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WWE Insurrection
by Peacealien

It was Insurrection. One of the WWE most popular wrestling events overseas.
Tonight in london Inserrection would take place. It was 5 hours before the
show and at a near by hotel 30 minutes from the arena Stephanie McMahon was
wandering through the corridor looking for Lita. In her hand she had a
contatct to bring Lita from Raw to Samckdown.

In lita's locker room. Lita was getting ready for her match against Terri
later on tonight. Lita was half naked putting on her clothes. As she pulled
up her tight thong, the door swung open and in walked Terri. Lita covered
her tits only making her pants drop to the floor revealing a bit of her
pussy caught up against the side of her thong. Terri's eyes widend.

Lita: TERRI, Jesus you scared the shit out of me! Give me a minute so I can
get dressed!!!

Terri heard what Lita said and just smiled and closed the door still amazed
at seeing Lita's shaven pussy. Terri waited for a minute before knocking on
the door again.

Terri: Can I come in now?

Lita: Sure, come on in.

Terri walked over to Lita and gave her a big hug. Lita wasn't to sure, but
wrapped her arms around Terri.

Terri: I just wanted to say 'good luck' in your match with me tonight.

Lita: Thanks Terri, I appriciate it.

As Terri went to walk off, Lita grabbed her hand.

Lita: Terri... Don't go... I want you to stay.

Terri became a little wet at hearing this.

Terri: What's wrong Lita?

Lita: I feel so lonely up here all on my own. I just need some company.

The two stared into each otheres eyes. Lita got close up to Terri and began
to rub her mature pussy. Terri stood back.

Terri: Lita what are you doing? I can't...

Lita licked her lips.

Lita: Come on Terri, I know you wanna be inside me. My pussy is just
screaming for it. Ooooh, yessss!

Terri looked shocked. Was lita coming on to her? What should she do?

Lita planted her hot red lips against Terri's and then slid her hands up
Terri's top and began to play with her tits.

Terri: OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, LITA! This feel sos gooooood! I want your fresh
young pussy. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh!

Terri pulled of her top off and Lita began to rub them. Terri's nipples went
rock hard. This felt so good. Lita pulled off her top. Lita's tits were so
round and bouncy. Terri kneeled down and pulled down litas baggy trousers.

Terri: Let me taste your sweet pussy.

Lita: Ooooooh, yeeessss! Lick me out! My pussy's screaming for it!

Terri pulled down the thong. Lita's shaven pussy stared in her face. Terri
could tell it was recently shaved. She could smell the sweetness. Terri began
to lick Lita's pussy. The short pubes rubbed on Terri's tongue. Lita's pussy
lips became incredibly wet.


Terri licked deeper and deeper into Lita's pussy the taste was too good. Lita
grabbed her tits tightly, she could feel the urge to cum.

Lita: Urrrgh, urrrrghhh, urrghhhhhr!!!

Litas legs went to jelly as she tried to hold on, but Terri's tongue was
going to fast to slow down. Lita was loving it.

Terri: mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMmmmmmMMMMM!


And with that Lita came sending come flying out of her pussy and into Terri's
waiting mouth. Terri smiled at lita and pulled up her pants.

Lita: My gooood that was good!

Terri: OMG, we better head out our match is about to start.

The two headed out to the arena. On their way Lita and Terri bumped into

Lita & Terri: Hey, Steph!

Steph: Lita my office after your match.

Lita was taken back. Steph didn't bother to even say 'hi' back, but thought
nothing of it and headed out to do the match.

After The Match

Lita: Good work babe. That was a tougth match.

Terri: Likewise. I'll see you later. Hadn't you go meet Steph?

Lita: Oh yeah, see you later.

Lita headed up to stephanies office and knocked on the door.

Lita: Steph, can I come in?

Steph: Yeah, sure. The door's open.

Lita walked in. Stephanie was sitting reading Lita's contact.

Lita: What did you need to talk to me about?

Steph: Lita, you've been working here on Raw for how long? How about you jump
ship over to Smackdown? i have big plans with you and Matt.

Lita: Well, I suppose. Why not. Just show me were to sign.

Steph handed Lita a pen. Steph grabbed Lita's hand and the two looked into
each others eyes.

Steph: That's not all I wanted to say Lita.

Lita looked supprised. Steph stood up and pushed Lita down onto the black
leather sofa.

Lita: Steph what... what are you doing?

Steph: Shhhhhhhhh... Relax, I know you want me.

Lita's was speechless. Had Steph over heard her and Terri? What was going on?

Steph began to unbutton her top. Lita realized what was happening. Lita used
to fancy Steph, but now it was all coming back. Lita began to rub Steph's
tits as Steph pulled down her short skirt.

Lita: Baby, you like that?

Steph: OOOOOHHH YEAH! Thats great oooohhh!

Steph laid down on the sofa. Lita pulled down her red knickers revealing
Steph's pussy. Lita started to finger her while licking her tits.


Litas hand became wet as Steph's pussy juices began to flow. Lita then
plunged her tongue inside of Steph's pussy.

Lita: My god thats good! Mmmmmm oooh fuck!


Steph grabbed her boobs as she exploded all over the black leather sofa and
Lita's face.

Lita: Baby, that taste's nice. Mmmm!

Lita began to lick the cum off her face.

Steph: Let me lick you out from behind.

Lita rolled over and stuck her peachy ass in Steph's face. Steph began to
lick Lita's pussy hole out.

Lita: Oooh, yeah, yeah, oooohhhh, fuck!

Lita rubbed her pussy. She felt so good. Twice in one night with two diffrent
girls. It was heaven. Steph pulled out her tongue.

Steph: Baby come to Smackdown and we can do this all the time.


Steph began fisting Lita. Lita's whole body began to shake. She fingered her
pussy harder and harder. Steph licked her out faster.


Suddenly Lita came. Steph pulled her hand and tongue out of Litas delicous
ass. Covered with pussy juice Lita lay back into Steph's tits and began to
play with her aroused pussy.

Steph: Oooh baby that was good.

Lita: I'll see you next Thursday.

The two fell asleep on the sofa with the contact in hand.

The End

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