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This story contains strong sex scenes.

WWF: Austin's Day Off
by Darklord2K1

It was quiet as Commissioner Regal worked in his office when there came a
knock on his door. Before he could answer the door opened and Debra walked
in. Regal stared at Debra in amazement as he watched her stride in to the
office. Debra was dressed completely in black leather that showed off her
curves completely especially her ample brests which Regal found he couldn't
take his eyes off.

"H-h-how can I help you?" stutterd Regal as Debra stopped in front of his
desk and put her hands on her hips. Debra flashed her blue eyes at Regal.

"I'm here to ask you for a very important favor." said Debra.

"And what is this favor you ask?" said Regal sounding a little suspicious
as to why Debra was in his office. Debra slowly walked around the desk
running her fingertips seductivly of the desktop until she reached Regal's

"You know that Steve has been under a lot pressure lately." said Debra.
Regal nodded. "He's booked for a match tonight. It's a Triple threat match
held in a 'Hell in the Cell' for the WWF title against the Undertaker and
the Rock."

"Yes I know." said Regal smiling. "I came up with the idea my self. But
what do you want?"

"Well I was just wondering if you could see yourself letting Steve have
the night off instead?" said Debra.

Regal was just about to take a sip of his tea and almost choked on it as
he tried to hide a laugh.

"And why would I do that?" mocked Regal.

"Because I am willing to do anything for my husband." purred Debra as she
reached out and grabbed hold of Regal's tie and pulled him towards her.
Quickly Debra kissed Regal. Regal surprised at what was happening pushed
Debra away.

"What the hell is going on?" gasped Regal totally shocked at the behaviour
of a married woman.

Debra smiled seductivly as she slowly reached up and began to undo her
leather top. Regal stare in total shock as Debra's ample breasts were
exposed. Regal gulped in total embarrassment. However he was paralyzed with
astonishment as Debra quickly straddled him and pushed her breasts in to
Regal's face.

"You see I told you that I'm willing to do anything for my husband."
purred Debra as she tried to suffercate Regal with her chest. Regal struggled
under Debra's weight and tried not to be tempted by Debra's sexual charms.
However it proved to be totally futile as he felt his manhood grow stiff and
hard under Debra's gyrating ass.

"Ooohhh!!!" groaned Debra as Regal gave up his struggle and opened his
mouth so that his tongue could snake out and flick Debra's hard nipple. Debra
continued to purr with pleasure as Regal sucked on her tits. Her hands
slowly left Regal's head and she ran them down his chest and to the top of
his pants and the bulge barely hidden inside.

"What have we got here?" said Debra as she stroked Regal's erection
through his pants. Regal bit down on Debra's nipple as electricity raced
through his body as she rubbed his dick harder.

"I've never fucked an English dick before." said Debra as she disengaged
her breast from Regal's mouth and slowly sank to her knees in front of the

"Aaaaah!!" sighed Regal as Debra unzipped his pants and freed his acheing
manhood. Regal almost exploded in Debra's mouth as she gently ran her tongue
over his dick. Regal then groaned in delight as Debra then slipped her moist
mouth over his purple helmet. Regal's heart thumped in time with Debra's
head as it bobbed up and down her mouth taking all of Regal's length right
up to the base.

"Ooohhh God!" cried out Regal no longer caring that the woman performing
oral sex on him was the wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin a man that would
kick his ass for no reason other than he was bored. "You give better head
than Trish."

Debra quickly ripped Regal's dick from her mouth and quickly stood up.

"You fucked that cheap bitch Trish Stratus!!" snarled Debra as she put her
hands on her hips. "Well I'm much better than that slut!"

"I-i-i agree." said Regal massaging his dick hoping that Debra would go
back to sucking him off.

"You bet I am!" said Debra. "And I'm going to prove it by fucking you so
hard that you'll never think about Trish again."

Debra then slowly stripped out of her tight leather pants and when she was
completely naked she swiped every thing off Regal's desk and slowly sat down
on it. Regal watched as Debra spread her legs as wide as they could so that
he could see her moist slit.

"Oh god!" said Regal as he started to wank his dick harder as he watched
Debra slip two of her fingers inside herself and began to wank herself in
front of him.

"Tell me." gasped Debra she stroked herself to a burning climax. "Just
what did you and that slut do?"

Regal quickly shuffled his chair closer.

"Well at first she asked me to eat her out." said Regal looking desperate
to taste her juices.

"My pussy is much taster than hers." said Debra as she removed her fingers
so that she could lick her own juice off them. "See for yourself."

Without having to be asked twice Regal buried his face in to Debra's
smooth shaved pussy.

"Ooohhh!" howled Debra as Regal's tongue penetrated her tight hole.
"You're soooo good at this!"

Regal continued to feed off Debra's juices for a moment until he felt the
waves of an orgasm rush though her body.

"Ooohhh!!!" screamed Debra as she came all over Regal's face. Debra pulled
Regal's head up by the hair as he tried to lap up all her juices. Debra
hungerly swallowed down what remained of her juice from Regal's mouth.

"Now I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!" panted Debra. Debra
groaned as Regal slowly slipped his manhood inside her soaking wet hole.
Debra bit her lip as Regal pounded away at her insides causing the table to
shake wildly.

"I'm coming!!!" Debra called out then she let out a wild cry as another
orgasm rocked her body. Then Regal told Debra that he was ready to come as

"Pull out!!" gasped Debra. "I want to taste your seed." Quickly Regal
pulled out of Debra just as his cock exploded spraying cum all over Debra's

"So does he?" asked Debra as she and Regal lay on the desk.

"He what?" replied Regal.

"Does Austin get the night off?" said Debra.

"Y-y-yes of course." said Regal. "Austin's got the night off."

Instantly Debra pushed Regal off her and grabbing her clothes as see
headed towards the door. Quickly pulling her pants on Debra turned to Regal.

"If you mention what happened here to anyone I'll get Austin to make sure
that the next match you make will be from a hospital bed!" snarled Debra
she then slammed the door behind herself. But Regal payed no attention to
what Debra was saying as he was to busy planning to put Austin in a match
that would garrentee that Debra would come back begging him to give Austin
another night off.

The End.

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