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Characters: Paige Vanzant, Paige, Lana, Rusev, Sage Northcutt, Bayley, Liv Morgan, Naomi, Felice Herrig, Big Cass, Francis Ngannou, Brock Lesnar, Sonya Deville, Paige, Alexa Bliss, Anderson Silva, Vince McMahon, Dana White,

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WWE Vs UFC Part 1
by Allan Smithee

Vince Mcmahon leaned back in his chair as his guest took another sip from his cucumber water. Finally, he sighed and slapped a hand on the arm of his chair. " drive a hard bargain, Mr. White."

On the other side of the desk, Dana White smiled, "It's not like I'm twisting your arm. This is gonna work out for both of us!"

Vince nodded, "You're talking about cross promotion."


Another sigh, then Vince licked his lips. Dana could tell there were dollar signs passing in front of the old man's eyes. Dreams of massive Pay Per View revenues were dancing through his head. Dana had the guy on the hook.

Finally Vince answered with a reluctant nod, "Alright, I'm sold."

Dana resisted the urge to pump his fist and smile, "Mr. Mcmahon, you will not regret this, I promise!"

He shrugged, "Let's just hope this doesn't cause any friction backstage..."

* * *

Paige Vanzant vs Lana and Rusev

The "Double Paige" fight was not going well for Paige Vanzant. First, the dark haired Paige grabbed Vanzant and performed a perfect, bone shattering Paige Turner finisher. Then the poor blonde felt every muscle in her back explode in pain as she landed prone against the ring. There were still stars in her eyes when she felt a pair of wiry arms wrap around her body.

Before she could stop it from happening, Paige felt her dark haired namesake twisting her arms and legs until she was being held in place by the infamous Paige Tap Out Submission. "Tap!" screamed the Anti-Diva as Paige Vanzant felt her whole body bending into a pretzel shape. Suddenly every nerve ending in her body erupted into a haze of ugly pain. When her body could take no more punishment, Vanzant tapped out.

But the Anti-Diva didn't release her hold, she just tightened her grip until Vanzant started to see stars. The was nothing left for her to do but pass out from the pain...

* * *

When Paige Vanzant awakened back in her hotel room, she opened her eyes and saw two faces hovering over her and it took her a moment to recognize them. "Oh you're those two wrestlers...the married ones."

Rusev scoffed in disgust, "Am not mere wrestler, Rusev is the mightiest man to ever step inside ring!" His wife Lana rolled her eyes and smiled, "I apologize for idiot husband." The blond woman said as she perched herself on the bed next to Paige, "He is not friendly."

"Oh, that's okay," Paige said sheepishly as she pulled her hair back into her pony tail, "I'm not really in the mood for conversation anyway. I just can't believe I lost!"

"Is okay, little friend," Lana said as she put her arm around Paige, "Husband and I have way to make ourselves feel better after loss."

Paige gasped and looked down to see the Ravishing Russian's fingers now diving into her wrestling tights. "Oh!" She cried.

"You like, yes?" Lana whispered, "I make you feel better?"

Paige said nothing, instead she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her tights and pulled them all the way past her knees, giving Lana better access to her pussy. Then she gasped as she felt one of the Russian sexpot's fingers slide between her moist pussy lips.

"You are soaking wet." Lana licked her lips in anticipation as she felt the moisture of Paige's pussy on her finger tips, "You must feel better about losing now." Lana curled her fingers and Paige exploded with joy, "Dah, you are happy now."

Paige moaned, then nodded.

"Would you like husband to make happier?" Lana whispered.

The blonde MMA star was well past the point of coherent thought and instead just started gasping as Lana's slim fingers toyed with the inside of her vaginal walls. Suddenly she heard Rusev's rough sounding voice from the other side of the room, "Is she ready now, wife?"

Paige looked over her shoulder to see Rusev, and between his legs was a pulsing hammer of engorged flesh. Her eyes bulged out of her head as she saw the Bulgarian giant stroking his cock with excitement. "Oh it''s so big!" She sighed as Rusev smiled and walked around the side of the couch. Soon he was hovering over entrance, lightly stroking his massive cock, "Is ready, yes?" Rusev asked. Lana nodded, then pulled Paige's legs apart.

Paige groaned as Rusev slid inside of her. The bulgarian's width seemed to stretch her beyond the breaking point. "Fuuck!" She shouted, "Oh god!"

"Husband is big, dah?" Lana said as she reached down to massage Paige's aching clit. She was so turned on she could barely talk, instead Paige just nodded her head furiously as the Bulgarian monster slowly impaled her deep While Rusev gently pulled his cock in and out of her pussy, Lana's fingers started to dance furiously over her swollen clit.

"He's...he's fucking huge." Paige moaned as Rusev's strokes became harder and faster.

Lana smiled as she continued to punish Paige's clit while her husband violently destroyed the other woman's tight pussy. Soon Paige was shaking and morning beneath the Giant Bulgarian's ruthless pounding.

"Harder," She begged as Rusev continued to mercilessly smash his thick rod into her tiny blonde pussy, "God please! Don't stop!"

In response, Rusev quickened his pace and Paige had to bit her lip to keep from screaming. Suddenly stars exploded behind her eyes as her pussy exploded in a fearsome, gushing orgasm.

As her head cleared, she looked up and saw that Rusev was getting closer to his own precipice and she smiled. "Come for me," Begged Paige, "Come all over me you big stud!" Then she wrapped her legs tightly around the mighty Bulgarian's waist, squeezing him further into her body.

"Nyet," Lana whispered, "I am wife, I like to drink him." And then she wrapped her lips around her husband's massive cock and began to vigorously suck him dry.

"Ahhh...Machka!" The Bulgarian giant shouted as thick gooey semen exploded from the tip of his cock. Paige watched as Lana happily opened her mouth and consumed every drop of the Bulgarian Giant's massive load. Soft, white ropes streamed out of Rusev's cock and flew through the air towards the Lana's soft lips. She was so desperate to get each drop of her husband's cum into her mouth that she furiously milked the last dregs of Rusev's orgasm using her firm, manicured fingers.

"Big bear is happy, dah?" Lana cooed as she swallowed down her husband's semen, she turned to Paige and smiled, "Big bear give juicy treats when he is feeling happy."

Paige Vanzant threw back her head and laughed, "I can see that."

Rusev and Lana flopped down onto the couch beside Paige and gentle began to caress the blonde's muscular body, "Losing not so bad." Rusev said, then he stuck a finger between his new lover's thighs, "Maybe you lose again next week?"

Paige spread her legs and invited Lana and Rusev back inside her body, "Maybe you don't have to wait that long..."

* * *

Sage Northcutt meets Carmella and Bayley and Naomi

Naomi screamed in pain as Bayley grabbed her by the neck and then quickly planted her face first onto the mat. Naomi twisted around in a vain attempt to wriggle free but Bayley's arms held firm. Now being held in place, Naomi looked up just in time to see Carmella leaping from the top rope with her elbow outstretched.

With nowhere left to go, Naomi could only watch as Carmella's elbow collided with her face, knocking her to the mat.

Seeing her opponent was in a state of weakness, Carmella moved in for the kill, only for Bayley to quickly end Carmella's approach with a kick of her own. Now it was truly a triple threat match as all three women fell into an all out brawl. Naomi sent a super kick into Carmella's jaw that laid her to the mat but failed to see Bayley running up behind her.

With her former friend neutralized, Bayley rolled up Naomi for a quick pin that brought her a solid victory.

Back in the green room, Bayley was picking over the refreshments table as she saw Naomi and Carmella step into the room with furious looks on their faces. She tried not to meet their eye line as they stared daggers into the back of her head. She tried to quickly exit the room but found herself blocked by Carmella, who stood in the doorway, scowling.

"Bet you're feeling real happy with yourself, huh bitch?" Carmella said, then she pushed her the former Horsewoman teammate roughly on the shoulder. Bayley couldn't meet her eye line, she was just so ashamed.

She stared down at her shoes and kicked at the carpet, "Gosh, I'm so sorry, Carmella."

Naomi grabbed her by the arm and whirled her around, "They stripped me of my title during the merger, that was my one shot to get it back and you fucking stole it!"

"I'm so sorry, really I am." Bayley moaned, "I'll make it up to you, I promise!"

"How, stupid?"

Bayley bit her lip, then began nervously: "Mr. White said I get some kind of reward for winning, I'll share it with you I promise."

There was a knock on the door and then the handsome face of Sage Northcutt entered the room, "Hey, I'm looking for Bayley. Um, Dana White told me I'm supposed to take her out and show her a good time?"

Carmella and Naomi looked at each other and smiled, "Oh shit." They said in unison. Without wasting a second, Naomi reached over and slammed the door while Carmella pulled Sage into the green room. Soon both women were pulling off their ring gear and unzipping Sage's clothing in a frantic scramble to see the handsome fighter's birthday suit. As Sage's underwear dropped to the floor there was a loud gasp from the other side of the room.

"Oh shit, Bayley," Carmella snickered, "I didn't see you there!"

"Right, yeah, I'll just leave you guys-" But just as Bayley tried to leave, Naomi grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back towards Sage.

"Where you goin? You said you were going to share." Naomi started to roughly strip away Bayley's wrestling tights. Then when she was completely nude, it was Naomi's turn. Goosepimples formed on every surface of Bayley's skin as she watched with the Glowing Diva begin to remove her own clothing.

Carmella was also busy undressing Sage and lingered to caress every muscle on the handsome fighter's exposed skin. When she came to his sizeable cock, she stroked it with excitement, "Hey Bayley, you ever been fucked by one of these before?"

The long, thick rod filled Bayley with undisguised lust and she felt her pussy grow damp as she visually examined Sage's thick length. She started to blush and tried to avert her eyes but Naomi grabbed her hips from behind and stuck two fingers inside her pussy. "Oooh, she's ready!" Naomi giggled as her fingers stirred the frothing juices in side Bayley's cunt, "You'd better let this girl go first." She pulled Bayley to the floor and started to roughly stroke her fingers inside the other woman's body. Bayley's moans and gasps filled the air as Naomi fingered her.

Carmella gently stroked Sage's rod until it had reached it's full length and then flashed a wicked grin at Bayley as she pulled the thick cocked stud across the room to where she was laying, "Gonna get fucked, bitch!"

Bayley struggled briefly but Naomi's soft brown fingers forced back to the floor until Sage arrived and hovered over her prone form. "You'll enjoy it, they told me to show you a good time." He whispered.

Bayley was soaking wet and willing but her natural tightness made it difficult for Sage to enter her tiny pussy. She gasped when he had to shove the remaining inch and a half of his shaft into her tight cunt. Seeing the sudden shock on her face, Sage sheepishly apologized, "Sorry." He whispered.

"It's okay, it's nice." She replied. From somewhere behind them, they heard a loud giggle. Bayley turned her head to see Carmella and Naomi laughing at them from their perch on the couch.

"Jesus, Bay, you even fuck like a little kid." Carmella said with a laugh.

Bayley frowned and opened her mouth to say something to her former friend but suddenly she felt a jolt as Sage started to roughly cock deeper into her tight pussy.

"Oh," she gasped, "Oh wow!"

On the couch, the two women had begun entertaining themselves by removing their clothing and fingering themselves. Now Naomi was pushing Carmella's face into her crotch as the Princess of Staten Island started to happily munch away on the other woman's tight pussy.

The sight of their sapphic tryst excited Sage and he began to roughly fuck Bayley while dividing his attention between her innocent face and watching Carmella and Naomi.

Carmella especially seemed to excite him: "Yeah fuck her, Sage!" She shouted, "Fuck that little whore." Sage did as he was told and soon was ramming into Bayley at lightening speed. Bayley bucked and shrieked under him as his cock smashed into her over and over again.

"Oh god, oh god, oh...gaaawwd!" Bayley came so hard that she had trouble breathing, "Sage! Harder! Yes!" Her whole body wouldn't stop shaking as waves of orgasmic pleasure flowed across every nerve in her system.

Then, when the waves of pleasure subsided, Bayley was left barely conscious and gasping on the floor. She felt Sage pulling his cock out of her and then a pair of strong feminine hands started pulling her across the floor. When she regained all of her senses, she realized that Naomi had taken her placed under Sage's body.

Bayley looked up to see that Carmella had already started munching at her clit and waves of orgasmic joy flowed over her. A soft tongue and lips swirled around her bush until she released a low moan.

Across the room, Naomi had flipped Sage onto his back and then impaled herself onto his throbbing cock without foreplay. She gasped loudly as his rock hard length plunged itself into her lush chocolate pussy lips to reveal the vulnerable pink beneath. "Fuck!" She shouted as she started to roughly ride Sage's hard cock, "Fuck yeah!" Soon her shapely thighs were wrapped around Sage's muscular hips as he started to pound away at her gorgeous black pussy.

Bayley was enraptured by the sight of Naomi and Sage's lovemaking and she couldn't look away until Carmella reversed her position and covered the innocent young wrestler's faced with her own pussy. The two women locked themselves into a perfect sixty nine as Carmella buried her tongue deep inside Bayley's aching quim.

Feeling overcome with lust, Bayely started plunging her own tongue and fingers into Carmella until she was rewarded with the muffled sounds of joy. So she grabbed Carmella's ass cheeks with both hands and pulled the Princess of Staten Island pussy closer to her lips. The scent of Carmella's arousal was driving Bayley crazy and she worked desperately to push her sapphic lover further into ecstasy.

But Carmella had far more experience with female lovers and it was Bayley who came first as Carmella massaged her G-Spot with her fingers while sucking on her clit with her tongue. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out.

"You don't get to keep quiet with me!" Carmella snarled and then jammed her whole hand inside of Bayley's quivering pussy. Pain and pleasure filled every nerve ending as Bayley shrieked with orgasmic joy.

"Ooh Fuck!" Bayley moaned, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

On the other side of the room Naomi was also starting to reach her climax as she rode Sage's thick, hard cock into ecstasy. "Get it!" She shouted, "Get it motherfucker!" The hard slap of skin on skin filled the air as Naomi's thighs smacked against Sage's hips. She raised her head and Bayley watched in fascination as Naomi rode Sage's cock cowgirl style. As she bounced up and down, her body finally gave out and she flopped like a boneless fish atop the handsome fighter's thick cock. "Fuck!" She moaned, " it...doooooouueguh!" She collapsed on the floor beside him, panting heavily.

Naomi was spent but Sage was still rock hard. He walked towards Bayley and Carmella, his stiff cock bouncing. As he approached, Carmella shifted her body until she was spread out beneath him, her ass in front of him while her face was buried in Bayley's quivering pussy.

Bayley moaned as she felt Carmella's tongue massaging the inside of her quivering mound. She tried grab at Carmella's head and push her face even deeper but The Queen of Staten Island pushed away her hands and removed her face from between Bayley's thighs. She flashed a wicked grin as Bayley started to sob with unrequited lust from the loss of Carmella's tongue. Bayley started to finger her own pussy out of frustration.

Sage looked into Bayley's eyes and smiled wickedly as he continued to ruthlessly pound away at Carmella's pussy with harder and harder strokes. Soon the Queen of Staten Island was going mad with orgasmic joy as she felt every inch of his cock slid in and out, "Oh god, harder Sage, harder!"

Bayley saw sweat dripping off of Sage's perfect body and she watched his muscular hips pulsed with each heavy stroke into Carmella's tight pussy. Soon Bayley was whispering encouragement to Sage, "Fuck her," She whispered, "Fuck her hard." Carmella responded by sticking her tongue back inside Bayley's pussy and sucking on her clit. Between Carmella's tongue and her own fingers, Bayley came so hard that she had trouble breathing.

The sight and smell of Bayley's body twitching with orgasmic joy sent Sage spinning into ecstasy and he started to pound away at Carmella until the tight bodied blond was begging for release, "Harder Sage, Hardahhhh, gawd! Jesus, fuck, please!"

The sight of Carmella cumming was too much for Bayley and she pushed two fingers inside her own pussy to send herself into another earth shattering orgasm. This sent Sage over the edge and with one final, hard stroke into Carmella, he pulled himself free of her pussy and began to jerk himself off.

"Bayley, c'mere." He whispered, "I need your lips, sweetie."

Naomi finally recovered from her own intense orgasm and dragged Bayley across the room by her hair to deposit her at Sage's feet. Then she and Carmella forced Bayley's mouth onto Sage's throbbing cock.

The Huggable One licked Sage's shaft as Carmella spread her tongue across his balls. Their young lover grunted as he enjoyed the gentle pressure of two sets of lips administering two blowjobs at once. Then Naomi reached over and slurped the tip of his cock between her pert lips. Suddenly robbed of Sage's salty skin, Bayley joined Carmella is playing with Sage's throbbing balls.

They each took turns sucking him, one after another sliding his cock into their mouths. Finally Naomi started to jerk and suck until Sage couldn't stand it any more.

"Oh shit!" Sage gasped as the tip of his dick exploded in wave after wave of creamy jism. Carmella and Naomi opened their mouths to catch the handsome fighter's flying seed but Bayley tried to pull away.

"No running, bitch!" Carmella shouted, then grabbed Bayley by her ponytail and jammed her to the front of Sage's throbbing member. She wiggled but Naomi clasped the back of her neck. Sage quickly started jerking his member into each of their faces, first Carmella, then Naomi, but he saved the rest for Bayley. She gasped as the handsomest man in the octagon emptied the contents of his balls across her dainty, childlike face.

Sage groaned and fell back onto the Green Room carpet. On the floor in front of him, Bayley looked over at her fellow wrestlers, "Are we even now?" She sighed as cum started dripping down her face.

* * *

Felice Herrig Meets Big Cass

As Felice Herrig walked into the arena, the crowd roared. The cheering continued as Felice grabbed a nearby chair and climbed inside the ring to face Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan's attacker. With a thunderous shot to the Blissful One's head, Felice laid the other woman out as the crowd went wild. Bliss, desperate for the win over this relative newcomer to the wrestling business struggled to her feet...

Only for Felice to slip a rear naked choke around Alexa's neck. Her arms locked like a vice around Alexa and they squeezed the life out of her...

* * *

Less than twenty minutes later and Liv Morgan lead the seven foot tall Cass into Felice's dressing room.

"Alright," Liv whispered as she closed the door behind Cass, "You said that if you helped me out during the match that you wanted a reward..." Liv pointed to all of Big Cass' over sized body, "Ta-da, this is Cass and he's-"

Before Liv had even finished her sentence, the woman they called the Bulldog was already stripping off her ring gear, then swiftly removing her underwear. Liv's jaw dropped, "Um, what are you doing?"

Felice ignored her and instead she continued stripping until she was bare naked in front of Cass' huge, muscular body, "She told me you had the biggest cock in the WWE," she said as she dropped to her knees in front of him, "Prove it."

Cass smiled, then unzipped his pants so she could see the size of his hammer. The long flesh colored rod flopped out of his pants and hovered half hard in front of her face, "Big enough for you, babe?"

She didn't answer, instead Felice grabbed at the appendage with both her hands and started to jerk it into a raging rod of hot steel. "I bet your proud of this," She giggled as she placed her lips over the tip for the first time and then sucked the entire massive rod into her waiting mouth, "I bet you brag about this thing."

Cass gasped and grabbed the wall in shock as Felice's muscular hands and warm mouth brought him to full hardness. In moments, his cock was as hard as stone and Felice's warm mouth was overflowing with his hard length.

She looked up at Cass and smiled, then gave his big dick a soft stroke, "I need this in me." That was all the prompting Cass needed and he quickly grabbed Felice and shoved her to the floor. She giggled as she watched him remove his shirt and jeans, then fell silent as she watched him stroke himself to full hardness.

"Shit ready?"

Felice responded as she pulled Cass down on top of her, opening her legs so that his thick meat could slip right inside. Cass' let his thick rod hover over Felice's moist entrance for a moment and then quickly pushed himself all the way to his cock hilt.

"Oh shit!" Felice gasped as the massive cock stretched her to the limit, "Oh good god that thing is....oh..."

With a swift motion of his hips, he was buried all the way inside her, filling her tight pussy all the way to the brim. Felice shrieked with pain and pleasure, then he pulled himself all the way out and jammed his cock right back in.

Felice came quickly, falling onto the luscious carpet while Cass continued to pound away at her quivering cunt, "Oh fuck! FUCK FUCK FU--UUGH!"

Cass smiled as he gripped Felice's hips, yanking her back onto his massive rod. Her tight quim squeezed him like vice as he felt himself reaching his climax, "Yeah baby!" Cass whispered, "Yeah baby you like that don't you! I'm gonna...fuck!...I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in that pussy, baby!"

"Yeah, fill me up!" Felice groaned as she felt Cass' thick rod slipping into her her pussy one last time and released a gushing flood of sperm deep inside her, "Fill me up!" Felice shouted, "Oh god, harder!"

Cass gasped as he plunged his still squirting cock all the way into her cunt unleashing a perfect creampie. He collapsed on top of her, still cumming, still filling Felice's quivering body.


The lovers looked up at saw that Liv Morgan had never left the room. She hadn't even closed the door during their passionate quickie.

"So...I guess you two are hitting it off." Liv chuckled.

* * *

Alexa Bliss vs Paige, Sonya Deville, Anderson Silva, Brock Lesnar, and Francis Ngannou

In the darkened locker room after Alexa Bliss' match with Liv Morgan the Raw women's champion was sobbing as she paid the price for her loss: "Please, don't make me do this!" She begged as she felt the rough hands stripping her naked.

Paige, the Anti-Diva and leader of Absolution, was already fully nude. She laughed as she watched Anderson Silva, the man they called "The Spider" finish pulling Alexa's clothing from her body.

"This isn't fair! Liv cheated!" Alexa plaintive cries turned into full on sobs as Anderson and Paige pushed the naked blond to her knees. From her place on the hard locker room floor, she was face to face with Silva's member and she could see it twitch with excitement when her mouth was level with it's tip.

She tried to pull away but Paige's hand grabbed her hair and forced her face onto Silva's thick rod. Alexa's lips parted reluctantly allowing the Brazilian middleweights hard cock into her mouth.

"That's right, good little slut," Paige whispered, "Be a good little cock sucker."

Alexa's mouth was suddenly filled with the salty-but-sweet taste of sweaty cockskin. With a twist of his hips, Silva pulled her lips across his shaft until she was deep throating him and her gag reflex was tickling her throat. He held her there until she couldn't take it anymore and spit out his cock in a coughing gasp for air.

"Aw, did little baby hurt herself?" Paige laughed, "Are you ready for some more?" Alexa shook her head emphatically but instead of listening to her, Paige grabbed the blond and threw her back on to the wooden bench that ran the length of the locker room

Alexa Bliss landed spread eagle on the bench with her legs straddling either side and her pussy pushed up in the air. Before she could struggle free, Paige roughly pulled Bliss' legs apart even further and started fingering the girl's pussy until went moisture dripped from the walls of her pussy. Silva licked his lips in excitement as he angled his hips just over the top of Alexa's quivering pussy.

Silva's massive Brazilian cock slammed into Alexa's pussy without mercy. Then he pulled himself all the way out, let the tip hover over the tiny blonde's clit, before he smashed himself back inside of her. Paige heard her rival cry out in anguish as Silva tried to murder Alexa's tiny pussy over and over again.

"Fuck!" Shouted Bliss, "Fuck it hurts!" She struggled beneath the weight of the big man's grip but her pain only seemed to make Silva hornier. He doubled the pace of his heavy strokes until tears formed at the edges of Alexa's eyes.

Seeing a chance to humiliate Alexa even more, Paige grabbed Alexa's hair and guided the girl's face towards her naked pussy. Bliss resisted at first and tried desperately to pull her body away from Paige's soaking wet hole. So Paige and Anderson both grabbed the back of Bliss' head and pushed her forward until the tiny woman had no choice but to accept the Anti-Diva's pussy between her lips. Paige giggled as she forced her clitoris into Alexa's mouth and she felt the other girl's angry moans vibrating against her pussy. Anderson was also enjoying himself and the soft "clap, clap, clap" of his pelvis muscles hitting Alexa's firm ass echoed through the locker room.

"Puta." He moaned, "Puta do caralho!" Silva looked over at Paige and smiled, "She is tight." He said with a smile, "So tight." He said in english.

"Not if you keep fucking her like that!" Paige cooed before pulling apart Alexa's lips with one hand and spreading Alexa's pussy lips apart with the other. She slipped one finger into the other woman's clit and felt the large Brazilian cock as it filled Alexa's pussy to the brim. Silvia started to pick up the pace with his strokes so Paige decided to spread the pussy walls even further, she slipped two more fingers inside The Blissful One's body until Alexa's body was jammed full of fingers and cock. Paige was rewarded by a muffled scream of pain from somewhere between her thighs.

Between the sight of Alexa's punishment and the feeling of her hated rival's tongue against her clit, Paige couldn't take any more pleasure. With one loud shriek, her inner walls released and an ocean of pussy juice squirted into Alexa's mouth and Bliss tried desperately to pull her head away or close her lips. Paige reached down and pinched Alexa's nose closed, forcing her to swallow every drop of pussy cum. "Yes! YES! YES!" Paige shouted as she drained herself down Alexa's mouth.

When she had finished, Paige released Alexa and the tiny blond dropped onto the hard wooden bench, coughing and sputtering and moaning, "No more," She sobbed, "Please no more!" But Silva wasn't finished and he continued pumping away. In and out, ruthlessly slamming his big brown cock into her tiny pussy over and over.

After what felt like forever, Anderson pulled himself from Alexa's pussy and started to jerk his massive cock off on her face. Paige grabbed Alexa by the hair and forced her to hold still as Anderson furiously jerked himself onto her perky lips, "Ah fuck!" He shouted as the tip of his cock released a flood of jism.

Sticky cum covered every inch of Alexa's face as Paige kept her from moving her head and upper body. By the time Silva had finished, the Blissful One seemed to be drowning in cum. Finally, Silva finished and let one last drop cover land on Alexa's beautiful face.

She tried in vain to wipe away the sticky jism from her face but all she did was spread it across her neck and chest. Alexa had just managed to remove some of the sticky cum from her eyes when she saw another large man enter the locker room.

It was UFC Heavyweight Francis Ngannou and as he pulled down his shorts, Alexa got a full view of his massive black cock. He looked over at her as he started stroking his cock, giving her a cruel smile. Alexa's eyes widened in horror when she saw his pulsing half erect penis but she was too weak from experience with Silva to do anything but moan limply.

"Ready for round two?" Paige whispered as she got down on her knees in front of Ngannou's thick cock, "I'll just get him warmed up for you."

Paige slipped her mouth over the tip of Ngannou's cock and started sucking furiously, working his shaft with both hands until it was rock hard. And as she sucked him off, Ngannou kept looking over at Alexa and licking his lips. The sight of his excitement and the overwhelming size of his cock made her recoil in horror.

When he was ready, the man they called The Predator gently removed himself from Paige's mouth and stood over Alexa with his dick in his hand. Alexa's entrance was still soaking wet from sweat and pussy juice and despite his large size, he was able to slip inside without any resistance. She was still as tight as a drum after Anderson Silva's brutally hard fucking and Ngannou had to make an effort to fit his rippling penis inside of her.

"Oh god!" She cried just as the giant heavyweight fighter finally pushed himself all the way to the bottom of his shaft, "Paige...make him stop!"

But Paige was in the corner watching Alexa suffer while fingering herself with excitement, "Harder, Frankie!" She cooed as she slipped three fingers all the way into her own quim.

The Predator started fucking Alexa at triple pace, grinning at Alexa with sadistic glee. He was yanking back on her waist until she was screaming from pleasure and pain, moaning with excitement and horror. "Oh god! Oh God! OH GOD!" She cried. The Blissful One lost consciousness for a moment as stars exploded behind her eyes.

Ngannou didn't last as long as Silva, Paige had gotten far too excited when sucking him off and now his fabled strength was beginning to wane. But his giant black cock still had enough girth and thickness to stretch Alexa to the breaking point.

"Shit bitch! Gonna cum! Fuck!" He shouted and then pulled out of her pussy just as he started to explode. He tried to make it to her mouth and face but instead had to settle for her chest and breasts, spreading a perfect pearl necklace on the top of Alexa's neckline.

But just as Ngannou finished coming on her chest, Alexa felt another pair of strong hands at her waist. Suddenly Brock Lesnar entered her field of vision.

The man they called the Beast didn't waste time with conversation or even foreplay. The second Ngannou moved off of Alexa, he started to shove his rock hard cock deep into her body.

"NO! Please!" She shouted as the thick tip of the Beast's rod penetrated every inch of her tiny pussy, "It's too big!" She sobbed as he started to roughly push his entire cock in and out, in and out, in a constant, unforgiving pulse.

Alexa's pussy muscles started to squeeze him, first out of pain and then with reluctant pleasure. Then without warning, Lesnar flipped Alexa onto her side and said nothing as he withdrew his cock from her swollen pussy and then jammed it into her tight ass. He paid no attention to her sobs and moans as he began alternating between fucking one hole and then another. He was like a cruel, unyielding machine as he jammed himself deeper and deeper into her. Alexa was too shell shocked to move and just lay on her side in agony as the Beast, ruthlessly pushed himself deeper and deeper into each hole. It felt like hours before beads of sweat formed on his forehead. Then without a word, he abruptly pulled his cock from Alexa's pussy and grunted like a warthog until thick, buttery jism exploded from the tip.

Lesnar pumped on his cock to milk long steaming ropes of semen, spreading them across Alexa Bliss' stomach and chest. He grunted once again and stroked out one last drop of jism, smearing it across her chin.

Then it was finally over and Alexa seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. Surely this was all Paige had planned. Surely this was the last punishment she had to endure.

But as soon as she tried to climb to her feet, yet another pair of strong hands pushed her back onto the floor.

Alexa looked up to see Paige and her lesbian enforcer, Sonya Deville standing over her with evil in their eyes,

"You ain't done yet, bitch." Sonya snarled as she removed her top to expose her heavy, muscular breasts. She reached down with a gloved hand and stroked the gigantic black strap on she was wearing. The Blissful One shrieked as Paige pulled apart her legs, giving Sonya full access to her swollen pussy. Then, without any foreplay or preperation, Sonya jammed the rubber cock all the way inside Alexa's body.

"Augh, fuck! Fuck it hurts so much!"

"Oh it hurts? Good! I like hurting little bitches!" Sonya shouted. She grabbed Alexa's thigh with both hands and slammed her dildo deeper and deeper into the other woman's pussy, "Say it!"

Alexa shook her head, no, she couldn't say it.

"I said say it!"

"Please, no!" Alexa cried.

"Aw, then you shouldn't have lost!" Sonya shouted, "Now say it," Alexa shook her head again so Sonya pinched her nipples until she squealed with pain, "Say it!"

"Absolution is the best." Alexa sobbed

Alexa's surrender brought a smile to Sonya's face and the angriest woman in wrestling flipped the blond on to her stomach so that she could take Alexa from behind. With her head now facing forward, Alexa got a full preview of what Paige had in store for her: fifteen other Mixed Martial artists were standing in the locker room, stroking their cocks.

And then there was Paige herself, putting on her own strap on, "Get ready bitch, it's gonna be a long night!" She whispered

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