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Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

WWE NXT Part 27: Derrick Bateman
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the NXT tapings on December 28, 2010 at the Blue Cross Arena in
Rochester, New York, NXT Rookie Derrick Bateman is talking with Kofi
Kingston, who has filled in for Derrick's normal WWE Pro Daniel Bryan who is
defending his United States title at a WWE Live Event in Wilkes-Barre,
Pennsylvania "Ooo I would've had the rat-man tapping... oh so close, you saw
that, I nearly won with the submission I learned..." Bateman says as he's
dressed in black wrestling trunks and a matching headband.

"Yeah I saw... you got some skills kid, even if you are a little strange,"
Kofi says with a laugh.

"Strange? Me? No I'm Man-tastic...." Derrick says with a wide grin, "I can't
wait to see what tips D-Bry has for me when he sees my match."

"That loss could hurt you, the first elimination is next week," Kofi Kingston

"Whoa, dude, gotta stay positive, no looking back, just moving forward,"
Bateman quickly replies.

"That's a good attitude..." Kofi says before he hands Derrick Bateman a
business card, "Now your Pro could have given you a lot advice on this
meeting you're going to have, but I think you'll do alright."

Derrick Bateman grins, "Whatever it is I have to do... I'm going to do it

* * *

Later on at a hotel in Rochester, New York, Derrick Bateman, wearing a
sweatshirt and jeans, is looking at the back of the business card he got from
Kofi earlier, "Hmmm this is the one..." Bateman says as he knocks on a hotel
room door.

After a few moments, the door of the hotel room suite opens and soon stands
in the doorway is WWE Executive Vice President, Stephanie McMahon, dressed
casually dressed in a pair of nicely fitting jeans and slightly low-cut black
top, raises an eyebrow as she looks at Derrick Bateman. "I see you found the
place..." Stephanie says with a smirk.

"Totally... the instructions were right on here..." Bateman says with a grin
as he holds up the business card.

"Do you know who I am?" Stephanie asks as she firmly looks at the NXT Rookie,
while she remains standing in the doorway of the hotel suite.

Derrick Bateman tilts his head as he blatantly checks out Stephanie, "Oh
yeah... you're Stephanie McMahon..." Derrick says, "You're like a symbol of
two things I totally love... chicks and America."

Stephanie laughs a bit and presses her lips together with amusement. "Is that
so?" Stephanie asks before she takes a step back into the hotel room suite
and motions for him to enter.

"Yeah for sure..." Derrick says as he enters Stephanie's hotel suite and he
looks around, "Whoa... nice pad... a lot bigger than the room my pro Mister
Submission has..." Derrick says.

Stephanie closes the door and turns around to glance at Derrick Bateman.
"You'd expect me to stay in a lesser place than this?"

"No way... you can stay wherever you want," Derrick smiles.

Stephanie crosses her arms against her chest and sits down on the edge of the
hotel suite's large and comfortable bed, looking directly at Derrick Bateman.
"So...tell me a little bit about yourself Derrick..."

"Me? I'm just simply man-tastic... I am so manly, it takes like five other
guys to equal how manly I am..." Derrick Bateman says confidently. "And if
someone gets in my way... they'll have to face me and my two friends...
freedom and justice..." Bateman says as he raises his right fist and then his
left fist.

Stephanie turns her head away trying not to smirk or laugh at Derrick
Bateman's reply. Stephanie regains her composure by clearing her throat.

"That's right man-tastic... check this out..." Bateman says before he boldly
takes off his sweatshirt revealing his muscular yet toned, perfectly tanned
upper body.

Stephanie's eyes slightly widen before she nods her head, trying not to
appear impressed. "It's alright....I've seen better though..." Stephanie says
in order to not allow Derrick Bateman to have the upper advantage.

"Better? Eh maybe... some guys are total gym rats... but me... I'm man-tastic
in all sorts of ways," Derrick says as he tosses his sweatshirt onto the
hotel suite's dresser.

Stephanie presses her lips together, keeping her eyes focused on Derrick
Bateman and his incredibly tanned and toned, muscular chest. "Tell me a bit
more about yourself..."

"Well whatcha wanna know?" Derrick asks as he notices Stephanie starring at
his upper body and he grins as he realizes Stephanie is checking him out.

Stephanie, however, answers Derrick Bateman with another question. "I assume
you're very popular with the ladies.

"You would be without a doubt right about that, I'm even giving my pro D.B.
some tips to help out with those smoking hot Bellas babes..." Derrick

Stephanie raises an eyebrow. "I'm sure that's pretty interesting, but
Derrick, I want to know about you...why don't you tell me about an
experienced you've had..."

"Tell? Nah... that... I gotta show ya..." Derrick grins.

"Well...why don't you...." Stephanie says with a sly smirk on her face and
she can immediately see the shocked expression on his face.

"You sure you want that?" Derrick says as he tries to regain his composure,
"Cause I'm so manly you won't be able to control yourself."

Stephanie nods her head and keeps her eyes locked on Derrick Bateman.
"Oh...I'm positive and I'm very confident I can handle you...Rookie..."

"All right don't say I didn't warn ya..." Derrick Bateman replies as he
undoes his jeans and pushes them from his waist. Within moments, Stephanie is
seeing Derrick's powerfully built legs and his cock, which instantly catches
her attention.

Stephanie McMahon nods her head and smirks as she scans her eyes over Derrick
Bateman's exposed cock. "Hmmmm...I am impressed, but I think you need to come
closer so I can have a better look.

"Sure..." Derrick smirks as he steps out of his jeans and moves closer to
Stephanie McMahon so she can get an up close look at his hardening shaft.

Stephanie leans forward slightly as she sits on the edge of the bed and
raises her left hand to take hold of Derrick's nicely thick and hardening
shaft. "Not bad...not bad..." Stephanie says as she moves her hand up and
down his shaft.

"Mmmm just wait it it's fully hard..." Derrick Bateman replies as Stephanie
works her left hand along the length of his shaft.

Stephanie seductively glances up at Derrick Bateman and smirks. "Is that so?"
Stephanie asks before she lowers her brunette head and slides her wet tongue
across the head of Bateman's impressive, man-tastic cock.

"Ahhh yeah..." Derrick Bateman groans as Stephanie slides her tongue over his
cock as it becomes fully erect. Stephanie turns her left hand on Derrick's
shaft, grinding the palm of her hand against his cock, before she starts to
move her hand at a quicker pace, while she teases the head of his cock with
her wet tongue.

"Mmmmmm..." Derrick groans as Stephanie briskly strokes his cock with her
left hand while she flicks her tongue over the head of his tool. Derrick
places a hand on Stephanie's head and pushes her hair back as she works on
his dick. Stephanie parts her luscious and moist lips as she lowers her head
further down in order to take the upper portion of Bateman's cock into her
stunning mouth as she begins to bob her head at a smooth, brisk pace.

"Ohhh yeah..." Derrick moans as Stephanie bobs her head on the upper portion
of his cock while she strokes the lower half with her left hand.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Stephanie moans as her lips wrap tightly around Derrick
Bateman's cock as she swiftly and steadily bobs her head, with her lips
brushing back and forth.

"Ohhhh yeah.... suck that cock... yeah mmmmm..." Derrick Bateman moans as he
slides both of his hands through Stephanie's hair as she bobs her head on his

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Stephanie moans as she places her right hand onto his
waist as she holds his cock steady with her left hand as she continues to
briskly bob her head, with her saliva dripping down his shaft.

"Ahhhh mmmm up and down.... yeah... mmmm yeah like that..." Derrick moans as
he continues to slide his hands through Stephanie's hair as she sucks and
slurps on his tool. Stephanie lifts her seductive and manipulative eyes as
she looks up at Derrick Bateman as she rocks her head back and forth, taking
him deeper into her stunning, skilled mouth.

"Ohhhhh yeah take it deep.... mmmm fuck yeah swallow it..." Derrick groans as
he starts to pump his big hard dick forward into Stephanie's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm....mmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Stephanie McMahon moans and parts her lips
slightly, allowing Derrick Bateman to easily pump his shaft deeper into wet

"Ahhh yeah mmmmm yeah in and out... mmmm..." Derrick Bateman groans as he
fucks Stephanie's mouth with his large shaft. Stephanie McMahon slaps her wet
tongue against the bottom side of Derrick Bateman's impressive shaft as he
pumps his cock in and out of her wet mouth, pushing his hips forward.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm you like that... yeah of course you do... cause it's man-
tastic!" Derrick moans as he thrusts his cock back and forth between
Stephanie's lips. Stephanie slyly glances up at Derrick before she starts to
slowly lift her head from his impressively thick and long shaft.

"Whatcha think of that? Pretty cool right?" Derrick Bateman grins at
Stephanie as she takes her time lifting her head all the way off of his cock.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at Derrick Bateman. "Oh
yeah...pretty cool" Stephanie says before she sits up straight and begins to
remove her white top.

"Damn..." Derrick Bateman grins as he watches Stephanie's large juicy tits
bounce freely after she takes off her white top. Stephanie tosses her white
top aside before she stands up from the edge of the bed and starts to
unbutton her nicely fitting jeans, pushing her jeans down from her curved,
smooth waist.

"Let me do that..." Derrick says as he pushes Stephanie back onto the bed
before he grabs the pant-legs of her jeans to pull them from Stephanie's
perfectly smooth legs. Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she watches
Derrick move his hands against her smooth, silky, perfectly gorgeous legs.

"Oh yeah... " Derrick licks his lips as he tosses Stephanie's jeans behind
him on the floor. When Stephanie spreads her legs, the man-tastic NXT Rookie
wastes no time in pushing his cock into her hot wet twat.

"Mmmmmmmm....shit..." Stephanie immediately groans and her body tenses as
Derrick Bateman's cock enter her wet and tight pussy. "Mmmmmm...I wasn't
expecting that..." Stephanie moans, commenting on the size of his cock,
thrusting in and out of her.

"Ahhhh that's cause I'm man-tastic!" Derrick replies as he starts to thrust
his cock in and out of Stephanie's cunt as she wraps her legs around his

"Mmmmmmm...yes you are....mmmmmmm fuck..." Stephanie moans and closes her
eyes as she moves back and forth on the bed, feeling his shaft thrust in and
out of her wet pussy.

"Mmmm yeah... ohhh yeah nice and tight... mmmm fuck..." Bateman groans as he
pumps his cock deeply into Stephanie's twat.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmm you like, Derrick?" Stephanie asks with a moan as she
grinds her pussy back against his cock, feeling him firmly thrust into her

"Ohhh yeah... cause I'm all about two things... hot chicks... and America!"
Derrick grunts as he pulls Stephanie up from the bed towards himself and
begins to bounce her on his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmm fuck...yeah....fuck me like a dirty slut!" Stephanie moans
and grits her teeth as she sharply rocks back and forth.

"Ahhhh yeah you like that.... ohh yeah totally man-tactisically fucking that
cunt!" Derrick replies as he bounces Stephanie McMahon on his cock as he
pumps it into her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...mmmmm fuck...ohhhhh keep that up!" Stephanie moans and wraps
her arms around Derrick Bateman's neck as she rapidly bounces on his shaft,
feeling him firmly drive his cock upward.

"Yeah you like it... you like hard and deep..." Derrick grunts as he hammers
Stephanie's snatch as she bounces wildly on his meaty tool

"Ohhhhhhh yeah...mmmmm fucking love it!" Stephanie moans loudly as she lowers
down firmly on his cock while her juicy tits freely bounce as she moves
swiftly on Bateman's cock.

"Mmmm yeah... ahhh yeah bet I know what you really like..." Bateman grunts as
he carries Stephanie over to the dresser while he thrusts his shaft into her.
The man-tastic NXT rookie lifts Stephanie off of his cock, stands her up and
turns her around to bend Stephanie over the dresser.

Stephanie slyly glances over her shoulder and smirks back at Bateman.
" think I like it from behind, huh?" Stephanie asks as she leans
forward against the dresser.

"What chick doesn't like it?" Derrick Bateman asks as he stands behind
Stephanie and he proceeds to shove his cock back into her hot wet cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...ohhhhh fuck...." Stephanie moans as she rocks forward on her
feet with Derrick's long and thick shaft sliding perfectly deep into her wet
pussy from behind.

"Ahhh yeah mmmmm yeah knew you really like this..." Bateman grunts as he
firmly smacks Stephanie's ass with his right hand as he pumps his cock in and
out of her snatch.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeah...ohhhhhh!" Stephanie moans and closes her eyes as she
eagerly pushes back against Bateman's cock with her juicy ass smacking
against his muscular waist.

"Ahhhh mmm yeah.... push that big juicy ass back...." Derrick Bateman grins
as he watches Stephanie's ass smack against his was as he drills her pussy
with quick firm thrusts. Stephanie grips her hands tightly against the front
edge of the dresser as she rocks back and forth at a quick pace on her feet,
feeling his cock sliding entirely into her with firm and quick thrusts.

"Awwww.... mmm yeah fuck... you're so wet... I can really go all out and man-
tasticaly pound that cunt like crazy..." Derrick Bateman groans as he grabs
Stephanie's hips and starts to rapidly pull her back against himself as he
quickens the pace of his thrusts.

" it...I fucking dare you to!" Stephanie moans
and leans back, forcing his shaft deeply into her pussy as sweat starts to
drip down her beautiful face.

"Oh you got it babe... you totally got it!" Derrick grunts as thrusts his
cock so quickly into Stephanie's snatch that he's able to pump into her twice
in between each time her ass smacks against his waist.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah...mmmmm fuck...if you wanna really impress me...fuck me like
you would a dirty whore!" Stephanie lustfully, clearly loving the man-tastic
fucking style of the NXT Rookie.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmm remember babe... you asked for it..." Derrick grins as he
pulls his cock out of Stephanie's pussy. The man-tastic rookie grabs
Stephanie waist, pulls her from the dresser and shoves her back to the bed.
Stephanie lays on her side as Bateman jumps on the bed. Derrick lifts
Stephanie's right leg up and straddles her left leg before he surprises
Stephanie by shoving his cock into her asshole.

"Mmmmmmmmm.....fuck.....mmmmm fucking hell!" Stephanie groans and grits her
teeth tightly as she feels Derrick Bateman's large and thick, man-tastic cock
easing into her tight asshole, gradually picking up speed.

"Ohhh yeah feel that cock going all the way into your ass... yeah you like
that big dick in your to be manly to fuck an ass like that..."
Bateman moans as he rocks back and forth on Stephanie's left leg as he rams
his cock into her asshole. Holding her right leg up with his left hand,
Derrick reaches with his right hand to start rubbing Stephanie's soaking wet

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhh...come on Derrick...impress me...mmmmm impress me..."
Stephanie moans and licks her lips with her eyes closed.

"Ahhh let's see how many we can fit inside..." Derrick groans as he turns his
right hand slightly as he starts to push his three of his fingers into
Stephanie's twat while he fucks her ass non-stop.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." Stephanie moans and tense slightly as she feels Derrick's
three fingers working in and out of her extremely wet pussy, while he pounds
her ass, with sweat dripping off of her gorgeous Billion Dollar body.

"Mmmmm ahhhh I bet we can get to four..." Derrick groans as he turns his
right hand a bit as he works his pinky into Stephanie's cunt along side his
other three fingers. Bateman's big balls smack between Stephanie's legs with
each of his thrusts into her ass.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm you fucker..." Stephanie groans with a laugh as she arches her
back slightly, feeling his four fingers smoothly and rapidly working in and
out of her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck that hand as I pound that ass!" Derrick
groans as Stephanie grinds her twat on his four fingers while he drills her
ass. Derrick's perfect perm hangs down from the sweat that has dampened it.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!" Stephanie moans and licks her lips as her pussy
tightens around Derrick Bateman's fingers as he continues to drill her snatch
with his skilled hand and pounds her ass with his timely, deep and firm

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm yeah... keep it up!" Derrick Bateman grunts as his buries
his entire cock inside of Stephanie's ass while she grinds her tightening
twat on his fingers as he works them in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm you wanna be the next break out star...mmmmm impress me!"
Stephanie moans lustfully as her sweat covered body grinds against his cock
inside of her stunning ass.

"Mmmmm ahhhh oh you're impressed... I know it babe..." Derrick smirks as he
pulls his fingers out of Stephanie's cunt. After pulling his cock part-way
out of Stephanie's ass, Derrick turns her onto her stomach and lays right on
top of her as he resumes fucking her ass.

Stephanie lifts her head slightly and glances up at Derrick Bateman as he is
directly on top of her, from behind, pumping his cock into her ass.
" think I am impressed?"

"Babe... I ain't gonna stop... until you are..." Bateman replies as he lowers
his head to where he can flick his tongue against Stephanie's lips as she
looks back at him while he relentlessly fucks her ass.

Stephanie slyly narrows her eyes as she slides her tongue against his tongue
as she slides on her stomach, using the support of her elbows to push back
against his cock as he drills his shaft deeply into her asshole, while laying
on top of her. "Mmmmmm...I don't think I'm impressed just yet..."

"Mmmm name what ya like babe... I can do it all and do it... man-asticaly..."
Derrick grunts as his sweat dripping body slides on top of Stephanie's as he
drills her ass with swift hard thrusts.

" switch back and forth..."
Stephanie says before she notices the confident smirk on Derrick Bateman's

"Ahhh what do ya mean?" Derrick asks as he continues to fuck Stephanie's ass.

Stephanie slyly raises an eyebrow. "You switch back and forth, fucking my ass
and pussy...and you only switch when I tell you to...and if you don't switch
right away, consider yourself eliminated from that man enough for
you, Rookie?"

"Ahhhh you're on babe!" Derrick nods his head eagerly.

"Alright....switch!" Stephanie commands with a smirk. Derrick sits up on his
knees, pulls his cock out of Stephanie's ass, turns her onto her back and
rams his cock back into her pussy with a firm thrust.

"Mmmmmmmm....nice and quick to move, perfect..." Stephanie groans as she lays
her head back on the bed, moving swiftly on the bed as Derrick Bateman plows
his cock into her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm ahhhh!" Derrick grunts as he repeatedly slams his cock
into Stephanie's cunt while watching her tits bounce with each of his

"Ohhhhhhh like fucking me, don't you Rookie?" Stephanie moans as
sweat heavily drips down her body.

"Mmmm ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah..." Derrick Bateman groans as he rocks on
his knees as he deeply pounds Stephanie's soaking wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh....mmmmmm shit..." Stephanie moans and arches her back highly as
her pussy tightens around his shaft as she begins to cum.

"Mmmmm yeah... mmmm fucking cum babe..." Derrick grins as he feels
Stephanie's juices on his pistoning cock as he keeps his rapid intense and
very impressive pace of fucking the former WWE Women's Champion. Stephanie
McMahon grits her teeth tightly together as she cums and feels Derrick
Bateman rapidly pound her wet cunt with his man-tasticaly thick and long

"Mmmmm ahhhh yeah... awwww..." Derrick grunts as his cock starts to throb
lightly inside of Stephanie's pussy. The man-tastic NXT Rookie lowers his
head slightly and slaps his tongue against both of Stephanie's juicy sweat
covered tits.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah....mmmmm show me how much you want to win
NXT...." Stephanie moans as she closes her eyes and moves her lower body to
grind tight and soaking wet pussy against Bateman's thrusting shaft.

"Ahhhh you sure ya wanna see it?" Derrick asks with a smirk as he pounds
Stephanie's pussy relentlessly.

Stephanie opens her eyes and slyly smirks at Derrick Bateman before she nods
her head. "Oh yeah...let me see what you've got!"

Derrick Bateman nods his head and pulls his cock that is dripping with
Stephanie's cum out of her pussy. He moves to straddle Stephanie's body and
he leans forward so that he can shove his throbbing cock into Stephanie's
mouth. Derrick starts to thrust forward, fucking Stephanie's face as her head
remains laying on the bed.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans and seductively looks up at
Derrick Bateman with her beautiful, manipulative eyes with sweat lightly
dripping down her face. Stephanie raises her hands and places her hands onto
Bateman's muscular waist, with her lips wrapped perfectly smooth around his
shaft as she head begins to bob in response to the NXT Rookie pumping his
shaft into her mouth.

"Awww yeah.... awwww!" Derrick Bateman groans as he starts to cum inside of
Stephanie's mouth, and within moments, Stephanie's mouth is overflowing with
his jizz as he pumps his cock in and out between her lips. Stephanie closes
her eyes and lightly rocks her head back as she begins to swallow his
impressive load of cum.

"Ohhh yeah... mmm yeah swallow that jizz!" Derrick moans as he pulls hsi cock
out of Stephanie's mouth and strokes it, resulting in some more cum shooting
from his piss-slit onto Stephanie's sweat covered face. Stephanie raises her
left hand and uses her fingers her wipe the cum from around her pouty lips,
before taking the cum directly into her mouth from her fingers.

"Impressed babe?" Derrick grins as he remains on top of Stephanie.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and licks her lips before she takes amount to
catch her breath, with her large, juicy, sweat covered chest heaving up and
down. "What do you think, Rookie?"

"I think you'd want some more man-tastic action..." Derrick grins.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks. "You really think that?"

"Yeah.... you only told me to switch once... obviously you want more..."
Derrick replies.

Stephanie smirks. "You're right...I do, but not now, we're gonna wait for
just a bit though..."

"You need to rest?" Derrick Bateman asks.

"No...not at all..." Stephanie says with a sly smirk, causing a look of
confusion on the face of Derrick Bateman.

"Then why are we're gonna wait babe?" Bateman asks as he moves off of
Stephanie's body.

Stephanie sits up and smirks. "My husband should be back soon....he doing his
routine workout now, but I'd like him to meet you..."

Derrick Bateman grins, "Oh... a little two-on-one action... gotcha..."

Stephanie wickedly smirks at Derrick Bateman and nods her head. "Game on..."


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