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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

WWE NXT Part 2: Wade Barrett
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the afternoon of March 9, 2010 in the NXT Rookies locker room in Seattle,
Washington's Key Arena, WWE Pro and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho
is talking to his assigned rookie, the six-foot six inch, two hundred seventy
pound former bare knuckle fighter known as Wade Barrett. "Last week you did
well in destroying that overrated Daniel Bryan..." Jericho says.

Barrett, wearing his black wrestling trunks, knee pads, boots and ring
jacket, picks up an orange colored rose and puts it into the lapel of his
jacket, "Of course... no one can match up with me..." Barrett starts to say

"Don't interrupt me!" Jericho snaps slightly before he composes himself.
"Tonight you're going to face that other overrated rookie, Justin Gabriel...
and I'm expecting you to go through him like a hot knife through butter, do
you understand me?"

Wade Barrett smirks, "Of course, I intend to go undefeated in this
competition... " Barrett replies.

"Good..." Jericho says, sounding satisfied as he takes out a folded index
card from his pocket, "Now... someone important wants to meet with you, and
it's important that you impress them... if you blow this, you'll ruin your
chances and my reputation, so don't fuck this up," Jericho says as he flips
the card to his rookie.

Barrett manages to catch the card before it lands on the floor, "You don't
have to worry, there's no chance of any one not being impressed by me..."

* * *

An hour later, Wade Barrett is standing outside of an office within the Key
Arena. With a confident smirk, he opens the door and enters without knocking,
"I'm here..." Barrett replies as he closes the door. He is still wearing his
black wrestling trunks, knee pads, boots and ring jacket.

"Haven't you heard of knocking?" WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie
McMahon says as she glances up from her desk at the open doorway that NXT
Rookie Wade Barrett is standing in. Stephanie presses her lips together and
raises her left hand to motion for Barrett to enter further "Have a seat..."
Stephanie says in a firm tone.

The cocky former bare knuckle fighter takes off his black ring jacket and
lays it on the back of a chair before he sits down on it, "So... what am I
here for?" Wade asks.

Stephanie McMahon arches an eyebrow and glances at Wade Barrett after his
arrogant comment. Stephanie reaches over to a file folder and opens the
folder, before slipping on a pair of elegant reading glasses. "You're Wade
Barrett, correct?" Stephanie asks, glancing up from the file folder.

"Yes that's me, what's this about? I'm sure you know who I am...I'm the one
who's going to win NXT," Wade smirks.

Stephanie looks at Wade Barrett, unamused by his arrogant attitude. "I can
tell Chris Jericho, being your WWE Pro, is really rubbing off on you..."
Stephanie says as she narrows her eyes and closes the file folder.

Wade smirks again, "I'm sure putting the best Rookie with the best Pro you
have must have been your idea..." Wade says.

Stephanie McMahon removes the elegant reading glasses from her face and moves
to stand up from sitting behind her desk. "Maybe you don't know that Chris
and I don't exactly see eye to eye..." Stephanie says as she starts to walk
around the desk.

"That doesn't matter to me," Wade Barrett says as he watches Stephanie, "All
that matters to me is that I win NXT..."

Stephanie nods her head and presses her lips together "That's exactly what I
want to hear, Wade. I want to hear the passion and drive you have to become a
WWE Superstar...but more importantly, Wade, I want to know why you think you
deserve it..."

Wade chuckles, "Take one look at the rest of my so called competition,... I'm
bigger and better than all of them..."

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks at Wade Barrett, curiously looking at
him "Did you just say bigger, Wade?" Stephanie asks with a light lick of her

"Yes I did... I'm six foot six... and two hundred seventy pounds, none of the
other rookies can match me in size..." Wade replies.

Stephanie folds her arms against her large chest "Do you care to put your
money where your mouth is, Wade?" Stephanie asks as she steps closer toward
Wade Barrett as he sits on the chair.

Wade Barrett smirks, "When it comes to showing that I'm better than the rest,
I'll place any bet at any time..."

Stephanie nods her brunette haired head and smirks at Wade Barrett, "Then
prove it!"

Wade slowly stands up from the chair, "All right..." Wade says with a smirk,
"Any preference on a demonstration?"

Stephanie unfolds her arms from her chest and places her hands onto her
nicely curved hips. "I'll let you decide that..."

Wade nods his head slightly and he begins to lower his black wrestling trunks
from his waist, exposing his cock to Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie glances at
it and sees that Wade's shaft is average in length but its thickness is more
than she assumed it would have.

Stephanie nods her head and smirks slightly "Well it's larger than I thought
it would be..." Stephanie says as she approaches Wade Barrett, placing her
left hand onto his semi-hard cock. "I want you to prove you want to be a WWE
Superstar..." Stephanie says while she strokes her hand against his shaft.

"There's no doubt I will be a WWE Superstar..." Wade Barrett smirks as
Stephanie strokes his cock. The tall, powerful British Rookie steps out of
his wrestling trunks and starts to unbutton the blouse Stephanie is wearing.
Stephanie raises an eyebrow as she moves her left hand along his gradually
hardening shaft as he unbuttoned her white blouse and opens the blouse to
expose her large and juicy, rounded tits. Stephanie tosses her brunette hair
back and licks her lips before she begins to lower herself down onto her
knees in front of the tall and powerful NXT Rookie. Wade Barrett smirks down
at Stephanie, as she gets comfortable on her knees while she continues to
stroke his thick cock with her left hand. Stephanie lifts her brunette haired
head and glances up at Wade Barrett as she spits some saliva onto his cock,
which drips down the swollen head and against his thick shaft, while she
moves her hand against his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Wade moans slightly as Stephanie uses her left hand to stroke his
cock while at the same time spreading her saliva over its length. Stephanie
McMahon lowers her head and opens her talented, skilled mouth as she takes
the head of Wade's cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips firmly around his
shaft and begins to immediately bob her head on his cock. Wade licks his lips
slightly as he places his right hand on top of Stephanie's head as she bobs
her head at a steady pace on his thick, hard cock while firmly grips the base
of his shaft with her left hand.

"Mmmmmmm....mmmmmm...." Stephanie moans as she steadily bobs her head on his
cock, gently slapping her wet tongue against his shaft, gradually taking his
cock deeper into her wet and warm mouth.

"Ahhh.... mmm..." Wade groans as Stephanie opens her mouth wider to
accommodate for the thickness of his shaft as she sucks on his cock.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans, wetting Wade Barrett's cock with her
saliva as she guides his shaft deeper into her wet and warm mouth. Stephanie
places her hands onto Wade's toned waist and rapidly begins to bob her head,
fucking her own mouth with his cock.

"Ahhh... awww...." Wade Barrett moans as places his left hand on his waist
while he watches Stephanie rapidly bobs her head on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! Ahhhhhhh!" Stephanie McMahon lustfully moans as she bobs
her head at a quick, steadily pace with the head of his cock occasionally
hitting against the back of her skilled mouth.

"Ahhh.... awww hungry for cock are we...." Wade groans as Stephanie swallows
every inch of his cock with ease even with the girth of his fat dick.
Stephanie slowly lifts her head off of Wade Barrett's cock, dragging her
tongue against the bottom side of his shaft. Once completely removing her
head from his cock, Stephanie easily removes her blouse entirely from her
upper body and proceeds to push her black skirt down from her hips. Wade
Barrett pushes the chair that's behind him away to give himself room to lower
himself down to the floor. The powerful and tall British Rookie then pushes
Stephanie onto her back, surprising her even as he grabs her black skirt to
finish pulling it off of her legs. Stephanie McMahon slyly smirks at Wade
Barrett as she lays back on the floor of her arena office while the powerful
NXT Rookie mounts himself on top of her body.

"Mmm..." Wade smirks down at Stephanie as he guides his fat, hard cock into
Stephanie's hot tight and wet pussy with a firm thrust.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Stephanie softly moans as she feels his thick and hard cock
entering her pussy before he starts to steadily pump his shaft in and out of
her wet, tight pussy.

"Ahhhh.... awww..." Wade Barrett grunts as he thrusts his cock into
Stephanie's pussy as she wraps her legs around his waist.

Stephanie grits her teeth as she starts to grind back against his thick cock,
with her legs tightly wrapped around his toned waist. "Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmm...
yeah prove to me you want it!"

"Ahhh... awww... ohhh yeah..." Wade grunts as he drives his cock quicker and
harder into Stephanie's cunt as she pushes against him to match his pace.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmm like that pussy don't you, Wade?" Stephanie
McMahon moans as she grinds back against his rock hard cock that constantly
rams into her pussy.

"Awww... ohhh yea... ahhh..." Wade Barrett groans as he pounds Stephanie's
wet pussy. Wade sits up on his knees and pulls Stephanie up with him in order
to start bouncing her on his cock. Stephanie places her hands onto Wade
Barrett's shoulders as she rapidly bounces on his rock hard cock as he deeply
drilling his shaft upward into her pussy, causing her bounces to become

"Ahh... mmmm fuck... ahhh... awww..." Wade Barrett moans as he pumps his cock
into Stephanie's pussy as she bounces on his cock. Stephanie closes her eyes
and leans her head back slightly as she grinds her pussy down on his shaft as
she continues to rapidly bounce on his firmly pounding cock

"Mmmm awww.... ahhh..." Wade grunts as he gets up from the floor with
Stephanie still bouncing on his cock. He then steps back and sits on the
chair where his ring jacket is as Stephanie increases the pace of how fast
she's riding his thick cock. Stephanie McMahon places her hands firmly onto
Wade's chest and pins him against the back of the chair as she firmly and
quickly rides his cock, rocking back and forth. Wade grits his teeth as he
places his hands on Stephanie's thighs as he starts to thrust his cock upward
into Stephanie's pussy as she quickly rocks and bounces on his thick shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmm yeah...mmmm you like me riding your cock, don't you?"
Stephanie asks with a moan as she grinds sharply against his cock as she
rapidly bounces.

"Ahhhh awww yeah.... ahhhh..." Wade Barrett grunts as his thick cock starts
to throb inside of Stephanie's wet pussy while she grinds herself sharply on
his shaft. Stephanie licks her lips and narrows her eyes as she seductively
looks at Wade Barrett as she grinds her body down on his cock, sweat dripping
from her curved and incredibly hot body.

"Ahhh... awww... mmmmm... fuck..." Wade groans loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Stephanie McMahon's hot wet pussy.

Stephanie's body tense as she feels his warm cum flooding into her wet pussy
as she begins to gradually slow down rocking on his cock, "Mmmmmmmm...."

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm as you see I'm the best Rookie on NXT..." Wade Barrett
smirks as Stephanie rides his cock as he fills her pussy with his cum.

Stephanie lightly tosses her mildly sweat dampened brunette hair back and
easily lifts herself off of Wade Barrett "The jury still has to determine
that..." Stephanie says with a smirk.

"You'll see... I am the best there is... there's no chance of me losing,"
Wade says confidently.

Stephanie folds her arms against her bare chest and smirks slightly
"Yeah...good luck with that..." Stephanie says before she picks up her blouse
from the floor "Oh...and one other thing..."

"Yes?" Wade Barrett asks as stands up and picks up his wrestling trunks.

"Make sure you let Chris know I said hello..."


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