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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

WWE NXT Part 11: Titus O'Neill
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On June 8, 2010 hours before the season two premier of NXT, Zack Ryder is in
the NXT locker room within Tampa, Florida's St. Pete Times Forum, meeting
with his rookie, Titus O'Neil. "Yo bro... tonight's the night, you're gonna
show the world what ya got!" Zack says.

Titus raises an eyebrow as he looks at the Long Island party boy, "Right... I
fully intend to make an impact tonight..." Titus says and he's dressed in
dark purple wrestling trunks, black kneepads and black boots.

"Bro relax... you're rolling with Long Island's Ice Z!" Zack Ryder grins
before he pauses, "But bro, listen, wins are important and everything but ya
gotta be entertaining... like when you do that bark..."

"Hey I just do that to be intimidating ..." Titus begins to say.

"Bro trust me... that bark is gonna be your hook with the WWE Universe... The
Junk Yard Dog... Rick Steiner... they did a bark and they were over like
rover..." Zack Ryder grins, "And you're like a mix of them... you went to a
big time college like Steiner and are black like..."

"Say what?" Titus asks as he gets a slightly irritated look on his face.

"Whoa! Whoa! I didn't mean it like that, I just meat you got it all... but
hey check it, before the start of the show... someone wants to meet ya to see
how impressive you are." Zack says as he hands the former Arena Football
League player an index card.

Titus takes a look at the card, "All right..."

* * *

A short time later, Titus O'Neil is standing outside of an office and he
knocks on the door. "Come in...and close the door..." A voice says from
within the office. Titus opens the door and steps inside, and as he closes
the door, he doesn't notice WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon
sitting at her desk, getting a good look of the powerfully built NXT Rookie.

Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a pair of black business pants and a gray
buttoned jacket, stands up from behind her desk with her lips pressed
together and nodding her head. "Well I surely wasn't expecting this..."
Stephanie says with a smirk. "To be honest...with who I have meet with so
far, I was expecting to be very disappointed..." Stephanie comments as she
walks out from behind her desk.

Titus gets a confused look on his face, "Um.... you have me at a real
disadvantage..." Titus replies as Stephanie walks towards him to get a better
look at him.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and glances at Titus O'Neil. "Disadvantage? What
makes you think that?" Stephanie asks before she reaches to her desk and
lifts up a file folder, before opening it. "And you are Titus O'Neil,

"Yeah that's me... and what I mean is... you said you weren't expecting
this.... and said something about meeting others that were
disappointments...." Titus explains.

Stephanie nods her head "I wasn't very pleased with the talent I had to
evaluate so far for season 2 of NXT..." Stephanie pushes and takes a breath.
"But enough of them, lets talk about you..."

"All right... what would you like to know?" Titus asks as he nods his head.

Stephanie narrows her eyes slightly as she casually glances over Titus
O'Neil's powerful and muscular black body. "You believe that you are the
WWE's next breakout star?"

"Yes I do..." Titus nods his head, "I know what it's going to take to succeed
and I intend to make each challenge I face a big win."

"You seem very motivated..." Stephanie says with a smirk as she folds her
arms against her chest.

Titus nods his head and smiles, "Got to be... negativity will just weight me
down and prevent me from being what I want to be."

Stephanie licks her lips slightly and takes a step toward Titus O'Neil. "I
like a positive attitude. Now Titus, are you ready to show me what it takes
to make something a big win?"

"Sure..." Titus O'Neil nods his head as he places his hands on his waist.

Stephanie motions with her head to Titus O'Neil's wrestling trunks. "Take
those off then..." Stephanie says in a commanding tone with a smirk on her

Titus O'Neil raises an eyebrow slightly, "Take... my trunks off..." Titus
asks as the sly WWE Executive Vice President catches him off guard.

Stephanie nods her head and unfolds her arms from her chest. "I didn't
stutter, did I?" Stephanie asks in a firm tone as she steps closer to the NXT
Rookie. Titus shakes his head and he lowers his wrestling trunks from his
waist, letting out his large black cock.

Stephanie's beautiful and manipulative widen at the sight of the NXT Rookie's
exposed, nicely thick and long black cock, clearly impressed. Stephanie
smirks as she steps even closer to Titus O'Neil. "You have my attention
already..." Stephanie says before she lowers her left hand and places it
around his black shaft as she starts to stroke his shaft before lowering down
onto her knees in front of him.

"Mmmmmm.... that's good to know..." Titus moans as Stephanie moves her left
hand back and forth along the length of his large, stiff cock.

Stephanie leans her brunette head toward his impressive black shaft and slaps
her wet tongue against the head of his cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm...." Stephanie
moans, tasting his black cock, before she starts to smoothly circle her
tongue on the head of his shaft, while she continues to smoothly stroke his
thick shaft with her left hand.

"Ahhhh.... mmm..." Titus O'Neil moans as Stephanie circles her tongue around
the head of his cock as she keeps pumping her left hand on his rock hard
dick. Stephanie slyly glances up at the powerful NXT Rookie as she slaps and
slides her tongue against the head of his cock, causing some of the saliva to
drip from the head and onto his thick shaft while she strokes him

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Titus licks his lips as he looks down at Stephanie as she
laps her tongue against his cock while she uses her left hand to spread her
saliva over the length of his shaft.

Stephanie closes her eyes as she opens her mouth and proceeds to lower head,
taking his black cock into her soothing mouth. "Mmmmmmmm..." Stephanie moans
as she wraps her pouty lips around his black shaft and begins to bob her head
to suck on his cock, while moving her left hand to the base of his shaft.

"Ohhh man... mmmm..." Titus moans as Stephanie bobs her head at a steady pace
on his long, thick black cock

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm..." Stephanie soothingly moans as she bobs her head
back and forth on his impressive black shaft as her pouty lips brush back and
forth, gradually taking the NXT Rookie's cock deeper into her highly talented
mouth. Titus grits his teeth as Stephanie McMahon sucks on his cock as she
speeds up the pace of her bobbing. Stephanie places her right hand onto his
muscular waist and gently slides her hand against his muscular abs and
stomach, feeling the indentations of each muscle as she eagerly sucks on his
black cock.

"Ahhh... mmmmm... awww..." Titus O'Neil moans as Stephanie takes his cock
deeper into her mouth as she sucks and slurps on his shaft.

Stephanie removes her left hand from the base of his impressive shaft and
starts to briskly bob her head on Titus O'Neil's black cock as she gently
slaps her wet tongue against his thick shaft. "Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh..."
Stephanie seductively moans as she expertly devours his cock.

"Mmmm damn.... ahhh..." Titus groans as Stephanie swallows every inch of his
cock while she slaps her tongue against the bottom side of his dick.
Stephanie presses her lips tighter around his shaft and seductively turns her
head to grind her lips on his black shaft before slowly pulling her head

"Mmmmmm whew..." Titus O'Neil moans as his cock falls from Stephanie's lips
after she pulls her head off of his dick. Stephanie scouts back on her knees
and licks her lips as she starts to unbutton her gray jacket to expose her
black laced bra underneath that hugs against her large and juicy chest.

"Now... those are a couple of big wins..." Titus says as he looks at
Stephanie's bra covered tits as she takes off her gray jacket. Stephanie
smirks at Titus O'Neil and laughs slightly as she tosses her gray jacket to
the side and proceeds to stand up from the floor of her office while
unclipping her bra and removing the bra from her large and juicy,
incredibly rounded tits. Titus licks his lips as he watches Stephanie toss
her bra away and she slightly shakes her upper body to make her huge tits
bounce and sway to show them off. The WWE Executive Vice President then turns
away from Titus as she starts to lowers her pants from her gorgeous waist.
Stephanie guides her black pants down her smooth and gorgeous legs, stepping
out of them before she reveals her smoothly shaved and incredibly hot pussy
to the NXT Rookie. Stephanie slyly smirks before she walks over to her desk
and proceeds to bend over the desk.

"Whew..." Titus whistles slightly as he looks at Stephanie's round juicy ass
as she bends over her desk. The powerful NXT Rookie moves to stand behind
Stephanie and he proceeds to guide his big black cock into her tight wet
pussy with a smooth thrust.

"Mmmmmmmm....." Stephanie groans and grits her teeth as she rocks forward on
her feet, feeling his black cock deeply slide into her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmm..." Titus groans as he places his hands on Stephanie's hips as he
starts to pump his large dick in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh shit...ohhhhhh..." Stephanie as she feels Titus deeply thrusting
his black cock into her tight and wet pussy from behind, while swiftly
pulling her back against his cock.

"Mmmmmm ahhh... ahhh..." Titus groans as he pulls Stephanie back on his
pistoning cock as he quickly thrusts it deeply into her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah.." Stephanie McMahon moans loudly as she rocks back
and forth on her feet as she feels his cock powerfully pumping into her tight
and wet pussy. Stephanie glances over her shoulder and smirks back at Titus
O'Neil as she starts to grind her pussy.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm.... ahhh..." Titus grunts as he deeply rams his cock into
Stephanie's pussy as she pushes back to match his pace.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh..." Stephanie McMahon moans loudly as her
juicy ass smacks against his muscular black waist. Stephanie grits her teeth
as she remains bent over the desk with Titus O'Neil powerfully ramming his
cock into her. Titus licks his lips as he suddenly pulls his cock out of
Stephanie's pussy. The NXT Rookie takes a step back, turns Stephanie around
and lifts her up in order to lower her pussy onto his big black dick.
Stephanie bites down on her bottom lip and hooks her gorgeous legs around his
muscular waist as she starts to rapidly bounce on his cock as he stands and
drives his cock deeply up into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck..." Titus O'Neil grunts as he pumps his cock deeply into
Stephanie's pussy as she bounces up and down on his cock.

Stephanie places her hands onto his muscular arms as he holds onto her while
she bounces on his large black cock. "Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh shit..." Stephanie
moans as she swiftly lowers on his cock before he deeply slams up into her

"Mmmmmm ahhhh..... awww..." Titus grits his teeth as he drives his long thick
cock deeply into Stephanie's pussy as she holds onto his body and bounces
quickly on his dick.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah...ohhhhhhh!" Stephanie moans loudly as she continues
to rapidly bounce on his black cock, rocking smoothly as she feels him
intensely driving up into her pussy. Titus keeps up his intense, quick and
firm thrusts as he pounds Stephanie's pussy even as his cock starts to throb
heavily inside of her wet pussy. Stephanie tilts her head back as she sharply
lowers on his cock, feeling him deeply slam up into her once again, causing
her to swiftly bounce. "Ohhhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhh!" Stephanie moans.

"Ahhhh... mmmmmm awwwww!" Titus O'Neil groans loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Stephanie's hot tight and wet pussy.

Stephanie licks her lips and smoothly rocks forward on his throbbing shaft as
his warm cum sprays into her pussy. "Ohhhhh shit...."

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Titus groans as he holds Stephanie steady as he fills her
pussy with his warm spunk.

Stephanie opens her eyes and smirks at Titus O'Neil before he carefully sets
her down on the desk. "I must say...quite impressive"

"Ahhh glad you approve..." Titus says with a smile as he pulls his cock out
of Stephanie's pussy.

Stephanie crosses her eyes and tosses her brunette hair back as she sits on
the edge of the desk. "Just make sure when you go make it a win..."

Titus nods his head, "I fully intend too..."


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