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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

WWE NXT Part 21: Aksana
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As Chicago, Illinois's All State Arena is being prepared for the 2010 Night
of Champions pay-per-view, WWE Pro Goldust is in the ring area with his NXT
Rookie, the Lithuanian beauty known as Aksana. "Aksana... this is where you
want to be... where you can be in the spotlight... in front of thousands of
people in attendance... in front of millions of people watching at home...
feeling the electricity of having all their attention in the palm of your
hand..." Goldust says as he theatrically details the feeling of being in the

Aksana beautifully smiles and nods her head "Oh yezz Goldzdust...I wantz to
entertame everyone!" Aksana says as she claps her hands together, dressed in
a pair of nicely tight and short black shorts and a low-cut, tight fitting
gold top.

"And you will... you have everything to turn people's head... you just have
to focus on getting everyone's attention..." Goldust says.

Aksana bites down on her bottom lip and innocently lowers her blond haired
head. "Butz Goldzdust...I amz so nervous...."

"You have no reason to be nervous... you are unique among all the NXT
Rookies... just be yourself..." Goldust replies.

Aksana blushes and smiles as she sweetly looks up at Goldust. "You really
thinkz so?"

"Yes I do..." Goldust says before he hands a business card to Aksana, "Now
you have an appointment with someone who if you impress them will put a lot
of support behind you..." Goldust says as Aksana looks down at the card she
was just given.

Aksana glances down at the business card before she looks back up at Goldust
with a cutely confused look on her face. "Goldzdust...I don't understandz..."

* * *

A short time later in her office within the All State Arena, Stephanie
McMahon, wearing a white button blouse and a black business pants, is
glancing through a folder as Aksana walks into her office through the open
door and closes the door behind her. Stephanie looks up and smiles, "Oh
hello... you must be Goldust's NXT Rookie..."

Aksana smiles playfully and nods her head. "Helloz...I amz Aksana..."

"Have a seat Aksana..." Stephanie says as she motions to one of the chairs in
front of her desk. Aksana nods her head blond haired head and obediently
approaches the chair to the left in front of Stephanie McMahon's desk as
elegantly sits down on the chair, crossing her stunningly smooth, tanned and
athletically toned legs. Aksana presses her perky and luscious lips together
as she looks intently at Stephanie with her gleaming, beautiful eyes.

"Now... tell me about yourself..." Stephanie McMahon says as she leans back
in her office chair.

Aksana smiles and leans forward excitedly in her chair. " I
said...I amz Aksana and I amz the next W...W...E Divaz....I lovez to
entertame peoplez..."

"And what do you like to do... to entertain people?" Stephanie asks.

Aksana bites down on her bottom lip. "Wellz...when Aksana enter a room...all
eyez are on Aksana..." Aksana says with a smile. "You seez...all the menz
wanna be with Aksana...and all the womenz just wanna be Aksana..."

"I would be an exception... because every woman wants to be like me..."
Stephanie McMahon smirks, "Speaking of men... I heard you have a particular

Aksana nods her head excitedly and nods her head. "Zhat is correct. Aksana
lovez...." Aksana pauses for a moment and bites down on her bottom lip. "I
don't knowz how to zay it..."

"Oh I know how you can say it... you like two men at once..." Stephanie

Aksana's beautiful face lightens up with excitement after Stephanie McMahon's
comment. "Yez thatz right...Aksana likez two menz...."

"That's good that you confirmed that fact.." Stephanie starts to say as the
door to her office opens and Edge, wearing his wrestling pants and a black t-
shirt, and Christian, wearing jeans and a tan colored button shirt, enter her
office at almost the same time.

"What do you think you're doing here Edge?" Christian asks as he pushes Edge"

"What is it to you chumpstaine, I was called here because I'm going to win
the WWE Championship later tonight while you're not even going to be jerking
the curtain..." Edge replies.

"Edge, Christian... shut up..." Stephanie says firmly before she looks at
Aksana, "I want you to impress me Aksana..."

Aksana bites down on her bottom lip as she looks at Stephanie McMahon before
she turns her hand to glance over her shoulder at the arguing Edge and
Christian. Aksana stands up from the chair. "Zhat won't be a problemz..."
Aksana says before she starts to walk over to Edge and Christian.

"You're so fucking over rated Edge it's not even funny..." Christian snaps.

"Oh yeah? Well at least I'm rated... Rated R..." Edge snaps back as he pushes
Christian while Aksana steps towards them.

Stephanie rolls her eyes, "I should've called for Shad and JTG..." Stephanie
says before she notices that Aksana has gotten both of Edge and Christian's
attention by place her hands on their crotches.

Aksana bites down o her bottom lip as she looks at Christian and then at
Edge, while she gently moves her left hand against the crotch of Christian's
jeans and her right hand against the crotch of Edge's wrestling tights.
Aksana smirks as she looks back and forth between both Edge and Christian.
"Helloz....I amz Aksana..."

"Well hello..." Christian smirks as Aksana rubs his jeans covered crotch with
her left hand.

"Now this makes sense..." Edge says as Aksana moves her right hand against
his crotch. Edge looks at Stephanie, "You want me and this loser to fuck

Stephanie folds her arms and smirks, "Is that a problem Edge? Because I can
easily find bigger stars than you..."

Edge licks his teeth as he looks at Aksana, "Oh it's no problem at all..."
Edge says as Aksana starts to unbutton Christian's jeans while she keeps
rubbing Edge's crotch.

Aksana licks her lips and seductively looks at Edge as she moves her right
hand against the hardening crotch of his wrestling tights, while she easily
unbuttons Christian's jeans with her left hand. Aksana sinks down onto her
knees as she begins to push Christian's jeans down. "Aksana lovez being with
two menz..."

"I can tolerate being with this reekazoid long enough to fuck a hot blond
with big tits..." Christian says as he unbuttons his shirt as Aksana pushes
down his jeans with her left hand while she starts to do the same to Edge'
wrestling tights with her right hand. Aksana places her left hand onto the
crotch of Christian's boxer briefs and smoothly moves her hand against the
formed and firm bulge underneath. Aksana turns her head and playfully
laughs as she looks up at Edge, pushing his wrestling tights down from his
waist to expose his Rated R cock, which she places her hand around and begins
to stroke.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Edge moans as Aksana moves her right hand back and forth
against his cock while he takes off his t-shirt. Christian removes his shirt
as Aksana now starts to lower his boxer briefs. Stephanie licks her lips as
she starts to unbutton her blouse.

Aksana licks her teeth as she turns her head and seductively glances at
Christian and his cock. "Zhat is a big dick..." Aksana says as she places her
left hand around his cock and begins to smoothly guide her hand back and
forth. Aksana turns her head back to Edge's cock and moves her head above his
cock to spit some saliva onto the head of his cock, while she moves her right
hand against his cock.

"Damn right it is..." Christian says as Aksana strokes his cock.

Edge licks this teeth, "Reminds me a lot of another blond with a huge
rack..." Edge says as Aksana uses her hand to spread her saliva all over his
dick. Stephanie gets her blouse undone and is now in the process of lowering
her business pants while watching Aksana work on the former Tag Team
Champions. Aksana moves her right hand to the head of Edge's cock where her
saliva is dripping and proceeds to move the saliva down his shaft with her
hand. Aksana turns her head back to Christian's cock, while she continues to
stroke his cock, and lowers her blond haired head to slap her tongue against
the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah..." Christian moans as Aksana slaps her tongue against the
head of his cock while she strokes his and Edge's meaty dicks. The Lithuanian
beauty pulls both men by their dicks closer together to make it easy for her
to go back and forth with her tongue on their shafts.

Aksana takes a moment to glance up at Edge and Christian. "Mmmmm...Aksana
lovez being with two menz..." Aksana replies before she guides her tongue to
the head of Edge's cock, seductively circling her tongue, while she moves her
hands against his and Christian's shafts.

"Yeah lick that cock..." Edge moans as Aksana twirls her tongue around the
head of his cock.

Stephanie licks her lips and smirks, "Very good Aksana...." Stephanie says as
she begins to grope her own large juicy tits.

Aksana turns her head back to Christian's cock and parts her luscious,
seductive lips and proceeds to lower her head to take his cock into her
mouth. "Mmmmmmm..." Aksana softly moans as her lips gently wrap around his
cock and she begins to smoothly bob her head.

"Ohhh shit... mmm..." Christian moans as Aksana bobs her head up and down on
his cock. Edge frees his cock from Aksana's hand and moves around behind the
blond haired NXT Rookie. Edge kneels behind Aksana and slides down her black

Aksana places her right hand onto Christian's toned and tanned waist as she
holds her left hand steady at the base of his cock, smoothly and steadily
bobbing her head up and down on his cock. "Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm...." Aksana moans
as she slaps her tongue against his shaft and expertly sucks on his shaft.
Aksana lightly sits up from her knees to allow Edge to remove her black
shorts to expose her nicely toned and tanned, perfectly juicy ass.

Stephanie smirks, "That's an incredible ass..." Stephanie comments as Edge
spreads Aksana's ass cheeks and the Rated R Superstar guides his cock into
Aksana's incredibly tight asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Aksana loudly moans around Christian's cock as she lightly
presses her hand tighter against the base of his cock as she starts to bob
her head at a quicker pace, while she begins to rock forward on her knees
with Edge starting to spear her ass with his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmm..." Christian moans as Aksana sucks and slurps on his
cock. Edge holds Aksana's ass apart as he rocks on his knees as he thrusts
his cock into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm.....mmmmm...." Aksana moans as her pouty and moist lips brush
smoothly back and forth on Christian's cock as she bobs her head at a steady
pace, sliding her tongue back and forth against his shaft. Aksana's
gorgeously toned and tanned ass begins to smack back against Edge's waist as
she pushes back against his cock.

"Ahhhh... awww..." Edge moans as he pumps his cock deeper and harder into
Aksana's asshole. "She takes it up the ass very well..." Stephanie says as
she starts to slide a hand from her tits down her perfectly shaven pussy as
she watches Aksana blow Christian while getting fucked by Edge. Aksana lifts
her head slightly to the tip of Christian's cock and turns her head sharply
to grind her pouty lips before she suddenly lowers her head to take his
entire cock into her skilled and soothing mouth

"Ohhhh fuck..." Christian moans as Aksana swallows his whole cock with ease.
Edge rocks on his knees as he drives his cock firmly into Aksana's ass while
she pushes back against him. Stephanie licks her lips as she lightly rubs her
pussy. Aksana slaps her wet tongue against Christian's cock as she smoothly
and slowly lifts her head up from his cock. Aksana seductively looks up at
Christian as she flicks her tongue against his piss-slit, while she continues
to rock back on her knees seductively pushing back against Edge.

"Ahhh awww yeah... mmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he deeply spears Aksana's
gorgeous ass.

"Mmmm fuck her ass.... fuck it..." Stephanie moans lightly as she pushes her
fingers into her wet snatch.

Aksana lifts her head away from Christian's cock and glances over her
shoulder to look back at Edge. Aksana grits her teeth and narrows her eyes
seductively as she grinds back against his cock. "Ohhhhhh. Yezzzzz...fuck
zhat ass!"

"Christian... take off Aksana's top... mmmm I want to see her tits..."
Stephanie moans as she finger fucks her own pussy.

Christian smirks, "So do I..."Christian says as he leans down and starts to
pull off Aksana's gold colored top while Edge continues to fuck her ass.
Aksana sits up on her knees slightly and raises her arms above her head to
allow Christian to remove her top, exposing her nicely perky and rounded,
tanned tits, which begin to immediately sway back and forth as Edge swiftly
spears her ass.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm fuck..." Edge groans as he spears Aksana's ass for a few
more moments before he pulls his cock out.

"Christian... go sit on the couch... Aksana... show me how you can his dick
up your ass..." Stephanie orders. Christian licks his lips as he walks over
to the couch and sits on the middle cushion while Aksana gets up from the

Aksana licks her lips as she playfully and lightly pulls on her long blond
hair on each side with her hands. "Ummm...canz I suck his dickz?" Aksana asks
Stephanie as she glances over at Edge.

Stephanie smirks as she gets up from her office chair showing Edge, Christian
and Aksana her body, "Of course... you have to impress me..." Stephanie says
as she walks around her desk so that she can sit on front edge of it. Aksana
smiles and tosses her gorgeous blond hair back as she walks over toward the
couch and once she reaches Christian, she turns around with her back to face
him and smoothly eases down onto his cock, taking him into her ass.

"Ohhhhh shit..." Christian moans as he places his hands on Aksana's hips and
helps guide her ass down on his cock while he leans back on the couch.
Stephanie raises her right leg onto the desk as she resumes rubbing her
snatch with her hand.

Edge smirks at Stephanie, "You want a dick Steph?"

Stephanie smirks at Edge, "Get your tiny dick in Aksana's mouth...."
Stephanie says. Edge licks his teeth as he moves to stand in front of Aksana
as she is starting to rock on Christian's shaft.

Aksana raises an eyebrow and seductively smirks up at Edge as she begins to
rock back and forth on Christian's cock. "No...youz wanna be with Aksana..."
Aksana says as she leans forward to Edge and places her left hand onto his
waist and her right hand onto his shaft.

"I want Aksana's mouth on my fucking dick..." Edge says with a smirk as he
places his hands on Aksana's mouth and pushes her head down towards his cock.
Christian moves his hands to Aksana's lower back as he thrusts his cock up
into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Aksana lustfully moans as she takes Edge's cock into her wet and
soothing mouth. Aksana presses her lips around Edge's shaft and begins to
eagerly bob her head on his shaft, while grinding down on Christian's cock as
he thrusts up into her incredibly tight ass.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck..." Christian moans as he firmly thrusts his shaft up
into Aksana's asshole. Edge licks his teeth as he starts to pump his cock
into Aksana's mouth.

"Ohhh mmmm fuck..." Stephanie moans as he darts her fingers in and out of her
own pussy while she watches Aksana's mouth get fucked by Edge as she rides

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Aksana increasingly moans as she bobs her blond
haired head up and down on Edge's cock as he rapidly spears his long and
thick Rated R cock into her lustful mouth.

"Ohhhh awww... mmmm fuck..." Edge moans as he pumps his cock in and out of
Aksana's mouth. Christian grits his teeth as he firmly thrusts his dick into
Aksana's asshole as she bounces on his tool.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Aksana moans as her head rocks back and forth on Edge's
cock with her tongue sliding back and forth. Aksana closes her eyes as he
increasingly pumps his shaft into her wet mouth. Meanwhile, the Lithuanian
NXT Rookie Diva swiftly bounces on Christian's cock as he increasingly drives
his shaft into her ass.

"Ohhh fucking bounce on that dick..." Christian moans as Aksana's ass smacks
down on his waist as she rides him.

Stephanie tosses her hair back as she continues to finger fuck her wet twat,
"Let me see how European she really is... Edge cram your dick in her ass with
Christian's...." Stephanie moans.

"Mmmmm good idea..." Edge moans as he pulls Aksana's blond haired head up off
of his dick.

Aksana licks her lips and takes breath before she smirks up at Edge.
"Mmmmmm... Aksana lovez two dickz in her ass...." Aksana moans before she
sits up on Christian's cock and begins to lean back on his cock as she starts
to rock swiftly on Christians. Aksana suddenly comes to stop as Edge grabs
hold of her waist and holds the NXT Rookie Diva still.

"I know another hot blond that loved two dicks her ass..." Edge smirks as he
lines up his cock with Christian's shaft before he starts to push his cock
into Aksana's already stuffed asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm! Ohhhhh Aksana really lovez it!" Aksana moans as she closes her
eyes and begins to lightly rock to the best of her ability while sandwiched
between Christian and Edge feeling both cocks thrust into her ass.

"Ohhhh yes fuck her ass with those big dicks boys..." Stephanie moans as she
rocks on her desk as she continues to work her fingers in and out of her

"Mmmm fuck..." Christian moans as his cock grinds against Edge's shaft as
they tag team Aksana's asshole.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmmmm!" Aksana moans and grits her teeth as she slides back and
forth between Edge and Christian, sweat starting to drip from her tanned and
perfectly toned body.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ahhh..." Edge grunts as he drives his cock
briskly in and out of Aksana's stretched out asshole while Christian keeps
pumping his own cock up at a steady pace.

"Mmmm ohhhh fuck.... ohhhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans as she starts to cum on
her rapidly moving fingers.

"Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmm fuck Aksana harder!" Aksana moans as she grinds her
gorgeous body between Edge and Christian. Christian and Edge continue to
alternate their thrusts as they deeply shove their cocks into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh Aksana...lovez this!" Aksana moans and arches her
gorgeous body slightly as she pushes against both cocks, sweat dripping off
of her body.

"Mmmmm shit.... awwww fuck!" Christian moans as he and Edge rapidly slam
their ocks into Aksana's ass.

Stephanie moves from her desk over to the couch and stand next to Edge.
Stephanie then reaches for Aksana's soaking with pussy with her right hand to
feel it and smirks, "Your going to cum with them just fucking your ass aren't

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmmm yezzz...Aksana lovez to cumz..." Aksana moans and breathes
heavily as she repeatedly moves back and forth between Edge and Christian
thrusting their cocks into her ass, while Stephanie rubs Aksana's pussy with
her hand.

"Mmmmm fuck.... ahhhh shit..." Edge moans as his cock starts to throb against
Christian's own dick as it also starts to throb inside of Aksana's ass.
Stephanie smirks as she moves her right hand back and forth against Aksana's
snatch as she notices both Edge and Christian suddenly increasing their pace.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Aksana moans and tilts her head back as she
begins to cum suddenly against Stephanie's hand as she rapidly rubs Aksana's

"Mmmmm that's it..." Stephanie licks her lips as she feels Aksana's flow
pussy juices on her right hand as she keeps rubbing the NXT Rookie's snatch.

"Mmmmm fuck... shit!" Edge moans as he pulls his cock out of Aksana's asshole
and starts to stroke it.

"Ohhhh damn... awwww..." Christian moans as his cock starts to erupt inside
of Aksana's asshole. Aksana grits her teeth and closes her eyes as she leans
back and feels Christian's warm cum flooding her ass after she has just cum.

Stephanie removes her hand from Aksana's cunt and licks the pussy juices from
her fingers. Edge wraps his right hand around his cock and strokes it
rapidly, "Mmmmm ohhh shit... ahhh..." Edge moans as he starts to shoot his
cum on to Aksana's toned stomach.

"Mmmmmmm..." Aksana moans and licks her lips as she looks up at Edge.
"Everyone just wanna cumz on Aksana..." Aksana says with laugh,

"Oh that's going to make you real popular around here..." Edge laughs as he
strokes his cock until he's finished cumming.

"Yes it would..." Stephanie adds as she licks her hand clean of Aksana's cum.

Aksana turns her head as she remains on Christian and looks at Stephanie
McMahon " youz wanna be Aksana?"

"I'm more than happy to be a McMahon..." Stephanie smirks, "But you are
impressive Aksana... best of luck to you during the rest of NXT..."

Aksana glances back over her shoulder and glances back at Christian. "Do youz
like being with Aksana?"

"I like being in Aksana..." Christian laughs a bit.

Aksana smiles and nods her head with approval before she looks at Edge "Andz
what about youz?"

Edge licks his teeth, "I think Aksana loves being fucked...."

Aksana laughs "Ohhhh...Aksana lovez zhat"


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