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WWE Divas Cumming To Meet Me...Literally!
by Unknown

I would like to thank the WWE for getting me a backstage pass to Raw. I had
an amazing time.

As I walked down the hall I came across Trish Stratus, Lita, Torrie Wilson
and Stephanie McMahon. The four gorgeous divas were just sitting there
talking. When I first cam across them, I felt my underpants burst, but
thankfully they didn't see it so I was not humiliated.

I said "Hi" to all of them, but my main concern was Torrie Wilson. She is a
Smackdown diva, but she was on Raw.

She told she was here for one thing. Then she slipped me the key to her hotel
room and told me we will speak later and then I left.

When I got to the hotel room I heard strange noises coming out of the room,
but that did not stop me from knocking on door.

After a while the door started to open and to my amazement there stood a half
naked Torrie Wilson. She had a towel wrapped just above her breasts. So I
followed her in trying to stay as close as possible to see any exposure of
her firm ass.

Torrie then took off her towel, so I walked over to her and I lowered my
mouth between her legs, tonguing and munching her cunt through her
leopard-print thong as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. She
then pulled away whistle to my amazment in came Lita, Trish and Stephanie.

I went back down between her legs. Stephanie moved beside Torrie and began
fondling her ample tits through the shirt. Lifting my eyes (not my mouth,
mind you), I could see that Steph was now almost completely naked, save for
black lace garter and stockings. No panties in sight as Torrie's hand gently
fondled Stephanie's goosebumped leg as she has never had so many women and
one guy at a time.

Lita and Trish by this time had their clothes of and were fondling each
others beautiful cured bodies, so I left Torrie on the bed playing with
Stephanie as I approached Trish. She looked up and said as she tried to
catch her breath "Come on, big boy."

So I went over and before I could do anything, she was sucking my penis, but
she stopped when I came in her mouth, so then I turned her over and did her
up the dirt track. I saw she was pleasuring herself whilst I was doing her
from the back so I went harder. All I could hear was the repeating sound of
my cum-full sacks bashing her cute ass.

The only one I done nothing to was Lita so I left Trish pleasuring herself
as she wiped up the cum off her ass with help from Stephanie and Torrie as
they licked her butt crack clean.

I walked over to Lita and just came over her tits. She was licking it up as
I went up her back passage. She was letting out mixed emotions of pain and
pleasure but I knew what to do, so I let her off my erect cum dripping penis.
She went back to Stephanie, Trish and Torrie as they started as race to see
who would get off first, but to make it easier I stood in front of them
wankin my socks off swetting like anything until I beat the four beautiful
WWE divas to cumming. I shot my load all over their faces. They licked it up.

Stephanie started to give me a BJ until Torrie went in the drawer and pulled
out a 4-way dildo, so I felt I was not needed. I was about ready to go when
the four divas looked up and said, "FUCK ME HARDER!!!"

So I complied ripping my trousers off and getting four blowjobs giving four
oral lessons till they came. Then I pulled my tired, now lazy penis away and
got changed. Just as I left I had the four divas write their phone numbers
down before giving them all a last game of tonsil hockey having them promise
for them to speak to Mr. McMahon to get me more backstage passes and they
promised for us to do it again very very soon.

As I went down the hall I said, "We'll do it next time in the Raw divas
locker room, so they all get a go," disappearing into the distance.

I kept in touch with them all as I've been backstage everyday so far this
year. Keeping this up I'll be dead before the next year!

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