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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

WWE NXT Part 16: Kaval
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the afternoon of July 13, 2010 at Louisville, Kentucky's Freedom Hall, the
NXT Rookie known as Kaval is sitting on the floor Team Lay-Cool's locker room
meditating as part of his routine to keep his mind clear and focused. He is
wearing his green white and black wrestling jumpsuit, with the upper body
portion unzipped and lowered, revealing his toned and muscular upper body. As
he is deep in his meditation, the locker room door opens and his pros the
self-proclaimed co-Women's Champion Layla and Michelle McCool enter.

"Hey Kaval!" Layla excitedly and loudly says as she enters the locker room
first, followed by Michelle McCool, both of whom have identical WWE Women's
Championships draped over their shoulders.

"Hey Kaval! How are ya'll doing!?" Michelle asks in an equally loud tone.

Kaval slowly opens his eyes and has a slightly irritated look on his face for
a moment before he looks at Michelle, "I am doing fine..." Kaval says with
extremely deep voice.

Michelle McCool smiles at Kaval as she approaches the quiet NXT Rookie, while
he remains on the floor of the locker room. "Hey....why aren't ya'll wearing
the 'Property of Lay-Cool' shirt?" Michelle asks as she folds her arms giving
Kaval a stern look.

"Yeah Kaval! I spent a lot of time making it special for you!" Layla says as
she stands directly above the seated Kaval.

"I don't wear any shirts when I'm meditating..." Kaval replies as he starts
to stand up.

Layla pouts her lips and looks at Michelle McCool "Oh Michelle! I can't stay
mad at Kaval! He's just so cute!" Layla says loudly as she reaches over with
her right hand and pinches his cheek.

"Ya'll know Kaval...if ya keep listening to Layla and myself...ya'll may just
be...." Michelle pauses and glances at Layla before the two best friends
excitedly shout. "FLAWLESS!"

Kaval keeps a very neutral expression on his face as he presses his hands
together, "I do appreciate all the... help... you two have given me so far on
NXT..." Kaval says.

Layla smiles at Kaval and then excitedly wraps her arms around the quiet NXT
Rookie and tightly hugs "Oh Michelle! He's just so cuddly!" Layla says as she
squeezes Kaval tighter. Michelle raises an eyebrow and smirks as she reaches
into the front pocket of her jeans to remove a small index card.

"Layla... do... you mind..." Kaval replies as Layla continues to tightly hug

Layla presses her perky and luscious lips together before she breaks the hug
with Kaval before she pats her left hand on top of his bald head. Michelle
steps closer towards Kaval to hand him the index card. "Alright Kaval...ya'll
need to listen up now, because this is serious..."

"I'm always serious..." Kaval replies as he turns his attention to Michelle.

"Good...because ya'll need to be focused for slacking off like
ya'll have been!" Michelle says before Layla opens her mouth in shock.

"Michelle! Don't mean to Kaval..." Layla says before she sweetly smiles at
the NXT Rookie.

Michelle McCool points to the index card in Kaval's hands. "Ya'll see that

Kaval raises the card to read what's written on it, "What about it?" Kaval

"Well Kaval!" Layla begins to talk in an excited and fast tone "Somebody SUPER REALLY important wants to meet with you!" Layla

Michelle nods her head in agreement with Layla "Layla's right...and ya'll
need to impress this person too!"

Kaval nods his head, "That won't be a problem..."

"And remember Kaval ya'll have to be...." Michelle McCool begins to says
before she pauses and together her and Layla add "FLAWLESS!"

* * *

A short time later, Kaval is approaching an office within Freedom Hall as
directed on the index card he was giving by Michelle McCool. "Why do I think
those two are setting me up..." Kaval says as he reaches the office and
knocks on the door.

"Come in!" A voice calls out from inside. Kaval opens the door to the office
and walks inside. The first thing Kaval notices is someone sitting behind the
desk holding a pink 'Property of LayCool' t-shirt. Kaval closes his eyes and
groans silently upon seeing it.

The pink 'Property of LayCool' shirt is lowered to reveal WWE Executive Vice
President Stephanie McMahon sitting behind the desk with a raised eyebrow and
a smirk. "Interesting choice of shirt..." Stephanie, dressed in a knee-light
black skirt and a white top, says as she sets the pink shirt down on top of
her desk. "And you must be Kaval..."

Kaval nods his head, "Yes I am.." Kaval says as he closes the office door.

Stephanie moves to stand from the chair behind her desk and proceeds to step
out from behind her desk. "Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself,
Kaval?" Stephanie asks as she crosses her arms against her chest.

Kaval places his hands on his waist, "I'm from Brooklyn, New York... been
wrestling since 1998... and I'm here to prove in ain't the size of the
fighter, but size of the fight in him."

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and nods her head slightly "Do you think you are
the WWE's next break out star?" Stephanie McMahon asks as she leans against
the front of her desk looking over the deep-spoken NXT Rookie.

"I know I am... this is not my first time facing competition that the WWE can
provide..." Kaval answers.

"You seem very confident..." Stephanie says before she slightly narrows her
eyes. "You don't think that because of your small height that it could be a
problem for the taller individuals of NXT?"

"If you saw my match against Eli Cottonwood a few weeks ago... you would have
seen that he was lucky to have beaten me... particularly after I performed
the Warrior's Way on the back of his head while he was standing," Kaval

Stephanie smirks "I did see was quite impressive...but that was
then, can you impress me now, right here?"

"What do you want me to do?" Kaval asks.

Stephanie seductively narrows her eyes at Kaval as she steps away from her
desk. "I'll leave that decision up to you..."

Kaval thinks for a moment as Stephanie takes a step towards him. Seeing the
distance between himself and her, Kaval jumps slightly forward and sweeps the
legs out from Stephanie in a way that cause her to fall onto her ass. He then
moves to stand over Stephanie's legs in front of her as she sits up on the

As Stephanie McMahon completely sits on the floor with Kaval standing over
her, her face is in direct line with the crotch of his wrestling tights.
Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at Kaval "You seem proud of

"Doing what I need to impress..." Kaval says as he starts to push down the
tights of his wrestling jumpsuit from his waist. Within a few moments,
Stephanie is getting an up close look of Kaval huge cock that looks even more
impressive when she remembers how tall Kaval is.

Stephanie licks her lips and shakes her head in amusement at the size of
Kaval's cock. "Impressive...truly impressive..." Stephanie says before she
lifts her left hand and places her hand around his cock. "What made you think
I'd want this?" Stephanie asks as she starts to stroke her hand against his
rapidly hardening cock.

"You're left hand is already on it..." Kaval answers as Stephanie continues
to stroke his cock.

Stephanie smirks and nods her head "And you don't have a problem with it, do
you?" Stephanie asks as she moves her hand against his incredibly large cock.

"No I don't..." Kaval says as he suppresses a moan while Stephanie continues
to move her left hand back and forth on his cock. Stephanie leans her head
down toward Kaval's impressively long and thick cock before she begins to
gently flick her tongue against the head of his cock as she keeps her left
hand steady against his shaft, while she remains sitting on the floor of the

"Mmmm..." Kaval groans as Stephanie flicks her tongue against the head of his
large thick cock while she strokes his shaft with her left hand. Stephanie
slyly glances up at Kaval as she begins to brush her wet tongue around the
head of his large shaft before she places move her hands onto his toned waist
and proceeds to open her mouth, taking his cock inside. Kaval places both of
his hands on Stephanie's head as she starts bob her head back and forth along
the length of his meaty cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she presses her lips gently around
Kaval's incredibly thick and long shaft as her head freely moves to suck on
his cock. Stephanie smoothly moves her hands from his waist to his hips and
starts to bob her head at a quicker pace.

"Ahh..." Kaval moans as he begins to thrust his hips forward in order pump
his cock into Stephanie's mouth as she bobs her head quickly on it.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm!" Stephanie's lustful moans become louder as she rocks
her brunette haired head back and forth on his shaft, taking his long cock
deeper into her mouth as he thrusts into her. Kaval pushes Stephanie's hair
back as he thrusts his incredibly long and thick cock in and out of
Stephanie's mouth at a brisk pace.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm! Ohhhhhhh!" Stephanie moans against Kaval's cock as he
smoothly, but deeply pumps his cock into her mouth. Stephanie lightly digs
her fingernails into his hips as she takes his cock incredibly deep into her
wet mouth.

"Ahh..." Kaval grunts as he continues to fuck the mouth of the WWE Executive
Vice President. The internet wrestling community's favorite wrestler for NXT
season two pushes his cock as far as possible into Stephanie's mouth,
resulting in the head of his massive dick hitting the back of her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Gahhhhhhhh!" Stephanie slightly groans and gags as the head of
Kaval's cock starts to repeatedly smack against the back of her mouth as he
pumps his cock swiftly and deeply into her very eager mouth.

"Mmmm..." Kaval groans as he holds his cock deep inside of Stephanie's mouth
after hearing her gag slightly. After a few moments Kaval pulls his cock out
of Stephanie's saliva filled mouth.

"Mmmmmmm...fuck that was impressive..." Stephanie moans as she licks her lips
and manages to catch her breath before she lifts her white top to expose her
nicely juicy, round and large tits. Kaval takes a few steps backward to as
Stephanie tosses her white top aside. Kaval then kneels on the floor and
pushes Stephanie's legs apart in order to scoot between them. He then pushes
up her knee-length black skirt, revealing her perfectly shaven, hot wet pussy
and he quickly pushes his huge cock into her before Stephanie can prepare
herself for it.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck...." Stephanie groans loudly and grits her teeth as she feels
Kaval's large cock entering her tight pussy without notice with a sudden firm
and deep thrust.

"Mmm..." Kaval lightly grunts as he rocks on his knees as he begins to firmly
thrust his cock deeply into Stephanie's pussy while she leans back and places
her hands behind herself on the floor. Stephanie licks her lips and leans her
head back as begins to rock back slightly on the floor, feeling Kaval's deep
thrusts as he works his cock impressively into her tight snatch. Kaval grabs
Stephanie's legs and lift them up, causing Stephanie to appear like the
letter 'V' with the way she's leaning back as Team Lay-Cool's NXT Rookie
drills her hot wet cunt.

"Ohhhhhh ohhhhh yeah Kaval...ohhhhh" Stephanie moans as she starts to grind
her pussy against his rock hard cock as he rapidly pumps into her pussy.

"Mmmm..." Kaval grunts as he drives his cock harder into Stephanie's cunt.

Stephanie bites down on her bottom lip as she arches her back slightly and
starts to push smoothly against Kaval's deeply thrusting cock. "Ohhhhhh...
ohhhh yeah..."

Kaval lifts Stephanie's legs on to his shoulders so the can use his hands to
grab Stephanie's hips to pull her against his pistoning cock as he continues
to fuck with his massive shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans as she completely
enjoys the deep and firm thrusts of Kaval's cock into her tight and wet
pussy, feeling his entire shaft constantly ramming into her as he pulls her
back against his cock as well.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Kaval groans as he rams his cock all the way into
Stephanie's pussy as she leans all the way back until she's laying on the
floor as deep-voiced NXT Rookie pounds her snatch.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmmm fuck! Mmmmmm you like fucking that pussy....don't you
Kaval?" Stephanie moans as she moves back and forth against the floor as
Kaval continues to ram his entire impressively long and thick cock into her.

"Mmmm... mmm..." Kaval grunts his reply as he drives his cock sharply into
Stephanie's wet puss. Kaval pulls his meaty dick out of Stephanie's shaft and
turns her slightly onto her right side, causing her right leg to slip off of
his shoulder. Kaval then straddles Stephanie's right leg and slams his cock
back into her pussy while he holds her lelt leg up.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans loudly and grits her teeth as her body
jolts forward as she lays on her side on the floor of her office with Kaval
swiftly pumping his shaft into her Billion Dollar pussy. Kaval grits his
teeth slightly as he keeps an extremely swift pace as he fucks Stephanie's
pussy. His large ballsack brushes against Stephanie's right leg as he
continues to fuck her.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah fuck that pussy! Ohhhh fuck it hard!" Stephanie
moans as she grinds back against his shaft as he rapidly thrusts his cock
into her pussy.

"Ahh..." Kaval moans as he slams his cock repeatedly and deeply into
Stephanie's pussy. Kaval slides his left hand down Stephanie's left leg and
towards her ass. The 12-year wrestling veteran then pushes two fingers from
his left hand into Stephanie's ass and starts to thrust them in and out of
her asshole while he keeps fucking her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm you creative little fucker..." Stephanie groans as her
body tenses as she feels his two fingers begin to pump into her tight asshole
as he continues to use his massive cock to fuck her wet and tight pussy.
Kaval smirks slightly as he continues to slam his entire cock into
Stephanie's tight snatch. The NXT Rookie also starts to turn his left hand in
order to pump his fingers into Stephanie's asshole at different angles.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah...ohhhhhh fuck!" Stephanie McMahon moans as she
begins to sweat while she pushes back against Kaval's two fingers in her ass
and his long and thick cock inside of her pussy. " like fucking
your future boss, Kaval?"

"Mmmmm ahhh..." The extremely disciplined NXT Rookie grunts his reply as he
keeps himself focused on the task of fucking Stephanie McMahon's soaking wet
pussy with his cock while doing to same to her ass with his fingers.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh!" Stephanie moans and grinds her pussy down on Kaval's
cock as he slams his cock balls deep into her wet snatch, while he rapidly
works his two fingers against her asshole. Kaval grits his teeth as sweat
drips down his muscular body as he keeps a relentless pace in fucking
Stephanie's twat. Kaval also turns his left hand slightly to where he can
push a third finger into the WWE Executive Vice President's tight asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm....ohhhhhh shit" Stephanie groans as she remains still, feeling
Kaval skillfully work his fingers inside of her asshole, swiftly, but
smoothly pumping them into her.

Kaval keeps his three fingers working into Stephanie's asshole as he suddenly
pulls his cock out of her well fucked pussy. Pushing her left leg off of his
shoulders, Kaval uses his right hand to get Stephanie onto all fours before
he pulls his fingers out of her ass. "This... might... hurt..." Kaval says as
he spreads Stephanie's ass cheek apart in order to start pushing his
extremely thick cock into Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie tightly closes her eyes and grits her teeth. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck!"
Stephanie loudly, but lustfully yells as she rocks forward on her knees,
feeling his massive cock entering her ass, slowly, but firmly. Kaval
continues to slowly push forward even as Stephanie's ass squeezes down on his
invading shaft. With only half of his shaft inside of her asshole, Kaval
starts to slowly pump in and out.

"Ohhhhhh yeah....mmmmm fuck that ass Kaval...mmmm fuck it!" Stephanie groans
as she starts to move back and forth on her knees with Kaval smoothly pumping
his cock into her incredibly tight asshole.

"Ahh..." Kaval grunts as he pushes his cock deeper into Stephanie's asshole
as it slowly stretches to accommodate the girth of his dick. Stephanie
glances over her shoulder and slyly smirks back at Kaval as she rocks back on
her knees in order to push back against his large cock, as he starts to
thrust at a slightly quicker pace. Kaval looks down at Stephanie's ass as he
holds her ass cheeks apart as he pumps his cock into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhh yeah...." Stephanie moans as her juicy ass starts to
smoothly smack against his toned waist as she feels Kaval's cock pumping
deeper into her ass.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Kaval groans as he manages to get his entire cock inside of
Stephanie's ass. He then suddenly increases the pace of his thrusts, pumping
his cock at a brisk pace into Stephanie's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah! Ohhhhhhh!" Stephanie McMahon moans as she smoothly
rocks back and forth on her hands and knees while Kaval swiftly thrusts his
cock into her ass, causing her to rock at a quicker pace. Kaval moves his
hands to Stephanie's waist as he drives his cock swiftly and deeply into her
stretched out asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans as she tosses her hair back
and continues to push back against his cock with her juicy ass smacking
against his toned waist.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh..." Kaval grunts as he deeply drills Stephanie's asshole as
sweat continues to drip down his body. Kaval grits his teeth as his cock
begins to throb while he keeps on fucking Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie glances back over her shoulder once again and slyly smirks back.
" like fucking my ass Kaval?"

"Mmmmm... aww..." Kaval groans as Stephanie pushes has ass back against his
pulsating and thrusting cock. Stephanie licks her lips and narrows her eyes
as she rocks back firmly on her knees to smack her juicy ass loudly against
his toned waist as he cock slams deep into her.

"Mmmmmm..." Kaval grinds his teeth together as he pulls his massive throbbing
cock out of Stephanie's asshole and he stands up behind her. Stephanie turns
around on her knees to face Kaval's heavily throbbing cock as she wraps her
left hand around his shaft and guides his cock back into her stunning mouth.
Kaval places his hands on his waist as Stephanie wraps her lips around the
head of his cock as she uses her left hand to stroke his shaft. Within a few
moments, Kaval is shooting his warm, thick cum directly into Stephanie's

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Stephanie softly groans as she smoothly bobs her head a few
times on Kaval's throbbing cock as his warm cum unloads inside and she
proceeds to swallow it.

"Ahhh..." Kaval groans slightly as Stephanie milks every drop of cum out of
his thobbing shaft. Stephanie lifts her beautiful eyes and smirks up at Kaval
with her lips still wrapped around his cock and his cock still inside of her
wet mouth. Stephanie slowly pulls her head back, allowing his cock to fall
out of her mouth.

"I hope... that met your expectations..." Kaval says with his very deep-voice

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and glances up at Kaval before she nods her head.
" really did..." Stephanie says before she smirks. "Oh and
Kaval...just so you know..."

"Yes?" Kaval asks.

"If you need any thing in the future at door is always open..."

Kaval nods his head, "I understand..."


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