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WWE One Shots Part 1
by WomensWrestlingLover

Sasha was pacing back and forth nervously as her best friend, Bayley tried to calm her down and console her.

"Sasha just try to relax, you're overthinking again" Bayley said as she hugged the boss in which Sasha accepted the hug and exhaled deeply.

" of all people know that I can't just "calm down" when I'm all riled up especially about stuff like this" Sasha replied as she laid her head on Bayley's shoulder.

"Dude just breathe. Take a deep breath then think realistically. Stop being a wuss." Bayley joked.

"What if she thinks I'm weird? What if I tell her and she doesn't feel the same way? How am I even supposed to tell her? This is so stupid."

"You know what? You're never gonna find out if you don't try. You've had opportunities after opportunities to talk to her and you chickened out every time. You're making it more than what it actually is. Anyways I gotta go so I'll talk to you later Sash. Think positive." Bayley last said before walking away and leaving Sasha alone to think about what she had just said because she knows deep down that everything Bayley said was true. She was overthinking this but she couldn't help it. It's not like she was doing it on purpose. Either way Sasha knew she was going to have to confront her today and put an end to this.

Sasha finally calmed down after about 5 minutes and headed to WWE catering where everyone who weren't wrestling yet were sitting, eating, and talking amongst each other. She looked around for her bestfriend Bayley and quickly spotted her sitting with the woman who was giving her butterflies a couple of minutes ago, The SmackDown Women's Champion, Carmella. Sasha, feeling all the butterflies coming back exhaled and got a plate and put food that was there on it then sat next to Bayley and Carmella.

"Hey Bayley, hey Mella" Sasha hugged both of them then sat down on the left of Bayley, putting her between herself and Carmella then starting on her food.

Bayley and Mella started talking about off-road stuff and to Sasha's disgust, their old BayMella memories and whatnot. This continued for a short while until Mella made a joke and made Sasha laugh and choke on her food a little.

"Oh my god Mella, you have no filter" Sasha said through her choking and coughing while Bayley rubbed her back.

"I was just being honest Sasha" Carmella smiled and winked at Sasha which she saw and blushed.

"Well my match against Ruby is first so I'm gonna get ready. I'll see you two later" Bayley said before hugging her two best friends then leaving them alone.

It was silent for almost a full minute while Sasha finished her food and Carmella was on her phone and the both of them trying to avoid the obvious tension that was there unknowingly making it worse.

"Mellaaa...I think that title looks really amazing on you" Sasha said attempting to break the silence.

"I know right!?...I'm just kidding thanks boss" Mella joked as she waved her title around causing Sasha to blush more and roll her eyes.

"Hey you should stick around for my match and watch me retain" She winked again.

"I was gonna watch all the matches since I'm not scheduled to compete and as far as retaining, you're dealing with Charlotte. Do you think you can retain tonight?"

"Uhhh duh! I DID get the title from her, remember?"

"Well yeah but that was with help from the Iconics. I'm talking about a one on one."

Carmella squinted her eyes at Sasha "You don't think I can beat her? You know what, just to prove you wrong, I'm gonna kick her ass and when I do I want an apology."

"We'll see."

"Okay I bet you I'm gonna win and retain tonight."

"I never doubted you Mella. I'm just not doubting Charlotte. She's dirty and she'll do literally anything to get that title back."

"Look just because you have an issue retaining your title all the time doesn't mean that I will. I'm gonna retain my title and prove your ass wrong Sasha." And with that Carmella grabbed her title and walked off with Sasha tailing behind her.

"Carmella wait I didn't mean it like that seriously."

"Whatever Sasha I have to train and warmup for my match" Carmella rolled her eyes and went into her personal office smirking causing Sasha to frown and turn around towards the area she came from until Carmella stopped her by whispering her name and gesturing for her to come in the small yet roomy office of hers.

Sasha walked in and closed the door then locked it.

"Hey I didn't mean it the way you took it."

"Duhhh. Of course you didn't. You're Sasha Banks and Sasha Banks doesn't lie, and what you said out there was a lie. I just wanted to get out of there and I wasn't done talking to you" Carmella put her title on her desk.

"Oh...well what'd you wanna talk about?"

"You, me, your life on the road, and my life on the road, and why are you all the way over there?"

"Sorry. Where do you wanna start" Sasha giggled happily as she walked over to Carmella.

"(God why and how is she so fucking cute!?) Well first of all, you mind if I get changed really quick?"

"No of course not. I'll just talk to you next time" Sasha was blushing really hard right now as she turned around.

Carmella sighed "Sasha if I wanted you to leave, you would've been gone by now. Obviously I want you here."

"Oh right...duh" Sasha shook her head and palmed her face as she laughed a little.

Carmella turned around and removed her crop top jacket exposing her new merch that she made into a crop top as well "So how's life on the road with Bayley? It seems like you two have so much fun."

"Wait she talks to you about me?"

"Sasha that's my best friend, she talks to me about everything."

"Oh yeahhh you're absolutely right. Bayley is cool. I love wrestling her and beating her up tbh." Sasha laughed again.

"I bet. You look like you have fun with that." Carmella caught Sasha's attention when she removed her top and exposed her bare skin to Sasha.

"(Is she doing this on purpose? There's no way this is just a coincidence) It really is because she always thinks she's better than me."

"I mean Bayley's good but she's no Sasha Banks in my opinion."

"Why thank you princess" Sasha smirked.

At that moment, Carmella turned around and faced Sasha and left Sasha's mouth wide open and her face brick red.

"Uhhh you do know you're not wearing a bra right" Sasha was nervous. She enjoyed the sight but she didn't know what was going on in Carmella's mind.

"Yeah because I totally can't feel the cold breeze against my nipples Sasha. I'm not good at sneaking this stuff in so I'm gonna be straightforward. I like you Sasha. I like you a lot tbh. I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life and I'm really in love with you. I wanted to tell you this myself before Bayley did it for me."

Sasha was speechless. 1) Carmella just confessed to her and 2) she was still half naked.

"Carmella since you're being honest, I'll be honest too. I feel the exact same way about you. Bayley gave me the same choice to either tell you myself or have her tell you and I wanted to tell you myself. Also your body is like REALLY REALLY hot. I can't ever get enough of you. Ever."

"Awww Sashaaa...if you truly feel that way then come prove it," Carmella said as she sat on the table after pushing her title and everything off of it.

Sasha walked over to Carmella and wrapped her arms around Carmella's neck and kissed her softly on the lips in which Carmella responded by wrapping her arms around Sasha's waist, resting her hands on her ass and kissed her back as she squeezed and groped her ass causing Sasha to moan quietly.

Sasha slipped her tongue in Carmella's mouth and pushed her tongue against Carmella's. Carmella, feeling like she was losing the upper hand, picked up Sasha by her butt and sat her on the empty table and darted her tongue in Sasha's mouth as she started unbuttoning Sasha's pants.

Sasha broke the kiss and took off her shirt along with her bra.

"Ew you actually wear a bra?" Mell joked.

"Duh. I'm not about to have a wardrobe malfunction. My body is not for the public."

"I can dig that. I honestly don't care. They can look but they can never touch."

"Only I can" Sasha giggled and grabbed Carmella's breasts.

Carmella laughed "To be completely honest."

Sasha smiled and unzipped her pants and slid them off with her panties.

"Wow you're so fucking gorgeous" Carmella drooled making Sasha blush and turn around then bent over and rubbed her ass teasing Carmella.

Carmella took off her own pants and panties then walked over to her couch and sat down "come here" she patted her lap.

Sasha walked over and straddled Carmella and cupped her face then kissed her.

Carmella feeling Sasha's wetness on her own as she kept kissing her, started getting more and more turned on and it showed by how she was squeezing Sasha's ass hard and was grinding her on herself making both of them moan and whimper in their heated tongue wrestling.

Sasha broke the kiss dramatically and out of breath "Carmella."

"Me too. Sit down babe."

Sasha got off of Carmella's lap and sat on the couch then watched Carmella crawl between her legs. She put Carmella's hair in a messy ponytail and Carmella took that as a sign to start so she flicked her tongue against Sasha's clit slowly and watched her fidget from the touch.

Carmella smirked and sat Sasha's legs over her shoulders then pulled her closer before giving her wet pussy a long and slow lick.

"Wow you taste really good Sasha. Like really really good" Carmella said as she looked Sasha in the eye making full eye contact while she licked, sucked, and lapped away at Sasha's sweet juices.

Carmella licked her middle finger and inserted it in Sasha causing her to let out a moan loud enough for anyone who was passing by to hear it if anyone were walking by.

Sasha had too much going on at the moment. She had her crush eating her out and was actually enjoying it, on top of that she was making full eye contact showing off her skills to her, she had a finger going in and out of her at a pleasurable rate, and she was still at work so she had to try to focus on keeping her voice down while having the time of her life.

Carmella realizing Sasha's mind was going elsewhere, added another finger in her, bringing Sasha back to reality and picking up the pace of fingering her lover.

"Baeee...oh my god babyyy I'm gonna cum!" Sasha squirmed around feeling her climax approaching and forced Carmella's face into her pussy.

Carmella didn't care though, Sasha smelled and tasted just as amazing as she looked. She continued fingering and slurping up Sasha's juices until she felt Sasha start shaking and heard her muffled screams indicating that she finally came and Carmella was there to swallow everything that went in her mouth and off of her fingers then licked Sasha's pussy one more time before standing up and kissing Sasha hard on the lips making Sasha taste her self.

Sasha moaned in the kiss as she wrapped her legs around Carmella's waist and kept kissing her. Carmella broke the kiss and stared down at the woman below her.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that Sasha" Carmella said before giving Sasha a short peck on the lips.

"Carmella you don't understand how long I've been waiting to get that" Sasha bursted out in laughter causing Carmella to burst out in laughter.

They sat there cuddling for a little before Carmella stood up and started picking up her clothes that she was going to wrestle in.

"Carmella wait I wanna do that to you now" Sasha pouted.

"After my match and if I win. I need my energy." Carmella lifted Sasha's chin and kissed her.

Sasha nodded her head happily and picked up her clothes and started put them on.

After both of them got redressed and fixed their hair, the two shared a kiss before Carmella opened the door.

"After you babygirl."

"Thank youuu" Sasha cooed before exiting the office with Carmella and Carmella smacked her ass in which Sasha just turned and looked at her as she blushed through her smirk.

They walked back to catering then hugged before going their separate ways. "Good luck on your match tonight" Sasha winked.

"I don't need luck but thank you hun" Carmella winked and walked away.

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