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WWE's Fringe Benifits
by Smithtidus (

Part 1 - An Intimate Session Made In Heaven

Hiro was just an average fan of the WWE. He began training at Shawn
Michaels' Wrestling Academy in San Antonio, Texas after high school and
officially entered the WWE after his first year of wrestling in the Texas
Wrestling Alliance. He was assigned to be a mid-card wrestler along side his
current tag team partner Maven.

After another successful match on Raw, Hiro went to the locker rooms. His
opponents that night Test and Scott Steiner were there, who congratulated
Hiro on his victory. They then left. Maven had also left the arena early so
Hiro thought that he was the only person left. He put away his wrestling
gear and thought about next week's Raw. Since he and Maven had defeated Test
and Scott Steiner that night, they would get a Tag Team title shot at Rob
Van Dam and Kane. Hiro was about to leave the arena when he heard a noise
from the Women's locker room. Intrigued, he snuck over to the Women's locker
room and peaked through the small opening of the door since it wasn't
locked. What he saw surprised him and instantly got him hard. The
long-legged blonde bombshell Stacy Keibler was lying on a sofa completely
nude with her hands between her legs. Her eyes were closed and she was
moaning softly.

Oh shit, Hiro thought. He almost walked in on Stacy Keibler pleasuring
herself. He really wanted to be with Stacy right then and this was a great
opportunity so he slowly opened the door, snuck in, and gently shut the
door. Stacy didn't hear or see him as she was too caught up in her orgasm.
She was moaning very loudly and rubbed her crotch faster and faster. Her
body suddenly went rigid and she came. She didn't open her eyes and began to
catch her breath.

"Is this private or can anyone watch?" Hiro asked, gathering his courage.
Stacy opened her eyes and tried to cover her small breasts and her wet

"What the fuck are you doing in here?" Stacy demanded. She was blushing

"I heard a noise in here and I was curious," Hiro replied. Stacy noticed the
tent in his pants.

"Well, um, I guess you caught me in the act. Were you enjoying what you
saw?" Stacy asked, her voice sounding damn right angelic.

"Of course I was. It's not everyday you get to find a blonde goddess
fingering herself in the locker room," Hiro replied.

"I guess you haven't been here long enough," Stacy said. She slowly
uncovered her breasts and began to tweak her nipples. "How about you come
closer and pleasure me?"

Hiro couldn't believe it. The most beautiful wrestling diva in history asked
him to fuck her. He walked over to the sofa and sat beside Stacy, mesmerized
by her long ass legs and hot naked body.

"Don't you worry, I'll lead," Stacy said. She took of Hiro's Chris Jericho
tee shirt and his pants until he was just in his boxers. Stacy stood up and
teasingly danced around in front of Hiro, shaking her nice ass and continued
to tweak her nipples. Hiro tried to stand up, but Stacy laid him back on the
sofa and pulled out his fully erect nine inch cock. Stacy teasingly licked
up and down the shaft and then deep-throated the whole thing. She bobbed her
head spontaneously and licked the head when she reached the top. Hiro rested
his left hand on top of Stacy's head and let her do all the work. Stacy then
suddenly stopped and licked all the way up Hiro's cock one last time. She
lay against a wall and beckoned Hiro forward.

Hiro knew what to do and walked over and began to eat her out. He stuck out
his tongue as much as he could until he found her clit. By then Stacy was
moaning loudly and tweaking her erect nipples again. She brushed her fingers
through Hiro's dark hair as Hiro began to work on her clit.

"Ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh I'm cuummmmmming!" Stacy screamed as a monstrous
orgasm ripped through her body like a tidal wave. Hiro licked up all of her
girl juices and kissed Stacy full on the lips, sharing her cum with her.

"That was amazing Hiro," Stacy gaped after she had caught her breath.

"We're not quite done yet," Hiro said, grinning. Stacy returned the grin and
bent over the sofa. Hiro inserted his cock into Stacy's already sopping wet
pussy and began to pump in and out slowly. Stacy moaned with every thrust.
As Hiro picked up the pace, Stacy begged for it harder and faster in between
her moans. Hiro was slam-fucking her stretched pussy with every inch inside
of her. Stacy was about to cum when Hiro stopped and withdrew his cock.

"Why'd you do that?" Stacy gasped.

"I want a piece of that ass!" Hiro replied.

"Why didn't you say so?" Stacy asked. She sucked Hiro's cock so it was wet
again and then bent over. Hiro carefully inserted his wet cock inside of
Stacy's tight pink anus, inch by inch. When he had gotten six inches in,
Stacy was already moaning and screaming in pain.

"Do you want me to stop?" Hiro asked.

"Fuck no! I want you to stick all nine inches of your cock up my ass! I want
to feel you in my stomach!" Stacy screamed in reply. Hiro then rammed his
whole cock inside her ass, much to Stacy's satisfaction and pain. He pumped
as hard as he could into Stacy's ass until he felt Stacy cum. Hiro kept
pumping and came shortly after. They both fell onto the couch in exhaustion
and began to hug and kiss.

"That was fun," Stacy said as she began to put her clothes on.

"We should do that again," Hiro said, putting his own clothes on. That's
when he remembered. "Oh shit," he said.

"What?" Stacy asked.

"I forgot that you're going out with Test. Damn, he'll kill me if he finds
out," Hiro said.

"Don't worry Hiro, I won't tell, promise. Just make sure you stop by next
time you have the chance," Stacy said. She kissed Hiro as Hiro was leaving.

Part 2 - Four's Company

Stacy Keibler was apparently telling every one in the Women's locker room
about her night with Hiro. All of the other divas began to act strange
around him. Trish bent over when ever she could and Terri kept tripping onto
Hiro so she could feel the hard-on in his pants.

Hiro and Maven had defeated Rob Van Dam and Kane for the World Tag Team
titles that week at Raw. They then celebrated at a bar at which Trisha
Stratigias a.k.a. Trish Stratus and Amy Dumas a.k.a. Lita where drinking at.
Trish was wearing a white baby tee shirt and black leather pants. Lita was
wearing a black Matt Hardy version 1.0 shirt and baggy cargo pants which
revealed a red thong underneath.

"Hello Trisha. Hello Amy. Pleasure to meet you two," Hiro greeted.

"Hello to you too," Trish said with a drunken voice. She was obviously quite
horny as well as drunk because she began to slowly rub her right breast.

"Are you okay?" Maven asked.

"She's fine Maven. She just is fantasizing about you two fucking her. She
hasn't had a cock inside of her in weeks and I have had to pleasure her
since then," Lita said.

"You mean..."

"That's right. Trish and I are bi-sexual. How about a foursome at our hotel
room?" Lita offered.

"Yeah, how about it?" Trish asked.

"Of course we will," Hiro said quickly. He led Trish and Lita to his
Corvette. He drove while Maven fooled around with Lita and Trish.

Hey, save some for me Maven. I don't want any sloppy seconds," Hiro joked,
speeding off to the hotel. Once in the hotel room, Trish and Lita began to
French kiss each other and rub each other's nice asses. Hiro took of his
clothes and undressed Trish. Maven did the same with Lita. Trish got on her
knees in front of Hiro and began to suck seven inches of his cock. She
drooled trying to fit as much of Hiro's cock into her mouth as she could and
played with his balls. Hiro looked over to see Maven and Lita in a 69
position. Trish gagged on Hiro's cock and began to stroke his cock as fast
as she could until he came, finishing a really wet blowjob. Trish licked up
all of Hiro's cum and started to play with herself. Maven was done cumming
into Lita's mouth and jerked it off to erection again.

Hiro started to fuck Trish's pussy in reverse cowgirl position on the bed as
Maven continued to eat Lita's pussy. Trish bounced up and down on Hiro's
swollen dick wildly until she stopped when Hiro was at the point of cumming.
Trish reached into her gym bag and pulled out a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
She poured the bottle of rubbing alcohol onto her massive tits and massaged
it in.

"Fuck these big titties until you cum Hiro," Trish said seductively. She lay
on the bed on her back as Hiro straddled her chest. Trish squeezed her
mammoth cleavage together and made Hiro's nine inch cock disappear. Trish
moved her titties up and down really fast. After another minute of
titty-fucking, Hiro took his cock away and jerked the cum onto Trish's
waiting mouth, chin, and tits.

Maven was slam-fucking Lita as Lita was moaning loudly. Her orgasm roared
through her body as she came all over Maven's dick. Lita invited Hiro over
and asked to be rammed in both holes like the slut she was. Hiro had already
came twice, but stuck his newly hard cock into Lita's tight asshole. Maven
was already fucking Lita in cowgirl position. Trish sat back on the bed and
began to play with herself. Lita's loud moans filled the room, as did the
sound of two cocks slapping against her wet ass and pussy. Lita came
violently and fell asleep on Maven's chest. Trish finished making herself
cum and gave Hiro another blowjob. Hiro's cock was covered in the taste of
Trish and Lita's pussy and Lita's ass, so Trish sucked it extra hard.
The next morning, Trish and Lita gave blowjobs to both Hiro and Maven before
they left for the arena.

Part 3 - A Surprise Check-up

Hiro and Maven were becoming quite a successful tag team these days. Their
list of contenders grew significantly when the Brand Extension of Raw and
Smackdown was finally put to rest. They successfully unified the Raw and
Smackdown Tag Team titles against Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas of Team
Angle at WWE Summerslam. But that victory didn't come off without a hitch.
Midway through the match, Charlie Haas applied his finishing submission, The
Haas of Pain, and cracked one of the vertebrae in Hiro's spine. Hiro,
amazingly, finished the match six minutes later with a Shooting Star Press
to Shelton Benjamin. Hiro was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance with
Maven who watched, holding Hiro's two Tag Team titles.

Even though one of his vertebrae was cracked, Hiro didn't need surgery. He
needed physical therapy for a couple of months until he could be cleared to
return to the ring. Lots of people came to wish him well, including Maven,
Team Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Rob Van Dam. Trish even visited and gave
Hiro another really wet blowjob. But that didn't compare to the visit Hiro
received a few days before he was cleared to return to WWE television.
Torrie Wilson, the newest Playboy centerfold in WWE, greeted Hiro with a get
well card and a hug.

"Is your back feeling better?" Torrie asked.

"Yeah, it is. It's just too bad Maven and I had to drop the Tag Team titles
because of this damned injury," Hiro replied.

"It's okay Hiro. By the way, it was very heroic of you to finish that match.
Stacy, Trish, and Lita told me about you and I came to see if you live up to
my high expectations," Torrie said, unbuttoning her blouse. She unsnapped
her bra and licked her nipples. Hiro pulled the blouse off of her, and
kissed up her thighs. Hiro tugged her panties down and began to lick her
pussy. Torrie moaned in ecstasy as Hiro found her clit and gently bit down
on her clit, eliciting a room-shaking moan from Torrie. Hiro finished
lapping up the sweet juices and undressed. Torrie jerked Hiro's cock to full
erection and began to give him an awesome blowjob. It wasn't sloppy like
Trish's usually were and words alone could not do justice to the intense
feeling Hiro had. He was moaning almost as loud as Torrie did a few minutes
ago and started to fuck Torrie's face.

"Ah, yeah, suck it you slut!" Hiro yelled, his orgasm making his body almost
rigid. Torrie licked it a couple more times and let Hiro titty-fuck her for
another minute and a half until he came all over Torrie's face and in her
blonde hair. Torrie licked up all she could using her tongue and her

Before Hiro had the chance to regain his breath, Torrie laid Hiro onto the
hospital bed and got into the cowgirl position. She lowered her wet snatch
and humped as hard as she could. Hiro lifted Torrie by the waist and pumped
into her dripping wet pussy. Torrie rubbed her massive globes in a clockwise
manner and moaned intensely. As Hiro rammed into her harder, Torrie's
titties would sometimes bounce into her face.

Torrie bounced up and down until she came. She then switched around into
reverse cowgirl and grabbed the head of the bed for support.

"This is such a great present Torrrrrrriiiiiieeeeeeee!!!" Hiro was saying as
his orgasm hit him. "Oh shit I'm gonna cum!!!"

"Cum on my ass!" Torrie said. She dismounted Hiro's cock and allowed Hiro to
spray his hot cum all over her perfect rock hard ass. Torrie rubbed the hot
white stuff into her ass and kissed Hiro one final time. They got dressed
quickly so the hospital staff wouldn't barge in and Torrie took her leave.
Hiro couldn't believe it. In two months he had had sex with four of the
women every hot-blooded American male jerks off to. That's when he noticed
that Torrie had left her bracelet on the bed. It was such a pretty bracelet,
it was made with emeralds. Hiro decided that he needed to give the bracelet
back to Torrie. However, she was already out of the building...

Part 4 - The Billion Dollar Slut And The Horny Little She-Devil

When Hiro came back on Smackdown, he got a huge crowd reaction. He stopped
Matt Hardy from giving a defenseless Terri Runnels a Twist of Fate and gave
him a Tornado DDT for his troubles. Terri then began to be Hiro's valet.
They hugged in the ring until Maven showed up (Who apparently is a heel now)
and dropkicked Hiro into Terri. Their Street Fight for Survivor Series was
finalized later that night by Shane McMahon.

After the show, Hiro signed a few autographs and made his way backstage to a
crowd of cheering wrestlers and crew people. Hiro shook hands with guys he
had never gotten the privilege to work with like Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle,
the Undertaker, and John Cena. Hiro tried to look for Torrie but to no
avail. He decided to go to Stephanie McMahon's office to see if she was

Hiro opened the door and saw Stephanie reading the WWE magazine with
Goldberg on the cover. She was wearing a low-cut black female business suit
that was custom-made to hold her huge titties. In Hiro's opinion, Steph had
the best titties in WWE. Steph noticed Hiro staring at her chest and said

"How are you feeling? Are you happy about your match with Maven in a couple
of weeks?" Steph asked.

"Yeah, but where's Torrie's personal dressing room? I have something to
return to her," Hiro asked. Steph eyed Hiro with suspicion.

"Why is that?" Steph asked.

"She left this a few days ago at the hospital," Hiro said, showing Steph the
bracelet. Steph gasped.

"That's Torrie's favorite bracelet! She says that she only takes that off
when she's wrestling or having... Shit Hiro, you're screwed. Torrie's a
married woman now. You committed infidelity and Pete Gruner (Billy Kidman to
you uneducated folk) is gonna kill you!" Steph said in a loud whisper.

"Torrie came to the hospital and made the first move. And I would like to
know where her dressing room is," Hiro said. The intelligent daughter of
Vinnie Mac suddenly had an idea.

"Why don't you give me a demonstration of what you and Torrie did?" Steph
said, unbuttoning her shirt. Hiro tried to grab at Steph's crotch, but he
was pushed away.

"I'll show you why I am the most dominant woman in the WWE," Steph said,
pushing Hiro onto the desk and crawling towards her on his hands and knees.
She unsnapped her bra and let her huge melons free of their cotton prison.
She licked her own nipples and then unzipped Hiro's fly and licked the shaft
of his cock. This simple action sent shivers down Hiro's spine. Steph began
to give a deep-throated blowjob and played with his balls.

Terri Runnels was looking for Hiro to talk about their new angle but she
couldn't find him. The security at the main lobby told her that Hiro went to
see Stephanie McMahon. Terri hightailed it there and heard the unmistakable
sounds of moaning. She peeked inside to see Hiro and Stephanie locked in an
intimate 69 position on the desk. Terri nipples instantly hardened like they
always do and opened the door. Hiro cursed but Steph beckoned her to join
them. Terri agreed. She locked the door behind her and stripped completely
nude. Stephanie and Hiro stopped their 69 and fully undressed each other.
Terri laid Hiro on the floor and gave him head. Stephanie seized the
opportunity by sitting on Hiro's face and having him eat her pussy.

Stephanie began to hump Hiro's face and moaned in ecstasy. Terri played with
herself as she sucked off Hiro. Her hand was a fucking whirlwind going in
and out of her sweet pussy. Hiro soon tired of this position and began to
stick all nine inches into Stephanie's pussy. Terri sat on Steph's face so
that she would be facing Hiro and kissed him. Terri moaned into Hiro's mouth
as her pussy was being downright violated by Steph's whirlwind tongue. Steph
came and sat out for a breather. Terri took the opportunity by letting Hiro
fuck her Doggie-Style on the floor.

"Oh fuck, damn! Yeah, keep sticking it in! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!" Terri screamed.
Terri came and her body shook violently. But Hiro still hadn't cum yet.

"Damn, you still haven't cum!?" Terri asked in surprise. She called Steph
over. Hiro laid on his back as Steph kneeled on the left side of his cock as
Terri kneeled on the right side. They both pressed their titties together
and began a dual titty fuck until Hiro released his white sudsy goo all over
Steph and Terri's tits and mouths.

They all got dressed and discussed Hiro's future in the WWE. Steph decided
to have him over as WWE Champion at Armageddon.

And that's what happened. Hiro beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE title at the
December 19, 2003 edition of Armageddon. That's it folks! For now...

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