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WWE Love Part 2: Trish, Torrie And Lita
By Peacealien

It was the night that Lita got injured on the set of Dark Angel. She was
there because of a special guest appearance in the season finale. She had
broken her neck. Lita was currently resting in the hospital.

Meanwhile Trish, Torrie, Stacy, and Jazz were all training in one of their
WWE buildings. All the girls were all ready aware of Lita's injury. Trish was
going to visit Lita in hospital and cheer her up in only a way a women could!
Trish and Lita had kept it a secret for about 3 months now that they had a
behind the scenes relationship. No one knew about. It was now after their
training and the girls were changing in the locker room.

Stacy: Hey guys want to go for drinks tonight?

Ivory: Yeah sure.

Jazz: Okay sounds like fun.

Trish: Oh sorry guys but I'am going to see Lita.

Torrie: Hey can I come too?

Trish obvisiouly surprised by this and was not expecting anyone to want to

Trish: Um... okay... yeah sure you can ride with me.

Torrie: Okay great.

Trish was disappointed that she would have to wait for later to cheer Lita
up the way she wanted to. And she knew Lita was going to be sad also. They
all got ready. Stacy, Ivory, and Jazz all got in one truck and left to go
party. Trish was waiting in the parking lot for Torrie.

Trish put her bag in the back of the truck, which had some special get
well presents for Lita. Trish then got in the truck and pulled around front
to where Torrie was waiting.

Torrie got in the car. Trish noticed Torrie outfit and was quite turned on
by her revealing outfit. They left to go the hospital.

* * *

Lita was in a patient outfit where it showed the person's butt. Lita was
watching the Playboy Channel getting into the mood for when Trish came. She
was rubbing her clit softly. Lita would insert 2 fingers every once in a
while slowly. There was a knock on the door and Lita quickly removed her hand
and turned off the TV.

Lita: Come in.

Trish: Hey sweetie. How you doing?

Lita: Much better. I should be out of here by tomorrow.

Torrie: Hey Lita!

Lita: Oh hey. What are you doing here?

Torrie: I came to visit you!

Lita: Oh okay... thanks. Always glad to have support.

Torrie: No problem.

Torrie stayed for about an hour and a half and then started to leave. But
when Torrie left she forgot her purse. Finally with Torrie gone Lita and
Trish could finally have time alone to bond in their own special way!

Trish: Finally, she left.

Lita: Yeah but enough about her. And more about you!

Trish: Wait. I am going to get into something more comfortable.

Lita: Okay. But hurry up.

Trish grabs her bag with the special get well presents! Trish went into
the bathroom. After about 10 minutes she came back out.

Trish comes out and her beauty amazes Lita. Lita gets turned on by Trish
in her little outfit starts to get a little wet. Moistening her thong
underneath her hospital outfit.

Lita: Come here Trish. Make me feel all better!

Trish: Of course. Whatever you want!

Trish walks over and pulls off the covers of Lita. Trish crawls on top of
her. So that she has her knees at Lita's hips. Trish leans toward Lita gives
her kiss. As Trish pulls away Lita grabs Trish and kisses her! She runs her
hands through Trish's long blonde hair while playing sword fight with her
tongue! Lita finally releases the kiss and Trish sits back up. Lita sits up
a bit like she's doing a crunch and Trish unties the hospital outfit. Trish
pull of Lita revealing her perfect body in only a bra and thong. Trish
unsnaps Litas bra in the front. The bra slides of Litas big tits. Her nipples
hard as rocks sitting on top of her firm boobs that don't sag one bit. Trish
finishes taking off Lita's bra from her arms and kisses her collarbone. Then
she moves to the bottom of Litas neck. Slowly kiss further south. She's right
at the top where Lita's round breasts start. Trish cups Litas boob into her
hand while kissing over her left one. She kisses around the areola at first
and then licks the nipple sending a surge of pleasure all over Litas body.
And while Trish sucks on Lita's left tit she fondles her right. Rubbing the
nipple on her fingers. And pinching and grabbing the boob.

Lita: Ohh... yeah... that is so good... yes... Trish...

Trish: You like when I suck your huge tits?

Lita: I love it! But I love it more when you suck on my pussy!

Trish: Well then I should go do that! Seeing as I love the taste of your
delicious pussy juices!

With that Trish puts both hands on top of Lita's perfectly firm boobs.
And Lita then puts her hands on top of Trish's. Trish then slowly licks from
in-between Lita's breasts down her stomach. Trish stops around her belly
button and licks it and bites it softly while playing with her tits still!
She proceeds further south and has her head in her wet thong. She rubs her
nose against the thong sniffing the pleasant pussy. Her nose pushing the
thong into Litas wet hole. Trish licks it. Lita lets out a slight moan. Trish
then slowly slides her hands down Lita's smooth body onto her hips where her
thong rests. Trish grabs her thong while sliding her hands down her legs
pulling the thong off. Leaving Lita completely naked! Trish grabs a leg and
lifts it up. She sucks Lita's big toe and then kisses the side of the foot.
Then the ankle to the bottom calf. The middle of the calf to the top of the
calf. On the side of Lita's knee to her inner thigh. Lita can barley stands
it as Trish slowly goes up her leg with soft kisses. Closer and closer to her
dying dripping pussy that's craving to get fucked! Trish is at Litas pussy.
She kisses Lita bald spot where she would have pubs but Lita shaved. Then
Trish kisses her clit. Grabs her left tit and sticks it in her mouth and
sucks on it. Trish takes her other hand and spreads her wet lips.

Lita: I can't take it anymore! Eat ME OUT!

Trish: You want me to eat you out?

Lita: Oh Ia m telling you to bitch!

Trish: You little slut!

Trish gets even wetter with their dirty talk and she's sticks her whole
face in-between Lita's legs. Lita takes both hands grabs the back of Trish's
head and pushes it closer to her pussy. Trish is now going full force shaking
her head and licking like crazy. Then the door slowly opens. TORRIE WALKS IN!
She came back to get her purse that she forgot! Lita did not see her as she
had her eyes close and Trish had her head in-between Litas legs. Torrie
closed the door and looked for a couple seconds and then made a coughing
sound that was obviously fake. Trish quickly took her head as soon as she
heard this.

Torrie: Umm... hey.

Lita: What? What are you doing here?

Torrie: I left my purse. I came back to get it.

Trish: Well... We can explain.

Lita: Yeah... you see... were kinda of dating!

Torrie: Wow! Okay well... okay I guess Ill get going.

Trish jumps out of the bed quickly and gets inbetween Torrie and the door.
Lita covers herself up with the blanket.

Trish: You have to keep this a secret.

Lita: Please. We don't want anybody to know.

Torrie is shocked by all this and can't believe it. She was just trying to
leave as quickly as possible but Trish was in the way now.

Torre: Um... yeah okay. I promise.

Lita: Thank you, Torrie.

Trish: Yeah, thank you, Torrie.

Trish talking in a sexy tone of voice and gets close to Torrie. Trish then
plants one on to Torrie's lips. Torrie backs up and can't believe Trish just
kissed her.

Trish: Just my way of saying thanks. And I am really happy your keeping this
a secert, so here's another kiss.

Trish grabs Torrie's hips and pulls them up to hers. Then Trish kisses
her again with tongue this time. Lita is getting so horny as she watchs her
girlfriend make out with Torrie. Torrie puts her hands up into Trish's hair
as she begins to enjoy the kiss. Trish runs her hands down Torrie's hips and
onto her ass. She then squezes her firm ass pulling closer. Trish finally
stops the kiss leaving Torrie with her eyes closed and her mouth open wanting
more. Torrie opens her eyes slowly and then Trish whispers.

Trish: Theres more!

Trish pulls the straps off of Torrie's shoulders and off her arms. Thus
reavealing her C cup breast. Torrie's nice firm tits sit on her chest and
Lita starts getting even more horny looking at them as they bounce! Trish is
now pulling the clothes down past her hips showing her thong. Torrie steps
out of the pant legs causing her breast to bounce more. She is now in a thong
only. Trish then strips completely naked. Torrie gets on the bed and starts
rubbing Lita's clit.

Trish stands over Lita's head facing the wall and starts getiing eaten out
by Lita. Lita grabs Trish plump ass pulling her pussy all over Lita's face.

Trish: Oh yeah... Lick me all up!

Trish reaches down and seperates her lips with one hand while having the
other against the wall to lean on. Lita licks away at Trish's wet cunt.
Darting her tongue in and out of the warm pussy. Torri grabs her tit and
places the nipple onto Litas pussy. Torrie moans slightly from the pleasure
of Litas wram fluids. She then begins to rub her tit into Litas warm spot.
Titty fucky her. All 3 girls moaning now with great pleasure! Trish is about
to come when Lita starts fingering her with 3 fingers.

Trish: Oh yeah faster! Fuck me hard! YES! THAT'S THE FUCKING SPOT!

Trish cums all over Lita's face. Torrie crawls onto of Lita and makes out
with her licking the fluids off of Litas face.

Trish goes and grabs the double sided dildo. Torrie takes her thong off
showing her little blond bush. Torrie puts the dildo on and puts the other
side in Lita's pussy. Torrie is facing away from Lita so that Lita can see
Torrie's plump ass. Torrie has her face in Trishs pussy.

Trish fingers herself while Torrie's licks away. At the same time Torrie
is humping the dildo pushing it deeper inside her and Lita. Both there pussy
smackng each other. Lita grabs Torries ass and lifts it up and down the dildo
quicker. Torrie and Lita are going crazy! Torrie stops licking Trish and
works on Lita. She turns around facing her. She is leaning over her face
moving her hips up and down the shaft of the dildo. Trish fingers herself
while watching the 2.

Lita: Yeah... yeah... Yeah... Torrie oh yeah... Faster...

Torrie: Oh god Lita... Yes Lita... your so good... your so hot... your tits
are so hot... Aww... FUCK YEAH!

Torrie grinds even faster know that she feels that she about to cum now.
Lita is also.



The both cum on the dildo. The 2 go in 69 and lick up all the juices and Trish cums while watching the 2 fuck each
other. Torries and Trish stand. Trish behind Torrie with her hands around Torries waist pulling her up against her
breast. Trish has her head on Torries should.

Lita: That was great!

Torrie: Yeah it was.

Trish: Glad you liked your visit.

Lita: I sure did.

Torries: Well we got to go.

Lita: Ok. Hope we can get together again.

Everyone gets dressed and then Lita, Torrie, and Trish all engage in one
last 3-way kiss. And then Torrie and Trish leave.

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