to WWE. She'd never
really seen the two together but that might just be because of Stacy's new
job of keeping Mr. McMahon happy. Dawn Marie went into her innocent yet
flirty demeanor as she approached the big man.

"Test? Hi, I'm Dawn Marie," she said.

"What's up?" Test replied, not seeming too pleased.

"You look like something's bugging you and I think I know what it is,"
Dawn said.

"Oh really? And what's that?" Test asked.

"You can't be happy about Stacy spending so much time with Mr. McMahon.
You are seeing her aren't you?" Dawn asked.

"Yeah, yeah. Its just business between them," Test said.

"Right. Uh, well I'll see you around," Dawn said and started to walk away.

"Wait! Do you know something?" Test asked.

Dawn Marie smiled, knowing her plan was going to work and turned around.

"I've seen them together and I think there's something more going on. How
could she do that to you? She doesn't deserve a man like you. So young, so
strong, so handsome," Dawn said, rubbing Test's arm.

"Damn, you're right I'm gonna break it off with that bitch," Test said in

"How typical and boring," Dawn said.

"What'd you mean?" Test asked.

"I helped you out and now you can help me out. I want to hurt Stacy and I
think you do to. And what better way to teach her a lesson then for me and
you to ... get to know each other a little more closely?" Dawn said with her
puppy dog eyes.

"You don't gotta ask me twice!" Test said looking over Dawn Marie with
wide eyes.

"I just hope you're all in proportion if you know what I mean," Dawn said
with a wink.

"And I don't see anyway you could disappoint," Test said.

Dawn Marie led Test into an empty locker room with a couch. Test was
checking out her tight little body the whole time. Dawn closed the door then
moved in close to Test. She rubbed her hands all over his chest then he
pulled off his shirt revealing his chiseled physique. He ran his hands
through Dawn's dark brown hair then leaned down and kissed her luscious sweet
lips. Test began to unbutton Dawn's shirt as they kissed. Dawn broke the kiss
to pull off her shirt. Test leaned down and kissed Dawn's cleavage. Dawn
unclamped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She had good sized breasts.
Not huge but just right. Defiantly more then Test was used to with Stacy.
Dawn moved down on Test, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants. Dawn
slid down Test's boxers and while he wasn't fully erect yet, she could tell
he was huge. Dawn Marie licked her lips at the site. She began stroking it
fast with her hand, bringing it to full attention. It had to be a good nine
inches at least. Dawn concentrated on the head, taking it in her mouth.

"Ahhhhh yesss Dawn," Test moaned softly as he ran his hands through Dawn's

Dawn spat on his rod and rubbed it around with her hand. She took more of
it in her mouth, and bobbed her head, sucking away. Dawn then licked down the
sides of his cock, and spat on it some more. She took it back into her mouth
then slowly slid it deep down into her throat but pulled out quickly.

"Come here baby," Test said bringing Dawn up to her feet. He turned her
around and slowly pulled down Dawn Marie's tight mini-skirt revealing a pink
lace thong. Dawn had a nice firm, tanned butt. It wasn't quite what Test was
used to with Stacy Keibler but it was damn good. Test bent down and slid down
Dawn Marie's pink thong. He buried his face between her buns, the tip of his
nose rubbing against her asshole as he took a few good licks of her moist
pussy. He then stood up and picked her up in a standing 69 position.

"Oh! Geez! Never done this before!" Dawn Marie laughed.

"You want down?" Test asked.

"No way! I'm right where I wanna be," Dawn replied as Test's large rod was
right in front of her face.

Test held Dawn Marie tight as he buried his face in her pussy, enjoying
the taste of a new woman. Dawn Marie went back to work on Test's cock, taking
in as much as she could without choking. All that could be heard from both of
them was muffled moans. After a couple of minutes of this, the blood was
rushing to Dawn's head and Test was getting a little weak in the knees so he
flipped Dawn Marie back onto her feet.

"Whew!" Dawn sighed, letting the blood rise back to her head.

Test pulled Dawn Marie in and focused on her breasts. He tweaked her
nipples with his fingers and then began sucking on each breast. He moved
closer and his hard-on poked Dawn in the stomach.

"Enough with the foreplay, big boy," Dawn said as she reached down and
grabbed a hold of Test's hard-on, "Let's get busy."

Dawn Marie reached down and dug two fingers into her pussy then pulled
them out dripping wet. She sucked her juices off her fingers eroticly,
driving Test nuts. Dawn then got down on all fours and rubbed her pussy.

"Stick that big thing in here, I've never had a man so big," Dawn said.

Test knelt down behind Dawn Marie and rubbed her firm backside. He gave
it a few smacks with his cock to get it back to full hard-on. He then pushed
his rod halfway into Dawn's pussy.

"Ooohhhh fuuck that's big," Dawn moaned.

"That's only half of it, baby," Test said.

"Gimme all of it then!" Dawn demanded.

Test pushed his cock all the way into Dawn Marie's pussy and held it there
for her to feel it inside of her.

"Ahhh ahhh that's oooohhh really BIG!" Dawn moaned.

"You can't handle it?" Test asked.

"Oohhh noo I can take it," Dawn moaned in a little discomfort.

Test rested a hand on Dawn's ass and began to slowly pump in and out of
her pussy.


He gave Dawn's ass a few decent spanks to try and loosen her up a bit.
With each thrust, he could feel Dawn getting more relaxed and more used to
his size. He began to go a little faster and Dawn's moans turned from half
pleasure - half discomfort to almost all pleasure.

"Ahhh fuuck Test! Ohhh pound my pussy with that big cock! Ohhh yeeah
you're good! Ohh fuuck its so big!" Dawn moaned then reached back and smacked
her own ass. Test pulled out and Dawn rubbed her somewhat sore pussy.

"More, big man, more!" Dawn demanded.

Test slid it back in Dawn Marie's dripping wet hole and began pumping
again. He grabbed onto Dawn's slender hips for support as he began pumping
faster and pounding Dawn's pussy.

WITH THAT BIG COCK! UNNNHHHH YEEEEAH!" Dawn moaned, louder and louder.

"Mmmmhhhh mmmhhh damn this is some good pussy, mmmh," Test grunted as he
continued his unexpected fucking of Dawn Marie.

Test pounded her pussy from behind for a little bit longer. He'd slow down
and then speed back up at Dawn's request. However, he is a big dude and he
began to tire out a bit from doing all the work. So when Dawn Marie wanted to
get on top, Test was quick to oblige her. Test laid down on his back. Dawn
crawled towards him then grabbed his rod, giving it a few sucks before
climbing on top of him. Test held Dawn around the waist as she lowered
herself down onto his long rod. Slowly Dawn sat all the way down taking it
all in. She leaned forward, resting her hands on the ground for support while
Test reached around and grabbed a hold of her firm butt. Dawn began bucking
her hips, sliding her pussy up Test's cock and then back down.

"Ohh fuck that's it Dawn, oh that's good," Test moaned.

From this position, Test had two handfuls of Dawn's tight butt, her
breasts hanging down near his face and a perfect view of Dawn's gorgeous,
sexy face. Dawn's tits jiggled as she grinded away on Test.

"Unnhhh ohhh yeeahh! Ohh fuck that's so big! Ohh fuuck!" Dawn moaned.

Dawn Marie started to bounce up and down on Test's cock. Test moved his
hands from her butt, up to her tits and began groping them as Dawn rode him.
Her thighs and butt began smacking against Test with each bounce. The
bouncing seemed to be too much for Dawn and hurting her a bit so she leaned
forward, and began to just grind again. Dawn leaned all the way forward and
began kissing Test. He wrapped his arms around Dawn, holding her tight and
then began bucking his hips upward, pounding his cock into her pussy.

mmmhhh ... ohhhh my god!" Dawn moaned loudly while Test just grunted.

"God damn ... oh fuck ... I'm gonna cum!" Test moaned.

Dawn Marie quickly got off Test then moved down to his crotch. She began
stroking him off, holding her mouth wide open above him.

"Come on, big boy, give Dawn Marie some tasty cum," Dawn encouraged.

"Ugh unh ohhh shiit!" Test grunted as she let out a big spurt of cum. Dawn
tried to catch it all in her mouth but some of it dripped back down onto
Test's dick. She gave it a few more strokes allowing the rest of his cum to
ooze out. Dawn then began sucking and licking the cum off of Test's cock.
Soon there was pretty much no trace of cum remaining.

"How was that?" Dawn asked.

"Good, damn good," Test replied.

"Anything else? Wanna go for another round?" Dawn enquired.

"I wanna fuck you in the ass," Test said bluntly.

"I don't know," Dawn replied.

"You don't do that?" Test asked.

"Oh I do but you're just so big, I don't think I can take it," Dawn

"Can we try atleast?" Asked Test.

"It won't hurt to try," Dawn replied.

"And if it does, we'll stop," Test said.

"Ok, let's go for it," Dawn said.

Dawn Marie got back down on all fours, sticking out her ass for Test. Test
rubbed himself, looking at Dawn's hot little body and it wasn't long until he
was hard again. Test rubbed Dawn's asshole then licked it, getting it nice
and wet. He pushed the head of his cock in.

"OW! OW!" Dawn squealed.

Test pushed it in a little more.

"OWWWW! Its too big, take it out! Ow!" Dawn yelped.

"Damn ... oh well," Test sighed as he pulled right out.

"I can't let you out of my eye for one second," a female voice was heard.

Dawn Marie and Test quickly turned to see Stacy Keibler standing in the
door way, her hands on her hips looking annoyed. Dawn smiled while Test
stumbled to try and find some words.

"Can it, Test," Stacy said before he could get anything out.

"How's it going Stacy?" Dawn said with a wicked smile.

"Oh its going good, bitch. Real good. You see, I've been standing here for
while now and uh, once again you can't do anything better then me," Stacy

"Is that so?" Dawn asked.

"Oh its so. You can't win Mr. McMahon's attention away from me and you
can't take Test's big one up your ass," Stacy said.

"And you can?" Dawn barked back.

"I can and then some. You don't have shit on me, Dawn. You're just not on
my level yet and you've got a lot to learn. Come on Test, let's show her how
its done," Stacy said walking over to Test.

"Screw this," Dawn huffed as she grabbed her clothes and started to leave
but Stacy cut her off, shut the door and locked it this time.

"You're not going anywhere, you're stay here and see that I'm better then
you in all the ways that it counts. I've got a better ass and I can take his
big cock in it like no one else," Stacy said.

"Or what?" Dawn asked.

"Or I tell Mr. McMahon who you're trying to break up people's
relationships. That's a big no-no around here. So I suggest if you want to
keep your job at all, you sit back and get comfortable," Stacy said with an
evil smile.

Dawn Marie got dressed and took a seat in the corner of the room, a
defeated woman. Stacy was decked out in a short black mini-skirt and a low
cut black shirt tied way up above her midsection. Stacy ran a hand through
her hair as she walked towards Test.

"You better go wild here because this is the last of me that you're gonna
get for quite awhile," Stacy said.

"You can't stay away from this for too long, baby," Test grinned.

"You're right but enough talking," Stacy said as she wrapped her arms
around Test and began to kiss him. Stacy stepped back and began to dance a
little as she undid her top and stripped it off. Stacy pulled Test's hands
around her back and he took off her bra. Stacy turned around and slowly
pulled down her back mini-skirt. She bent all the way forward and pulled
the skirt down. Stacy's magnificent ass was in Test's face with a tiny black
g-string flossing her buns.

"I love your little phat ass," Test said.

He grabbed Stacy and pulled her ass into his face. He held her butt tight
to his face, sat down then laid down with Stacy sitting on top of his face.
Test aggressively munched on Stacy's ass, only lifting her up every few
moments for some air.

"That's it, Test, ooohhh attack that ass," Stacy encouraged, and looked
over towards Dawn Marie with a smirk.

"Mmmhhh mmmpphhh mmmmhhh," was all that was heard from Test as he was
totally engulfed in Stacy's delicious ass.

"Ooohh ooohh Test that's good, I can't wait anymore for that big cock in
there," Stacy moaned.

Test got out from underneath and then bent Stacy over the side of the
couch. Test pulled the g-string up, inside of down, fully wedging it between
Stacy's buns. He smacked the side of her ass cheek, making it jiggle.

"Yeah fuckin' look at that," Test commented in excitement and then did it
to the other cheek.

He peeled the black g-string out of Stacy's ass. Test got up and squatted
down over Stacy's butt. He rested his semi-hard rod between her buns and
pushed them together. He pulled back and thrusted forward, sliding his dick
between her nice buns. It wasn't long before he had a full blown erection.
Test returned to his original position behind Stacy and slapped his cock
against her ass a few times.

"You ready, Stacy?" Test asked.

"Oh fuck yeah Test, fucking stick that big thing in my little ass," Stacy

Test obeyed her demand with incredible enjoyment as he pushed his cock
deep into Stacy's little asshole.

"Ah fuck that's what I'm talkin' about," Test moaned.

"Ooohhhh unnnhhh fuck it Test, fuck it like you know how, ohhhh shit!"
Stacy moaned, clenching her fists.

Test grabbed Stacy's hips and began pumping into her asshole at a decent
speed. Stacy held her fists tight but was clearly enjoying having her ass
punished by Test's large member.

"Bring it here, let me taste it. Let me get it real wet so you can really
pound my ass," Stacy said.

Test moved around front of Stacy and stuffed his rod into her mouth. Stacy
sucked on it then got a lot of saliva in her mouth, leaving it dripping wet
as Test returned around to her luscious backside. He slid his cock deep into
her ass then grabbed onto the flesh off her butt. He began pumping slowly
then really turned it on. Test started hammering Stacy's ass from behind,
just ripping into it with fast and deep thrusts.

YEEEEAHHH! Unnnnhhh baby! Ahhh fuuuuck that's the spot! OHHHHH JUST POUND MY
ASS! AHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!" Stacy moaned loudly.

"Mmmhhhh Stacy, ohhh fuck no one can take it like you ... ohhh I'll fuck
it so fucking hard!" Test grunted.

"Come on baby, keep pounding ... Ohhhh fuuuck that's it ... Unnhhh fuuck
harder Test harder!" Stacy moaned.

Test pumped into Stacy's little ass a few more times and then pulled right

"You're not gonna cum yet are you?" Stacy asked, still wanting more.

"I don't know why I'm giving it to you at all, after all the shit you've
been doing with Vince," Test said.

"You're right, I've been a BAAAAAD girl. Bad girls need to be spanked!"
Stacy said rubbing her butt.

Test sat down on the couch and Stacy stood in front of him, sticking out
her butt.

"Punish me," Stacy said.


"You gonna stop seeing Vince?" Test asked.

"No!" Stacy replied.


"Are you?" He asked again.

"Mmmhh no," Stacy answered.


"Ok, maybe not as much," Stacy said.

Test got up and walked Stacy forward until she was leaning against the
wall with her butt still sticking out. He moved in closer and pushed his cock
back up her asshole. Stacy pressed her hands against the wall as Test pumped
into her ass.

"Ohhhh fuuuck Test, ohhh my god, ohhhh give it to me!" Stacy moaned.

"Keep taking it in the ass, Stacy, yeah you like that big cock in your ass
don't you?" Test asked then started nailing her harder.

OHHHHH FUCK YEAH!" Stacy moaned loudly.

"Oh shit, ohh fuck, I'm gonna.." Test couldn't even finish his sentence as
he quickly pulled out and exploded with a huge load of cum all over Stacy's
beautiful ass.

"Oh Test, that hot cum feels good," Stacy moaned softly, starting to rub
the cum all over her butt.

"It looks good but it felt even better," Test said, rubbing the tip of his
dick all around Stacy's butt.

"See Dawn, that's how its done," Stacy said with a smirk.

"I'll get you, Stacy Keibler. Somehow, some day, I'll get even with you!"
Dawn Marie shouted and stormed out of the room as Stacy Keibler just laughed.

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