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WWE Triple Threat
by Kurt/Steph

The McMahon - Levesque Mansion. Home to Stephanie Marie McMahon-Levesque and
Paul Michael Levesque. It's been at least six months since the birth of their
child and it's a chilly Monday Night in New York City after an explosive Raw
in Madison Square Garden. Approaching the door of his mansion; Paul Michael
Levesque aka "The Game" Triple H is about to have an experience like none
other he has ever dealt with in his life.

Paul Levesque: STEPH!

Closing the door behind himself he takes several steps forward

Stephanie: In the kitchen!

Paul Levesque removes his jacket and opens the closet near the entrance door
to hang it up. He starts making his way through their hall to the kitchen
where Stephanie was in the process of testing a bottle of milk.

Paul: Man...what a day. The limo driver was a complete ass and Rob botched a

Walking over to his wife. Paul takes her in his arms and gives her a tender
kiss, slowly sliding his tongue into her mouth, letting it swirl around as
their tongues begin to wrestle. She giggles as she looks into his eye and he
smirks and breaks the kiss.

Paul: What?

She looks at him with her seductive eyes and smiles as she turns her back to

Stephanie (still snickering): Nothing...

Paul: Aww come on, just tell me.

She takes the bottle and removes the top before turning back to face him.

Stephanie: Taste this.

Paul takes the bottle from her and looks at it with a smirk on his face as
though he was getting ready for the final pun.

Paul: You want me to drink milk...from a babies bottle?

Stephanie: Yes, Unless your not man enough!

Paul: I think I proved last night that I am more than man enough.

Paul takes the opened baby bottle and swallows a sufficient amount. He
quickly wipes his lips and looks at the bottle as though something was funny
before looking back at his wife.

Paul: What kind of formula is this.

Stephanie grabbed her voluptuous bosom.

Stephanie: One hundred percent breast milk.

She winks at him and turns her back to him once more as his eyes widen in
shock. The taste was familiar from three nights ago but something was
different. He couldn't quite put his finger on what it was but he didn't
care at this point. She turns back to him with that seductive look in her
eyes that said take me.

Stephanie: The baby is fast asleep for the next couple of hours and I have
something upstairs I'm just waiting to try out for you.

Paul: Yeah?

A sudden feeling of dizziness takes over him. He places his hand on the
kitchen counter and clears his throat as he wipes his head. Trying to play
it calm and collected at the opportunity to show his wife why he is Just
that damn good he smirks and stumbles a bit.

Paul: Time to play the game.

He smirks weekly and starts looking around as everything becomes a blur. His
body suddenly feeling increasingly warm as he becomes pale in the skin. A
concerned Stephanie Levesque approaches him for support to hold him up as a
clicking sound coming from the backdoor of the kitchen is heard.

Steph: PAUL!....

Paul Levesque slowly falls to all fours as other foot steps can now be
heard. He shakes his head and looks back over his shoulder but the individual
standing over him is an unidentified one that he doesn't get to make out
right before passing out.

Unknown Voice: Ok....let's get him upstairs quick.....

* * *

The sound of playful giggles are heard as Paul awakens with a pounding
headache. Everything still a blur, he rubs his eyes and the sound of rattling
chains can be heard. Feeling the cold metal on his wrists he jerks his head
back to the shock that he is in handcuffs. He looks before him to the most
disturbing picture he could ever imagine. The image of his wife Stephanie in
the arms of Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: Hello Paul.

Paul still in some what a daze rushes to get to his feet but is yanked back
down to the ground. Looking around in confusion he realizes that attached to
his handcuffs is a shackle that goes around to a 300+ lbs. Dresser drawer.

Paul (struggling): STEPH! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?

Infuriated and powerless; Paul whips his hair back and tries to yank himself
free as Kurt with his arms wrapped around Stephanie takes two steps back and

Kurt: Ah don't want to get yourself all tired out before the main
event. We all know how you love to be the center of attention

Kurt and Stephanie laugh among themselves before Angle sweeps her off her
feet. It's at this point Paul realizes that before him was a beautiful bed
with satin sheets, his beautiful bed. The very same he laid in each and every

Kurt: Got Milk? Because I sure do.

Laying Stephanie upon the bed he quickly removes his shirt and tosses it in
front of Paul. The 10 time WWE Heavyweight champion now has to watch as for
the first time in years he's not the one in control as Kurt walks right past
him and exits the room. On the bed Stephanie begins to slowly unbutton her
blouse as she looks at Paul with the same seductive glare from earlier. With
each button loose, she pulls off her blouse and throws it right on top of
Angle's shirt. The Billion Dollar Princess is now in her black laced bra
which is barely containing her double D's.

Stephanie: Oh baby, you think of everything.

Paul looks in the direction Steph's head is turned as he sees Angle making
his way back into the room with a bottle of champagne. Steph smiles at Kurt
as she grabs the champagne bottle from him.

Stephanie (holding the bottle so that the label faced her husband): Recognize
this wine, Paul? That's right, it's from our wedding.

Paul: Steph! What the fuck is this?! Unlock these handcuffs!

Stephanie and Kurt both ignore Paul as if he isn't even in the room watching
their every move.

Kurt: Here, I'll open it baby.

With a quick pull of the cork, the bottle opens allowing Kurt Angle to take
a short swig.

Stephanie (giggling): Hey!

Steph giggles as Kurt pours the champagne down Stephanie's chest which was
still contained by her tight bra. She smiles pulling Kurt's head toward her
chest allowing him to slurp the liquid from her beautiful soft skin.

Stephanie (sex voice): Is that good, Kurtie?

Angle moans as his hands find their way to the back of Stephanie. His skilled
fingers make short work of the three prongs holding her bra together. She
allows her bra to fall free as her huge breasts are now unleashed much to
Angle's delight. His tongue moves over the curves of her succulent breasts.
Kurt takes turn sucking on each one. He then brings his right hand into play
on her left breast has his mouth gently sucks on her right nipple.

Stephanie (moaning seductively): Yeah that's it, suck Mommy's tit, baby.

Kurt sucked harder on the nipple, as if he was her starving infant. Angle's
warm wet saliva on her perky pink nipples sent chills up Steph's bare back.
Without warning, Steph brought her hands to Kurt's jaw line and brought his
face up close to hers, planting a kiss right on his already wet lips. Angle
moaned, feeling his hard on grow by the second in his dress pants as
Stephanie enjoyed exploring his mouth, tasting the reminisce of champagne.
Kurt quickly took control of the kiss after struggling to set the glass
bottle down on the nightstand. His tongue began to probe her mouth as they
both laid down on the bed.

Paul: Unfucking believeable! On our bed, Stephanie!

Hearing this caused Kurt to break the kiss as he and Steph smiled at each

Kurt: This isn't the first time, Paul.

Stephanie snickered before pulling Angle back into a liplock. This time, she
went right to business, tugging at his belt. With no help from Kurt, Steph
managed to unbuckle Angle's pants. Kurt broke the kiss and smiled at her,
knowing exactly what she wanted. He got off the left side of the bed.

Paul watched in horror as a smirking Kurt Angle quickly unzipped his zipper,
letting his pants fall to the grown.

Kurt (still smirking at Steph): You want some of this, Stephy?

Stephanie looks down at Kurt's covered erection that he had grabbed with his
hand. It was so huge, making Paul's member look like a Vienna sausage.

Stephanie (smiling seductively): Oh it's true...

Steph slowly crawled to the edge of the bed and slide off, so that she was
now kneeling at Angle's feet. She gave his ripped abdomen a small kiss before
bring her hands to the waist line of his briefs. Slowly, she began to peel
off his Hanes briefs as his cock sprung free in all its glory. Angle quickly
kicks off the briefs from around his ankles. Steph smiled naughtily up at
Kurt as she began to stroke his raging hard on with her right hand.

Kurt: Now that a like that poor excuse for a cock you
have between your legs.

Stephanie (continuing to jerk Angle off): Be nice now, baby.

Kurt: That's enough of that.

Angle motions for Steph to stand up. She does and he quickly picks her up
into his muscular arms as she wraps her legs around his torso, much like she
did back in 2000, except this time, Angle was completely naked. He tosses her
on to the bed, and quickly pulled off her skirt and underwear. Before Kurt
Angle is the neatly shaven Billion Dollar pussy.

Kurt: Now Paul, let me show you how to properly eat a pussy instead of being

Angle lowers his head and gives her vaginal lips a nice long lick, savoring
her already producing juices as he catches them with is tongue. Steph closes
her eyes and begins to moan in ecstasy.

Stephanie (moaning): Oh Kurtie! Yeah...lick my cunt...

Paul, shaking with fury, watches as his beautiful wife wrapped her legs
around Angle's head while Kurt's tongue began to flick her soft pink clit.
Paul starts tugging at his handcuffs again, desperate to get free so he can
pummel Kurt Angle. The steel handcuffs are unforgiving as there is nothing
he can do but sit and watch Kurt Angle greedily feast on his wife.

Stephanie: YEEEESSSS.

Those words escape Stephanie's mouth as Angle begins to plunge his tongue in
and out of her pussy. Steph's eyes roll back in her head from sheer ecstasy,
placing her feet on the bed as she violently bucks her hips; grinding her
groin into Kurt's face.

Stephanie: Kuuuurrrrrt....Oh, baby....yesssss.

Paul (struggling): You fucking piece of shit! Get the hell away from my wife!

Kurt quickly pulled his head away from Steph's groin, a stream of pussy juice
drizzling down his face.

Stephanie (whining): Paul, don't wake the baby...

Paul pulls down on his handcuffed hands as hard as he could, hoping for his
hands to be able to slide out of the cuffs. He then sees his wife pull Kurt
Angle on top of her. He sees Angle quickly situate himself between his own
wife's legs. He watches helplessly as Angle slides his hand down to his cock,
lining it up just right.

Kurt (rubbing his cockhead against Steph's pussy lips): You want this,
Stephy? Huh? Tell your Olympic Hero what you want.

Angle teases Stephanie as she puts her arms around him and rests her hands on
his broad back.

Stephanie: I want my Olympic hottie to fuck me with is huge cock...fuck me,

Paul can not believe his wife who was pleading with Kurt Angle to hump her
right in front of her husband.

Kurt: Anything for you, Princess.

With that, Kurt firmly presses his cock head into the opening of Stephanie's
vagina. With a couple of baby humps and moans from Stephanie, he manages to
get his cock head inside her pussy. He begins to work the rest of his piece
in. He grunts frequently, feeling how tight the Billion Dollar cunt really

Paul (in shock): Stephanie....

Paul says his wife's name aloud for he can't even believe what he is seeing.
He couldn't be seeing Kurt Angle slowly but surely sliding his cock inch by
inch into Stephanie's cunt. How can she just lay there while someone other
than her husband is inside her.

Stephanie: Come on me right.

Stephanie's request made Angle kick it into the next gear, as he began to
give her harder quickened thrusts.

Stephanie: Yeah...that's it baby..ugh, ugh, ugh! UGGGHH! You like fucking me,
Kurt?! Huh? Ugh, ugh, Is it better than winning a gold medal?!

Steph's moans increased both with intensity and volume as Kurt started to
really give it to her.

Paul knows this as he can hear the sound of Kurt Angle's balls slapping
against his wife's ass. He can see Stephanie's hands, massaging Kurt's back
as he continues to plow into her pussy with an amazing amount of force.
Angle's head his bowed down low as he concentrates on keeping his rhythm
while Stephanie eagerly matches his thrusts as their pelvic bones grind.

Paul: You fucking slut...

Stephanie (out of breath and shaking): Oh...ugh, you think ugh, I'm a slut...
ugh, now? Ugh...ugh, watch this.

Stephanie rolled over so that she was now on top of Kurt. Angle smiles
looking down to see his dick still nicely tucked inside Stephanie's warm
moist cunt.

Paul begins to pull on the handcuffs again as he watches Stephanie begin to
bounce on Kurt's rod. He watches as her tits bounce up and down with every
forward and up motion Stephanie gives. Steph's eyes lock with Paul's as she
smiles deviously at him before picking up the pace even more. Kurt grabs
hold of one of her bouncing breast and gives it a squeeze as he moans with
pleasure. Paul slams his head in anger against the wooden dresser draw as
he can here the wet squishy sound of Angle's huge manhood thrusting in and
out of Stephanie's soaking wet pussy.

Stephanie: Paul....ugh, you like seeing me ugh..ride Kurt's Olympic dick?
UGH! Huh? Ugh, ugh!

Kurt's hands grab hold of Stephanie's waist as he helps her bounce even
harder and quicker on his rod. The combined effort of Stephanie thrusting
downward and Kurt thrusting upward makes the wooden head board of the bed
they are screwing on bang violently against the wall. Angle reaches up and
pulls Stephanie down to him as he feels her pussy contract around his cock
just as it erupts with a weeks worth of cum. Steph continues to hump into
him much slower; milking the jizz of his dick as it blasts the inside of
her cunt.

By the look on Kurt's face, Paul could tell he had blown his load. Paul slams
his hands back against the draw in anger as he now can hear the sound of the
baby crying in the next room. The commotion created by Kurt and Steph fucking
has awoken the baby. Steph, who now lays limp on top of Kurt, as they both
tried to catch their breath.

Stephanie: Kurt, the baby's crying...

Kurt rolls Steph and him over and pulls out.

Kurt: I'll go get him...I haven't seen my son in weeks...

Paul's eyes widen. It couldn't be true. The baby was his, not Kurt's.
Stephanie and he had been trying for months to conceive. It was the one of
the greatest days of his life when Steph told him that she was pregnant.

Paul: He's my son.

Paul murmurs as Kurt stood up from the bed and quickly slipped on his brief
to cover his still semi hard dick. Even though he was called the wrestling
machine, he was Stephanie's love machine that could keep it up for hours.

Kurt (wiping the sweat from his brow): Paul, sorry to be the one to have to
tell you this but, you're sterile. Stephanie only had the baby because I
knocked her up.

Paul (struggling with the handcuffs): That's a fucking lie!

Angle chuckles and walks out of the room, leaving Stephanie to explain.

Steph gets up from the bed and covers her naked body with her black silk
rope. She makes her way over to her poor husband who has been bound by
handcuffs for a good hour or so. She stays standing, keeping her distance
from Paul.

Stephanie: He's telling the truth...Remember when I told you I went to see
the fertility specialist...They did run tests on your sperm count, when I
got the results back and found out that you were shooting blanks, I couldn't
bring myself to tell you. I didn't want you to know you were any less of a
man. So...I got rid of the results and made a replica copy saying that your
sperm count was well in the normal range...and...I started sleeping with Kurt
and within that month, I was pregnant.

Paul's eyes begin to get filled with tears as he sees Kurt Angle re-enter the
room, this time carrying the small infant in his arms. Steph stands and meets

Stephanie: Did your daddy come and get you?

A tear streams down Paul's face as he watches Stephanie give her baby and its
father a kiss. Suddenly looking at Kurt and Stephanie with the baby, it was
clear to Paul that the baby was indeed theirs and not Stephanie and his. How
could he be that blind not to notice that the baby had the same misshaped
head as Kurt Angle. It didn't take long before Kurt and Stephanie got the
baby back to sleep. This time, Stephanie took back to the nursery.

Kurt: My baby's perfect, isn't he?

Kurt smirks at Paul seeing that he is quite upset from the bombshell that has
just been dropped on him. Paul says nothing as he turns his head away from
Angle, refusing to look at him.

Kurt: You actually thought that Stephanie's baby was yours? As if you could
ever procreate a baby of genetic perfection like Steph and I did.

Stephanie walks back into the room, seeing Kurt trying to taunt her husband.
Steph smiles and walks over to the two men. She looks down at her husband, he
does not look toward her.

Stephanie: Now Paul...I know your upset that I didn't tell you that you
couldn't get me pregnant and that my baby wasn't yours...That doesn't change
the fact that I still enjoy fucking you every now and then.

Steph smiles evilly as her hand grabs Paul's small dick through his workout
pants. Paul squirms a little under Steph's touch, part of which was from
total disgust, the other was out of inadvertent pleasure. Steph is now
kneeling down on her hands and knees in front of Paul as she rubs his covered
crotch. Paul finally makes eye contact with his slutty wife who has started
to pull down his pants. He did nothing to resist as Steph pulled his pants
and boxers down past his ass so his baby dick was visible. Even though Paul
was pissed at Stephanie, his small dick is standing at a tension as she
starts to jerk him off. Kurt quickly slips his briefs back off setting his
once again full erect dick out of its cage. He gets down on his hands and
knees and begins to tug at Steph's silk robe. Getting the message, Steph
quickly sheds the robe and his now completely naked with her ass and pussy
sticking up in the air as she leans over her husband. Kurt still kneeling,
positions himself directly behind Steph. Before Paul can protest, Stephanie
lips his tiny dick into her mouth and begins to deep throat it with ease.

Kurt: Steph, that looks like our baby's dick.

Steph let Paul's member fly out of her mouth as she let out a laugh. Without
warning, Paul uses his legs to kick Stephanie away as she falls back on Angle
who was just about ready to make his insertion in Steph's moist pussy.

Stephanie: ‘Come on Paulie...Don't you want to join in on the fun?

Paul says nothing as he stares down both his wife and Kurt Angle, who is
still behind Stephanie, rubbing his cock head in Steph's folds.

Steph leans forward again, but this time plants a passionate kiss on Paul. He
could never resist Stephanie's kisses, her tongue worked like magic, probing
in his mouth as he let out a moan. Steph broke the kiss.

Stephanie: Wasn't that good? Are you ready to play a game, Paul?

Paul: I AM the take these handcuffs off me so I can fuck you

Steph smiles and grabs the key from one of the dresser drawers, she then
unlocks the handcuffs. Paul rubs his wrists which are somewhat sore from his
earlier raging.

Paul (growl): Now fuck off Angle so I can fuck my wife.

Kurt shook his head and pulled Stephanie into his arms.

Kurt: No way! I'm the only one allowed in Steph's pussy!

Paul stands up and walks over to his wife and Kurt Angle who are now standing
up by the bed.

Paul: Like hell you are! You already fucked Steph's pussy, you can either
have her mouth or her ass, nothing else!

Stephanie told both men to be quiet because of the baby.

Kurt (whispering): You can have her ass...Steph's cunt is my favorite, no way
are you getting my favorite spot.

Before Paul can retort, Steph cuts in.

Stephanie: Look, I wouldn't mind getting fucked up the pussy by either one of
you studs...So I'm going to choose.

Steph looks back and forth between her husband and her lover. Each with a
'pick me' look on their face, like they did on the one episode of SmackDown
where Steph had to choose her tag team partner.

Stephanie: I-I'm going to flip a coin.

Kurt And Paul: Flip a coin?!

Stephanie: Shhhh, yes, I'm going to flip a coin to see who will fuck my

Steph walks over to the nightstand and grabs a quarter that was in the top
draw. She walks back to the guys.

Stephanie: Okay, heads you fuck me Paul...Tails, it's you Kurt.

Steph flips the coin in the air and catches it in her hand before slapping it
down on her arm. She lifts her hand up and sees the coin.

Stephanie: It's tails.

Kurt: Fuck yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

Before Paul can argue, Angle, holding his cock, gets close to Steph, bending
his knees a little so he can enter her pussy. Steph lets out a moan as his
cock enters her pussy with a pop. After a few humps, Kurt let's go of the
base of his dick and picks Steph up off her feet and into his arms. Not
wanting to miss any of the action, Paul gets behind Steph and since he is
taller than both Angle and Steph, he has no problem lining his little cock up
with Steph's ass.

Stephanie: Ugh!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie yells out in pain as Paul shoves his whole cock into her ass with
crushing blow. He didn't want to take it easy on her, since she had been
fucking Angle behind his back. Kurt continues to pump his dick into her cunt
as Paul pulls out to the point where his little cock head is in danger of
popping out and then slams it back in. Steph yells out in pain again. It
doesn't however take Angle and Levesque long to work out a rhythm to fuck
Vince McMahon's daughter by. As Angle pumps in, Paul pulls his dick out and
vise versa. Steph is completely smashed between the two wrestlers. Her right
arm around Kurt's neck, while her left back and around Paul's as they both
lay into her with all their might. Steph loves being double penetrated by
her two studs for her ass has already loosened enough to accommodate Paul's
baby cock. Still, Steph moves back and forth from cock to cock with ease.
Both of the guys are so far engrossed into fucking Stephanie that they do
not even notice their balls smacking together each time one of them thrusts
into Steph.

Stephanie: Ugh, yeah! God..fuck me you studs! Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Kurt and Paul oblige as they both find another gear of intensity as they plow
into Steph with such force that they think they might rip her in two. All
three say nothing after that as they are so far gone into their threesome.
All that can be heard are the back and forth grunts of Paul Levesque and Kurt
Angle as they pleasure themselves with Steph who has almost passed out from
the pleasure.

Kurt: I bet you cum in her ass before I do in her pussy...

Kurt manages to say in between grunts. It takes a couple of seconds for Paul
to answer.

Paul: No way, you're on.

It is then that Stephanie regains her second wind and begins thrusting
herself back and forth between the two men. She smiles, knowing exactly what
she's doing as both Kurt and Paul begin to feel the cum start to build up in
their shafts.

Paul: Fuckkk, I'm cumming...

Steph sighs as her ass oozes with white cum. Paul collapses on the floor as
Steph is now only in Angle's arms once again.

Happy to have one the bet, Angle bounces Stephanie up and down on his rod as
she holds on tight for the wild ride.

Stephanie: Come on Kurtie...Cum for Stephy.

Steph and Angle both moan as Kurt hugs her tight while shooting his Olympic
Seed into her womanhood. They then also collapse on the floor. Putting an
ending to a wild night.

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