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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

WWE NXT Part 31: Redemption - Cannon Vs Young
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the afternoon of March 28, 2011 at Chicago, Illinois All-State Arena, NXT
Rookie Lucky Cannon, wearing wrestling trunks and a long extravagant plush
robe, is admiring himself in a mirror in the NXT locker room as his WWE Pro
Tyson Kidd is talking to him, "Tonight, you can just take it easy... only two
things for NXT is being taped, so make sure you go out there looking
good...." Tyson says with a smirk.

"Oh I intend to... because I am simply da-lish..." Lucky says as he tosses
his hair back.

"And of course... win," Tyson Kidd adds.

"Wins don't really mater... making an impact does..." Lucky Cannon says
arrogantly as he turns to face Tyson.

"Yeah well... you're going to have to make an impact later...after the
tapings tonight head to the ring," Tyson says.

Lucky raises an eyebrow and tosses his hair back again, "What for?"

"Like I said... to make an impact..." Tyson grins.

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, WWE Pro Chavo Guerrero is talking with his NXT Rookie
Darren Young, who is wearing wrestling trunks. "Man WrestleMania is in a few
days... and I'm back where I was a year ago... not how I had things planned
for myself," Darren says.

"Don't think like that..." Chavo says, "Last year you got dealt a bad hand
with having CM Punk as a pro, you got caught up in that Nexus mess, your
career got derailed to the point you were invited back for a shot at
redemption... so this is all about starting over and doing things right."

"No kidding," Darren nods his head, "This time, I got a pro that has an
interest in what I'm doing and I'm not going to make any of the mistakes I
made last year."

"That's good... because after the show, you need to prove that," Chavo says.


"Well tonight we're taping NXT, Superstars, RAW and SmackDown, and you got to
meet someone high up in the ring six days before WrestleMania who is not
going to be in the best of moods," Chavo says, "Best advice I can give you
is... be there as soon as SmackDown is finished taping."

* * *

Later in the night, Darren Young has followed Chavo Guerrero's advice and is
standing in the ring with WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon who
is glaring at the entrance way as if she's waiting for nearly five minutes.
"'ve you been Ms. McMahon..." Darren says just as Lucky Cannon
cockily comes from the backstage area and takes his time walking down to do
the ring.

Stephanie McMahon presses her lips together and locks her eyes with Darren
Young as he climbs into the ring. "It's the week of WrestleMania, how do you
think!?" Stephanie slightly snaps as the season one NXT Rookie, before
looking up the entrance ramp to see Lucky Cannon arrogantly taking his time.
"I suggest you speed it up!" Stephanie calls out, while dressed in a pair of
nicely fitted black pants and a white button top, with a black jacket over

Lucky Cannon smirks, "When you look this good... you don't need to move
fast..." Lucky says as he reaches the ring steps and takes his climb entering
the ring.

Stephanie crosses her arms against her chest and narrows her eyes at Lucky
Cannon as he makes his way into the ring and stands next to Darren Young.
"Either of you want take a guess why you're part of this season of NXT?"

"Cause I agreed to do it because I was already on the WWE Roster..." Darren
Young says.

"I'm here because I'm simply da-lish..." Lucky grins.

Stephanie closes her eyes in frustration and shakes her head unpleasantly.
"Can anyone tell me what the theme of this season is?"

"The theme... is to get me on camera as much as possible...." Lucky says with
an arrogant laugh.

"It's redemption... unless you're talking about the music," Darren Young

Stephanie presses her lips firmly together and looks at both repeat NXT
Rookies for a moment. "That would be correct...redemption...something both of
you need!" Stephanie says before she looks first to Lucky Cannon. "When you
were part of NXT season two, you had so much potential, but what happened,
Lucky? You were an embarrassment!"

"I don't think so...I got my name out there and the ladies love me..." Lucky
Cannon replies arrogantly.

Stephanie does not reply to Lucky Cannon and simply turns her attention to
Darren Young. "And were fortunate enough to make it to the main
roster and completely sucked!"

"I wouldn't say completely.... I did beat Primo on my own," Darren says with
a smile.

"Oh that's real impressive... a paralyzed midget could beat that loser..."
Lucky smirks.

"To be perfectly honest gentlemen....this very well could be the last straw
for either of could find redemption or find yourself being sent

"I'm not going home..." Lucky smirks, "Everyone else is.... and while they
are going home, how about you come back to my hotel room so I can show you
why I'm called Mister Steal Your Girlfriend?" Lucky asks.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and glances at Lucky Cannon. "Are you trying to
impress me?"

"I know what impresses you..." Lucky smirks, "Had you moaning and begging for
more way back in season two..." Lucky brags.

Darren looks at Lucky and laughs, "Shit... she was probably begging for
someone to come in and get the job done..."

"Do either of you think that you can attempt to impress me once again?"
Stephanie asks.

"I guarantee I can..." Lucky smirks.

"I know this much, I'm way better than this jerk..." Darren says.

"Says the guy who gets embarrassed by a troll... you can't complete with
someone who is da-lish!" Lucky snaps at Darren.

Stephanie places her hands onto her hips and smirks slightly at both NXT
Rookies. "Well both will have the opportunity to impress
me..." Stephanie says before she pauses and raises her right hand up to get
Lucky and Darren's attention. "But that's not all...the one who does impress
me the most will receive a special incentive."

"Like I said I know what impresses you..." Lucky says as he removes his long
robe before he lowers his trunks to reveal his large and impressive cock.

Darren smirks, "Whatever the incentive is, I'm gonna get it..." Darren says
as he lowers his trunks to free his big black dick.

Stephanie smirks a bit. "Just remember...impress me..." Stephanie says as
both Darren Young and Lucky Cannon start to approach her.

"I guarantee you'll be impress... cause I'm da-lish..." Lucky smirks

"And you wonder why Maryse slapped the taste out of your mouth..." Darren
says as Stephanie takes off her black jacket and starts to undo her white
button top as she steps towards them. Stephanie lowers her hands to undo the
last button of her top with her fingers and proceeds to open the top to
expose her smoothly flat stomach and her juicy tits, hidden by her white
laced bra.

"A bra? Really? Come on..." Lucky rolls his eyes and folds his arms. Darren
however steps behind Stephanie and releases the Velcro latch of her bra so
that Stephanie can easily peel it away. Stephanie McMahon smirks as she
places her hands onto her shoulders and slides the straps off to expose her
rounded and juicy, perky tits as she lowers herself down onto her knees in
front of Lucky Cannon as he stands in front of her with his impressive cock.

"You gonna blow me or what?" Lucky asks arrogantly as he smirks down at
Stephanie while Darren kneels behind the WWE Executive Vice President and
starts to slide down her black pants.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Lucky Cannon as she places her
left hand around his shaft and strokes her hand upward. "You sure are

"Yeah... so what? I look good... this season of NXT is all about me..." Lucky
says as Stephanie strokes his cock. Meanwhile. Darren has removed Stephanie's
pants from her legs.

"Mmmmm..." Darren licks his lips as he guides his stiff black dick into
Stephanie's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans as she feels Darren's black cock sliding into
her wet pussy from behind. Stephanie then lowers her head and parts her lips
to lower her head and she presses her pouty and moist lips around Lucky's
cock to start bobbing her head.

"Yeah that's right..." Lucky says as he places his left hand on Stephanie's
head as she bobs her head on his cock. Darren places his hands on Stephanie's
hips as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhh...mmmmmm...ohhhhhhh...." Stephanie moans as she rocks her head
back and forth on Lucky's cock as her lips brush back and forth, with her
tongue slapping steadily on the bottom side of his shaft.

"Ahhhh... awww..." Darren Young groans as he thrusts his cock firmly into
Stephanie's pussy while she pushes back against him. Lucky licks his teeth as
Stephanie turns her head as she lifts and lowers her head on his dick.
Stephanie rocks back on her knees smoothly as she pushes back against Darren
Young's cock to smack her nicely juicy ass against his waist.

"Mmmmm fuck...." Lucky Cannon moans as he pushes Stephanie's head downward on
his cock while he pushes it further into her mouth. Darren looks down at
Stephanie's juicy ass as it smacks repeatedly against his waist.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! Gahhhhhhh!" Stephanie moans as she bobs her head
back and forth on Lucky Cannon's cock, purposely making herself gag on his
long shaft, causing her saliva to heavily drip down.

"Mmmmm yeah... you forgot how big I am didn't you..." Lucky smirks as he
hears Stephanie gagging on his cock while not realizing Stephanie is doing it
on purpose.

"Ahhhh...." Darren groans as hammers Stephanie's pussy from behind.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans and presses her lips tightly around Lucky
Cannon's shaft as she rocks her head back and forth, taking him deeply into
her shaft, while she guides herself back against Darren's black cock,
thrusting in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhh ahhh..." Darren moans as he keeps a swift and steady pace as he drills
Stephanie's pussy with his rock hard and dark tool. Lucky lips his lips as
Stephanie swallows his entire cock. Stephanie raises her hands and places her
hands onto Lucky's toned waist as she briskly bobs her head to suck on his
impressive cock, while she perfectly rocks back and forth on her knees to
push against Darren's cock.

"Mmmmmm yeah suck that cock... yeah... you know how many girls left their
boyfriends after just tasting this dick..." Lucky smirks arrogantly as
Stephanie continues to suck his dick at a brisk pace.

"Ahhhhh mmmm..." Darren groans as he drives his dick balls deep into
Stephanie's cunt. Stephanie presses her lips extremely tight around Lucky's
shaft and turns her head to grind lips before lowering her head completely

"Mmmmmm..." Lucky moans as Stephanie again deep throats his cock while Darren
continues to fuck her from behind. Gradually, Darren pulls his long black
dick out of Stephanie's pussy and leans down far enough to where he can lap
his tongue briefly against the edges of Stephanie's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Stephanie moans around Lucky's cock as she slowly lifts her
head off of his cock, leaving her wet saliva dripping on his long shaft.

"So what am I getting cause I know you're impressed," Lucky smirks while
behind her, Darren Young again laps his tongue against Stephanie's snatch

"Mmmmmm....don't get to confident..." Stephanie says with a moan as she
glances up at Lucky Cannon with a smirk, while she feels Darren's tongue
lapping against her wet, warm snatch.

"Right... you're just making it look like that loser has a chance... why
don't you go for a ride..." Lucky smirks as he lazily lowers his himself to
lay on the wrestling mat while Darren Young starts to get to his feet.

"I know what I'm doing... whatever it takes..." Darren snaps at Lucky.
Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks at the competitive nature being shown
by both Lucky Cannon and Darren Young as she moves to straddle Lucky,
lowering herself down onto his cock.

"Mmmmmm yeah..." Lucky moans as Stephanie takes his cock into her snatch.
Darren repositions himself behind Stephanie and bends his legs to squat
behind her so that he can push his black dick into Stephanie's asshole.

Stephanie glances over her shoulder and smirks back at Darren Young.
"Oh...real original..." Stephanie says sarcastically as she begins to rocks
forward on Lucky's cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm..." Darren groans as he places his hands on Stephanie's
shoulders to help balance himself as he starts to fuck Stephanie's ass as he
squats behind her.

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Lucky smirks as Stephanie rocks on his large cock that's
deep within her pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuck...ohhhhhhh yeah..." Stephanie moans and places her
hands onto Lucky's chest as she rocks back and forth on his cock, bouncing
when Darren thrusts into her from behind.

"Yeahhhh ahhhh ride that da-lishious dick... mmmm..." Lucky smirks as he just
lays underneath Stephanie as she bounces on his cock.

"Ahhhh..." Darren groans as he pumps his cock deeply and firmly into
Stephanie's asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm fuck...ohhhhhh yeah..." Stephanie moans and closes her
eyes as she rocks back and forth on Lucky's cock, while Darren firmly thrusts
into her ass.

"Ahhhh mmmmm... ahhhh..." Darren groans as he slams his black dick balls deep
into Stephanie's asshole. Lucky raises his hands up to Stephanie's big juicy
and swaying tits as she bounces and rocks on his large tool.

"Ohhhhhhhh like that, Lucky?" Stephanie moans as she starts to
bounce on his shaft, as Darren Young pumps into her ass.

"Mmmm I've had better..." Lucky says smugly as Stephanie bounces up and down
on his cock thanks in part to the swift and firm thrusts of Darren Young's
cock in her asshole. Stephanie narrows her down and glares at Lucky Cannon as
she continues to rock on his cock, moving at a quicker pace.

"Mmmmmm..." Lucky smirks and licks his lips as Stephanie sharply grinds
herself on his dick while Darren fucks her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh....mmmmm fuck! Fuck!" Stephanie McMahon moans and rocks back and
forth between Darren and Lucky, feeling both cocks working into her ass and

"Ahhhhh awww..." Darren Young groans as he pulls his cock out of Stephanie's
ass and sits on his knees so that he can push his cock into Stephanie's
already stuffed pussy along side Lucky's large dick.

"Hey!" Lucky snaps as Darren starts to pump his cock in and out of
Stephanie's pussy, which forces Lucky to thrust into Stephanie's snatch as

" you're doing something..." Stephanie groans as Darren
Young thrusts deeply into her pussy, causing her to rock sharply forward on
Lucky's cock in her pussy.

"What the fuck... mmmm..." Lucky groans as he pushes his cock up into
Stephanie's pussy as a result of Darren pumps his dick into Stephanie's cunt
as well.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm fuck...ohhhhhhhh!" Stephanie moans and grits her teeth as
she rocks back and forth on Lucky Cannon's cock as she feels Darren deeply
pumping into her from behind.

"Ahhh mmmmm awww..." Darren grunts as he briskly thrusts his cock in and out
of Stephanie's double stuffed snatch. Stephanie lowers her head down and
presses her lips against Lucky's lips as she increasingly rocks back and
forth on his cock.

"Mmmmm..." Lucky moans against Stephanie's lips while she works her tongue
into his mouth.

"Ahhhh awwww... ahhhh!" Darren groans as his cock starts to throb against
Lucky's dick inside of Stephanie's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Stephanie moans into Lucky's warm mouth as she continues to
rock forward on his cock at a quick pace.

"Ahhhh mmmm!" Darren groans as he pulls his throbbing black dick out of
Stephanie's cunt so that he can shoot his cum on Stephanie's ass cheeks.
Stephanie lifts her head up, breaking the kiss with Lucky Cannon, and turns
her head to look back at Darren Young with a smirk as his warm cum drips on
her juicy, rounded ass.

"Mmmm fuck..." Darren moans as he finishes cumming.

With Stephanie distracted, Lucky suddenly rolls over so he can get on top of
the WWE Executive Vice President, "Mmmmm now to steal the girl..." Lucky
smirks as he suddenly starts to swiftly and firmly slam his cock into
Stephanie's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck..." Stephanie moans and grits her teeth as she begins to
immediately slide on the wrestling mat of the ring as Lucky Cannon swiftly
pumps his cock into her. Lucky smirks down at Stephanie as he pounds her cunt
with hard, deep and incredibly swift thrusts while she reaches out to grab
the ring ropes to have something to tightly hold on to.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah! Fuck!" Stephanie moans as she hooks her
smooth legs around his waist as she rocks against his firm and swift thrusts.

"Mmmm now... tell me what I'm getting as an incentive... so that loser can
get the fuck out of here..." Lucky grunts as slams his cock so hard into
Stephanie's pussy it causes her to arch her back.

Stephanie licks her lips and closes her eyes as she feels him sharply and
swiftly hammering down into her snatch. "Mmmmmmm come on...come on Lucky..."

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhhh... you want more... then say I'm the winner...." Lucky
grunts as he changes his pace so that it's slow enough to cause Stephanie to
lustfully thrust herself against him to try and get him to speed back up.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm haven't made up my mind yet..." Stephanie moans as she
grinds back against his cock.

"Ahhhh yeah right..." Lucky grunts as he speeds his thrusts back up in order
to pump his cock as hard and fast as possible into Stephanie's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans and grits her teeth tightly as
she begins to cum on his cock.

"Mmmmmm fuck.... ahhhh..." Lucky groans as his large thick cock starts to
throb as Stephanie cums on his pistoning and pulsating tool.

" like that cum on your dick, don't you?" Stephanie
moans as she pushes back against his cock.

"Mmmmmm... ahhhh yeah... ahhhh..." Lucky groans as he pulls out of
Stephanie's soaking wet pussy and begins to stroke his cock. Within moments,
Lucky's cock unloads wave after wave of spunk onto Stephanie's stomach.
Stephanie licks her lips and narrows her eyes as she glares up at Lucky
seductively as his cum splatters on his stomach.

"Mmmmmm that's da-lish..." Lucky smirks as he finishes cumming and stands up.
Stephanie nods her head and raises her left hand up toward Lucky Cannon as
she remains down on the wrestling mat. Lucky Cannon however arrogantly turns
to get his robe and wrestling trunks, leaving Stephanie laying on the
wrestling mat.

"What an ass...." Darren says as he steps over to Stephanie to help her up
from the wrestling mat.

Stephanie presses her lips together as she stands in the ring and looks at
Lucky Cannon and Darren Young for a moment. "Alright...I have made my the

"Yeah we all know who impressed you... so will you finally tell me what
incentive I'm getting already?" Lucky Cannon asks.

"The person that impressed me to most will receive the first class perks of
air travel..."

"Oh that's just perfect for me...." Lucky grins, "Plenty of leg room...
comfortable seats..."

Stephanie McMahon turns her head and glances at Darren Young with a smirk.
"Darren...congratulations..." Stephanie begins to say.

"WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Lucky snaps as he approaches Stephanie. "WHAT
shouts just before Darren Young grabs Lucky in a full nelson. Lucky instantly
starts to struggle to free himself, but he fails and Darren proceeds to lift
Lucky up, turns slightly and slams the cocky NXT Rookie down to the mat.

Stephanie narrows her eyes and glares at Darren Young as she steps up to him.
"Do you care to explain what you just did?"

Darren Young pauses for a moment before responding, "Saw an opportunity to
take him out... so I took him out..." Darren says.

Stephanie nods her head "Oh I see..." Stephanie says and then clears her
throat. "Now...before Lucky interrupted I was saying...Darren,
congratulations on failing to impress me once get out of MY

Darren smirks, "Thought this was MISTER McMahon's ring..." Darren says with a
bit of attitude before he proceeds to leave the ring, leaving Stephanie
McMahon with a knocked out Lucky Canon laying on the mat.

Stephanie narrows her eyes and glares as she watches Darren Young storm up
the entrance ramp, before she turns and down looks down at Lucky Cannon
before she nudges him with her left foot. "Hello...Hello?" Stephanie says and
shrugs her shoulders "Well...when you wake won."


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