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WWE Superstar Gets His Fantasy With Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
by Wolf

It was right after the Royal Rumble 2002. I was talking to Vince McMahon
about joining the WWE. "Alright Wolf, all I need is your signature and I can
send your contract to the board." Vince said.

I signed the contract and handed it to Mr. McMahon. He told me he would
be back later with my contract. I finally joined the WWE. I was so happy. I
wanted to make a big debut. But I didnt know what to do to make an opening.

I was waiting in Mr. McMahon's VIP Room when a sexy woman walked in.
She had long curly blackish-brown hair and big breast. It was Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley. I was speechless. She said "Hi, I am Stephanie." I
introduced myself to her. She was very sexy. I couldnt take my eyes off
her. She sat down beside me and we talked for a while. "So, why did you
wanna join the WWE, Wolf?"

I said "I am here for the Undisputed Title."

She was smiling a lot. She said "Wolf, come to my hotel room later
tonight." She handed me a spare key.

I said "Sure."

After RAW went off the air, I went to Stephanie's hotel room. I knocked
and asked if I could come in. She let me in. She said "Come on in." She asked
me to sit down. I sat in a chair. We talked for a little while.

I said "Well, its pretty late, I guess I'll be going."

Stephanie said "Wait!!!" I turned around and walked to her. "Wolf, I...
I...." I was wondering what she was trying to say. Then she said, "Well...
you know how Triple H has been saying 'It's all about the Game'?"

I said, "Yeah."

"Well, Hunter has been ignoring me." She frowned. "He doesnt want to have
a child, I do."

I said "Ok."

"And you seem to know how to treat a lady, Wolf."

I told her I try to.

"Wolf, have you ever wanted to fuck me?"

My jaw dropped. I was speechless. I said "Yeah, sometimes."

"Well then Wolf... make your fantasy a reality."

I was confused.

"Fuck me Wolf, fuck me and get me pregnant."

I said "WHAT!?!?!"

"Hunter doesn't want to get me pregnant."

"So will you?" I stuttered.

"Uhhh YEAH."

Stephanie walked over to her air vent and turned the heat up as high as it
would go. I could tell Stephanie wanted to make this sex steamy. She started
to take off her clothes. I saw her breast jiggle when she pulled her shirt
and bra off. Her breast were sweating heavy. I grabbed them.

Stephanie said, "Mmmmm, you like my breast don't you, Wolf."

I said, "Hell Yeah."

Stephanie got on her knees and started to pull down my workout pants. She
saw my 14". She said "Such a big dick." She started sucking on it. I got hard
quickly. I fell on the couch. Stephanie didn't take her mouth off my cock.
She kept sucking me off. I sat her on top of me, ripped off her clothes and
started bouncing her up and down.

She said "Oooooh, yeah....thats good, keep doing it just like that....oh
yeah...Wolf...oh my god....FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE."

I done as she ordered. She was sweating heavy. We were sweating a lot.
Stephanie's sweat ran down on me, all over the couch.

We got up, and I rolled her over on her back. I fucked her tight ass.

She said "uhhhhhhh, ow ow ow ow, it hurts.....MORE." She loved the pain.
I kept fucking her ass. She said "I feel your cock swelling... let your cum
go Wolf."

I let all of my load into her ass. She screamed with pleasure.


I rolled her back over on her back. And shoved my dick in her sweet pussy.
I let my last bit of cum go into her pussy. We fell on the floor, tired.

She said "Wolf....lets go back to the hotel, I wanna get things ready for
my new husband..." She smiled evily.

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