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WWE Love Part 1: Trish, Terri & Ivory
By Peacealien

It was right after Trish and Terri had their King's wet t-shirt contest
that Jazz messed up after Terri got sprayed with water. Terri walked to the
women's locker room after Jazz broke it up. Ivory was in there and had just
gotten dressed after a shower.

Ivory could see Terri's rock hard nipples under her shirt. Ivory started
to get a little wet thinking about it but then tryed to think about something

Ivory: Hey Terri. Finish your wet t-shirt contest I guess.

Terri: Yeah it was fun. I still think we should of got Trish wet to for the

Ivory: Hey Terri don't lie. You know you just want to see her tits all wet.

Terri: Ok Ok I do!

The both laugh as they joke. Terri starts to notice Ivory's tits coming
out of her top. Terri began to think about how she would like to see Ivory
in a wet t-shirt. Terri walks over to her bag on the floor and bends over
sticking her ass straight up in the air. Ivory notices her perfect ass right
away. She begins to get even more wet and turned on as Terri wiggles her butt
in the air with her black thong on. Terri pulls out some clothes. She turns
around to face Ivory and pulls off her top to reveal her huge tits! They
start to bounce a little as they fall out of Terri's wet shirt. She drops it
on the ground. Ivory stares at her beatiful wet breasts. Ivory is so hot
right now. All of a sudden Tish comes in.

Trish: Hey guys. Great job Terri the crowd loved you!

Terri: Thanx, you too.

Ivory: Hey Trish. Jazz didn't mess you up to bad did she? I heard she gets

Trish: Nope she did great too. But the crowd doesn't like her.

Terri: Probably cause she's not hot like us! Plus she doesn't have great

Terri looks down at her boobs with a smile and shakes them around in the
air laughing at her joke. Trish and Ivory both start to get wet as they watch
Terri shake her huge tits. Terri stops and Trish and Ivory quickly get back
to reality. Trish walks over to her bag and starts to change like Terri. She
takes off her boots, jacket, and hat. Ivory and Terri both watch Trish take
her shirt off over her head. Her shirt picks her tits up and then when her
tits won't go up any father then fall out bouncing around. Trish puts the
shirt in her bag.

Ivory: Hey, Trish, turn around.

Trish: Yeah?

Ivory: Well come here... I want to see your breasts.

Trish: What?

Ivory: Oh no not like that but I was thinking about getting another boob job.
But I didn't like the last guy so I was seeing how your guy did.

Trish walks over as Ivory starts hold Trish's breast looking at them.
Trish starts to get turned on. Terri walks over looks at Trish's breasts

Terri: Hey, Trish your guy did good. I like them.

Trish: Thanx. Yours are great also. And there the perfect size on you.

Terri: Thanx. Hey Ivory why do you want another boob job?

Ivory: I might get them bigger.

Trish: Well here let us see them.

Ivory: Ok.

Ivory lifts up her shirt. Ivory takes off her bra and her tits fall right
out. Her nice and firm and stay straight up with no sag. Terri begins to rub
Ivory boobs causing Ivory to get even wetter. Trish walks up behind Terri and
rubs her tits.

Terri: What are you doing Trish?

Trish: 100% Stratusfaction!

ivory: Well how about you give me some Stratusfaction, too?

Trish: You got it!

Terri begins to suck on Ivory's tits licking her nipples. Trish gets on
her knees behind Terri and pulls her thong off. She begins to finger her
tight pussy and lick her clit. Ivory got down on her knees and starts to make
out with Terri. They both rub there hard nipples together. Terri rolls over
onto to her back. Trish licks her pussy still and Ivory gets another kiss in.
Ivory starts rubing Terris tits and sucks on them. Trish then grabs her own
tit and starts fucking Terri with it. She rubs it along Terris wet pussy lips
a first and then starts pushing it in to Terri. Terri rubs her hand down
Ivory's back, over her ass checks, and inbetween them. She hand lands onto
Ivory's wet pussy rubs softly. She then puts 2 fingers together and slowly
reaches inside Ivory. Terri goes slowly in and out of Ivorys wet spot.

Ivory: Ah yeah Terri... baby... I love your tits...

Terri: And love your sweet pussy... Its so warm and wet... Feels so good on
my fingers...

Trish: You like that Terri?

Terri: Oh yeah Trish... I love when you fuck me with your tits... Yeah rub
those Ds inside... Oh yeah Trish... Oh Ivory get down there with her...

Terri stands up and Ivory gets on her knees behind her. Trish is on her
knees infront of her. Trish starts licking the inside of Terri's thighs up to
her wet cunt. Trish takes both her hands and grabs each of Terri's ass cheeks
pulling her dripping lips to her mouth. Trish licks all up as Ivory inserts 3
fingers and licks to. Trish and Ivory have 3-way kiss with Terri's hot box.
Terri is going crazy with the sensation. She has a hand on each, Ivory and
Trish, head pulling them closer to her pussy. Terri is about to reach her
climax when trish pops in 2 more finger Terri's warm pussy. Now she has 5
fingers inside her going faster and faster. She trys to hold but canít.


Terri starts cumming all over Trish's tit as she titty fucks her again.
Ivory is licking all up and down Terri's pussy. Terri finally stops.

Terri: Come here Ivory, Trish. I want to taste myself.

Trish: Oh yeah you taste great.

Ivory: Here you go... lick it all off...

Trish sticks her tit in Terri's mouth. Terri lick up all the cum. Ivory
starts a 3-way kiss with Terri and Trish's tit getting Terri's cum all over
their faces and Trish's tit. Ivory lays Trish on a bench. She spreads Trish
legs apart and step inbetween. She sqauts down so her dripping pussy is
touching Trish's. Ivory then grind her hip back and forth on Trish exchanging
their juices. Ivory leans over Trish and her tits start bouncing in front of
her face. Terri has gotten a viberating dildo and gets behind Ivory and
Trish. She gets down and sticks the dildo inbetween their smacking pussy
lips. Now Trish and Ivory and grinding on the Dildo.

Ivory: Oh yeah... Trish... yOu feel so good...

Trish: Oh yeah... Ivory fuck me you naughty slut... Terri... fuck me with
that dildo...

Terri: Oh you like that Trish?

Trish: I love that...

Terri: Do you love it Ivory?

Ivory: Oh fuck yeah! I love it when shove that up me!

Ivory grinds even harder and Trish pushes back with her hips. Terri pulls
out the dildo and turns the knob all the way up causing it to vibrate as fast
as it can. She then licks it and shove it in her pussy as far as it can go.
She jabs it in there with lighting speed while she sucks on her tit.

Trish grabs her tits and pinches her hard nipples. She then starts to suck
on Ivorys bouncing titties. Ivory starts getting even more turned on as Trish
sucks her tits and as she hears her pussy juices slap against Trish's. Ivory
is about to cum. She stops and puts her pussy in Trish's face and puts her
face into Trish's pussy. She smells Trish's sweet juices. They finger each
other 69 and lick each others clits up and down. Ivory is about to explode

Ivory: Oh yeah Trish... give me my Stratusfaction... OH SHIT... YES... OH...

Ivory brust all of it into Trish's beatiful face. Trish just pushes her
face up against Ivorys soaking pussy and licks away. Trish is now about to
explode. Terri notices and help Ivory eat Trish out. She shoves the dildo up
Trish's pussy. Trish is squiriming and cums all over screaming.

Trish: Yeah shove the dildo in meÖ lick... LI... OH... SHIT... FUCK YES...

Trish cums all over the dildo. Terri turns it off and Ivory and her lick
Trish's cum off it. The 3 all stand up and engage in a passionate kiss. Trish
rubs Terri's tit. Terri is grabing Ivory's ass. And Ivory is lightly rubbing
both girls clits.

Terri: Well that was fun.

Ivory: Guess I have to take a shower again.

Trish: I'll join yeah.

Terri: Me too.

The 3 take a shower with some kisses and feeling each other up. They get
dressed and part their ways.

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